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Mugabe has £30,000 birthday as his people starve and die of Aids

The Times
February 21, 2007

Jan Raath in Harare
Robert Mugabe celebrates his 83rd birthday today as his supporters prepare a
cake-and-fizzy-drinks party in the central city of Gweru.

Africa's oldest leader and the world's oldest head of state and government
is fit, active and alert, according to senior sources in his ruling Zanu
(PF) party. But he is under pressure as never before.

The party has been deducting money from civil servants' wages and bullying
near-bank-rupt businesses for donations to raise the 300 million Zimba-bwean
dollars (about £30,000 at real rather than official rates) to pay for the
celebration on Friday. In attendance will be the 21st of February Movement,
an organisation of children established with the sole purpose of gathering
on this day each year to pay homage.

Together with hundreds of Mr Mugabe's rich and powerful cronies, they are
expected to hear a long address from the Most Consistent and Authentic
Revolutionary Leader - his official title. The cost of the party would
supply 300 Aids sufferers with antiretroviral drugs for a year in a country
where only 50,000 people out of 500,000 infected have access to them.

"If they said, 'Come and join us', and sent a car here to fetch me, I would
never go," Abigail Zvikomo, who sells vegetables on the streets of Harare,
said. "Even though I am starving, I would not go. I hate him." The price of
bread rose 136 per cent yesterday. Four loaves would cost a f a r m w o r k
e r 15,000 dollars, a month's wages. On Friday the Government doubled the
price of maize-meal, the national staple, to the point where it will take a
farm-worker two months to pay for a 50kg (130lb) bag, enough for a family of
six for a month.

With inflation at 1,600 per cent, the country is seething with discontent.
The 450-odd junior doctors who run the hospitals are in their eighth week of
a strike. So are about a quarter of the 100,000 teachers. The civil service
is mooting similar action. And, while the President's guests party on
Friday, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions will review his failure to
bring workers' salaries into line with the cost of living and decide whether
to strike.

"We send him regular reports on the situation," said a provincial head of
the Central Intelligence Organisation, Mr Mugabe's secret police. "We tell
him the truth, that the population is fed up with the economic situation and
that it is building up to an explosion."

On Sunday morning, when supporters of the opposition leader Morgan
Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change gathered in Harare for the
launch of its campaign for presidential elections, due next year, they were
met by armed riot police with teargas grenades and Israeli-manufac-tured
water cannon, in defiance of a High Court order the day before that ordered
police not to interfere with the rally.

Mr Mugabe has no intention of holding elections next year. He is whipping
the central committee into shifting the date to 2010, thus extending his

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Police chief begs juniors to remain loyal to Mugabe

Zim Online

Wednesday 21 February 2007

By Brian Ncube

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri has appealed to
police officers to remain loyal to President Robert Mugabe's government in
the face of an unprecedented economic crisis that has made life in the
southern African nation unbearable.

In an internal memo dispatched to police stations on February 13, Chihuri
admitted most of Zimbabwe's about 25 000 police officers were unable to
"make ends meet" due to poor salaries. But Chihuri urged police officers to
be "calm in these trying times" and said they should continue dutifully
serving the state out of love for their country.

"We know that the times under which we are made to operate are very hard as
most police officers cannot make ends meet," wrote Chihuri in the memo
entitled "Review of Salaries and Allowances" and whose reference number is

"The government is currently reviewing salaries and allowances of members,
hence the need for patience and calm ahead of these trying times. Members
are requested to continue showing the love for their country that they have
always unquestionably shown until things get back to normal," added Chihuri.

Neither Chihuri nor police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena were immediately
available to take questions on the matter.

But sources in the security forces say discontent is fast rising among
junior police officers as well as among lower ranking soldiers who have not
been spared from the harsh effects of Zimbabwe's unprecedented economic

As first reported by ZimOnline last year, Chihuri wrote to the government
imploring it to hike salaries of police officers who he said were
increasingly disgruntled by poor pay.

Soldiers and police are credited with keeping Mugabe and his ruling ZANU PF
party in power, always ready to use brutal tactics to keep public discontent
in check in the face of an economic crisis that has spawned hyperinflation
and shortages of food, fuel, essential medicines, hard cash and just about
every basic survival commodity.

However Mugabe, who has kept top army and police commanders well fed, has
virtually neglected the rank and file of the security forces.

For example, a police constable - the lowest ranking police officer - earns
about Z$75 000 a month, a figure way below the $460 000 that the Consumer
Council of Zimbabwe says a standard family of five people requires for basic
goods and services per month.

Political analysts rule out the possibility of well-paid top army generals
staging a coup against Mugabe. But they have always speculated that
worsening hunger could at some point force the underpaid ordinary trooper to
either openly revolt or to simply refuse to defend the government should
Zimbabweans rise up in a civil rebellion. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe army deserters arrested in South Africa

Zim Online

Wednesday 21 February 2007

By Brian Ncube

BULAWAYO - Five junior members of the Zimbabwean army were arrested in the
South African border town of Mussina last weekend after they allegedly
deserted their posts to seek a better life in the country's more prosperous
southern neighbour, ZimOnline has learnt.

The soldiers are not part of the 45 junior officers who deserted their jobs
earlier this month.

Sources within the army confirmed to ZimOnline yesterday that the five, who
are all members of the army's mounted unit, were caught in Mussina a day
after they crossed into South Africa.

The soldiers, who were part of the Beitbridge-based army mounted unit that
patrols the border with South Africa, failed to return to their base on
Friday afternoon immediately raising suspicion within the army on their

The Zimbabwean army immediately notified their South African counterparts in

"Members of the Military Police found the deserters' uniforms piled on the
ground at some point along the border and horses tied to trees, and they
immediately radioed their base, to alert the South African authorities.

"The boys were all caught by the South African authorities in Mussina the
following day at about 2pm and repatriated back to Zimbabwe," said a senior
army officer based in Bulawayo.

The senior army officer, who refused to be named because he is not
authorized to speak to the press, said the deserters are detained at
Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison in Harare.

Defence Minister, Sydney Sekeramayi refused to comment on the matter when
contacted for comment yesterday.

"Why do you always want to write about sensitive issues? Are you not
concerned about the country's security? Leave me alone," he said.

The Zimbabwean army has been hit by a spate of desertions and resignations
over the past few years as soldiers quit in protest over poor pay and
working conditions.

The lowest paid junior army officer earns a paltry Z$75 000 a month, an
amount that is way below the Z$460 000 that the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe
says an average family of five needs per month to survive.

Zimbabwe is in its eighth year of a bitter economic recession that has seen
inflation close to 1 600 percent and spawned severe shortages of food, fuel,
electricity and essential medicines, hard cash and just about every basic
survival commodity. - ZimOnline

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IMF to decide Zimbabwe's fate this week

Zim Online

Wednesday 21 February 2007

      By Tsungai Murandu

      HARARE - Zimbabwe will know its fate in the International Monetary
Fund (IMF) on Friday when the Bretton Woods institution's executive board is
expected to discuss the country's unpaid financial obligations and the
deteriorating economic conditions.

      The Fund's powerful board is scheduled to meet on February 23 in
Washington, during which Harare's growing arrears bill is expected to top
the discussions.

      Zimbabwe's arrears to the Fund stood at US$129.5 million by the end of
January this year, slightly up from US$127 million in October 2006.

      Latest figures from the IMF show that Harare has failed to meet its
financial obligations since around March last year when it cleared a large
portion of its arrears, which then stood at more than US$300 million.

      Zimbabwe has on three occasions survived expulsion from the global
lender. Last year the country made last minute payments to the critical
General Resources Account, which it cleared in March 2006.

      The country's problems with the IMF started in 1999 when the Fund
pulled the plug on economic assistance to Harare.

      In September 2001, Zimbabwe was declared ineligible to receive further
loans from the IMF, before the Fund was declared its non-cooperation with
Harare in June 2002 and suspended technical assistance to the country.

      In June 2003, the Fund suspended the voting and related rights of
Zimbabwe in the IMF. - ZimOnline

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Challenging Harare, Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Schedules Another Rally


      By Patience Rusere and Irwin Chifera
      20 February 2007

Founding president Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for
Democratic Change has called a presidential campaign rally Saturday in
Bulawayo in a challenge to an apparent ban on political meetings imposed by
the government.

Riot police turned out in force on Sunday in the Harare district of
Highfield to block the MDC faction led by Tsvangirai from holding a rally at
which the former union leader planned to launch his candidacy in the
presidential election due in 2008.

President Robert Mugabe has proposed to postpone the vote until 2010,
galvanizing the political opposition and Zimbabwean civil society groups
which have been demanding Mr. Mugabe's resignation over the economic

Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi could not be reached to confirm if Harare
has formally banned all political meetings. But opposition officials said
the minister stated such a ban late last week, citing the "volatile"
political climate in the country.

Spokesman Nelson Chamisa of the Tsvangirai's MDC faction told reporter
Patience Rusere of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the opposition branch
will continue to hold political meetings and does not take instructions from

 Meanwhile, two senior officials of the Tsvangirai faction and seven other
activists accused of assaulting or inciting the assault of police in a
protest Friday were finally arraigned Tuesday afternoon and released on
Z$50,000 bail.

Harare correspondent Irwin Chifera reported on the court appearance, during
which a lawyer for the arrested men charged they were abused by police in

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Zimbabwe opposition members charged after clashes


Tue Feb 20, 2007 4:17PM GMT
HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe opposition officials and supporters arrested on
public violence charges were freed on bail on Tuesday by a court which
ordered an investigation into complaints the detainees were assaulted by

Nine members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), including two
legislators, who had been in police custody since Friday were charged with
public violence after clashes with police.

Police said the group tried to embark on an illegal march in central Harare.
When they were stopped, authorities said they attacked police, seriously
injuring one officer.

Defence lawyer Alec Muchadehama said his clients denied the charges.

Harare magistrate Brighton Pabwe released the nine on bail and ordered an
investigation into a defence lawyer's charges that three of his clients had
been assaulted by police while in detention and denied food.

One of the opposition supporters appeared in court with a blood-stained

On Sunday, heavily-armed riot squads prevented the MDC from holding a rally
in Highfield township, despite the opposition party having obtained a court
order to go ahead. Police arrested 40 MDC members after clashes with the
opposition supporters, who are yet to appear in court.

State media has suggested the authorities feared that the MDC wanted to use
the aborted rally to launch a wave of protests against President Robert
Mugabe's government.

Tensions have been mounting in recent months over Zimbabwe's deteriorating
economy and skyrocketing cost of living, prompting some workers, including
doctors and teachers, to embark on wage strikes as inflation tops 1,600

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Mugabe's birthday no party for Zimbabwe


POSTED: 10:58 a.m. EST, February 20, 2007
Story Highlights
. Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe will turn 83 on Wednesday
. Celebrations take place amid social unrest and a crumbling economy
. Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since its independence from Britain in 1980
. Ruling party approved first steps of plan to postpone the 2008 elections
to 2010

HARARE, Zimbabwe (Reuters) -- Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe turns 83 on
Wednesday, fit for his age and combative in the face of a crumbling economy,
social unrest and a looming battle over who will succeed him.

Mugabe, the subject of frequent health rumors but who last year said he
feels like a 28-year-old, will celebrate his birthday with a huge party on

But gathering clouds risk overshadowing the festivities.

Critics accuse Mugabe -- one of Africa's longest-serving leaders -- of
plunging the southern African state into a severe political and economic
crisis through controversial policies.

Although Mugabe has managed to ride out the storm in the past seven years,
political analysts say he faces a more potent threat now because the
economy -- seen by the World Bank as the fastest shrinking outside a war
zone -- could spark anti-government protests.

On Sunday, police riot squads fired tear gas and water cannon to stop a
major opposition rally which the government said was a launch pad for a new
street campaign against Mugabe's rule.

"The economic situation is deteriorating so fast ... and as it does,
Mugabe's own situation gets more and more desperate," said John Makumbe, a
veteran political commentator and an outspoken Mugabe critic.

"The deteriorating economy may prove a much more implacable opponent even
for a cunning politician like Mugabe, and I think we are going to see more
social unrest and that unrest will destabilize Mugabe and ZANU-PF (the
ruling party)," he added.

Critics say Mugabe, a master of political intrigue, has so far seen off
challenges through tough policing, vote-rigging, skillful use of political
patronage to reward his supporters and terror to cow his rivals.

But Mugabe -- who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in
1980 -- is losing his grip on the economy, which has all but collapsed since
he ordered the seizure of white-owned farms to give to landless blacks in
2000, gutting the key commercial agriculture sector.

Along with the world's highest inflation rate of 1,600 percent, Zimbabwe has
seen unemployment climb to 80 percent while food, fuel and foreign exchange
are in short supply.

"The state of the economy is going to define our politics this year," said
political science professor Eldred Masunungure of the University of

"And so far it is pointing to a year of labor and political unrest, although
the unrest may not be strong enough to force a change in government."

Another front
Since the start of the year, Zimbabwe has suffered a spate of industrial
strikes for higher wages, including by doctors and some teachers, and unions
are threatening more job boycotts.

Outside the economy, analysts say Mugabe faces a battle in his own ruling
party over his possible successor and whether to retire at the end of his
current term next year.

Mugabe's ZANU-PF has approved the first steps of a plan to postpone the 2008
presidential elections to 2010 -- effectively handing Mugabe another two
years in office -- so that the polls are "harmonized" and held together with
a parliamentary vote.

But analysts say this has not won the backing of some top officials, who
could organize themselves to challenge Mugabe.

The ruling party's policy-making central committee is expected to debate
"the harmonization program" at a meeting before April, and likely push it
for approval by parliament by mid-year.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which has been weakened by a
leadership split and Mugabe's combative approach, is also threatening to
tackle Mugabe on the issue with a resistance campaign.

"It's a year full of fights, but it's difficult to say at the moment who is
going to win," Masunungure said.

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"I have never seen such a depressing outlook," says aid worker


UK relief and development agency Tearfund says it welcomes the EU decision
to renew the 'restricted measures' against President Mugabe's regime in
Zimbabwe as it sends a message of continuing disapproval from the
international community. But the charity says the poor and marginalised have
never been so desperate. Human rights abuses are spiralling and leaving many
without a sense of hope.

The measures that have been in place since 2002 are aimed to curb travel and
freeze assets of over 150 government officials. They also include arms

It is estimated that over 80% of Zimbabwe's 12 million people are now living
in poverty, with unemployment rates now exceeding 80%. In January inflation
rose to around 1600% with the cost of basic goods out of reach for many

Parents can no longer afford to send children to school and their sense of
despair grows amidst strikes from public servants whose bus fares exceed
their wages. Children who desperately need food and medical care are instead
going hungry and dying in silence. In many parts of the country children are
growing weaker and have lost hope altogether.

"I have never seen such a depressing outlook," says Tearfund aid worker,
Karyn Beattie, who has recently returned from Zimbabwe. "The people I have
met just want the basic elements of life. They don't have enough food and
medicine and the structures in society are unable to provide them with
essential care. They are suffering from every side, losing everything - and
in many cases they have even lost hope."

Children are suffering from malnutrition, HIV - and AIDS-related conditions,
among other lingering illnesses, fear and isolation. Children often head up
families in villages where orphans outnumber the adult population and the
number of street children has risen rapidly.

Tearfund has supported church involvement in development and social justice
in Zimbabwe for over 25 years and has witnessed the deterioration of the
basic services that are no longer available to so many people throughout the

Many of Zimbabwe's Christian leaders are working to help those who are
suffering. They are standing together to advocate for change and are
mobilising their churches to act.

The Zimbabwean Christian Alliance (ZCA) is a network of Christian leaders
working to help the marginalised. Their focus of support is on those in
remote rural areas who they reach through church and community networks.

"The thing with us is that we are at the grass roots level. We know what is
happening and are doing our best to help," says Pastor Ray Motsi, a
spokesperson for the ZCA. He knows that the church's fight for justice has
not been an easy one. He was one of seven church leaders - members of the
Zimbabwe Christian Alliance, recently arrested when armed riot police broke
up a dedication service in Kadoma, south west of Harare. Another pastor was
detained when he visited the prison to provide soap for those in custody.

"NGOs must be allowed to continue the work they are doing to help the poor
and marginalised," adds Karyn Beattie. "We must not stand by and watch while
ordinary people are robbed of their basic rights to life, by the actions of
a dysfunctional government."

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Zimbabwe partner office shut down by ZANU PF militia

20 Feb 2007 15:28:00 GMT
Source: Christian Aid - UK
Christian Aid

 A Christian Aid partner organisation has been forced to close its offices
in Mbare, Zimbabwe, after being threatened by ruling party militia.

The threats against the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) were
made at a meeting in the local Church between residents of Mbare, one of the
poorest and most crowded districts in Harare, and local leaders.

Militia stormed the meeting, threatening to beat people and warning CHRA
that they should close their offices.

These meetings, organised by CHRA and funded by Christian Aid, are popular
with residents who can raise their concerns about local issues that affect
their lives - such as the rising cost of water, broken sewers or rubbish

The most recent meeting coincided with a ruling party meeting in the same
area. The ruling party meeting was poorly attended and this, coupled with
rising tensions because of the ongoing strikes of doctors and teachers, is
believed to have provoked the threats.

In a statement, CHRA said: 'The Association would like to assure residents
and civic partners that CHRA will not be deterred by this interference but
will use it to further mobilise the marginalised community of Mbare.

'Activities will continue as CHRA finds a new office to continue its action
plans. CHRA is concerned with the continued harassment and interference from
ZANU PF into Civic Society issues.

'The Association would like to reinforce that it is non-partisan and does
not deal with political issues. The regime is timid and is now afraid of its
own people. It will use violence and any tactics to support residents'
voices demanding change.

'CHRA is committed to defending residents and advocating for effective,
accountable and transparent governance.'

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Does Zimbabwe need Food Aid?

Sokwanele Civic Action Support Group (Sokwanele)

Date: 20 Feb 2007

There is no question that food aid is necessary in this country; the lethal
cocktail of aids, poverty and malnutrition is quietly killing 3500 every
week. While the Mugabe regime is clearly the responsible party for these
killings, the victims of this regime cannot be made to suffer more by
withholding food aid from them in a bid to punish the government.

If anyone needs to be convinced of the need for food aid, they should read
the latest Fews Net report on the hunger situation:

- 1.4 million rural people (perhaps even more) will not have adequate food
during the peak hunger period

- the CSO food poverty line went up almost ten times between December 2005
and November 2006; it increased by an average of 23 percent every month
during this period

- in November 2006, more than 3 000 MT of food was distributed to at least
500 000 people

- The forecast is for below normal rainfall for almost the whole country

- domestic wheat production is expected to yield less than 135 000 MT,
against a requirement of about 265 000 MT, with the highest deficits in the
southern districts and the western and eastern margins of the country

This makes grim reading.

The main problem, then, lies not in the granting of food aid, but rather in
the way in which the EU and the West have kowtowed to the Zanu PF regime.
Millions of (US) dollars worth of food aid has been used as a weapon by the
regime, and of this we have numerous examples:

- Zanu PF MP's and councilors clearly have a degree of control over
distributors of food aid, and have used this control to manipulate
distribution in the run up to all the elections held in this decade

- in the most recent RDC elections, the chiefs told villagers that they
would 'wait to see how the election result turns out' before distribution
took place

- Andrew Langa (the Zanu PF MP for Insiza) is often in attendance at
functions held by some of the food-distributing NGO's

- Binga has consistently been sidelined for its obstinacy in not recognizing
the supremacy of the ruling party

- Serious corruption exists around the sourcing and sale of grain

- Sale of donated food to the GMB takes place

Added to this, The Grain Marketing Board, through which all maize must pass,
appears to be bankrupt. They have failed to pay farmers for their 2005 maize
crop (at $40 - revalued - per tonne) and for their 2006 crop (at $4 000 -
revalued - per tonne); in many instances this maize was seized at gunpoint
by the parastatal.

In many instances, former Agritex workers are the ones employed by NGO's to
organize and distribute food aid - a bitter irony as these are the very
people who facilitated the farm invasions, and who now drive around in fancy
4x4 vehicles and earn US$-linked salaries. Quite apart from the utter
inappropriateness of the situation, they are hardly likely to be impartial
in their work of distribution.

Commercial farmers are reporting the Catch-22 situation which they are
caught in, courtesy of the NGO's misguided policies: their farm workers are
resigning from their jobs because they will receive more food for their
families if they are unemployed.

We have no argument then, with the fact of distribution of food by the
NGO's, but the manner in which this is being done is flawed, and we believe
that it is incumbent upon the West to find more responsible ways of
distributing food, through apolitical means.

We suggest that the churches are best placed to assist in this task, and
should be the international community's first port of call - remember that
over 90% of Zimbabweans belong to a religious group. Many religious
organizations have developed infrastructure which, with help, could handle
the logistics of food distribution. They have some means or another of
transport, and their church buildings could be used for short term storage,
and as distribution centres.

Failing that, the neutral NGO's could be brought in to assist. Zimbabwe
boasts some of the best civic and social organizations in Africa, such as
Orap, The Legal Resources Foundation, various Aids organizations, mission
hospitals and mission schools. Again, these have existing links to the rural
communities which they serve, and could provide an impartial service,
linking the donors with the beneficiaries.

It is also imperative that the NGO's engaged in food aid bring independent
monitors into the field to ensure fair distribution.

If the regime baulks at such threats to its control over food supply, the
donor countries should become more strident in their demands: increasing
international pressure on Mugabe to put an end to human rights abuses in his
country, publicly and vocally linking human rights abuses to the
humanitarian crisis, and demonizing him in the international forum. The food
must still come in, but Mugabe must be made to suffer.

We are moving towards catastrophe with the current dry spell, and drought is
now a reality. The regime will of course use this to their advantage, by
blaming the starvation on drought and on the West. But the reality is that
people are dying, and food needs to get to them. It is not enough that the
food is brought in by the international NGO's, it must get to the people in
need, and not be hijacked by politicians and their cronies - lives are at

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Zimbabwe may win food charity post

The Telegraph

By David Blair, Diplomatic Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:13am GMT 20/02/2007

      Zimbabwe may gain the vice-presidency of the World Food Programme
(WFP) - despite the collapse of its own agricultural sector.

      All seven African countries presently on the WFP's 36-strong executive
board are believed to support the bid of Robert Mugabe's regime.

      If successful, Zimbabwe will be in line to become the president of the
world's largest supplier of humanitarian aid next year.

      Once one of Africa's leading food exporters, Zimbabwe has needed WFP
supplies since 2001. At present, almost one million of its people, mainly
orphans and schoolchildren, are receiving emergency food aid.

      Mr Mugabe has blamed drought, but critics say the country enjoyed
better than normal rains last year. They also point out that the onset of
the food shortages coincided exactly with the regime's seizures of
white-owned farms.

      In addition, Zimbabwe has the world's highest inflation rate of 1,594
per cent, putting even basic foodstuffs beyond the reach of many families.

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Going nowhere

Feb 20th 2007

Robert Mugabe has run Zimbabwe for 27 years. It will only recover when he

IT'S still there, and just as bad as ever. The outside world has all but
forgotten Zimbabwe, where Robert Mugabe continues to preside over economic
and political collapse. But the southern African country is marking
miserable milestones by the day. Four out of five adults are now unemployed.
Zimbabwe suffers the world's highest inflation rate, a stratospheric 1,600%
and rising. Toilet paper is more valuable than bank notes. The price of
bread (when it's available) more than doubled in January; mealie meal, a
staple, rose by 500% last week.

Price freezes mean that basics, like milk and sugar, are rarely available.
Many recently printed bank notes have not been issued because they are
already worthless. Roughly 3m people, by some estimates, have fled the
country, leaving about 12m behind. On Monday February 19th the European
Union-to little fanfare-agreed to renew "smart" sanctions, including an arms
embargo and travel ban for Zimbabwe's leadership, that have been in place
for years.

The cause of Zimbabwe's collapse, ultimately, is Mr Mugabe's refusal to
leave office. Increasingly under pressure from unhappy Zimbabweans, he has
lashed out at an array of enemies, including black opposition leaders, white
farmers, trade unions, women's groups, urban voters and Britain-the former
colonial power. By seizing commercial farms and handing them to political
cronies, Mr Mugabe may have staved off the end of his political career, but
at the cost of ruining an economy dominated by agriculture. Aid and
investment have dried up. Manufacturing has slumped.

The prolonged economic collapse is more typical of a country wrecked by war.
The purchasing power of the average Zimbabwean today, for example, is back
at levels last seen soon after the second world war, according to the Centre
for Global Development, a think-tank in Washington, DC. Given widespread
AIDS and hunger, this translates into thousands of unncessary deaths each

When will anything be done about it? Weary analysts have stopped trying to
predict how far the economy will have to collapse, or for oppression to
worsen, before something snaps. But even leaders in the ruling ZANU-PF party
know that recovery depends on getting the old crocodile out of office.
Investors, farmers, refugees, tourists and others will not return while Mr
Mugabe's misrule continues. Yet managing his exit is proving impossible.

Rival camps in the ruling party are vying for eventual control, so nobody
dares push the chief to go. (Indeed Mr Mugabe may be dividing his allies for
precisely this reason). The army is watching suspiciously. The big
neighbour-South Africa-is reluctant to get involved, fearing that any
intervention may backfire. The opposition, deflated after seeing general
elections rigged and its supporters crushed, has become timid and divided.
Many of the brightest and bravest, in any case, are moving abroad. Nor are
sustained street protests likely, though there are occasional signs of
violence in the townships around the capital, Harare. Strikes are becoming
more common. At the weekend heavily armed riot police in Harare crushed an
opposition rally-despite High Court approval for it to go ahead-by firing
teargas and using water cannon. Protesters responded by throwing stones.
Over 120 people were arrested.

This week, to mark his birthday, Mr Mugabe will have a lavish party, to
which teachers and nurses have been forced to contribute. He will also give
a speech in which he is expected to mention his succession. Officially,
after nearly three decades in office, he is supposed to go in March 2008.
But a presidential election scheduled for that month may well be postponed
for another two years, when he will be 86. In any case he has told foreign
journalists, perhaps in jest, that he plans to rule until he is "a century

Is anything like that dismal prospect possible? Mr Mugabe is relatively
healthy and alert, and has the tacit support of both other African countries
and of China, which is asserting itself on the continent. And though
outsiders occasionally grumble about the misery in Zimbabwe-America has
called it an "outpost of tyranny"-the West has broadly decided that ignoring
Mr Mugabe is the least bad strategy. Any change, therefore, is going to have
to come from within. And, so far, Mr Mugabe has proved a master at stamping
that out.

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ZESN final statement on Chiredzi South by-election

20 February 2007

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) observed the Chiredzi South
parliamentary by-election that was held on the 17th of February 2007. The
network deployed 45 accredited observers in the by-election, which was
characterized by a low voter turnout of 29.4%.

At the close of polling, polling stations such as Hippo Valley had recorded
a low turnout of only 12 votes. Emobeni Primary School and Malipati Primary
School both had 22 voters each. There were however a few exceptions as
centers such as Chikombedzi Community Hall and Chanienga Primary School
which recorded 601 and 460 voters respectively.

The low turnout could be attributed to several factors including the
disgruntlement over the choice of candidate by ZANU PF. Chiredzi South is a
predominantly Shangani constituency and the ZANU PF candidate is Karanga.
This could have resulted in ZANU PF Shangani supporters staying away from
the polls. The opposition MDC supporters could also have stayed away from
the election in protest against the split within their party. ZESN observers
also noted that most young people did not participate in the elections
leaving the task to the elderly.

A significant number of voters were turned away. At Machindu Primary School
80 voters were turned away mostly because they did not appear on the voters'
roll. There were 397 voters at this centre, 59 of whom were assisted to vote
and at Chanienga Primary School there were 123 assisted voters. The high
number of spoilt papers in the by-election coupled with the equally high
number of assisted voters indicates a high level of illiteracy in the
constituency and the need for continuous and effective voter education.

Most presiding officers were cooperative and conducted themselves in a
professional manner. However, at Gurungweni ZESN observers were not allowed
to enter the polling station while at Gozonya Primary School the presiding
officer refused entry in the polling station to an accredited ZESN observer.

There were many instances of party polling agents being evicted from polling
stations due to lack of accreditation. Invariably, the ZANU PF and
anti-senate MDC factions were the ones affected. They were however allowed
back after 1300hrs.

The changing of the marking system using a marker was cause for concern for
the political parties and voters who were sceptical about the quality of the
ink and the new procedure. ZESN also observed that some election officers
were also using acetone on everyone instead of only on those with painted
nails. The network recommends education and consultation on any changes to
the electoral processes and procedures to avoid unnecessary confusion and

Four candidates, Killian Callisto Gwanetsa of ZANU PF, Immaculate Makondo of
the anti-senate MDC, Nehemiah Zanamwe of the pro-senate MDC and the United
Peoples' Party (UPP) Miyethani Chauke, contested this election. ZANU PF
retained the seat after Gwanetsa was declared duly elected Member of
Parliament for the constituency after garnering 10 401 votes ahead of
Makondo who got 3300 votes. The UPP and MDC pro Senate candidates got 896
and 674 votes respectively. There were 332 spoilt ballots.

While the polling day was generally peaceful, ZESN notes with concern that
the pre-election period was fraught with tensions as traditional leaders and
other ZANU PF officials were accused of vote buying and threatening to
withdraw food relief if the residents of the constituency voted for the
opposition. ZESN urges the winners to embrace all in the citizens in the
development of Chiredzi South without discrimination based on political


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Restive Public Workers Loom As Next Threat To Zimbabwe Government


      By Patience Rusere and Jonga Kandemiri
      19 February 2007

Zimbabwean civil servants could be the next group of workers to walk off the
job in the increasing social turmoil generated by acute economic distress,
following the deadlock Friday of talks between Harare officials and the
Public Service Association.

Public workers were offered a monthly Z$200,000, some US$40 at the parallel
market exchange rate, far beneath their demand of Z$566,000 (US$113), the
poverty line for the country as determined each month by the Consumer
Council of Zimbabwe.

The country's 180,000 civil servants staged crippling strikes in 1998. A
walkout in the current climate would deal a heavy blow to a government which
since late 2006 has faced one labor brushfire after another. Resident
doctors in state hospitals went on strike in December, and many school
teachers stopped working two weeks ago.

Reflecting government fears of a strike by state workers, the
state-controlled Sunday Mail accused civil servant representatives of
serving the interests of the West.

Further negotiations are set for Wednesday, at which time civil service
representatives say they will "beg" the government for concessions. PSA
President Alexander Khova told reporter Patience Rusere that if the talks
fail, state workers could strike.

An ongoing strike by primary and secondary school teachers was fueled Monday
with news that the Zimbabwe Teachers Association, previously considered
aligned with the government, announced its own strike until Harare met its

The decision resulted from the stalemate Friday in the same meeting in which
the PSA took part within the so-called Apex Council of public employees.
Sources said Harare offered ZIMTA teachers a monthly base salary of
Z$180,000, something more than a 100% increase from the present Z$84,000
salary, but the offer was rejected.

ZIMTA issued a statement Monday saying it regretted that the state not only
came up short but refused to make its offer retroactive to January 1. ZIMTA
President Tendai Chikowore confirmed that his association has joined the
Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe whose members have been on strike for
two weeks.

PTUZ General Secretary Raymond Majongwe told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of
VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that his union welcomes ZIMTA's decision to
officially join the strike, as many of ZIMTA's members were already
participating in the action.

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Scramble to edit Mugabe's birthday talk

Business Day

Dumisani Muleya


Harare Correspondent

ZIMBABWE's President Robert Mugabe is expected to bare his soul on state
television today on his party's explosive leadership succession race. His
term of office expires in March next year.

Sources said that Mugabe's embargoed hour-long interview, marking his 83th
birthday tomorrow, would be aired at 9pm on state-run ZBC television.

The sources said the interview, two hours long before editing, was
considered too revealing as Mugabe speaks out in a "rarely forthright and
no-holds-barred" manner about his succession.

State editors absorbed in Zanu (PF) faction politics were attempting last
night to edit out sections of the interview.

"They are busy right now trying to edit out the succession issues from the
interview," a source said last night. "Some people are not happy with it."

They said Mugabe warns in the interview that Vice-President Joyce Mujuru's
ambitions to succeed him have been "ruined" by her associating with people
on a campaign to "denigrate me".

Mugabe is said to refer for the first time to the "Mujuru faction", a group
led by Mujuru's husband, influential politburo member retired army commander
Gen Solomon Mujuru.

Mugabe also reportedly says the faction's political ambitions have been
harmed by recent events linking it to efforts to push him out of office. He
has condemned the fierce jockeying for his position, saying would-be
presidential candidates are witches waiting to see him go.

Sources say that he undermines Mujuru and casts her rival, Emmerson
Mnangagwa, a senior party official, in a good light.

Mugabe speaks of Mnangagwa's history in glowing terms, and traces their
relationship to the days of the anticolonial struggle in 1970s.

This is said to be a reference to former minister and Zanu (PF)
secretary-general Edgar Tekere's revealing autobiography, A Lifetime of
Struggle, which Mugabe has condemned.

Sources said Mugabe complains in the interview that Tekere and the book's
publisher and editor, Ibbo Mandaza, a member of the Mujuru faction, want to
embarrass him.

Mugabe says the book is intended to advance Mujuru's political agenda,
presenting her as "founding mother of the armed anticolonial struggle".
Mujuru is one of Zimbabwe's best-known female former combatants.

The European Union yesterday extended by another year targeted sanctions
that include travel bans, asset freezes and an arms embargo against Mugabe
and his comrades.

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Opposition leaders claims there is growing mood of defiance in Zimbabwe

International Herald Tribune

The Associated PressPublished: February 20, 2007

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: Opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai said
Tuesday that weekend street clashes with security forces showed there was a
growing mood of defiance among opponents of Zimbabwe President Robert

Tsvangirai's statement came a day after police confirmed they had arrested
38 people after police crushed an opposition rally on Sunday in the capital,
Harare, where Tsvangirai had planned to give a speech.

"Mugabe is now heavily dependent on a rogue militia and partisan
paramilitary forces in his war against the people," Tsvangirai said in a

Riot police fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of people who had
gathered for the launch of Tsvangirai's presidential campaign. Cars were
stoned, roads barricaded and shops hastily shut down, reports said.
Tsvangirai's party, the Movement for Democratic Change, claimed scores of
its supporters were beaten and said the Harare suburb of Highfield was
turned into a "war-zone."

Police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena told state radio late Monday that 38
people had been arrested.

"This arose from the stone-throwing and illegal blocking of roads in the
Highfield area using burning tires and stones, so as police we moved in to
ensure the free movement of traffic," he said.
Information Minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu charged that the MDC deliberately
engaged in "violent activities" in a bid to provoke the authorities ahead of
a key meeting of European Union ministers in Brussels on Monday. At the
meeting the EU extended its sanctions by another year, including an arms
embargo, travel ban and asset freezes on Mugabe and more than 100 top ruling
party officials.

"The MDC supporters were busy engaging in acts of violence in Harare and
Bulawayo just to provoke us," Ndlovu told the official Herald newspaper on
Tuesday. At least 10 members of a breakaway MDC faction were reported
arrested in Bulawayo on Saturday when police broke up a meeting.

Political tension has been rising during the last week as Mugabe readies to
celebrate his 83rd birthday.

The former guerrilla leader has been in power in Zimbabwe since independence
in 1980 and recently announced his support for plans to push back
presidential elections until 2010, giving him another two years in power.

A fundraising committee has been tasked to raise 300 million Zimbabwe
dollars (US$1.2 million; ?0.91 million) for a presidential birthday party in
the central town of Gweru on Saturday.

But many ordinary Zimbabweans can barely afford to feed themselves after the
annual inflation rate reached 1,593.6 percent in January and the prices of
many goods rise on a near-daily basis.

In some shops retailers are defying government price controls and selling a
loaf of bread for up to 4,000 Zimbabwe dollars - half a farmworker's monthly

The authorities are worried by the threat of spreading strikes: state media
this weekend reported that 180,000 civil servants were readying for action
over poor pay.

Major hospitals in Harare and Bulawayo have been paralyzed by an eight-week
strike by doctors and nurses, and teachers belonging to the militant
Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) have engaged in "staff-room
sit-ins" to press for large pay-hikes.

"The actions by workers, activists and all professionals on the ground are
commendable and more is on the way," Tsvangirai promised in his statement.

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More join strike but rural teachers stay put due to fear

By Dennis Rekayi

TEACHERS in Mutare have heeded calls by their unions to join a nationwide
strike pressing for better salaries and working conditions but those in the
rural areas were forced to attend classes after renewed intimidation from
Zanu PF politicians and traditional leaders.

But in some areas such as in Zimunya District, which falls under rural
schools in manicaland, teachers did not report for duty, leaving students to
loiter around aimlessly as their teachers fight for better treatment and
recognition from the government.

In remote areas such as Mutasa, Buhera, Makoni, Chimanimani and Chipinge
most teachers reported for duty due to fear. Local headmen, Zanu PF
councillors and other ruling party activists have allegedly victimised those
that had earlier failed to attend classes, urging others to join in.

Teachers in the rural areas have been at the receiving end for some time now
with local traditional leaders, Zanu PF activists and youths from the
notorious Border Gezi training camps beating them up and confiscating radios
that enable them to listen to short wave radio stations that are outside the
government's control.

Flyers from the main teachers' union in the country, ZIMTA, have since
Sunday been filtering through to schools around the country resulting in
many more joining the strike action. But their rural colleagues do not have
the liberty to do so.

"I work here on the outskirts of Mutare but with my paltry salary I cannot
enjoy the congugal rights that should keep me and my husband together," said
Sarah, who did not want to divulge her surname. "I cannot afford to pay for
transport every Friday so I can go to Mutare and come back Sunday in time
for lessons Monday. My salary cannot pay for that so what about my food, my
home, my extended family that I should look after and many more. It is
pathetic. I just wish I could join in like those in the cities. Here jungle
law rules."

An official from the ministry of education in Mutare said teachers in the
rural areas were vulnerable because the majority of them stay at their
respective schools so it was easy for headmen, councillors and Zanu PF
activists to force them to attend classes.

"It is easy for rural teachers to be forced to work because most of them
stay at school accommodation rendering them vulnerable even to physical
attacks," the official said, preferring not to be identified.

But in Mutare city itself, there was no teaching at all at all schools.

"There is no activity at all schools in Mutare," said the official from the
education ministry. "All schools are ghost areas today. The children have
gone back home,"

The official, who did not want to be named, said many more teachers across
the country were joining the strike initially called for by the militant
Progressive Teachers Union in Zimbabwe (PTUZ) led by Raymond Majongwe.

Since Monday teachers from the country's biggest union, the Zimbabwe
Teachers Union (ZIMTA), have been joining the strike to press for better pay
and better working condition after the unions collectively turned down a
paltry  increment offered by the government.

Tendai Chikowore, the ZIMTA president, issued circulars over the weekend
advising teachers under their union to go on strike with immediate effect
after negotiations with the government failed to bear fruit.

With students from higher institutions of learning intensifying their
protests against high fees and the collapsing education sector in the
country, the teachers join their colleagues from PTUZ who have been on
strike with doctors and nurses who have all been on strike for several weeks
now demanding better pay and working conditions. The civil service union
which represents over 200 000 workers is also considering strike action in
the next few days.

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MDC claims Mugabe regime under siege

By Tichaona Sibanda
20 February 2007

The MDC's deputy secretary for International Affairs, Grace Kwinjeh, claimed
on Tuesday that Zanu (PF)'s persecution of the MDC top leaders and their
supporters reveals its ruthlessness and also the depth of opposition to its

Gwinjeh said the way the regime violently blocked their rally in Highfields
on Sunday shows just how nervous they are. Equally important for the
opposition is how ordinary citizens are standing up against police
brutality. Last week four police officers were injured in central Harare
when an angry crowd retaliated against police beatings.

Since the beginning of the year wildcat strikes for better pay have hit the
country, triggering spontaneous street protests and escalating the political

Opposition attempts to organise peaceful demonstrations against Mugabe have
been brutally suppressed and freedom of speech and association have
plummeted even more than normal since January.

'The regime has been shaken to its foundations because every other
organisation is now defying its authority. By way of protest we are asking
them to be part of the solution and not part of the problem,' Kwinjeh said.

She warned the regime that its brutality will only inflame the situation as
disgruntled citizens were no longer afraid to confront it head on. Already
doctors, nurses and teachers have taken the lead with a rash of recent
strikes that have triggered street protests led by the national
constitutional assembly, Women of Zimbabwe Arise and the Zimbabwe National
Students Union.

This has set these organisations on a collision course with the government,
which relies on the police and army to quash the protests.
But Gwinjeh remained defiant; 'We have had enough of these arrests, beatings
and torture. This is the year we are saying enough is enough and this will
also certainly be a turning point in the country's political landscape.'

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Thabo Mbeki shall be exposed

ANC betrays black Zimbabweans

These comes with the latest disappointing state of nation address by the ANC
leader Thabo Mbeki who has again vowed to persist with his justification of
his betrayal to Black Zimbabweans in the hands of the tyranny.

Considering the state of affairs in Zimbabwe being economic and human rights
abuses, a nation with the world highest inflation rate, mortality and lowest
life expectancy due to bad governance the ANC leader will say Zimbabwe will
solve its problems.

Is it the Government that owns the International community solidarity
payback due to the solidarity movement it got all over the globe in the
fight against the evil Apartheid regime?

We as young Africans we find it shocking that the ANC could forget so easily
the ideological bondage of Africans to restore the power to the masses of
Africans from bosses (being white or black).ANC should be reminded the role
of the people of Zimbabwe(vana vevhu)in the fight against Apartheid that
Zimbabwe had its own policy against Apartheid which was outside the
Non-Aligned Movement(NAM),ACP and African Union (AU,then OAU).Which clearly
condemned oppression against our African brothers(South Africans)and a hand
over of political power to the masses of Africans(South Africans).

Zimbabweans solidarity against Boers went on to assist South Africans who
were we fleeing the oppressive regime by accommodating refugees and
advocating for systematic sanctions against the Boer regime. Apartheid was
condemned all over the globe in Africa, Asia, Latin, and Europe under the
Anti-Apartheid banner which clearly condemned the oppressive, suppressive
and repressive system by the settlers on the people of South Africa.

The Boer regime instigated a segregation system which undermined the
ordinary African's racial justice and moral rights which created a class
struggle. Having all South African's subjected to racial discrimination,
exploitation, denied legal aid, shelter and above all denied Land and
political participation on their own land.

Contrary to the Zimbabwe question Zanu PF have no doubt but betrayed the
aspirations of the African people which was founded on the principles of
egalitarianism to see the power in the hands of the masses not the hands on
Zanu PF bosses and elite.

We as young Africans will stand firm and expose Mbeki's double standards at
the expense of the suffering of ordinary Africans (Zimbabweans) we all know
South Africa is benefiting a lot due to the political imbalance in Zimbabwe,
having access to our borders at cheap and unconditional grounds.

Why Zimbabweans are angry: It sounds politically immature for Mbeki to say
South Africa cannot have its own policy which is outside the Organization

(1)So does it mean the South Africans observer team which continues to
legitimise the Mugabe regime (forcibly endorsing 2000, 2002 and 2005
elections as free and fair) despite cries of violates and terror by
Zimbabweans was the will on the organization? And all this against SADC' s
standards and norms of a democratic free and fair election which all member
states have signed in Windhoek Namibia on August 17 1992.A member which does
not uphold press freedom, no independent electoral system, does on uphold
which Constitutional rights.

(2)South Africa has been on the record of blocking any calls for UN to probe
human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

(3)ANC's continued support and assistant to the Mugabe regime has prolonged
the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans. The exploitation of Zimbabwe's
resources(mining interest ,Zesa -Eskom deals).The recent exploitation tactic
by South African mining firm African Pearl Mining to engage into a bourgeois
Diamond mining deal with the regime through its subsidiary Better Mining Pty

Better Mining Pty Ltd has just recently donated $4000 US dollars towards
celebration for Mugabe's birthday.

Comrades it is high time Africans stand firm and expose this exploitation of
Zimbabwe's resources by the ANC government which is tactically sustaining
and prolonging the solution and end to the suffering of Africans
(Zimbabweans).Yes we support Black Empowerment (Land and natural
resources)but to the masses of African people not Zanu PF bosses and elite.
It is high time we expose this fake and weak Socialist Ideology which is
being perpetuated by Mugabe that he is a nationalist,its now time we attack
Zanu PF from the Left !!The cheap Propaganda tactics!!

We have declared that ANC bosses shall be treated like boys and girls(Ambush
of Nkosazana Zuma)until they fulfill the self imposed solidarity movement in
return of the Comradeship they got from workers ,peasants ,professionals,
children, housewives and senior citizens across the globe under the
anti-Apartheid Movement.

We salute our Comrades in Cosatu and Young Communist League (YCL) who have
vowed not to betray the aspirations and the spirit of One Africa One Nation,
with their continued support for the ordinary masses of Zimbabwe.

Power To People

Free-ZimYouth Comrades

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AirZim in US$20m debt

From The Daily Mirror, 20 February

Takunda Maodza

National passenger airline, Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) owes its creditors a
staggering US$20 million, a parliamentary portfolio committee on Transport
and Communication heard yesterday. The airline's former acting chief
executive officer Oscar Madombwe told the committee chaired by Leo Mugabe
that the debt was negatively affecting the turnaround programme of the
parastatal. "In 2004, we set down to come up with the turnaround programme.
We said where is the airline? It is riddled with a US$20 million debt and we
said (sic) what is happening? We looked at various issues like the cost
structure, market performance and declining tourists.we were losing the
market share," Madombwe said. He said management then devised ways of
rejuvenating AirZim operations and opted to go into partnerships with other
airlines. "We thought of partnering with other airlines, but that was not to
be. At this moment, big airlines are not ready to work with us, they are
working against us," Madombwe said. He added that this forced AirZim to
enter into strategic alliances with small airlines like Air Zambia and Air

He said various observations were made when the turn around strategy was
initiated three years ago, chief among them, that some of the parastatal's
aircrafts were old. "We realised our fleet was aged with some of the planes
15 to 20 years old," Madombwe said. He revealed that some of the old planes
make a lot of noise to the displeasure of passengers and also consumed a lot
of fuel. Madombwe said management also looked into the airline's human
resources department and observed that some employees were inadequately
trained. He said steps were being taken to turnaround AirZim's fortunes as
witnessed by the purchase of three new planes and the buying of equipment.
Madombwe, who branded the airline's marketing strategy as "very weak" at the
time the turn around strategy was initiated, said the government was yet to
takeover the parastatal's debt. "The balance sheet is just as it was in
2004," he added. AirZim chairman Mike Bimha concurred with Madombwe that the
airline was facing viability problems when his board took over in July 2005.

However, Bimha said things were now changing for the better. "We are
experiencing some achievements. In December 2006, for the first time in 10
years, we made a small profit.enough to cover our costs. AirZim was making
loses since year 2000," he said. Bimha was optimistic that the national
airline was on its way to recovery. "We are going into alliances with small
boys (airlines). Bigger boys do not want us. We said we are weak, let's
group up with weak guys to become stronger," he added. Chitungwiza senator
Forbes Magadu condemned the decision by the national airline to enter into
partnerships with small airlines like Air Zambia saying there was no need
for striking alliances with "somebody poorer than you are". He described Air
Zambia and other such small airliners as "Tuvana Tonde." The recently
appointed AirZim chief executive officer, Peter Chikumba, yesterday told the
committee that he was open to advice from stakeholders on how to change the
fortunes of the parastatal. "Support is nowhere else except within
ourselves, I can assure you I would be knocking on your doors asking for
ideas," Chikumba said. Arrangements were made for the committee to tour Air
Zimbabwe operations.

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Ziscosteel records zero production, owes US$222m

New Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 02/21/2007 05:18:54
ZIMBABWE'S Iron and Steel company, Ziscosteel, has recorded zero production
since the start of the year with the lowest output since 1980, the company's
board chairman David Murangari said Tuesday.

The company is also burdened with an external and local debt of US$222
million and $7 billion respectively.

Murangari made the reveleations while giving oral evidence before the
Foreign Affairs, Industry and International Trade on the operations of the

Murangani also revealed there was no production in September and December
last year when a major corruption scandal was unearthed at the state-owned
steel-making enterprise.

Several high ranking government officials were sucked into the Ziscogate
scandal after it emerged that they were fleecing thr company by claiming
large unaccounted for allowances from Zisco after travelling on business
that had nothing to do with the company. Others benefited through dubious
contracts and a supplies over-pricing rip-off.

Murangari told MPs the loss of production at Ziscosteel was a result of
"lack of working capital, high turnover of skilled personnel and high input

He added that that Ziscosteel had been badly hit by low coal receipts as a
result of Hwange Colliery Company's failure to supply "coaking coal of good
throughout the year."

Ziscosteel's blast furnace No 4, the only one operational, was said to be
operating at below 50 percent capacity due to its dilapidated state.

To get out of the woods, Murangari said the steelmaker needs a new strategic
partner who can bring foreign currency. There were talks with one Chinese
he added.

The board chairman also said his company needs Z$4 billion as a matter of
urgency for the purposes of funding the acquisition of raw materials and

Murangari added: "It is estimated that US$144 million is required for the
rehabilitation programme over a six month period. Of this amount about US$
56,17 million and Z$ 3, 426,47 billion is required for 2007."

The board chairman declined to comment on the alleged looting of resources
at the company as his board was never shown the damning report detailing the
alleged graft.

Murangari added that "the company is a price taker when it comes to prices
major inputs" and between January 2006 and January this year, they had been
hit by an increase of 4 378 percent in electricity charges.

He added that the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) had increased coal
railage charges from $1 500 per tonne to $82 934, an increase of $5 427 over
the same period.

Oxygen from Sable Chemicals to Zisco was said to have been increased by 1
519 percent from $1,05 per cubic meter to $17 per cubic meters over the same

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Parly Committee Takes Goche to Task

The Herald (Harare)

February 20, 2007
Posted to the web February 20, 2007


THE Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Cde Nicholas
Goche, was yesterday taken to task by a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on
Public Accounts on why his ministry has not been submitting books of
accounts for the Social Dimension Fund to the Comptroller and Auditor
General and Parliament since 1999.

Acting committee chairman, Masvingo Senator Dzikamai Mavhaire said his
committee had noted with concern that money was being disbursed for purposes
the fund was not originally set for.

Sen Mavhaire said the ministry was not seeking approval from Treasury when
it made some investments of some money using the fund or when it carried out
certain activities that required approval from Treasury like transfer of

In response, Cde Goche said the fund, which was initially set up to assist
with loans Government employees retrenched through Economic Structural
Adjustment Programme, had since stopped receiving and considering

Cde Goche said the SDF stopped operating in 2001 but has not yet formally
wound up.

He said staff shortage was another reason that affected the smooth discharge
of duties, saying his ministry had even appealed to the Public Service
Commission and the Ministry of Finance for more staff.

Due to staff shortage, messengers working in some districts were now doing
clerical work, a situation that might create abuse, said the minister.

Cde Goche said he gave a directive in 2005 that no further disbursements
should be made from the fund.

But Sen Kantibai Patel (Non-Constituency) produced a schedule of payments
made to different companies and individuals from the fund in 2006.

At that stage, Cde Goche requested the committee to allow Director of Social
Service from his ministry, Mr Sydney Mhishi, who had accompanied him, to

Sen Mavhaire declined saying the committee had in the past called ministry
officials who gave explanations, which were not satisfactory to the
committee, hence, the decision to call the minister.

"These expenditures occurred as opposed to disbursements. Disbursement
refers to a situation when people apply for loan and money is then released,
but I will need time to look into that so that I can respond," said Cde

Sen Mavhaire said despite the fund being dormant, the ministry was using-- 
again without approval from Treasury -- its assets like motor vehicles and

"We are saying you did not seek authority from Treasury, so you were
breaking the law," said Sen Mavhaire, who was standing in for Glen Norah
Member of House of Assembly, Mrs Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga (MDC).

The committee also took the minister to task saying he was giving
conflicting statements with his officials who had in the past given oral
evidence before it regarding the fund.

Cde Goche said the rate of recovery for the SDF had been five percent,
something that the committee felt was unhealthy as it meant that 95 percent
of the loans were not repaid.

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Milk Production Down in 2006

The Herald (Harare)

February 20, 2007
Posted to the web February 20, 2007


ZIMBABWE'S milk production last year took a sixth successive decline, with
about 85 million litres of fresh milk having been produced, down from 177
million litres in 2000.

Between 2001 and 2005 the sector produced 171, 149, 111, 94 and 95 million
litres respectively.

Acting chief dairy officer in the Dairy Services Department of Livestock
Production and Development Mrs Harriet Moyo attributed the decline to lack
of expertise among new farmers and shortages and rising cost of stockfeed.

She said price controls on milk had also contributed to the decline.

"Milk is a controlled product and if viable prices are to be put in place,
things might stabilise and the industry can start improving," she said in an

"However, we have also noted that shortage of stockfeeds has impacted
negatively on the performance of the industry."

Mrs Moyo added that technical and financial support should also be given to
the new crop of farmers who had benefited from the land reform programme.

"But is should be noted that the sector is still organised and has the
potential to come out of these difficulties. If some of these issues are to
be addressed, we might see a difference this year," she said.

Zimbabwe has been facing milk shortages as processors cut down on production
citing "uneconomic prices". Producers argued that the gazetted price for
milk was not viable when taking into account escalating production costs.

The Ministry of Industry and International Trade has pegged the price of
milk at $1 050 per litre, which producers say is "totally inadequate to meet
production costs or just to break even".

No comment could be obtained from the Ministry of Industry and International

Meanwhile, the National Association of Dairy Farmers has pledged to continue
supplying the market with milk despite the harsh economic environment
prevailing in the country.

In a statement at the weekend NADF chairperson Mr Ajs Kirk said his
association was working hard to revive the industry that has taken a knock
in the past six years owing to recurrent droughts and shortages of

"Zimbabwean dairy farmers remain committed to producing sufficient milk for
the nation and the NADF is working with all stakeholders to protect this
vital industry," he said

Mr Kirk also distanced himself from recent media reports claiming that his
association had ceased milk production in protest against Government
gazetted prices, resulting in milk shortages.

The reports alleged that farmers were not getting support from central
Government, implying the authorities were not worried about the sector's

"NADF wishes it to be widely known that it disassociates itself from what
appeared in the some sections of the media recently."

However, flesh milk remains scarce in most supermarkets across the country,
a situation that has been blamed on limited supplies from the milk

A survey conducted last week showed that only a few supermarkets had the
commodity in their refrigerators and this was confined to the mornings only.

The scarcity has precipitated speculative activities, worsening shortages of
dairy products on the market.

Last year one of the country's leading milk processing firms -- ZSE-listed
Dairibord Holdings -- embarked on a dairy herd rebuilding exercise, which
has, however, been hampered by lack of foreign currency.

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JAG Open Letter Forum No 468

Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.

Letter  1 -  Linda Costa, Queensland, Australia

What is a lucky one?

Anybody who has observed the past 6 years or so in Zimbabwe, will have
realised that "to be lucky" does not follow a formula, rather a random
selection. It seems to have little to do with where one has come from, or
where one is trying to go to. I don't think that anyone in Zimbabwe is
"lucky" at all. I think that some pretend to themselves that they are, that
some used to be, and that some wish they were now ..................... but
luck has nothing to do with it at all. I completely agree with Jean Simon -
that there are no lucky ones. If one feels that they are lucky now in
current Zimbabwe, I just wonder how they substantiate that.

Maybe it is possible to survive by being politically correct - this might
lead to "Zimbabwean luck". Does that mean one will be free from political
interference in the future?

Maybe one has a huge cushion of wealth and this might lead to "Zimbabwean
luck" - will this protect you in the future?

Maybe one has been able to hang on in the fringes, and passed under the
radar. Does this "Zimbabwean luck" give you confidence, or fear for

I wish I could say that this Zimbabwean madness was all going to pass. I
wish I could say that I and my family were wrong in our decision to leave
Zimbabwe in 2000. Our hopes for the millennium were far different to the
reality we see now. In fact, the reality is far worse than we ever imagined
it could be.

In 1999, I used to wake each morning in Harare and think with a sinking
feeling  "I wonder what's going to happen today?"  These days, I wake each
morning and I speculate with pleasure  "hmmmn ........  I wonder what's
going to happen today?"

It's the same question ...........

But - at the most basic level, my "luck" - if you can call it that -  is
that I can sign my name,

Linda Costa, Queensland, Australia


Letter 2 - Ann

Thank you to those who felt the threat inherent in Clive Midlane's letter.
and who spoke out for those of us who are still on farm ( a bit of).  A
visitation and three phone calls this week do not make for easy residence,
and those of us who are 'left over' - for that is all it is - are still
dreading the white car at the gate, the phone calls, the official letters,
or even the handcuffs. If anyone thinks that is fun after seven years, then
they have a strange idea of fun, luck, and whatever else is thought to make
life worth living.

Of course everyone is complicit, but at least a lot of us are still here,
and trying to keep a community together.  Perhaps Clive Midlane has been
able to move on to another life, but we have not.



Letter 3 - Anonymous
Dear Jag,

It was with some relief that I saw at least a few farmers respond to Clive
Midlanes "lucky Ones" letter.

I do realise that there are many people out there who perceive the few
remaining white farmers as being the "lucky ones" and who believe that
bribes and corrupt policy are the reason that they remain on their land.

I will certainly accept that there are a number of farmers who have followed
this route, however to suggest that all of them are "allies" is insulting
and shamelessly ill informed.

I would further point out that a great many remaining farmers have been
through endless heartache and have steadfastly refused to involve themselves
in corrupt activities. I find it strange that whilst persons like Mr Midlane
are ok with buying loaves of Bread(wheat grown largely by New Farmers), and
trading in foreign currency on the black market, they pass ill informed and
badly directed comments such as these.

Perhaps the glass house will break when he throws the next stone!!!!



Letter 4 -  Willie

Dear Jag,

Let's not point fingers.

Yes Clive, I agree it is very tempting and very easy to want to blame some
people for still being on their farms.

By showing bitterness, and fighting amongst ourselves, you are giving the
very people whom chased you of your farm, great satisfaction and telling
them they have won.

Stand back and smile at the mess that they have made. Let them see that you
now feel sorry for them as they did not want to believe you when they
started. That will give you more satisfaction and they will still look at
you as the "Boss".

Most people that have managed to stay on their farms or part of their farms,
have done so with great difficulty. Many marriages have been stretched to
the limit. It is their choice.

The others will have their conscious to deal with, maybe not now but believe
me some day it will haunt them.

It would be a good story for another film "Out of Africa".

I agree with Jean Simon,

"It would help us all to heal and to move forward.".



Letter 5 - Cathy Buckle

Dear Family and Friends,

Early these mornings the mist lies in thick blankets across the vleis,
giving a surreal, dreamlike start to the February days. The tops of the
Msasa trees with their twisting branches and low, spreading canopies are
first to emerge from the mist as the sun comes up. Then the grassland, tall
and gold now, with heavy, bursting seed heads comes into sight and the first
birds appear. At this time of year the Paradise Whydahs are about early and
the breeding males are wonderous to watch. Their flight is frantic and
laboured, it has to be to carry their magnificent black tail feathers which
are longer than their bodies. Tails which stream behind them in a
spectacular display.  Just spending a few minutes looking out at the beauty
every morning has to be enough to give strength and courage to face another
day in the disaster that has become life in Zimbabwe.

For a long time the analysts and commentators have been saying that it will
be the economy that eventually brings an end to the situation in the
country. I don't know if most of us ordinary Zimbabweans have understood
what this would actually entail but recently we have all started learning
very fast.

This week it was officially announced that inflation in January soared to
1593%. This staggering rise of over three hundred percent in one month, from
December to January, has crippled us all and has made the situation in the
country completely unsustainable. On Monday a friend priced a pair of work
overalls and they were forty thousand dollars. On Wednesday, when he went
with the cash to buy them, the price had gone up to seventy five thousand

None of us are able to cope with these sort of price increases and so we go
without. We put the little money we have back in our pockets, not yet really
understanding that we must spend it when we have it as its buying power is
shrinking every day.  It is a lesson we are learning fast and it is hard one
because it contradicts principles of saving, careful spending and budgeting.

As the days pass and the deprivations increase, the discontent is rising and
so too is the presence of police, army and Border Gezi youths on the
streets. The air of intimidation and control is all around us. In just five
blocks of a small town this week.  I counted twenty eight police and army
personnel in uniform. They stroll and patrol, on foot, bicycles and in open
pick up trucks.  At one supermarket there were between 250 and 300 people
queuing for sugar.  The line did not go to the front of the shop but to a
back door where all these multitudes of people were being controlled by two
scruffy youths wearing Zanu PF T shirts, two policemen and one soldier in
army camouflage.....

>From the sugar queues the police, army and Gezi youths go to the road
and from there to the scramble for fertilizer or the lines for maize meal.
And everywhere you look the feeling is of the increasingly fragile hold on
control. In this one week over 170 women from Woza were arrested for
Valentine protests; teachers union leaders were arrested and 14 student
union leaders were arrested. Seven years of misery are coming to a head.

Until next week, thanks for reading, love cathy.

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions of
the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice for

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JAG Classifieds dated 20 February 2007

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:

JAG Job Opportunities:

Rules for Advertising:

Send all adverts in word document as short as possible (no tables, spread
sheets, pictures, etc.) and quote your subscription receipt number or
membership number.

Notify the JAG Office when Advert is no longer needed, either by phone or

Adverts are published for 2 weeks only, for a longer period please notify
the JAG office, by resending via email the entire advert asking for the
advert to be re-inserted.

Please send your adverts by Tuesdays 11.00am (Adverts will not appear until
payment is received.). Cheques to be made out to JAGMA.


1.  For Sale Items

2.  Wanted Items

3.  Accommodation

4.  Recreation

5.  Specialist Services

6.  Pets Corner




1.1  Generators & Inverters for Sale

The JAG office is now an official agent for GSC Generator Service (Pvt) Ltd
and receives a generous commission on sales of all Kipor generators and
equipment.  Generators are on view at the JAG office.

The one stop shop for ALL your Generator Requirements SALES:
We are the official suppliers, repairs and maintenance team of KIPOR
Equipment here in Zimbabwe.  We have in stock KIPOR Generators from 1 KVA to
55 KVA.  If we don't have what you want we will get it for you.  We also
sell Inverters (1500w), complete with batteries and rechargeable lamps.  Our
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SERVICING & REPAIRS: We have a qualified team with many years of experience
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carry out services and minor repairs on your premises.  We service and
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INSTALLATIONS:  We have qualified electricians that carry out installations
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SPARES: As we are the official suppliers and maintainers of KIPOR Equipment,
we carry a full range of KIPOR spares.

Don't forget, advice is free, so give us a call and see us at: Bay 3,
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Sales: 884022, 480272 or
Service: 480272, 480154 or


1.2  For Sale

So Far and No further! Rhodesia's Bid for Independence during the Retreat
from Empire 1959-1965 by J.R.T. Wood

533 pages; quality trade paperback; pub. Trafford ISBN 1-4120-4952-0
Southern African edition, pub. 30 Degrees South : ISBN 0-9584890-2-5

This definitive account traces Rhodesia's attempt to secure independence
during the retreat from Empire after 1959. Based on unique research, it
reveals why Rhodesia defied the world from 1965.

Representing Volume One of three volumes, Two and Three are in preparation
and will take us to Tiger and thence to 1980;

To purchase:

Zimbabwean buyers contact Trish Broderick:

RSA buyers: WWW. 30 or Exclusives Books

Overseas buyers see:
and a link to Trafford Publishing


1.3 Pet Food for Sale (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Still supplying pets food which consists of 500g of precooked pork offal and
veg costing $700 and 250g of pigs liver or heart costing $700 for 250g.

Collection points:      Benbar in Msasa at 10.30

Jag offices in Philips Rd, Belgravia at 11.30

Peacehaven which is 75 Oxford St at 13.00

This is on Fridays only. Contact details: phone 011 221 088 and E mail at


1.4 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

"Harrington Rare Books. For Sale, Rhodesian Verse 1888-1938,1st Edition,
Blackwell, Oxford. With a forword by His Excellency Sir Herbert J.Stanley,
governor of Southern Rhodesia,and an introduction by Arthur Shearley
Cripps.SIGNED by Cripps.A lot of the poems are by Cripps(Cripps Rd),a
maverick missionary and poet.His great nephew,the Wales based, award winning
author, Owen Sheers recently published the bestselling"Dust Diaries"in which
the mail subject is Cripps and his life in Southern Rhodesia.See .The book,by itself is a collectable piece of Rhodesiana
but the inscription and signature by Cripps makes it an important and highly
collectable book.Asking US$200.00 equivalent ono.We also value and purchase
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Super gift ideas for local and overseas friends and family. Hand woven
articles which are light, easy to pack, and send, and fully washable.
Contact Anne on 332851 or 011212424.Or email

Crocheted oven gloves--$20,000.
Cotton oven gloves--$15,000.
Small woven bags--$12,000.
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Lots of other articles.PLEASE be aware that prices may change without


1.7 Family Of 3 Hippos For Sale (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

These beautifully carved, wooden hippos are still "homeless" and going for
US$2000.They really are unique and worth every cent. Phone Robyn -011413609.
Or you can view them at Serendipity Coffee Shop--2a, Serendip Close, Mount
Pleasant (entrance on Golden Stairs Road). Open from
9am-5pm-Tuesday-Saturday. Phone 334377.


1.8 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)



IF INTERESTED PLEASE PHONE: 091777062. (07:00AM TO 08:00PM)


1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Brand new swimming pool net, never been used.  Includes safety net with
tensioner, float, plates, hooks, anchors, rope, DIY manual.  Net size 6m x
12m.  Manufactured by Honeydew Nets in South Africa (can view net on their
website).  Paid R2200 so looking for equivalent.  Please e-mail or sms 091 264160 if interested.


1.10 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Totota KZTE 3l diesel doublecab,
4 x2, 70 000km, with canopy
Immaculate condition.

Nissan 2.7 diesel doublecab,
4 x 2, 1999 model, 300 000km,
good condition.

Phone 04 443017 or 091 337640.


1.11 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

HARDWOOD FURNTURE- Sleepers and Teak Custom made Dining Tables, Coffee
Tables, Bars ,Even Wrought iron and Pine  Phone Simon Silcock  persistently
668843 or sms 091 233 103 and I will reply quickly.


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

2001 DID Pajero (new Shape) - RSA import, Silver with Black Leather, 3,2
Turbo Diesel, Tiptronic Auto Gearbox, immaculate vehicle Company Maintained
and driven by owner. Offers Please.

1995 Nissan Sentra 160GX - Ideal for young boy/girl; re-sprayed with custom
Graphics (white with Carbon Black Stripes); Newly Reconded Mags; New Tyres;
Big Sound System...........Needs a new home, driver now at Varsity!!

For Viewing or More Details, on both the above, call Grant Evans Cell- 011
402 122, or, 664224/666235/666169.


1.13 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)


Following units ex stock: Generators -

5 Kva Silenced, 15 Kva Silenced, 30 Kva open frame, 40 Kva Silenced, 60 Kva

Inverters - 1500 Watt complete with 1 x 100 Amp Hr battery and charger

5000 Watt complete with 4 x 100 Amp Hr Batteries and charger

Large Range of Generators available from 5 - 2200 Kva ex import (some in
Bond South Africa)

Please phone:- Radium Africa Tel + 263 4 335848, Sean Bell: + 263 11 600389,

Keith Lowe + 263 11 800859

1.14 HARROW DISCS For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

We will have imported Harrow discs (24", 26" and 28") available end March,
2007 book now to avoid disappointment.

Please phone:- Radium Africa Tel + 263 4 335848, Sean Bell: + 263 11 600389,
Keith Lowe + 263 11 800859


1.15 FORAGE HARVESTERS For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Single Row forage harvesters available ex stock

Please phone:- Radium Africa Tel + 263 4 335848, Sean Bell: + 263 11 600389,

Keith Lowe + 263 11 800859


1.16 AGRICULTURAL SPRAYERS For Sale (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Tractor Mounted 12 Metre / 600 Litre tank Boom sprayers and Canon sprayers
in stock.

Please phone:- Radium Africa Tel + 263 4 335848, Sean Bell: + 263 11 600389,

Keith Lowe + 263 11 800859



2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Computer wanted by conservation organisation - Wilderness Africa Trust,
preferably as a donation.  Any age or capacity would be gratefully received
to help us protect Zimbabwe's wildlife.  Please phone 747929.


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Racing Canoe, preferably K2 otherwise K1. Please contact Ben on

011 882926 or email


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Second-hand Toyota Surf or Twin Cab.  Please call 091241258


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

I am looking for a Toyota Prado body.  Phone Johnny 011 603213, email




3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Single lady looking for a 3 / 4 bed roomed house either to rent or to repair
and maintain or both. Must be secure premises

Preferred areas are:  Avondale ; Mount Pleasant ; Alex park ; Gunhill ;
Newlands ; highlands ; Greendale ; Mandara ; Belvedere; Milton park

Please contact Debbie on 091 830 953


3.2 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Two bedrooms with bathroom (bed sit), No pets

For more information please contact Charmaine at work 620687 up to 9 for the


3.3 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Bromley 55km from Harare.  Attractive thatched cottage.  Self contained two
bed roomed, with garden and own entrance. Rent $150000

Also available

Self contained flat, two bedrooms.  Rent $70000.

Please contact 011423614 or 04 572513.


3.4 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Young lady desperately looking for a 2 bed roomed flat in the Avondale/Mount
Pleasant area please call Denise Fussel 091815956 or 336753


3.5 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

My wife and I are currently resident in a house in Greendale that we have
been maintaining and developing for the past two years in lieu of rent. We
have recently been advised that the house is to be sold and are urgently
looking for accommodation with a cottage, as we also care for my

I run a small company that specializes in domestic and corporate property
maintenance and am therefore able and willing to maintain and repair any
prospective residence and / or rent. We would prefer accommodation in
Greendale if possible but are willing to consider any options.

Please contact Russell on: 011-620-745 or Renee on: 011-601-855 or landline
498723 or reply to




4.1 MEET AND GREET fun day (13/02/07)

Saturday 3rd March 2007 at SANDY'S CORNER PRE- SCHOOL; 3 TROON AVE - HARARE.

We will also be holding a Car Boot Sale which you are invited to participate
in.  If you do not have a car we can rent a space to you but all umbrellas,
tables etc will need to be supplied by yourselves.  This is on a first come
fist serve basis and the space will cost 10 000.00 / Space


Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Debbie
Victor on 091 830 953 or 495 078.


4.2 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just bring your food, drinks and
relax.    Best value for money. U12 are 1/2  price

Contact John: or Phone 091 631 556


4.3 Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Need a break from your hectic everyday life, for a relaxing weekend or
midweek getaway Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp is the place to go.  For details
phone Tracy on 747929 or email "




5.1 STRESS & BURN OUT SEMINAR (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

In late 2006, two one-day Stress & Burn Out Seminars were held, specifically
aimed at farmers.  These two days were both fully subscribed and it became
apparent that there is a great need to continue this support for our
community.  In 2007 we will conduct similar one-day sessions leading towards
group therapy and support-group sessions.

We have asked the Christian Counselling Centre to gear two introductory days
on 3rd and 24th February towards this end.  Thereafter, we will be looking
for a number of facilitators to take the process further.  Please contact
the JAG offices to enrol for either of these two introductory days.  Or,
alternatively, contact the Christian Counselling Centre directly on or telephone 744212.

As a community, we need to help one another heal.


Led by: Ian Wilsher

A one-day, practical workshop for anyone wanting to manage the pressure of
modern day life in Zimbabwe.  This workshop puts theory into practice.

Topics include:

+          Identifying symptoms and stresses
+          Time management
+          Dealing with the unchangeable
+          Managing anger and more

Come and find out how you can harness stress to bring positive change to
your life.

Date:     Saturday, 24th February
Time:     9.00 am - 4.30 pm
Cost:     Z$50 000 (includes lunch, manual and teas).
Venue:  Christian Counselling Centre, 8 Coltman Road, Mount Pleasant,
Harare.  Tel: 744212.


5.2 Nursery School Places Available (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

Places available for 4-5 year olds at nursery school in Pomona due to
classes being moved around.  Need mainly girls to even out numbers.
Children need to go for interview at school.  Fees to be agreed at
interview.  Pse call Lindie on 883230.


5.3 Borehole Pumps (13/02/07)

T M Lambert (Pvt) Ltd, Agent for Mono Pumps, Zimbabwe

Capacity Test, Installations, Repair and Maintenance on all Borehole pumps.

Phone: 494796, 091 288 448, 011 726 062

Email:, Address: 22 Highland Glen, Umwinsidale.


5.4 Personalised Vehicle Service (Ad inserted 13/02/07)


Do You Need a Personalised Vehicle Service?

Opened in Msasa at No: 179 Loreley cr. Msasa, a small workshop specialising
in basic services and brake repairs.

Phone Noel or Sandy Odendaal during work hours on 447110 or Cell No:
011615894 to book in your vehicle.


5.5 Mr. Handy Man (13/02/07)

For general Handy repairs in and around the house!

For all those jobs you don't have the time for!

Moving into a new place and need help putting up pictures and other annoying
little jobs?

Can't seem to get the right person to fix things in your house?

Call 011 211 852, 495078, E- mail

Mr. Handy Man Can!!!


5.6 PARA LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICES (Ad inserted 13/02/07)

....14yrs on.......
 and still providing the following much needed valuable Advisory

1.    Obtaining
        -  Full (Long) Birth Certificates (FBC) for Zimbabwe (replacement of
old style)
        -  Registration of new births
        -  Adoption Orders - Certified Extract of originals with FBC
            (identifying biological parent/s)
        -  Marriage Certificates - Certified Extract of originals
        -  Death Certificates (only possible in some instances)
        -  Zimbabwe Drivers Licenses - new, replacement of lost, & Letter of
           Confirmation (required when needing to obtain a Drivers Licence
        - Divorce Orders - certified extract of originals
        - Certificate of Non-Marriage

2.    Facilitating
        -  Immigration formalities into Zimbabwe,
            ie Residence & Employment Permits
        -  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - New Investor formalities

3.    Company Registration Procedures
       - New Companies
       - Statutory Returns
       - completion & submission of changes in Company/'s details

4.    Para-Legal Services
       - Wills (preparation of and amendments)
       - Establishment of Discretionary Trusts
       - enquire further as to what you are needing

Contact us for further information and/or to arrange a no obligation

Financial Arrangements - We will always assist 'bona fide' financially
challenged persons.

Contact: Thomas Vallance ACIArb Commissioner of Oaths
PARADiGM TRUST (Pvt) Ltd, Para-Legal Advisory Services
Trust Executives & Administrators, Tels: (B) 302 207  (M) 011-617 161


5.7 MESSE SERVICE CENTRE (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

We continue with the preparation, repair & service of tractors for re-sale
on a commission basis, which has worked very successfully for those selling
and buying tractors as the demand for tractors is constant and convenient
for those who are selling units through ourselves on a commission basis.

At present we have the following for sale:-

1 x Ford 6610  -  1 x MF390  -  Both in working condition

1 x Mushandi 500  -  1 x Zambezi  - Both requiring some attention.  Would be
suitable for small farm/plot operators

1 x Flatbed 4 wheel trailer  -  Excellent condition

Contact us during business hours only - Monday to Friday - 068-22463 /
011212454 /


5.8 Vehicle Repairs (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Vehicle repairs carried out personally by qualified mechanic with 30 years
experience. Very reasonable rates.

Phone Johnny Rodrigues:  011 603213 or 011 404797, email:


5.9 Personalized Novelty Cakes (Ad inserted 20/02/07)

Stunning personalized novelty cakes for children's or adults' birthdays.
Email for prices and photos from our catalogue or we can
design something new - anything goes.

Phone Cheryl 011 404797




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