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Tuesday, 26 February, 2002, 16:25 GMT
More Mugabe opponents charged
MDC rally during their election campaign
The MDC is a significant threat to Mugabe's rule
Two more senior figures from Zimbabwe's main opposition party have been charged with treason over an alleged plot to kill President Robert Mugabe.

MDC rally in Chitungwiza township, near Harare
Welshman Ncube: Interrogated for two hours

A party spokesman said General Secretary of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Welshman Ncube, and MP Renson Gasela, were charged and released after two hours of questioning.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who presents the main challenge to President Mugabe in next month's election, was charged with treason in connection with the same allegations on Monday.

He has said the charges, based on a videotape which purports to show him discussing the elimination of Mr Mugabe with a political consultant, were fabricated to try to remove him from the political scene.

Click here to read an extract from the tape

The accusation would not stop him from standing in the poll, he added.

Tuesday, 26 February, 2002, 12:51 GMT
What lies behind Zimbabwe's treason tape
Ari Ben-Menashe
The video has been heavily edited
In a grainy videotape recorded from a security camera, Morgan Tsvangirai is allegedly shown plotting to have President Robert Mugabe assassinated.

This forms the basis of the charges of high treason made against the man who hopes to replace Mr Mugabe as Zimbabwe's leader.

Morgan Tsvangirai
  • Organised strikes as leader of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
  • Set up MDC in September 1999
  • Led MDC to win 57 seats in June 2000 elections

      Click here for a profile of Morgan Tsvangirai

  • The video had been cut and rearranged in a manner that appeared to suit the assassination conspiracy theory

    Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe
    A Canadian political consultancy, Dickens and Madson, claims that someone representing Mr Tsvangirai approached it in order to have Mr Mugabe killed.

    The head of the consultancy, Ari Ben-Menashe, had previously worked for Mr Mugabe and he says he was shocked by the proposal and immediately contacted the Zimbabwe Government.

    Mr Tsvangirai admits meeting Mr Ben-Menashe, a former intelligence officer in the Israeli army, but stresses it was to carry out lobbying work in North America.


    In one of the exchanges broadcast on Australian television, Mr Tsvangirai allegedly says:

    "We can now definitely say that Mugabe is going to be eliminated?"

    Ari Ben-Menashe
    Ari Ben-Menashe
  • Worked for Israeli military intelligence
  • Political lobbyist for Mugabe
  • Called "a notorious, chronic liar" by Jerusalem Post
  • Mr Ben-Menashe replies:

    "Are you in a position basically to ensure a smooth transition of power?"

    "Yes, I have no doubt about it," replies Mr Tsvangirai.

    Although this sounds like damning evidence, after each question or answer, the film suddenly jumps and the figures switch their seating positions, showing that the clip has been heavily edited.

    The Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe has analysed the video tape and says that a version broadcast relentlessly on Zimbabwe television has a video timer on the screen, which also demonstrates "that the video had been cut and rearranged in a manner that appeared to suit the assassination conspiracy theory".

    "The timer... changed repeatedly from, 9.45am to 9.25am; and from 9.25am to 9.43am and then back to 9.27am; and from 9.52am to 9.44am," says the MMPZ.


    Mr Tsvangirai claims that words were put into his mouth and when Mr Ben-Menashe first suggested the possibility of Mr Mugabe being assassinated, he immediately left the room.

    Since the allegations were first broadcast on the Australian programme Dateline, the credibility of Mr Ben-Menashe has been seriously questioned.

    Ari Ben-Menashe
    Morgan Tsvangirai says he has been set up

    He has previously been involved in allegations made linking the late British newspaper magnet Robert Maxwell to Mossad, the Israeli secret service.

    In 1990, he was acquitted in the United States of illegally selling Israeli planes to Iran.

    The Jerusalem Post calls him "a notorious, chronic liar".

    But he stands by his story and told the BBC that Mr Tsvangirai was "stupid" for engaging his firm, which had previously worked for Mr Mugabe.

    Film-maker Mark Davis accepts that the version of the film shown by Zimbabwe state television had been edited.

    But he says he has the full one-hour videos and insists that Mr Tsvangirai was trying to get to power by having his rival killed.

    "People just do not want to believe," he said.

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    Daily News
    Marondera farmer Kay arrested for allegedly burning Zanu PF vehicle 
    2/26/02 9:07:56 AM (GMT +2)
    By Staff Reporter
    Kerry Kay of Chipesa farm in Marondera was on Sunday arrested by the police and detained for four hours on allegations of setting fire to a Zanu PF vehicle which was parked at Marondera police station.
    In an interview on Sunday, Kay’s lawyer, Ray Passaportis of Wintertons legal firm in Harare, said Kay was arrested together with Hans Christian, who lives outside Marondera on the same allegations. He said he had seen the vehicle in question outside the police station but said there was minimum damage to it.
    “The police were not very co-operative but they released Kay after they failed to produce evidence to link her to the malicious injury of property but they detained Christian for the night and he will appear in court tomorrow (yesterday),” said Passaportis.
    Chipesa farm was in the news last September when Zanu PF supporters turned violent and beat up several workers, and three Daily News staffers alleging that they supported the MDC.
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    Daily News
    Zanu PF mob attacks Chipinge North MP 
    2/26/02 9:10:20 AM (GMT +2)
    From Brian Mangwende in Mutare
    MATHIAS Matewu Mlambo, the MP for Chipinge North, on Saturday escaped death by a whisker when a group of about 200 Zanu PF youths attacked him at Pfidza growth point.
    Mlambo was addressing an MDC presidential election campaign rally when the attack took place.
    Mlambo said the attack took place at around 2pm.
    He said: “I arrived at the growth point at around 2pm and saw at least 200 people waiting. Little did I know that MDC supporters had already been chased away and replaced by Zanu PF youths. One of them approached me and ordered me to leave if I valued my life. I thought he was joking as I had a rally scheduled for that venue and which had been approved by the police. Before I knew it, the mob started throwing stones at me. As I fled, my car, a Nissan Twin Cab, was damaged.”
    Mlambo said he reported the case to Chipinge police station and was issued with a crime report number 22102.
    At Tanganda township, Mlambo was stopped by another group of Zanu PF supporters who recognised him. He said he was warned him this was a no-go area for MDC members.
    “I resisted and they started throwing stones at me. One of our members sustained cuts to his leg. I made another report at the same police station and was issued with a case number 012444. This is highly disturbing. MDC MPs are Morgan Tsvangirai’s election agents. How are we supposed to campaign in such an atmosphere?” he said.
    Tsvangirai is the MDC presidential candidate. He is pitted against President Mugabe of Zanu PF, Wilson Kumbula, Abel Siwela, both of whom are running as independents, and Shakespeare Maya of the National Alliance for Good Governance.
    Zanu PF has intensified its terror campaign in Manicaland as the election scheduled for 9 and 10 March draws nearer. More than 6 000 MDC members have reportedly fled their respective constituencies.
    Meanwhile, the ongoing voter registration in Manicaland has raised eyebrows amid fears it could be a well calculated move by Zanu PF to rig the election.
    In the past two weeks, more than 1 000 people have been registered as new voters in Mutare in what MDC officials have described as a fraudulent exercise.
    Charles Mhende, the provincial registrar, confirmed the registration of new voters, but said the exercise had nothing to do with next week’s presidential poll.
    He said: “The registration of new voters is an ongoing exercise which is conducted at any given time.”
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    Daily News
    MDC supporter murdered 
    2/26/02 9:11:03 AM (GMT +2)
    Staff Reporter
    AN MDC supporter in Rushinga, Takesure Nhitsa, died at Chimhanda Hospital after he was severely beaten up by Zanu PF youths who accused him of cutting off water supplies.
    An official at the hospital said Nhitsa, who worked as a pump attendant with the Department of Water Development in Rushinga, was admitted on Tuesday last week and died the following day. A statement issued by the MDC in Harare said Nhitsa was approached by the Zanu PF youths who accused him of cutting off water supplies and of being an MDC member.
    “The group severely assaulted him,” said the statement.
    In a related incident, Babillon Matambo, a war veteran, and Taurai Chimutanda, a Zanu PF supporter, were arrested by the police for burning down houses belonging to MDC members.
    The Rushinga police confirmed the arrests, but said Chimutanda has since been released.
    In Goromonzi district, Wiseman Mutero, the MDC treasurer, and Parirenyatwa Chari, the youth chairman, were attacked last Tuesday by Zanu PF supporters led by Godwin Nyarira and Albert Chimanika.
    The two sought refuge at the Goromonzi police station but were arrested for allegedly triggering the attack by sounding MDC whistles. Zanu PF supporters later set Mutero’s house on fire.
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    Daily News

    Abubakar says attack on poll observers unfortunate

    2/26/02 9:12:19 AM (GMT +2)

    Staff Reporter

    ABDULSALAMI Abubakar, the chairman of the Commonwealth observer group, on
    Sunday described as “unfortunate”, the attack on two members of the South
    African election observer mission by Zanu PF supporters in Kwekwe on Friday.

    “It is unfortunate that the incident took place, that some people attacked
    friendly people who have come to observe elections,” the former Nigerian
    head of state who arrived in the country on Saturday, said.

    He was responding to a question during a media briefing in Harare.

    “I hope it will not happen to us,” Abubakar said.
    The observers, identified as Elizah Maahlo and Bethel Sithai, reported the
    attack to the police in Kwekwe and two Zanu PF youths were arrested.

    Abubakar, however, said it was “too early to start making comments” about
    the situation in the country in the run-up to next week’s presidential

    He said 33 observers, comprising present and former parliamentarians,
    election officials and civil society leaders, all appointed by the
    Commonwealth Secretary-General, had arrived in the country by Sunday.

    More are expected to arrive.

    The main body of the Commonwealth observer group, described as the biggest
    since the 1994 “freedom” elections in South Africa, arrived in Zimbabwe over
    the weekend.

    Asked why the group came late, Abubakar said: “We could not come without an
    invitation. We came after we got our invitation.”

    Outlining his mission’s mandate, Abubakar said: “Our concern will be purely
    with the electoral environment and the process, rather than the outcome. We
    will be observing in our individual capacities and not as representatives of
    our countries, our governments or any organisations to which we may belong.”

    Meanwhile, suspected Zanu PF youths in Sunningdale 2, Harare, on Sunday
    attacked a truck carrying MDC supporters, including James Mushonga, the
    aspiring councillor for Ward 1 in Harare South.

    Garikai Chinyama, an activist, was hit on the ankle and shin when a group of
    about 50 boys and girls, besieged their Land Rover truck as they turned into
    the middle-density suburb putting up posters and distributing flyers.
    Ironically, the incident occurred less than 30 metres from the Sunningdale
    Police Post.

    “The police are not doing anything to protect us,” Mushonga complained. “We
    are trying to maintain peace, that’s why we ran away when the youths
    attacked us.”

    Mushonga said they reported the incident to Braeside Police Station, where a
    Constable Charungwa allegedly said he would pass the report on to the Law
    and Order Section at Harare Central Police Station.

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    Daily News
    Church says Kunonga’s close links with Zanu PF his democratic right 
    2/26/02 9:13:04 AM (GMT +2)
    Staff Reporter
    The Anglican Church’s Justice, Peace and Reconciliation (JPR) committee last week said the Bishop of Harare, Nolbert Kunonga, had links with Zanu PF before he was installed in April last year.
    George Wauchope, the JPR committee spokesman, was explaining the apparently strong support by Kunonga for Zanu PF and the government’s violent fast-track land reform programme, even in the face of criticism by many Anglicans in and out of his diocese.
    Wauchope said: “The bishop’s links with Zanu PF are from the time before he became bishop.”
    But he said Kunonga’s stance should be viewed as his democratic right as an individual.
    He said it was important to separate individual opinion from that of the church.
    He said: “The bishop has come out very strongly on the land issue, which we see as a matter of justice and addressing the wrongs of the past. Our stand as the Anglican Church is that it should be done transparently, peacefully and in an orderly manner.”
    Kunonga’s pro-Zanu PF and pro-government pronouncements from the pulpit and elsewhere have alienated some members of his diocese and other Anglicans in general, who see him as condoning the violence unleashed on the people by Zanu PF in the name of land reform.
    In January, Kunonga declared that President Mugabe, who has boasted of having degrees in violence, was more Christian than himself.
    Wauchope said the Anglican Church was praying for a free and fair presidential election, an end to violence, and equal access to all the media for all political parties and candidates, among other things.
    He expressed the JPR committee’s solidarity with two Matabeleland Anglican priests, David Maroneng and Noel Scott, arrested in Bulawayo on 16 February during a public march for unity by churches.
    He said: “Some unruly elements exploited the situation.”
    The priests were remanded to 4 March. They are being charged under the Public Order and Security Act.”
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    Daily News
    Massive egg, chicken shortages looming 
    2/26/02 9:34:53 AM (GMT +2)
    By Takaitei Bote Farming Editor
    MASSIVE egg and chicken shortages are looming in Zimbabwe because there is a serious crisis in the supply of chicken feed countrywide.
    There is a shortage of layers’ mash to such an extent that farmers are cutting down on production and slaughtering their animals before they reach maturity.
    There are also problems in the ostrich industry currently facing a bleak future because of stockfeed shortages while dog-meal is now a scarce commodity.
    The Cattle Producers’ Association last month warned of serious shortages of livestock products such as pork and poultry products this year because of a decree by the government which allows the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) to seize maize from commercial farmers.
    Philip de Chassart, a poultry producer said he had reduced production by 50 percent because stockfeed manufacturers had reduced their supplies.
    De Chassart said: “There are going to be shortages in poultry products because of the stockfeed shortages. The problem with poultry production is that chickens have no alternative stockfeed other than maize, which constitutes 60 percent of chicken feed.
    He said the country would also face shortages in other livestock products such as beef, lamb and pork because of the current crisis in maize supply.
    Meanwhile, with the drought and a critical shortage of maize threatening widespread starvation throughout the country, the ostrich industry, whose main source of feed is maize, is facing an unprecedented crisis with mounting fears of an imminent collapse, a 19 February 2002 issue of The Farmer Magazine said.
    Andrew Cunningham an official from the ostrich industry said due to the critical shortage of maize, farmers were panicking and this was a major concern to the industry.
    Zimbabwe earns millions of dollars annually from exporting ostrich products.
    Stockfeed manufacturers are encountering problems in procuring maize to make stockfeed.
    The GMB is seizing maize (including maize for stockfeed) from commercial farmers using new legislation implemented on 28 December 2001, a desperate move expected to help the parastatal to improve the maize supply situation.
    Zimbabwe is facing maize shortages because of a poor rainfall season last year that affected crop yields, while a 50 percent reduction in maize production in the commercial farming sector, as a result of the controversy surrounding the land issue, caused a reduction in output.
    Grain farmers are now compelled to deliver maize and grain stocks no later than 14 days after harvest, a development that has come about at the gazetting of Statutory
    Instrument 387 of 28 December 2001.
    Commercial farmers however said most of the stocks being confiscated by the GMB was D grade maize that was not suitable for human consumption and could only be used for livestock feeding.
    Stockfeed manufacturers, National Foods Limited told The Farmer Magazine that there was a shortage of stockfeed.
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    Daily News

    War vets take over maize distribution in Bulawayo 
    2/26/02 9:36:22 AM (GMT +2)
    From Sandra Mujokoro in Bulawayo
    War veterans have taken over the distribution of maize at the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depot in Bulawayo.
    The depot has been receiving maize by train from South Africa for the past two weeks.
    Despite receiving about 7 000 tonnes of maize so far, there has been very little improvement in the availability of maize-meal in the country.
    Long queues are still the order of the day at retail shops as people wait for non-existent deliveries from the milling companies. One woman reportedly collapsed and died of hunger while in a maize-meal queue in Mpopoma. Retailers with maize-meal in stock are selling it at exorbitant prices, while some millers are reselling some of the maize on the parallel market instead of milling it.
    At the GMB depot, riot police now keep a permanent presence, controlling millers and hungry consumers as they jostle for the maize.
    War veterans have accused the GMB of creating artificial shortages. On Wednesday last week they took over the distribution process at the depot.
    The GMB has been accused of giving priority to millers from outside the city, thus starving the locals who are in dire need of maize-meal.
    GMB officials have allegedly disregarded the system of rotation where commercial millers bought maize on
    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while service millers purchased theirs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    The system has been in use over the past few years. Mitcho Ndlovu, the acting war veterans’ chairman for Bulawayo province, said they were now working as a pressure group to ensure that millers from Bulawayo are given priority in the distribution of maize.
    He said there was no clarity on how service, commercial and indigenous millers were receiving maize.
    “Millers were not clear on how maize was being distributed and people are getting desperate by the day because the millers have nothing,” said Ndlovu. “This is why we have intervened and we expect to finish this exercise over the weekend.”
    He said they were ensuring that the millers did not divert the maize to the parallel market and instead produced maize-meal The GMB manager, Cephas Taruvinga, declined to comment but an insider said they were taking orders from the war veterans because maize-meal had become a political issue.
    “It is as if the GMB has been selectively distributing maize to create ill-feelings in this region towards the government. This is not the case,” said the insider.

    Daily News

    Zimbabwe’s foreign debt now unserviceable

    2/26/02 9:43:58 AM (GMT +2)

    By Ngoni Chanakira Business Editor

    The country’s foreign debt, which stands at more than US$10 billion (about
    Z$550 billion), is now unpayable and should not be repaid because so much
    has already been spent in servicing foreign debt, a debt consultancy
    organisation has recommended.

    That is one of the controversial suggestions made in a booklet dealing with
    the social effects and politics of public debt in Zimbabwe released in
    Harare, last week.

    The 56-page report was compiled by the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and
    Development (Zimcodd).

    The report was drawn from several individuals, civil society and government

    At the time the report was compiled Zimbabwe’s foreign debt stood at a US$5
    billion (about Z$275 billion).

    It has since skyrocketed to more than US$10 billion.

    The report says: “The foreign debt - US$5 billion - is unpayable, and should
    not be repaid, because so much has already been spent in servicing foreign

    “The foreign debt is too large for an economy whose Gross Domestic Product
    will struggle to sustain US$5 billion in output during the current

    The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr Simba Makoni, confirmed
    the country’s debt in Durban, South Africa at a regional session of the
    World Economic Forum in June, last year.

    Makoni said Zimbabwe was committed to “fulfiling these obligations, but it’s
    clear that our economy is in no state to generate sufficient funds to clear
    these arrears”.

    The Zimcodd report says the foreign debt can only be paid at a huge cost in
    terms of human development and any further repayments on the debt are
    unjustified in view of the fact that substantial amounts have already been
    spent by the government in servicing the foreign debt and also because
    foreign lenders - especially in Washington - have to accept joint
    responsibility and share in the blame for failed structural adjustment.

    Zimbabwe also has a huge and soaring domestic debt which had reached $110
    billion as at the end of January, this year. The figure continues to
    increase at the rate of at least $2 billion weekly.

    The Zimcodd report says:
    “A tribunal is necessary to set the terms of the debate over the inheritance
    of debt from the colonial government through the two decades of
    independence. “Zimcodd should convene such a tribunal so as to have a people
    ’s assessment of the impact of public debt on their lives”.

    We Did Not Offer Asylum to Mugabe

    This Day (Lagos)
    February 26, 2002
    Posted to the web February 26, 2002
    Nigeria yesterday said it was not true it had offered to provide a safe haven for President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in the event of losing the March 9 presidential election in his country.
    Reacting to the alleged offer, the Senior Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo on Media and Publicity, Mr Tunji Oseni, said it was also false that the country had stationed a helicopter at the Harare government house to move Mugabe to the airport as soon as it became clear that he had lost the election.

    Oseni told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that President Olusegun Obasanjo did not discuss the issue of asylum with Mugabe because the matter did not even arise.
    He said claims that Obasanjo also met with Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai during his visit to Zimbabwe recently were false and that no such meeting took place.
    "The whole of these is baseless and untrue," Oseni said, pointing out that the federal government would not interfere in the internal affairs of another country.
    NAN reported that some unverified reports had claimed that Obasanjo had offered Mugabe asylum in Nigeria if he failed to win the presidential election and that he also met with the leader of the opposition on Mugabe's future.
    "All our planes are at the airport and no permission has been granted to move any plane to Zimbabwe," Oseni said, stressing that any claim to the contrary was a mere fabrication.

    SADC observers slag Zim attacks
    Harare - Election observers from the union of Southern Africa's parliaments were awaiting a response on Monday from President Robert Mugabe's government to a protest over an attack on observers on Sunday.
    Duke Lekhofa, head of the Southern African Parliamentary Forum observer mission, told reporters that if attacks on observers continued, "we will have to review our mission".
    Three were slightly injured when youths - supporters of Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party - stoned a SADC minibus just outside the town of Chinhoyi, about 110km north of Harare where they had attended a rally addressed by opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
    It was the second attack on observers in three days. On Friday, two South African observers escaped injury when they were visiting the MDC offices in the central town of Kwekwe were attacked by a crowd of about 200 youths.
    Their vehicle was damaged in the incident.
    Lefhoko said he was "not optimistic" that presidential elections on March 9 and 10 could be free and fair and he was anxious about the safety of his observers.
    He said police had "not been very helpful in identifying the culprits" who threw the stones.
    Waiting for a reply
    Several other vehicles had their windows smashed by the mob, and occupants said the youths were wearing Zanu-PF t-shirts.
    A spokesperson said a request for an assurance of the group's safety had been made to government.
    "We've not yet had a reply," the official said.
    Meanwhile the head of the South African parliamentary observer mission, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, said she was also "very anxious" about the security of members of her delegation after the attacks.
    She also revealed she and other South African observers had undergone "an uncomfortable experience" with Zimbabwean police near Chinhoyi on Sunday.
    She said they had driven to the nearby village of Banket after being told that ruling party youths, assisted by police, had set up roadblocks and were stopping people trying to go to Tsvangirai's rally.
    "On arrival at Banket, we indeed saw young people who scattered all over and disappeared into the mealie fields," she said.
    The observers also found a group of policemen near the scene, who said they were there to investigate the same reports of a roadblock.
    Police not co-operating with observers
    "The police refused to identify themselves," she said.
    "During the course of the discussions, they jumped on to a passing bus and left us standing there.
    "When we followed them to the Banket police station they still refused to identify themselves and give us their numbers. They wouldn't co-operate with us."
    However, the observers telephoned police in Harare who ensured police in Chinhoyi assisted them, she said.
    She also strongly denied a report in the state-controlled daily Herald newspaper which said Errol Moorcroft, an MP of the opposition Democratic Alliance who was part of the South African parliamentary group, had been chanting MDC slogans at Tsvangirai's rally.
    "It is incorrect," she said. "I object very strongly to anyone implying that a member of my delegation was involved in any such activities."
    Neither Lefhoko nor Mapisa-Nqakula would identify who was responsible for the incidents.
    Government spokesperson George Charamba said they were "carried out by elements of a third force supported by foreign elements bent on dividing the people of Zimbabwe and South Africa."

    What to do in an emergency

    If someone you know is arrested under POSA or abducted:

    1. If possible or practical follow the vehicle/s to the police station or get a friend to do it for you.
    2. Notify a lawyer. (If you cannot afford one contact the Human Rights Forum Legal Unit and they will assist -phone number below)
    3. Make a report to the police and get a case number. Also keep the contact details of the OIC to whom you made the report.
    4. Phone the observer missions and report your case. Give them as much evidence as is possible including registration numbers of cars, names and descriptions of people involved times and locations. The more detailed your report the better.
    5. Document all evidence and happenings in the case and ensure that a written report is given to Amani Trust even if you are using your own resources (lawyer, doctor etc..). Make sure that you document even the most trivial of details and where possible include photographic evidence.
    6. Once the victim is released if they cannot afford medical treatment contact Amani they will cover the medical costs. If you can afford to cover your own legal and medical costs please try to as resources and personnel are stretched. However ensure that a complete written report of your case is given to Amani.
    7. Contact the News Room , Tel: 091-258-525, 023-405-267, 091-337-694 to ensure that your story is told. Anonymity will be respected if sought.
    8. If a victim has been tortured/beaten it is recommended he/she seek counselling. This can be arranged through Amani Trust. (Please note that Amani guarantee the confidentiality of their clients).

    Contact Numbers to keep

    • Amani Trust
      Land Line 792222
      Medical Director - emergency 091 308 544

    • Human Rights Forum - Legal Unit
      Godfrey Mupunga 091 238 070
      Emergency numbers 091 257 246/7

    • Human Rights Forum Command Centre - Emergency Numbers
      091 827 357 or 023 411 143

    • Commonwealth Observer Mission
      Sheraton Hotel
      John Shepard (Head of Secretariat)
      Mwambu Wanandeya (Media Liaison Officer)
      Operations Room 707721
      Rupert 091-240-383
      Jackie 091-297-621
      Ops room 091-241-343

    • South African Observer Mission
      SA High Commission
      Operations Room 251858
      Fax 251859
      Mbililo Miso 00-27-834429033
      Chantel 00-27-834429042
      Anton Venter 00-27-826508655
      BYO - Rev. Lisenjani 00-27-34425029

    • SADC Observer Mission
      Sheraton Hotel
      Operations Room 758642
      Kondwani Chirambo 091-249-096