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Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 8:38 PM
Subject: BILLWATCH 7 of 1.02.2005 ELECTION DATE

 [1. 02. 2005]

  The date for the General Election has been set
for Thursday the 31st of March 2005

 Parliament is to be dissolved on Wednesday the 30th March 2005

In a Gazette Extraordinary of this afternoon the 1st of February 2005 :

Statutory Instrument 15 of 2005

        Dissolves Parliament with effect from Wednesday 30th of March

Sets Friday 18th of February as the day for the sitting of the Nomination

Fixes Thursday 31st of March as the day for polling in the General Election

Fixes Friday the 4th February as the date on which the voters rolls will
close for the purpose of voting at this Election

States that the Electoral Colleges to elect the ten chiefs will be held on
Friday the 8th April

Statutory Instrument 16 of 2005

        Provides for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act coming into force
on the 1st February 2005

Statutory  Instrument  17  of 2005

         Provides for the Electoral Act coming into force on the 1st
February 2005


The N.G.O. Act has still not been gazetted


Parliament is due to resume sitting on Tuesday February 8th 2005
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NZ Herald
Mugabe exiles lift Zambia
Miklos Marffy lost his home, his farm and his crop two years ago when Zimbabwe's Government seized his land. Last year, he grew US$460,000 ($648,000) of tobacco in neighbouring Zambia after a "reassuring" visit from President Levy Mwanawasa.

Zimbabwe's neighbours are profiting from President Robert Mugabe's land redistribution programme, which, since 2000, has destroyed the world's second-biggest tobacco export industry. More than 340 farmers have relocated to Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania, creating jobs and boosting exports from some of the world's poorest countries.

"The entry of Zimbabwean farmers into Zambia is a blessing to agriculture," says Chance Kabaghe, 50, the chairman of Zambia Seed, who was deputy agriculture minister until last month. "They bring with them the latest technology and knowledge."

Universal, the world's biggest tobacco-leaf merchant, and No 3 Standard Commercial are backing the farmers so they can get bank loans.

Zimbabwe last year accounted for about 4 per cent of global exports of the highest quality flue-cured tobacco. Five years ago, it had about 20 per cent of world exports, second only to Brazil.

"Some of the world's best-quality tobacco suddenly disappeared," said Antonio Abrunhosa, chief executive officer of the International Tobacco Growers Association, based in Castelo Branco, Portugal.

Chimwemwe Mtonga, senior manager of business support at Lusaka-based Barclays Bank Zambia, said farmers had to invest at least US$150,000 to buy land, install irrigation equipment and build the necessary barns and furnaces. Some had borrowed more than US$1 million.

Virginia-based Universal and North Carolina-based Standard Commercial are contracting farmers to grow the tobacco at guaranteed prices and also expect the bigger growers to advise their smaller colleagues. "We expect the commercial farmers will provide expertise to small farmers in a sort of mentoring system," said Universal spokeswoman Karen Whelan.

Last year, Universal bought 15 million kg of flue-cured tobacco and 3.5 million tonnes of lower-grade burley from 47 large growers and 5515 small farmers in Zambia. That compares with 3.1 million kg of flue-cured and 1.8 million kg of burley in 2000. The company forecasts Zambia will produce 26.7 million kg of tobacco this year.

Universal bought about 14 million kg of tobacco in Zimbabwe last year, down from 100 million kg four years earlier.

Abrunhosa said the effect of the farmers moving "has been important in boosting tobacco production. The economic impact is huge."

The 150 Zimbabwean farmers who have moved to Zambia also grow soy, wheat and flowers. Some export seed corn to Zimbabwe, once an exporter of crop seeds.

In August, Mwanawasa met about 20 former Zimbabwean farmers and promised that the Government would obey the law and respect their property rights.

"It was really reassuring to have the President welcome you," Marffy said.

Tobacco production is helping reduce Zambia's dependence on its major exports of copper and cobalt. Kabaghe said agriculture now accounted for 17 per cent of economic output. In 1990, the figure was 12 per cent. Tobacco production has more than tripled in the past four years and the Government forecasts exports of the crop will total US$40 million this season.

Zimbabwe's land seizures, which began in 2000 as Mugabe pledged to return land stolen from blacks in colonial times, have shut most of the country's 4000 commercial farms, displaced many of the country's 310,000 farmworkers and deepened a six-year recession.

The IMF said the economy shrank 30 per cent in five years and unemployment was more than 70 per cent.

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Robert Mugabe
  Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has set March 31 as the date for the country's general parliamentary election.

The election is expected to test how far Mugabe's government has yielded to international pressure for a fair vote as well as the popularity of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

The MDC claims Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF party robbed it of victory in the last parliamentary contest in June 2000 and the 2002 presidential poll through rigging and a violent campaign against the opposition.

It has already threatened to boycott the vote over ongoing fears of intimidation.

Mugabe, who turns 81 later this month and has been in power since independence from Britain in 1980, denies rigging the elections.

He says he is being targeted for retribution by Western powers opposed to his policy of seizing white-owned farms to give to landless blacks.

Mugabe's party has used its majority in the current parliament to pass a set of legal reforms intended to meet standards set by the 14-member regional grouping Southern African Development Community for fair polls.

But the MDC claims the reforms - including the appointment of an independent electoral commission - do not go far enough.

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Mugabe calls key Zimbabwe elections for March 31

02-01-2005, 17h58

- (AFP/File)

- President Robert Mugabe set March 31 as the date for key parliamentary elections that will be closely watched to gauge whether Zimbabwe can live up to its pledge to hold free and fair polls.

The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has yet to decide whether it will take part in the elections for the 120 contested seats in the 150-member parliament.

The announcement was made in a special copy of the government gazette which said parliament will be dissolved on March 30, a day before the nationwide vote.

"I do by this proclamation fix Thursday the 31st March 2005 as the day of the general election," Mugabe said in the decision contained in the gazette.

The move was criticised by the MDC which reiterated its view that Zimbabwe was not ready to hold elections that would be internationally-recognized as democratic.

"This date will have the effect of disabling the institutions that needed more time to establish themselves," said MDC secretary general Welshman Ncube.

Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party, which has been in power in the southern African country since independence in 1980, is hoping to consolidate its hold on power.

Riding a wave of discontent over plummetting living standards, the MDC managed to pose a serious challenge to Mugabe in the last elections five years ago, winning nearly half of the 120 contested seats.

The polls are being seen as a litmus test of Zimbabwe's commitment to hold transparent elections following controversial polls in 2000 and 2002 which were marred by allegations of violence and fraud.

Mugabe has said his government would allow only election observer groups from Third World countries.

The MDC charges that the conditions for holding the elections are flawed, citing police harassment of their supporters and new election laws that give Mugabe the power to appoint members to a commission supervising the vote.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai said the polls would help end 25 years of "tyranny" regardless of whether or not his party contested the elections.

"For the first time in 25 years, it is clear to the tormentor and the tormented that the end is in sight," he said in his weekly newsletter.

"Whether we opt to stay at home or not, the ensuing consequences (of the polls) shall push the political temperature beyond boiling point and hasten the demise of tyranny in our country."

The government earlier decided to drop its appeal against a court ruling acquitting Tsvangirai of plotting to kill Mugabe.

ZANU-PF has in the run-up to the poll tried to shore up its image by holding primary elections to choose popular candidates. Four ministers were felled in the process.

Also axed from the upcoming polls is the country's once powerful Information Minister Jonathan Moyo, who was allegedly barred for supposedly plotting a coup against Mugabe, a charge he denies.

The party's image has however taken a bashing with some senior members allegedly accused of selling inside party information to a South African spy, who is now in detention in Zimbabwe.

But ZANU-PF, through the state media, has been playing up its role as well as Mugabe's in "liberating" the country. Zimbabwe marks its 25th independence anniversary on April 18.

The other problems dogging the party relate to the abysmal state of Zimbabwe's economy, which critics say was partly fuelled by the controversial seizure of white-owned farms for redistribution to landless blacks leading to a decline in production.

Zimbabwe currently has the world's highest inflation rate, 70 percent unemployment and there are fears of food shortages.

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First Legal Challenge to Zimbabwe's Elections

01 February 2005
Thornycroft report - Download 237k
Listen to Thornycroft report

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe announced Tuesday that Zimbabwe's General Election will be held on March 31. The first legal challenge to the upcoming general election on behalf of people excluded from the voters roll will be launched this week by the main opposition party, The Movement for Democratic Change. The high court will be asked to adjudicate on exclusions from the voters roll before parliamentary elections at the end of March.
Tendai Biti, who is a member of parliament and also the MDC finance secretary, said the voters roll in his district was a mess.

Two weeks of national voter registration ended on Sunday with many people in various parts of Harare complaining that their names were no longer on the roll.  Some people have reported to the MDC that some of them discovered they had been transferred to other districts, far from their homes.  Others say their names do not appear anywhere on the voters rolls.

Mr. Biti said he was going to court using one well-documented example of exclusion to prove his point about the voters roll.

A woman from another electoral district in Harare said last weekend, shortly before voting registration ended, that she had been voting in the same area all her life.  She said she discovered she was no longer registered as a voter in her home area.  She said she did not have resources to travel to the city center to see the national roll and check if her name was on it.

Mr. Biti said the constitution also allowed non-citizens who were permanent residents to vote, but he said he knew of several who had been excluded.

Voter registration took place without any observers and there is no right of appeal under present electoral laws, except recourse to the courts.

The registrar-general's office controls voter registration and there were no officials in the office to take calls.

The MDC has more than 30 legal challenges outstanding from the last general election in 2000 and the presidential poll two years later.  Much of the evidence the MDC says it would present to court if it had the opportunity would be allegations about duplications on the voters roll.

The registrar general's office has refused to give the MDC an electronic version of the voters roll so the party can check duplications through unique identity numbers.

There are 5.6 million registered voters in Zimbabwe, nearly half the population.  A recent report on the population published by the University of Zimbabwe's department of statistics predicted a maximum of about 4.8 million voters should be eligible if 80 percent of people above age 18 registered.  The MDC is expected to announce it will participate in the elections after a meeting of its national council Thursday.

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Zimbabweans in UK demand postal vote

By Stella Mapenzauswa

Click to enlarge photo

HARARE (Reuters) - A group of Zimbabweans based in Britain have filed an urgent application in the Supreme Court challenging laws that bar them from voting in elections due in March, their lawyer says.

Under existing electoral legislation, only those Zimbabweans out of their home constituencies on national duty during elections can cast postal votes -- a stipulation critics say has disenfranchised more than 3 million Zimbabweans living abroad.

Harare lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa said on Tuesday she had filed court papers on behalf of six Zimbabweans who argue that the law "curtails our rights to freedom of expression as it clearly curtails our rights to express ourselves politically through the electoral process".

In the application, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters on Tuesday, the six said President Robert Mugabe's government should honour the right of nationals abroad to vote in Zimbabwe's elections in the same manner it had accepted their help in reviving the southern African country's ailing economy.

"This acceptance has manifested itself through programmes such as the Homelink in terms of which Zimbabweans in the diaspora send to Zimbabwe through government channels much needed foreign currency which is in turn used for such necessary imports such as fuel and electricity," the application said.

An estimated 3.5 million Zimbabweans live outside the country, some having fled political turmoil over the past five years, while the majority sought better living conditions in the face of an economic crisis which has seen inflation soar to three-digit levels. Unemployment is over 70 percent.

Critics blame the crisis on Mugabe's government, which they say wants to block Zimbabweans abroad from voting because it perceives them to support the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which has emerged as the stiffest challenge to Mugabe's 25-year grip on power.

The MDC says the ruling ZANU-PF party rigged parliamentary elections in 2000 and a presidential vote which Mugabe controversially won two years later.

Mugabe insists he won fairly, and charges the MDC is a puppet of former colonial power Britain which Harare claims has led a campaign to undermine the economy over the seizure of white-owned commercial farms for redistribution among landless blacks.

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FROM: The Independent, Friday 28th January 2005

Property Rights Sacrosanct says Gono

by Augustine Mukaro

RESERVE Bank governor Gideon Gono has implored government to respect
Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas) which
have been cast aside as properties protected by interstate pacts have been

In his monetary policy statement on Wednesday Gono said there was need to
honour and respect bilateral agreements, as well as multilateral
international investment protection agreements for the revival of the
economy.  He said Zimbabwe should respect property rights in order to
attract investments. "It is for this reason that as monetary authorities,"
Gono said, "we welcome government's decision during 2004 to form an
inter-ministerial Taskforce on Bilateral Investment Protection Agreements,
charged with ensuring that the sacrosanct nature of private property and
property rights is observed across all sectors of the economy in conformity
with best standards and international agreements we enter with our
international business partners."

He added: "We are aware that some of the Bippas were caught up in the fast
track phase of the Land Reform Programme and are heartened by government's
plans to examine individual cases of Bippa violations with a view to
redressing anomalies found.  Gono's call to redress violations of Bippas is
likely to be met with stiff resistance as many of the properties were
seized by Zanu PF chefs including cabinet ministers. Foreign minister Stan
Mudenge is occupying the Dutch Bippa-protected Chikore Farm in Masvingo.

Since the inception of the land reform programme government has been
ignoring violations of Bippa agreements. It has ignored calls by European
Union diplomats and the Commercial Farmers Union to urgently delist
Bippa-protected properties critical for the survival of the economy.

Government has also ignored a report by Special Affairs Minister for Lands,
Land Reform and Resettlement John Nkomo, urging the state to avoid seizing
land protected by international accords when big German-linked timber
company as well as sugar and citrus estates were listed.

Zimbabwe has Bippa agreements with several EU countries, four of them
ratified by President Robert Mugabe. The trade pacts require government to
protect the investments and properties of other countries from arbitrary
expropriation. Government's disregard for the pacts has led to investors
shunning Zimbabwe. The worst-affected country is South Africa which had
over 200 farmers situated across the country. The farmers have made
numerous representations to their government without success.

Expropriation of properties owned by South Africans is still continuing in
the south-eastern Lowveld where sugar estates are under threat. An
estimated 70 Dutch farmers in the country have lost their properties in the
ongoing land reform programme despite the Netherlands/Zimbabwe Bippa which
came into force in 1996.

The Dutch farmers were growing flowers for export. Government also allowed
the seizure of Border Timbers in violation of an agreement between Zimbabwe
and Germany. The Germany/Zimbabwe Bippa signed in 1995 by representatives
of both governments was put in place to protect Border Timbers' properties
and assets from expropriation by the Zimbabwe government.

In terms of the agreement, Zimbabwe gave assurances to Germany that Border
Timbers' land would not be targeted for seizure. In addition to the timber
plantations, the government has also taken over Aberfoyle Estates, a major
tea exporter and Eastern Highlands Plantations, one of Zimbabwe's few
producers of washed Arabic coffee.

The country's biggest mixed cropping venture, Highbury Estate that is
protected under a Belgium/Zimbabwe Bippa, has not been spared.  Highbury
has been producing wheat, tobacco, maize, citrus and cattle. The estate is
owned by Zimcor Ltd, a subsidiary of Conafex SA. Conafex is listed on the
London, Luxemburg and South African stock exchanges.

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Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 9:32 PM
Subject: JAG Subscriber Notice 1st February 2005




It has come to our attention that due to circumstances beyond our control
many subscribers - particularly with MWEB Zimbabwe - may not have received
our mailings on Friday 28.1.2005 and Monday 31.1.2005.

Those on Friday were:
JAG Legal Communiqué 28.1.2005
 JAG PR Communiqué 28.1.2005

Those on Monday were:
JAG OLF 31.1.2005

If you would like them forwarded again, please send an email to with Subject: "Missing Sendouts".


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Subject: JAG Classifieds 1st February 2005


Please send any classified adverts for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:

Updated 1st February 2005

1. For Sale Items
2. Wanted Items


1.1 OFFER: MAMMAL REHABILITATION COURSE, received 27 January 2005

12/13 May 2005, Harare

This course is designed for any persons interested in, or who currently
work with wildlife. It offers basic skills training in raising orphaned
predators and antelope, how to deal with wounded wildlife, clinical
problems encountered in captive animals, as well as a practical module
involving administration of injections, dressing wounds, post mortem

The course is lectured by leading wildlife veterinarians and skilled
practitioners in orphan and wild care. Cost - US$150,00 equivalent,
including teas/lunches/lecture material etc

Roxy Danckwerts, 04-575180

1.2 LANDROVER FOR SALE, received 28 January 2005

Landrover TDI LWB station wagon with aluminium roof rack and roof tent.
White. Immaculate.  140,000kms.  One owner.
Price inclusive of VAT Z$165,000,000.


1.3 FOR SALE: MILK SEPARATOR, received 31 January 2005

Milk separator for sale. Offers.
Contact: Paddy Taylor
0204 - 2288

1.4 FOR SALE: VARIOUS, received 31 January 2005

1] Retractable screen for showing slides etc.  100 x 150 cm.  Z$ 500,000.

2] Salter bathroom scale, weighing up to 280 lbs.  Z$ 600,000

3] Marconi moisture metre.  Z$ 750,000

 4] Wet and Dry bulb Hygrometre.  Z$ 250,000

5] Dumpy Level -- complete.  Z$ 2,500,000

6] Children's chairs -- 30 cm high.  Red, blue, green and yellow.  Z$ 5
0,000 each.

Mark Milbank


1.5 FOR SALE: HOUSE, received 31 January 2005

House for sale in attractive residential area of Mt. Pleasant, close to
Arundel Village shops, Arundel, Harare Internatioal & Gateway Schools.

Spacious home overlooking well established, lawned, pretty garden & variety
of lovely trees, plus large swimming pool /Koi fish pond with pump.  This
home offers 4 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, main ensuite; large fully fitted
kitchen, dining room; lounge with jetmaster fireplace.  Home office and
separate study off the main bedroom, (his & hers) leading through to a
large cottage consisting of 2 bedrooms, main one large, with ensuite
bathroom, lounge/dining room, kitchen.  Set on 1 acre, full security
walling/sliding gates.  Double lockup garage with lit up service pit,
double carport, 2 workshop areas plus long storage outbuilding shed.
Prolific borehole, double domestic quarters, all on 1 acre of rich soil .
Double shade port.  Must be seen.

Price Guide $1,6 billion

Phone 301477/301830


1.6 FOR SALE: VARIOUS, received 31 January, 2005

BOAT SHELTER, made of galvanised IBR sheeting with cranked ridge on poles -
dismantleable, for above boat. Z$3m.
PORTA-BUILDING ... 6,5 x 4,5 metres approx.-Metal shed, made of 2mm thick
ALUMINIUM SHEETS ... all bolted together. Price guide Z$25m Dismantle it
Phone: 301477 / 301830

Jack Palmer


1.7 FOR SALE: REFRIGERATION / MACHINERY, received 31 January, 2005

A) Annie Hermetic Unit And Component Analyser.  New !  $2,8 Million

B) Professional Vacuum Pump.  Excellent Condition!  $3,2 Million

C) Robinair Manifold Gauge Set With Charge Lines.  For R134a And R22
Brand New In Box Includes Pressure - Temperature Charts. $850 000

D) Magnetic Fridge Door Seal Making Machine with mitre tool and 2 spare
elements .... Z$9m
There is a good demand for making "magnetic door seals" here. Excellent
small business/sideline.

E) Pedestal Drilling machine ... Floor mounted. Price guide Z$2,5M

F) Bench Grinder Z$1m

G) Abrasive "cut off machine" Z$3,5m
Phone: Jack Palmer
31st Jan 2005


1.8 FOR SALE: MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND BOOKS, received 31 January, 2005

PIANO - BABY GRAND OTTO BACH Outstanding Condition !  - REDUCED Z$40
Million negotiable!

Variety of 2nd hand Piano Music Books - Classical selection & others, at
reduced prices to clear.  Feel free to come and browse. Bach, Beethoven,
Chopin, Listz, Mozart, Handel ... Sonatas, Preludes, Fugues & sheet "light

Phone Ruth Palmer


1.9 FOR SALE: HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, received 31 January, 2005

Antique Book Case With Lead Light Doors .... Z$1,2 M
Bed - Single Headboard, Bed & Base ...... Z$800,000-
Chair - Casual, Parker Knoll ...... Z$350 000
Dressing Table English Oak (Cottagie/Antique) Excellent - a gift .... Z$1m
Dressing Table ... Triple Mirror Fluted Drawers, Ball & Claw (Beautiful)
. Z$1m
Head/Foot Boards - Solid Wood For Single Beds ...... Z$100 000 Ea. (Per
Single Bed)
Headboard Single -Beautiful solid dark Oak/ Dralon - New Z$550,000

Deep Freeze 9 Cu Ft ...  Z$2,6m
Fridges 7 To 16 Cu. Ft From .....Z$1,5m - Z$3m
Stove 4 Plate all in working condition -From ...... Z$2 to Z$2,3m

Office Equipment and Furniture
Anglepoise lamp - Z$200,000
Computer ... 486 DX2 Windows 3.1 and other programs loaded - Z$1m
Typewriter (Manual) - Olympia Desk Model; Ideal for commercial school ...
Z$350 000
Metal stationary cupboards/filing cabinets Z$950 000
Set of 4 metal drawers - approx. 30 x 5cms Z$100 000
Set of 3 and set of two x card filing drawers index cards, - 6,6 x 10 cm)
(5 x 3inch) Z$80 000 each
Set of 2 , card filing drawers, - 20 x 12.5cm (8 x 5 inch) Z$120 000
Files (box files) - Good condition - $2,000 each
Special Byco type ergonomic computer chair to relieve back

Cool Box ...  Z$80 000
Hockey Stick (Mancha) ...................... Z$75 000
Socker/Hockey Boots Size 7 ..............Z$70, 000 And Z$90 000

Body surfboard for the sea.  $30 000
Carpet bowls........................$100,000
Ceiling Light Fitting With Two Lights .... Z$80 000
Drive Way Gates 12ft X 6 Ft ....... Never Used ... Z$1m
Garden trailer ..... Z$3,5M
Hand held Infra red massager .............Z$100 000
Honey spinner centrifugal type,manual-can be motorised -needs a little
attention Z$500 000
Koi Fish ... Variety Of Sizes And Colours .... From Z$120 000
Lamp Stand - Tall Ceramic. ..... Z$350 000
Mirror - Oval Hanging ........Z$130 000
Marley roof tiles ............................. $1200 each
Mountain bike with cateye ... slick tyres ... as new ... Z$1,4m
Pictures In Frames - A variety from .... Z$40 000
Printers tray - small ....  Z$30 000
Radio Communication ... 4 Vehicle Radios Plus Base Station; Power Supply
plus Aerial Mast.  Z$1m
Slide viewer for individual slides ............ Z$30 000
Triangular advertising trailer for movable signs ...  Z$3M
Willow Pattern Crockery - teaset and plates .... Z$400 000
Wooden Table tennis Table, with bats/balls....needs some

Van der Spuy's gardening books ... Z$30 000 each
Cycads Japanese Fine Leaved in sleeves or pots -from Z$50 000
Waste Bin For Inside Kitchen Cupboard, Brand New - Imported, a gift at
Z$100 000

Phone: 301830 Mrs R Palmer
Call At 41 Coull Drive, Mount Pleasant



2.1 SELF-CATERING, received 25 January, 2005

We are looking for a decent, clean self-catering cottage to stay
occasionally in the northern suburbs whilst on business in Harare.
Anybody out there know of such an establishment?

If so please contact Bridget Holland at


2.2 WANTED: FRIDGE with separate freezer, received 25 January 2005

approx. 340litre (17cu.ft), upright with fridge and separate freezer door
wanted in good condition.:

Contacts, please:
Tel Alex 04-333.393 home


2.3 WANTED: HINO TRUCK, received 26 January, 2005

T35 or Hino truck

Wendy 091-236317


2.4 ZEB Water Back-up Systems, received 1 February 2005

Tired of erratic, unreliable water supplies or low water pressure?
Invest in a reliable water back-up system.
We supply, install and maintain water back-up systems to all areas in and
around Harare.

011-424712 or 011-806525


2.5 VEHICLE WANTED, received 28 January 2005

Nissan Champ, Mazda Rustler or Ford Bantam - preferably with a canopy.
Price in the $30-40 million range.

Caroline de Kock on 091-250932
Sean Oliphant 091-420611


2.6 SEEKING: MISSING TROPHY, received 31 January 2005

Hillside Golf Club, Mutate, Zimbabwe is trying to locate the missing

If anyone has any idea where it may be please contact:

The Club President
Brian James

Hillside Club

The Hillside Committee intends to have these three trophies put under the
trusteeship of the international Ryder Cup Committee. The Ryders 5-0 and
Shooting stick trophies are presently in the Comittee's possession.


2.7 WANTED: ROTOVATOR, received 31 January, 2005

I am looking for a rotivator; new or second hand. Any information on where
I can purchase such an item is most welcome.

Contact: Richard Owen
04-481072 evenings.


2.8 WANTED: CARAVAN BUY/RENT, received 1 February 2005

Seeking working caravan to buy/rent. Any offers, please contact

Trevor Harrison
Tel 091-615 997
        04-33 54 99



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