The ZIMBABWE Situation Our thoughts and prayers are with Zimbabwe
- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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[See the article from the Zimbabwe Independent, "Church raises $30m for

HEAR the Word Ministries in Borrowdale last month gave President Mugabe a
$30 million gift raised through a collection at the church.]

(From Eddie Cross to Hear the Word Ministries)

I am astonished as a Christian, a citizen of Zimbabwe and as an observer of
the political scene in Zimbabwe that Hear the Word can be so insensitive, so
ignorant of the political and social environment within which your actions
in sending Mugabe a "gift" of Z$30 million at Christmas are percieved. I can
think of few other actions that have been taken by the Church in recent days
that is more shameful and disgraceful. There is no evidence that Mugabe is a
Christian in any shape or form, in fact there is growing evidence of his use
of witch doctors and others. His actions as a political leader have found
condemnation across the world.

I have been active in the MDC for 4 years - my family and I have had death
threats, been to jail, been accused of all sorts of things, been in court
dozens of times on all sorts of charges brought by the State. I have had
friends murdered, raped and their homes burned. I worked for Mugabe for 8
years in the 80's - I know personally that he ordered the massacres in
Matebeleland where at least 20 000 people died. That is more people that
were killed in the 8 years of civil war in the 70's.

We have 2 million internally displaced refugees inside Zimbabwe, at least 3
million external economic refugees in other countries, 6 million people
subsisting on 12 ounces of food a day right now and 3000 people a week dying
of aids related causes - many because of the chaos caused by Mugabe.

And you give him a "gift" for Christmas? God forgive you, because I
certainly cannot.

Eddie Cross
12th January 2004

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From a correspondent:

Hello All

Would you please read and individually send the letter below to the addresses below a.s.a.p.  Thank you.

1. Copy the letter between the broken lines ------- into a new email.  
2. Type your name and country at the bottom.
3.  Put the addresses between the next set of broken lines in the "send to" window.
4. Copy or blind copy any further friends you wish to send this on to for their own individual action.  

This is a newsworthy item we can use to keep the plight of Zim in the news.  Please contact your T.V. and Newspaper desks and send this petition on to your friends.  Even if you are not "religious" I would respectfully urge you to send it.  Amend it to your taste if you like. It's newsworthy as an appalling incident and each letter will do its work with different sections of the world community.

The addresses below are for (in order):  "Hear the Word" Leaders,  National Council of Churches U.S.A. - International Affairs Justice and Peace,World Council of Churches - U.S.A.,U.K.,Africa,Zimbabwe,South Africa, Media Organizations

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------,,,,,, (MORNING LIVE),,,(,,,


Dear  Leaders and Media Friends!

From: Zim Independent

"Church raises $30m for Mugabe
Itai Dzamara
HEAR the Word Ministries in Borrowdale last month gave President Mugabe a
$30 million gift raised through a collection at the church.  
Members of the congregation this week said there was a danger that the
church group - formerly Rhema - could be seen as part of Mugabe's patronage

Pastor Tom Deuschle, the head of the church, however said the gift was in
accordance with the scriptures and should not be interpreted in any way as
an endorsement of everything Mugabe is doing.
"It wasn't a Christmas present. It was a collection for a gift to the
president. It amounted to close to $30 million. The scriptures say that we
should honour our leaders," said Deuschle.  
Deuschle said that whilst there was a lot of controversy regarding Mugabe's
leadership, the Bible also teaches Christ's followers to bring grace unto

This obscene gift to Mugabe comes after churches in Zimbabwe and this region of Africa have directed a barrage of criticism at Mugabe, and the Peace for Solidarity Trust,
a group of clergy based in South Africa, described Mugabe's regime as a "rogue" state.

This gift of "Hear the Word Ministries" to the greedy concienceless butcher Robert Mugabe must be condemned by the World.  People he has sworn an oath of office to care for - pensioners and children - die of starvation and those perceived as opposing his minions are tortured and killed.

The following does not reflect personal bias but practical fact.  There are places in the world where it is a matter of personal choice to spend Z$12 million a month to maintain and run a richly appointed mega-church like the "Hear the Word" "Celebration Centre" opposite  Borrowdale Race Course in Harare.  It would be out of place in Kosovo.  It is seen as completely bizarre in Zimbabwe where there is no room for overheads only for the distribution of relief.  From the feedback we hear, you would find it more effective to sell it to the elite there or turn most of it into housing units for AIDS orphans etc. Tear down and sell the fittings to house and feed and succour thousands of starving Zimbabweans.  This is a country far more under siege than the Palestine of Christ's time where simple people spoke for good out in the open air and supported the giving of what little each could give to the sick and the poor.

We ask World Church organizations to continue to stand against human oppression e.g. to support the desperate needs of Zimbabwe.  We ask all to take a stand for justice and right against evil!  BROADCAST THE EVIL OF ROBERT MUGABE'S HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS TO THE WORLD!  Remember the example held up to us of the Samaritan who crossed the road to help a fellow human in need when that victim's own passed by willfully unseeing on the other side of the road.  You can make a huge difference to the Zimbabwe situation, in country and beyond the borders where you can lift the blanket of world silence and apathy.


My colleagues and I are certainly using this incident as a springboard to Media  Attention for Zimbabwe in every and any way that we can.  We hope all who read this letter will do the same.  You are encouraged to investigate into all the truths I have spoken here, if you need to.  You will find they are as stated.


(Name and Country)


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Tehran Times

Iran, Zimbabwe Keen on Expanding Agricultural Cooperation

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Agricultural Jihad Minister Mahmoud Hojjati and his
Zimbabwean counterpart Joseph Made in a meeting here on Sunday discussed the
most pivotal grounds for mutual cooperation, particularly in agricultural
and cattle breeding areas.

A report released by the media department of the Agricultural Jihad Ministry
quoting Hojjati said that the promotion of applicational research in the
agricultural sector, promotion of mechanization, and rainfalls in the past
two years have contributed to the growing production.

Hojjati declared Iran's readiness for sharing its experiences in the
agricultural field and exchange of agricultural experts with Zimbabwe.

He added that the two countries can launch effective cooperation in
agricultural research and training, cattle breeding, gardening and

For his part, Made expressed his country's interest in bolstering ties with
Iran and said that Zimbabwe has a long-term plan for rural development and
land reform.

"Zimbabwe is willing to use Iran's experience in this regard, specially in
development of mechanization, cattle breeding, water and soil management as
well as training and research in the field," he concluded

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In Botswana, You Are Zimbabwean At Your Own Peril

African Church Information Service

January 12, 2004
Posted to the web January 12, 2004

Henry Omondi

If you are one of the 130,000 illegal Zimbabwean immigrants living in
Botswana, chances are that you work at a cattle post, on farm lands or as a
housemaid. Or if you fail to get work, survival instincts force you to
steal, slaughter and eat cattle and goats in the bush. In this write up,
Henry Omondi reports on the harsh situation desperate Zimbabwean immigrants
are enduring in Botswana.

In his state of the nation address last November, President Festus Mogae of
Botswana promised to close in on illegal immigrants in the country.

In a carefully crafted speech, laced with connotations referring to increase
in crime as synonymous with illegal immigrants, President Mogae promised to
tighten the policing of illegal immigrants into the country.

From the president's speech, it is apparent that Zimbabweans would be a
prime target. They form about 90 percent of illegal immigrants in Botswana,
and close to 10 percent of the country's total population of only 1.76

According to Botswana's Department of Immigration, there are about 130,000
Zimbabwean immigrants living illegally in Botswana at a given time.

Most of them herd cattle and goats for their employers, while others work in
farms or as housemaids. Those who do not get jobs get trapped into crime,
stealing cattle and goats, which they slaughter and eat in the bush.

Zimbabweans are blamed for the increased crime in Botswana's cities of
Gaborone and Francistown. They are also held largely responsible for the
country's soaring HIV/AIDS pandemic, and for the foot-and-mouth disease that
saw over 16,000 heads of cattle slaughtered in January last year.

As a result, Batswana from the cities neighbourhoods are increasingly
becoming restless as crime takes its toll on their lives.

"We have had many incidences of critically ill Zimbabweans dumped at
hospitals, or thickets to die without any one claiming them," says Tutume
Police Station commander, Seabe Maboka. Last month, three Zimbabweans in
Francistown died of food poisoning after eating stolen maize meal.

This is in spite of a Botswana-Zimbabwe Joint Permanent Commission (JPC)
meeting on defence and public security meeting held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe,
last July. The meeting had promised to promote awareness of refugee rights,
and at the same time, reduce the influx of Zimbabwe's economic refugees into

Cross-border crimes like drugs and goods smuggling, car thefts, poaching and
border jumping sees more than 2,000 Zimbabweans deported from Francistown
and its environs every month. "We arrest and deport an average of 75 illegal
Zimbabwean immigrants a day," says Seabe Maboka, adding: "And often, we
arrest the same people every week."

Confirming officer Moboka's predicament, Botswana's Chief Immigration
Officer, Roy Sekgorwane adds: "We are seriously loosing out on our battle to
deal with the Zimbabwe problem."

Zimbabwe is the newest entrant in the growing list of Africa's failed
democracies. Other countries in the list include Somalia, the Democratic
Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The tension between Batswana and Zimbabweans has been building up since
August, when Tlokweng elders and leaders called for the repatriation of
Zimbabweans from their Gaborone suburb.

"Enough is enough. We cannot take it any more," said the Batlokwa tribe
Deputy Chief, Michael Gaborone.

Claims that most crime in Botswana are carried out by illegal immigrants
from Zimbabwe have been confirmed by Superintendent Robson Maleka of
Tlokweng police station. Says he: "Our cells can only hold 12 people.

Sometimes we house suspects in lecture rooms because there is no space."

The Batlokwa now want all Zimbabweans, legal or illegal, out. Chief Gaborone
accuses Zimbabweans of making his people's lives unbearable.

"Crime has gone up because of these people. Rapes, assaults, and house
break-ins have increased dramatically . We can no longer travel freely at
night. Our children cannot go to school, and we cannot even send them on
errands because they fear Zimbabweans," he complains.

According to the former Attorney General Skelemani, "the Dikgosi (Chiefs)
have been given powers to make sure there is peace, stability and harmony
within their [communities]".

He reckons that this gives the chiefs great leeway to take drastic measures,
such as evicting the Zimbabweans altogether, for security reasons. "I
foresee other tribes taking the same measures as the Batlokwa."

The Minister for Health, Miss Lasego Motsumi, speaking to journalists
recently, said she was worried by the actions the Dikgosi have taken on the
Zimbabwe situation.

"This will sour our relations with Zimbabwe much more do we have any proof
that any of these criminal activities are indeed done by Zimbabweans?" she

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lt General Mompati Merafhe, echoes Miss
Lasego's sentiments. She, however, exercises restraint, saying: "The
Zimbabwe issue is very sensitive."

Towards the end of last year, the Botswana Defence Forces (BDF) and the
Botswana Police, riding on top of armoured tanks, swept through the White
City suburb of the capital, Gaborone, in the wake of a surge in armed
robberies and murders.

Whereas Operation Phepafatso, as it was called, rounded up more than 1,500
illegal Zimbabwean immigrants and hauled them by back into Zimbabwe, a week
later, the Zimbabweans were back, and so was their lucrative black-market
phone business they are know for.

But their actions are probably a result of a dire situation in Zimbabwe. The
country's economic environment has deteriorated since 2000, when the white
farmers were evicted from their lands in a much publicised controversial
land reform programme aimed at re-distributing land to landless native

The country's economy has continued to take a downward spiral, with
inflation hitting the 525 percent mark, the highest in the world. The
country has also been hit by fuel, food and foreign currency shortages

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A Bleak Future Still Stalks an Ailing Zimbabwe

African Church Information Service

January 12, 2004
Posted to the web January 12, 2004

Ntungamili Nkomo

As the New Year dawns - presumably on a good note for most southern African
countries - the diametric opposite could be said of Zimbabwe.

Once a revered bread-basket of the continent, the sub-Saharan country still
finds itself entangled in the shackles of seemingly endless tribulations.
Apart from widespread food shortages, deep-seated political rivalry, and a
hyper-inflationary environment, the country is facing growing isolation from
the international community, which analysts say, dents the prospects of a
quick recovery from the myriad of political and economic problems
bedevilling it. AANA Correspondent, Ntungamili Nkomo, reports.

Political tension between Zimbabwe's two major political rivals, the ruling
Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) led by President
Robert Mugabe, and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) headed by fiery
former trade unionist, Morgan Tsvangirai, have been largely blamed for
contributing to the socio-political and economic crisis that has dogged the
country for the past three years.

Analysts say there is little hope for recovery of the ailing economy within
this year, especially considering Mugabe's decision to withdraw the
country's membership from the Commonwealth bloc, a grouping of mainly former
British colonies.

Zimbabwe was suspended from the 54-member bloc last year, after a disputed
presidential election that pitted Mugabe and his bitter opponent,

International observers claimed that the election was marred by violence,
and accused Mugabe of manipulating the electoral process in his favour,
leading to the country's suspension from the club.

The Commonwealth again resolved to keep Zimbabwe suspended "indefinitely"
last December, when it met in Abuja, Nigeria. The move infuriated the ageing
Zimbabwean leader, prompting him to pull out of the grouping.

Mugabe described it as a "useless club", which threatened the country's
sovereignty. But the most fundamental question Zimbabweans would want
answered is: Is there any political tolerance between Mugabe and Tsvangirai,
which could lead into some comprehensive talks towards nation building?

Just before the close of last year, both leaders delivered gloomy speeches
that smacked of more tribulations for the already suffering Zimbabweans.

Mass demonstrations, boycotts and strikes was all that the MDC leader
promised the citizens for the New Year. On the other hand, Mugabe reiterated
that his government was prepared to shed its blood to "safeguard jealously,
our sovereignty."

President Mugabe also made it clear that he was not prepared to have talks
with the MDC, claiming that the party was an appendage of the British
government bent on "fomenting trouble and causing chaos in my country". This
further cast a dark cloud over the troubled country's immediate future.

Mugabe, who left the entire world shell-shocked when he pulled his country
out of the Commonwealth, took the platform to lash out at the British Prime
Minister Tony Blair, referring to him as a "Mormon and a false god".

"Tony Blair misguided us. He thought by merely whistling a tune that Mugabe
must go and Zimbabwe must be under MDC, then this would just happen . We are
prepared to die for our country," Mugabe told hundreds of his party
supporters attending its annual conference in Masvingo, southern Zimbabwe.

According to an opposition leader, Paul Siwela, Mugabe had spent the better
part of the year attacking the British Premier instead of fostering
development. Siwela predicted that the country faces a bleak future.

In his end of the year address, the MDC leader said his party was working
out modalities to stage protests in the new year, to force Mugabe to resume
the stalled dialogue. But judging by Mugabe's steadfastness when he makes
resolutions, it remains to be seen if such strategies will ever bear fruits.

Opposition-led mass protests were staged in June and March last year, but
they were violently quashed by armed riot police and soldiers. Many people
were brutally assaulted, while some, including Tsvangirai, were arrested.

"Despite the impressive gains, the national question still remains
unanswered...The Zimbabwe crisis is deepening. Prospects for democracy,
freedom, justice and a better life for all seem to be fading as each day
passes," said Tsvangirai.

Economists and analysts estimate that about 75 percent of Zimbabwe's
population now live below the poverty line because of the spiralling

The MDC leader said that his party had extended several peaceful inter-party
dialogue overtures to Mugabe in vain. He, thus, resolved that a "detailed
programme of rolling mass action would probably be the best language that
the government would understand to resume dialogue".

Talks between the two parties collapsed early last year, when Mugabe
demanded that the MDC recognise him as the legitimate leader of the country
and withdraw their election court challenge, as a precondition for the talks
to resume. But the opposition party refused to comply.

For the ordinary Zimbabwean, the political impasse between ZANU-PF and MDC
is the primary cause of the problems affecting the country. The general
consensus among the public is that stalled talks should resume to end what
is now widely referred to by the international community as the "Zimbabwean

"Surely, what we are currently experiencing in Zimbabwe is pathetic, to say
the least. As the March (2002) presidential election passed, we thought
Mugabe, who undeniably swept to victory under suspicious circumstances,
would hastily find a solution to the economic malaise bedevilling our
country," said Meluleki Moyo, an economics student at a local university.

"But, all that we have heard and seen from him is rhetoric, propaganda and
an unprecedented warfare with the international community. Also, there has
been bickering within the ruling party, not to mention corruption that has
become so embedded in the society, that it would take a leader of real
fabric to root it out," added Moyo.

Workers, whose salaries are heavily eroded by income tax, have warned of a
direct confrontation with the government in the new year.

The country's health sector is yet to recover from the rigours of a just
ended two-and-a-half-month-long industrial action by nurses and doctors,
demanding salary adjustments by more than 8,000 percent. Several civil
service departments, including teachers, gave notice at the end of last
year, of a strike to take effect at the beginning of this year.

As the crisis continues, humanitarian aid organisations have warned that
more food aid is needed this year, to cater for an estimated six million
people facing starvation.

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The Star

      Freed Zimbabwean journalists still defiant
      January 13, 2004

      By Brian Latham

      Harare - Three Zimbabwean journalists detained by police have been
released on bail.

      Editor of the weekly Zimbabwe Independent Iden Wetherel, Vincent
Kahiya and Dumisani Muleya were arrested on Saturday when police from the
Law and Order Section swooped on their Harare homes.

      The three were charged with criminal defamation after the Independent
said President Robert Mugabe had "commandeered" an airliner from the
cash-strapped national carrier, Air Zimbabwe, for a holiday in Asia.

      Sitting in the dock in Harare's Rotten Row Magistrate's Court
yesterday, the three accused expressed delight when magistrate Sukai
Tongogara set bail of Z$20 000 (about R160) each.

      While state prosecutors had not asked the court to remand them in
custody, they had asked for bail to be set much higher, at Z$100 000.

      Prosecutor Golden Mapurutse also asked the magistrate to force the
three journalists to surrender their passports and report to police once a

      Tongogara dropped all other conditions, only saying that the three
accused journalists should "reside in their own homes" after paying bail.

      Wetherel, who described conditions in the police cells as "hell", said
they would "continue to subject public officials to scrutiny".

      "Criminal defamation is a nasty law, a relic of empire used by
governments to deal with critics.

      "The clumsy attempt used - locking us up and prosecuting us - will do
nothing to silence the newspaper," he said.

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The Herald

Mujuru hits out at greedy A2 farmers

Herald Reporter
RURAL Resources and Water Development Minister Cde Joyce Mujuru has lashed
out at newly-resettled A2 farmers for acquiring too much land they cannot

Cde Mujuru was speaking last Friday at the official opening of the Blue
Ridge Spar Supermarket in Mazowe built to serve newly-resettled farmers.

"We are not happy with what we are seeing," she said. "Farmers should take
fields they will be able to farm.

"Greed has made many new farmers fail to utilise their land. People want big
pieces of land when they know they will not be able to purchase enough
fertiliser and seeds."

Cde Mujuru said it was surprising that some A2 farmers were failing to farm
yet when what made them qualify to be allocated the land was an indication
they had enough resources.

She said it was equally surprising that some A2 farmers were pointing
fingers at the Government for failing to provide inputs and tillage.

"You see an A2 farmer going on television complaining that the Government is
not providing seed, fertiliser and tractors," said Cde Mujuru.

"You should have accepted land you are able to farm.

"That is why white people are saying there is nothing happening in

Cde Mujuru said the Government was prepared to help only A1 and communal
farmers with inputs and tillage.

More than 50 000 people successfully applied for land under the A2 model,
while at least 300 000 others were given land under the A1 model.

Cde Mujuru said her ministry’s priority was to build irrigation facilities
near dams scattered throughout the country.

"We have been building dams without putting irrigation systems and that is
the programme we are looking at now," she said.

The Government allocated more than $580 billion in the 2004 national budget
towards the rehabilitation of irrigation, the recapitalisation of the
Agricultural Development Bank and livestock development.
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The Herald

Zimbabwe acquires 400 tractors from Iran

From George Chisoko in Tehran, Iran
In a major boost for the land reform programme, Zimbabwe will soon receive
400 tractors from Iran under a US$15 million credit facility.

The 400 fully assembled tractors are ready for shipment, the regional
manager for Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company Mr Ajdar Moradi told
journalists here as he emerged from a meeting with a Zimbabwean delegation
led by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Dr Joseph
Made, on Sunday.

"The 420 units are ready to be shipped to Zimbabwe and we are confident a
much more bigger consignment is expected," Mr Moradi said.

An elated Dr Made said the tractors would be a major boost to the land
preparation and mechanisation in general.

"We are happy the tractors are ready to be shipped and we must give special
thanks to the company for keeping the tractors in stock for us for more than
six months," said Dr Made.

However, Dr Made said the down payment would be settled by today.

The loan facility is payable over five years at concessionary rates.

The Zimbabwe Government will pay 15 percent as a down payment while the
Zimbabwe Development Bank pays the remaining 85 percent.

The handover ceremony for the tractors will be held tomorrow and shipment is
expected to start in three months.

Dr Made said with land reform having been completed, the area of
agricultural mechanisation was crucial for Zimba- bwe.

The successful implementation of land reform has brought a few challenges to
agriculture as it relates to rural development.

"We have agriculture as the major component of rural development and we hope
to finalise the down payment for the tractors as we utilise the credit line
facility so generously granted to us by the government of Iran," said Dr

The minister said the conclusion of the tractor deal would help improve
tillage for beneficiaries of the land reform.

Farmers have failed to prepare land on time and the DDF fleet had not been
able to meet increased demand and this has affected yield and quality.

The Zimbabwe delegation is also exploring other areas of expertise and
technical co-operation and these include agricultural engineering,
horticultural production, dairy development, livestock breeding,
agro-processing and pressurised irrigation systems.

The Iranian minister of Agriculture Mr Mahmoud Hojhti said his government
was ready to start exchanging expertise with Zimbabwe.

Iran boasts of one of the biggest animal research institutes in the world,
producing over two billion vaccines for a livestock population of 120
million heads.

Dr Made also met the board member of a heavy equipment producing company, Mr
Hassan Nazari to explore ways in which the company could supply earth-moving
machinery such as bulldozers.

The Zimbabwean delegation also met the director of Iranian Combine
Harvesters factory, Mr Kazemi Sazevar.

It also visited the Animal Science Institute where areas of scientific
corporation and livestock production were explored.

It also noted an urgent need for the production of vaccines to treat

The deputy director of the institute Dr Ali Akbas Geharadjhi said the
institute was ready to dispatch livestock experts to Zimbabwe to do research
in livestock breeding.

Meanwhile, efforts to strengthen economic and bilateral relations through
the Iran-Zimbabwe Joint Commission continued yesterday with the finalisation
of an agreement on the protection of investments and the completion of the
preliminary talks on the avoidance of double taxation.

These agreements follow the memorandum of understanding signed between Iran
and Zimbabwe at the last joint commission meeting in Harare some four months

In an interview after a closed session with the Zimbabwe delegation, the
chairman of the joint commission and also the Iranian Minister of
Cooperation Mr Ali Sofi said the agreement had reached the finalisation
stage and all that remained to be done was the activation of the

"We are ready to exchange expertise and knowledge in agriculture, supply
chemical fertilisers and agriculture equipment under the memorandum of
understanding," said Mr Sofi.

Earlier in the day the Iran Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Mr
Tahmasb Mazaheri had expressed satisfaction with the progress the two
countries had made towards economic and bilateral co-operation.

Dr Made who spent much of the day in closed meetings said relatively good
progress had been made towards putting the agreement together for the
benefit of the two countries.

"We need to go into full scale agro-processing, open up new markets and
develop irrigation infrastructure. We see all this becoming possible through
the agreements that we are finalising. Our embassies should also work hard
to ensure the implementation. Right now what is crucial is the shipment of
tractors to Zimbabwe, for which we have now transferred US$1,5 million as
down payment," said Dr Made.

He added that the finalisation of the agreement would give Zimbabwe
opportunities it was seeking in agriculture.

The Zimbabwe delegation is today expected to meet officials of the
agriculture protection services company and the union of pesticide producers
and also visit the Iranian veterinary organisation.

Dr Made’s delegation, which arrived here on Saturday, includes the Secretary
for Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Mr Ngoni Masoka, the chief
executive of Agricultural and Rural Development Authority Dr Matowanyika,
the director of Veterinary Services Dr Wilbert Madzima and the acting
director of Agricultural Engineering Mr Gotora.
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The Herald
Soldier accused of shooting woman dead

Herald Reporter
A Zimbabwe National Army soldier was arrested over the weekend after he
allegedly shot dead a woman over a land dispute in Gokwe.

The soldier, who was in the company of his four brothers who were also
arrested, allegedly shot Jennifer Gwatirera (45) on the right hand, head and
chest after an argument arose over a piece of land.

All the five suspects who are aged between 16 and 45 are still in police
custody and are expected to appear in court soon facing murder charges.

According to police, one of the soldier’s brothers aged 16 allegedly chopped
the hands of the deceased with an axe several times.

The five brothers from Benhura village under Chief Chireya approached
Gwati-rera who was working in her maize field on Saturday at around 11 am.

It is alleged that they confronted her to settle a long outstanding land
dispute between them.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka said an argument arose
and the soldier allegedly pulled out the gun and shot Gwatirera on the right

"She (Gwatirera) then started running towards her home but the soldier’s
young brother who is aged 16 ran after her and pushed her to the ground," he

He said the soldier fired another shot which hit the deceased on the head.

"She managed to flee towards her home and locked herself in a hut," said
Supt Mandipaka.

The five are alleged to have followed her to the hut and broke in.

They all got into the hut and the soldier allegedly fired three shots which
hit Gwatirera on the chest and she fell down.

The young brother of the soldier is said to have taken an axe and chopped
her several times on both hands until she died.

Supt Mandipaka said after seeing that the woman had died the five fled to
their home where they locked themselves in a room.

"Some villagers later went to the suspects’ home and gathered in protest but
the soldier fired several shots through the window in a bid to scare them
away," he said.

The villagers later reported the matter to the police, leading to the five’s

Gwatirera’s body was taken to Kwekwe General Hospital mortuary for a

Supt Mandipaka said they recovered the firearm and it was registered in the
name of the soldier. He said investigations are still in progress.

He said Gokwe has seen an increasing number of people who are having land
disputes and urged members of the public not to solve disputes through
violent ways.

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Striking Zimbabwean Doctors Finally Get Back to Work

African Church Information Service

January 12, 2004
Posted to the web January 12, 2004

Ntungamili Nkomo

Striking health personnel in Zimbabwe ended their two-and-a-half months
strike last week, after the government promised to review their salaries and
improve their working conditions within two months.

But the doctors and nurses warned that they will go back on strike should
the government fail to honour its promise.

Phibeon Manyanga, the doctors' association president, said last Tuesday that
they had seen it prudent to resume work after the government promised to
"sincerely" address their grievances.

"I can safely assure the nation that doctors have resumed work, and its now
upon the responsible ministry to see to it that our demands are met in less
than two months' time," said Manyanga.

He continued: "Failure to that, we will yet again embark on another job
action, which will undeniably throw the health sector into an unimaginable
quandary," .

Doctors and nurses are demanding a salary increment by a whooping 8,000
percent. The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare had initially refused to
award them as much, saying their demands were unreasonable.

David Parirenyatwa, the responsible minister, had further said the demands
were premised on black market rates.

Some doctors who were reluctant to resume work despite a call by their
leadership to do so, expressed reservations about the government's sincerity
to award them the 8,000 percent increment they were demanding.

"Considering the government's record of reneging on its promises, it remains
to be seen whether they are really serious this time round. The situation is
really bad," remarked a doctor in Bulawayo.

Junior and middle level doctors in the country have been on strike since
October last year, over poor pay packages. According to health experts, the
action has had a detrimental impact on the country's health sector, already
reeling from staff and drug shortages due to poor remuneration and a
persistent deficit in foreign currency.

Most qualified health personnel have opted for better-paying jobs abroad. On
average, the country looses an estimated 200 doctors and nurses to
neighbouring countries every year.

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LOT 133

1. D.O.T: 3013/79, registered name Terrence Shepperson Payne, district of
Goromonzi, being remainder of Buena Vista, 630,6231 ha.
2.  D.O.T: 6664/74, registered name Tullamore Estate (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Goromonzi, being subdivision A of Ndibirir, 285,9281 ha.
3.  D.O.T: 4240/98, registered name Farinya Farming Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd,
district of Makoni being Lot 1 of Chimbi, 1,120,97 ha.
4.  D.O.T: 7980/02, registered name Baracco Farming (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Makoni, being Merion, 1,536,38 ha.
5.  D.O.T: 5222/91, registered name Pambeli Farms (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Makoni, being Lot 9 of York of Yorkshire Estate, 888,28 ha.
6.  D.O.T: 4482,86, registered name Hanging Rock (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Makoni being Hangklip, 1,239,69 ha.
7.  D.O.T: 4802/97, registered name Kopjetop Farming (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Salisbury being remainder of subdivision 2 portion of Twentydales Estate,
342,61 ha.
8.  D.O.T: 2074/69, registered name Tavistock Estate (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Seke, being Lot 2 of Inyondo, 206,3248ac

LOT 134
1.  D.O.T: 3436/90, registered name Liebigs Zimbabwe Ltd, district of
Belingwe, being Lot 2 of Wedza Block, 7,805,1675ha
2.  D.O.T: 1133/90, registered name Kenneth David Drummond, district of
Belingwe, being Lot 3 Wedza Block, 9,886,3341ha
3.  D.O.T: 1139/90, registered name Ingwesi Ranching Company (Pvt) Ltd,
district Belingwe, being Lot 4 of Wedza Block, 13,345,5157ha
4.  D.O.T: 1250/90, registered name E.R. York and Co. (Pvt) Ltd, district
of Belingwe, being Lot 5 of Wedza Block, 16,547,9644ha
5.  D.O.T: 1193/90, registered name Barberton (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Belingwe, being Lot 6 of Wedza Block, 10,675,5869ha
6.  D.O.T: 1190/90, registered name Lynwood Ranching Co (Pvt) Ltd,
district of Belingwe, being Lot 7 of Wedza Block, 17,268,6700ha
7.  D.O.T: 2192/86, registered name Witlands Estates (Pvt) Ltd, district
of Goromonzi, being Mashonganyika, 852,7148ha
8.  D.O.T: 9071/87, registered name David Stacey Lane Manning, district of
Lomagundi, being Broadlands Estate, 1,360,6718ha
9.  D.O.T: 6788/72, registered name J. De Foiard Brown (Pvt) Ltd, district
of Ndanga, being Hippo Valley Settlement Holding 53, 157,8570ha
10.  D.O.T: 4406/67, registered name Mleme Estate P/L, district Ndanga,
being Hippo Valley Settlement Holding 5, 539,8793ac
11.  D.O.T: 2193/72, registered name Rosalie P/L, district of Ndanga,
being Hippo Valley Settlement Holding 13, 189,7805 ha
12.  D.O.T: 4816/54, registered name Sangokwe Ranch (Proprietary),
district of Nuanetsi, being Sangokwe Ranch Portion of Nuanetsi Ranch,
13.  D.O.T: 376/63, registered name Edenvale Ranch N/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 3 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranch A, 28,354,5703ac
14.  D.O.T: 1101/86, registered name Richmoll Enterprises P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Montana Ranch Portion of Nuanetsi Ranche, 1 16,9336ha
15.  D.O.T: 834/91, registered name Nyavasha Ranching and Safaris P/L,
district of Nuanetsi, being Lot 8 of 12 of Nuanetsi, Ranche A, 869,3599ha
16.  D.O.T: 834/91, registered name Nyavasha Ranching and Safari P/L,
district of Nuanetsi, being Lot 9 if Lot 12 if Nuanetsi Ranche A,
17.  D.O.T: 189/92, registered name Eland Ranch P/L, district of Nuanetsi,
being Lot 70 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 1,008,9862ha
18.  D.O.T: 1478/97, registered name Frederick Jacobus Der Sande, district
of Nuanetsi, being Nandice Ranch A, 9,506,2557ha
19.  D.O.T: 2883/87, registered name Von Abo Trust (Zimbabwe), district of
Nuanetsi, being Fauna Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranche, 12,894,4036ha
20.  D.O.T: 1079/93, registered name Kalahari Ranch P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 2 of Quagga Pan Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranche, 1,738,5999ha
21.  D.O.T: 7534/81, registered name La Lucie P/L, district of Nuanetsi,
being Mcheni Estate, 9,205,8431ha
22.  D.O.T: 5757/87, registered name Selected Timber P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being The Remainder of Mokambi of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 4,622,2677ha
23.  D.O.T: 3236/87, registered name Mwanazana P/L, district of Nuanetsi,
being Battlefield, 8,005,7648ha
24.  D.O.T: 2636/91, registered name Michael Anthony Clark, district of
Nuanetsi, being remainder of Umbono of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 413,3665ha
25.  D.O.T: 9622/88, registered name C.P. Investments P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being remainder of Stelmarcoe A, 3,958,7007ha
26.  D.O.T: 3421/73, registered name Jacobus Cornelius Wartington,
district of Nuanetsi, being Sonop of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 8,347,3360ha
27.  D.O.T: 5492/86, registered name of Chipangai Estates P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Solomon Langoed Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranche, 10,484,9766ha
28.  D.O.T: 5398/88, registered name Daniel Jacobus Theron, district of
Nuanetsi, being remainder extent of Rinette Ranch Lot 4 of Nuanetsi Ranche
A, 2,939,3266ha
29.  D.O.T: 7327/87, registered name Umfula Ranch P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being R/E of Umfula Ranch Nuanetsi Ranche A, 16,308,5447ha
30.  D.O.T: 4857/83, registered name Ndanga Ranche P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being the remainder of Santidza Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranch,
31.  D.O.T: 3500/86, registered name Firmandale P/L, district of Nuanetsi,
being remaining extent of Quagga Pan Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranch, 5,277,3216ha
32.  D.O.T: 1479/97, registered name Johannes Hendrick Van Der Sande,
district of Nuanetsi, being the remaining extent of Oerwoud of Nuanetsi
Ranche A, 5,406,034ha
33.  D.O.T: 4584/95, registered name Johannes Hendrick Petrus Hattingh Du
Plessis, district of Nuanetsi, being Welkon Ranch of Sossoyne Ranch of
Nuanetsi Ranch, 4,444,2439ha
34.  D.O.T: 5927/87, registered name B.K. Cawood P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Excelsior of Baobab Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranche, 2,122,8923ha
35.  D.O.T: 1818/82, registered name James Henry Edwards, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 17 of Nuanetsi Ranch A, 11,927,0005ha
36.  D.O.T: 5472/94, registered name Mateke Hills Safaris P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 69 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 3,264,4311ha
37.  D.O.T: 2756/84, registered name Jan Hendrick Stander, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 18 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 6,157,0674ha
38.  D.O.T: 4910/72, registered name Cawoods Ranch (Pvt) Ltd, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 21A of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 14,712,8968ha
39.  D.O.T: 1091/60, registered name Umjanjele Ranch P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 3 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 33,113,7564ac
40.  D.O.T: 575/93, registered name Rocky Plains Enterprises P/L, district
Nuanetsi, being Lot 4 of Lot 1 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 6074,4544ha
41.  D.O.T: 5924/70, registered name Sheba Ranch (Pvt) Ltd, district
Nuanetsi, being Lot 40 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 793,3321ha
42.  D.O.T: 834/91, registered name Nyavasha Ranching & Safari P/L,
district Nuanetsi, being Lot 6 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 793,331ha
43.  D.O.T: 5922/70, registered name Sheba Ranch P/L, district Nuanetsi,
being Lot 63 of Lot 12, Nuanetsi Ranche A, 811,0429ha
44.  D.O.T: 5922/70, registered name Sheba Ranch P/L, district Nuanetsi,
being Lot 62 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 813,0111ha
45.  D.O.T: 5926/70, registered name Sheba Ranch P/L, district Nuanetsi,
being Lot 68 or Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 4,591,6203ha
46.  D.O.T: 5377/90, registerd name De Vos Ranching P/L, district
Nuanetsi, being Lot 27 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 1,644,1503ha
47.  D.O.T: 3209/94, registered name J.C. Kotze and Sons P/L, district
Nuanetsi, being Ivanhoe of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 1,644,1503ha
48.  D.O.T: 8968/99, registered name Administrators of the Estate of The
Late Theodoor Carl Rijs and Louis Carl Rijs, district Nuanetsi, being the
remainder of Limburgia of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 11,049,0865ac
49.  D.O.T. 4009/86, registered name Chipangai Estates P/L, district
Nuanetsi, being Dorrington Ranch of Santidza Ranch of Nuanetsi Ranche,
50.  D.O.T.  120/90, registered name Dyckersrus Ranch P/L, district of
Nuanetsi, being Dykersrust of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 5,098,7037ha
51.  D.O.T.  834/91, registered name Nyavasha Ranching & Safaris P/L,
district of Nuanetsi, being Lot 7 of Lot 12 Nuanetsi Ranche A, 854,3431ha
52.  D.O.T. 7061/94, registered name George Arthur Vijoen, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 50A of Lot 12 Nuanetsi Ranche A, 2,646,1056ha
53.  D.O.T. 1609/99, registered name Christina Catharina Langenhoven,
district Nuanetsi, being Lot 49A Nuanetsi Ranche A, 9,514,0779ha
54.  D.O.T. 7062/94, registered name George Arthur Vijoen, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 44A Nuanetsi Ranche A, 5,445,9856ha
55.  D.O.T. 5923/70, registered name Sheba Ranch P/L, district Nuanetsi,
being Lot 39 of Lot 12 Nuanetsi Ranche A, 1,045,0693ha
56.  D.O.T.  1477/97, registered name Louis Johannes Foord, district
Nuanetsi, being Lot 36 of Lot 12 Nuanetsi Ranche A, 810,5237ha
57.  D.O.T. 6825/94, registered name Bullbarrow Enterprises P/L, district
Nuanetsi, being Lot 34 of Lot 12 Nuanetsi Ranche A, 810,8498ha
58.  D.O.T.  6825/94, registered name Bullbarrow Enterprises P/L, district
Nuanetsi, being Lot 35 of Lot 12 Nuanetsi Ranche A, 810,6935ha
59.  D.O.T.  6825/94, registered name Bullbarrow Enterprises P/L, district
of Nuanetsi, being Lot 37 of Lot 12 of Nuanetsi Ranche A, 810,3750ha
60.  D.O.T.  11952/2000, registered name Raymond Roth, district of
Nuanetsi, being Lot 21 of Lot 12 Nuanetsi Ranche A, 843,5621ha

LOT 135

1.  D.O.T.  1289/91, registered name Mount Hampden Investments (pvt) Ltd,
district of Salisbury being remainder of Haydon, 744,5567ha
2.  D.O.T.  5428/01, registered name Louis Stonard, district Salisbury,
being Remaining Estate of Subdivision A of Stoneridge, 1,075mo


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Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.


Prelude text


Letter 1:

I am outraged today!!
I picked up a copy of the Zimbabwe Independent dated 9 January, and read
with outrage, then disbelief!!The article of my outrage, is titled
church (scripture) tells him so.(the scripture tells us to honour our
leaders) The Pastor of the Hear the word ministries must have totally lost
his mind, and are his congregation, aware that these monies raised, were to
go to Mugabe??The $30m probably went to furnish his latest shopping spree
in the far east. The $30m could have gone a long way in feeding the
starving in matebeleland, or helped the spca, or contributed to the
thousands that are homeless and jobless. I am sure, no where in the bible
that God says we should pay the devil!! SHAME ON THIS MR DEUSCHLE
If I were to ever meet him on the street, I would give him a piece of my
mind.Shame on the congregation, for agreeing to this payment.HAS HE NO
CONSCIENCE?? I feel this man is buying his way out of the troubles.

Michelle Connor
p.s Mr Deuschle, next time you have the urge to give Mugabe a gift take a
walk down first street and see what Mugabes gift to the people is, and make
it $10 if your conscience bugs you!!!

Letter 2:

I have a very simple comment on the last Boer in Kenya. He meets a few
farmers at an agricultural show and then casts a judgement over the whole
farming community in Zimbabwe. What an ignorant idiot he is.

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.

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