The ZIMBABWE Situation Our thoughts and prayers are with Zimbabwe
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This article is from the state owned and controlled newspaper - NOTE : no mention of the number of displaced farm labourers and their families :

"Door still open to all aspiring land owners"

Political Reporter
THE Government yesterday said the door is still open for people still interested in acquiring land under Model A2 resettlement scheme as it moves to gazette more farms.
Aspiring commercial farmers, are expected to forward their applications to their provincial land resettlement offices, where they would be vetted and processed by officials from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement.
In an interview, the Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Cde Joseph Made, said all the people who applied under the scheme would be guaranteed land.
Mashonaland West tops the list, with 16 000 applications received by the ministry.
Out of the 99 109 people who applied for the land under the scheme, 54 592 were successful while the remaining 44 517 were accommodated under the Model A1 resettlement scheme.
Cde Made said everyone who applied for land would get something.
"Everyone who applied will get something and all those who still want land under the A1 or A2 Model can still apply," said Cde Made.
In the list for Mashonaland West released yesterday, some applicants were downgraded to Model A1 scheme while others, with the required skills and resources, were eligible to acquire medium-scale, small-scale or the peri-urban farms.
Cde Made urged commercial farmers to co-operate with the Government as it moves ahead in gazetting more farms for resettlement.
"We urge the farmers to co-operate during this exercise because they face a possibility of losing the whole farm if they fail to co-operate," said Cde Made.
He said some commercial farmers were reported to be vandalising their assets and property to discredit the programme.
"Some of them are still organising gangs to beat up resettled farmers and this should stop forthwith," he said.
Some commercial farmers risk losing their whole farms if they fail to co-operate with the Government.
A total of 210 520 families have already benefited from the Government’s fast-track exercise, launched in July last year.
This brings to 281 520 the total number of families who have been resettled on 10,8 million hectares under the Model A1 resettlement programme.
Between 1980 and 1988, the Government managed to resettle 71 000 families on 3,3 million hectares of land, while from September 1988 to June 2000 it resettled 4 697 families on 168 264 hectares.
At least 15 000 properties have been demarcated for the Model A2 resettlement exercise and the land would be ready for allocation soon.

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MDC on Monday
31 December 01

We will not be intimidated

Two weeks before Christmas, Zanu PF met in Victoria Falls whereupon their
leader, President Robert Mugabe, declared war on the MDC.  Taking his words
seriously, Zanu PF supporters have intensified their orgy of violence
against all those who support the MDC.

While the rest of Zimbabwe was preparing to celebrate Christmas, Zanu PF
thugs were actually plotting to murder some MDC members.  Our dedicated
cadres and activists Trymore Midzi, Titus Nheya and Milton Chambati were
brutally murdered by Zanu PF supporters.  It is obvious now that Zanu PF has
no intention of retreating from its murderous campaign.

On Christmas day, Zanu PF war veterans assisted by youth from the Border
Gezi Training Camp who are being trained under the so-called national
service programme, abducted and tortured three MDC members in Zaka.  The
three, Johannes Chongore, Jerifanos Kahuni and Misheck Marava were abducted
in broad daylight.

The police say they are still investigating.  Sometimes they say they do not
have enough manpower.  We want the people of Zimbabwe to remember that this
is a Police Force that has previously sent four truck-loads of policemen,
armed to the teeth, to arrest MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai for possessing
a walkie-talkie.  We want the people of Zimbabwe to remember that this is a
Police Force that has not arrested anyone in the murder of almost 100 MDC
supporters.  They say they are still investigating.  We want the people of
Zimbabwe to remember that this is a Police Force which has not arrested
anyone in connection with the bombing of the Daily News printing press.
They say they are still investigating.

Just last week, the police missed an opportunity to arrest Jabulani
Machingura (a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation) who is
strongly suspected to have between behind the bombing of the MDC offices in
the year 2000.  The Daily News had set up Machingura for the police but they
arrived at the venue of the meeting five hours later.

So what do we do faced with all this violence and intimidation?  Surely God
is a God of justice.  One day in the not-too-distant future, justice shall
come.  As MDC, our struggles must always be fought on the highest platform
of dignity and discipline.  We pray for peace and we say NO to violence.
Mugabe will go, through the ballot box.  They can kill us but they won’t be
able to finish us.  They can send thugs to beat us, but we will vote, even
if it means we have to limp to the ballot box.  We are the majority, and we
will win.  Yes, the price is high, but the end is near.

We will not be intimidated.  Mugabe and his supporters continue to use
violence to maintain oppression and safeguard their privileged positions.
We stand firm with the people of Zimbabwe and will continue to speak for
what is right.  Zimbabwe is not just for Zanu PF supporters, it is for all
Zimbabweans regardless of their party affiliations.

So we say to all Zimbabweans do not lose faith.  As you continue to work
against so many odds, do not despair. As you watch those close to you
consumed by Zanu PF violence, do not give up.  Be patient.  You have come
this far already.  Let us wait for the March presidential election to put an
end to Zanu PF’s madness.

Contact us—
Address:  Box A 1728, Harare

Play your part in completing the change by contributing to the MDC
presidential campaign:
MDC Trust Fund:
Standard Chartered
0100241402900, Bulawayo

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Zimbabwe militants on ''terror run,'' opposition says

HARARE, Dec. 31 — Zimbabwe's opposition said youths loyal to President
Robert Mugabe went on a ''terror run'' in Harare on Monday, beating and
harassing residents.
       The main opposition party said the young militants attacked people in
two of the capital's townships as part of Mugabe's re-election campaign.

       But a police spokesman said police had received no reports that
members of Mugabe's governing ZANU-PF party who recently graduated from a
controversial national youth training programme had terrorised anyone.
       A statement by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) said dozens
of graduates from the Border Gezi Training Camp in northeastern Zimbabwe had
descended on Kuwadzana and Mabvuku townships in the capital hunting for
opposition supporters.
       ''This group of about 100 youths was beating up people, accusing them
of being MDC supporters,'' said MDC national youth chairman Nelson Chamisa.
       Chamisa said the ''terror runs'' in the townships were part of a
campaign of violence by the ZANU-PF ahead of presidential elections
scheduled for March. Mugabe faces the greatest challenge of his career from
MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
       Mugabe, 77, has been in power since the former Rhodesia gained
independence from Britain in 1980.
       Political analysts say Mugabe, who led a seven-year-long guerrilla
war for independence after spending 11 years in prison for fighting white
minority rule, has a tough task retaining power in a country hit by a severe
economic and political crisis blamed on government mismanagement.
       Mugabe -- who calls the MDC a front for Western interests -- says he
will win the presidential elections on his record as a liberation fighter
and a defender of the rights of Zimbabwe's black majority.
       The Zimbabwean leader said his ruling ZANU-PF would run his
presidential campaign like a military machine -- which critics say shows the
party will be stepping up political violence.
       The MDC's Chamisa said on Monday the townships forays by ZANU-PF
youths was part of that camapign.
       ''It has become apparent that this so-called national youth training
service is in fact a ZANU-PF party service where the murderous ZANU-PF is
recruiting children to terrorise their parents,'' he said.
       Last Thursday the MDC said a party member had died, the fourth within
a week, following an attack by suspected members of the ruling ZANU-PF party
linked to forthcoming presidential elections.
       The MDC said the death brought to 87 the number of opposition
activists and supporters killed since February 2000.
       The government blames the latest upsurge in violence on MDC youths it
says have been attacking ZANU-PF supporters in the party's rural
       At least 31 people, most of them opposition supporters, were killed
in political violence before parliamentary elections in June last year,
which the MDC narrowly lost.
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UK Ministers urged to protect Zimbabwe asylum seekers

Ministers have been urged to stop deporting would-be asylum seekers back to
Zimbabwe until the situation there improves.

There has been increasing international concern over President Robert
Mugabe's repressive regime.

And now the Liberal Democrats have called on Home Secretary David Blunkett
to halt the removal of Zimbabwean nationals from Britain until further

The plea was issued jointly by Lib Dem home affairs Simon Hughes MP,
Baroness Williams, the party's leader in the Lords, and Lord Avebury, Lib
Dem foreign affairs spokesman in the Lords.

"As the presidential elections loom President Mugabe is taking more steps to
curb the rights of opposition parties and people," Mr Hughes said.

"It is clearly now not safe for people with any record of political party
activity to go back to Zimbabwe.

"The Government must suspend deportations until the Commonwealth Heads of
Government agree that normality has returned and people can live in Zimbabwe
in safety and freedom."
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Christmas Demand Leads to Maize Shortages

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks

December 31, 2001
Posted to the web December 31, 2001

Dealers in Zimbabwe's second city, Bulawayo, temporarily ran out of maize
just before Christmas as shoppers heading for their rural homes stocked up.

According to news reports, the shortages led to fears of famine in
Matabeleland. However, a local journalist told IRIN on Monday that the
situation had returned to normal. He said a number of trucks had been seen
arriving in the region, and while some grain storage facilities still seemed
to be empty, the shops had enough mealie meal.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba said Matabeleland was traditionally a
maize deficit area and was experiencing the kind of shortages it normally
experienced in the rural areas during the lean season.

Peasants and farmers in Matabeleland and in other southern parts of Zimbabwe
have been severely affected by floods and drought this year. In addition,
maize production in other parts of Zimbabwe have been hampered by farm
invasions led by ZANU-PF supporters.

Charamba told IRIN, however, that maize supply had stabilised since the
government increased the amount it was paying farmers from about US $188 a
metric tonne to about US $282 about two weeks ago. Before that, he said, a
number of communal and commercial farmers were withholding their maize from
the government in protest of low prices.

Charamba said it was estimated that the 300,000 mt of maize the government
intended to import would be enough to see the country through to the next
harvest season. The UN's World Food Programme (WFP) is in the final stages
of drafting food distribution plans to ease hunger in areas hardest hit by
shortages. According to a WFP official, the agency hoped to begin
distribution early in January.
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Some blatant twisted Govt propaganda from the Herald -

Bindura man died of natural causes - police
POLICE have said the man who was reported to have been beaten to death by armed riot police on Tuesday in Bindura died of natural causes.

MDC bombing saga takes new twist
THE saga surrounding the bombing of the Movement for Democratic Change offices in Harare last year took a new twist following revelations that The Daily News had failed to honour its promise to pay its main witness money for providing the information.

EU's interference unacceptable

THE Zambian elections are a major eye opener for Zimbabwe’s forthcoming presidential elections as they have revealed the obnoxious interference of the European Union in African affairs.
Despite achieving political independence, the European continent has still not let go of its mentality of having a colonial hold over Africa and wants to decide the fate of the continent.
By running ahead of the Zambian authorities in trying to announce who the presidential winner is or is not, the European Union is usurping the southern African country’s sovereignty to take charge of its own political processes.
Presidential elections determine the nationhood of a country and proclaim its independence. It is, therefore, an insult to all African nations to have their elections adjudicated and certified by former colonisers. This is totally unacceptable.
The European Union should never be allowed to undermine the integrity of African political processes because it has no moral authority to adjudicate such issues in Africa, having destroyed the continent’s cultural, economic and political systems.
The hand of the European Union in the Zambian elections should serve as a crucial reminder why we need to take charge of our own electoral processes and move with speed in enacting legislation that makes it quite clear that only Zimbabwean authorities can proclaim the winners of its elections.
We should by all means avoid such debacles as witnessed in the United States where even the media was announcing winners of the last presidential election before counting was finished.
Amendments to the Electoral Act currently before Parliament should empower the Registrar General of Elections to announce results of winners and no other body, political party or former coloniser.
There is a real danger that such careless interference by organisations such as the European Union could plunge countries into civil conflict as political parties refuse to accept certain results on the basis of what the EU would have proclaimed.
Africans themselves should be the final arbiters of their electoral processes and can call on the help of fellow countries in Sadc or the African Union but certainly not former colonisers, whose plunder of the continent’s resources still continues unabated.
The time has come for Africa to make a final stand on its future political processes because the continent’s fight against colonialism to achieve political independence was meant to usher in a new democratic dispensation that the continent had been denied by powerful members of the EU such as Britain.
The dignity of the African continent is at stake here and should never be sold on the alter of expediency by those political parties that want power at all cost, even if it means selling their soul to the devil. This is more sinister than colonialism.
The rejection or acceptance of electoral results should purely be a preserve of citizens and nobody else. This is what happens throughout the so-called First World.
That is why countries such as Britain quickly sanitised the fiasco of the American elections because they dared not criticise another democratic country.
It is our firm view that the outcome of the Zambian elections should be a matter primarily for the Zambians to accept or reject.
In terms of the rule of law, voting should be as it was done in terms of the constitution and laws of Zambia.
By the same token, the determination of the outcome, including the declaration of the winner, must be done in accordance with the Zambian constitution.
Any declaration by anyone else is illegal, unconstitutional and unacceptable. This is a bottom line, which the EU must be the first to know and respect given the noise it makes about the rule of law.
Neither Al Gore nor George Bush declared themselves winners when the US presidential contest was not clear and when it was even closer than the Zambian scenario. Why should this one be different?

UK, Irish firms control most SA English paper
British and Irish media companies now own or have a major say in almost all English-language newspapers in South Africa and the British government has indirectly poured millions of dollars into some Zimbabwean publications to influence political opinion ahead of next year’s presidential elections.
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Meikles in Whopping $2 Billion Profit

The Insider (Harare)

December 31, 2001
Posted to the web December 31, 2001

Staff Writer

While most companies are complaining about the fixed exchange rate, which
has seen the Zimbabwe dollar pegged at $55 to the greenback since August
last year while the parallel market rate is now over $300, Meikles Africa
earned a whopping $1.6 billion in exchange gains in the six months to
September. It only earned $623 million during the same period last year.

Although its turnover had increased by 78 percent from $4.1 billion to $7.1
billion, operating profit increased by only 53 percent from $363 million to
$556 million. Profit before tax, however, increased more than three-fold
from $746 million to $2.4 billion boosted by the exchange gain and a further
$433 million from its associate company Kingdom Financial Holdings. The
share from Kingdom rose more than five-fold from $83 million during the same
period last year. Net profit increased from $525 million to $2 billion.

The company says it opened one new TM supermarket in Zengeza and a new
flagship Borrowdale branch. The supermarkets contributed the bulk of the
revenue and operating profit. The revenue from the supermarkets increased
from $3.1 billion to $5.6 billion and operating profit from $219 million to
$375 million.

It says it also opened a new Clicks store in Gweru and another in Bulawayo.
It also integrated its retail credit operations into Kingdom Bank. The
retail division contributed $1.1 billion in revenue, up from $636 million.
Operating profit, however, only rose marginally from $154 million to $188
million but this amount included some $29 million from Meikles Financial

The hotel division, which comprises three hotels, all members of the leading
hotels of the world, had an excellent performance at a time when the tourist
sector is down and most hotels are running at a loss. Turnover increased
from $303 million to $573 million while operating profit shot up from $4
million to $44 million. Its South African Cape Grace Hotel was voted the
best hotel in Africa and the Middle East by readers of Conde Naste travel
magazine. Meikles owns two hotels in Zimbabwe, Meikles in Harare and
Victoria Falls Hotel which it jointly owns with Zimbabwe Sun Hotels

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Cimas in $1.3 Billion Surplus

The Insider (Harare)

December 31, 2001
Posted to the web December 31, 2001

Staff Writer

Cimas, generally regarded as the country's biggest medical aid society, had
a net surplus of $1.3 billion in the financial year ending June up from
$762.6 million the previous year but it says inflation has rendered
year-to-year comparisons almost meaningless.

It also says because of ever escalating inflation it has become necessary to
review tariffs and contributions every six months. Its report clearly
indicates that the bulk of the surplus came from investments rather than
from member contributions. Investments brought in a hefty $1.1 billion up
from $625.4 million.

The surplus from medical aid was a mere $164.6 million, an improvement from
$116.6 million the previous year, while that from strategic business units
was $67.4 million, a drastic increase from $19.4 million. The surplus from
properties was $8.7 million, up from $1.3 million.

Cimas says its medical aid service was facing severe difficulties is
sourcing foreign currency to pay for foreign medical costs incurred by its
members. It says because of the shortage of foreign currency, it was now
being forced to pay cash up front as foreign providers no longer accepted
its letters of guarantee.

It had, however, entered into an arrangement with Milpark and Morningside
hospitals in Johannesburg, It also says there is an increasing temptation to
defraud the society because of the current hardships. An employee of the
society who had been working in cahoots with some members is now before the
courts after defrauding the society. The report does not disclose the

The society says because of the low interest regime it believes that its
cash cow will be adversely affected. It says during the second half of the
year, its budgets were not met. On its strategic business units which
include Cimas Medical Laboratories, Harare Haemodialysis Centre and MRI, it
says it terminated its investment from MRI after its partners, Baines
Imaging obtained a new machine.

The Haemodialysis Centre, which is a joint venture with Gambro of Sweden,
was officially opened in February. Cimac Dispensaries was shelved after the
society failed to obtain a licence from the Medicines Control Authority.

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