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Thought of the Day:

"Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes."

Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)


- Shaw's Blunder - T Lambert
- Midlands - Liz Stewart
- Joyce Rally - Canaan
- Well said Charles Fritzell - Canaan
- CFU: African Tears - Cathy Buckly
- RE: Reply to Joyce Banes - Trevor Midlane
- Thank's - Rory and Margi McGrath
- Priorities - Graham Hatty

Letter 1: SHAW'S BLUNDER, received 15 January 2005

by T.M.Lambert

Our whole district, friends, family, community, farms, livestock, property
gone Why?: Because we were not desirable people for the government in
control and that we did not heed to their whims or bow down to them.  We
were also considered a threat because we had the locals support and we had
a strong community that stood well together knew their language and customs
grew up with them etc, etc.

We took our stand well knowing the consequences; each stand we took we were
worse off than. We did what we deemed as the right thing , ending up the
worse for it The C,F,U did not support us or stand by us , we were hot
potatoes and therefore expendables.

We only needed one or two in our midst that chickened out to quietly make
their deals or shirk their duty to stand by us , and with the support of
C,F,U telling them that we were radical and sticking our heads out of the
trenches, and that they were doing the right thing .

By doing their deals they bought time for themselves but at what expense,
that's for their conscience to deal with, but what sickened me is it turned
them into duckers and divers to save their skins at the consequences of
friends, neighbours and even family.

The truth will come clear I stand by what I did and am not ashamed by what
I did and would do it again in hind sight even that it cost every thing I
held dearly.

I was dropped by C,F,U and a couple of sell-outs, so be it.

But the remaining must learn from our demise and not sup with the devils
that have caused or allowed or assisted the devils that are killing this
country for their own gain.

(Ex Featherstone)


Letter 2: MIDLANDS, received 14 January 2005

by Liz Stewart

I have to state that I am absolutely horrified at the compromise of their
integrity (if they ever had any) by those few farmers remaining on the

As a Zimbabwean living in the UK because of circumstances and not by
choice, I am absolutely disgusted to hear and read of farmers who are
basically working for the thugs who stole the land, destroyed their
infrastructure and murdered their pets and, in some cases, their fellow

They should be ashamed of themselves.  In the long run, they will not
achieve anything, because their remaining land will also be taken - if they
don't believe this, they are living in neverneverland.  I was never a
supporter of the RF government, but I will never forget P K van der Byl
advocating a "scorched earth" policy.  Unfortunately, he was right.

Liz Stewart Herne Bay,
Kent, England


Letter 3: JOYCE RALLY, received 17 January 2005

by Canaan

Dear Jag,

I see from the report (below) in the Standard 16th January 2005 that guests
were frog marched to attend Joyce's rally in Marondera.Obviously she is a
highly popular individual and I also note that the few farm workers left
went in their droves, courtesy of local council transport. I wonder if the
CFU Midlands were able to make it to this auspicious event. It is also
pleasing to see that local Militia abandoned their "programmes" to lend a
hand, or more accurately, a fist and/or a beating to those who were made to

Let's get back to that boot licking letter from the Midlands CFU to members
requesting animals and money for zanuPF and Joyce's rally. I note that it
stated that the names of donors would also be sent along with the donations
( I quote "Each individuals name will be on the list of donors when we
present the donations so think hard before you do nothing."). "Think hard
before you nothing", Hmmmm interesting angle Trev. Seeing that the list of
donors is being released to the public domain by the CFU and trev, would
the CFU or trev kindly supply that same list to this forum? I wait in



Letter 4: WELL SAID CHARLES FRITZELL, received 15 January 2005

by Canaan

Dear JAG

Well said Charles Frizell. Looking at those who ran the CFU circus during
the period when most of the land was stolen, I have often wondered whether
they were completely stupid or too clever by half. My conclusion is that it
is probably a bit of both mixed with a touch of arrogance. Pity Charles
Frizell didn't have more say at the time.

He understands ZANU PF.



Letter 5: CFU: AFRICAN TEARS, received 15 January 2005

by Cathy Buckly

Dear Family and Friends,

When I wrote the first of these letters to family and friends back in
February 2000, I was a farmer. I have told the story of what happened on
our farm before, and of some of the horrors on 3000 other farms that were
seized across Zimbabwe. In 2000, The Commercial Farmers Union, to whom I
paid membership fees and crop and livestock levies, were supposed to
represent my interests as a farmer.

As the weeks went past and I wrote about the abuses being inflicted on my
family, our employees and their families and our property and livestock,
the CFU told me to stop making waves. The CFU said that I should not be
confrontational with the rabble who were pulling down fences, chopping
trees and erecting shacks on our farm. The CFU said that I should engage in
"dialogue" with drunk and drugged men who came to the gate and demanded my
car, ordered me to leave my home or pointed a gun at me and threatened to
shoot me.

When I wrote newspaper articles about what was happening to other farmers,
the CFU would have nothing to do with me. In confidence I was told that it
had been stipulated that my name was forbidden from being mentioned in any
CFU meetings.

The CFU have continued to attempt to appease the Zimbabwe government for
the last 59 months.  When court orders were ignored, laws were changed and
the constitution was amended in relation to farms, still the CFU called for
dialogue with the government. Farmers were murdered, tortured, abducted and
arrested and the CFU said its dwindling membership should downsize, share
their land and talk to government officials.  Hundreds, thousands and then
hundreds of thousands of farm workers became homeless, destitute beggars
living in the bush and the CFU still called for dialogue with the
government. A law was passed protecting squatters from eviction and another
allowing government to compulsorily acquire farm materials and equipment
but still the CFU said dialogue was the only way forward.

Below are extracts from a letter written by the Midlands branch of the CFU.
I would like to suggest that if the CFU have any money left over they will
donate it either to the team campaigning to free farmer and MP Roy Bennett
from prison or to some of the three hundred thousand farmers and farm
workers who have been made destitute by the Zimbabwean land reform
programme. As a former farmer and onetime member of the CFU, I hang my head
in disgust and shame.

(extract) CFU MIDLANDS "...We have received a request to donate cattle,
chickens and mealie meal to a welcoming reception next week for the new
Vice President, Joyce Mujuru. This request has come to us through the
Midlands Leadership ... I suggest that each member pay in 1 million in cash
to Bob at the CFU office by the end of business hours on Monday the 10th
January 2005, as we need to secure these donations from our sector by
Wednesday the 12th. Each individuals name will be on the list of donors
when we present the donations so think hard before you do nothing.  It is a
strategy that I believe will ultimately lead to benefits of sorts in the
future.  But it is like gambling.

.. For those non-members I say to you all that unity is our best defense.
This we are not, we all are to blame as we now find ourselves divided and
ruled.  To change this we must change - unite and stick together and speak
with one voice.  When the time comes for significant changes to the current
situation we have been pushed into kicking and screaming foul play, then
more than ever the voices of the divided will not be heard clearly and
negotiations will be held from a point of weakness. Is this what we want,
choose for yourselves.

.......To end all I can safely say is that there is some activity
currently in progress and I'm sure you will understand that this is at
present too sensitive to disclose

 ........Your Chairman,


P.S. Cash or Kind 1 ton Mealie Meal or Potatoes etc, 5 Steers for
slaughter, 100 Chickens.  We need about 30 million for this...."
(end extracts)

Until next week,
with love,
Cathy Buckly


Letter 6: RE: Reply to Joyce Banes (OLF 324), received 17 January 2005

by Trevor Midlane

Dear Jag

I write in response to a letter from Joyce Banes whereby she expressed her
displeasure at my earlier letter concerning retribution against Trevor Shaw
and others like him.

Mrs Barnes begins her letter by saying she is not Zimbabwean and is writing
from the UK. I need go no further as it is obvious she has no idea what she
is talking about. I do not express opinions about conflicts in other parts
of the world because I do not come from the countries in question and
therefore do not know enough to get involved.

Trevor Midlane


Letter 7: THANKS JAG, received 15 Janaury 2005

by Rory and Margi McGrath

Dear Jag Team

Thanks for your continued, untiring, superb service.

We wish you all strength, joy and success for 2005.

by Rory and Margi McGrath
Howick, SA


Letter 8: PRIORITIES, received 17 January 2005

by Graham Hatty

Dear Sir/Madam

I note that econet is calling for money to support the relief effort for
the Asian Tsunami victims. I think that an effort towards sorting our own
health service would be money better spent!

I run the Norton Community Church, which has an outreach into the
children's ward at the Norton Hospital. We visit every week, to assess
needs, and to keep the ward in a reasonable state.

Last week a 9 year old boy, with a broken leg (femur) was left on his
hospital bed, UNTREATED, for 4 days, whilst his mother tried to scrape
together enough money to pay for his treatment! During this time, he was
moved, for X ray purposes, without any support for his leg, causing the
child excruciating pain!

It is only when the Norton Community Church stepped in, that the necessary
money was provided for his treatment. However, we still had to make 2 trips
to Harare, in order to secure the medical items required, to enable the
doctor to set the little boy's leg!...

Our family has lived in Norton, for 41 years, -prior to us losing our farm
in November 2004.  Never has the situation been as serious as it is at
present. Money for Tsunami victims in Asia? What about money to 'jack up'
our own health service, -which is definitely not healthy!

Graham Hatty


JAG Hotlines:
(091) 261 862 If you are in trouble or need advice,
(011) 205 374
(011) 863 354 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
263 4 799 410 Office Lines

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The Scotsman

Anglo-Swiss Aid Worker Killed in Zimbabwe Attack


An Anglo-Swiss aid worker with the UN has been killed in a roadside assault
in Zimbabwe, the World Health Organisation said today.

Lisa Veron, who was working for WHO's anti-tuberculosis campaign in the
southern African nation, died on January 10 following the attack in the
capital Harare, the UN health agency said.

Christine McNab, a spokeswoman for WHO, said the circumstances of the
incident were unclear and that Zimbabwean authorities are investigating.

Veron, 30, held Swiss and British nationality.

She joined WHO at its Geneva headquarters in 2000, and was transferred to
Zimbabwe last August to work at the agency's regional anti-TB bureau.

"The loss of such a remarkable and wonderful person has deeply shocked all
her colleagues," said Mario Raviglione, WHO's anti-TB chief.

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Police 'harass' jailed MP's wife

          January 19 2005 at 04:56PM

      Harare - Zimbabwe authorities have resuscitated a three-year-old
charge for a misdemeanour against the wife of a jailed opposition MP, her
lawyer said on Wednesday.

      Heather Bennett, whose campaign for the release of her husband, Roy,
has aroused international condemnation against President Robert Mugabe's
regime, was summoned to appear in court on Tuesday on charges of possessing
two-way radios without a licence, said lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa.

      The radios were discovered during a police raid on a farm that
Bennett, MP for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, was living in
in 2003, she said, and the summons that arrived last week was the first sign
of official action since the raid.

      "One wonders why they are resuscitating this now," said Mtetwa.

      Said Mrs Bennett: "It's just harassment. It's definitely a political

      On October 28 last year, Zimbabwe's parliament, dominated by Mugabe's
ruling Zanu-PF MPs, voted to send the Bennett to jail for a year for shoving
justice minister Patrick Chinamasa to the ground during a debate in chamber
in which the minister called Bennett's ancestors thieves and murderers.

      The 47-year-old white MP, one of the most popular political figures in
the country, said Chinamasa's insults were the breaking point in a four-year
campaign of lawless intimidation against him, his family and the workers on
his farm in south-east Zimbabwe.

      Two of his staff have been murdered by security forces and scores of
others were tortured and driven from their homes as the state illegally
seized his farm and soldiers and police stole his cattle and crops.

      The MDC says the imprisonment of Bennett was deliberate victimisation.
Lawyers say that his assault on Chinamasa, which did not injure the
minister, would earn the equivalent of a ten-US dollar fine in a magistrates
court. Judges in the generally pro- Mugabe judiciary have refused him
permission to appeal.

      Mrs Bennett said the radios were seized by police in one of several
police searches of the property they were living in after they had been
driven from their farm.

      "We bought them for our security guards," said Mrs Bennett. "I had
applied for a licence, but it hadn't come through when the police arrived."

      The offence of possession of an unlicensed radio carries a low fine.
She was ordered to appear in court again on May 18.

      Observers say Mrs Bennett's campaign for her husband's release has won
support all over the world, and its success has angered Mugabes government.

      Bennett, who speaks fluent Shona and has been accorded status as a
tribal elder, won his seat in the Chimanimani district in south-east
Zimbabwe with overwhelming support from peasant farmers who live there. -

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Zimbabwe backs Iran over nuclear programme

January 19, 2005, 17:45

Mohammad Khatami, Iran's president and Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe
insisted nations had a right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy today,
after the US upped pressure on Tehran over its nuclear programme.

Washington accuses Tehran of trying to produce nuclear weapons, Iran says
its nuclear programme is aimed solely at generating electricity.

At the end of a three-day state visit to Zimbabwe, Khatami and Mugabe, in a
joint communiqué, said they "noted the dangers of nuclear and chemical
proliferation and emphasised the need to ban the use of weapons of mass

"They welcomed the international initiatives to create nuclear-free zones,
especially in the Middle East and Africa. They agreed and emphasised the
right of NPT (nuclear non-proliferation treaty) member states to the
peaceful use of nuclear energy."

George W. Bush, the US president, this week refused to rule out the use of
force against Iran if it was not more forthcoming about its nuclear
programme. Both Iran and Zimbabwe were cited by incoming US Secretary of
State Condoleezza Rice when she referred to "outposts of tyranny" around the

Khatami earlier pledged Iran would stand by Zimbabwe, battling international
isolation over Mugabe's rule and pursing relations with Asian and Muslim
countries in a "look east" policy.

"The visit has not only done us justice in regard to our policy of looking
east but it has done us justice in the field of co-operation between our
allies," Mugabe told journalists.

Agreements have been signed
The two countries signed a series of agreements in the agricultural,
telecommunications, transport and health sectors including one to build an
electric railway line linking Harare to the satellite town of Chitungwiza.

Zimbabwe is struggling to rebuild its ailing economy, which critics say is a
result of government mismanagement and which has been worsened by the
withdrawal of international aid in protest against Mugabe's forcible
redistribution of white owned farms among blacks and his controversial
re-election in 2002.

Mugabe (80), who has been in power since independence from Britain in 1980,
denies mismanaging the country and says opponents of his land reforms have
set out to wreck Zimbabwe's economy. - Reuters
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NBTS Running Out of Blood

The Herald (Harare)

January 19, 2005
Posted to the web January 19, 2005


THE National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) has started to intensify its
countrywide blood collection amid revelations that it is currently operating
way below the minimum capacity.

NBTS Blood Procurement and public relations manager Mr Emmanuel Masvikeni
said the organisation has less than 700 units in its blood banks.

"We are currently sitting on less than 700 units of blood nationally, yet to
be on safe side we need at least 3 000 units of blood," he said.

He said the current blood level in their banks is almost running out owing
to the increase in demand.

"Demand increased during the festive season when we experienced a number of
road accidents, a situation worsened by a very low supply."

A snap survey carried out by The Herald in Harare during the weekend showed
that most hospitals were running short of blood.

An official at one private clinic said they had been informed by NBTS that
the national blood bank was drying up and the organisation was contemplating
calling major donors to come to their rescue.

Mr Masvikeni attributed the current shortages to the festive season road
accidents and the closure of schools. School children are some of the major
donors of blood.

The 2004 festive season recorded about 847 road accidents with about 63
deaths and 634 injuries.

He, however, said the opening of schools was a relief to their problem as
they have already taken measures to increase blood collection from schools
in a bid to normalise the situation.
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Cape Argus

      ANC cagey on its Zimbabwe stance
      January 19, 2005

      By Angela Quintal and Christelle Terreblahe

      African National Congress secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe
yesterday tried to downplay reports that the ANC was turning up the heat on
the Zimbabwean government ahead of the March poll.

      Comments that he made at a press conference in Johannesburg on Monday,
particularly that the treatment of the opposition MDC was not conducive to
free and fair elections, was widely reported as a signal that the ANC was
hardening its stance against Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF.

      This at the same time as media reports that a South African
intelligence agent had been arrested in Zimbabwe for spying.

      Motlanthe deflected questions from the Cape Argus at parliament
yesterday about whether the ANC had toughened its stance. "It is actually a
fiction to claim there is something like quiet or loud diplomacy.

      "We have dynamic discussions with both parties in Zimbabwe and we
believe we are very diplomatic."

      Motlanthe, who was accompanied by the ANC's head of presidency, Smuts
Ngonyama, said the ANC was speaking to the parties in Zimbabwe "in a manner
which they would listen to".

      "We should not conduct ourselves in a way where we shout and issue

      Motlanthe held discussions with ANC chief whip Mbulelo Goniwe and
addressed MPs in an informal caucus meeting yesterday.

      Asked whether parliament would send an observer team to Zimbabwe,
Goniwe said South African MPs intended getting involved in the election only
under the banner of the Southern African Development Community.

      Meanwhile, head of communications in the presidency Murphy Morobe said
he was not aware of any trip to Zimbabwe by President Thabo Mbeki.

      Rumours that Mbeki would visit Zimbabwe to lead a SADC fact-finding
mission was fuelled by a statement by a group calling themselves Concerned
Zimbabweans, as well as a statement by DA MP Joe Seremane, yesterday.

      However, several government officials told the Cape Argus that they
were unaware of any proposed visit by Mbeki.

      Mbeki and his cabinet ministers will go into a three-day lekgotla
today, in which Zimbabwe is among the issues to be discussed in the context
of regional developments in SADC as well as the New Partnership for Africa's

      Meanwhile, Seremane in his statement yesterday welcomed Motlanthe's
comments that the MDC should be afforded basic democratic freedoms such as
the right to hold public meetings and access to state media.

      "However, the fact that this is headline news is an indictment of the
ANC's inaction for the past few years. These comments have only come a few
months before the parliamentary elections, suggesting that the ANC has
failed to assess the collapse of democracy in Zimbabwe accurately.

      "The ANC seems to have forgotten that an election is not just an
event, but rather a process that needs fundamental democratic freedoms to be
in place at least a year in advance of the election itself," Seremane said.

      a.. US Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice yesterday branded
Zimbabwe as an "outpost of tyranny", reports Sapa-AFP.

      "To be sure, in our world there remain outposts of tyranny and America
stands with oppressed people on every continent ... in Cuba, and Burma
(Myanmar), and North Korea, and Iran, and Belarus, and Zimbabwe," Rice told
a Senate committee considering her nomination to succeed Colin Powell as
secretary of state.
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Board holds talks with rebels

Cricinfo staff

January 19, 2005

The first tentative steps to try to bring back the remaining rebel players
came on Tuesday when some of them met with Zimbabwe Cricket officials in

The two sides were reported to have had a cordial meeting, but one
independent source said that the three unnamed committee members, who were
backed by two lawyers, "were open-minded but very poorly informed by ZC on
the basics of the dispute." They said they had not come to negotiate but
merely to hear the players' proposals and take them back to the board.

Although ZC has made the right noises about its willingness to make peace
with the rebels, it is widely believed that the presence of Ozias Bvute
(ZC's general manager) and Max Ebrahim (the chief selector) on the board
remains the main, and substantial, stumbling block. Both are seen as being
at the heart of the dispute.

Another meeting has been planned for next week.

© Cricinfo
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Ecumenical News International

Zimbabwe churches deplore opposition lawmaker's imprisonment

Geneva (ENI). Church groups in Zimbabwe have deplored as "a blatant example
of gross injustice," the jail term imposed by the country's parliament on
opposition lawmaker Roy Bennettt, now serving a hard-labour sentence and
living in a cramped cell with 38 criminals. Bennett represents the
opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in the Chimanimani
constituency near Zimbabwe's border with Mozambique. He began one year in
prison on 28 October after being sentenced without a court trial, for a
scuffle involving another legislator.
The 47-year-old farmer was convicted by a parliamentary disciplinary
committee of contempt of parliament following the 18 May 2004 fracas after
which he issued a strong apology. He is the first Zimbabwean legislator to
be jailed. He was accused of assaulting Justice Minister and ruling Zimbabwe
African National Union - Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) legislator Patrick
Chinamasa during a parliamentary debate. Chinamasa called Bennett's European
ancestors "thieves and murderers" as a taunt for the loss of his farm.

Bennett bought his farm after Zimbabwe's independence from Britain and in
accordance with the country's laws, South Africa's Argus newspaper reported.
During the seizure of his farm by a government-supported gang calling
themselves independence war veterans, one worker was murdered, others were
beaten and tortured, and two girls were raped. The only person convicted of
these crimes was later granted a presidential pardon. Later a court said the
farm should be returned to Bennett. The lawmaker's trial committee was made
up of two MPs each from Zanu-PF and the MDC and a chief appointed by
President Robert Mugabe. It sentenced Bennett to 15 months imprisonment with
hard labour and suspended three months on condition of good behaviour. Only
the government legislators voted to jail Bennett, who represents a rural
constituency. "We believe his sentence to be totally disproportionate to the
incident," Churches together for Justice and Peace said in a statement on 19
December. The statement followed a similar petition by churches in
Zimbabwe's Manicaland province condemning Bennett's plight. His lawyer said
jailers handcuffed him and forced him to kneel on the concrete floor during
a visit and he was only recently allowed to wear a hat while working outside
in the summer heat. His cell is lice-infested and the inmates sleep on the
floor with a single blanket each.

Bennett is serving his jail term at Mutoko prison about 150 kilometres
north-east of Harare. "We regard him as a prisoner of conscience imprisoned
for his stand as a popular opposition MP in a rural constituency," the
churches for justice and peace group said. "We fully endorse the statement
made recently by churches in Manicaland in his support," said the church
group. "We view Roy Bennett as being a representative of all those who have
been detained without trial through the abuse of the legal system and all
those who are being held in subhuman condition in jails and holding cells
across the country."

:: Stringent laws controlling media in Zimbabwe prevent effective reporting
in the country.
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      Conservatives challenge the government to follow US lead, and take a
tougher line on Zimbabwe

            Shadow Foreign Minister, Mark Simmonds MP, today wrote to Jack
Straw challenging him to echo the US administration's tough line on
Zimbabwe, following Condeleezza Rice's comments to the Senate, yesterday. Mr
Simmonds urged the government to take decisive action through the UN, to
resolve the worsening situation in Zimbabwe under the Mugabe regime. He

            "Yesterday Condeleezza Rice cited Zimbabwe as amongst those
countries that the US Administration considers 'outposts of tyranny'. This
is a welcome recognition from the US that the situation in Zimbabwe is
increasingly serious and needs urgent attention.

            "The repression and subjugation in Zimbabwe has substantially
increased in recent months as Mugabe seeks to tighten his grip on power in
the run up to parliamentary elections in March.

            "I hope you agree that what Zimbabweans need in the run up to
the elections are actions rather than words, and further violence and
intimidation must be met with the full force of the international community.

            "Will the British Government now as a matter of urgency work
with the US and other members of the international community to propose a
United Nations Security Council resolution?"

            Mark Simmonds MP

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Legal Hitches Put Brake On Zimbabwe's Mega Bank Plan

Business Day (Johannesburg)

January 19, 2005
Posted to the web January 19, 2005


EFFORTS by Zimbabwe's central bank authorities to establish what they claim
will be the largest commercial bank by capitalisation in the country from
the rubble of collapsed banks have hit a snag.

Central bank sources said yesterday attempts to form the Zimbabwe Allied
Banking Group (ZABG) by amlagamating up to seven closed banks were failing
to materialise "due to legal and technical obstacles".

"The project has not started because there is still a lot of work to be
done," a senior central bank official said.

"We are still grappling with complex legal, technical and logistical issues
which are critical to the whole initiative. It is a tall order." ZABG, which
will be government-owned, was expected to include Trust, Royal, Barbican,
Time, Intermarket and FNBS banks.

However, monetary authorities say they would not "carry institutional
corpses" in their project.

There are questions about the viability of the project, which needs about
Z2-trillion, to start running.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono had promised that the bank
would open this month, but it did not.

Sources said it would take a "much longer time" before the proposed bank

Gono has admitted that he had not done his homework when he made the
promise. Depositors were expecting to get their money this month.

Gono said: "Various legal and technical processes have been in motion with
some aspects taking longer than originally envisaged".

It is understood that shareholders of the closed banks are opposed to the
project and have threatened to take legal action.

Zimbabwe's financial sector has been in turmoil since a new monetary police
regime was introduced in December 2003.

Only foreign-owned banks, such as the British-owned Barclays and Standard
Chartered and SA's ABSA-controlled Jewel bank and Standard Bank-owned
Stanbic, are strong.
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Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Parties fume over voter registration

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2005-Jan-19

. . .requirements favour rural dwellers: MDC

ZIMBABWE's main opposition party-the MDC-and other smaller political parties
that crop up during elections and retreat into their shells soon after, say
the voter registration requirements for the March parliamentary polls
deliberately make it difficult for urban voters to meet them.
Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, the MDC legislator for Glen Norah and
shadow minister for foreign affairs, said the registration requirements
favoured rural dwellers - where Zanu PF draws most of its support from.
"There are stringent registration requirements for the urban electorate to
vote in the March parliamentary elections as opposed to the rural
electorate," Misihairabwi-Mushonga alleged.
"The registration requirements make it difficult for urban voters to
exercise their right to vote while the requirements make it easy for rural
Zapu president, Paul Siwela yesterday said the whole process of even
inspecting the voter's roll was a mere waste of time.
"As long as Zanu PF is in power, one should forget about any meaningful
changes being implemented. Actually, rigging begins from the voter's roll,"
he claimed.
Zanu, another little opposition party that has failed to register any
tremors on the political Richter scale claims the process of inspecting the
voters' roll was unlikely to yield desired results because of the little
publicity it has given.
"The people are not aware of the process as there was little voter education
about it," Reketayi Semwayo, Zanu spokesperson said.
He said Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) should have been allowed to
carry out voter education.
"The deadline should also be extended to give more people the opportunity to
verify their names," Semwayo added.
Semwayo said his party has not yet seen the voters roll because it does not
have the $100 0000 per constituency required by the Registrar General's
office for that process.
Yesterday, the Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede shrugged off the claims of
irregularities in the management of the voters' roll.
"It was the MDC that took us to court sometime ago over this issue of voter
verification and what we are implementing are the results of a court
decision," Mudede said, before referring this newspaper to a Chris Goredema
in his offices for more details on the matter.
However, Goredema could not be reached for comment yesterday as he was
reportedly out of office.
Zanu PF draws most of its support from the rural areas, while the MDC enjoys
the urban protest vote as evidenced by the pattern of voting in the 2000
parliamentary polls.
The 2005 parliamentary elections voter's roll opened for inspection on
Monday and is expected to close at the end of this month.
A Zimbabwe national registration card, or a valid Zimbabwe passport or a
driver's licences are the primary documents required for registration.
However, it is the documentary evidence that proves that an applicant is
resident in the constituency that is the main cause of concern.
Confirmation by the village head or farm owner vouching for the residence
status of a voter are the two requirements that will suffice for the
electorate in rural constituencies.
But the urban constituency is saddled with more than eight requirements
including ther production of a certificate of occupation/title deeds, or a
lodger's permit/card issued before January 17 2005, or rates/water statement
in applicant's name, or credit store statements showing the physical address
of the applicants residing in that constituency.
"These requirements and others such as a sworn statement by the employer of
the applicant confirming the applicants address, hospital bills or envelopes
with post markings showing the applicants address are discriminatory to
urban dwellers," Misihairabwi-Mushonga averred.
She said the requirements were designed to ensure that the ruling party
remains in power.
Misihairabwi-Mushonga added that the voter's roll registration was not being
administered correctly.
"An independent electoral commission should have the right to register
voters but the voter registration is still firmly in the hands of the
Registrar General, which is not correct," she claimed.

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Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Zanu PF shuts door on re-runs

Farirai Machivenyika
issue date :2005-Jan-19

ZANU PF will not hold any re-run of its primaries elections in
constituencies where losing candidates have lodged complaints of
irregularities with the national elections directorate, national political
commissar Elliot Manyika said yesterday.
Manyika, the chairperson of the directorate, told a press conference in the
capital last night that his committee was satisfied with the outcome of the
weekend primary elections which saw four ministers and a number of
legislators loose the right to represent Zanu PF in parliamentary polls
slated for March.
"It must be understood that this was an internal process and as any
elections, it is bound to produce winners and losers. Winners should accept
the results with humility and losers should be humble enough to accept
"While complaints received have been considered on their merit and will help
shape the future of primary elections, the directorate felt that after a
careful and thorough consideration of all complaints, they do not warrant a
re-run of the primary elections in the respective constituencies," Manyika
He added that the elections directorate had unanimously confirmed the
announced weekend results.
Among those who lodged complaints with the elections directorate, were
incumbents Victor Chitongo (Murehwa North) who was beaten by Health
Minister, David Parirenyatwa, Gibson Munyoro (Makoni West) who lost to
Agriculture Minister Joseph Made while others are said to be consulting on
the possibility and success of appealing.
Although the Murehwa North primaries went peacefully with Chitongo accepting
the poll results in public, two days later, the legislator alleged that
unqualified people voted in his constituency after they were given free
party cards, while Munyoro accused Made of abusing GMB facilities to lure
Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals, Rugare Gumbo, (Mberengwa
East) who lost to Godwill Shiri, appealed on the grounds that some ballots
from two voting centres were not counted.
The dispute in Mberengwa East came about after voting was shifted from
Masvingo Primary School to Mbuya Nehanda Secondary School when it was
discovered that there was no electricity at the former.
Manyika said while the results for the seat remain unchanged the elections
directorate would look at what transpired in the disputed constituency.
By yesterday the elections directorate had received results from 51
contested constituencies.
Primary elections postponed in 17 constituencies are expected to be held
They include Chimanimani, Mutare Central, Gokwe North, Makonde, Chinhoyi,
Kariba, Tsholotsho, Gwanda, Makoni East, Gokwe Central and all seven
Bulawayo constituencies.
The polls, Manyika said, were cancelled due to various reasons, including
issues of discipline in Tsholotsho, Insiza, Gwanda South and all Bulawayo
Manyika said the directorate had lifted suspensions imposed on deputy
minister for Transport and Communication Andrew Langa (Insiza) and Abdenico
Ncube (Gwanda South), the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs on Monday for
allegedly taking part in the Tsholotsho debacle saying: "The national
elections directorate has reversed suspension of comrades Abednico Ncube and
Andrew Langa after a review of the recommendations from the provincial
co-ordinating council."
Aspiring Mutare Central candidate Shadreck Beta was barred from taking part
in the primaries to be held tomorrow after he was found guilty of issuing
unofficial party cards.
Manyika said: "The national elections directorate has also suspended Cde
Shadreck Beta from standing for being at the centre of irregularities in
Mutare Central involving the availability of membership cards not issued by
the Zanu PF headquarters."
However, Zanu PF sources said each case must be looked at on its own merit
to avoid splitting the party.
President Robert Mugabe is expected to launch the ruling party's "2005
Anti-Blair Campaign" on Saturday in the capital.
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From the CFU

Here are a few positions that we have.  If you are interested in any of the following, contact FIT 04 309800 /





Established retail outlet wanting to expand into contract seed production seeking project manager to develop, participate in, or acquire from owners wishing to retire.



Managing Director, with other Sub-Managers, to run 3000 hectare plantation. English would be communicated at all levels.  Involvement would be from production – transformation to sales.  A Grits producing plant already in place and functional with possibility to increase capacity.  The intention is to rotate crops, maize / soya beans – sunflower etc.  Remuneration will be disclosed to interested parties.



Farmer required for an expatriate contract for 2/3 years, with a possibility of equity in the business.  The incumbent will be responsible for the development of the commercial production of white sorghum potentially under irrigation.



A young (between the age of 25 and 40), single, aggressive, dynamic manager is needed to take over the day to day management of a fertilizer distribution and logistics company based in Dar Es Salaam.  The candidate should have an understanding of agriculture and fertilizer combined with some commercial knowledge such as accounting and computer literacy.


The following positions also for Tanzania are still available.  


-   Workshop Manager for a refrigeration transport Company.

-    Two youngsters required for cereals, sheep and vegetables  




4 Positions are available to develop and improve yields in several tobacco projects in Columbia.  This is an exceptional opportunity with very good pay and prospects for the future.


Spanish would be an advantage, but not essential.  All candidates should be fully conversant in tobacco production from seed beds through to marketing, in particular one person should be able to consult extensively.  Also should be fully conversant in floating seed beds.  The other three persons would be expected to develop show farms as examples to local farmers.


We had initially communicated that the consultant would start in February 2005 and April 2005 for the other three.  Unfortunately this is progressing much slower than anticipated.  We will however keep everyone updated on the progress made.  All contact details for interested parties have been noted, so will be contacting you individually.



The Farm Manager must definitely be highly motivated and be able to cope with the extreme frustrations he will encounter in a foreign country.

The person must have, or have the potential, to manage and farm at least 3000 hectares of irrigated crops.  The initial thrust will be row cropping but this will be expanded as markets demand and game/beef and horticulture are options.

The ability to manage other expats will be required.

A sound mechanical understanding will be essential.

Computer literacy will be a distinct advantage

A proven track record of farming and business abilities is a requirement.

Out of the box thinking would be required as the person will also act as a consultant on farming.


The Leveling Design Manager will have to be someone with agricultural engineering ability, either by qualification or by farming experience associated with a tertiary educational qualification.

An understanding of farming and irrigation is essential, for production of surveys and field designs.  Knowledge of computer design will be an advantage, but not essential.  However a high level of computer literacy will be vital.

Management will be a major part of the job and the ability to develop teams will be essential.

A mechanical understanding is a must for operation of agricultural machinery.  The position will be both mentally and physically demanding so the candidate must be in good health.


 The Site Agents will have to have a proven management record, be extremely production and result motivated, be able to work under stress and keep to tight deadlines.

Experience with farming /earthmoving management an advantage.

Computer literacy will be of importance or the ability to learn fast.

A farming or agricultural engineering background is essential.

A business understanding will be vital.

The ability to talk confidently to corporate management will be necessary, so will the ability to integrate socially in small communities.


Details of the above packages will be disclosed to interested parties.




General Manager to run a business on Lake Kariba. Also needed is an Accountant or good Book-keeper for the same business.  It would be preferred if a couple capable of filling both positions apply, but not essential.  Attractive package offered for both.  Please contact FIT offices for more details if you are interested.


We have had a tremendous response to some of the positions that we have available.  Please bear in mind that you HAVE to be a member to be considered for any of the positions we have available.



We have on our records, an incumbent that is available immediately and seeking employment.  He has knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, including the growing of tobacco, maize and greenhouse roses.  He also has reared cattle, has experience in mechanics and irrigation management.  Kindly contact our offices for a copy of his CV should you have something on offer.   


There are three levels to join


1              Full CFU member is fully paid member of FIT and its committees


2              A full non-farming member gets all Newsletters and opportunities to take part in FIT Committees/Activities and preference for Projects (@ Z$ 250,000 per six months or Z$500,000 per Year.  If you are not in a position to pay this and would like to join, please come in and see Alan Jack


3              ADSA listed CVs only






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Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Dongo eyes Harare Central constituency

Takunda Maodza
issue date :2005-Jan-19

FORGOTTEN opposition politician Margaret Dongo has declared her interest in
Harare Central constituency for parliamentary polls slated for March as an
independent candidate, effectively ending five years of political
In an interview with The Daily Mirror Dongo, who left Zanu PF in 1995 to
form the Zimbabwe Union of Democrats (ZUD) - which later went into political
oblivion after being eclipsed by the birth of the MDC in 1999, confirmed she
had set her eyes on Harare Central.
"I am going to participate in Harare Central as an independent candidate,"
said Dongo who lost her Harare South constituency in 2000 to Gabriel Chaibva
of the MDC.
"The (political) system prevailing today in Zimbabwe is not good for
democracy; we cannot continue to have a two-party system. The view of the
minority should be heard, as there are some people who do not belong to
either Zanu PF or MDC."
Dongo is expected to battle it out with Florence Zano Chideya of the ruling
party and the MDC's Murisi Zwizai if the opposition decides to participate
in the crucial general elections.
The outspoken Dongo said the coming into being of the MDC had not helped in
democratising the country's political space.
She said she did not join the MDC at its inception in 1999 because it could
have been undemocratic to do so.
"I could not join the MDC because I believed, as I still do today, that
Zimbabwe could only progress in a culture of multi-party democracy. We
experimented with a two-party political system over the last five years and
it did not work," Dongo lamented.
She said statistics showed that only 30 percent of Zimbabweans go to the
polls, indicating that there was a political vacuum that should be filled.
On the prospects of her landing the Harare Central seat, Dongo said "The
problems we have had are that many Zanu PF legislators are forced to vote
for unpopular bills (being whipped into line), while on the other hand many
MDC legislators are forced to vote against good bills, opposing just for the
sake of opposition just because one belongs to that party.
"This climate of 'parliamentary dictatorship' can be changed by the
introduction of some simple measures by the electorate. Thus the
introduction of independent candidates has the potential of introducing a
culture of representative democracy, as the latter has become merely a form
of semi-authoritarian rule by major political parties."
She said an independent candidate enjoys the status of being a watchdog that
can criticise the government or his or her party without fear of
victimisation by party leadership.
"There is no party leader to whip you into line. Nobody holds you at ransom.
If Zanu PF does something good, you condone. If it's wrong, you condemn. You
become a watchdog," explained Dongo, adding that Zimbabweans were supposed
to learn from Malawians that voted more than 30 independent candidates into
parliament in their election.
Dongo cited the departure of Munyaradzi Gwisai from the MDC and problems
currently being experienced by St Mary's MP Job Sikhala as reflecting
politics characterising political parties.
Gwisai was "fired" from the MDC because of his socialist approach to
politics that differed from those of the party, while Sikhala's political
flirtation with the MDC is on a knife-edge, as a result of his statements in
the media varying with those of the leadership.
Dongo also said an independent candidate enjoyed the pleasure of mingling
with people from different walks of life without fear.
Commenting on the international support the MDC was getting, Dongo laughed:
"Mapudzi anowira vasina hari. Deno akawira kwandiri kudai Zanu PF
ichitenderere musoro (The problem being experienced by other opposition
parties in Zimbabwe were that of lack of material support like what the MDC
was getting from
 the international community)."
"Those are home grown political parties that saw the sun well before the MDC
but nobody is taking them seriously.  The foreign community does not agree
with such parties. We need multi-party democracy," Dongo said.
Dongo, who was an independent MP for Harare South from 1995 to 2000, is well
known for single-handedly delaying or blocking undemocratic bills.

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Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

2005 Harare council budget to be finalised

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2005-Jan-19

THE 2005 Harare budget, whose unveiling was postponed on two occasions two
weeks ago, is still to be finalised.
The council is not saying when the budget will be presented.The presentation
was first postponed on January 6, with the council saying it had coincided
with the burial of national heroine, Ruth Chinamano.
Announcement was postponed soon afterwards after anomalies were discovered,
resulting in the estimates being sent back to the various council standing
committees for consideration.
Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi said: "We are still waiting for the
secretariat to call for the meeting and right now the committees should be
finalising their presentations before they are presented to the finance
He, however, could not commit himself on when the council would finalise the
"I cannot comment on that, but we are doing everything possible to make sure
that the process is over and done with as soon as possible," Gwindi said.
After the budget is presented, it should be advertised to residents so that
they raise their objections to any increases proposed before it is sent to
the Ministry of Local Government, Public and National Housing for approval.
The delay in its presentation, is also delay in its implementation and
negatively affect the council finances that have also been badly affected by
a government order that barred them from implementing some quarterly
increases that were proposed in last year's budget.
Local government minister, Ignatius Chombo also said in his report of local
authorities in 2004, that despite the delays in Harare's budget, his
ministry would not change its budget approval procedures, a development that
is likely to worsen the plight of the council.
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Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Zvinavashe's proof of payment is fake-Greebe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2005-Jan-19

RETIRED General Vitas Zvinavashe's nephew William Zvinavashe has filed
affidavits in the Supreme Court supporting his appeal against a High Court
ruling that he relinquishes ownership of the disputed Turnpike properties,
along the Harare - Bulawayo road.
Zvinavashe's court case arose when Kenneth Greebe and his wife Sheila sought
legal recourse after losing the properties to the retired general's
Zvinavashe claimed that he had entered a sale agreement with the Greebes,
resulting in him buying the properties.
The Greebes alleged no payment was made.
This culminated in a June10, 2004 High Court judgment handed down by Justice
Susan Mavangira ordering that Turnpike Service station, a nearby house among
other things be returned to the Greebe's saying Zvinavashe had failed to
provide proof of payment.
Zvinavashe subsequently appealed against the ruling in the Supreme Court
arguing he had not been given enough time to prove his case.
In the Supreme Court case, Famaps Investments and Zvinavashe are the first
and second appellants, while Kenneth and his wife are the first and second
respondents respectively.
Zvinavashe is the Managing Director of Famaps.
In the affidavit filed on December 20 last year, Zvinavashe said he now had
proof that he paid for the properties through a foreign currency account
held by Greebe's brothers, he claimed are in the country.
"I now have the proof that the respondents were paid in full. The proof is
in the form of a confirmation from Fair Bank in Canada that 250 000 pounds
was transferred into HSBC Bank United Kingdom, Bexhill on Sea Branch on the
12th March 2003. The Beneficiaries were ML and MC Greebe. I attach hereto a
copy of the confirmation," reads part of the affidavit.
He added that the arrangement for the payment to be made outside the
country, was reached after Greebe told him that he and his brothers had a
business partner, Law Machingauta, based in England and sourced foreign
currency for them.
He said he had paid $3 million cash towards the house and $2 million for
vehicles, furniture and other fittings, but no receipts were issued and as
such did not have any documentary evidence to that effect.
However, in his opposing affidavit made on December 29 last year, Greebe
said the documentary evidence supplied by Zvinavashe to the court was not
genuine, and added that he did not know the said Machingauta.
 He also attached a letter from the Bank of Scotland, stopping any payments
on the grounds that the cheques had been fraudulently obtained.
"It is my respectful submission that this application (Zvinavashe's) is
without any merit and all proof of payment is fake and false. This
application was simply designated to further delay the Applicant's eviction
and for them to continue to enjoy the fruits of our labour and our life
investments," reads part of the affidavit.
A date for the hearing has not yet been set.
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Daily News online edition

      Chinotimba kicked out of party house

      Date: 19-Jan, 2005

      HARARE - War veterans leader Joseph Chinotimba, was last week kicked
out of his Mabelreign mansion for allegedly attending the ill-fated
Tsholotsho meeting that sought to block the rise of Joyce Mujuru to the
vice-presidency of Zimbabwe.

      Chinotimba was recently barred from contesting in the party's primary
elections in Glen Norah.

      Zanu PF secretary for the Women's League, Oppah Muchinguri, last week
told The Voice, the Zanu PF official newspaper, that they had decided to
take over the party-owned house which Chinotimba is currently staying in,
and turn it into a drop-in centre for orphans.

      Chinotimba moved into the house in 2000, at the height of the
controversial farm invasions, which he was spearheading, after being
involved in a shooting incident at his Glen Norah house with members of the
opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

      Zanu PF quickly offered the semi-derelict house to Chinotimba, who
moved in together with his family.

      Chinotimba was informed of the party's decision and he is set to move
out as soon as possible. Muchinguri said the decision had been taken by the
Women's League after Chinotimba's suspension from the party's provincial

      Chinotimba rose to prominence in 2000, when he led Zanu PF supporters
in the controversial farm invasions.

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Daily News online edition

            Voters* roll inspection begins

            Date: 19-Jan, 2005

            THE Zimbabwean government has issued in the local press, a
notice for all prospective voters to inspect the voters' roll for the 2005
parliamentary election to see if their names appear.

            Although the notice says the voters' roll will be open for
inspection by the public from January 17, by the end of day on that day, the
government had not yet opened some of the 5 173 inspection centres through
the country.

            Inspection centres have only been opened in rural areas, leaving
out the urban areas. The inspection centres were supposed to be set up and
manned by the office of the Registrar-General.

            The inspection of the voters' roll is very important in the
entire electoral process. Voters are supposed to check if their names are on
the voters' roll and if they are not, they can register immediately.

            But so far, there have been complaints in the rural areas that
some of the requirements for one to register make it difficult for thousands
of people to participate in the election.

            The normal procedure is for anyone above 18 years to show their
IDs or valid Zimbabwean passports to verify their details on the voters'

            But some of the officers at the inspection centres in the rural
areas are demanding other documents which drives prospective voters who don't
meet those criteria away.

            The main opposition party, the MDC has bemoaned the fact that
the Electoral Supervisory Commission comprises people handpicked by the
government and their degree of neutrality is very questionable.
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Zim Online

Wed 19 January 2005
  JOHANNESBURG - The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)
yesterday reacted sharply to criticism by the African National Congress
(ANC) secretary general Kgalema Motlanthe over the union's plans to re-send
a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe.

      On Monday, Motlanthe accused COSATU of playing to the gallery by
planning to re-send a delegation to probe the political and economic crisis
in South Africa's troubled northern neighbour.

      "They go there with the intention of defying a country's laws and they
make it known. This has value for the newspapers but it has very little to
do with familiarizing yourself with the situation," Motlanthe told reporters
on Monday.

      But COSATU spokesman Patrick Craven yesterday said the latest attack
by ANC was an attack on the integrity of the union.

      A COSATU team which visited Zimbabwe late last year to investigate the
political and economic crisis in the  country was kicked out of the country
sparking a row within the alliance over the effectiveness of South Africa's
policy of 'quiet diplomacy'.

      However, COSATU has insisted that it will re-send the delegation
before the crucial March election, with the Harare authorities threatening
to deport the COSATU team in a repeat of last year's events.

      Meanwhile, the ANC yesterday played down earlierreports that it was
toughening its position on  Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU PF party.

      Speaking in South Africa's parliament, Motlanthe said the ANC was
talking to both parties in Zimbabwe "in a manner which they would listen

      "We have dynamic discussions with both parties in Zimbabwe and we
believe we are very diplomatic. We should not conduct ourselves in a way
where we shout and issue invections," he said.

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New Zimbabwe

Herald scribes in the dock for writing falsehoods

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 01/19/2005 23:48:31
THE trial of two Herald court reporters facing charges of criminally
defaming a Regional Court magistrate has been postponed to February 7 after
their lawyer indicated that she needed more time to study the case.

Defence lawyer Wynonah Simango told magistrate Judith Tsamba that she was
not ready for the trial on Tuesday as the State did not make available the
court papers on time.

Chakanetsa Chidyamatiyo (26) and Peter Matambanadzo (28) are facing seven
counts of criminal defamation arising from newspaper articles the
government-controlled Herald published in 2003 which repeated the lie that
magistrate Betty Chidziva was unwell.

The two were initially charged together with the late newspapers
entertainment editor Masimba Karikoga, who was then the publication's
chairman of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ).

State prosecutors say on May 14 2003, Chidyamatiyo allegedly wrote and
published an article in The Herald claiming that Chidziva had failed to
preside over a rape case involving former CAPS United midfielder Cheche
Billiat because she was sick.

Chidziva had in actual fact gone to Marondera on a progress review of
magistrate Manyangadze.

On July 15 and August 22, Matambanadzo is alleged to have written another
article in which he said the magistrate failed to attend court on May 13 due
to ill-health.

The magistrate, the State alleged, on that date in question said she was
attending lessons for a Master's Degree in Law at the University of

Matambanadzo allegedly wrote another article, claiming that Chidziva was not
available in court on November 14, but the State avered that the magistrate
was on duty on the day in question.

As if this was not enough, Matambanadzo is alleged to have written another
article to the effect that Chidziva had summoned him to the witness stand
after being questioned by her superiors for continuous postponement of
Billiat's case on the basis that she was ill.

Matambanadzo allegedly wrote that Chidziva's illness was indicated on the
court record.

The State alleged the court record in question never had such information
and that the magistrate's bosses never quizzed her.

On the seventh count, in which Matambanadzo was initially charged with
Karigoka, the State alleged that on December 16 the same year, the two or
one of them wrote to Chidziva's employer, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa
claiming that Matambanadzo had been hauled before the courts by the
magistrate in a fit of recklessness.

On December 23 the two allegedly wrote the same falsehood in The Herald,
further claiming that the court record indicated Chidziva had been ill and
failing to report for work deliberately to avoid presiding over the case
against Billiat.
Daily Mirror

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