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Ancram - Straw guilty of spineless betrayal on Zimbabwe

Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Ancram has accused the Foreign Secretary
Jack Straw of "spineless betrayal" of the people of Zimbabwe. Speaking to
the Conservative Party conference, Mr Ancram told delegates that: "While
Mugabe continues to torture, to murder and to demolish democracy and the
rule of law, Straw's response is that the suffering Zimbabwean people must
find their own salvation. What a spineless betrayal."

Mr Ancram went on to promise that: "Within two weeks of taking office I will
table a Security Council resolution to send monitors and observers into
Zimbabwe to protect against Mugabe's brutality and to help restore democracy
and the rule of law."

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ZC director resigns over board's policies

Steven Price

January 25, 2005

Zimbabwe Cricket's belief that it had nipped the festering domestic
rebellion in the bud was dealt a blow with the news that Midlands Cricket
Association Chairman Hemat Patel has resigned from the ZC board in support
of the newly-elected Mashonaland Crciket Association executive.

Patel, who was elected onto the ZC board as a replacement for Mike Moyo last
month, said that there was a general agreement that he could not continue on
the ZC board and the at the same time as being chairman of Midlands given
that he could not carry the mandate of his province.

In an interview, Patel confirmed that he had handed in his resignation
letter last Thursday. "Following a recent Midlands CA baord meeting and
numerous reports circulated in various sectors of media, Hemat Patel
categorically refutes claims that Midlands had or have withdrawn support for
Mashonaland. The MCA will not be drawn into any conflict between ZC and any
other province. The MCA will recognise any provincial board that has been
elected constitutionally. In the likely event of the recent Mashonaland
general meeting deemed legitimate, the MCA will work hand in hand with the
new Mashonaland board."

Patel said Midlands would not be part of any playing boycott at this stage,
but agreed with Mashonaland that there were a number of outstanding issues
that needed to be addressed, including the general state of cricket within
Zimbabwe. "In a further development, Patel has resigned as a director of ZC
with immediate effect as it was felt that as chairman of Midlands he would
find it difficult to carry out the mandate of his board and remain as a
director of ZC," Patel continued. "The Midlands CA is committed to the
development of cricket, and will work tirelessly to improve every facet of
the game."

"Midlands CA and ZC have their own outstanding issues which have not been
resolved," Patel said. "I think getting me on the ZC board might have been a
way to soften my province and by resigning from the ZC board, I am sending a
clear message to them that I do not agree with their policies."

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Times of Oman

      Zimbabwe fights off Chinese 'invasion'

      HARARE -- Zimbabwe is fighting an invasion of Chinese goods, locally
known as "zhing-zhongs", which trade unions and businesses say are
undercutting local industry already struggling for survival in a bruised

      The proliferation of inexpensive Chinese goods, although a worldwide
phenomenon and especially acute in Africa, is partly fuelled by President
Robert Mugabe's policy of looking to Asia after being shunned by the West.

      "While China makes some very good products, there was quite an element
of dumping here with factory seconds and rejects coming in, and this was
true especially of footwear and clothes," says leading economist Eric Bloch.

      Zimbabweans call Chinese products "zhing-zhongs" -- a term which has
taken on a derisive connotation to describe anything that is substandard,
irrespective of the country of origin.

      Last year saw a major influx of goods from China, prompting the
government to drastically increase the import duties on the merchandise that
includes everything from toothpaste to clothes to electronic equipment and
solar panels.

      "It was a very serious threat and then the finance ministry on
November 25 substantially increased duties to level the playing field,"
Bloch told AFP.

      "Previously, the import duty was 10 percent of value plus 60
Zimbabwean dollars (one US cent) for every kilogram in weight, now it is
100,000 dollars across-the-board for all items."

      Footwear giant Bata, which has a factory in Zimbabwe, said sales had
dropped 26 percent in 2004, owing to the influx of cheap Asian -- and
especially Chinese -- goods.

      "These imports continue unabated, with requests by the footwear
industry to look at the situation falling on deaf ears," said managing
director Edwin Duthie.

      "Unless some control is implemented, I can see 2005 showing a further
decline," said Duthie.

      Zimbabwe's economy has been in recession over the past five years,
with economic output falling by 30 percent, according to the International
Monetary Fund (IMF). - AFP
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Daily Mirror. Zimbabwe

Poll losers warned

Mirror Reporters
issue date :2005-Jan-25

ZANU PF political commissar Elliot Manyika has warned all primary poll
losers they would automatically expel themselves from the ruling party if
they dared stand as independents in the March general elections.

Speaking to journalists soon after the party's national elections
directorate ordinary meeting at the party's headquarters in the capital
yesterday, Manyika said: "I wish to inform those of our members who might be
contemplating standing as independents, that according to our rules and
regulations governing the conduct of elections, any person who undertakes
such action will have automatically expelled themselves from the party."
Embattled information minister Jonathan Moyo has since hinted he could stand
as an independent, in utterances he made when launching a scathing attack on
party national chairman John Nkomo and politburo member, Dumiso Dabengwa.
When the Tsholotsho seat he was eyeing was reserved for women, Moyo - who
fell out of favour with Zanu PF bigwigs for reportedly convening a meeting
in Tsholotsho meant to prevent the ascendancy of Joyce Mujuru to the
presidium - said there were many tickets to heaven.
Back at the ruling party's headquarters, Manyika urged those who lost in the
primaries to close ranks and campaign together with the victors.
Said Manyika: "The elections directorate was presented with and considered
all the complaints and appeals from aspirants. These appeals and complaints
failed to sway the directorate to act otherwise. In other words, these
appeals and complaints were dismissed.
"The party would like to appeal to them to close ranks and campaign together
with those who had won the ticket," he added.
Among those who lodged appeals complaining about the manner in which the
elections were conducted were Murehwa North MP Victor Chitongo, who was
beaten by Health and Child Welfare Minister David Parirenyatwa, Makoni West
Gibson Munyoro, who lost to Agriculture and Rural Development Minister
Joseph Made, and Munacho Mutezo.
Mutezo sucessfully challenged the Chimanimani result, alleging that voting
did not take place at one polling station, Muusha, while school children
were allowed to vote.
The ruling party's internal elections were riddled with irregularities,
which have seen scores of some of the losing candidates' supporters
demonstrating against the outcome of the results.
However, Manyika said the party would only hold election re-runs in two
constituencies - Mutare Central and Chimanimani - this Saturday.
"The elections directorate confirmed the results as announced in all
constituencies, except in Chimanimani, where elections will be held at one
centre, Muusha, where elections were not held.
"In Mutare Central, the elections directorate was presented and considered
the case of Shadreck Beta. After a thorough consideration of the case, the
directorate resolved that the Mutare Central and Chimanimani (Muusha)
elections would be held this Saturday 29 January 2005. These two will mark
the end of Zanu PF primary elections."
Beta was suspended from taking part in the primaries after he was accused of
distributing party cards that did not originate from the headquarters in
Harare.  In Chimanimani, where Samuel Undenge had "beaten" Hwange Colliery
Company chairman, Mutezo, there were allegations that school children voted
at Rusitu Secondary School in the primary elections held last Thursday.
Meanwhile, President Robert Mugabe's nephew, Leo Mugabe, was declared Zanu
PF's candidate for Makonde after the elections directorate endorsed the poll
results.  Mugabe polled 6 037 votes, ahead of Douglas Mombeshora's 4 088,
while Angela Shamu received 538 and Betty Biri 527.
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Daily Mirror. Zimbabwe

VP Mujuru commissions 57 new Zupco buses

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2005-Jan-25

VICE-President Joyce Mujuru yesterday in Harare commissioned 57 new Zupco
buses aimed at easing urban transport blues in the country.
The Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing acquired
the Isuzu buses, comprising 40 conventional and 17 mini-buses, through a
local company, Gift Investments.
Speaking at the commissioning, Mujuru showered praises on the local
government ministry for taking measures to improve urban transportation. She
stated that the government was working tirelessly to acquire about 1 500
buses for Zupco to service both urban and rural areas.
"Our aim is to alleviate transport problems being faced in urban areas.
These buses will be deployed in urban areas to help people commute to and
from work. I encourage the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and
National Housing to buy some buses from our friends in China where they are
cheap," Mujuru said.  "We sent a team to China to identify possible
suppliers as we want to acquire the targeted
1 500 buses."
The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing,
Ignatius Chombo, his deputy Chief Fortune Charumbira, Minister of
Agriculture Joseph Made and other government ministers attended the event.
Responding to Mujuru's call to look East for buses, Chombo said a deal was
already in the pipeline to import 50 new buses and 100 new engines from
Mujuru requested Zupco to have at least two buses plying the Harare-Mt
Darwin route where she is the Member of Parliament.  Chombo instantly
granted her request.

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Daily Mirror. Zimbabwe

MDC legislator Khupe released on $100 000 bail

From Our Correspondent in Bulawayo
issue date :2005-Jan-25

MDC legislator for Makokoba constituency, Thokozani Khupe, who was arrested
on Sunday alongside 60 other party activists on allegations of holding an
illegal indaba, appeared before a Bulawayo magistrate, Kolwani Mangena,

The outspoken lawmaker was remanded to February 10 on $100 000 bail for
allegedly contravening provisions of the Public Order and Security Act
(POSA) which replaced the Law and Order Maintenance Act used during and
after the colonial era.
Appearing for the State, Maxwell Nyoni told the court that Khupe allegedly
organised an illegal meeting at her restaurant in town without police
clearance as required under POSA.
Khupe and the other 60 supporters were arrested on Sunday morning when armed
riot police swooped on them while in a meeting at her fast-food outlet.
The legislator last week also appeared in court for allegedly holding an
unsanctioned meeting in her constituency.

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Daily Mirror. Zimbabwe

Divert PSF to fuel, electricity-ZNCC

Shame Makoshori
issue date :2005-Jan-25

THE Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) has called upon the Reserve
Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to channel the Productive Sector Facility (PSF) to
the hard hit fuel and electricity sectors.
The PSF was initiated by the central bank in the 2003 monetary policy. It
was a brilliant nursery strategy that, however, proved futile due to
dishonesty by some industrialists who capitalised on poor surveillance to
enrich themselves, the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) has
Last year, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) channelled $2.058 trillion to
resuscitate ailing productive sectors at 50 percent interest rates.
The scheme was hit by poor repayment that by October only $478 billion had
been recovered, leaving an aggregate outstanding balance of $1.5 trillion,
whose fate the RBZ has not revealed.
 The ZNCC said instead of doling out support lifelines to the corruption
riddled recipients, the tranches could be utilised better should the
monetary authorities consider diverting them into subsidising critical
requirements like fuel and electricity.
"While the facility has been useful to the companies that benefit, it is
also true that
it has been highly abused. Its effective supervision and monitoring has
proved cumbersome, practically impossible and
"We agree with its phasing out but recommend that the RBZ uses the funds to
subsidise fuel, electricity, and public transport which will benefit the
entire economy," the ZNCC said ahead of another monetary policy review
Fuel and electricity costs astronomically surged in the past 12 months amid
acute supply bottlenecks due to the failure by petroleum companies to
procure enough products.
Power monopoly, Zesa Holdings this month imposed a 526 percent tariff hike,
threatening to deal a blow to corporate turnaround battles.
Already in the intensive care due to perennial macro-economic instability
spanning five years, companies have been clamouring for a review of the
electricity tariffs but Zesa is also facing acute viability constraints.
The ripple effects of Zesa's challenges
have inevitably spilled into the transport sector whose operations were also
derailed by fuel scarcity, nagging spare parts
shortages and dwindling foreign currency reserves.
On the Distressed Companies Funds (DCF) provided by government through the
Zimbabwe Development Bank and the Small Enterprise Development Corporation
(Sedco), the industrial body said government must involve business
associations to deal with the problems of non-repayment.
"For effective distribution and application of the DCF, we recommend that
business associations such as the ZNCC, and the CZI (Confederation of
Zimbabwe Industries) assess and recommend legible beneficiaries for
accountability purposes," the ZNCC added.
The government identified SMEs as strategic players for economic growth and
employment creation but they are also limping due to inadequate
At least $15 billion was channelled into their development last year, while
over $200 billion was provided for distressed companies in the formal
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Daily Mirror. Zimbabwe

Muchena blames aspiring candidates for fanning factionalism

From Our Correspondent in Mutare
issue date :2005-Jan-25

POLITBURO member and returning officer in Chimanimani Olivia Muchena has
accused Zanu PF's parliamentary hopefuls of fanning factionalism that
threatens to tear the ruling party down the middle because of selfish
Briefing party supporters and officials in Chimanimani soon after the
constituency's primary poll, Muchena lashed out at aspiring parliamentarians
for causing divisions among the electorate, because "they wanted to win
their support at any cost".
"It is my observation that Zanu PF still commands overwhelming support in
Chimanimani, but that the problem is with parliamentary aspirants who fan
factionalism. All that these people (aspirants) preach is hatred to win
elections at all costs," Muchena said.
She added that such behaviour was a betrayal to unity.
The primary poll in Chimanimani pitted central committee member Munacho
Mutezo, businessman Misheck Beta and economist, Samuel Undenge.
Undenge controversially won the election, which the Zanu PF national
election directorate said last night must be re-run in one centre of
Chimanimani where voting did not take place.
Muchena's pronouncements came in the wake of increased reports of immense
backbiting, malicious de-campaigning and factionalism allegedly fanned by
some of the aspirants.
What seemed to have courted Muchena's ire was the non-show of both Beta and
Mutezo at the election command centre to witness the result verification
"But where are we leading the party to with this type of attitude?
"We should learn to accept defeat as we can't all be winners at one time,"
quipped Muchena.
Mutezo refused to sign the poll results, citing irregularities, while Beta
was nowhere to
be seen - a clear indication that he was disappointed by the results.
Undenge polled 4 139, Mutezo 4 074 while 1 631 people voted for Beta.
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Daily Mirror. Zimbabwe

Mangwengwende finally retrenched

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2005-Jan-25

FORMER Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) boss, Simba
Mangwengwende, has been retrenched, four years after being placed on special
Mangwengwende was placed on leave, and his post abolished three months
later, after allegedly questioning the appointment of Sydney Gata as the
power utility's executive chairman.
He reportedly argued that the appointment of Gata resulted in the
duplication of duties.
Mangwengwende's retrenchment comes hardly a month after the former Zesa boss
told The Daily Mirror in an interview that he had sought a salary review as
he was "legally still Zesa's chief executive officer."
A senior official at Zesa, who declined to be identified, said yesterday:
"Mangwengwende was retrenched some years ago, but he was contesting the
matter. Now he no longer has anything to do with the parastatal as he
recently lost the case. He has already been removed from the payroll and the
decision has already been communicated to him."
Yesterday Gata said: "Mangwengwende asked that I be recused from the matter.
I cannot comment."
During the four years, Mangwengwende remained on the parastatal's payroll
and enjoyed a number of company benefits.
Efforts to get a comment from Mangwengwende were fruitless at the time of
going to press yesterday, but sources indicated that he would get a golden

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Daily Mirror. Zimbabwe

Nango to find ways to deal with bill

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2005-Jan-25

THE National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (Nango) will this
week hold consultative meetings countrywide with heads of NGOs to come up
with ways of dealing with the NGO Bill once President Robert Mugabe signs it
into law.
This comes amid reports that most NGOs are not willing to take part in the
structures to be created by the new law governing operations of civic
Nango  director Jonah Mudehwe yesterday said they were currently holding
regional meetings to come with practical moves the NGOs could take if
President Mugabe signs the Bill passed by Parliament last year.
"We were mandated to hold regional meetings that would come up with
practical ways to implement the Bill. The major issues are the registration
process, participation in the NGO Council and so on," he said.
Mudehwe, however, could not comment on specualtion that NGOs were not
willing to be part and parcel of the proposed NGO Council.
"We are still to complete the consultative exercise. We have only held one
meeting in Harare and others would be held in Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare
this week," Mudehwe said.
He added that it would be premature to talk about the proposed course of
action to be taken before the meetings have been completed.
The NGO Council would be appointed by the Minister of Public Service, Labour
and Social Welfare and would comprise representatives of 10 government
departments and six from NGOs and one ex-officio member.
Most NGOs were in favour of a self-regulatory body with little, if any,
government interference.
The body would be responsible for governing activities of civic bodies.The
government has described most NGOs - especially those dealing in human
rights and governance issues - as enemies of the State bent on discrediting
the country.

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