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Zimbabwe hikes gold price 10-fold to stop smuggling


Wed 25 Jul 2007, 14:33 GMT

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's central bank raised on Wednesday the local
price of gold nearly 10-fold in a bid to curb smuggling and boost sagging

The precious metal is the main source of hard currency for the struggling
southern African nation, accounting for a third of its export earnings.

Producers will get $3 million Zimbabwean dollars per gram, compared to
$350,000 Zimbabwean dollars before the change, Central Bank Governor Gideon
Gono said in a statement.

Gono said the new price was effective immediately. The central bank is the
sole purchaser and refiner of gold in Zimbabwe, and it pays producers mostly
in Zimbabwe dollars.

"As a country, our gold production levels have lately fallen victim to
escalating operating costs, as well as elements of indiscipline,
side-marketing and smuggling," Gono said.

"Against this background of escalating operating costs, it has become
imperative that the current gold support price be further enhanced," he

The move came about a month after Zimbabwe's mining chamber warned that gold
producers were operating below 20 percent capacity and that some had
suspended operations due to the low local gold price and the impact of
electricity cuts.

It said that Zimbabwe's gold output was expected to be about 8,700 kg this
year, a 23-percent drop from the 11,354 kg output last year. Deliveries of
gold have been falling since the beginning of 2007.

Gold miners have been hard hit by Zimbabwe's massive inflation of more than
4,500 percent which has pushed up costs. Shortages of foreign currency and
fuel also squeezed the sector.

But President Robert Mugabe's government has vowed to maintain regular
deliveries of gold which accounts for 52 percent of Zimbabwe's mineral

Mugabe, in power since 1980, has accused some producers of smuggling gold in
an effort to sabotage the economy and has warned that his government would
seize mines, fueling fears of possible nationalisation.

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Zimbabwe buys 200,000 tonnes of maize from Tanzania

Afrique en ligne

Zimbabwe is importing 200,000 tonnes of maize from Tanzania to avert
hunger in the country, an official said Tuesday.

Samuel Muvuti, chief executive of the state-run Grain Marketing Board
(GMB), said the imports were expected to arrive in the country shortly.

Zimbabwe has a maize deficit of around one million tonnes this year,
which isbeing bridged by imports from neighbouring countries.

Earlier announced maize imports were from Malawi and Zambia, from
where a total of 400 000 tonnes of the staple food were being imported.

GMB, the nation's grain procurement agency, expects to collect around
one million tonnes of maize from farmers this year, leaving a deficit of
another one million tonnes.

Muvuti did not, however, say how much the country would spend on the
Tanzanian maize imports.

Harare - 24/07/2007


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E-mails from Zimbabwe

Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 15:46 GMT 16:46 UK
Empty shelves in modest neighbourhood, Harare (L) and full shelves in Harare elite area (R)

Zimbabweans share e-mails that they have written to their friends and family outside the country, over the past week, painting a picture of their daily trials and tribulations to find food and fuel.

President Robert Mugabe said on Tuesday that the current strict price controls will continue in an effort to turn around the country's ailing economy.

Click on the links below to read their e-mails.

Tapiwa, 28
Teacher, Harare

James, 27
Businessman, Marondera

Esther, 28
Professional, Harare

Gift, 30
Executive, Harare

Sister Mary
Librarian, Harare

Nyika, 40
Consultant, Harare

All names have been changed or removed to protect the contributors' and the recipients' identities.


Hello from a harsh Harare...

I have to resign from my teaching position because my life is unsustainable. I am in a big deficit.

Commuters wait at Harare railway station after commuter buses are impounded for overcharging
Tapiwa cannot afford to commute to work anymore

I only earn about 3.5m Zimbabwean dollars (equivalent to $22 at current black market exchange rate).

I live in a high density area about 25kms from city centre. Everyday I have to commute to work and I use about 200,000 Zimbabwean dollars ($1.25) per journey so this translates for me in a month, on transport alone, my whole salary.

I'm a lodger and altogether pay 1.5m Zimbabwean dollars ($9) on rent. So you can see already, it is really difficult to live in such a situation.

Where I stay, there are constant sewage breakdowns and so there is always raw sewage flowing around. I have to jump over these "streams". No-one comes to collect the waste anymore.

And we are actually living in darkness. For the past two weeks there has been no power - day or night.

A small bundle of firewood costs 50,000 Zimbabwean dollars ($0.31) For a month's firewood you would need 2m Zimbabwean dollars ($12.50).

I will look for an informal job (there are no proper ones anymore) - selling some things to try raise some money to fend for myself and my wife and my kid, and my parents in the rural area.

I am forking out more than I have. Even though there is virtually nothing in the shops - to get anything one must scramble for it.

If I can't make enough selling some things then I am going to skip the country. I know that with my qualifications, I can get well remunerated in South Africa or Botswana.

And luckily, I have a passport and so it will not be difficult.

Pray for me, my friends,


Hello from Zimbabwe

It took me a long time to respond to your mail because of power cuts. It just shows how serious the economic problems are here. It has became a norm to have electricity for only six hours a day - from 11pm to 5am.

We now dearly depend on firewood for cooking and candles for light and the situation is becoming worse each day. I guess you are wondering where I got the electricity to power this computer..?

Electricity is available 24 hours a day to some sections, such as hospitals and the government's intelligence officers (CIO) and so I'm sending this mail from a friend of mine who stays close to the provincial hospital.

Students of Zimbabwe University evicted for not paying fees
James dropped out of university as he could no longer afford the fees

Anyway let me continue, I had to drop out of my studies in 2005 as I couldn't afford to pay the fees.

To make ends meet I opened my own company specialising in photocopying, typing and stationery. During my first year of business, my company grew and became a force to be reckoned with.

But come 2007, things are going down.

The economy is down on its knees.

Lack of electricity is forcing me out of business. As mentioned before, we rarely get power during the day and to make things worse I can't carry out our kind of business at night since most of the documents we handle are "private and confidential".

I bought a generator last year when we were first warned about imminent power shortages but even it is no help these days - there is no fuel... except for the black market but it is so expensive.

Service stations are pumping air and my generator is lying idle. How we make a living still remains a mystery. No-one outside Zim can understand our style.

I now sell anything legal that I can. This means my office is still open, for now anyway.

Remember us please? We still need your prayers and whatever assistance you can offer to make things better this side.

Bye for now!


Hi my sisters

All the news reports that you hear about supermarket shelves are not an exaggeration. It is really true.

Empty shelves in Harare supermarket
Some friends and I have started going to South Africa to do our grocery shopping - to buy toilet paper, potatoes, carrots, eggs... basically everything
Esther, Harare

Things are bad.

I am getting used to the way things are. It's basically more of the same except for these latest price slashes. I can't buy meat and there's nothing left in the freezer and so, like many others, I've been forced to become a vegetarian.

You know the walls I was having built round my house...well now no-one can buy cement and so the job is just half done... I don't know if it will ever be finished.

Life is so expensive and it has gone from bad to worse.

Things have disappeared from the shelves. Some friends and I have started going to South Africa to do our grocery shopping - to buy toilet paper, potatoes, carrots, eggs... basically everything. You cannot walk into a supermarket with your trolley like you used, now you have to queue up for everything.

Life is one long queue... rumours come round about a certain supermarket getting margarine and so everyone rushes there to wait and see - totally ridiculous!

That has been my life over the last two weeks but faith in God keeps me going. I hope you are OK too.

Your sister,



I was fortunate enough to have fuel to drive around at the weekend since I got fuel coupons to fill up. I say fortunately as my beer drinking habit has forced me and my friends to drive from one beer outlet to the other in search of beer, which has also joined the scarce commodities group.

Meat is very difficult to come by in Zimbabwe

Worse still, our normal braais [bbqs] of beef, pork etc, are long since gone. It's like finding gold if you happen to bump into them. I haven't eaten beef for over three weeks now.

Whilst driving round on our search for beer, we would enter supermarkets with empty shelves and lengths and lengths of people snaking around and outside the shop, either in a queue for bread or fresh milk or sour milk etc, the basic commodities.

At one point I bumped into a bread truck just about to offload loaves and so was very lucky to be the first one to buy some bread.

Think of us in our city of empty shelves where everything, even beer, is scarce.



My dear friend,

Thanks so much for your email - amidst the chaos of the floods of Britain! At least in Zim we have the sunshine - usually!

Shoe shop empty after price cut put in practise
Most shelves in Zimbabwean shops are empty

The costs of trying to get our library staff to work now is almost impossible since the bus drivers are charging excessively high fares and government seems unable to prevent it.

It is now difficult to find any food to buy so we are constantly on the look-out for anything edible. Salaries go nowhere so we have to use our own initiative to bail our staff out on a daily basis.

Our library and rehab dept is serving all the blind of Zimbabwe so if we close; none of them, old and young, black and white, student and retiree, will have books nor equipment nor anything.

We are still desperately trying to raise a further $40,000 (£20,000) to buy a house near the library to accommodate our librarian, Chisamba, and his wife, Sakina, and son, Patrick, (a keen Arsenal fan! Where he gets the info I have no idea), as well as blind adults. There is a big garden where they would be able to grow food. It would mean the salvation of our library, and enable us to keep going during these very difficult times.

Many people have helped but we just need this last final lap before Rotary can organise the purchase.

We do believe there is a future but we have to prepare for that future now, we cannot give up and keep looking for a sign of hope for this truly wonderful country and its people.

Love and God bless
Sister Mary


Hi Chucks,

Since my last email to you, can you imagine that at the moment I'm really grounded in terms of business opportunities and basic foodstuffs?

Firewood vendors pile up stocks of firewood at Harare's main marketplace
It is hard to find fuel for cooking and for cars

At the moment it is quite hard to get any consultancy work and when I am paid I only manage to buy not even a quarter of what I could've bought when I initially wrote the job's invoice. Although I have a BSC Hons in Financial Services and work as a consultant, I can barely feed myself.

At the moment there is hardly any work coming by because of the high interest rates and the general slump in business activity.

So as you can see I can hardly make any ends meet at the moment. A litre of fuel costs me almost 385 Zimbabwean dollars and when you consider that $1 on the black market is about 150 Zimbabwean dollars, you can see the people who we get the fuel from are really milking us. So any amount that you manage to make, you spend it on fuel and as you know my business depends on a lot of travelling.

It is quite hard at the moment for any form of business because of the high operating costs. And also the time you waste looking for fuel and basic commodities. And as you know in consultancy, time is money.

So as you can see my friend, you better start looking for some work for me in the UK because it is now untenable over here.

With regards,

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Amnest International Press Release


July 25, 2007

Crackdown on Women in Zimbabwe Tied to Protests over Deteriorating
Conditions, Amnesty International Says
Arbitrary Arrests, Torture and Imprisonment Reported

(New York) -- Women in Zimbabwe are suffering increased government
repression, including arbitrary arrest, torture and imprisonment by police,
as they mobilize to confront the country's deteriorating economic and social
conditions, according to a new report released today by Amnesty
International. In some cases, targeted women are refused food aid.

The report is based on the findings of a three-week research mission during
which Amnesty International's delegates interviewed scores of women of all
ages throughout Zimbabwe, from both townships and rural areas.

"Economic and social conditions for most Zimbabweans are appalling and must
be improved," said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International
USA. "Rather than attacking women who are demanding change and trying to
make life better for themselves and their families, the government should
address the underlying economic and social problems that are motivating
women to protest."

Women activists make up a very large percentage of the hundreds of
Zimbabwean human rights defenders who have been arbitrarily arrested and
detained for engaging in peaceful protest marches or meetings over the last
two years. Amnesty International delegates spoke to many women who became
human rights defenders following repeated violations of their rights by the
Zimbabwean government.

Most women interviewed by Amnesty International reported being subjected to
beatings and other ill-treatment while in police custody, in some cases
amounting to torture.

In addition, they have been subjected to sexist verbal abuse and derogatory
accusations aimed at discrediting their character and work. Some have been
detained in deplorable conditions with their children or while pregnant.

"Women in Zimbabwe should be praised for their bravery and determination in
the face of increasing government repression," said Lynn Fredriksson,
Amnesty International USA Advocacy Director for Africa. "Women activists are
aware of the dangers they face but refuse to be intimidated into submission.
They are demanding respect and human rights in the face of severe repression
that harms both them and their families, who are left without their care."

Women activists told Amnesty International that police often accuse them of
being used by the British and American governments with the goal of
overthrowing the Zimbabwean government. These accusations are often followed
by random beatings, with some women suffering serious injuries, including
broken limbs.

Clara, a 60-year-old widow in Masvingo province, is a member of the Women's
Coalition -- a national women's human rights organization. In 2003, Clara
spoke out against discrimination in food aid distribution in her village at
a community meeting. She was accused by local ruling party officials of
being a member of the opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change
(MDC). To this day, Clara is still not allowed to buy Grain Marketing Board
(GMB) maize.

Many women human rights defenders are not allowed to buy maize from the GMB
simply because they belong to human rights organizations or speak out
against discrimination or other abuses in their communities -- in violation
of their right to adequate food.

Women from both rural and urban areas in Zimbabwe are finding it
increasingly difficult to buy food, pay for medical care and earn a living
to support their families. The majority of those affected by the
government's clampdown on the informal business sector in 2005 are poor

Amnesty International delegates witnessed the desperation caused by daily
spikes in food and transportation costs, while most people's wages remained
static. In every location visited by the organization, women were
desperately trying to sell their goods, while at the same time trying to
avoid being arrested and having their goods confiscated by police.

Amnesty International called on the heads of state of the Southern Africa
Development Community (SADC) to redouble their efforts to end human rights
violations in Zimbabwe. The SADC holds it next summit meeting in Zambia in
August 2007. Amnesty International called on the group to insist that
President Mugabe immediately end the intimidation, ill-treatment, torture
and harassment of critics of government policies.

"Women activists are an important resource for the development of Zimbabwe
and must be seen as such by the government. They play a pivotal role in
addressing the many human rights challenges the country is facing. The
government must acknowledge the legitimacy of their work and stamp out any
discrimination against women," said Irene Kahn, Secretary General of Amnesty

Note to editors:

Amnesty International delegates made several requests for meetings with
Zimbabwean government officials to discuss their concerns -- both in person
and in writing -- but were refused an interview on all occasions.

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Mugabe wants power to name own successor

Chris McGreal, Africa correspondent
Wednesday July 25, 2007
The Guardian

President Robert Mugabe opened Zimbabwe's parliament yesterday with plans to
push through laws that will allow him to appoint his successor without an
election, and force businesses to give a controlling stake to ruling party
loyalists and others chosen by the government.
Mr Mugabe said he would not retreat from his order for all shops to cut
prices by at least half to try to curb hyperinflation. Officially, inflation
stands at 4,500% but some economists put it at five times that. The cuts
caused a short-term shopping spree but then brought shortages as shops could
not afford to restock and sell at a loss.

He plans to push through a bill that will consolidate presidential and
parliamentary elections, and require only a vote in parliament to replace a
president who resigns between elections. He also plans a law that will
require all businesses to be at least 51% Zimbabwean owned and managed.

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Total chaos as government does U-turn on some prices

By Tererai Karimakwenda
25 July, 2007

Shops and informal traders are reporting more confusion on the ground in
Zimbabwe after state media reports announced that the government had relaxed
price controls on some items such as bread and cooking oil. The information
has not been widely circulated by the officials so prices on the same goods
are varying from one place to another. Harare based journalist Angus Shaw
said this is the most confusing period since the authorities ordered
businesses to cut their prices by 50% several weeks ago. Shaw added that
there is nothing on paper allowing the price increases so people, the media,
the police and the government are all confused.
The state media reported that government is drawing up a new pricing
structure that would take into account production and replacement costs.
This is exactly what the government had ignored despite warnings by experts
that the price reductions were unsustainable and would lead to business
closures and shortages of basic items. And indeed many shops have closed and
shelves remain empty. Shaw said although prices are now increasing, the
products are still very difficult to find. He described the shortages as
The state's Herald newspaper confirmed the price increases, saying
government had created a Cabinet Taskforce on Price Monitoring and
Stabilisation, and the National Incomes and Pricing Commission in the last
three weeks. It is not clear when the new pricing structure would be
introduced. The report said a standard loaf of bread was now pegged at $44
000, 100% up from the Z$22,000 it was selling for earlier this week. Other
increased prices listed in The Herald include:
2kg salt which is now selling at Z$184 000, 375ml peanut butter Z$172 000,
250g tea for Z$287 000 and a bar of soap is selling at Z$268 000.
Meanwhile, there were other disturbing reports that farmers in the rural
areas were being forced to sell their meat products and cattle to the Cold
Storage Commission (CSC) at very low prices. The CSC has been designated the
sole distributor of meat products to butchers, despite having been shut down
due to mismanagement, corruption and massive debts. Shaw said farmers were
being stopped at roadblocks by police and soldiers who were confiscating
goods, particularly maize-meal and meat. He said sometimes the officials
kept the confiscated products for themselves because shortages are affecting
them as well.
A public debate on the government's price control policy has been organised
by the Mass Public Opinion Institute in Harare. It will take place on
Thursday at the New Ambassador Hotel in Harare.

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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US appoints new ambassador to Zimbabwe

Afrique en ligne

The United States has appointed career diplomat James McGee to head
its embassy in Zimbabwe, replacing Christopher Dell whose term as US
ambassador to Harare ended in early July, APA learnt here Wednesday.

McGee is expected to take up his post in August.

His appointment as President George W. Bush's envoy to Zimbabwe comes
against the background of frosty relations between Harare and Washington.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has accused the US and her allies of
fomenting instability in the southern African country targeted at removing
him from power.

McGee's predecessor left abruptly on 7 July, without bidding farewell
to Mugabe as is the norm for such senior diplomatic posts when leaving
Zimbabwe. Dell blamed Mugabe for committing human rights abuses and running
the country's economy into the ground through 27 years of mismanagement.

Until his posting to Harare, McGee was the ambassador to Madagascar
and had stints in Swaziland, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria and Pakistan in various



African Press Agency

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Drought, disease, poverty hitting southern Africa

Yahoo News

By Evelyn Leopold

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Drought, AIDS and chronic poverty in the
landlocked southern African states of Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe are
putting hundreds of thousands at risk of hunger, a U.N. official said on

"You have got very severe drought in three countries, some of the worst
harvests on record in Swaziland and an incredibly high levels of HIV/AIDS in
Lesotho," John Holmes, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator, told reporters.
"This is occurring on the basis of very vulnerable populations to start
with," he said.

Carol Bellamy, the former director of UNICEF, the U.N. children's fund, in
2002 used the phrase "perfect storm" in relation to several southern Africa
countries -- drought, environmental degradation, near starvation and AIDS
sapping the strength of the working population.

Asked if the situation was approaching a "perfect storm" now, Holmes said,
"You could say that," because there there was a triple threat in all three
countries, who have suffered from poverty for years.

In Swaziland, with only 1 million people, a third of all people between 15
and 49 are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. The harvest is the worst ever, prompting
the government in June to declare a national disaster.

Holmes said that more than 400,000 people in Swaziland will require
humanitarian assistance, and requested $15.6 million in emergency

Lesotho earlier this month declared a food emergency and an appeal will be
issued shortly, Holmes said.

The tiny country has experienced the most severe drought in the last 30
years, which slashed the corn harvest by more than 40 percent. More than
400,000 people, or a fifth of the population, need emergency food aid.

In Zimbabwe, where diplomats blame some of the disaster on the policies of
its leader, Robert Mugabe, about half of the financial appeals have been

An earlier appeal for $253 million has drawn a response of $123 million with
nearly $100 million donated by the United States, Holmes said.

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Mugabe provides yet another reason to pull out of Zim

New laws pave way to nationalise foreign businesses

SOUTH African retailers were given another reason to abandon their Zimbabwean outlets yesterday when President Robert Mugabe started pushing through laws opening the way to nationalise foreign firms.

This move has added to the fears for the safety of shop managers effectively criminalised by Mugabe’s decree to halve all prices.

But while former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan said in Johannesburg on Sunday that Zimbabwe’s “downward spiral is intolerable and unsustainable”, South African retailers are clinging tenaciously to Zimbabwe.

Major retailers such as Spar, Shoprite, Makro and Pick ’n Pay all have stores in Zimbabwe.

Spar, which has 83 stores across the country, would not be drawn to comment on how the current situation in Zimbabwe was affecting trading.

The Shoprite Group’s chief executive, Whitey Basson, said that his group trusted the situation would resolve itself soon.

He said: “In compliance with the government’s directive, prices of controlled products have been reduced to the levels prescribed. Some manufacturers have stopped delivery of supplies, which is causing a disruption to the stock and service levels of our store.

“We trust, however, that the present conditions will be speedily resolved.”

Shoprite has two shops in Zimbabwe, one in Bulawayo and another in Harare, while Pick ’n Pay has a 25 percent share in TM Supermarkets.

Tamra Veley, spokeswoman for Pick ’n Pay said: “TM Supermarkets, similar to other retailers in Zimbabwe, finds itself in difficult and unprecedented trading circumstances, which have been widely reported on.”

Veley said: “ By making statements to the media, we may compromise the best efforts of the people on the ground in Zimbabwe to run their business while complying with the various price controls. We ask therefore that you respect our wish not to comment further at this stage.”

A loaf of brown bread costs R5.05 in South Africa. The same loaf will set you back 20,000 in Zimbabwe, the equivalent of R3.20.

So what is the big deal?

With the dramatic drop of the value of Zimbabwe’s dollar and the country’s official inflation standing at more than 4,500 percent, working class people’s income cannot meet their basic needs.

A mother who has been a nurse for 30 years earns Z150,000, which today would buy her seven loaves of bread. A taxi trip to work costs her Z50,000. In one day, if she goes to work and buys bread, she has used Z70,000 — close to half her monthly salary.

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After Months In Lockup, Zimbabwe Opposition Activists Are Granted Bail


By Patience Rusere
24 July 2007

Two of 17 opposition officials and activists held by police in Harare for
several months were released on bail late Tuesday, their lawyer said, while
13 others were expected to be freed Wednesday based on a high court decision
to grant 15 activists bail.

The detained members of the Movement for Democratic Change faction headed by
MDC founder Morgan Tsvangirai were accused of involvement in March fire
bombings and of conspiring or training to carry out other violence, which
they have denied.

The opposition says the charges were fabricated by the state security
apparatus in an effort to paralyze the opposition faction in the approach to
March 2008 elections. The arrests took place in late March when police
raided the Harare headquarters of the Tsvangirai faction, seizing computers
and records and destroying property.

Lawyer Alec Muchadehama said Phillip Katsande and Sam Wakatama were released
Tuesday evening while another 13, though granted bail by the high court,
continued to be held by authorities due to a mix-up in court docket
reference numbers.

Those granted bail include Paul Madzore, a member of parliament for the Glen
View section of Harare, Solomon Madzore, and Philip Mabika.

Two other members of the MDC faction, deputy organizing secretary Morgan
Komichi and Dennis Murirwa, were not granted bail as their applications have
yet to be heard.

Muchadehama told reporter Patience Rusere of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe
that his clients were pleased to be granted bail but will seek to have the
charges dismissed.

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Zimbabwe: the abuse of police powers

New Zimbabwe

By Obert Chaurura Gutu
Last updated: 07/25/2007 08:57:29
RECENT events in Zimbabwe have put into focus the police's powers of arrest,
detention, search and seizure.

More than 2000 business persons, including some top-notch business
executives and politicians, have recently been arrested and detained for
allegedly flouting the recently gazetted laws pertaining to price controls.

It is my considered view that members of the public should be made aware of
their fundamental constitutional rights vis-a-vis the police's powers of
arrest, detention, search and seizure.

It is not in dispute that these business-persons have been arrested and
detained by the police in very curious, and in some cases, totally unlawful
and unjustifiable circumstances.

An arrest involves the deprivation of an individual's liberty and thus it
should not be lightly resorted to. The Constitution of Zimbabwe states that
the right to liberty is a fundamental human right, solidly enshrined in the
justifiable Bill of Rights.

It therefore goes without saying that a police officer would only arrest a
person when it is reasonable and necessary in the circumstances. Recent
events in Zimbabwe have lent credibility to the generally held perception
that the Zimbabwe Republic Police force is partisan, biased, unprofessional
and insensitive to basic and fundamental human rights.

We have come across cases where the police have promptly arrested people and
placed them in custody in clearly unreasonable, unjustifiable and malicious
circumstances. The writer perceives this type of shameful conduct as a gross
abuse of the powers of arrest by the police. Such a blatant and
reprehensible abuse of the powers of arrest should never be condemned in a
democratic state.

The police should always desist from the habit of playing to the gallery and
proceeding to arrest a person first and then investigate him later. Wherever
possible, the police should endeavour to obtain a warrant before arresting a

However, it is conceded that in very many circumstances, it may be
reasonable and justifiable for a police officer to arrest a person without a
warrant of arrest.

The recent spate of arrests in the so-called war against unjustifiably high
prices is in more ways than one regrettable.

Surely, was there any reason to arrest and promptly detain business- people
instead of summoning them to appear in court on a particular day? This
should have been the case particularly because the majority of the people
arrested are otherwise law-abiding and useful members of society with fixed
places of abode and chances are they were most unlikely going to abscond had
they been summoned to appear in court.

A properly constituted and professional police force should never allow
itself to be manipulated and used by certain powerful individuals and
politicians to push their own sinister and nefarious agendas. Indeed,
members of the police force should always be acutely aware that they can be
sued for damages by persons who might have been wrongfully, maliciously, and
unlawfully arrested and detained.

The Police Act (Chapter 11;10) and the State Liabilities Act (Chapter 8:14),
provide the relevant legislative procedures in terms of which members of the
police can be sued. Recent events in our country have left the reputation
and professionalism of the Zimbabwe Republic Police severely compromised.
This will inevitably lead to members of society generally viewing the police
force as an object of contempt, hate and ridicule.

Police officers should not simply proceed to seize items of property from
arrested people without following proper legal channels. In general, a
police officer who arrests a person may search such a person but the police
officer is required to place in safe custody all items taken. It is improper
and unlawful for police officers to take away seized items of property and
thereafter proceed to deal with the same as they deem fit.

In accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe, unless made by a medical officer,
the search of a woman must be made by a woman and must be made with strict
regard to decency. A female police officer may require a female suspect to
remove any clothing she is wearing if the removal of the suspected clothing
is necessary and reasonable for an effective search. However, the suspects'
body cavities may not be searched. At any rate, the search of any person,
male or female, must be conducted with strict regard to decency.

There is a difference between seizing articles and placing articles in safe
custody. Articles that have been seized may not be returned to a suspect at
a later occasion whereas items that have been placed in safe custody would
have to be returned to the arrested person at all times.

The Police can only seize property that is concerned in or on reasonable
grounds believed to be concerned in the commission and suspected commission
of an offence in Zimbabwe or elsewhere; property which on reasonable
grounds; is believed to afford evidence of the commission or suspected
commission of an offence in Zimbabwe or elsewhere and property which, on
reasonable grounds, is believed to be intended to be used in the commission
of an offence.

In other words, the police cannot just seize people's goods with reckless
abandon. The police should always ensure that people are arrested when
necessary and also that detention should be the exception and not the norm.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police should strenuously fight against the perception
that it has degenerated into a partisan and corrupt police force that is
frequently used and abused by powerful and influential citizens to harass,
torment and humiliate business-people as well as people who are deemed to be
politically hostile to the status quo.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police should play a central role in the promotion of
the respect for the rule of law and individual rights of people. The police
should help to foster a culture of democracy and should go out of its way to
protect the weak and the vulnerable. A police force should be the people's
friend instead of being the people's number one enemy.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police should be a catalyst in the fight against
rampant human rights abuses and political intolerance. As an essential and
powerful tool of the State, the Zimbabwe Republic Police should not allow
itself to degenerate into a power-drunk machine ready to crush and suppress
innocent and law-abiding people's peaceful demonstrations at the slightest
of an excuse.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This reminds the
writer of a moving speech made by President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa at
the annual general meeting of the SADC Electoral Commissions forum in Dar es
Salaam, Tanzania on September 27, 1999. In his address, President Mbeki

"Inevitably, therefore, the State will remain a powerful, venerated and
awe-inspiring social institution. Necessarily, those who manage this
institution have themselves to be seen to be powerful and therefore
awe-inspiring. Inherent in this is the imperative that these powerful
persons should remain powerful until death deprives them of the capacity to
exercise power".

For us in Zimbabwe, its still a very long walk to freedom!

Obert Chaurura Gutu is a Zimbabwean lawyer writing from Harare and he can be
contacted on:

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Hundreds pray for scandal-hit Ncube


    July 25 2007 at 06:59PM

Bulawayo - Hundreds of residents in Zimbabwe's second city thronged
the cathedral on Wednesday for prayers in support of outspoken Roman
Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube who is being sued for alleged adultery.

"The purpose of the prayer was mobilising and giving moral, spiritual,
mental and physical support to Archbishop Ncube," said Effie Ncube - no
relation to the cleric - who is chairperson of The Pius Ncube Solidarity
Coalition, a clutch of non-governmental organisations, church groups and
political parties.

"We also want to ensure he gets a fair hearing consistent with
international human rights and judicial standards as well as countering
state propaganda regarding the lawsuit," he added after attending the prayer

Last week state media published pictures they claimed depicted the
Bulawayo archbishop, a fearless critic of President Robert Mugabe, having
sex with a married woman in his bedroom.

They claimed the pictures were taken secretly with cameras set up by a
private investigator hired by the woman's husband to secure evidence of the
alleged adultery. The husband is now suing Ncube for 20-billion Zimbabwe
dollars (about R1,1-million).

Mugabe last Thursday rebuked the cleric for "snatching other people's

Effie Ncube said that Zimbabweans had "seen through the machinations
of the state and are standing behind the archbishop."

"This state-driven scandal cannot be allowed to deprive Zimbabwe as a
nation of its strongest and most consistent voice," he added.

"Archbishop Ncube has spoken fearlessly on behalf of us all, and
whatever the truth or falsity of these allegations, we will not allow this
great activist to be silenced."

Among high-profile people at the lunch-time prayer meeting were
opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) vice-president Thokozani
Khupe, lawmaker David Coltart and Paul Siwela, leader of ZAPU 2000, a minor
opposition party.

Effie Ncube said the coalition was concerned about the manner in which
state media covered the archbishop's case from the time he was served with a
summons to court to answer the adultery lawsuit.

He said the coalition had also drawn up a petition to protest "the
brazen display of pornography by the public media" and said over a thousand
people had signed the document the group intends to present to parliament
and various government departments. - Sapa-AFP

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Zimbabwe Election Watch


Issue 2 : 25 July 2007
The second issue of Zimbabwe Elections Watch highlights further examples of
breaches of the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic
Elections by the Mugabe regime. The South African-led SADC initiative to
resolve the Zimbabwean crisis is reported to be in danger of collapse as
President Mugabe has insisted that his ruling Zanu PF party will not discuss
a new constitution with the opposition. Zanu PF representative Patrick
Chinamasa said the politburo cabinet has decided instead to press ahead with
plans to amend the constitution through Parliament.

In an extract from the latest Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum report, the group
recorded an escalation in the number of cases of abuse by state agents: 373
in May compared to 318 the previous month. They include torture and the
curtailing of freedom of expression. The government's ongoing crackdown on
activists from the National Constitutional Assembly and the opposition
Movement for Democratic Change is of grave concern.

A survey released on 25 July by Amnesty International (AI) reports that the
political manipulation of food distribution persists, particularly of GMB
(Grain Marketing Board) maize sold in rural areas. The organisation notes
that in 2004, "food aid was often withheld from those who did not hold a
Zanu PF loyalty card, and was used in attempts to influence election
results." The UN World Food Programme estimates that 4.1 million people will
require food aid during the first three months of 2008.

Although there is no legislation barring foreign-published newspapers from
being sold in Zimbabwe, plans for the government's all-out propaganda
campaign ahead of the 2008 elections will include blocking distribution of
The Zimbabwean newspaper.

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Mann to appeal extradition


25/07/2007 10:49  - (SA)

Harare - The Zimbabwean High Court will this week hear an appeal against
extradition by alleged British mercenary Simon Mann, say reports.

In May, Harare magistrate's court ruled that Mann should be extradited to
Equatorial Guinea to face trial for allegedly plotting to overthrow
President Teodoro Obiang Nguema's government in 2004.

According to reports, in his notice of appeal, Mann wanted the court to
nullify his extradition to Equatorial Guinea and granted an order to have
him released from jail and deported to England.

The appeal was due to be heard on Thursday. The former British special
forces officer was being held at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison on the
outskirts of Harare.

Immigration detention warrant

Mann completed his mandatory two-thirds of a four-year jail term in May this
year, after his conviction in 2004 on charges of breaching Zimbabwe's
firearms and security laws.

He was now being held at Chikurubi on an immigration detention warrant, said

The charges against Mann arose after he and dozens of other suspected
soldiers of fortune aboard a Boeing 727 were arrested at Harare
International Airport in March 2004, allegedly while en route from South
Africa to Malabo to stage a coup.

All 70 men arrested at the time denied the charges. They said they were
bound for the Democratic Republic of Congo to guard diamond mines.

Most of the men were slapped with one-year jail terms for minor immigration
and aviation offences and were released in 2005. But, Mann got a seven-year
sentence, later reduced to four.

Earlier this year, the magistrate's court heard that Mann would face torture
and possible execution if he were extradited to Malabo. But, that country's
attorney general claimed Mann would only face a jail term if convicted of


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A defiant Mugabe ignores opposition pleas over Bill

25th Jul 2007 18:41 GMT

By a Correspondent

HARARE  - President Robert Mugabe has once again stressed that
his government would go ahead with its proposed 18th amendment Bill
regardless of calls that have been made by the main opposition leader,
Morgan Tsvangirai, to put on hold plans to harmonise the presidential and
parliamentary elections next year.

A senior Zanu PF official told that President Mugabe
told a party gathering that the 18th ammendment Bill would be debated in
Parliament in the new session he opened Tuesday.

Mugabe urged Zanu PF parliamentarians to remain loyal to the party until the
end of their term.

The veteran leader said this at a meeting held just before the opening of
the new parliamentary session. The House resumes sitting next week Tuesday.

Mugabe is proposing to harmonise the country's presidential and
parliamentary polls due to be held next year and he has since said he would
be standing for re-election.

The proposed Bill will also seek to replace the veteran leader
with a successor but without an election in an event he dies in office
or chooses to leave office.

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) Co-ordinator Tapera Kapuya said as
long as the country's ruling party continued tempering with the
constitution, the NCA would continue to fight until a people-driven one is
in place.

"A people driven constitution is the surest guarantee that Zimbabweans will
not be subjected to the whims and caprices of self-seeking
politicians...,"said kapuya

The Zimbabwean government has also proposed to nationalize all foreign-owned
firms which have not gone down well with the South African President, Thabo
Mbeki and the South African Business (SAB).

Said Eldred Masunungure, a political science professor at the University of
Zimbabwe, while commenting on the political situation in the country: "On
the economic side, we are looking at a government that is, in word and in
deed, continuing with radical policies, which in respect of the farm
seizures, badly hurt the economy," .

"The nationalisation of foreign firms may have a similar impact if it is
handled as badly as the land redistribution programme."

Masunungure said the Constitutional Amendment Bill, which seeks to
consolidate the electoral calendar, with clauses giving parliament power to
elect a new president if a vacancy occurred between elections, could give
Mugabe an avenue to retire after the 2008 polls with room to influence who
will succeed him.

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Magazine editor released after two days in detention

Magazine editor released after two days in detention, faces charges of
practicing journalism without accreditation

  Pays/Sujet: Zimbabwe
  Date: 25 juillet 2007
  Source: Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
  Personne(s): Bright Chibvuri
  Cible(s): Rdacteur(s)
  Type(s) d'infraction(s): accusation
  Niveau de priorité: Menace
(MISA/IFEX) - The trial of Bright Chibvuri, editor of the Zimbabwe Congress
of Trade Unions' "The Worker" magazine, charged with practicing journalism
without accreditation under the repressive Access to Information and
Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA), has been postponed to 29 August 2007.

Chibvuri was arrested in Plumtree on 3 March 2007, spent two nights in
police custody and was released on 5 March, at which time he appeared before
Plumtree magistrate Sheila Nazombe on charges of contravening Section 83 of
AIPPA, which penalises the practice of journalism without accreditation.

The magistrate postponed the trial because the state had received his
defence outline on short notice.

At the time of his arrest, Chibvuri had already applied for accreditation
but had not received a response from the state-controlled Media and
Information Commission (MIC). He has since been duly accredited.

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My Friend Midge

When the history books are written about Zimbabwe and the extraordinary
events that have overtaken all of our lives over the past twenty years, I
hope and pray there will be a chapter in the midst of all the lunacy, about
two extremely courageous Zimbabwean farming women.
Midge Joubert (in her fifties) and her mother Onie Dolphin (a grandmother in
her eighties) are women of courage, women of conviction and women who
steadfastly refused to allow tyranny and blatant theft to overtake their
lives for many awful and daunting years ...
But sadly their lonely and almost solitary struggle came to an end this week
when they were forcibly evicted from their homes in the Turk Mine district
of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe.
Not many farming areas have suffered as many horrifying circumstances as the
courageous Matabelelanders. Over fifty farmers have been brutally murdered
in this area alone since Independence in 1980 and the Joubert family has
been a thorn in the flesh of the government by steadfastly refusing to leave
their farm which is 94 Kms out of Bulawayo on the road to Nkayi.
In spite of tremendous pressures for many years now, daily harassment,
weekly visits of intimidation by dozens of officers in fleets of police
vehicles, wasting hundreds of litres of government fuel, Midge and Onie
stood up bravely and unflinchingly against the might of the provincial
police force in Matabeleland.
Is this a government led attempt to take over Portwe Estates, or is it the
personal greed of a single senior policeman Edmore Veterai ?
Matabeleland North Senior Assistant Police Commissioner Veterai is well know
by Matabelelanders for his active participation in Operation Murambatsvina
and for other atrocities perpetrated against the people. No one knows, but
history will tell us the truth I am sure.
Midge and Onei are fine and amazingly strong, but the worst will still come
with the reality that they are moving away from their homes for the past,
thirty albeit temporarily.
This week they were forcibly removed from their homes on Portwe estate by
the "Police" who are here supposedly to protect the Zimbabwe public but who
in fact, actually broke the back gate of the farm and chopped open the back
door of the farmhouse to gain entry !!
When Midge and Onie refused to even pack a bag the "Police" forced them to
pack some of their belongings.
They were then put on the back of a truck and dropped with neighbours .
The police officers then stole goods from the Joubert's home including
elephant tusks, TV sets, three vehicles amongst other things and removed
many of their loyal staff to destinations all over the country.
Is this a stunning brave display against two unarmed women, by the armed
forces of a supposedly civilised country, or the actions of power hungry
riff raff who under the guise of a uniform, show no regard for human rights
No this is blatant theft of possessions, of livelihoods, of the homes and
the hearts of good hard working courageous farming folk who were born in
this country and have been in this country for several generations and have
as much right to the land and the protection of the government as any other
person black, white or indifferent.
We salute you Midge and Onie for your courage and convictions and our hearts
break with you for what you stood for and what has been lost to us all as a
community and a nation.

With love, My Friend, from Maggie

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Beit Bridge crossings disputed


    Sibusiso Ngalwa
    July 25 2007 at 04:53AM

The department of home affairs has disputed the Democratic Alliance's
claim that 6 000 Zimbabweans cross into South Africa through Beit Bridge
every day.

Department spokesperson Cleo Mosana said that their records showed a
far lower number than that claimed by a DA delegation, led by MP Mark Lowe,
which had visited the border post on Monday.

"On Monday (July 23) there were 2 741 arrivals in the country, and
this is the figure for all nationalities coming through Beit Bridge. I don't
know where they got their figures from. For the same day, there were 1 635
departures. This also includes all nationalities, and not just Zimbabweans,"
Mosana said.

The DA maintains that the figures had been offered to them by an
official working at Beit Bridge and from interviews with business people and
farmers close to the border.

"I challenge the Home Affairs minister (Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula) to go
there and see for herself. They can argue the figures, but... there are a
lot of people coming into the country from Zimbabwe. This is a human
disaster," Lowe said.

He said they had also visited the Home Affairs offices in Marabastad
where they had found at least 1 000 people waiting to apply for asylum or
refugee status. Some even slept on the pavement outside the offices so that
they could be first in line when the offices opened.

Home affairs also dismissed a DA call to convert an old army base near
Musina into a refugee camp for Zimbabweans. Meanwhile the DA wrote to the
South African Human Rights Commission asking it to look into the Zimbabwean
"refugee crisis" in South Africa.

Lowe said that he would move a motion in parliament for a debate on
the Zimbabwe issue when parliamentarians returned from their recess.

This article was originally published on page 2 of The Mercury on July
25, 2007

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5.4 Christian Counselling Centre

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Tel: 744212 / 744580.  Email:

Dear Friends

The Scriptures tell us to "Carry each other's burdens and in this way you
will fulfill the law of Christ". (Gal 6:2).

We especially need to do this for each other as we go through this hard time
in Zimbabwe.

But, how can we do this effectively?

The Basic Counselling Course is a short course that will equip you to be a
valuable support to those around you.  It is useful to anyone interested in
people even if you do not go on to train as a counsellor.  Our next course
starts on 14 July.

The cost is the equivalent of 50 US dollars at the rate on the day of
payment (this includes meals, manual and a book.)

We ask for full payment on registration.  We do have some places available
so please register soon to avoid disappointment.

The details for the course are below.

Yours in Him,

Ian & Adie Wilsher

The BASIC COUNSELLING COURSE will be lead by the CCC Team.

The Course, spread over three Saturdays, will teach you basic skills to help
friends or family members who have problems.

Topics include:  * What makes a good counsellor,  *Active Listening,  * Why
people have problems,  * Crisis Counselling,  * A practical model for
counselling,  * Bereavement.

Date: Saturdays, 28 July
Time: 9.00 am - 4.30 pm
Cost: Equivalent of US$50 (includes lunches, manual, book & teas).

The Basic Course is a requirement for those wishing to train to Intermediate
or Advanced levels.


5.5 MAGNA PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL (Ad inserted 24/07/07)


Please be advised that the above Company has moved premises and the phone
number has changed.
We still offer continued professional and prompt service for the following

A.     Electrical repairs and installations
B.    Plumbing repairs and installations
C.    Home and Office renovations
D.    Extensions and Buildings
E.    Patios and Driveways
F.    Painting, Carpentry and Glazing
G.    Roofing, Gutters and Flashing

Please contact ROB and SUE

Phone         (04) 852658
Mobile        011 601 885   /   023 824 896
Email              / 



·          Fast and efficient dipping and shipping
·          Professional administration and storage of trophies
·          Taxidermy in the USA
·          Convenient drop-off

Contact me, Joe Wells on Tel/fax (263) 04 490677, Cell: (263) 0912 239305


5.7 KARIBA CATERING CLUB 52 (Ad inserted 24/07/07)

TEL (061) 2582 /2595, CELL:  0912259645/0912262631/0912416072

All your catering and beverage requirements taken care of & placed on the
boat prior to your arrival (see our Menus)

Houseboats hired to your requirements.   Contact us via our e mail : or call us on telephone numbers shown above.

Secure parking for cars and speedboats
Fuel can be arranged for you
Ice sales
Fishing rod hire
Tackle sales
Bait Sales
Any requirement will be considered if attainable

BOAT TRANSFERS:  Anywhere on Lake Kariba



6.1 Pets looking for homes (Ad inserted 17/07/07)

'ANGEL' 2 year old Tan/white spayed Jack Russell bitch, tail docked. Owner
leaving this week-end so very urgent.

'JESSICA' super brindle spayed English Bull Terrier bitch, very gentle, used
to other dogs and cats.

'KIBA' male pedigreed Ridgeback dog 7 years and his friend ' TANDIE also 7
and a pedigreed Ridgeback bitch. Owner leaving beginning of August.

5 years. Border Collie x bitch.Gets on well with other dogs but no cats
Please Tel Terrier Rescue Michelle on 884294 or 011602903 or e-mail




MONDAY 13 AUGUST 2007 (over long weekend)

All serious runners, fun runners/walkers, family and friends are invited to
take part in the second Kariba Half Marathon, sponsored by Cutty Sark Hotel.

Disco, full bar and catering at Cutty Sark after the race.

Email: or for more information or
telephone 011 208 218 / 0912 275 714


7.2 Country Juke Box (Ad inserted 24/07/07)

Come and party with Country Juke Box. Bring the family. Children allowed.
Reasonable bar prices, club menu and a great atmosphere. A wide selection of
dance music from the 60's to 90's, Country, Tiekkie Draai, Rock and Roll
etc. For details contact Joe Esterhuizen on 339378 or 0912 338414 oe e-mail

JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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