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Zimbabwe Inflation Data Delayed Again; Estimate Points To 4,530%


      By Blessing Zulu
      12 June 2007

Zimbabwe's Central Statistical Office has again delayed release of monthly
inflation data as figures for May were due out last week. But a private
consulting firm estimates year-on-year inflation surged to 4,530% last month
from 3,713% in April.

Focus Research of Harare said monthly inflation slowed to some 55% from over
100% in April. CSO Chief Executive Moffat Nyoni said the inflation data were
not ready.

Release of official data has been erratic in the past several months amid
allegations that the government has been massaging increasingly appalling
inflation figures.

The Central Statistical Office for the past year has published the data
around the 10th of every month, but the March figure, which hit 2,200% was
only announced by the Central bank on April 26 after weeks of delay and

Last month's data emerged May 16 but was initially released only to the
state-controlled Herald newspaper.

Economist Luckymore Zinyama, a former president of the Zimbabwe National
Chamber of Commerce, told reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for
Zimbabwe that nothing is being done to relieve underlying inflationary

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Mugabe's Zanu party and opposition to meet

The Telegraph

By Peta Thornycroft, Zimbabwe Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:17am BST 13/06/2007

      President Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF party is due to sit down for talks
with Zimbabwe's opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change, in
Pretoria this weekend.

      Zimbabwean sources in Johannesburg said the talks, engineered by Thabo
Mbeki, the South African president, should begin on Saturday. Mr Mbeki hopes
that the meeting - which would be the first in more than four years - will
help to pave the way for peaceful and fair elections in Zimbabwe next March.

      The South African leader was nominated by fellow southern African
leaders nearly three months ago to help find a solution to the crisis in
Zimbabwe where Mr Mugabe, 82, hopes to stand for another term as president
despite a spiralling economic crisis, record inflation, 80 per cent
unemployment and a recent violent crackdown on opposition activists. Mr
Mbeki has refused to condemn Mr Mugabe publicly as part of a highly
criticised policy of quiet diplomacy.

      The South African team is led by Sidney Mufamadi, the local government
minister, and the Reverend Frank Chikane, a presidential adviser. Mr Mugabe
has appointed two hawks to represent Zanu PF; Patrick Chinamasa, the justice
minister, and Nicholas Goche, a former security minister. The two wings of
the MDC will be represented by their secretary-generals, Tendai Biti and
Welshman Ncube.

      The two sides last attempted to meet in 2003 but the talks broke down
within hours as those attending were unable to agree on an agenda. The MDC
is currently threatening to boycott next year's elections over fears that
they will be rigged while Mr Mugabe has accused the opposition of acting as
stooges for Britain.

      Mr Mbeki's team has been in touch with both sides but the president
has yet to meet directly with either Mr Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC
leader. Mr Mugabe has reportedly shown a slight change of tone towards the
opposition, acknowledging that they have a role to play.

      Opposition members said that nothing had changed, however, and a
government ban on their gatherings remained.

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Snooping Bill goes through second reading

13th Jun 2007 00:59 GMT

By a Correspondent

HARARE - There was commotion in the House of Parliament yesterday as
legislators tussled each other over the  controversial Interception of
Communications Bill.

The Bill, which went through parliament for its second reading, has
generated a lot of interest, especially within the shrinking media
fraternity and NGOs, the opposition and others who are set to be snooped on
by the government.

There was heated debate and commotion in the House as Zanu PF legislators
supported the snooping Bill with the opposition standing against it.

The House had to be divided as legislators argued over whether it was
necessary for the Bill to go through the second reading or not and Zanu PF
won the vote 23 to 18.

Transport and Communications Minister Christopher Mushohwe defended the Bill
saying Western countries that preach about democracy day in day out also had
similar laws.

He said in light of the advancement in information technology that posed a
threat to national security, the Zimbabwe government, which has been
reportedly getting help from China to tap into phones, the internet and
blocking radio stations based abroad, had no choice.

He said in drafting the Bill, his government had considered balancing
individual rights as enshrined in the Zimbabwe Constitution and the national

MISA-Zimbabwe had earlier implored Members of the House of Assembly to
seriously consider the constitutionality of the proposed law when the Bill
came for its second reading

"In debating this Bill, Honorable Members should conscientiously examine and
enquire into the constitutionality of the interception of citizens' private
mail and telecommunications-related activities by the government as
proposed," said MISA-Zimbabwe.

"It is MISA-Zimbabwe's objective view that the revised Bill still falls far
short of meeting the democratic benchmarks expected in a free and democratic

"The House of Assembly should, therefore, take into serious and objective
consideration the concerns raised by citizens and the telecommunications
industry during the public hearings conducted by the Parliamentary Portfolio
Committee on Transport and Communications on the impact of the ICB on
constitutionally and universally enshrined fundamental rights and freedoms
and the civil liberties of ordinary citizens including the right to free
communication and privacy."

Of particular concern are the powers bestowed on the Minister who is an arm
of the Executive to authorise the interception of communication.
MISA-Zimbabwe noted with concern that security chiefs, all appointed by the
Executive, have to liaise with the Minister also appointed by the Executive
in deciding on what individuals and/or organisations to target using this
proposed law. Besides MISA-Zimbabwe's objections to the unclear intentions
of this law, there are glaring gaps as far as checks and balances are
concerned in the application and administration of this law.

MISA-Zimbabwe and journalists in the country said security agents have means
and ways already in place to track, arrest and seek the prosecution of
criminal elements without making every citizen a suspect subject to privacy
invasion through Ministerial certificates.  The media fraternity is
concerned by the implications this law will have on the development of the
telecommunications industry, which as stated in the ICB would be required to
install equipment and systems to monitor communications at their own costs.

This industry is already struggling as evidenced by the serious challenges
being faced by mobile and fixed telephone service providers, an
underdeveloped internet industry among other mediums of communication, would
be further damaged and any prospects for growth doomed. Public confidence in
this industry will be undermined and the enjoyment of freedom of expression
rights further repressed.

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AG sent on forced leave

13th Jun 2007 00:25 GMT

By Nothando Motsipe

HARARE - Zimbabwe's Attorney General Sobusa Gula-Ndebele has been sent on
forced leave, impeccable Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary
Affairs sources said yesterday.

The sources told Gula-Ndebele had on Monday told his
department's senior directors at a morning briefing that he was going on
leave starting Wednesday 13 June to 15 July, trying to cover up for the

"He told senior directors at a morning briefing that he was only going on
leave starting Wednesday," sources who attended the meeting said yesterday.

"He said he wanted to rest," the sources said.

New information however emerged yesterday that senior government officers
were not happy that Gula-Ndebele's officers failed to nail opposition
Movement for Democratic Change activists who had been arrested for allegedly
bombing police stations.

Scores of MDC activists, including former Daily News reporter, Luke
Tamborinyoka, were released on Thursday after the state failed to prove its

The sources said Gula-Ndebele's problems mounted following his officers'
consent for the release of two human rights lawyers, Alec Muchadehama and
Andrew Makoni, last month.

One of the AG's prosecutors was assaulted by suspected CIO agents after he
agreed to the release of the lawyers.

The sources also said senior government officials were also not happy with
Gula-Ndebele over the arrests of senior politicians including Chinamasa.

Chinamasa was early this year dragged before the courts for obstructing the
course of justice, while a deputy cabinet minister Bright Matonga is still
before the courts charged with corruption.

Gula-Ndebele has had a patchy relationship with Justice minister Patrick
Chinamasa. The two have openly clashed before.

The sources also revealed that Gula-Ndebele, who is loyal to General Solomon
Mujuru and the army top brass, also had a stormy relationship with police
Commissioner Augustine Chihuri over his office's failure to represent the
police when they arrested opposition leaders and activists.

"Chihuri was not amused when officials from the Attorney General's office
failed to nail several opposition activists who had been in jail for bombing
police stations," the source said.

With his connection to Mujuru and the army elite, the former soldier is,
however, expected to ride through the rough tide.

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On Clumsy and Futile ZANU(PF) Propaganda

Unimaginative attempts to discredit and divide the opposition will not work.

The ZANU(PF) propaganda mouthpiece The Herald was at it again on the 12th of
June 2007. It lied about the beneficiaries of the so-called Agricultural
Mechanisation programme. For the record MDC President Arthur G.O. Mutambara
does not own a farm, and is not carrying out any farming activities in
Zimbabwe. He has never applied for land or agricultural equipment from
Robert Mugabe, Gideon Gono or anyone in this criminal and illegitimate
regime. He has never been offered any such land or equipment by the ZANU(PF)
government. If offered he will reject it with contempt. Mugabe and his
patronage system can go to hell and hang. The malicious and unmitigated lies
in the Herald are clearly meant to discredit the opposition, while
attempting to divide its leadership.

The MDC is an African opposition party, rooted in Zimbabwean nationalism and
the history of the liberation war. Our critique of the chaotic Zanu(PF) land
reform program is predicated upon our belief that there was need for a land
revolution in Zimbabwe. Land was part of the basis of our armed struggle.
However we make a distinction between our notion of a land revolution and
the criminal conduct and corruption on land that Robert Mugabe and his
surrogates have carried out in Zimbabwe. This is not a land reform program.
It is visionless and directionless destruction of agriculture benefiting a
few elites at the expense of the majority. The so-called Agricultural
Mechanisation program is nothing but shameless abuse of tax-payer's money in
pursuit of cheap propaganda, while satisfying a few cronies to the detriment
of the generality of the people. It's a mockery and a travesty of justice.
Shame on you Robert Mugabe and Gideon Gono.

Ours is a different kind of land revolution. We seek fair, secure and
effective use of land with new strategies that will make the land green
again. What is required is a democratic and participatory framework that
endeavours to achieve equitable, transparent, just, and economically
efficient distribution and use of land. There must be an emphasis on
productivity, food security and self-sufficiency. Agricultural assistance by
way of inputs, resources and training should be through transparent
processes biased towards the needy, while putting emphasis on productivity.
It is critical that collateral value of land is guaranteed as this has a
bearing on property rights in general. Without consistent respect for
property rights and strict adherence to the rule of law there cannot be any
domestic or foreign investment in all aspects of our economy. Hence we need
to establish security of land tenure through the provision of title or
meaningful and proper 99 year leases, and not the worthless and ineffectual
ZANU(PF) leases. Land should never be used as an instrument of political

At the centre of MDC land policy is the holistic use of technology and
scientific innovation. Proper mechanized agriculture requires training,
planning, technological innovation and research, not uncreative public
display of a few tractors and ploughs. With an effective land revolution in
Zimbabwe land owners should be motivated towards beneficiation where
emphasis is placed on secondary agriculture. Under this philosophy, we
should encourage exporting processed agricultural products and not raw
materials. For example; export clothes not cotton, tinned vegetables not raw
vegetables, flour not wheat, and furniture not timber. Instead of selling
raw materials we should sell value added or finished products. This will
facilitate entrepreneurship, job creation, and thus ensure income for
Zimbabwean families and guarantee prosperity and food security for all.

The motivation behind the Herald distortions must be clearly understood. The
objective is to discredit and damage the standing of the opposition, among
Zimbabweans in particular and within the African community in general, while
creating disruptive divisions amongst the opposition leaders. These current
lies are a continuation of the falsehoods about the Blair SA visit and the
Dell Bronte Hotel meeting. Yes we do see the pattern, and no we are not
impressed. We are amazed by the brazen ineptitude, incredible laziness and
lack of creativity on the part of these intelligence officers and their
handlers. How desperate can this illegitimate regime get? They will not
succeed. We seek neither reconciliation nor accommodation with the mindless
despot Robert Mugabe. Tractors and combined harvesters will not do it. Our
mandate is to drive this tyrant out of office, by any means necessary.

There will be no compromise, retreat or surrender

The Struggle Continues Unabated

Arthur G.O. Mutambara

MDC President

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Zimbabwean Civic Activists Submit Crisis Views To South Africa's Mbeki


      By Carole Gombakomba
      12 June 2007

Representatives of Zimbabwean civil society groups met Tuesday with South
Africa's ambassador in Harare to submit their combined views on the crisis
negotiations being mediated by South African President Thabo Mbeki on behalf
of regional leaders.

National Coordinator Jacob Mafume of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said
activists met South African Ambassador Mlungisi Makalima and gave him a
document summarizing the views of a wide range of civic stakeholders.

Represented in discussions with Makalima were the National Association of
Non-Governmental Organizations, or NANGO, the Save Zimbabwe Campaign, the
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe
and the Women's Coalition, among others.

NANGO Executive Director Cephas Zinhumwe told reporter Carole Gombakomba of
VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that although Mr. Mbeki said he would not
entertain the views of civic organizations, Zimbabwean civil society
activists believe that their unified position as expressed in the document
transmitted Tuesday will gain his attention.

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Endangered species conference deadlocked on elephants and ivory trade

International Herald Tribune

The Associated PressPublished: June 12, 2007

THE HAGUE, Netherlands: Bickering African countries threw an international
trade conference into deadlock Tuesday over whether to ease an 18-year ban
on ivory sales, with opponents warning it will increase the poaching threat
in countries where elephants have almost disappeared.

Southern African countries, hoping to offload accumulated ivory stockpiles,
pledged to earmark the revenues for conservation and said renewed trade will
benefit their expanding elephant herds and the people who live close to

The dispute has consumed the triennial meeting of the 171-member Conference
on International Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES, the watchdog
organization that outlawed the cross-border ivory trade in 1989 to halt the
slaughter of elephants in Africa and Asia.

Three weeks of negotiations broke down late Monday after failing to bridge
competing proposals, either to further open the trade or to further restrict

"We were absolutely close to a solution," German mediator Jochen Flasbarth
told the packed conference hall. "We didn't succeed," he said, acknowledging
he was exhausted.

Kenya, which had proposed reinforcing the ivory ban with a 20-year
moratorium on discussions, suggested one more try, and the open debate
adjourned for more back-room haggling.
"Africa is huge and we all have different challenges," said Kenyan delegate
Patrick Omondi. "We really need a practical way out."

The conference ends Friday, two days after an unprecedented
ministerial-level meeting.

Herds in southern Africa rebounded after elephants were declared in danger
of extinction two decades ago. But the animals remain threatened in some
West and central African states, which have been ravaged by civil wars and
rampant exploitation of natural resources.

Several countries - Cameroon, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo -
have been implicated in a sharp rise in the illegal ivory trade over the
last two years, said TRAFFIC, a nongovernment wildlife monitoring group.
Sophisticated smuggling routes have been set up from Africa to Asia by
organized Chinese gangs, it said in a report to the conference.

Last week, a CITES body approved a one-time sale of 60 metric tons of ivory
by South Africa, Namibia and Botswana that had been stockpiled from animals
which died naturally since the ban was imposed.

The three countries, joined by Zimbabwe, asked CITES to increase the one-off
sale by another 40 tons and to authorize quotas for annual sales, with
profits going to conservation trust funds.

Kenya and Mali, supported by 21 central and west African countries, called
for a "rest period" on further sales, arguing that reviving the legal trade
would encourage poachers.

Compromise proposals centered on increasing the one-time sale to as much as
200 tons, and then freezing the issue for nine years.

The United States threw its weight behind the compromise.

"The elephant issue has dominated every one of these (CITES) meetings. We're
all tired of having to debate this question every time," said the U.S.
delegation leader, Deputy Interior Secretary Todd Willens.

Willens suggested in an interview that wider inter-African politics were
part of the background between the feuding camps.

Like the African states, conservation groups also were split on whether
easing the trade ban would harm or help the elephants.

A moratorium would give the Africans "a big chance to find a joint solution
to elephant management and to improve enforcement," said Peter Pueschel, of
the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Reopening trade "will be a
disaster for the elephants."

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature said it had no problem with increasing
the size of the one-off sale, saying it made no difference to monitors of
the illegal trade whether 60 or 200 tons of legal ivory entered the market
in a controlled way. WWF also opposed the moratorium.

But no matter how the trade issue turns out, "we still haven't solved the
problem of elephant poaching. We think they spent the last three weeks
talking about the wrong thing," said Susan Lieberman, WWF's director of the
Global Species Program.

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Don't Chase Big Stock Rally In Zimbabwe

Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The biggest stock-market rally in the world this year is happening in a very
small place, and for all of the wrong reasons. The Zimbabwe Industrials
Index has soared about 4,000%.

The country's economy has contracted about 30% since 1999, according to the
International Monetary Fund, thanks to the misguided economic policies of
Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe.

While much of the developing world is getting economic policy right these
days -- keeping inflation low and fiscal houses in order -- Zimbabwe is an
example of how badly it can go wrong.

Its explosion in stocks is tied to runaway inflation. According to the IMF,
the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has been giving public-sector enterprises
massive subsidies and funneling cash to troubled banks. It has also been
giving large loans to private-sector industries such as tobacco, gold and
cotton producers.

Zimbabwe "is basically printing money," says William Duggan, an associate
professor at Columbia Business School. "We'll probably see every trick in
the book as the productive base of the economy winds down."

Stocks usually rise when an economy and corporate profits are growing.
Zimbabwe stocks are soaring primarily because inflation is surging at an
annual rate of 7,500% or more, the highest in the world.

It now takes more than 50,000 Zimbabwe dollars to purchase a single U.S.
dollar, twice the rate of a month ago and much more than the official
exchange rate of 250 to 1.

Trying to preserve their capital, Zimbabwe citizens -- the few who have
savings -- are pulling currency out of banks and buying the one appreciating
asset: stocks. Momentum-chasing investors might also be playing a role.

The situation could be worse. In post-World War I Weimar Germany, the
inflation rate topped one million percent. Zimbabwe isn't quite there yet.
But this is one rally not worth chasing.

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Mugabe Extends Olive Branch To Opposition, But Sincerity Questioned


      By Patience Rusere and Chris Gande
      12 June 2007

President Robert Mugabe has urged the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change to unite with the government on matters of national interest.

The state-run Herald newspaper said Mr. Mugabe "reached out" to the
opposition in a ceremony Monday at which agricultural equipment was
distributed, saying, "there must be occasions when we must be together.
After all, we eat together."

Some officials from the MDC faction headed by Arthur Mutambara attended the
presentation of tractors and plows, including Umzingwane parliamentarian
Nomalanga Khumalo, Senator Fanuel Bayayi of Pumula-Luveve,
Lobengula-Magwegwe Senator Thabiso Ndlovu and Bulawayo-Nkulumane Senator
Rita Ndlovu.

Senior Program Manager Philip Pasirayi of the Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition
told reporter Patience Rusere of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe dismissed the
president's comments as grandstanding, saying the opposition should have
stayed away.

Movement for Democratic Change faction leader Arthur Mutambara told reporter
Chris Gande that Mr. Mugabe's gesture was a political gimmick and stated
categorically that contrary to what the Herald reported, he owns no farm in

The government characterized the event as a phase of the land reform program
that most economists agree is the root cause of Zimbabwe's steep economic

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MDC is losing moral and political authority to oppose

New Zimbabwe

By Courage Shumba
Last updated: 06/13/2007 09:00:53
THE opposition Movement for Democratic Change's failure to unite and advance
the cause of Zimbabweans as one opposition will be very costly in our
struggle against despotism.

Zanu PF with all their differences and disorganisation have done a pretty
job, realising the little hope of survival they can scratch united under
their aged dictator.

As for us, the opposition, our egos and ambition are so self-defeating one
would think we were the ones in power. This monkeying around is coming at a
big price. It is akin to attempting to abort a pregnant revolution that is
about to deliver. What real strength is there in an opposition that cannot
see that in dangerous and critical times like this, safety is in unity?

Our own history speaks of the importance of unity. The Zanla/Zipra forces
were a show of unity in our quest against imperial racism. The Rainbow
Coalition in Kenya was a show of unity against 'nationalist'
authoritarianism. The infighting in the MDC is misdirection and
misapplication of our focus and energy. This fighting reveals shallowness,
an emptiness of depth and resolve that can be dangerous if given power. It
is unbelievable that instead of keeping our eyes and minds on Robert Mugabe,
or whatever his real name is, we have the luxury to create new rivals
between ourselves.

Part of being a good governor, before we venture into discussions about good
governance, has to do with the ability to make priorities, to be flexible,
accommodating, evaluating, reconsidering, take responsibility and being
accountable. Accountability requires that not only should the MDC tell us
why they have allowed this expensive split to interfere with the core
business of the party but why they are failing to effectively deal with it.
This fallout has all the traces of weak minds. One would be forgiven for
asking if the MDC really knows what the pressing needs of Zimbabweans are
outside this self-indulgent struggle for personal power.

Does anyone agree that this crucial episode in our struggle with a
dictatorship that is threatening to entrench itself, is the best opportunity
to showcase personal distaste for one another over what are rather academic
differences about what was right or wrong about participating in 2005 senate
elections some two years ago? If it isn't about that fall-out in 2005 over
the senate election then what is it about?

People do not become good leaders because they are in government; they
become a good government by bringing with them important leadership
attributes they hold outside the structures of power. The failure to manage
this fallout has a sad telling about the political liability and
indecisiveness we may risk remaining entangled in even at the collapse of
Zanu PF unless we start thinking as people who wish to take on a much bigger
responsibility than running an opposition party.

The MDC leadership has a moral duty to ensure that it does not become itself
the reason Mugabe escapes with another unendorsed presidential term. By
assuming the responsibility to stand for the people and indeed marry their
wishes to its political brand, the MDC is answerable to the masses through
whom it claims its political legitimacy. Its leadership needs to understand
that Zimbabwe's main problem today is the ruling party and not the
structural constitution of the opposition.

The main point that must not be overlooked in all this is that we are not
yet in power, and fighting for supremacy in the right to oppose is fighting
for fictional and non existent power. Opposition becomes more effective with
many and more people fighting against a common enemy together than with
small fractious voices of discontent operating separately.

Zimbabwe's crisis today is about leadership. Zimbabwe needs people who can
make sound and exceptional decisions than it needs courage, bravado and
oratory might. The quality of a decision will be judged by its ability to
prioritise the common stand of our people. Our people today are eager and
restless in seeking to bring to an abrupt end the treacherous, brutal and
fascist continuation of colonial policy in what is supposed to be a free
African state.

An opposition that has inherited a dangerous habit of behaving like the
enemy we are struggling to remove is not helping that. We are fighting an
enemy that turned a promising regional food producer into a refugee
producing country. We are fighting a man who like Ian Smith still believes
Zimbabweans are the happiest Africans, a statement Smith once made and
regretted.We are fighting a man who like Smith believes there will be no
democratic self rule in Zimbabwe in his lifetime. We expect no similarities
between the party we support and the Rhodesian mentality of the tyrant in
charge of our country. We cannot afford to misplace our priorities.

Exactly what are we meant to benefit from Arthur Mutambara fighting Morgan
Tsvangirai, and Tsvangirai fighting Mutambara when both blows ought to knock
out Mugabe? It is sad that now when Mugabe is fighting dissidents within his
own party, the perfect opportunity we should have sent him flying face down,
we have chosen to undermine the importance of capitalising on his present

I have advised against participation in an election conducted in an
environment where free choice is rendered inexercisable. However, if the MDC
is to be headstrong, and participate anyway, the real danger is that this
present weakened outfit will itself be used to justify its massacre. It will
be harder to argue that you have been defrauded when you would have lost

If this does not matter to the present factions of the MDC, it surely is a
matter of critical concern to him or her who last had a square meal
yesterday, or the day before, who may skip today's and tomorrow's. If it is
not that important to Tsvangirai or Mutambara and their deputies, surely it
could have been important to a statesman whose vision includes a good health
policy that has sadly failed another Zimbabwean today.

The present situation in Zimbabwe has practical consequences; very tangible
implications visibly visited on the quality of lives of the people each day.
Each day a solution is not worked out someone dies of lack of drugs. Each
day that a solution is not found someone else starves to death. Each day we
find no solution another child drops out of school. Each day we delay the
finding of a solution another person becomes a first time criminal. Each day
we fail to take victory from Mugabe and his puppets, another Zimbabwean
crosses the border in frustration. That is the frequency of the desperation
by which we demand measurable maturity in politics as a standard.

Politics is not about privilege. That thinking will take us where Zanu PF is
dragging us. Politics is about patriotism; patriotism being the inestimable
and unquantifiably irrevocable love for one's country and its peoples.
Patriotism is the ideology that builds countries. In the absence of
patriotic faith, countries collapse from indifference. Patriotism overrides
the selfishness of the individual. Patriotism inspires justice, equality and
unity. In itself patriotism is a fuel awaiting ignition at the very onset of
national betrayal.

This is why Zanu PF will use force, rigging and threats because it has lost
the legitimacy to claim to be acting in patriotic interest. It is
doubtlessly nothing else but patriotic goals and values that win an election
in any democratic exercise. It is therefore very crucial that the priorities
of the MDC must be seen to pass the patriotic test. It is clear, from this
analysis, that the project to remove Mugabe is far more patriotic and in the
interests of national well being, which patriotism is about, than is the
administrative issue of who has more recognition, power and influence within
the MDC itself.

I believe that before this election which the MDC has a choice to abandon,
quite sensibly, takes place, there is a compelling case for leadership
re-engagement from the two senselessly warring factions. This should be done
for the people of Zimbabwe even if this is a bitter taste for the
individuals and a set back to their own personal positioning and ambitions.

Without proper calculation, most of these ambitions will remain a fantasy
but whilst that may not be anything of a national crisis, Zimbabwe will have
been robbed of a chance to deal with its institutional and structurally
entrenched political weakness.

What I am asking these two sides to do is what we have long demanded from
Zanu PF without relief - to put the national interest first. It would be a
shame for the MDC to continue behaving like Zanu PF -- sacrificing national
interest on the altar of pride, ego and personal ambition.

Courage Shumba is a former student leader and human rights campaigner

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JAG Open Letter Forum No.488

Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.

JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 610 073 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
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Letter 1 - Jean Simon

Dear Wee Willy

Once again CFU Congress is coming up, where the interested farmers and ex
farmers who believe that there is a future for Zimbabwean farmers and/or who
believe that there is some hope that CFU will be able to hold an important
place in the reconstruction of Zimbabwe, and are here in Zimbabwe, will meet
to chart the way forward and select their new leadership to lead us into the
next year.

As always this Congress is an important date in the CFU Diary.

While we know that there are many people who are unable to attend as they
are outside the country and not able to get back for the meeting, we always
hope that farmers and ex farmers will attend and become active members in
the Union again to inject new blood and encourage new ideas.

I challenge you to come out from behind your apron strings and "walk"
through the front doors of CFU with a positive, pro-active view to helping
build a future for all of us.

Perhaps you too could make a contribution towards our future?

Funny how one's perspective changes when they become pro-active!!

Best regards
Jean Simon


Letter 2 - Willy Robinson

Dear Jean,

I met with Roy in Johannesburg nearly a year ago and it was a very moving
experience for me, and I think for Roy it was fairly similar.
One of the most powerful experiences I have had in Australia is the enormous
value Australians place on their own people - stemming mainly from
Gallipoli.  Interestingly, Australians cherish the diversity of other
cultures injected int their own as long as those cultures embrace their
culture of "a fair go for all."

I have reflected on my own perspective as a result of my experiences.  Boris
Yeltsin told his people that he had failed to transform their dreams into

Zanu (read Mugabe) did actually transform the peoples' dreams into reality
but then proceeded to remove them - starting with the 20 000 people he
murdered in Matabeland in the Gukuruhundi.  With an estimated four million
people leaving the country and Zanu still destroying the social fabric of
society, the magnitude of Zanu's "means used" to hold on to power is clearly

As I write, there will be a new Zimbabwean being born and another one
dying - but Zanu (Mugabe) does not care one little bit for either, or for
anybody who does not hero worship him.  Similarly, there are Zimbabweans
(well connected to Zanu) who are making millions in the current situation -
these people clearly do not want change.

I approached the CFU five years ago and they informed me that they were
"working with the Zanu Government on the land reform programme."  Just as I
firmly believe that I could (and should) have done more about the
Gukuruhundi atrocities at the time, so I believe I have not shirked my
responsibility to expose the enormously powerful CFU for its complicity in a
genocide by starvation - commonly referred to as The Third Chimurenga.

I cannot alter my legacy of inactivity over the Gukuruhundi, and openly
admit it, but am satisfied with my efforts regarding the CFU - although not
necessarily with the results.

Once I see that the CFU is not acting in a similar manner to, and in the
interests of, Zanu, and actually cares about the poorest Zimbabwean people -
I will support it.

You are well aware that Jag was built around the Rule of Law, and Title and
my position remains unchanged five years on.
If you choose to refer to Rule of Law, Property Rights and Human Rights as
"apron strings" - I still believe that you are entitled to your own opinion.

Just as Francis Reitz left the Vrystaat rather than surrender to the British
(unconditionally) - so I also refused to surrender to Zanu.
Interestingly, Mugabe has done to Zimbabwean agriculture what The Empire did
to South Africa's agriculure a hundred years ago.

Best regards,
Willy Robinson


Letter 3 - Snobologist

Dear JAG,

Mr. Jarrett appears to have defined the ethos and situation facing the
incumbents at what we used to refer to as the CFU.
Probably about 4 000 ex farmers and about 500 actual farmers now.
A brilliant union achievement by any standard.
I believe we have actually moved into a new era with a new breed at the
building he is referring to.
I believe that they are best described as SNOBS - Sensitive New Order
Bobbejaan Spanners.
This is a new sub species of Bobbejaan Spanners.
SNOBS think only of themselves, their image and US$.
All of a sardine they need legitimacy and a mandate - for what now we might
Off dashes a delegation to Kezi to sweet talk SACFA:

"Matabeleland is always going to be a good catch to deceive the Fallen Four
Just get them back into Snobville.
Tell them anything they will believe.
They are oblivious to the fact that there are still farmers being evicted in
their own province just as we are hooking them back in.
Offer them fame and fortune.
Flatter them.
That will suck them in.
Then we can move on to Jag.
We really can keep Snobville going with only one member, you know - Doug of
course, and he can hide behind spokeswoman Emily's apron.
Really smart.
The Wayne Bvudzijena approach we learnt at the Scud House Seminar.
Nobody can see what we are doing for Zanu, or have done for the last five
We are so so clever, you know!"

Fallen Fourthousandville.


Letter 4 - Displaced and Disgusted Farmer

Dear JAG,

We are all experiencing and have witnessed since the year 2000 and for some
period before, the wanton undermining of all standards of living, breakdown
of law and order, and sheer greed displayed by those who should be governing
this Country and attending to more important matters in this regard.

Many people, more literary than I, have blossomed into print and both laid
out and forecast the outcome of the political manoeuvres and sheer arrogance
of a small percentage of our populous against the unprepared, vulnerable,
and peace loving majority of Zimbabwe.

I don't boast to be related to a rocket scientist, to be spending a little
time on my calculator to work out some of the reasons for our accelerating
demise and frightening economic situation, which may or may not be reversed
in months (or years to come) by certain bold political changes.

As a displaced farmer of nearly 5 years, now living in Harare, I mention
that it took our family of two generations spanning 75 years of hard work
and dedication to the natural resources, to build up and maintain standards
on a farm which supplied agricultural products to both earn foreign currency
and to feed the nation.  We were one of thousands of like commercial farming
families now made almost extinct for political reasons.  The scale for
generating wealth and improving the lot of all in Zimbabwe has taken on a
new slant, direction and speed, with the advent and persistence of greed.

I refer now to THE CHEF's SCHEDULE:-

                                Z$ Investment                      US$
Return on Investment Z$

Day 1                      250                                          1

Day 2                      50.000                                     200

Day 3                      10.000,00                                40.000

Day 4                      2,000,000,000                         8,000,000

                This represents a return on investment over 4 days
                                           Of 160,000,000,000%

                                NO WONDER THE "SYSTEM" CONTINUES!

Displaced and disgusted farmer.


Letter 5 - Cathy Buckle

Dear JAG,

This week all semblances of normalcy collapsed in most parts of Zimbabwe.
The supply of electricity was negligible for most of the week and we
found ourselves behaving in the most absurd fashion in order to remain

Going to bed at 7 in the evening in the cold and the dark - and 'waking
up' when the lights came on at 11pm.Mostly your body doesn't know which way
is up as it struggles to understand your new absurd routine. Doing the
ironing at 11 pm; downloading emails and working on the computer at
Getting up again at 4am to cook porridge for breakfast and being thankful
for that achievement as the electricity goes off again at 5am and another
day of insanity starts.

The eerie silence characterising suburban life was not much better in
shopping and business centres - machines not working, lifts not moving,
supermarket meat fridges defrosting, butchery saws silent, bakery ovens
cold, food going bad and people just sitting out on walls and pavements.

The absurditities of the situation kept slapping you in the face all
week.  One evening, in the cold and dark, Short Wave Radio Africa
interviewed a
top official in ZESA ( Electricity Supply Authority). Bear in mind this
Station is banned from operating in Zimbabwe and it's staff members are
prohibited from returning to the country - and yet the ZESA executive
speaks openly on the forbidden radio station! She had a great swathe of
in order to apportion blame for this diabolical situation and then uses the
opportunity to announce a 50% increase in the price of electricity. Oh
really, what electricity is that!

On Tuesday it was World Environment Day and again Zimbabwe was in the
quiet and the dark - at least we were doing our bit for the world - however
unintentionally! That absurd irony was then punctuated all day by the
sound of tree chopping and the sight of people pouring out of the bush
sticks, branches and cart loads of newly cut indigenous timber. 60 year
old trees felled in minutes - what tragedy for Zimbabwe and what a disgrace
for the country whose Minister of Tourism heads the UN body on Sustainable
Development. What disgrace too for the world who chose him for the job.

The near complete collapse of Zimbabwe's electricity supply is affecting
country areas too. In a rural area near me people are walking up to six
kilometres to reach the nearest grinding mill. They arrive to find the
mill not able to function without electricity and there is no option but to
leave your precious bag of maize and return the next day to collect it -
that most of it is still there. The millers are having to work at night
or whenever the power comes back on - its all about survival.

Perhaps the greatest irony of the power cuts is that at least now we
physically don't have the means to listen to or watch the propaganda on
ZBC radio and TV - a blessed relief, particularly as the bigwigs have begun
positioning themselves for the next round of elections - just eight
months away.

Until next week, thanks for reading and please take note of my new
website address:

Love cathy


Letter 6 - Eddie Cross

Dear JAG,

It would seem that South Africa is having a few problems with Zanu PF. They
have the gate to the holding pen open, plenty of herdsmen with all the
necessary - but the one group of steers is very shy and frightened. They see
the gate and know a little about what lies ahead, but shy away from final
commitment just when we thought they were in the process of accepting their

Although nothing is being said by anyone connected to the process, it seems
that the planned talks for this past weekend were postponed at the last
minute and that Zanu PF only submitted their position paper to the South
African team on Monday - a month after it was formally requested. It took
our team 5 days - this clearly shows who is ready to talk and who is not.

But I cannot see South Africa, as the supervisor in this particular
exercise, allowing these steers much more leeway. I suspect the whip is
about to crack again. Rumor has it that the postponed talks will start on

The situation has been clarified further in recent days. We had the
fascinating visit to South Africa by Tony Blair. He clearly set out the
position of the international community. He stated that something had to be
done about Zimbabwe. He then pointed out that something was being done by
the SADC States themselves. South Africa was coordinating the effort and the
international community stood by ready to move at short notice to help
Zimbabweans rebuild their country once a more representative government was
in place and doing the "right things".

I thought he was very clear, at UNISA he made another statement on our
situation that showed they are thinking this through. He told business
leaders and academics that the Zimbabwe crisis is costing South Africa 3
percent of its potential GDP. I have held that view for some time and
defended an estimate close to that at a discussion in Cape Town last year.
What I said also was that no developing State with the poverty problems of
South Africa could afford to forgo such growth for very long. What a
difference that sort of additional growth would make to South Africa.

What most foreign observers fail to see is that if you take Zimbabwe and
South Africa, and perhaps Swaziland, out of the SADC you are left with a
region that is growing at the same frantic pace as the Asian Tigers. Angola
will see growth of some 30 per cent this year - even though it is driven by
oil, it is still an achievement and if only the government could be
persuaded to stop stealing a third of all that new wealth, the people might
start being better off!

There are other imperatives driving this situation and which make me
confident that this time something is going to happen. They are: -

The first point is that the economic implosion in Zimbabwe is reaching a
critical point. Right now I estimate that prices are about doubling every
week. This could be seen on the local stock market where despite 54 per cent
growth in equity prices in one week, they fell back in USD terms by 10 per
cent during the week. Despite undertakings to business and labour leaders,
there is no sign of any fundamental changes in the policies being followed
by the Ministry of Finance or the Reserve Bank. Therefore I see no
possibility of this slide into financial chaos being halted or reversed.

When prices start doubling every day, business will come to a halt, people
will stop going to work, the army and the police will join the rest of us
and with guns in their hands anything could happen. I am not talking about a
situation that is months away - its now weeks. In April prices doubled in
one month, in May they went up by 200 per cent, right now I estimate they
are doubling weekly. July is not far away! Someone said to me that the only
good thing about such a situation is that it does not last long. The
question is what will happen when that situation becomes a reality?

The second point is that the floodtide of refugees going to South Africa is
accelerating. We have a long porous border with South Africa and Botswana
and even Mozambique. There is no way they can halt this tidal wave. I am
told that in many schools there are now so few teachers left that they can
barely function. Many children have also left school for economic reasons so
that the impact is not as great as might otherwise be expected - but add to
that the thousands of civil servants, soldiers, policemen, nurses and even
doctors and you get the picture.

I laughed out loud the other day when the SABC said - with all seriousness -
that they had 70 000 refugees in South Africa. The reality is that they have
become the main destination for economic and political refugees from African
States in the world. By the end of this winter I have no doubt that over 4
million Zimbabweans will be living in South Africa - under terrible
conditions and desperate to make money from any means to live on and send
home. The implications are frightening.

The third point that I make is that South Africa and regional leaders have
now decided to take action. In a statement issued this week, Mr. Mbeki
stated that in what remains of his Presidency he wants to resolve the
Zimbabwe crisis as a top priority. He has also accepted that he cannot
control the outcome of such a process, but he can make the process happen.
That is all we really ask - we will then decide what to do about our
leadership and our policies.

I encounter skeptism and hopelessness every day. But for the above reasons I
think we are going to see change - dramatic change shortly. I think the twin
track approach of the SADC is right - politics and economics are the oxen in
this team. If they can pull together we can get this field ploughed.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, 7th June 2007


Letter 7 - A Mother

Dear JAG,

Glory, glory HOT WATER I stay in the shower and luxuriate, wash my hair,
rinse it wash it again rinse it OH HEAVEN BE PRAISED

After 10days without electricity and water the simple pleasure of life take
on 'O' such a different complexion. Now what shall I do?
Hoover the carpets?  Clean the tiles in the light and with fresh water? Wash
all the crockery with hot water.
Make cakes? - have I any flour, margarine, eggs or sugar or has it all gone

Or I'll make pastry for pasties and today we will have a proper meal
But wait, the dirty clothes are piling up in the laundry and that must be a
After all morning and afternoon washing the pasties are being made when the
electricity goes off again.
But I am, we all are, we are running around making contingency arrangements
to continue living

or are we all mice being watched, played with, gradually eaten by the BIG
FAT BLACK CATS who are now determining our futures?

God bless
A mother

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Perfect For Business or Residential
Equivalent of 300 Per Month

Please contact Janna Pole to arrange viewing: 091 2 432523 / 870019 /


3.5 For Lease (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Industrial factory in Ruwa 1000 sq/m two houses on same premises for offices
and caretaker cottage with workshop and pit with big garden.

Phone fax 04-308551---0912235465 or


3.6  MALVERN HOUSE TRUST (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Malvern House was built in 1969 in Umvukwes (now Mvurwi) by the local
farmers and businessmen, and was intended originally as a retirement home
for the local residents of the area.

In the last few years most of the farmers have moved away and the facilities
are now under utilized.

The complex consists of a large central building referred to as the
cloisters, which includes the reception area, lounge, library, dining room
and kitchen.  Accommodation consists of 9 double rooms and 7 single rooms al
with en-suite bath/shower and toilet.  The current all in charges for this
facility as at July 2007 are as follows:-

Cloisters   (ALL FOUND)

1 room with bath and toilet for 1 person                          $1,386,000
5 empty

2 rooms with bath and toilet for 1 person                        $2,079,000
2 rooms with bath and toilet for 2 persons          $2,772,000

In addition there are 17 self catering cottages and 4 self catering flats on
the property, the rates for these are as follows:-


2 empty

2 bedroom cottages
$42,000 per month
1 bedroom cottages
$31,500 per month
3 empty

$26,250 per month

Lock up garages are available at                                    $31,500
per month

Care Unit:-

There is also a highly rated 13 bed care unit with 24 hour nursing care:-

Long stay patients
$2,142,000 per month

Other Charges:-

Cottage and Flat Residents Meals at Cloisters                $40,000
Guest Meals
Guest Nights

Al the above charges are payable in advance and are subject to regular


3.7 For Sale (Ad inserted 12/06/07)


Wake up to the calls of the bush within a stonesthrow of the city. 16
spacious 3 and 4 bedroomed houses in this most appealing setting.Next to
Wild Geese Lodge.
Payment plan over 4 months. For further details or appointment to view
contact the the Sales Team at Kennan Properties -Central Branch on 251643/5
or 794202/7/9
or Biddy Railton on 023 403 887




4.1 Need a break

Getaway and enjoy peace and fresh air at GUINEA FOLWS REST
Only 80kms from Harare, Self-catering guest-house
Sleeps 10 people, Bird-watching, Canoeing, Fishing, DSTV

REGRET: No day visitors.  No boats or dogs allowed.
Contact Dave: 011 600 770 or Annette 011 600 769
or 091 22 55 653 or email


4.2 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just bring your food, drinks and
relax.    Best value for money. U12 are 1/2 price

Contact John: or Phone 091 2631 556




5.1 Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repairs carried out personally by qualified mechanic with 30 years
experience. Very reasonable rates.

Phone Johnny Rodrigues:  011 603213 or 011 404797, email:


5.2 SpeedWorx - WYNN'S

Intelligent Car Service has arrived!

Why pay ridiculous prices and be without your car for days.

Our services are done while you wait & cost a fraction of the normal repair.

At SpeedWorx we will:

Service your car
Increase your engine's performance and improve your fuel economy
Completely flush your engine oil to prolong your engine life
Restore your Power steering performance and stop it leaking
Restore your Automatic Transmission performance and stop it leaking
Completely flush your brake system and make you safe
Stop your car overheating and reduce the risk of leaks
Remove bad odours from the interior of your car and keep it fresh

Services done at your home or office.

Contact: Bryan 011 612 650 or Russell 011 410 525.


5.3 MAGNA PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL (Ad inserted 5/06/07)


Please be advised that the above Company has moved premises and the phone
number has changed.
We still offer continued professional and prompt service for the following

A.     Electrical repairs and installations
B.    Plumbing repairs and installations
C.    Home and Office renovations
D.    Extensions and Buildings
E.    Patios and Driveways
F.    Painting, Carpentry and Glazing
G.    Roofing, Gutters and Flashing

Please contact ROB and SUE

Phone: (04) 852658, Mobile - 011 601 885 or 023 824 896


5.4 VIDEO PRODUCTION (Ad inserted 5/06/07)

Filming & Editing of Weddings & Special Events. DVD Production, Broadcast
Quality.  DVD & VHS transfers. Call Greer on 744075 / 0912 353 047

Greer Wynn, Focused Video Productions:  0912 353 047 / 744075


5.5 Unusual Flower Arrangements (Ad inserted 5/06/07)

For unusual flower arrangements for all occasions including iki bana
arrangements, please call Leighann Halfpenny on 011 632 272 or 302679


5.6 HARDWOOD FURNTURE (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Sleepers and Teak Custom made Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Bars , Even
Wrought iron and Pine  Phone Simon Silcock  persistently 668843
or sms 091 233 103 and I will reply quickly.


5.7 VISIO INTERIOR DESIGN (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Specialising in residential and lodge interiors - let us help you create
your dream home.

Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration - Rhodec International UK
Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare
091 2 432523 / 870019 /


5.8 THE PACKING CO (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Professional packing and crating of trophies
Secure storage of trophies with treatment to prevent any contamination
Thorough inspection of trophies
Trophies individually wrapped and packed in industrial boxes and strong
wooden crates

Fast and efficient processing of documentation
Delivery of packed crate and paperwork to shipping company
Weekly update on progress of shipment
Contact - Janna Pole, 19 Rolf Avenue, Ballantyne Park, Harare
091 2 432523 / 870019 /


5.9 Investing in a holiday home or retirement pad (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Are you thinking of investing in a "bolt hole", holiday home or retirement

Try the beautiful Eastern Cape.

Rob Owsley Properties specializes in property sales along the Eastern Cape
Coast from Port Alfred to Hamburg, including Riet River, Kleinemonde,
Mgwalana, Mpekweni and Birha.  The sales office in located in Kleinemonde,
20km from Port Alfred on the Sunshine Coast between Port Elizabeth and East
London in the Eastern Cape.

The long stretches of white unspoilt beach, warm Indian ocean waves and
peaceful lagoons make it an ideal seaside getaway.  The natural assets of
Kleinemonde make it an excellent venue for all river and beach activities,
including water skiing, surfing, boating up the unspoilt river, horse riding
on the beach, fishing and sand boarding and much more!  The beautiful
indigenous vegetation reaches down to the riverbanks and the ancient cycads
are in abundance.  Bird and wild life are abundant, the cry of the resident
fish eagles echoes in the silence.  In close proximity are various game
reserves and parks where the Big Five can be seen on day and night drives.
There are two excellent golf courses in the area, the Fish River Sun, 5
minutes away and the Royal Alfred Golf Club in Port Alfred.

All this makes Kleinemonde the ideal holiday home area and also a restful
and peaceful place to retire.

Contact : Rob Owsley Properties;  Tel. +27 46 6751021;  Fax. +27 46 6751126,
e-mail :

If you have children at school or university in Grahamstown, Rob Owsley
Properties also has many delightful properties available on their books for
short term rents.



6.1 FOUND (Ad inserted 5/06/07)

Male Dachshund, Tan with white muzzle.  Very sweet natured
Found in Pomona/ Doon Rd, At ZNSPCA HQ, 156 Enterprise Rd, Chisipite, Tel:


6.2 Seeking (Ad inserted 5/06/07)

Seeking Purbred or Pedigree male Doberman to cover a Pedigree Doberman
female. Urgent as the bitch is ready in 5days time. Please phone sherry 0912
724 595 or 852027/8


6.3 Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

My diplomat neighbours are leaving very soon, and cannot take all 3
Ridgebacks back - therefore they are looking for an excellent person or
preferably family to adopt ONE of their pedigree Rhodesian Ridgebacks, who
is some 18 months old - Sire a Sarula (Linda Costa), Dam an Umvutcha
(Sankeys).  If you or your family is interested, please respond as soon as
possible with contact details and information about your home/family of
interest to such a dog.
Please pass this information to anyone you know who might be interested.

Please contact:


6.4 PUPPY WANTED (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

The following puppy wanted: - Bull Terrier; Bull Mastiff; Rottwieler; Boer
Bull; Bull Mastiff or any cross with the above.  Contact Debbie on 091 2 830
953 or 492519 (After Hours)


6.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

409 353



7.1 Book Sale (Ad inserted 5/06/07)

Jig saw puzzles, magazines, records

SATURDAY10 JUNE, 10 - 1 PM, 156 Enterprise Rd, ZNSPCA HQ



MONDAY 13 AUGUST 2007 (over long weekend)

All serious runners, fun runners/walkers, family and friends are invited to
take part in the second Kariba Half Marathon, sponsored by Cutty Sark Hotel.

Disco, full bar and catering at Cutty Sark after the race.

Email: or for more information or
telephone 011 208 218 / 0912 275 714


7.3 SOCIAL GATHERINGS (Ad inserted 12/06/07)

Come and dance with Country Juke Box. Bring the family. Children allowed.
Reasonable bar prices, club menu and a great atmosphere. A wide selection of
dance music from the 60's to 90's, Country, Tiekkie Draai, Rock and Roll
etc. Contact Joe on 339378 or 0912 338414 for details.

JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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