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Harare urged to release sick prisoners

Zim Online

Thu 15 June 2006

††††† HARARE - A Zimbabwe parliamentary committee has urged the government
to release hundreds of mostly HIV/AIDS afflicted prisoners from its
overcrowded jails because they were just too sick to be a threat to society

††††† In a report compiled after touring the country's jails to assess
conditions there, the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Legal and
Parliamentary Affairs said there were a "lot of bed-ridden prisoners" who
should be released as they no longer posed a threat to society.

††††† "There were a lot of sick prisoners at every prison visited. A lot of
them were suffering from HIV and AIDS-related diseases," says the report
which was tabled in Parliament recently.

††††† Apart from AIDS, most of the sick inmates in the country's jails were
also suffering from tuberculosis and pellagra, a skin disease caused by

††††† Zimbabwe's jails are notorious for their overcrowding and lack of food
with independent reports last year suggesting that at least five prisoners
were dying of disease every month at the notorious Chikurubi maximum
security prison on Harare's eastern boundary.

††††† Prisoners were also failing to access life-prolonging anti-retroviral
drugs while the few who were lucky to get the drugs were at the risk of
developing resistance because of erratic supplies of ARVs, says the report.

††††† "The committee appeals for adequate supplies of ARVs to ensure that
prisoners are not deprived of these life-prolonging drugs and that they do
not develop resistance to the drugs due to erratic supplies," says the

††††† Overcrowding plus a shortage of medical drugs in prison hospitals has
seen the spread of infectious diseases in Zimbabwe's jails. Earlier this
year, there were reports that prisoners were being forced to go naked due to
a serious shortage of uniforms.

††††† Food is also in short supply with numerous reports in the past saying
inmates were going for months without running water. Poor diet has also
resulted in higher incidences of malnutrition-related illnesses among

††††† President Robert Mugabe's government is hard-pressed for resources as
it grapples an acute food shortage affecting a quarter of the country's 12
million people and a severe economic crisis that has spawned shortages of
fuel, electricity, essential medical drugs among other key commodities. -

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Without opposition-led mass action, Mugabe will not shift an inch

Zim Online

Thu 15 June 2006

††††† HARARE - Fresh demands by the opposition for President Robert Mugabe
to accept a new constitution and elections to avert a Ukraine-style uprising
against his government were an olive branch that would find no taker unless
backed by nationwide street protests, according to analysts.

††††† The leader of the mainstream opposition Movement for Democratic Change
(MDC) party Morgan Tsvangirai last week unveiled what he said was a
"roadmap' to ending Zimbabwe's unprecedented political and economic crises.

††††† The roadmap includes demands that Mugabe accepts a new constitution
and that he steps down for a transitional government to take over and
organise fresh elections under international supervision. The MDC in
alliance with national civic society would resort to mass action if the
82-year old President refuses to accept their demands, according to

††††† But University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer and Mugabe
critic, John Makumbe said the veteran President would "definitely ignore"
the demands by the opposition and its civic allies unless they first
demonstrated on the ground through nationwide street protests that they
wielded enough power to endanger his government.

††††† "Without evident show of their power on the ground, Mugabe would
definitely ignore them," Makumbe told ZimOnline.

††††† Makumbe said Mugabe and his government were probably at their most
desperate moment with inflation running above 1 000 percent and food
shortages stalking the country.

††††† But he said even then the Zimbabwean leader would rather negotiate
with Britain and the European Union than with an opposition party he
essentially believed was a puppet of the West - unless of course there was
enough mass pressure on the ground.

††††† Mugabe often accuses the MDC - that was six years ago forged by
Tsvangirai out of the labour movement and various civic society movements -
of being a front for Western powers out to dethrone his government as
punishment after he seized white farms for redistribution to landless

††††† Addressing journalists in Harare last Friday, Tsvangirai, who
initially in March vowed to roll out nationwide anti-government mass
demonstrations without any pre-conditions, said the demands outlined in the
new roadmap were an attempt to a find a legal and peaceful way to resolve
Zimbabwe's deepening crisis.

††††† Tsvangirai unveiled his roadmap in the wake of mounting pressure from
the domestic front and the international community including United
Secretary General Kofi Annan on Mugabe to act to resolve Zimbabwe's
political and economic crises.

††††† Annan was recently quoted in the international media as having said he
still had plans to visit Harare, with sources saying the UN chief planned to
ask Mugabe to leave power in return for massive international aid for
Zimbabwe and guarantees that the ageing President would not be prosecuted
for crimes committed while he was in office.

††††† Many analysts say Annan may be the only hope left for Zimbabwe first
because they say Mugabe might find the offer for immunity from prosecution
too tempting to resist and may therefore agree to leave power.

††††† Secondly, the analysts see little hope in the MDC marshalling enough
power to arm-twist Mugabe to change saying the opposition party is too
weakened after it split last year. They also say the possibility of a
ruthless clampdown by the army on mass protests meant that that route was
unsafe and unpredictable as an option against Mugabe and his government.

††††† But Harare media and political analyst Takura Zhangazha was adamant
that Mugabe would not give in to demands or roadmaps from Tsvangirai or even
Annan unless the opposition and its civic allies began to actively threaten
his hold on power through mass action.

††††† Zhangazha said: "Mugabe has reached a stage where he cannot budge to
documents such as roadmaps and position papers. To arm twist Mugabe, the MDC
needs to show him that they have the people and the power on the ground.

††††† "They need to show their popular support on the ground ... and the
protests have to be massive and nationwide if they are to have any
significance to the regime."

††††† Zimbabwe is grappling a multi-layered crisis characterised by high
inflation of 1 193.5 percent, shortages of food, fuel, electricity,
essential medicines and just about every basic survival commodity.

††††† The southern African country had one of Africa's brightest economies
at independence from Britain in 1980 but now has the world's fastest
shrinking economy outside a war zone, while half of its 12 million people
survive on food handouts from international aid agencies.

††††† The MDC and Western governments blame Zimbabwe's crisis on repression
and mismanagement by Mugabe who has ruled the country since independence, a
charge the President denies. - ZimOnline

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International labour body condemns harassment of Zimbabwe trade unionists

Zim Online

Thu 15 June 2006

††††† HARARE - The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has condemned the
persecution of trade union leaders by President Robert Mugabe's government
and said it was planning a mission to Zimbabwe to probe harassment of labour
leaders in the country.

††††† In a report released on Monday this week but made available to
ZimOnline yesterday, the Geneva-based international umbrella union body
listed Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Djibouti as countries where authorities
continued to trample on trade union rights.

††††† In the case of Zimbabwe, the ILO said it had received serious
allegations of assault, arbitrary detention and attempted murder of union
leaders allegedly by militant supporters of the state and its agents.

††††† The ILO said: "In the case of Zimbabwe, the (ILO) committee reached
interim conclusions for the third time concerning serious allegations of
attempted murders, assaults, intimidation, arbitrary arrests and detentions,
as well as arbitrary dismissals and transfers committed against trade
unionists and members of their families.

††††† "The committee reiterated its deep concern with the extreme
seriousness of the general trade union climate in Zimbabwe."

††††† It was not possible to get comment immediately on the ILO report from
Zimbabwe Labour Minister Nicholas Goche.

††††† Zimbabwe was together with Iran and Myanmar again named by the ILO
last year for cited serious infringements on union rights.

††††† The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has clashed with the
government on several occasions in recent years over worsening poverty and
economic hardships faced by workers.

††††† ZCTU president Lovemore Matombo and secretary general Wellington
Chibhebhe have been arrested on many occasions for leading workers in
strikes for better pay and living conditions.

††††† The Harare administration however denies persecuting union leaders and
instead accuses the ZCTU of working together with the main opposition
Movement for Democratic Change party - born out of the labour union eight
years ago - to overthrow it from power. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwean, Chinese firms sign more deals on joint ventures

People's Daily

††††† Zimbabwean ministries and companies have signed more deals with
Chinese firms for the supply of broadcasting transmission, irrigation,
tillage and construction equipment, the official newspaper The Herald
reported on Wednesday.

††††† Under the broadcasting transmission equipment deal, the Zimbabwe
Mining Development Corporation and Star Communications of China will form a
joint venture for chrome mining, the newspaper said.

††††† Money generated from the mining venture will be used to pay for the
transmission equipment, it said.

††††† The Zimbabwean Ministry of Water Resources and Infrastructure
Development signed two deals for the supply of irrigation and tillage
equipment, borehole drilling and road construction equipment with China
National Construction and Agriculture Machinery Import and Export
Corporation and China Poly Group Corporation.

††††† The singing ceremonies of the deals took place in China's capital of
Beijing, and were witnessed by the visiting Zimbabwean Vice President Joice
Mujuru and other Zimbabwean officials, who were there for a week-long tour.

††††† Source: Xinhua

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I walked into a business here in Bulawayo this morning to discover that the
staff was basically cleaning up prior to shutting down. The owners were
already in South Africa - they had left without telling many friends that
they were going. This is an event taking place across the country right
now - business people are deciding that they have had enough. They cannot
export at ruling exchange rates, local demand has simply disappeared and
they have no raw materials and no cash to continue operating.

The Zimbabwe economy is closing down - literally. We have inflation now at
nearly 1200 per cent per annum (28 per cent in May and 21 per cent in April
so it is still accelerating). But unlike the situation in most other
countries that have experienced hyperinflation, the Zimbabwe economy is
imploding at the same time. GDP is now down about 50 per cent, exports by
two thirds and if it is at all possible, output in all sectors - mining,
agriculture, industry is down again this year over last.

The reasons for the implosion in the economy are largely self-inflicted.
They rank from open threats against owners of businesses, expropriation and
theft of assets by people associated with the ruling Party. The near
collapse of the legal system and massive political interference with what is
left. To this you can add total confusion in terms of macro economic,
monetary and fiscal policy. Totally skewed exchange rates accompanied by
wholesale theft of revenues and the misuse of scarce resources allocated on
a patronage basis.

In recent weeks the reports of accelerated decline have poured in - gold
output down by a third on last year, winter cropping down 50 per cent,
electricity supplies down to 70 per cent of demand and threatening economic
activity across the board. The tobacco crop down by a third and prospects
that the coming crop could be very small - perhaps less than 20 000 tonnes.
Industrial activity shrinking fast and, if it was at all possible, the
numbers of foreign tourists still dropping.

The only sector that remains an area of potential growth is the mining
sector - driven by the very buoyant international prices for minerals and
the existence in Zimbabwe of considerable reserves of chrome, nickel and
platinum, plus a host of other less strategic minerals. Even here, despite
intense international interest, all maintenance and development is on hold.
Threats to expropriate more than half the equity invested in existing mines
have stopped the industry in its tracks.

In Bulawayo - once the industrial heartland of the country, the decline is
clearly evident in the empty streets and long lines of empty parking bays
outside stores in the City center. It is also evident at 17.00 hours every
day when in the past thousands of workers walked from factories to bus
depots for their journey home. Now the streets are virtually silent and
there are no buses at all.

I know it sounds like a broken record but it is the maize situation that
highlights the sheer lunacy of this regimes management of the economy for
me. Just look at these numbers.

We require 5 000 tonnes of maize a day to feed the country. Of this 3 600
tonnes is for human consumption as maize meal. Last year the State imported
1 million tonnes of this product into the country and in addition donors
supplied basic foods for over 3 million people every day. As I write, some 2
000 tonnes of white maize is coming into Zimbabwe from South Africa every
day. This costs about R1200 per tonne (at least) and on top of this you must
add another R160 per tonne for administration. So we are talking about a
product that costs R1360 per tonne - perhaps even R1400 per tonne when it is
finally sold to the local millers.

The selling price of the GMB is R12 per tonne at market based exchange
rates, R37.50 at the bank rate. Whatever they sell it for, the loss on the
product is well over 99 per cent of its cost. The numbers are just
staggering - at official exchange rates (which bear no relation to reality)
the loss is Z$22,4 million a tonne or Z$44,8 billion a DAY!

How do they manage this? They don't. I must assume that the South African
government is in fact providing the maize on credit to Zimbabwe in an effort
to keep the Mugabe regime afloat. This means that, at last years rate of
imports South Africa is building up debt with Zimbabwe at the rate of R3
million a day. Add that to the power subsidies being ploughed into the
Zimbabwe economy at the same time - also through another bankrupt parastatal
and you come to the total debt build up of some R2 billion a year at the
very least (US$350 million).

Zimbabwe did the same thing with Kabila in the Congo - we sent in 15 000
troops with all their support equipment and it cost us over US$1,3 million a
day for 4 years - we got nothing back and it is one of the reasons for the
collapse in the Zimbabwean economy. South Africa can afford to spend this
sort of money - but I also assume the South African government has not
informed its own stakeholders and tax payers of the liabilities building up.
They are simply fudging the books. For his part Mugabe has no intention,
like Kabila, of ever paying the debt back.

In other areas the South Africans are also covering up the real facts.
Illegal migration to South Africa via Botswana has been estimated at 500
people per day and via the Limpopo border with South Africa at 2 500 a day -
that is one million new illegal migrants a year. Some are caught and
returned, most disappear into the murky depths of South African slums and
townships. Some of this movement is simply people going home for a few
days - but many are new entrants to South Africa.

The full impact of the implosion in the Zimbabwe economy has yet to be felt
in South Africa, even at these horrific levels of social dislocation. Things
can only get worse. I watch the great success of the German World Cup today
and wonder if the South African event in 2010 will not become a victim? It
could so easily. I also read in the Mail and Guardian newspaper that the ANC
alliance is under threat. This would destabilize South Africa in a big way
if it happened. Why play with the possibilities? All South Africa has to do
is use its leverage on Mugabe. Is that so hard to understand or do?
Everybody tells me this will never happen and they have all sorts of
reasons - none of them very rational, to explain why. Often this argument is
accompanied by a lot of African mumbo jumbo - nonsense. It all boils down to

When the price of Zimbabwean stupidity and intransigence gets too high,
those with power and leverage over the situation here will pull the levers
and then I expect a real breakthrough. The question is are any of us ready
for that event, or will it simply be another Tsunami that washes away the
good with the bad?

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, 14th June 2006.

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Zimbabwe faces crippling power cuts as Zesa debt rises

Business Report

June 14, 2006

By From Sapa-DPA

Harare - Coal supplies to Zimbabwe's main power stations had been massively
scaled down, further crippling electricity supply in the country, reports
said yesterday.

Hwange Colliery Company had cut supplies to Zimbabwe Electricity Supply
Authority (Zesa) by 40 percent over unpaid bills, said The Herald. Zesa was
now generating only 90 megawatts of power at the 650MW station.

Power cuts took a rapid turn for the worse over the weekend, with residents
of some parts of Harare and other cities reporting cuts that lasted up to
seven hours every day since Friday.

Zesa owed Hwange Colliery Z$500 billion (R33 million), a debt that had been
accumulating since January, said The Herald. It said President Robert
Mugabe's cabinet would not allow it to charge higher tariffs because that
would push inflation up even further.

Annual inflation is running at 1 193.5 percent in Zimbabwe, the highest rate
in the world.

Godfrey Dzinomwa, the managing director of Hwange Colliery, confirmed that
coal supplies to Zesa had been scaled down and said Zesa's failure to pay
was constraining its operations.

Authorities in Zimbabwe are aware of the urgent need to improve
power-generating capacity ahead of an expected regional shortage in 2007.

Vice-president Joyce Mujuru this weekend witnessed the signing of a $1.3
billion (R8.8 billion) contract with China. The deal involves Chinese
companies developing coal mines and power stations in return for chrome.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mirror, Bloomberg reported that Zimbabwe
might sell 40 percent of TelOne, the state-owned fixed-line phone monopoly,
to Russian investors. Harare had also held talks with Iranian and Chinese

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Canada promises aid to help combat malnutrition in Zimbabwe

People's Daily

††††† The Canadian International Development Agency will inject 900,000 U.S.
dollars to support efforts to combat malnutrition and blindness in Zimbabwe,
a diplomat said on Tuesday.

††††† Canada's Ambassador to Zimbabwe Roxanne Dub made the announcement at
the launching ceremony of the Zimbabwean government's immunization program
for children under five years old.

††††† "For some time now, Canada has played a leading role in mitigating the
effects of malnutrition in the region. We are encouraged that some two
million children in Zimbabwe will benefit directly, preventing an estimated
4,900 deaths. For as little as one U.S. dollar per person, a twice-yearly
distribution of high- dose vitamin-A capsules will prevent blindness and
improve these children's chances of survival," she said.

††††† The Canadian embassy said in a statement the initiative, which is
being implemented by Hellen Keller International, in collaboration with
UNICEF and WHO, aims to reduce mortality in children under the age of five
through promoting sustained, high- coverage Vitamin A supplementation
combined with other child survival health interventions.

††††† In Zimbabwe, 28 percent of children below the age of five are
reportedly Vitamin A deficient (VAD) and annual deaths attributable to VAD
have been estimated at 4,900.

††††† Source: Xinhua

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Paranoid Mugabe leads Zimbabwe to edge of abyss

Business Day

Posted to the web on: 14 June 2006

Dumisani Muleya


THE International Crisis Group (ICG), a Brussels-based think-tank run by
retired statesmen, last week released a report on Zimbabwe warning of
possible political instability and violence in the country if the situation
does not change.

The ICG says Zimbabwe is hurtling towards becoming a failed state plagued by
insecurity and chaos.

It says prospects for anarchy are high because of the current political
turmoil, economic emergency, heightened repression and deepening public
anger. The group also notes that President Robert Mugabe's regime is
becoming increasingly "desperate and dangerous" due to paranoia caused by
opposition and international isolation.

The ICG says SA and the international community have failed to take
concerted measures to crack the Zimbabwean problem.

It says there is a need for all players to take compelling measures to
resolve the crisis. While the chances of Zimbabwe becoming stateless are
slim, there are conditions that provide a hotbed for political turbulence.

The country is fractured on many fronts. Divisions within the ruling Zanu
(PF) and opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) are now as profound
as the differences between them. The crisis in Zanu (PF) is more scary
because those vying to succeed Mugabe seem prepared for anything to wrest
power when the incumbent goes.

It is not clear what is likely to happen after Mugabe but there are fears
that Zanu (PF) will split into at least two factions along regional and
ethnic fault lines. If that happens, it would create a breeding ground for
political instability and violence.

Those who believe Zanu (PF) will split say the warring camps are already
wound up for a fight. The internal wrangling could yield a powerful group,
which would sort out the situation. The defeated group might fall in line,
scatter into a toothless rabble, or wreak political havoc. In the process it
is also possible that a new leader would emerge to unite the factions. A
realignment of forces might take place to resolve the situation.

It is also possible the army might intervene on the pretext of trying to
restore law and order. The danger of military intervention looms large given
the continuing militarisation of state institutions. Military leaders
routinely emerge in such conditions of instability, claiming their intention
is merely to re-establish public order.

The crumbling economy has created conditions for army involvement in
civilian affairs. As a result, the army and other state security agencies
have of late been gaining influence in civilian institutions and Zanu (PF),
making it a pillar of strength in Mugabe's regime.

The military's involvement has left it well placed to seize power if push
comes to shove. The army generals are said to be waiting in the wings to
outflank politicians in the scramble for power when Mugabe leaves, in
particular if his departure is sudden.

But it is also important to look at the structure and internal dynamics in
the military to assess the possibility of an army intervention. Many of the
top brass are involved in Zanu (PF) politics and would want to see the
regime survive. They are also part of the political elite and their
interests are at stake if the status quo changes.

The middle and lower ranks have not benefited as much. Lower ranks have been
protesting about working conditions and salaries. If generals seek
unqualified support to claim power, the juniors might balk at supporting a
system that has impoverished them.

While it is not known what will happen after Mugabe, what is clear is that
the situation in Zimbabwe remains touch and go. Anything is possible.

Muleya is Harare correspondent and Zimbabwe Independent news editor.

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Pahad denies SA talks bid in Zimbabwe

The Mercury

June 14, 2006 Edition 1

Beauregard Tromp

Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils's visit to Zimbabwe last week "had
nothing to do with initiatives by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to end the
economic and political crisis there", according to Deputy Foreign Minister
Aziz Pahad.

But Pahad left a loophole in this denial when briefing journalists in
Tshwane yesterday, by adding that his ministry had "not been fully briefed"
about the mystery trip.

The media has reported that Kasrils was sent to Harare by President Thabo
Mbeki to set up a meeting between him and President Robert Mugabe, so that
Mbeki could pave the way for Annan to visit Zimbabwe.


"We are not aware of any attempts by Minister Kasrils to use his visit to
set up a meeting between our two presidents," said Pahad.

He said Kasrils's trip had been an ordinary visit to his Zimbabwean
counterpart, Didymus Mutasa.

Pahad did again voice government concern over the dire economic situation,
stressing that Zimbabwe's inflation was now nearing 1 200%.

He said Annan's planned visit to Zimbabwe was aimed at discussing the broad
economic situation in Zimbabwe and how the international community, through
the UN, could help address these problems.

"We don't know what the real situation is. We can only hope that the visit
by the secretary-general happens and that South Africa, with the rest of the
international community, can engage with Zimbabwe through the UN."

Meeting in London recently, Mbeki and British Prime Minister Tony Blair both
made it clear they were relying on Annan to take the lead of the
international community in seeking a settlement in the economically crippled

In a wide-ranging briefing, Pahad also revealed that the Palestinian Hamas
Foreign Minister, Mahmud al-Zahar, was planning to visit South Africa.
Palestine descended further into turmoil this past week, with skirmishes
between President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah followers and those of the hardline
Hamas movement which controls parliament.

Abbas has called for a referendum to win support for a two-state solution,
which Hamas rejects because it would imply recognition of Israel.

"The Foreign Minister of Hamas has written to the minister (Nkosozana
Dlamini-Zuma) requesting a visit to South Africa.

"The minister has agreed in principle and now it is about finding a date,"
said Pahad.

He voiced concern over Israeli military action, arguing that extra-judicial
killings were happening in the Middle East on a daily basis. He criticised
the Israeli attack on a beach picnic in Gaza on Friday, which killed most
members of a family, and he urged the international community to rethink its
sanctions against Hamas.

"We ask the international community not to impose sanctions on all
Palestinian people for voting the way they did."

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Maize-meal prices tumble as deliveries improve

††††† June 14, 2006,

††††† By ANDnetwork .com

††††† Maize-Meal prices have started coming down as farmers step up maize
deliveries to the Grain Marketing Board depots, the Consumer Council of
Zimbabwe (CCZ) has said.

††††† "Improvements in the supply of roller meal have been registrered as
maize has started trickling into the Grain Marketing Board depots
countrywide and this might have resulted in the continued decline in the
price of roller meal on the market," said CCZ.

††††† A recent survey carried out by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ)
revealed that the product price decreased by 22,2 percent in April and it
further decreased by 9,2 percent last month. A 20kg bag of roller is
currently selling for just under $500 000. The 10kg bag is going for between
$200 000 and $245 000 while for 5kg consumers must part with a minimum of
$120 000. Prices for super refined varieties ranged from $171 000 for 5kg to
$320 000 for 10kg. Millers have apparently discontinued the 20kg size, which
is conspicuous by its absence from the supermarket shelves.

††††† However, the consumer watchdog urged retailers to stock their outlets
with a variety of products and brands so as to give consumers a wider
choice. CCZ's survey is meant to boost consumers' confidence as they go out
shopping and also to stimulate competition among supermarkets. In this
period of hyperinflation where prices change on a weekly or monthly basis,
service provision is of paramount importance to consumers. Given the high
cost of products many consumers now look for retailers who offer value for

††††† During the recent Consumer Day celebrations the public expressed
displeasure at the proliferation of poor-quality goods bearing the names of
leading brands as well as imitation products. Toothpaste was singled out for
special mention. The CCZ came under heavy criticism for turning a blind eye
to overcharging and unreasonable mark-ups. Others felt the consumer watchdog
was putting too much emphasis on supermarkets at the expense of other retail

††††† Source : The Herald

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Morgan Tsvangirai on BTH

MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai is the guest on Behind the Headlines. Lance
Guma asks him about a number of issues affecting the party he has led for 6
years. The interview focuses on the post October 12 th† situation after the
party split over participation in senate elections. Are talks with Aurthur
Mutambara's MDC a priority? What are the main stumbling blocks to unity
between the two sides? Has the MDC agreed to grant Robert Mugabe immunity if
this will help solve the country's crisis? Is it true they have developed
cold feet over the planned mass action and are now in favour of a diplomatic
offensive? Zimbabwe has a cross-section of civic groups that seem to be
pulling in different directions,† why hasn't the MDC co-ordinated protests
with them? What is his response to critics who say their participation in
elections legitimizes the rigging that takes place? These and many other
questions are answered on Behind the Headlines.

Lance Guma
SW Radio Africa

Behind The Headlines
Thursday 6:05 to 6:20pm (Zimbabwean Time) on Medium Wave 1197Khz or live on
the internet at the same time (British Summer Time) on
Also available on internet archives after broadcasts at

Our Live Internet Broadcast time has returned to 5pm-7pm UK time
Morning Medium Wave broadcasts to Southern Africa on 1197 kHz between 5am
and 7am
24 hours on the internet at

SW Radio Africa is Zimbabwe's only independent radio station broadcasting
from the United Kingdom. The station is staffed by exiled Zimbabwean
journalists who because of harsh media laws cannot broadcast from home.

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Cattle farmers say, 'Not in my backyard'

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

FRANCISTOWN, 14 Jun 2006 (IRIN) - Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and cattle
rustling have left ranchers along Botswana's border with Zimbabwe feeling
less than neighbourly.

Farmers in the FMD-hit villages around Maitengwe, north of Botswana's second
city, Francistown, and Bobirwa to the east, near the border, told IRIN they
were "fed up" with Zimbabwean thieves. They accused the government of
failing to provide adequate border security and were demanding compensation.

They also blamed Zimbabwe for an outbreak of FMD in 2003, when over 3,000
head of cattle were killed as part of the government's efforts to control
the disease.

A shortage of dipping chemicals, the break-up of large commercial farms and
the resultant loss of fencing allowed the disease to spread from Zimbabwe to
Botswana, causing Botswana's export beef industry, already limping after
successive droughts and various epidemics, to collapse.

"There are many people seeking compensation ... many people have lost
everything to Zimbabweans ... goats, pigs, donkeys and cattle. A good number
[of animals] are stolen deliberately for sale, but a lot more get mixed up
with Zimbabwean herds at shared drinking holes," said Kennias Odirile, a
livestock farmer.

"From there they stray into Zimbabwe, and once [on] that side [of the
border], they are gone forever, because the first person who meets the herd
will steal it. They have cut the fences all over the border to ensure that
our cattle can stray into their side, or to facilitate the driving of stolen
cattle across the boundary."

Communities along the border have been incensed by the government's decision
not to electrify the 440km of border fence erected between the two
countries, after an outcry by human rights organisations. Residents warned
they intended taking the law into their hands, because putting the border
fence on hold has left their livestock vulnerable. They also claimed that
Zimbabweans drove their diseased cattle across the border to get rid of

"Thieves drive our cattle across the border [into Zimbabwe] because they are
not prevented from doing so," said one farmer, "and some bring their
[diseased] cattle into our country ... Ours can be killed for mixing with
theirs - government shoots the cattle and gives out P450 [about US$77] as
compensation per beast. Three years ago, almost all the cattle here were
killed to control another FMD outbreak, which we know came from Zimbabwe.
Government should do something before we take unlawful measures to protect
our herds."

Community leaders in Bobirwa said they wanted compensation for mass cattle
thefts dating back to 1990, and insisted that they had lost well over 2,000
cattle to Zimbabweans since 1990.

"The incidents started off as isolated thefts of two or three cattle.
Deliberate mass thefts started after the 1991-92 drought, because many
cattle had strayed too far away from home ... [in search of grazing]" said a

Another mass cattle theft in 1987 is cited by members of most communities.
No one knows the actual number of cattle stolen, but according to deputy
agriculture minister Peter Siele, the incident has become a bilateral issue
that has been pending with Zimbabwe since then.

"We have been working on the issue with the Zimbabwean government and we
hope to find a solution soon. The farmers will certainly be compensated for
losses once we clarify the situation around the incident," Siele told IRIN.

Although Zimbabwe initially denied being the source of the latest FMD
outbreak in Botswana, laboratory tests confirmed that it was FMD Southern
Africa Type 2, a strain specific to Zimbabwe until the latest outbreak in
Botswana. Two other strains, Southern Africa Type 1 and Type 3, have been
found in Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

Zimbabwean Agriculture Minister Joseph Made said he was not aware of the
1987 theft of Botswana cattle and referred questions to the police, who also
denied knowledge of the incident. An official at the ministry of foreign
affairs said he was not sure if the government was aware of the incident but
promised to find out.

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Harare Officials Order Displaced Families to Vacate Settlement


††††† By Jonga Kandemiiri
††††† Washington, DC
††††† 13 June 2006

Harare municipal authorities have ordered some seventy-eight families which
settled along the Mukuvisi River in the Glen Norah district of Harare after
being displaced in the government's 2005 slum clearance drive, or face
forcible eviction.

City officials told the river dwellers on Tuesday that they had 48 hours to
vacate their settlement. But representatives of the families, which settled
there in June 2005 after their homes were demolished in Operation
Murambatsvina, said they would not leave because they had nowhere else to
go. They remained there late Thursday.

Reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe obtained further
details from Combined Harare Residents Association spokesman Precious

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Chief cop faces homicide charges in Zim


††††††††† June 14 2006 at 03:49PM

††††† Harare - Zimbabwe's chief police spokesperson has appeared before a
magistrate in the central town of Chitungwiza facing culpable homicide
charges, reports said on Wednesday.

††††† Wayne Bvudzijena is alleged to have run over and killed a 15-year old
girl in December last year, said the state-controlled Herald newspaper.

††††† The report said Bvudzijena was driving a police vehicle along Seke
Road in Chitungwiza on December 19, when he lost control of the vehicle and
it veered off the road.

††††† The state further alleges that he tried to get the vehicle back on the
road but hit the girl as she tried to run away from the swerving vehicle,
said the Herald.

††††† The police spokesperson, who is frequently quoted in both the local
and international press, has been remanded out of custody until July 27.

††††† He is believed to have helped the girls family since the accident.

††††† Traffic accidents are on the up in Zimbabwe, where they are mostly the
result of speeding, poor vehicle maintenance and failure to observe the
rules of the road. - Sapa-dpa

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Politics Makes Strange Churchfellows

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks

June 14, 2006
Posted to the web June 14, 2006


Zimbabwean churches trying to address the worsening political and economic
crises are being thrust into the unfamiliar role of political activism, and
are perceived as split along party lines.

Church groups perceived to support President Robert Mugabe and those who
favour a faction of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change led by
Morgan Tsvangirai have been attacking each other, making headlines with
their public bickering.

The running verbal battles started on 25 May, when organisers of the
traditional National Day of Prayer, observed by Zimbabweans of all religious
denominations, cancelled the function after they were summoned to the
president's office.

The National Day of Prayer has always been organised by the Zimbabwe Council
of Churches, (ZCC), a grouping of traditional and Pentecostal denominations.
After meeting Mugabe, some ZCC members appeared on national television to
express support for the 82-year-old veteran president and his policies.

Insiders claimed the decision to cancel the prayer day was spurred by a fear
that the more radical, pro-opposition Zimbabwe Christian Alliance would take
over the show.

During the liberation war, which lasted from the late 1960s until the late
1970s, Mugabe was quoted in an interview as saying: "We appeal to them
[churches] to allow us to politicise the people under their control because
we believe that everybody must be mobilised so that the total commitment of
our people can be achieved."

With inflation at almost 1,200 percent, poverty-stricken Zimbabweans have
sought refuge in religion, as IRIN reported recently. Churches have noted
rapidly growing numbers of new members, while several top government
officials have also become lay preachers or have applied to train as
pastors. Political influence over religious groups has become critical to
controlling the masses.

The president of the ZCC, Peter Nemapare, told a television reporter after
the State House meeting: "We know we have a government that we must support,
interact with and draw attention to our concerns. Those of us who have
different ideas about this country surely must know we have a government
which listens."

This was roundly condemned by other church members and the Christian
Alliance. "We totally disagree with the tone and substance of the sentiments
voiced by the church leaders who went to state house. In what way do they
support this government which has shed innocent blood, brutally tortured its
citizens and destroyed their homes and livelihoods, and promoted racial
hatred?" the alliance asked in a statement issued last week.

Bishop Trevor Manhanga, who led the delegation that met with Mugabe, denied
they were supporters of the ruling party. "We are prepared to be given all
sorts of labels and brick-bats that will be thrown at us, but we will not be
diverted from pursuing dialogue," he told IRIN.

The Christian Alliance promptly staged a prayer march in Zimbabwe's second
city, Bulawayo, to commemorate people affected by the state-sponsored purge
of informal settlements and markets called Operation Murambatsvina, which
began in May last year and left more than 700,000 people homeless and often
also without livelihoods.

The ruling party and those churches perceived as pro-Mugabe seized the
initiative by cancelling the annual day of prayer and renaming it the
Zimbabwe National Day of Prayer, but a prayer march by the Alliance in the
capital, Harare, is scheduled for 25 June to coincide with the new day of

"On our part, there can be no partnership with the ZANU-PF government until
and unless there is genuine repentance and change on its part - what
relationship can there be between the light of the Gospel and the darkness
it stands for?" the alliance asked in the statement.

Pius Ncube, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo and a known Mugabe
critic, has also jumped into the fray, alleging that some clergymen had been
bribed by the state to praise the country's leadership.

"There is no secret about the fact that some of the church leaders who
embarrassed the church by praising Mugabe have got farms that they were
given by the government, and that compromises them because they will never
speak for the poor and downtrodden. A lot of our colleagues are actually
working with ZANU-PF to try and help the ruling party to boost its

ZCC's Manhanga denied that they had been given money and farms to campaign
for Mugabe. "There has been a lot of talk that we were given farms and
money, but the issue is not about whether we were given farms or not; the
issue is we should try and bring the problems facing Zimbabweans to an end."

According to an internal memo, currently in circulation among the churches
perceived as pro-government, Mugabe will be the guest of honour at the new
day of prayer on 25 June. "We all agreed on the need for such an event
[national prayer day] and the modalities of holding the event, including how
the government will participate."

A veteran church leader, Jonah Gokova, has criticised politicising the day
of prayer. "If it [the day of prayer] is for all Zimbabweans, then the
ruling party and all opposition party leaders should have been invited to
pray for peace. We are very sad at the developments that are taking place in
the church."

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations ]

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Colonialism: for some Africans revenge bubbles on the surface

††††† By Bill Saidi

††††† NELSON Rolihlahla Mandela became a 2Oth century icon largely because,
for him, once apartheid had been vanquished, the battle for wHich he had
been imprisoned for 27 years was over.
††††† The erstwhile enemy had been defeated. The terms of surrender were
crystal clear: henceforth, the will of the victor would hold sway. The
victor would be even-handed in dealing with the particular desires of the
defeated enemy.
††††† Their faces would not be rubbed in the mud, unless they themselves
displayed the kind of arrogance that makes even the most tender-hearted
victor seethe with revenge.
††††† For many African leaders since the dawn of independence, in the 1950s,
the temptation to take maximum revenge on he former colonial masters seemed
almost irresistible.
††††† Once they allowed themselves to look back on what colonialism had done
to them, their hearts burned with this scalding desire to "sock it to the
white man".
††††† South Africa was spared the post-independence trauma that most African
countries were plunged into because Madiba prevailed upon the younger
leaders of the new country, some of tem fresh out of the guerilla war† which
helped dislodge apartheid, not to take the path of revenge.
††††† To be sure, not all of it could be prevented. Attacks on lonely white
farms have continued, with landless blacks claiming they had a legitimate
right to reclaim their birthright.
††††† Yet, although South Africa today is counted among the most violent
places in the world, most of that violence is not steeped in the politics of
intolerance personified by the Dutch-born racist, Hendriek Verwoerd.
††††† Most of the violence stems from poverty. Mandela, for all his
huge-heartedness, could not make a dent on the poverty inherited from nearly
500 years of occupation by the whites.
††††† When he steps down as president in 2009, Thabo Mbeki will hardly have
made much difference to the poverty of the majority of the people of South
††††† Moeletsi Mbeki, his young brother, said this week, he believed his
brother's successor would need to be someone willing to take advice on how
to end South Africa's major problems, among them poverty, the HIV/Aids
pandemic and unemployment.
††††† Most African states South of the Sahara† are heavily burdened with
these three problems, among them Zimbabwe.
††††† On poverty, I have a vivid memory of a statement made to a group of us
southern African journalists on a visit to Namibia shortly after 1990.
††††† "Yes, we can fight poverty, but poverty will always be with us. Not
even Jesus Christ could end poverty."
††††† No where in the Bblle is it stated that Christ's mission was to end
††††† This was a Member of Parliament, elected on the ticket of the
Democratic Turnhalle Alliance,† which was not entirely enthusiastic† about
independence under Swapo.
††††† We were thus not surprised at his sentiments, except we could not help
but comment on the fact of his being white and being part of the community
which would remain prosperous, even after they had lost political power.
††††† Nearly 16 years after Namibia's independence, I was not surprised to
read of an outbreak of a epidemic in the suburb of Katatura, in Windhoek. We
visited this suburb during our tour, as this is one of the strongholds of
Sam Nujoma's SWAPO party. Yet it remains, like Mbare or Highfield, one of
the poorest residential areas in that country.
††††† The government of Namibia, as concerned as any other African country
with the widespread poverty among the majority of the population, has
recently latched on land redistribution as a way of tackling poverty.
††††† The land reform programme in that country is a copycat of our own.
What is even more chilling is that, like the government of Zimbabwe, the
government of Namibia is finding glory in promoting land reform than in
tackling poverty in the form of reducing† unemployment by inviting foreign
direct investment or normalizing relations with he international finacial
††††† It is not that Namibia is black-listed by the International Monetary
Fund, the World Bank or the European Union - as Zimbabwe is.
††††† But the tone of a speech by the leader of a recent Namibian government
delegation to Zimbabwe - specifically to study the "success" of our land
reform programme - hinged on how such a programme would end poverty in that
††††† Naturally enough, not anyone in the government of the two countries
would subscribe to the weird notion that they find merit and virtue in land
reform because it, intrinsically, targets the former colonial masters.
††††† The fight against poverty by tackling unemployment through attracting
foreign direct investment lacks the political glamour of the land reform
programme - grabbing land from the colonial masters and handing it, for
free, to the so-called landless blacks.
††††† Never mind the fact that some of these people have no idea how to farm
the land on a large scale , as we have discovered in Zimbabwe, to our
††††† The government has taken over agriculture in Zimbabwe and is pouring
trillions of trillions dollar to help the "new farmers". Soon, it will
finally dawn on Gideon Gono, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,
that most of this is money down the drain.
††††† As long as the Gono and the government refuse to confront the
capitalist reality of commercial farming, then they will not reap where they
did not sow.
††††† Commercial farming is a business and† only a few people have the
capital, the patience and the know-how to go into it with their eyes open.
All others are destined to blunder and founder until they drown in a desert
of infertile soil.
††††† At independence in Zimbabwe, there were people so bent on wreaking
revenge on the former colonial masters, they wanted to take over selected
houses in the formerly white suburbs. In fact, there is no doubt that some
of them did force themselves on to the properties.
††††† Later, others grabbed farms and even private companies, becoming
overnight billionaires.
††††† Yet in a few curious incidents, from South Africa† to Kenya,, there
are politicians mentioned in connection with dealings with what some might
call "allies" of the former colonial masters.
††††† In Zimbabwe, we have the very peculiar case of Mr John Bredenkamp,
allegedly listed as the 33rd richest person in the United Kingdom - and a
friend of both President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF big noise and a pretender
to his throne, Emmerson Mnangangwa.
††††† In its issue of 7 June, the government mouthpiece, The Herald, had the
following headline on its front page: Bredenkamp flees, businesses under
probe. In essence, that was the story - the man had fled Zimbabwe,
reportedly for South Africa.
††††† On 9 June, The Zimbabwe Independent, put some flesh on the story with
the headline Zanu PF hounds Bredenkamp: Bredenkamp, a former favourite of
Mugabe, had fallen out with the president because he had sided with
††††† At the time of writing, nobody in the opposition Movement for
††††† Change (MDC), had raised questions or commented on this weird
political development.
††††† Yet a few days later, the opposition leader in Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta,
had raised hell with President Mwai Kibaki over the arrest and subsequent
deportation from Kenya of two Armenians involved in a fracas with security
people at Nairobi airport a few days earlier.
††††† President Kibaki was forced to make a public statement, denying any
personal involvement with the two men. The Kenyan media was having a field
day, particularly as the two men had reportedly featured quite prominently
in a raid on the† independent Standard newspaper premises last March.
††††† A juicy sideline to the story had a woman claiming she was the
daughter of Mwai Kibaki with his second wife.
††††† At the time of writing, the Kenyan president still faced probing
questions about his role in the saga.
††††† In South Africa, we know that one man is now serving a long prison
sentence over his involvement with Jacob Zuma's finances. Zuma himself is
still to appear in court in developments arising from he same case.
††††† In Zimbabwe, the likelihood of any of the stars featured in the
strange case of John Bredenkamp seems†† remote.
††††† A lot of money allegedly changed hands in all three instances, yet all
three countries are saddled with huge poor communities. Two of them have
been cited for massive corruption in high places, one reason why there is
little foreign direct investment in Kenya and† Zimbabwe.
††††† The fight against poverty in Africa has never been given the top
priority that it deserves, largely because politics has often intervened.
Certainly, in Zimbabwe, the isolation with which the country is now saddled
is the direct result of the political gymnastics of Zanu PF.
††††† It's true that land reform programme, becuse it was carried out with
such violence and murder, infuriated many foreign governments, even those
whose citizens were not killed or had their properties forcibly taken over.
††††† Mugabe himself lost many former local and foreign supporters when he
openly defied the Supreme Court over the invasions by the war veterans. An
elected president who could so emphatically oppose a† properly constituted
arm of the government had to be someone with very little regard for the rule
of law.
††††† Some, who had always accepted the principle of land reform, were still
outraged by the haphazard† implementation.
††††† Six years later, the government cannot point to any legitimate
vindication† of its reckless conduct in the reform programme.
††††† Except, perhaps, to say, once again, that it could not resist the
temptation to give the former colonial masters another black eye.

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Mugabe can, and must face justice

New Zimbabwe

By Lynette Mhlanga
Last updated: 06/15/2006 04:14:42
POLITICAL correctness has hijacked Zimbabwean politicians' freedom to
discuss one of the major burning issues of our time.

Because of political correctness, any discussion about the liability and
accountability of Robert Mugabe for human rights violations is considered

Mugabe is a demagogue, a pariah and enemy to his own people such that this
topic engenders controversies but mostly it triggers fear and some of the
responses given are all iced by fear.

The result is that we tend to act as if Mugabe cannot be prosecuted for the
human rights violations which he continues to perpetrate using state

The Opposition in Zimbabwe is just treading carefully here. But Zimbabweans
need to exercise courage here and take the bull by its horns, we need to
engage in meaningful debate and engage the enemy.

Having read Lloyd Msipa's article "Obstacles to Mugabe's prosecution", a
reply to Bekithemba Mhlanga's article 'Human rights violators must be held
to account', I beg to differ.

This article will not argue on who said what at Morgan Tsvangirai's London
meeting but will address the burning issue here - can Mugabe be prosecuted
for the human rights violations committed under his watch and direction?

Much legal ingenuity has been deployed to discuss this problem. However, the
realistic answer to this conundrum that Mugabe can indeed, and should be
prosecuted. The dictator, the demagogue the strongman and slaughter of the
innocent civilians can be prosecuted.

He ranks on the same level with Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Idi
Amin, Alexander Lukashenko and their kind. Therefore he can be indicted.

It is true and correct that Zimbabwe is not a signatory to the statute that
created the International Criminal Court and is therefore not legally bound
by its dictates. As a non-signatory state, an ICC trial would require either
a UN Security Council indictment or that Zimbabwe accept the International
Criminal Court's jurisdiction. With the crimes against humanity which this
current regime continues to commitm, it's a wonder that the UN Security
Council will not indict Mugabe. It can, and if it can, then yes Mugabe can
be prosecuted.

The UN Security Council can indict nationals of countries that have not
signed the International Criminal Court statute for trial before the court.
Mugabe is an example of a possible case, whose indictment has been called
for by Australia and New Zealand. Recently the UN Security Council did a
referral over Sudan's Darfur situation and Mugabe must be held accountable
for the crimes he has committed. A UN Security Council referral to the
International Criminal Court to investigate Mugabe and his regime, similar
to the referral over Sudan's Darfur situation, is the most appropriate and
effective response.

Msipa argued that "Zimbabwe's situation is precariously different because we
have not ratified the ICC Statute. This makes it rather difficult for the
ICC to investigate our cases". This conclusion is wrong as it entirely does
not appreciate the UN Security Council's powers to bring individuals before
the ICC even when their states are not signatories. The UN Security Council
can exercise its wide discretionary powers. It can specifically name Robert
Mugabe as an ongoing threat to peace and security of the region and
authorize an ICC investigation, even though Zimbabwe has refused to accept
the court's jurisdiction.

The human rights violations in Zimbabwe are too enormous to be swept under
the carpet. Whilst the spirit of forgiveness could help Zimbabwe as a nation
to go forward, it however remains true that a person is only forgiven if
they are apologising and no longer re-offending. Can this be said about
Mugabe? No! Operation Murambasvina was indeed a crime against humanity. What
do you call such an act except that it's a crime against humanity? What
about the torture practice that is the backbone and pillar of Zanu PF rule?
Even the fact that Zimbabwe did not sign the Convention Against Torture will
not absolve it from being accountable for human rights violations. Customary
International law will not allow Mugabe to get away with Torture.

Once an indictment is done by the UN Security Council, a warrant could be
issued for Mugabe's arrest and only then will the people of Zimbabwe breath
a sigh of relief. Let us be honest here, Mugabe is a human rights violator
and our people are suffering. Instead of being diplomatic about this issue,
as is currently being done, we need to simply say no to human rights abuses;
we need to take a stance against an unrepentant dictator who is insensitive
to the cries of his own people

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel if the people of Zimbabwe
decide this is what we want. It would be much better for the views of those
families who were tortured and massacred to be taken on board here.

Let us not delude ourselves by allowing the dictator to think he can get
away with it so easy. Let us not give the tyranny and dictator a false sense
of security here. When the NAZI were killing the Jews no-one ever thought
the Nuremberg Trials would ever take place. History must lend a hand here.

The reason why the road to freedom for Zimbabwe keeps meandering in hard
terrains is because we the people of Zimbabwe have failed to stand up and be

Mugabe still sees himself as the only capable captain of a ship which has
long sunk and fails to see that his people are drowning in poverty and his
refusal to grant them their most basic rights.

His crimes demand that he be held to account, only then can the process of
reconciliation and nation building really begin.

Lynn Mhlanga is a human rights activist and Doctoral candidate in Human
Rights based in England and can be contacted at

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Hitschmann coup trial begins June 26

New Zimbabwe

By Lebo Nkatazo
Last updated: 06/15/2006 04:15:01
THE trial of a Zimbabwean arms dealer accused of plotting to assassinate
President Robert Mugabe has been set for June 26.

Peter Hitschmann was arrested together with eight opposition officials and a
former policeman after the discovery of an alleged arms cache at his house.

During their initial appearance in court, Hitschmann mysteriously denied
their collective claim that they had been tortured by state agents and
turned into a state witness.

He also dumped prominent Mutare lawyer Trust Maanda who successfully secured
the freedom of Mutare North MP Giles Mutsekwa and others on grounds that
they had been illegally detained.

Hitschmann, who was said to have been denied medical treatment by the Law
Society of Zimbabwe, later sought the services of another Mutare law firm
Bere and Associates but has since reverted back to Maanda for trial.

In releasing the opposition officials, High Court judge Charles Hungwe
blasted the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) for intimidating
prosecutors and accusing them of acting as the defence team when their case
was collapsing.

The arms saga also saw former MDC Chimanimani legislator Roy Bennett being
pursued by the police in vain as he fled to South Africa.

The South African government recently turned down his application for

The government has introduced the Suppression of Foreign and International
Terrorism to deal with alleged terrorists, but opposition figures argue that
it is meant to deal with government critics.

The Bill has since been presented in Parliament and referred to the
Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC) for legal opinion on its

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Parliament dumps Jongwe Printers over Hansard delays

New Zimbabwe

By Lebo Nkatazo
Last updated: 06/15/2006 04:14:59
ZIMBABWE'S parliament has ditched the printers of the Hansard -- the
official record of all parliamentary debates.

Jongwe Printers, a company owned by Zimbabwe's governing Zanu PF party, has
failed to print the Hansard for several months.

The publication, which traditionally used to come out every morning when
parliament is sitting, was taking periods of up to six months without being

High Gloss Printers are the new Hansard printers.

Parliamentary sources said State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, who is
also Zanu PF's secretary for administration, had given authority for the
dumping of Jongwe Printers.

The source said: "Although it was clear to all since 2004 that Jongwe
Printers was collapsing, no-one dared to dump it without first seeking
authority from Zanu PF. If it wasn't Jongwe Printers, they would have been
replaced a long time ago."

The problems at Jongwe Printers have also forced the Zanu PF mouthpiece The
Voice to fold.

The Voice's Editor is currently fighting his suspension and demotion in
court for allegedly converting money from newspaper sales to his own use.

Two weeks ago, Jongwe Printers' office equipment was auctioned through a
court order after it failed to settle an unspecified debt.

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Victoria Falls Bridge re-opens after repairs

New Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 06/15/2006 04:14:44
ZIMBABWE and Zambia are re-opening the Victoria Falls Bridge following joint
repairs costing US$1,7 million.

The bridge links the two countries and is a major tourist gateway to the
Victoria Falls -- once voted one of the seven wonders of the world.

The bridge, one of Zimbabwe's most famous landmarks, strides over the
Zambezi River.

It was opened in 1905, and designed to last a hundred years. But when work
started on it last year, officials said it carried 170% more weight than it
was designed to carry 110 years ago, despite its age.

A report by officials from the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) alerted
officials to the danger posed by the bridge before it was closed to allow
for emergency work. A load limit of 30 tons had also been imposed.

A report by the NRZ in January last year said: "There are excessive
vibrations being felt whenever a heavy truck transverses the bridge."

The choice for engineers was either to reconstruct or reinforce the bridge,
but they settled for reinforcement. Following the repairs, the bridge can
now sustain loads of up to 56 tons for the next five years.

During this period, more repairs will be done to enable the bridge to
survive another century.

The Victoria Falls Bridge, which spans the Zambezi gorge just below the
world's mightiest waterfall, carries a railway line, a road and a footpath.

It is also a popular tourist venue and the sight of one of the world's
highest bungee jumps.

Zimbabwean and Zambian officials were expected at a ceremony marking the
re-opening of the bridge Thursday.

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Tension rises over passengers along Bulawayo-Francistown route

††††† By Tichaona Sibanda
††††† 14 June 2006

††††† A passenger war is looming between Zimbabwean commuter omnibus
operators and Botswana rail authorities after a train service running
between Francistown and Bulawayo was introduced recently.

††††† Our correspondent Themba Nkosi said operators who have dominated the
route over the last two decades have all of a sudden found themselves facing
a major competitor plying the same route.

††††† 'To add salt to injury, the rail service is far less cheap than
getting a combi to Francistown and back, so the operators are feeling the
pinch and losing customers very fast,' Nkosi said.

††††† Beside being cheap, most commuters have become more nervous travelling
by road because of the ever increasing rate of fatal road accidents
involving public transport vehicles in the country. Over the last three
months, more than 50 people have been killed on the country's roads in
accidents mostly attributed to defective vehicles.

††††† The latest development is likely to affect cross border traders as
Zimbabwe combi-operators are accusing the Botswana rail authorities of
invading their territory. They say the rail service should not go as far as

††††† Last year a taxi war erupted at the Beitbridge border post after South
African commuter bus operators reportedly accused Zimbabweans of 'stealing'
their customers by picking up people inside South Africa. This led to
clashes between operators from both Zimbabwe and South Africa over

††††† SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Church groups reveal details of meeting with Robert Mugabe

††††† By Tererai Karimakwenda
††††† 14 June 2006

††††† Three umbrella church groups in Zimbabwe have intensified their
efforts to help solve the country's national crisis. The Evangelical
Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishop's Conference and the
Zimbabwe Council of Churches hosted a joint press conference on Wednesday at
which they announced a forthcoming National Day of Prayer set for the 25th
June. They also revealed some details about a meeting that church
representatives held with Robert Mugabe on May 25th.

††††† The chairman of the Theological Commission of the Evangelical
Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Reverend Dr. Roy Musasiwa told us the church felt a
need to take an active role in solving the national crisis and to rise up to
its responsibility. He said it had become necessary to begin a process
towards addressing the crisis from a non-partisan point of view. Their
meeting with Robert Mugabe was a first step in this process.

††††† Reverend Dr. Roy Musasiwa was included in the delegation that met with
Robert Mugabe while Bishop Trevor Manhanga, president of the EFZ, headed the
delegation. Asked whether they were able to speak to Mugabe freely without
fear about the key issues plaguing the country the Reverend said there was
no fear at all. He said they addressed issues like corruption, land
distribution and crime without holding back. As for whether he was
encouraged by Mugabe's response, the Reverend said he was encouraged by his
openness, his willingness to listen and his admission that the crisis now
required everyone to resolve it. Reverend Musasiwa admitted there would not
necessarily be changes due to this one meeting, but was glad that the
process of finding a non-partisan approach had started.

††††† The full statement regarding the National day of Prayer and a report
on the church groups' meeting with Robert Mugabe can be found on our website

††††† SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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UN committee wants Zim to be downgraded

††††† June 14, 2006

††††† By Tagu Mkwenyani

††††† A United Nations committee has proposed to downgrade Zimbabwe to the
status of a least developed country (LCDs) in a move that my trigger a
fierce backlash from President Robert Mugabe.

††††† The move may come as a blow to a country that was, only a few years
ago, a shinning example of a model African state.

††††† It may also anger Mugabe who has maintained that things are under
control in the once breadbasket of Southern Africa.

††††† The Inter Press Service (IPS) said the recommendation came from
committee for development policy (CDP) which comprises of 22 experts
appointed by the world body.

††††† The LCD category has 50 countries, 34 of these countries are from
Africa. These countries are the poorest and their citizens face grinding

††††† Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general said a few years ago, people in
LDC faced the "ugly misery of poverty ignorance and disease".

††††† Aid agencies say this is slowly becoming a reality in Zimbabwe. An
economic meltdown in Zimbabwe has left many people struggling to get one
meal a day. Unemployment is above 80% and inflation has shot to 1 193%.

††††† Many who cannot afford clinic fees are preferring to die at home
without seeking medication.

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No phones for Zim clinics

††††† June 14, 2006

††††† By ANDnetwork .com

††††† Two clinics in the Stanmore area of Gwanda in Zimbabwe have been
operating without telephones since last year when cables were stolen.

††††† The traditional leader for the area, Chief Madlenya Masuku said
Stanmore clinic and Mzimuni Clinic have been without telephones since last
††††† "Thieves stole the phone lines and solar panels that powered the
phones", Chief Masuku said.

††††† He said the lack of telephones had negatively impacted on the health
delivery in the area.
††††† "Nurses are now having problems phoning for ambulances when they
experience complications with critically ill patients", he said.
††††† Patients are now forced to fork out huge sums of money to hire private
cars to get to Gwanda provincial hospital.

††††† Chief Masuku said TelOne-Zimbabwe's largest telecommunications
company- had indicated that the components to repair the telephone system
were imported.
††††† "Parts to repair the telephones are imported and TelOne has said it
needs foreign currency to purchase the material, which it said it does not
have", the Chief said.

††††† He said although the solar panels were placed on secure places,
thieves got to them and consequently vandalised the whole communication
system in the area.
††††† The chief said people should be taught the importance of telephones.

††††† Chronicle

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Analysts back Annan's Zimbabwe plan

New Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 06/14/2006 20:24:29
THREE leading Zimbabwean political commentators have put a damper on the
planned mass protests by the opposition against President Robert Mugabe's
government, insisting more effort should be directed towards bringing Mugabe
to the negotiating table.

Economist, John Robertson, political scientist, Jonathan Moyo and analyst
Brian Raftopoulos warned Tuesday that mass action against the Zimbabwe
government was bound to fail.

Their warnings came on the same day the Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube,
blasted opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai saying he "is big talk but has
no vision."

Archbishop Ncube added: "It is hopeless: There is no one to inspire

In a special radio interview on SW Radio Africa on Tuesday, Raftopoulos,
Moyo and Robertson occupied common ground, suggesting that the intervention
of United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan now appeared the best hope
for a political breakthrough in Zimbabwe.

Moyo said: "The mass action strategy is not a new one, it has been tried
many times before and we know what the results have been. And indeed we must
remember that is the strategy which the state prefers because it believes it
has a tried and tested method of dealing with it.

"Clearly, the government has been daring the opposition to take those kinds
of steps and we know what the response would be -- a ruthless, vicious
response which will see the unleashing of the state machinery.

"I however, doubt that the way forward requires mass action. I think
everybody can see that we have reached the end of the road and what is going
on right now are the politics of the end game. And it is a question of
forging new alliances, working with new international actors and
understanding for example what is it that Annan could and would want to
achieve in the Zimbabwean question, and then play some role as the

"There are possibilities. From what I understand, Annan has said he would
like to come to Zimbabwe if the Zimbabwean government is prepared to give
him something to take to the international community, a deal, and in return
he would want to come to Zimbabwe with a package from the international
community and I think various actors can contribute to that product."

Annan confirmed recently that he plans to visit Zimbabwe, but his officials
have not said what would be on the agenda when he meets Mugabe.

However, diplomatic sources have briefed journalists that part of the
bargaining could include demands for President Mugabe to step down to allow
for a transitional government, leading to new elections.

Moyo added: "The government is responding to the consequences of the
economic collapse. We now for the first time in six or so years have a
possibility of having Mugabe himself striking a deal to secure his own
legacy with key actors in the international community through policy change,
and we can even have a group within Zanu PF which is reform-minded securing
a deal with the international community through change."

Robertson said: "I would very much rather see the forces for change coming
from the top much as they did in South Africa. Even in the Soviet Union, the
change did not come from mass action but from the enlightened thinking of
the leaders who realised that they really had to make dramatic changes to
avoid what might have become mass action, and might have become much more

"We are really looking for statesmanship at the top, and I believe that is
not going to come until we do get some involvement from the international
community, (including) the United Nations, but I think much more tellingly
if we can get that support from Mr Mbeki (South African President)."

Raftopoulos, recently an adviser to Tsvangirai, said Zanu PF needed a way
out of the crisis with the same urgency as all the opposition forces ranged
against it.

He said: "Zanu PF do have an opportunity now to take the situation forward,
if they don't, I really fear for what kind of future opposition is going to
emerge. I think the situation will deteriorate even more if this opportunity
(United Nations option) is not taken and we are going into a cycle of
increasing repression on the basis of increasing crises within the economy
with possibly all kinds of new elements emerging. The ball is in Zanu PF's
court and I think they have a real responsibility to ensure this situation
doesn't deteriorate."

Tsvangirai has promised a "short, sharp programme of winter discontent", but
the analysts said such action would not succeed as the opposition neither
had the capacity nor strategy.

Moyo, a former information minister who is now an independent legislator for
Tsholotsho, said when mass action finally happens, if it does, it would be
determined by economic factors rather than a set programme of the

He said: "The fact that we now have a new situation related to the economic
collapse or meltdown of the economy means that there may be some
consequences from that which the government has not bargained for, including
the possibility of spontaneous mass action which would be much more serious
than a calculated programme. It could lead to chaos and anarchy."

Moyo said he believed Zanu PF was now " probably much more divided than the
opposition, not only because of the succession squabbles but also because of
the economic breakdown and the social breakdown that is taking place in our

He said: "I think that is an opportunity which is yet to be explored or
exploited by the opposition."

Robertson said President Mugabe's government was "completely out of its
depth", and warned that further economic decline should be expected until
"political solutions" were found.

He said: "The government doesn't have the resources any longer to deal with
this crisis. Unfortunately, it has constantly sought economic answers to
what are basically political problems. We have seen a massive decline in
levels of production, a total absence of investment into the country, a
massive flight of skills from Zimbabwe and the country now has no credit
rating internationally.

"Although we might have raised a bit of money to pay for fuel by pledging
exports of certain minerals, we have come nowhere near solving any of these
problems because the political hang-ups still keep the people who could help
the country at arm's length, so I think the answer has to lie in the
political arena not an economic one."

Zimbabwe's inflation, already the highest in the world, hit a new record of
1,193.5% for the year to May as the country faces its worst economic crisis
in history.

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Journalist hailed for AIDS coverage

London Free Press, Canada

††††† Wed, June 14, 2006


It seemed like everyone she passed had lesions and many were gasping for

"It's like being on the set of a horror movie," said Stephanie Nolen of her
experience reporting about the HIV/AIDS crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nolen received a medal of distinction from Huron University College at
University of Western Ontario yesterday.

She addressed the International Development Studies class at their
graduation ceremony, urging them to get engaged with the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

"I'm flying back to Johannesburg tonight and when I land, very probably, the
baggage handler, the customs official, the taxi driver, will all have
visible signs of HIV/AIDS," said Nolen, African correspondent for the Globe
and Mail.

Nolen said she also notices what's missing when she visits areas in South
Africa and Zimbabwe, where up to 45 per cent of the population has HIV or

"Everyone your age has died," Nolen told the students. "The only thing
that's going to change that is when we start to care, when we, the people
with the money and the control over things like pharmaceuticals, trade laws
and foreign aid spending, when we truly want it to be different."

Nolen's message to graduates was not to come to Africa to help fight the
AIDS pandemic, but to stay socially active at home in Canada.

"Unless you are an AIDS specialist, a primary care doctor, know how to dig a
bore hole or can electrify a village, stay home, because that's where you
can be the most use," said Nolen.

She said while it's a great experience for volunteers, it's often not a
great experience for the village that has to organize accommodations,
transportation and food.

"They pay a very high price for what you bring them," said Nolen.

She encouraged the class to support organizations like Doctors Without
Borders' and Oxfam's Make Poverty History program.

"Those all have a direct impact on policy and have an enormous impact on the
people I meet," said Nolen.

Nolen has also written about the wars in Sudan, the political crisis in
Zimbabwe and the peace process in Sierra Leone. Her third book on AIDS in
Africa, titled 28, will be published in 15 countries.

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JAG Death Notice dated 13 June 2006



Death Notice - Wrex Tarr

I have just received a call from Lisa Tarr, who told me the very sad news
that Darryl's dad, Wrex Tarr, passed away last night in East London, South

I'm sure EVERY Zimbabwean would remember Wrex, who became somewhat of a
household name in the Seventies with his own special brand of "Chilapalapa"
humour. He later became a very professional, likeable and popular media
personality in the then Rhodesia.

I am sure you will all want to join me in passing on very sincere
condolences to Darryl, Lisa and the rest of the family. He certainly will be
remembered by many of us for many years to come.

Once again, our very deepest and sincere sympathies, to the family. Our
thoughts are with you.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.


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JAG Classifieds dated 13 June 2006

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.† For Sale Items
2.† Wanted Items
3.† Accommodation
4.† Recreation
5.† Specialist Services
6.† Pets Corner




1.1 For Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

HONDA XR 250 R, trail bike with lights and indicators, 18000km only.† In
near original mint condition.
†Phone:† 011610073 for details.


1.2 For Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

For sale: baby cot, only used 1 month† $10m

Please contact 04 88 21 70 or


1.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

CONTACT RICH - 091 237 534 or 086 - 22377 (PM)


1.4 For Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

Advent baby bottle and food warmer, like new for sale at $6 000 000.00

Baby cot bed, in excellent condition, light brown in colour $20 000 000.00

For the above please contact Bev on 091 244 666


1.5 Oil For Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

Mobil MX 15W40
Mobil HD 85W140
Mobil HD 80W90
Mobil Agricultural
Mobil Outboard Plus

Container size 208 lts

Tel 091 261 075 or email


1.6 For Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

2002 Nissan Hardbody D/C (Wolf) 3.0TD, 70000kms, White, Full house, Factory
(Nissan) fitted long range tank.† One owner, excellent condition.


1993 Toyota Starlet 1300, 70000kms, Very good condition, A/C, power
steering, electric windows, central locking.


Please contact John Kelly on (W) 4-301752 or 011208651


1.7 Fuel For Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

HamCor Fuel
Fuel Procurement & Sales
Guy Hammond & Kiara Cordy
Southern Belle Office
Marineland Harbour
Telephone: 091 275 714 or 091 269 330
Fax: 061 3134







1.8 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Toyota Land Cruiser VX 1989

Full house, four-litre turbo motor only done 175,000kms.
Power steering, moon roof, front and rear air con, one touch 4x4 drive,
central locking and electric windows.
New suspension and in overall mint condition

Price $Z 2.2 billion
Contact-- 011201310, 091314398, 884157,


1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Acer Aspire 3000-note book computer. New and unused. $500M. Phone 011 416592


1.10 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Brand new Gabriel Shock Absorbers for Nissan
Hardbody (Heavy Duty). Both front (45869) and rear (45872).


tel Tich† 011757489 or email


1.11 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Brand new 8 piece blue and white kitchen chairs 50 million neg. contact me
on 091941171 or


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Large Electric Motor; 125 HP; 3 Phase Induction; 735 RPM; Type A.B.F.; new
and unused; Z$ 1,5 B or offers. Currently in Gweru but can bring to Harare
for a serious potential purchaser


1.13 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

All goods are priced but are negotiable! Stuff Must go!

Horse Tack For Sale

Bit Kimble Wick with Curb Chain
Bit Snaffle Jointed
Bit Snaffle Rubber ( Poor Cond )
Bit Snaffle Straight
Bit Yearling
Blankets Horse
Breast Plate Leather
Breast Plate Leather Large
Breast Plate Red Webbing
Bridle Black C/W Caverson Nose Band, Snaffle Bit and L/Reins (Horse) Good
Bridle Leather Black C/W Caverson Nose Band, Snaffle Bit and L/Reins (Pony)
Good cond
Bridle Leather Black C/W Drop Nose BAND; snaffle Bit and L/Reins (Horse)
Good Cond
Bridle Leather C/W Jointed Pelam and white webbing reins (Av Cond)
Bridle Leather Showing (Pony) Black with Caverson Nose BAND
Bridle Leather showing (Pony) Brown/ Tan with Caverson Nose BAND
Bridle Leather C/W snaffle bit, drop noseband and reins
Fly Fringe Black
Girth Protectors
Halter Leather
Halter Webbing Black
Halter webbing Blue
Halter webbing blue/ Black Checked
Halter webbing Brown
Halter ebbing red
Hats Polo Cross White
Hats Riding
Leg Protectors and tail guard Travelling set Blue
Nose Band Caverson Leather
Nose Band Drop Leather
Numna Black, Numna Brown, Numna Green
Numna Light Blue, Numna Red, Numna White
Rein Lead Yellow/ black
Rein Lunging Blue
Saddle Bag Green
Saddle Bag Royal Blue
Saddle Glen's 2 colours
Saddle Johnson's Brown
Saddle Sagorn Brother
Saddle Sheepskin
Saddle Tan
Stirrup Irons
Travelling Guards Long Green Sets

Contact Jenna on 091 357 066 / 490007/ 011 408 213


1.14 For Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

SEED DESIGNS (based in Chiredzi)

Beautiful hand embroidered items for sale: -

Bedspreads/duvet covers††††††††††††††††††††††† $21,500,000
Wall hangings and throws†††††††††††††††††††††† $16,900,000
Oven gloves†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 2,400,000
Shoulder bags†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 3,900,000
Wallets†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 1,800,000
Large canvas bags†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 6,500,000
Webbing bags†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 6,500,000
Med size embroidered cushion covers†††† $ 3,300,000
Small-embroidered cushion covers††††††††† $ 2,600,000
Set 6 table mats & serviettes†††††††††††††††† $ 8,800,000

And much more!!!† We will be having a show day at Serendipity's (Golden
Stairs Rd) on 3rd June 2006 from 10 am to 3 p.m. where you can view our
stuff.† For further information, please phone Michelle Ross (Harare rep) on
091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


1.15 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)


CONTACT - 091424 652


1.16 For Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)


Good strong front loader machine in working condition
Powered by CAT 4 cylinder engine and transmission
Rear turning wheels (i.e.not articulated)
Fitted with 1 cubic metre bucket
Useful for loading all loose materials (e.g.sand, gravel, mining materials,
etc., etc.)
PRICE - Z$ 2.5 billion o.n.c.o.


Self propelled road construction grader (working condition)
Powered by Leyland MT1800 engine and automatic gear box (hi / lo range)
Fitted with various hydraulic and compressed air lifting devices (e.g.blade,
scarifiers, wheel leaners,etc.)
Ideal for constructing, forming, maintaining all roads/shoulders/etc.
PRICE - Z$ 2.5 billion o.n.c.o.


Utility Trailer in good working condition
PRICE - Z$ 250 million o.n.c.o.


Very useful for all types of road pavement & hardstanding compaction, etc.
(eagerly sought after by road contractors). Ideal for farm and gravel road
maintenance. Is normally towed behind a standard 90hp tractor (or larger).
Good working condition.
PRICE - Z$ 600 million o.n.c.o.

available on request.

Please contact Paul Brown on Hre 755 401/2, 091-754 302,
for further details.


1.17 Pet Mince for Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Pet Mince for sale 500g for $60 000
Cat Heart Mince for sale 250g for $60 000
Delivered on Friday's.† Please order by email.
Phone 011211088 or email


1.18 For Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Very strong and secure steel safe with large cupboard space and two drawers.
Size 62 cms square and 72 cms high. Can be used as is, or built in - very

Contact 04 745463 or 011211924 for further details.

Substantial quantity of very good Siratro legume seed.

Contact 04 745463 or 011211924 for further details.


1.19 For Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Philips Telefax for sale price 80 million contact me on†† 091941171 or email


1.20 Property For Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)


Situated on 15 acres just outside Harare, but classified as Urban.
Consists of 1 x 3 bed roomed house, 1 x 2 bed roomed cottage, 2 x ensuite
guest rooms, pool and entertainment area, workshop and offices. Boreholes x
2, water storage tanks, domestic quarters and storage rooms, walled,
electric fenced and electric gated.

Only serious buyers with ready cash need respond.
Contact Ashleigh- Tel: 091 890722 or


1.21 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)
Kelvinator Four plate stove/eye level grill - old.
Imperial fridge/freezer.
Sharp microwave oven.
Telefunken video recorder
DSTV decoder and card
Bosh cake mixer/liquidiser/mincer.
Waffle maker.
Snackwich maker.
4 piece upholstered lounge suite
2 large hot trays.
2 half moon tables.
1 Defy Auto Maid washing machine
1 Defy tumble dryer.
1 garden table & 4 chairs (with cushions)
Carpets (2) 9 x 12 with under lays
1 Muhkwa Kist
1 Bookcase
2 chests of drawers
3 table lamps
†Please phone Cherry: 251150 - 2 (Business) or 304095 (home).


1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.


Small woven bags--$750,000 each.
Large crocheted bags.--$1,800,000 each.
Large woven bags.--$1,500,000 each.

Table Runners.--$1,150,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$3,400,000.
Fringed mats only(4)---$2,300,000.
Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$5,200,000

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$4,000,000.
Set of 4 Bordered table mats only---$3,000,000
Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$6,000,000.
Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$8,000,000.

2m Throws--$3,800,000.
1m Throw(Baby blanket)--$1,500,000 NEW.

Tea cosy(L)--$800,000.
Tea cosy(m)--$600,000
Tea cosy(s)--$400,000.
Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$1,500,000.
Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$900,000.

Decorated cushion covers--$1,300,000.
Plain cushion covers---$1,100,000.

Scarves(knitted)--$1,600,000. each.
Hand Woven Scarves--$2,000,000 each
Hats(Beanies)--$650,000 each.

Large plain cotton rug--$3,500,000.
Med. plain cotton rug---$2,200,000.
Small plain cotton rug.---$1,400,000.
Cotton Rag Rug--$1,400,000.
Med. plain mohair rug--$2,700,000.
Med.patterned mohair rug.--$3,300,000.
X Large plain mohair rug.--$10,500,000.

Bedspreads-- QS/DB/3/4 and
Duvet Cushions(opens into a
Toilet sets--$2,500,000. NEW.
Bath mats---$1,100,000 NEW.

Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large


1.23 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Jungle gym with slide ladder, aeroplane, boat-swing. $50000000.00.
Pool slide (large fibreglass) $50000000.00.
Mazda 626 South African assembled 1992 model
Sport boat with 40 hp mariner engine phone Cheryl 308227. 011208619,


1.24 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Falcon with a 115 Yamaha motor for sale.† Z$ 1.7 Billion neg contact details
are 04-572136 8am - 6pm Mon - Fri.


1.25 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

1 x complete water pump with pulley and base for any 10 Series Ford tractor.
As good as brand new.

1 x water pump with pulley no base plus new gasket for any 10 Series Ford
tractor. As good as new.

For further details contact 04 - 745463 or† 011211924.


1.26 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

50 kg bags coarse salt @ Z$ 3 million each collected Ruwa, or Z$ 3.25
million delivered Harare.†† Limited quantity, available after June 23rd.


1.27 Items For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

1) Branding irons - Numbers 0 through 9; 3 of each, still good condition.
2) Motorolla, Kenwood and Tait radios; 5 base and 1 hand held.
3) Robust steel trailer suitable for off road work.

Please phone Wally Herbst, 011 212 264 or 09 244388
E mail Mziki


1.28 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

8-chair oak dining room suite with extendable table, tea trolley and
dresser.† Very good condition
Brand new modern fold up camp cot Pine cot (used but very good condition)
Pushchair/pram - 2 position - changeable handles - (used twice only and in
very good condition)
Offers on all above items - please phone 091 310012 or 339509 (afternoons
and evenings only)




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

Mazda Rustler, or Ford Bantam to swap (with cash adjustment) with Mazda 323
Hatchback, Zim assembled, 1998 model, in good condition, or purchase
outright. Please phone Duncan on 309971, or 011 405 387.


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

Is there anyone out there with any agricultural handbooks that they no
longer use or want? I require handbooks on any agricultural topic. Please
contact Ian Ross on + 263 (0) 11 628 501 or e-mail me on


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

Glass bottles (150ml to 350ml) with lids.
Call 091 338 573 or e mail


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Looking for an office safe.
Please contact Terrie 309800/309385/011 603 970


2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Wanted: 28" bicycle in reasonable condition. Please phone John Robertson on
Harare 740205


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

Prem baby clothes, mainly baby growers, vests, booties and waterproofs. My
baby boy "Zane" is a wee 1.8kg and very difficult to clothe as he mainly
drowns in his clothes. If there is someone out there please let us know
where I can get such clothing? Cash offered. Please phone Philip on 091
235579 or 336962 (office) or email or Delia on 091 201686


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

1.†††††††††††††††††† Packing machine wanted. Must be able to pack about 0.1
kilos to 5 kilos of granular or powder product
2.†††††††††††††††††† Packing machine to pack small quantities of liquid 5mls
to 100mls
3.†††††††††††††††††† Packing machine to pack powder and granule products
from 1mls to 1 kilo
Please contact - E mail
Fax/ Phone 04 851095


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

We are looking for an experienced cook with references.† Please call us on


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Looking for wooden filing cabinets, preferably lockable and hanging file

Also a magnet for a Trojan treadmill I have misplaced mine 'safely' whilst
moving and just cannot find it at all now - or else a heavy found magnet I
could try - the machine will not operate without this.
Or sms 091 201 894


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Large, modern camping cot wanted in good condition.† Phone 882142 or email


2.11 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Blue glass bottles ie wine bottles, desperately needed for medicinal

Please contact Geoff Long 011 601 316 or Irene Hammond 781452


2.12 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Space in container (1 -3 M≥) to Australia for personal effects. Destination
Sydney, Newcastle or Brisbane. Around August 2006!

Phone: Clemens
cell: 011 621 572, LL: 04 494366


2.13 Wanted (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Looking for a good second-hand monosem planter, either 4 or 6 row please
phone 883323 Harare or cell 091202924


2.14 Wanted (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Desperately looking for a fridge/freezer (2 door) or a small bar fridge.
Wanted immediately.

Caroline 091 250932 or


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered

3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 16/05/06)

Urgently looking for property to rent in Borrowdale, Glen Lorne or
Ballantyne Park area.

Please contact 091 389 218


3.2 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

WANTED - House to Rent in Chinhoyi.† Carefull tenants for three/four
bedroomed house - must be secure.† Mature couple would look after your house
like their own.† Please telephone Louise on 011 210 174 or 335233 a/h.


3.3 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

RELIABLE EX-FARMER SEEKING ACCOMMODATION on caretaking basis or reasonable
rent.† Single man, non-smoker and reliable.† Wanted from September 2006,
short or long-term.
Contact Rob Walmisley Tel: 011 731 922 (cell) or 748939 (work) or e-mail


3.4 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Looking for a tenant from 1st July to end of January
Town House, No. 44 Bridgeways, Lincoln Road, Avondale.† Three Bedrooms,
fully furnished.
Please contact Valda Rous on 307051 or 091 337 682


3.5 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

"House proud lady desperately seeks 3 bed-roomed house or flat for end of
June 2006. Please help!

Telephone Mrs. Ashley 743121/5 ext 228 bus hrs, 743282 (after 5 pm), e-mail"


3.6 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Small cottage-type house available to rent immediately in
Chisipite/Greendale north: three bedrooms, bathroom, shower and two toilets.
Good outdoor living areas set amid pleasant well-treed garden. Would suit
young or retired couple. Rent negotiable.
Contact Gail on 091-351363


3.7 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Please will you help by sending this to as many of your family and friends
or by putting the word out? We have sadly been given notice to vacate the
cottage we rent in Kambanji. We are looking for either a house or cottage or
town house, which has affordable rent, preferably on the Borrowdale/Mt
Pleasant side of town.† We are also possibly looking to look after a house
for the owners who are out of the country, or similar. For Kay and her 17
year old son.† Kay works for MARS and has vast medical experience, which may
be beneficial to the owners especially if they are elderly or
have young children. Dion is currently doing his O levels at St Georges.
Please we urgently need help and would be most grateful for any contacts.
Contact Kay Kondonis 091219476




4.1 Savuli Safari† (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges, just bring your food, drinks and
relax.†† $2 600,000 pppn, 1/2† U/12
Contact John: or Phone 091 631 556


4.2 Houseboat for Hire (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

MTEPATEPA houseboat for hire - very reasonable rates.† Sleeps 12, 2-3 crew,
pontoon tender boat.
Phone Kate 091 356 981 or 067-23112 or email


4.3 Mana Pools (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

4-person lodge (Mubvee/Hipp0) available between now 6th - 16th June.† To
avoid a total waste of booking, take any time you can between these dates.
Please contact asap

Tel: 304492
Cell: 091 247 141


4.4 (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

22 - 26 June 2006
US$80pp pn (equivalent)
Including : All meals, All Locally-bottled Drinks, All Activities (walking,
canoeing, walking),
Fully Serviced Camp, Professional Walking & Canoeing Guides
Excluding: National Parks Fees and Transfers into Mana Pools
Contact Julie : or 333414/339001
See more details on our Camp at


4.5 (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Wild Heritage, Kariba - Muuyu Lodge

Lodge in Wild Heritage Complex, 3 double bedrooms, overlooking the Chirara
Floodplains with wonderful view of passing game from the front deck, 2
bathrooms, fully furnished, plenty of freezer space, serviced by a maid
capable of basic cooking. Own splash pool on the front deck. Good birding,
even from the deck.† Access to boat launching facilities.† Good get away.
$10,000,000 per night
Contact Wendy: or phone 091 261 253



5.1 (Ad inserted 23/05/06)


A leading Professional Recruitment Firm, with over 2500 candidates on its
database.† We are a specialist Recruitment Organisation that offer clients
resources in any sector.† We also offer hardware and software support and
maintenance.† Positions available in permanent, contract and temporary

We are looking for candidates in every field so please send us your cv today
or call Sarah to secure top calibre positions/candidates.† Don't Hesitate -

Miss Sarah Vale
Oxford IT Recruitment
CFU Agricultural House
Corner Adylinn Road and Marlborough Drive
Marlborough, Harare
Tel:††††††††††† 309855-60 (ext. 23)
Fax:†††††††††† 309351
Thank you for choosing Oxford IT.
E & OE.

Directions from:
Harare Drive - Travel towards Marlborough Shopping Centre.† Pass the
shopping centre on your right.† Adylinn Road is the next main turnoff on the
left.† Drive towards the end of Adylinn Road, where it becomes a T Junction
and the CFU Building is on your Right.


5.2 (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

PC Doctor
Call PC Doctor for computer help. Installs, Skype and configurations, virus
recovery, maintenance. 011217843."


5.3 (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Radium Africa

Montana Boom Sprayers 10m 600l 85litre pump in stock
Harrow discs 24", 26" 28" plain and cutaway in stock
Silage Machines - manual feed and tractor drawn units in stock
Generators 15KVA and 60KVA on the water.
Phone : 870264 or 011600389
Email :


5.4 FOOTBALL WORLD CUP (Ad inserted 13/06/06)





6.1 Poodle Pups for Sale (Ad inserted 16/05/06)


6 Weeks old already had their first set of shots, adorable, looking for very
good homes.

Please contact Gisela on 496561 or 091 322 117


6.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Looking for three female Pedigree German Shepherd puppies and two Pedigree
female Blue Healer puppies.† Must have papers.† Please phone 011 600 770


6.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)


PHONE 04 - 882745 / 091333283.


6.4 Seeking Home (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

A final urgent plea for a home for our white English Bull Terrier male,
approx 5 years. Left at Kennels by ex farmer 3 months ago and if a suitable
home is not found, will be put to sleep. English Bull Terrier Lovers, if you
or someone you know can give him that home please contact me, he is a real
character and doesn't deserve this. Will make a super pet. Tel Michelle on
884294 or 011602903 or e-mail


6.5 Seeking Home (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lovers. 2 adorable males looking for kind and
loving homes. 1] 'Rizzla' red, talks like most staffies do, longing for
attention and 'Choco' a very unusual chocolate and white staffy, just wants
to be loved. Tel Michelle on 884294 or 011602903 or e-mail


6.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

even cross) or would consider young dog as companion to our Labrador bitch.
tolerate cats. Phone 882142 or email


JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
†please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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