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Coup 'plot' feeds Zimbabwe political tension

The Times
June 16, 2007

Jan Raath Harare
The arrest of several junior army officers accused of plotting to overthrow
the ageing President Mugabe has fuelled political tension in Zimbabwe,
already aggravated by the gathering pace of economic collapse.

Albert Matapo, 40, a former captain, and six serving officers have been
remanded in an in-camera hearing in a magistrate's court on allegations of
treason, according to copies of the charge sheet seen yesterday.

The document alleges that Mr Matapo "conspired with the co-accused" to
recruit "as many soldiers as he could . . . from the army, the air force and
the police to take over the Government". Once he was in control, the charge
sheet goes on, Mr Matapo would announce that he was inviting Emmerson
Munangagwa, a veteran member of the ruling party polit-buro, to form a
government with the heads of the Armed Forces. The allegations gave no
indication of how the alleged putsch was to have taken place.

Mr Munangagwa, 65, is the head of one of the two factions of the ruling Zanu
(PF) party engaged in a behind-the-scenes struggle to succeed Mr Mugabe, 83.
Mr Munangagwa denied all knowledge of the alleged coup plot. "It's stupid,"
he said. Political commentators were sceptical of the allegations,
dismissing them as a probable attempt by Mr Munangagwa's opponents in the
succession battle to remove him from the scene.

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However, the mere suggestion of a coup plot againt Mr Mugabe ignited a
sudden breathlessness in Harare's atmosphere of chronic anxiety.

"Munangagwa needs to replace him [Mr Mugabe] now," said one newspaper vendor
at lunchtime yesterday as copies of the weekly Zimbabwe Independent and its
front-page story were all but sold out.

The arrests are also expected to add a new dimension to demoralisation among
government employees now unable to afford the bus fare to get to work, and
especially among members of the 35,000-strong Army and 20,000 policemen.

Mr Mugabe has been the target of two amateurish coup conspiracies since he
came to power in 1980, one in 1981, the other in 1995, but his intelligence
services have a proven record of manufacturing plots for political ends.

The public linking of Mr Munangagwa to the alleged plot will be seen as a
strategy to remove him from the succession, carried out by the faction led
by his chief opponent, Solomon Mujuru, the former army commander whose wife,
Joice, is Vice-President, but for several months out of favour with Mr
Mugabe. The allegations are likely to increase hostility between the two
factions, which has burst into violence several times this year.

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More hardships for Harare residents

Zim Online

Saturday 16 June 2007

By Tsungai Murandu

HARARE - Harare residents will have to dig deeper into their pockets in
coming months to survive hefty increases in rates and other charges proposed
by the city fathers.

Residents of the Zimbabwean capital must brace for more hardships starting
from July following rates and charges increases of up to 5 000 percent.

According to new charges published by the Harare City Council yesterday,
monthly rentals payable by landlords to the city fathers would range from
340 000 to more than Z$8 million per property.

Some landlords in the poor working class suburb of Dzivaresekwa would with
effect from July 1 fork out $8.6 million a month for their houses. They are
presently paying $172 000 for the same properties - an increase of 4 900

Residents staying in the overcrowded Matapi and Nenyere flats in the
sprawling Mbare suburb would have to part with $655 000 and $705 000 a
month, respectively. The current rentals are $13 100 and $14 100 a month,

Clinic and hospital fees also go up by 376 and 167 percent, respectively. It
would now cost $20 000 for an adult to get treatment at council clinics and
$10 000 for children. They currently pay $4 200 and $2 100, respectively.

Residents would have to fork out $100 000 for treatment at council hospitals
such as the Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Burial fees in the A section of the Granville cemetery rise from $100 000 to
$700 000 for an adult and to $350 000 from $50 000 for a child. It would now
cost $150 000 to inter an adult in the B section of the same cemetery.

Burial of a body at the Warren Hills cemetery would now attract a charge of
$5 million for an adult, up more than 1 500 percent from the current $300

The hike in the council charges is expected to worsen the plight of
long-suffering Harare residents, who also have to contend with shortages of
food electricity and just about every basic survival commodity.

It particularly spells disaster for those without their own houses who would
have to brace for another round of rental increases.

A room currently costs around $600 000 a month while the average salary for
most Zimbabweans is about $1 million.

The Harare City Council rate hike reflects the hyper-inflationary conditions
prevailing in Zimbabwe where inflation is estimated at around 4 530 percent
for May. - ZimOnline

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10 percent of Zimbabweans mentally sick, says minister

Zim Online

Saturday 16 June 2007

By Tsungai Murandu

HARARE - At least 10 percent of Zimbabweans suffer from mental health
problems, according to the country's health ministry.

Health and Child Welfare Minister David Parirenyatwa said cases of mental
health problems were on the rise in the country and that the government was
working towards strengthening the institutional framework to handle the

"Statistics show that an estimated 10 percent of the Zimbabwean population
suffers from mental health problems which is the reason why the government
is in the process of coming up with a new policy on mental health issues.

"The prisons service is currently handling 237 psychiatry cases at its
prisons throughout the country," said Parirenyatwa.

The minister yesterday inaugurated a new Mental Health Review Tribunal in

The tribunal would examine all cases of mental health problems and work
towards improvement of conditions for patients suffering from mental

The rising number of mental health problems could be blamed on the
deteriorating economic conditions in Zimbabwe, where unemployment is more
than 80 percent and the cost of living is escalating. - ZimOnline

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Observers, Opposition, Fault Zimbabwe Mobile Voter Registration Drive


      By Patience Rusere
      15 June 2007

Zimbabwe's Office of the Registrar General has announced that it will roll
out a mobile voter registration program across the country next week in
preparation for the local, general and presidential elections to be held in
January-March 2008.

The state-controlled Herald newspaper quoted Registrar General Tobaiwa
Mudede as saying his staff will also be issuing birth certificates and
national identification cards and inspecting voter rolls during the
operation running until August 18.

But National Director Rindai Chipfunde-Vava of the Zimbabwe Election Support
Network, which fielded thousands of monitors during the last general
election in 2005, said the process was flawed because it is starting late
and was not well publicized.

Elections Director Paul Themba Nyathi of the opposition Movement for
Democratic Change faction of Arthur Mutambara said some MDC supporters
seeking to register have been asked to produce membership cards of the
ruling ZANU-PF party.

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South Africa's Mbeki To Press Constitutional Issues In Historic Zimbabwe Talks


      By Blessing Zulu and Ndimyake Mwakalyelye
      15 June 2007

Representatives of Zimbabwe's ruling party and opposition were to sit down
together Saturday in Pretoria for the first substantive political
discussions in a process mediated by South African President Thabo Mbeki at
the behest of regional leaders.

Though President Mbeki has sought on previous occasions to broker a solution
to the longrunning political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe, his standing
as leader of the region's economic powerhouse is very much on the line in
the present talks.

Much is at stake as well for both sides in the bitter political standoff,
with Zimbabwe's economy spiraling into an abyss and its population racked by
hunger and disease.

Sources privy to the talks said Mr. Mbeki had tough words for the two
negotiators for the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front of
President Robert Mugabe, who had twice failed to show up for scheduled talks
in the past several weeks.

Sources said Mr. Mbeki told Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa and Labor
Minister Nicholas Goche to give more evidence that they took the talks

The clock is running for Mr. Mbeki, who is supposed to brief his peers in
the Southern African Development Community on June 30 on the progress of his
mediation. Many others, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair, also
want to see progress.

Representing the two factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change will be secretaries general Tendai Biti of the camp led by MDC
founder Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube of the formation headed by
Arthur Mutambara.

South African Local Government Minister Sydney Mufamadi was to chair the
talks on Saturday and Sunday.

Sources close to the process said Mr. Mbeki would urge the negotiators to
focus on a constitutional amendment that Harare has sent to parliament, and
suggest that they consider as an alternative a draft constitution crafted by
Ncube and Chinamasa in 2003-2004 when Mr. Mbeki first tried to mediate the
crisis - unsuccessfully.

Mr. Mbeki is also expected to urge the two sides to agree to put in place
various electoral reforms ahead of presidential, general and local elections
in 2008.

International Crisis Group Senior Analyst Sydney Masamvu told reporter
Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the ZANU-PF amendment
tabled in parliament must be addressed if the talks are to make any headway
at this point.

Analysts described the talks as an historic milestone, though others noted
the seeming foot-dragging by Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF and skepticism on the part
of an opposition that has been battered by the state security apparatus
since March. The also noted the challenge facing Mr. Mbeki in proving
himself an impartial broker.

Also of concern is the absence of Zimbabwean civil society stakeholders,
which has led some critics to describe the negotiations overly secretive.

Reporter Ndimyake Mwakalyele took up these issues with two experts on
Zimbabwe's longrunning crisis: Noel Kututwa, chairman of the Zimbabwe Human
Rights NGO Forum, and Andrew Meldrum, the Johannesburg-based Southern
African correspondent for the Guardian and Observer newspapers of Britain.

Meldrum said that despite widespread skepticism as to what the talks will
yield, they represented a major step forward in the long-stalled quest for a

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Eddie Cross

Bulawayo, 15th June 2007

I see lots of signs that the cattle prod has been used! There is lots of
dust, confused cattle are running in all directions and the crack of the
long whips and the cries of the herders are all going great guns. The
MDC/Zanu teams fly to SA today and talks start tomorrow - as scheduled some
time ago even though the initial discussions failed to take off because the
South Africans could not get Zanu PF into the pen.

Blair spoke to the Libyan leader and he in turn invited Mugabe to Tripoli
for discussions, the Malawi leadership also had Mugabe over for tea. After
Smith's experience with coffee in Pretoria in 1976, Mugabe should know what
tea with a regional President means. I suspect that Mr. Mbeki was furious at
the prevarication by Zanu PF as he was right in the middle of the G8 summit
in Germany and news of a hiccup would not have been welcome at all. I am
sure the power dial on that cattle prod was screwed up to maximum!

Then we have the extraordinary sight of several Zanu PF functionaries at the
World Economic Forum meeting in Cape Town saying that Mr. Mugabe would be
out of office shortly and Zanu PF would then tackle the task of rebranding
themselves. They also said what we all know, that economic recovery could
not begin until he is out of the way.

How true the talk of an attempted coup might be, is anyone's guess, but
there probably is some fire behind the smoke, or is it just dust in the dip
tank pen? For sure the armed forces are as fed up as any of us with the
rapid deterioration in the economic situation.

The question we must all ask, is this our "ground zero?" Where the Americans
got that saying from I am not sure but its meaning is quite clear. We are at
a turning point and what I want to know is what is around the corner?

I think there are some specific pegs on which we can hang our hats. First is
the process underway in South Africa. It seems clear to me that no SADC
leaders are blinking. Mugabe and Zanu PF are going to get the full treatment
in the democratic dip tank. We will get major changes to the way the next
elections are going to be held and might even get some constitutional
changes. So at last the people of Zimbabwe are going to get an opportunity
to vote in a way that will allow them to express their real feelings.

Secondly, we can now be sure that heavyweights in Zanu PF have decided that
Mugabe must go - and as soon as possible. They actually thought that a long
time ago but now that they have come out in the open on this issue it looks
as if we might actually expect some movement on that front - a pity really
because I would like to see him in the dip tank and then dealt with on the
other side. That may not happen now but he is a wily opponent and a master
of manipulation.

Thirdly, we are fast approaching the point where we simply cannot cope with
the rapid changes in the economy. Fuel went over Z$100 000 a litre this
week, the US dollar is trading at 120 000 to 1, the Rand is approaching 15
000 to 1 and the pound is off the scale. This means prices have doubled in a
week. I run a supermarket and we are marking up everything but simply cannot
keep pace. No matter what we do when pricing, everything we sell is below
replacement cost and you can only carry this for so long before grinding to
a halt.

There is talk that the Reserve Bank will cut another three zeros off our
currency next week and this would mean that one Zimbabwe dollar would now
equal one million of the "old" dollars. Chaos reins in commerce and industry
and those in the public sector are frantic. How do you keep up with these
sort of changes when you have a government which is still trying to hold
bread at Z$825 for a 700 gram loaf? Recent legislation on prices and
incomes - launched with much fanfare as the solution to our inflation
problems, lay down that a business person can go to jail for 5 years if
he/she violates this sort of crass stupidity.

Power cuts, for whatever reason, are now a serious issue. Crops are going
without water, essential services are being affected and the lives of
millions being made even more unbearable. This week a group of international
NGO's sent an urgent memorandum out saying that these conditions could lead
to a total collapse in 6 months. I think they are right in the basic premise
but wrong on the timing, we cannot take much more of this.

So are we at "ground zero"? I think so and am just a little apprehensive
that the powers that be have left this situation too late to really control
and manage the outcome. We cannot bring the elections into 2007, there is
just not enough time to do all that is required and hold a free and fair
election thereafter. So we are going to have to have some sort of short-term
emergency help to stabilize the economic and humanitarian situation while
the political agenda is tackled.

This simply will not happen if the talks starting tomorrow morning do not
run their course and produce an outcome that all involved will buy into.
Zanu PF is in a clear minority in this scenario and has little or no room to
maneuver. They must now prepare themselves for a new dispensation and if
they cannot do that fast, they will be marginalised and cast aside.

The question everyone is now asking is the MDC ready? We are battered and
bloodied by recent activities of this dying regime, but we are not out by
any means. We have no money, little left in terms of infrastructure and
equipment, our Head Office stands almost completely empty in Harare - staff
and visitors are terrified of even visiting the building. But make no
mistake; we have the people with us. I am constantly asked why we have not
reunited the two leadership groups that claim the name MDC? The reasons are
very simple, the people are not divided or confused, they know what and whom
they want to take the reins in government. If the MDC allows the people to
decide who will represent the Party in the next elections we all know who
will emerge.

We are not prepared to compromise the right of the ordinary person in the
MDC to choose who will represent them in the coming contest. I am pleased
that our policy position is now almost ready and should be published soon.
This will then give all who have Zimbabwe's interests at heart a chance to
read what sort of New Zimbabwe will emerge from the ashes of the old order
under MDC stewardship.

Ground zero is for all of us in one-way or another, it's also a unique
opportunity to build a new structure to replace what we have lost in the
destructive processes of our 9/11.

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Zimbabwe Opposition Activists Bound Over In Bombing Case To June 29; Appeal Pends


      By Carole Gombakomba
      15 June 2007

A Harare magistrate Friday dismissed a request by some 20 activists of
Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change for their release from
remand prison, instead binding them over until June 29 on firebomb
conspiracy charges.

Lawyers for the opposition members, many held since a raid on the party's
Harare headquarters March 28, had asked the court to refuse remand to the
prosecution on grounds that no trial date has been set. The case is headed
Tuesday for high court, where a judge last week declined to rule until a
magistrate disposed of the case.

The activists remaining in police hands face an assortment of charges
including sabotage and alleged paramilitary training in South Africa. State
prosecutors say the accused were behind a series of firebombings of police
posts in March.

Alec Muchadehama, a lawyer for the accused, told reporter Carole Gombakomba
of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that he was disappointed in the ruling
because the state has failed to show sufficient evidence to warrant their
continued detention.

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A letter from the diaspora

Friday 15th June 2007

Dear Friends.
I can't remember which year it was, somewhere between 2000 and 2002 when I
saw my first opposition slogan written in big letters across the tarmac.
'Enough is Enough'.

It was early on a Saturday morning and I was driving along a tar road in an
area of thriving commercial farms between Murehwa where I lived and
Marondera where I worked as a part-time tutor with the Zimbabwe Open
University. From the road the farms looked as flourishing as ever but there
were militant war veterans around, we all knew that.
And there, written right across the road was this huge message of hope; the
first public sign of resistance that I'd seen in the rural areas. I remember
that I had a load of students on the truck with me; we all saw the writing
but no one said a word. There was just a funny little smile on people's
faces, an added sparkle in their eyes and a lift in their step as they
clambered down from the truck to walk to their classes for tutorials.
Someone whispered to me that it was one of the remaining commercial farmers
who'd come out in the middle of the night to spray paint the message: Enough
is Enough.
It didn't last long, the campaign of defiance before it was stamped out by
the black boots of oppression. But over the next few months it spread like a
bush fire and there were messages sprayed onto rock faces and across the
roads in rural areas, even on roadside kerbs in the towns. And every time
you saw it you felt a surge of hope, a lifting of the heart; somewhere out
there the spirit of resistance was stirring; Enough is Enough - Zvakwana -
It was just seven years ago but it seems like another life.

I was reminded of that brief flare of resistance in Zimbabawe this week as I
watched on television the images of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip;
ordinary mothers and fathers, sons and daughters taking to the streets in a
desperate attempt to stop the warring elements of Hamas and Fatah from
tearing their daily lives apart with murder and senseless slaughter of
innocent people. Armed with nothing more than their bare hands, these brave
men and women shouted and screamed their defiance at the hooded fanatics
armed with their AK 47's.' Stop what you're doing! Stop killing our sons and
daughter, our wives and husbands, our brothers and sisters. Stop making our
lives unbearable' It was a truly humbling sight, such desperation, such
courage. One particular image remains in my mind. A young man with just his
bare fists ran right up to confront an armed, hooded man who was running
through the streets firing at everything in sight. The demonstrator pushed
him, punched him and just would not give up. He was screaming at the man,
'Stop what you're doing, Stop! You could see the hooded man getting more and
more frustrated as he tried to shake off this unarmed civilian. Then, he
fired over the protester's head and ran off with the angry protester in
It was an object lesson in People's Power; if the politicians can't stop the
violence and killings then we will do it ourselves. Armed with nothing more
than our voices raised in furious protest and our bare hands our only
weapons against your guns. That is surely the courage born of desperation
and the yearning to live a normal human life without armed men dictating the

We saw that same courage demonstrated again in Zimbabwe this last week when
the wonderful women and men of Woza and Moza yet again showed their
solidarity and unity - not with the politicians or men with guns who make
the decisions that control our lives but with the suffering people who daily
bear the brunt of those decisions - or indecision; for that's what we have
seen again this week: Zanu PF's complete inability to solve the current
economic crisis that is causing all the suffering.
And, in the midst of the unbelievable hardship of everyday living, the brave
women of Woza support each other, even to the extent of demanding to join
their sisters in gaol. They are living proof of the maxim: an injury to one
is an injury to all - unless we stand together we are lost. And until the
politicians of all parties learn that lesson, Zimbabwe will continue to be
torn apart by violence, greed, corruption and self-interest.

Perhaps age and life experience have made me cynical but one story from home
this week illustrated how easy it is for Zanu PF's propaganda machine to
work on a gullible population, which, despite countless examples of lies and
deceit over the years, appears not to have grasped the truth that the ruling
party is just not to be trusted. That lesson has still not been learned. How
else can one explain the incredibly naïve way in which some MDC MP's
responded to the invitations sent out by Gideon Gono to an event at which
agricultural implements were to be given away to so-called new farmers,
including members of the opposition? Was it the 'Something for nothing'
syndrome that has swept Zimbabwe over the last ten years that led some of
the MDC MP's to attend? Whatever their reasons, their attendance represented
another victory for the government propaganda machine. With their usual
scant regard for factual accuracy, the Herald newspaper splashed the story
all over the front page, naming the MDC recipients, some of whom were not
even present at the ceremony. Heated denials from opposition members
followed but by then the damage had been done. The intended message of the
Herald story was to demonstrate to his loyal subjects - and anyone else
watching developments in the country - the Dear Leader's impartial
magnanimity to all Zimbabweans, regardless of their political affiliation.
'Are we not all Zimbabweans?' the President asked, ' Do we not eat

Well, no, Mr President, we don't! Some of us don't eat at all, thanks to
your government's criminal mismanagement of the economy. And some of us are
denied food aid by your government because we belong to a different
political party. And some of us, Mr President, die of starvation.
Ndini shamwari yenyu. PH

Friday 8th June 2007

Dear Friends
How in heavens name do people survive in the economic madhouse that Zimbabwe
has become?
On Friday last week I watched in astonishment as the parallel rate for the
Zim dollar against the British pound went from 100.000 in the morning to
105.000 at lunchtime and by evening was 110.00. It was like Black Friday all
over again; the day when Robert Mugabe, virtually barricaded into Zanu PF
headquarters house by war veterans was forced to give each one of the fifty
thousand former fighters an unbudgeted $150.000 - or was it 50.000. Noughts
have no meaning any more since Gideon Gono knocked three of them off!
Analysts say that's when the economic mayhem began and with it came the
inexorable leaking of the best-qualified and most productive members of
society. We forget that this steady decline in the economy and the
increasing brain drain has been going on for almost ten years. What began as
a trickle became a flood as an estimated four million Zimbabweans, those
lucky enough to afford an airfare, a passport and visa fled the country.
Roughly a million of them came to the UK. But the soon-to-be-ex British
Prime Minister still says that Zimbabwe is not in his remit! It's out of his
reach, he says; Africa's problems must be solved by Africans and Thabo Mbeki
is the right man for the job. He fully supported Mbeki's efforts he said.
Any hope that Blair might actually intervene even ever so softly on behalf
of the suffering people of Zimbabwe was drowned in meaningless, diplomatic
Blair's justification for invading Iraq, remember, was that he believed it
was morally correct. In essence what he said was: 'You may not have agreed
with me but I believed it was the right thing to do to rid the world of an
evil dictator.' But Zimbabwe is not in his remit so he can take no part in
ridding the world of this particular evil dictator. Blair's moral
imperatives simply fade into oblivion where Zimbabwe is concerned but for me
anyway, the situation in Zimbabwe is above all a moral issue in exactly the
same way as apartheid South Africa or Smith's Rhodesia when it was whites
oppressing blacks. Blair knows this but chooses to do nothing. He
acknowledges that what is happening in Zimbabwe is wrong but he washes his
hands of the problem.

Meanwhile the suffering continues. The poverty datum line in Zimbabwe is now
estimated at over two million a month; prices for basic goods go up as much
as three times in a day and on top of that there are transport costs,
utility services, rates, rents and school fees. How do ordinary people
manage? Whenever friends call me from Zim, my first question is ' Have you
got enough to eat' and the answer always seems to be that they are managing,
some how in some way they are managing. It is getting increasingly desperate
but by barter and deals and with family help they are getting enough to keep
them alive. God forbid that any of them get sick and need medical attention
or have a baby born in hospital or, in the final act of despair turn up
their toes and die and have to be buried - any of those processes will
involve the family in millions, literally millions of dollars.
The Zanu PF government's inept and, some would say, deliberate mismanagement
of the economy has reduced these basic human processes to near
impossibilities for the majority of the Zimbabwean population. No one is
exempt but some in Zimbabwe are better equipped to cope than others. If you
have the right political affiliation then you will be able to take advantage
of the Zanu PF connection which will ensure you get food relief or jobs or
preferential treatment at every step of the way - as long as they can be
sure of your vote.
If, on the other hand, you happen to support the opposition and/or belong to
the Roman Catholic faith then watch out for you are in real trouble. Mugabe
has declared his version of a fatwa on those people and attendance at Mass
in the rural areas has become an ordeal of terror as the Green Bombers wait
at the church door to beat the hell - or heaven - out of Catholic
church-goers whom they deem to be Mugabe's enemies. In their twisted Zanu PF
thinking, continued allegiance to their faith must imply that Catholics have
become Mugabe's enemies- and all because the Catholic bishops had the
courage to condemn Mugabe's oppression of his own people. Friends tell me
that when all this is reported to the police the response is ' You must
write a letter of apology to the Zanu PF District Chairman' Apologise for
what, I ask, apologise for standing by your principles, for doing the right

By the time Blair got back to London from his 'Farewell' tour there had been
other developments and all relevant to the Zimbabwean president. Charles
Taylor's trial had opened in the Hague with Taylor pleading not guilty and
claiming that he had immunity because at the time the crimes were committed
he was head of state. (Britain, by the way, has said that if Taylor is found
guilty they will be prepared to imprison him in the UK.) The Red Cross had
declared that Zimbabwe was in a virtual war situation and as such merited
Red Cross assistance and Edinburgh University had finally decided to strip
Mugabe of his honorary doctorate, two other American universities are likely
to follow suit. Reporting on this The Guardian newspaper here quoted Tony
Blair saying in the House of Commons that he 'entirely endorsed' the move.
He added that the UK would bar Mr Mugabe and his ministers from entering the
UK ' until democracy had been restored in Zimbabwe'. Zimbabweans should
remember those words.
To quote Mugabe's spokesman, George Charamba, I doubt Mugabe will 'lose
sleep' over it. After all, he's still there and Blair is about to be
gone.that must be giving the old man cause for a good chortle! He has little
else to laugh about.
Ndini shamwari yenyu. PH

Friday 1st June 2007

Dear Friends.
The British weather is renowned for its unreliability and it's a standard
joke about the Brits that their one staple of conversation is the weather,
usually described as ' the bloody weather'. For Zimbabweans in the diaspora
accustomed to planning events months ahead in the sure knowledge that the
weather will do exactly what it's supposed to, it's utterly maddening to
know that in Britain the one thing you can never be sure of is the weather.

Take this May, for example. We had had three weeks of glorious weather;
temperatures climbed to record levels for May, trees burst into full summer
foliage and gardens bloomed in premature glory. The native Brits, determined
to catch a tan, stripped off to reveal their wormy whiteness and every
possible variation of un-dress paraded itself on the streets.
Then came the last weekend of May and a Bank Holiday, in the UK that's
almost a guarantee that it will rain! The Saturday was cold and grey but
undeterred I made my way to London to meet up with my daughter. Rain or no
rain, we were not going to miss Bank Holiday Monday in the Square.

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, had organized a huge celebration of
Africa Day in Trafalgar Square. What better time to celebrate Africa's
contribution to the world. Two hundred years since the Abolition of Slavery
and the commemoration on Africa Day of the Founding of the OAU. It was to be
one joyous celebration and Africans living in London together with
Londoners, young and old, black and white and every shade in between, were
there to join the party and dance their socks off. We were all Africans that
day. There were stalls selling African food, African crafts, African
jewellery and clothes and above all there was African music. From all over
the continent the musicians came; Algeria, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria,
Ghana, Madagascar, the Congo and South Africa. Mama Africa herself, Miriam
Makeba, was to be the star of the show. All the warmth and vitality of
Africa was there in Trafalgar Square that day right under the statue of
Nelson towering above us on his Column.

And it rained and rained and rained! Not just gentle English rain but a cold
driving rain that soaked us to the skin. Trafalgar Square was a sea of
umbrellas. At one point a cheery d.j worked the crowd with the brolly dance:
'Brollies to the left, brollies to the right, lift your brollies up and
shake 'em all about.!' It certainly kept us entertained but we got even more
soaked as rain streamed off the shaking umbrellas and down our necks.

By the time Miriam Makeba came on stage at three thirty it was absolutely
chucking it down! But it didn't make a bit of difference; we roared our
admiration and love for this wonderful woman who has fought all her life
against racism and whose music has stirred the conscience of the world. To
see her there with her backing band of musicians of all colours from Africa
and the diaspora, including her grand-daughter the singer and her great
grandson, a twelve year old drummer. It was a sight I shall never forget.
What changes she has seen in her life! From the dark days of apartheid right
through to the birth of the Rainbow Nation, Africa has come a long way and
this woman has been an integral part of that long struggle for freedom.

But in the midst of all the celebrations we were reminded that the struggle
is not yet over. A slim young Congolese woman came onto the stage between
the musical acts to tell of her experiences as a Prisoner of Conscience.
Speaking through an interpreter she told us how she had been imprisoned for
five months and it was only through the efforts of Amnesty and the
international community that she was finally released. She wanted to thank
all the people who had helped her and to remind us that there are still
dictators in Africa who imprison people for daring to disagree with the
ruling party. Her testimony was a salutary reminder to all those people who
in the name of Pan Africanism choose to turn a blind eye to the corruption,
the denial of basic human rights and the downright bad governance that still
prevails in much of Africa. Yes, it is good to celebrate our Africaness and
the rich and varied cultures of Africa but we do the continent and its
people a huge disservice by denying that there is still a long way to go
before Africa and her people are truly free.

Zimbabwe, of course, was not mentioned once by any speaker during this
Africa Day celebration in Trafalgar Square, neither was Zimbabwe's wonderful
music heard. In politically correct Britain it is considered racist even to
acknowledge that black Africans are as capable of violence against their own
people as any nasty white colonisiser. Tony Blair has been in the lead with
this 'political correctness' and while Londoners and Africans in the
diaspora danced in Trafalgar Square to celebrate Africa Day he was away on
his 'Farewell' tour. In Sierra Leone he got a rapturous welcome; Sierra
Leonians believe that it was Blair's military intervention back in 2000 that
ended the bitter civil war.

'Had we not intervened here,' Blair said, 'we would have been unable to set
Africa's beneficial path going.' And he added, 'If we hadn't decided to make
that intervention (in Sierra Leone) then not just this country but the
countries of this whole area would have been adversely affected'

Blair, you see, believes in what he calls 'liberal intervention' arguing
that in a global world where nations are more and more inter-connected the
world cannot afford to ignore the crimes of brutal tyrants and the excesses
of rogue states. As Mugabe continues his brutal repression of all dissenting
voices, the Zimbabwean people will surely appreciate the irony of that
philosophy coming as it does from a man whose government has stood by while
Zimbabwe collapsed and up to four million Zimbabweans have fled their

As I write this, Tony Blair is in South Africa talking to the President.
Commentators are saying that Zimbabwe will be high on their agenda. What
chance is there that Blair will be able to persuade Thabo Mbeki to bring his
northern neighbour to book, stop the violence and ensure free and fair
elections so that next Africa Day we will all be home in the sunshine in
Africa Unity Square to celebrate?
As they say, don't hold your breath!
Ndini shamwari yenyu. PH.

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London rally for MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai - Saturday, 23rd June


Two important events

10 am - 4 pm
 The Movement for Democratic Change in the UK (MDC-UK) is hosting a rally
from 10 am - 4 pm on Saturday, 23rd June for Morgan Tsvangirai.  Morgan
Tsvangirai will be in London from 21st - 23rd June. He is coming as part of
a delegation from the Save Zimbabwe Campaign (SZC). Others in the delegation
include MDC leader Arthur Mutambara, the Rev Levee Kadenge, convener of the
Christian Alliance, Lovemore Madhuku, NCA (National Constitutional Assembly)
Chair, Zapu leader Paul Siwela and the Zimbabwe Students' Union leader
Promise Mkwananzi. From London they are travelling to Canada.  The SZC is
the umbrella organisation under which opposition forces in Zimbabwe are
campaigning for change.  The SZC organised the prayer meeting on 11th March
which resulted in the brutal assaults on many opposition activists including
Mr Tsvangirai.

Date and time: Saturday, 23rd June 2007, 10 am - 4 pm
Venue: Flamingo Park, A20 Sidcup By Pass, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 6HL

By car:
- From Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach (A102) head onto Rochester Way
Relief Road (A2), continue for 0.68 miles. Leave Rochester Way Relief Road
(A2) and head onto Kidbrooke Park Road (A2213) for 0.81 miles. Leave
Kidbrooke Park Road (A2213) and turn left into Sidcup Road (A20) for 5.22
miles to Sidcup By-Pass.
- From M25 leave at J3 direction Lewisham London SE on A20. Keep on the A20
until Sidcup By-Pass.
Nearest Station: New Eltham (trains from Charing Cross and London Bridge)
Buses from New Eltham Station (alight at County Gate):
-        321 towards Foots Cray Tesco
-        233 towards Swanley / Beechenlea Lane

June, 6 - 7.30 pm
The Service of Solidarity with Torture Survivors of Zimbabwe on UN
International Day in Support of Victims of Torture organised by Zimbabwe
Human Rights NGO Forum, Amnesty International, Redress, International Bar
Association, International Rehabilitation Council for Victims of Torture,
Zimbabwe Association.
Venue: St Paul's Church, Bedford Street, Covent Garden WC2E 9ED.
Main speakers: Chenjerai Hove, John Makumbe.
All welcome to join the service and post-service procession to lay flowers
on the steps of the Zimbabwe Embassy. The service will mirror similar
services in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Between January and March this year
the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum documented 254 cases of torture in

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JAG Open Letter Forum No.490

Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.

JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 610 073 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines


Letter 1 - Phil Brereton

Dear Editor
This week we hear that the British Government is compensating a soldier who
was left paralysed after an accident with a vehicle while on duty in the
army.  He is to receive £ 4,000,000
There is a wonderful lad who was defending his country against the influx of
communism into Zimbabwe in the 1970s, who was only six months into his
national service training, when he was hit by shrapnel from a mortar fired
from Mozambique side of the Zimbabwean border.  He was nineteen at the time.
He has been paralysed from the neck down and virtually bed ridden ever
since.  He excelled at all school sports and was Captain of most of the
teams he played in.  He is bright and had a wonderful future in a wonderful
country called Rhodesia. It boomed under Western sanctions.

But Britain, led by the Labour party knew better and went all out to install
a so called western style, one man one vote, democracy ( sic !!) on a truly
tribal system. Tribal Chiefs were the respected leaders of the various
tribes in the country at the time and,  Ian Smith and his Democratically
elected Government evolved a system getting the Chiefs to form a collective
Council, to join in with the Government to learn to develop and encourage
their people to look after the areas set aside for the various tribes, and
to learn how Western Governments operate.  There was no colour bar to join
the electoral roll, only a fairly low financial criterion.  No Commercial
farmers or industrialists were permitted to buy or operate in these areas,
which covered thousands of hectares.  Now every one knows what Britain has
brought about.  Absolute chaos and poverty. A bust corrupt communist regime,
and now a massive exodus of it`s wonderful people to countries where they
can at least survive..
But Trevor cannot leave.  His family sold their farm years ago to get the
finance to support their son.  He has two full time African nurse aids who
have been loyal to him for some 25 years. He has no Government to turn to.
His father has had two strokes and is bed ridden His brother is working in
security in Afghanistan to earn foreign currency to support his family. He
lost his farm to Mugabe`s cronies, with no compensation.  The family have
been helped in various ways by friends and fund raising locally.  He can
survive for a couple more years.  He is one of the forgotten tribe in
Zimbabwe. Where can he look for the future It seems the silence is deafening

Where is true justice?

A friend of Trevor`s
Phil Brereton


Letter 2 - P. Mangwende

Dear JAG,

I quote from the Zim Independent's Muckracker regarding the Regime's free
tractor extravaganza:

"However, that said, there were obviously individuals receiving government
gifts who should know better. For those business people wondering why the
CZI has lost its voice and no longer speaks for them the answer is not
difficult to discern: current CZI president Callistus Jokonya is among the
beneficiaries. So is ZNCC president Marah Hativagone. And will anybody take
Doug Taylor-Freeme seriously as a spokesman for the farming community after

If this is correct, has he no shame?

If so, I rest my case Mr Taylor-Freeme.

Pat Mangwende

Letter 3 - Willy Robinson


CFU Congress (in August 2007) appears to be seen as "a big day out" by a
number of people.
In 1991, CFU published a comprehensive document on what would happen if the
Government's proposed land reform took place - i.e. reduced production,
possible disruption to the economy, marginal job loss, possible slight
inflation and an outside chance a slight devaluation to the Zimbabwe dollar
as I recall.
Congress might well seize this golden opportunity to compare the projected
down turn in agricultural production (as printed in 1991) as against the
actual up to July 2007 - Budget vs. Actual to give Zanu a score.
Somewhere between Alan Burl's calling all the farmers to the Sheraton in
1991, and the year 2 000, there appears to have been a change of ideology at
CFU and it was decided (at a higher intellectual level?) that the very
professional document was actually completely incorrect, and at the very
least very politically incorrect.
The document was A4 with a green and white cardboard cover and I gave my
copy to Jag for their perusal.
Depending on the ethos of the 2007 Congress, the CFU could probably decide
if it is happy with the progress it has made in the last seven years with
agriculture and its membership.
If CFU is indeed well pleased with its seven year plan, I think it would be
jolly good for them to appoint Robert Mugabe and Gideon Gono as CFU
Mr. Mugabe, amongst other jobs, is patron of Cricket Zimbabwe and has done a
wonderful job there as we all know.
Mr. Gono on the other hand, has had immense fiscal experience and has done
wonders with the Zimbabwean economy.
But most of all they are both avid agricultural enthusiasts and experts.
They both revel in their contribution to agriculture in Zimbabwe.
CFU Trusteeship could well be the pinnacle of their careers.


All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions of
the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice for

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Day of the African child- a fight for our future!

15th Jun 2007 23:15 GMT

By Zimbabwe Youth Movement

OUR future is in danger! Our future is under threat! We face the fate of the
doomed! Shall we watch while our future is destroyed? Shall we standby and
look as our generation is forsaken? Once again we declare that the "future
is today! And today is the future!" let the African child stand up and
demand their future, TODAY!

On this day, 31 years ago, hundreds of young pupils were massacred by the
ruthless apartheid regime in Soweto . Scores of students had made a
fundamental and crucial decision to demand their future and refocus the
direction of their struggle.

They took it upon themselves to redress the struggles their fathers had
started more than fifty years behind. The African child rose and took up the
generational challenge and mapped the course of their struggle! They refused
to be taught a language that wasn't theirs; they refused to be indoctrinated
with foreign ideologies and cultures! They succeeded! On this day we salut4e

We, the sons of the soil-the African child (celebrate and commemorate this
day of reclaiming our African dream. A day to assert a prospective future! A
day to entrench the principles of Pan-Africanism, re-ignition of the spirit
of ubuntu! As the youth of this country and safe guarders of our young
brothers and sisters' heritage, we declare and vow  to confront and take

It is on this revolutionary day in history that we launch our campaign for a
Youth Charter- FOR THE YOUTH, BY THE YOUTH WIT THE YOUTH! It is on this
African day that we declare our steak and interest in the resolution of our
crisis. It is on this important children's day that dismiss pseudo
Pan-africanists running our nation! We declare that we shall not watch while
the devil runs away with the bible in front of the whole congregation! We
shall tolerate those who butcher and bash fellow African brothers, wrong or
right, in a bid to silence dissenting voices! No we shall not entertain the
continued suffering of our people!

We demand our fundamental freedoms now! We demand the right to education and
academic freedoms now! We demand access to health now! We demand social
justice now! We demand land now!

We declare on the blood of the martyrs of this struggle- those who perished
in the Soweto massacre, the liberation struggle and the first chimurenga!

Loosing is not on the agenda!

Arise the African child! Muka mwana wevhu! Vuka mntwana wenhlbathi!

ZimbabweYouth Movement, Free-Zim Youth

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Zimbabwe Day - Bristol

15th Jun 2007 23:25 GMT

By a Correspondent

TWELVE hours of music, food, dance and discussion await you on Friday 22nd
June!  The Bristol Zimbabwe Association is hosting Zimbabwe Day celebrations
at the Pierian Centre as part of Bristol 's National Refugee Week.

Entitled "Understanding Lives and Sharing Journeys" the day's events aim to
shine a spotlight on a community often regarded as Bristol 's "silent
refugees".  It allows Zimbabwean refugees and asylum seekers to share
something of their culture and concerns with the wider community.  It's a
chance to listen, talk, eat, dance and discuss!  And surrounding the
activities is "Celebrating Sanctuary", the art exhibition which runs all

A serious note is struck at 7pm when an open discussion focuses on the
latest developments in Zimbabwe .  A powerful panel of speakers includes
Ephraim Tapa (UK Chair of the Movement for Democratic Change); Diana Jeater
(Principal Lecturer in African History, UWE; and Chair of the Britain
Zimbabwe Society); and Lindsay Neil (Technical Advisor on HIV/Aids to
government and civil society organisations in Southern Africa ).  But your
thoughts and responses will be a vital ingredient of the evening's success!

The day runs from noon to midnight on Friday 22nd June - and starts with a
true taste of Zimbabwe .  We're serving a Lunch of authentic Zimbabwean food
(for a suggested donation of £5) from12 - 2pm - and there can be no better
way to get in the mood than through the taste buds!  At 2.30pm Chris Moyo
will ask you to put down your knife and fork and get to your feet.  For the
next 2 hours Chris and his Zulu dancers will lead a Gumboot Dance class that
will introduce you to the robust subtleties of a dance that started life as
a form of "underground" protest in the mines of Southern Africa .

Supper is served from 5 - 6pm, offering another chance to enjoy the varied
tastes of genuine Zimbabwean food.  From 7 - 9.30pm the open Discussion will
mobilize heads and hearts, but at 10pm your dancing shoes are called for as
Chris Moyo and his dancers in traditional Zulu regalia lead 2 hours of
joyous music and dancing.  And if you add in the Celebrating Sanctuary art
exhibition, you have a full and fascinating day!

So do come along to the Pierian Centre on Friday 22nd June.  Come and
celebrate the passionate, graceful culture of Zimbabwe - and learn about the
current plight of this great land.  You can drop in for part of the day, or
enjoy the full 12 hours.  It's all free!  The Pierian Centre is at 27
Portland Square , St Pauls, Bristol BS2 8SA.  For bookings and further
information ring 0117 924 4512 or june@pierian.  Our Refugee Week
events are supported in part by Bristol City Council, Pukka Teas and Averys
Wine Merchants.


1.          For interviews & info on Bristol Zimbabwe Association, contact
its Chair, Forward Maisokwadzo on 07919 894 900 or forwardm17@yahoo.

2.          For information on the Pierian Centre's full programme of
Refugee Week events, or on the Pierian Centre itself, contact June Burrough
on 0117 924 4512 or june@pierian.

3.          The Pierian Centre is a conference centre and venue for personal
learning in Bristol which was established to provide the best possible
environment for people to make practical and sustainable changes in all
aspects of their lives.  It is founded on the belief that every human being
has tremendous potential for learning, growth and fulfilment.  The centre
attracts a wide range of people, from management teams in blue chip
companies and organisations working with disadvantaged young people, to yoga
teachers and voice coaches.  See www.pierian.

4.          The following website provides details of all the events
happening as part of Bristol 's wider National Refugee Week:

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Germany denies Zim delegation leaders visas

The Herald - Published by the government of Zimbabwe

Herald Reporter

PARLIAMENT has withdrawn its participation at the African Caribbean
Pacific-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly scheduled for June 20 to
28 after the German Embassy in Harare inexplicably denied Zimbabwe's head of
delegation, Senator Forbes Magadu, a visa.

This comes barely a week after German Chancellor Angela Merkel made
anti-Zimbabwe remarks.

The embassy denied entry visas to Sen Magadu and delegation secretary Dr
Godfrey Chipare although they are not on the EU sanctions list.

Ironically, Zimbabwe is expected to feature prominently on the agenda of the
joint parliamentary session and the move was tailored to ensure that the
country has no strong representation.

In a statement yesterday, the Clerk of Parliament, Mr Austin Zvoma, said:
"As a result of this unwarranted action by the German authorities and
because Parliament of Zimbabwe can only be represented by a delegation of
its own choice, it has been decided that Parliament will not be represented
at these meetings.

"As Zimbabwe is expected to feature prominently on the agenda of the 13th
session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in the context of the
proposed urgent motion for a resolution on the situation in Zimbabwe,
discussion on matters related to Zimbabwe should be suspended until such a
time the Parliament of Zimbabwe is represented by a delegation of its own
choice, in accordance with the provisions of the Cotonou Agreement."

Mr Zvoma said Zimbabwe strongly condemns the action by Germany as Sen Magadu
had in the past successfully represented Zimbabwe.

"Parliament of Zimbabwe strongly condemns this arbitrary action by the
German authorities meant to surreptitiously dictate the composition of its
delegation to the 8th ACP Parliamentary Assembly and the 13th Session of the
ACP-EU working relations," said Mr Zvoma.

Sen Magadu represents Chitungwiza while Dr Chipare is the Principal Director
for External Affairs in the

Parliament of Zimbabwe.

However, Chirumanzu-Kwekwe-Silobela Senator Clarissa Muchengeti (Zanu-PF)
and Kuwadzana legislator Mr Nelson Chamisa (MDC) were issued with visas.

Mr Zvoma said the refusal of visas was not in accordance with Protocol Two
on Privileges and Immunities.

Considering that the officials were not on the sanctions list, it was
evident that the German authorities were undermining the delegation's
effective participation, he said.

Mr Zvoma said the European country also violated ACP-EU working relations.

"Parliament of Zimbabwe categorically rejects attempts by the German
authorities to dictate surreptitiously the composition of our delegation to
the meetings. Consequently, all delegates are hereby advised that Parliament
of Zimbabwe has decided not to send a delegation to these meetings," he

Mr Zvoma argued that Cde Magadu and Dr Chipare have attended Joint
Parliamentary Assembly meetings in Brussels, Belgium, in March this year and
there were no hustles in securing visas.

He said it was also agreed between the Parliament of Zimbabwe and the ACP
fact-finding mission in 2003 that the Parliament would avoid delegations
consisting of members on the sanctions list.

Mr Zvoma said the Zimbabwean situation was expected to be topical at the
13th Africa Caribbean Pacific-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly
but the meeting should suspend the matter until the country was allowed to
send representatives of its choice.

Zimbabwe has been under attack from some European countries and the United
States of America for embarking on the land reform programme in 2000.
Thousands of indigenous Zimbabweans have been economically empowered by the
agrarian reforms, which corrected a racially skewed land ownership pattern.

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JAG Job Opportunities dated 14 June 2007

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to: JAG
Job Opportunities; or

(Ad inserted  17th May 2007)

Contracts in the DRC

Wanted: for six month renewable contracts in the DRC, three Zimbabwean farm
managers.  One with experience in orchard and plantation crops especially
citrus and bananas, the second with experience in row cropping: potatoes,
maize/soya, wheat and barley and the third with experience in dairy
production.  Formal agricultural qualifications an advantage but not a

Fluency in Swahili preferable but not essential.

Contact: 011610073.


(Ad inserted 17th May 2007)



PLEASE RESPOND WITH CV AND REFERENCES TO: or tel: 04 485695/6 attention Brigit."


(Ad inserted 17th May 2007)

Houseworker required

Gardener OR houseworker required.  Someone who is clean, and hardworking.
Preferably employer recommended or contactable references.  Please phone
011-614-233 or email :


(Ad inserted 17th May 2007)

Looking for Investors:

Looking for serious investors that want to get involved in the Floricultural
industry of Zimbabwe.  Need secure land close to Harare and access to
finance.  Technical expertise, markets and highly skilled human resources
ready available. For serious enquires please contact me on:  011 630 696,
0912 782 782, 480 160,


(Ad inserted 17th May 2007)

Housekeeping Team

Looking for an experienced husband and wife team to cook and housekeep.
Excellent staff accommodation is available on the property.  A very
competitive remuneration package, with benefits, proportionate with
experience and qualifications is offered by way of negotiation with
successful applicants.  Traceable references are essential.

Apply on 091 2 238 204

(Ad inserted 24 May 2007)


Doctor's secretary required, preferably coming from Mount Pleasant, Emerald
Hill, Avonlea, Avondale, Alexandria Park area.  Mornings only 8:30 - 1 pm -
5 days per week.

Work load is not heavy.  Nursing experience is not required.  Any one
interested should be mature and able to handle files, correspondence and
simple book keeping.

References are essential.

Contact Clare Peech at


(Ad inserted 24 May 2007)

Employment Offered

OXFORD IT is looking for cvs.  Please send your cv as soon as possible if
you wish to be considered for the positions.
These positions will go very quickly so please do not delay in sending your
cv.  The positions are offering very good benefits and locations.
Mechanics (Automotive and Mechanical/Industrial), Construction Workers,
Waste Disposal Workers etc
Mining Engineers, Drillers, Crane/Forklift Operators, Truck Drivers
Workshop Managers, Driver/Messengers, Dispatch Supervisors
Temporary/Mornings Only/Flexi-time

Finance (especially Bookeepers)
Tourism/Hotel Industry

IBM Service Consultants
SAP/Spectrum Consultants
Developers, Network Engineers, Technicians, ISP Engineers

Positions we have on our books at the moment are:
Mining personnel
Manual/Hands On personnel
Personal Assistants
And various others....

Please email you cv to the below email address or contact the General
Manager for more information.  If you have a cv which does not fit into the
above descriptions, please send it on.  We deal with all types of
recruitment now, so delay in sending your cv might result in your missing
out on the right job.

Miss Sarah Vale
Oxford IT Recruitment
Agriculture House, c/o CFU Building, Cnr Adylinn Road/Marlborough Drive,
Marlborough, Harare
Tel:  + 263 4 309274 (Direct)
Tel:  + 263 4 309855-60 (Ext 23)
Cell: + 263 11 231 917 (Office Hours Only)
Fax: + 263 4 309351


(Ad inserted 24 May 2007)

Partner in Tanzania

Needed an Agricultural Partner to establish plantations in Tanzania to grow
the following crops; rise, maize, beans, vegetables, cotton, wheat and many

 Contact details:

  Name:Philip Mbunda,

  Tel. +255 754262486


(Ad inserted 24 May 2007)

Looking for a cook

Cook wanted with a Zambian passport or can get a Zambian passport for Zim
couple living in Lusaka Zambia, must be able to cook every thing from
pancakes to pies breakfast, lunch and dinner, please phone Pam on this no
+0966291818 or email Tony at

(Ad inserted 24 May 2007)

Houseworker required

I am looking for an excellent cleaner who not only cleans my home but also
takes pride and can clean his own quarters regularly.   A good salary is
offered to the right person.  Please phone 011-614-233.


(Ad inserted 31 May 2007)

Lab Technicians

Oxford IT is looking for Lab Technicians with experience in testing
Jet/Diesel and MOGAS.  This is a new position which has just come in; there
will be extensive travel; excellent pay and exposure to International

Please email your cv as soon as possible to the below email address as this
position is only open for a couple more days, the cut off is early next

Miss Sarah Vale
Oxford IT Recruitment
(Recruitment Specialists in IT and General Recruitment)

Agriculture House, 1 Adylinn Road, Off Marlborough Drive, Marlborough,
Tel:  + 263 4 309274 (Direct)
Tel:  + 263 4 309855-60 (Ext. 23)
Fax: + 263 4 309351
Cell: + 263 11 231 917 (Office Hours Only)

(Ad inserted 31 May 2007)

Oxford IT has a number of new positions that have come up in the
Aviation/Fuel Industry.  We are looking for Ground Crew/Load
Master/Engineering cvs.

There is:-
·        Extensive travel
·        Excellent pay
·        Exposure to International Organisations.

This has been advertised in the paper, so many cvs have already been
received.  The turnaround time is very short, please act fast and email your
cv to or call Sarah Vale on 309274 or 309855-60 (Ext.

We are also looking for cvs in: -
·        Construction
·        Maintenance
·        Camp Services
·        Water/waste/sewage/power generation


(Ad inserted 7 June 2007)

Furniture Factory Manager

Beira, Mozambique - based

A furniture factory making a range of hardwood furniture is looking for a
production manager.

This person will be responsible for:
Management of the machine shop and assembly line of a hardwood furniture
Implementation of the process of continuous improvement within the factory.
Production scheduling of orders and management of all raw materials and
Operations and the maintenance of the equipment.
Quality management and control.

The candidate should have experience with working with large teams of semi
and unskilled workers. Be adaptable and creative, working in sometimes
difficult conditions without technical support. The ability to make critical
decisions, at times with little information, to anticipate problems and plan
for them. The flexibility to develop creative, practical and realistic
solutions in based on an understanding of the limitations of the local

Experience in production and manufacture in the timber industry preferred,
though relevant non-timber production experience in developing countries
also an advantage.

The candidate should be prepared to reside full time in Mozambique full
time. Fully legal residence and work permits will be provided.

Package in US$.

Portuguese not essential at the start but the successful candidate would
have to learn to communicate in the language.

Basic computer literacy an advantage.

CV's will be accepted until the end of June 2007, and the candidate will be
expected on I August 2007. Included in your CV or on the covering letter
please advise what package you will be expecting.

Please email or fax +258 23 30 21 61 for an application

For additional company information see


(Ad inserted 7 June 2007)

Mature gardener

Preferably married but without children. Traceable references required.
Accommodation on site.

Contact G. Dartnall - 302702.


(Ad inserted 7 June 2007)


Applications are invited for the position of Estate Manager at St George's

Applicants should have mechanical experience sufficient for the maintaining
of vehicles, borehole pumps, estate machinery and the general supervision of
the on-site workshop and stores department.

Other duties include the maintenance of school buildings and staff
residential accommodation, the care and development of grounds and gardens
as well as the correct utilization of the irrigation and water management

Applicants should have good man management skills; the ability to understand
and converse in both languages will be an advantage as would basic computer

A good salary is offered, commensurate with experience, as well as other
benefits including housing on campus.

Interested candidates should forward CV's and contactable references to the
Headmaster's Secretary on or Fax CV's to Harare

Closing date for applications will be the 30th June and we regret that only
short-listed candidates will receive a response.


(Ad inserted 14 June 2007)

Receptionist wanted

Must be young, innovative, and computer literate. Excel spreadsheets a must.

Good telephone manners needed. Msasa area.

e-mail cv's to or fax 486168


(Ad inserted 14 June 2007)

Nursery School Teacher

Fairly newly established nursery school in Chisipite looking for a qualified
nursery school teacher to teach pre-school year.  Looking for somebody who
is not likely to be leaving country in near future and mature and
professional by nature.  Attractive salary on offer and lovely environment
to work in.

Please contact Kerry-Ann on 0912 754226.


(Ad inserted 14 June 2007)

Secretarial/Management Position

. . . to commence soonest . . .

UK based business needing a competent & efficient, self-motivated,
dedicated, responsible mature person of high integrity to manage their
office in Zimbabwe.

Required of you:-

A. Excellent Computer Skills in -
    - MSOutlook emails
    - File Management
    - MSWord
    - Internet
B.  Good in MSExcel
C.  Company Registration procedures:
      - working knowledge of

Knowledge of LINUX an added advantage

Located in Avondale.
Remuneration paid from UK

Assessments being conducted by

Thomas Vallance ACIArb
Executive Director
PARADiGM Trust(Pvt)Ltd
Trust Executives & Administrators
Para-Legal Advisory Services
POBox HG750, Highlands.
Tels: (B) 04-304 482
        (M) 011-617 161
              0912-227 473



(Ad inserted 14 June 2007)

We are looking for a mature person or couple to run our small 12 bed safari
camp. This position would be ideal for a mature couple or man from a farming

Essential are staff management skills as well as able to speak shona.
Love of wildlife and wilderness areas.
Ideal candidates will have some animal husbandry skills in particular in
relation to horses.
The camp is situated 2 hours from Harare.
There is no zesa but then  again there is none in Harare!
Good communication skills and like people also a requirement!
Some handy man skills an advantage.
Excellent package for right person/s.

Please contact  091 2256434 or email  delay in our
replying via email may be experienced due to dial up/phone problems.

PH/FAX: HARARE OFFICE  (263) 4 861766
JANINE CELL: (263) 91 256 434
BASE CAMP CELL: (263) 91 252 163







(Ad inserted 17th May 2007)

Employment Sought - Secretarial

I am a mature Lady looking for Secretarial / Administration/ Reception with
20 years of experience.  Computer literate, good communication skills with
all segmentas of Zimbabwe society.
I will consider full or part time engagement in any field

Please contact me on 331116 ( Home) 011 732 497 Cell or e-mail me at:


(Ad inserted 17th May 2007)

Seeking Challenging Management Position:

I am looking for a good management position where by I can grow with the
business; I have mainly been involved in Rose exports for the past 15 years
on large scale farms in Zimbabwe.  Although this is my main line of
expertise, I interested in any other industry that is looking for strong
management, an energetic, ambitious, honest and strong willed person to join
their organization.

Please contact me, Wayne Seiler on the following details if you are
interested and I will forward you my CV,  011 630 696, 0912 782 782, 480
160, .  Skype name : Wayne Seiler


(Ad inserted 7 June 2007)

Outsource your payrolls. For confidential payrolls produced on FDS system.

Accounting services offered to Final accounts

Contact : Jenny at or 011400754.


(Ad inserted 7 June 2007)

I am a mature man looking for Secretarial / Administration/ Reception with
10 years of experience.

Computer literate, good communication skills with
all segments of Zimbabwe and foreign societies.  Hard working.  I will
consider full or part time engagement in any field.  Well travelled having
worked in almost every sector in the industries.

Please contact me on 492 590 (Work) 0912339 438 Cell or e-mail me at:

Tendai Karinda Mr.

For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 14 June 2007)

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JAG Special Appeals Communique dated 15 June 2007

Please ignore the previous Cancer Association Appeal as there was some
missing information.



Email: :

JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!



The Cancer Association has helped thousands of us to cope with our fears and
understand our treatment.  It helped in so many ways and offered a wonderful
array of things that we could do to put our lives back together again.

The astonishing thing is that they still offer this wonderful service today
under almost impossible conditions.

Eleven years ago I turned to the Cancer Association when I was stunned by my
diagnosis of breast cancer.  But that was a picnic compared to today when
the only radiotherapy machine in the country spends more time broken down
than working and many patients cannot afford chemotherapy.

Yet somehow the Cancer Association continues to meet the needs of cancer

This world class organisation holds its annual Street collection on 23rd
June in Harare and desperately needs your help

Thank you,

Jacquie Gulliver

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