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Press Release  Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The Regime is Desperate

Simon Spooner and Andy Neill have been detained by the Police in Bulawayo
today.  They are both charged under the repressive Public Order and Security
Act on spurious allegations.  Spooner is being held overnight at Hillside
Police Station and Neill at Donnington Police Station.

A warehouse in Bulawayo, owned by Mr Neill, was "stormed" by the police some
weeks ago where they discovered a small stock of old Movement for Democratic
Change t-shirts and bandanas.  These were apparently left over from the days
of the Presidential elections.  Also discovered were several boxes of nail
varnish, used by MDC polling agents to seal ballot boxes!  All the goods
were seized by the police who are now alleging that the confiscated items
justify the detention of Spooner and Neill.

Spooner was asked to report to Central Police Station yesterday for
questioning, then sent away again as they claimed there was no one available
to interrogate him.  He had to return today and it is alleged that the
thrust of the interrogation, apparently led by Detective Inspector Ngwenya,
was to uncover the supplier of the fabric used for the t-shirts.

Mr Neill was brought into the station late this afternoon to verify Spooner'
s claims that he is ignorant as to who manufactured or funded these goods.
It must be pointed out that there is nothing illegal about owning or
manufacturing opposition party regalia, or nail varnish, hence the ludicrous
grounds for holding these two men.

Spooner is no stranger to the villainous methods employed by the police in
Zimbabwe to intimidate, threaten and subjugate any individual deemed as a
threat to their fast waning control of Zimbabwe.

He was previously implicated in the murder of Cain Nkala (a War Vet who was
on the verge of exposing the truth about ZanuPF).  The charges were later
dropped as the police presented no evidence whatsoever to back up their
claims.  His experiences over that case included three weeks in solitary
confinement and his family underwent a sustained period of harassment.  He
continues to be a favoured victim for police bullies.

Zimbabwe's state agents are on a desperate bid to harness the massive wave
of support rising against the current regime.   The indefensible detention
of Spooner and Neill comes at a time when hundreds of innocent Zimbabweans
are still being held in filthy, overcrowded cells, many not eating for days
on end, for joining the recent stay away.  The President of the MDC also
continues to be detained by a regime unwilling to accept the majority of
Zimbabweans believe Mugabe must go.
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ZIMBABWE: Bishop of Southwark calls for prayer and solidarity
        London SE1 website team :: 18 June 2003

        "Zimbabwe will be saved" was the song sung spontaneously outside
Southwark Cathedral after the Bishop of Southwark had called for urgent
prayer and support for the people of Zimbabwe.

      The announcement was made during a Vigil of Prayer at Southwark
Cathedral marking the festival of Bernard Mizeki, Zimbabwe’s first Anglican

      "Aware of the deep suffering of Zimbabwe and its people, who have
lived for too long with fear, violence, abuse and hardship, we call on the
people of our Diocese to pray for a new dawning of justice, peace and
freedom for our brothers and sisters there" says the statement issued by
Bishop Tom Butler and his Area Bishops.

      Southwark’s Anglican leaders give thanks for the prophetic courage of
religious leaders who have helped to keep a vision of God’s kingdom alive in
the hearts of the people through the darkest of times. They also express
awareness of the past injustices, hunger and the failure of British leaders
to say enough.

      Zimbabweans who had left the land they love in search of freedom and
opportunity were welcomed and prayers said for Zimbabwe, her people, her
religious and political leaders and for a peaceful return to stability,
peace and prosperity.

      The Zimbabwe Christian Fellowship Choir, made up of exiles separated
from their families, sang at the service.

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-----Original Message-----
From: <>
To: Info@Crisis. Co. Zw <>
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 8:31 AM
Subject: "Defiance vs Repression" Report now available

Dear Friends

"Defiance vs Repression," the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition report on "the
final push" is ready for distribution.  This is available in two forms:

--Adobe PDF with photos and graphs, (size approx 360K) and --MS Word (size
approx. 150K)

Please respond to this address, or to if you would like to
receive a copy of this report, and indicate which format you would prefer it

Thank you Amanda

Assistant Information Officer Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Box CY 434
Causeway, Harare
+263 4 747 817


Crisis in Zimbabwe is a grouping of civil society organisations and
coalitions whose vision is a democratic Zimbabwe.
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Subject: The Mad, Crazy, Delightful things Zimbabweans Do!


Zimbabweans have a great capacity for kicking at the traces. When THINGS
become impossible
they do something a little bit crazy....
Some wonderful people, principal among them Julia Salnicki who is the Hyena
Research lady in the Hwange National Park, decided that they should
endeavour to bring people back to the Park where tourism has been sadly
non-existant for the last two years.   So they organised a weekend that was
something quite new and totally unexpected for a national park in Zimbabwe.
A weekend of light classical music, beautiful Ndebele singing, and a little
bit of drama, and invited the people of Bulawayo (and anywhere else in Zim)
to attend.    I am sure they did not expect the hugely overwhelming response
and enthusiasm they got!!
Goodness knows where people found fuel (there is very very little in the
country), but they DID and arrived in droves and completely booked-out the
Main Camp tourist facilities.   On the Friday evening there was a little fun
and games with the tiny tots and pre-teens from the Main Camp primary school
who played marimbas, sang  childish songs and danced enthusiastically - and
very dustily, for us whilst we enjoyed a glass of wine or a beer (at HUGE
cost to the consumers...), and then three members of the Bulawayo
Philharmonic Orchestra played (violin, piano and cello) lovely music till
bedtime.   Bedtime was a pleasure in itself, no barking dogs, no barking TV
with its endless bad news, no radios, no traffic noises - just hyena
whooping and lions roaring and the occasional whickering of a zebra -

Saturday saw those with a bit of fuel driving off into the park in the
morning in the hopes of seeing wildlife - and very successful they were too.
We all gathered at the Waterbuck's Head Restaurant at lunchtime, for more
music by the Trio Conbrio (lively three!!) followed by the best event of the
weekend - a conservation drama performed by 20 young men and one woman (all
from the area) calling themselves INGONYAMA - the lions!!   Briefly, their
story was that of an old man, a village elder, who tells his grandson to go
into the wild and learn about the animals so that he, in turn, could teach
his contemporaries about conserving Zimbabwe's most precious heritage - its
wildlife.   The old man was brilliantly portrayed; the grandson and
villagers seated around listening to him quietly imitated all the animals
found in an African village - chickens, cockerels, goats, babies crying,
women chattering, and the audience was enthralled.   Then the young man went
off into the bush, and now the very few props used came into play - two
hessian sacks for the ears and two de-barked sticks for the tusks of an
elephant, two bundles of grass on twigs and strings with tiny clumps of
grass whizzed around on the end of sticks denoted the weaver birds building
their nests.   Six young men made up two giraffe by sitting on shoulders,
and then had a giraffe tussle with necks intertwining and heads bashing.
The youth squatted down and imitated baboons perfectly, including one with a
baby (the smallest youth) on his back, and they groomed each other, fought
over a scrap of food, and ran screaming from a leopard.   Several lions
padded across the stage (the restaurant patio) growling and snapping at each
other, and so on and so on.   The vocalisations were really brilliant,
REALLY BRILLIANT, and brought the appreciative audience to their feet.
Afterwards, the young man returned to his village and imparted his new-found
knowledge to his fellow men and the grandfather, who then died most
realistically and was carried off to the mournful tones of an African
funeral dirge, happy in the knowledge that he had done a good job!!   After
the death of the old man the youth burst forth into exuberant song and
dance - you should have seen the dancing, no-one can dance like a Zulu and
the Ndebele are, of course, Zulus.
None of us had expected such a professional  little drama - we were struck
dumb, and then dug deep into our pockets when the bucket was passed around
so that this marvellous group of young people could be amply rewarded for
their efforts.

Saturday night was the star turn:  stars being the operative word as it was
one day away from full moon.  At 7 p.m. we all drove in procession down to
the huge teak viewing platform at Nyamandhlovu Pan (the place of the
elephant) where tables and chairs had been set out in a huge circle at the
back of the platform on the ground, with candle lamps at each table, glasses
of wine and beautiful cheeses (all donated, and all such a HUGE treat to
treat-starved Zimbabweans).   We had brought our own picnic suppers and
drinks and coffee, and plenty of warm clothes.   On arrival there were about
50 to 70 elephant present only metres away - quite unconcerned and doing
ellie things like splashing, yelling at each other, flopping down into the
muddy water for a bath, etc. etc.   "Trio Conbrio" and "Ingonyama"
provided two and a half hours of delightful entertainment;  how absolutely
stunning to have classical music interspersed with the lovely Ndebele male
voices, and what a super way to take our minds off all the problems,
political and economic, that are part of our everyday lives.   The
Provincial Warden was so enthusiastic about the response he had received
that he promised to look into making it an annual event;  we all hope he
does!   Isn't it wonderful that such an event could have been organised
principally by people who are involved in wildlife research:  Julia and her
hyenas, Wendy and others from the Tawny Cat Research team;  the French team
who are studying impala;  the Provincial Warden's lovely secretary Tsepa
Nhare;  generous professional people from Bulawayo who did the "technics"
for the lighting and music;  the youth of Dete and Main Camp, and others too
numerous to mention.

God bless them all!
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18 June, 2003
Jonathan Moyo hallucinates too much.

No sane Zimbabwean takes Jonathan Moyo seriously anymore particularly when he accuses gallant fighters of freedom in the MDC as sellouts. One has to look at the man’s recent past to feel revulsion at his puerile and primitive insults. We are however concerned when he tries to influence the outcome of an ongoing trial by suggesting that the leadership of the MDC currently on trial, facing treason charges has no right to engage in political activity or discourse about the country’s crises.

Even for someone who has an obvious disdain for due process, Moyo ought to know that accused persons are innocent until proven guilty. It has become Jonathan Moyo’s hallucinatory tendency to link the MDC to Strive Masiyiwa then to the Daily News. The link needless to say is based on his disregard for facts and his predilection for fiction. Wishful thinking is a condition associated with those who fear change, Jonathan Moyo is such a person. He wishes that the MDC had, as he describes it "terminally dwindling membership," he is obviously describing his Party ZANU (PF). We advise Moyo, to ask his closest aid, whoever that might be to show him the brand new MDC membership card. Of course, MDC membership cards are only available to decent freedom loving Zimbabweans and Moyo is not included in that category.

For the MDC, whether Jonathan Moyo’s president phoned President Mbeki or not is of no significance. Through accelerated mass actions of various forms, we in the MDC will prevail on ZANU (PF) to come to the negotiating table in order to work out a transition to free and fair elections that will give the people of Zimbabwe an opportunity to choose leaders of their preference and we all know who they will choose.


Paul Themba Nyathi
Secretary for Information and Publicity

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As you will all know by now Roy Bennett's farm at Ruwa was raided by
self-styled war veterans and the youth this week.  After killing two cows
and five sheep they then looted the two Managers houses - the two families
have NOTHING left - no furniture, no clothing, no household goods.  Roy is
a well-known farmer and MP for Chimanimani.  Only a few months ago all his
employees were beaten and tortured unmercifully and one of his guards was
beaten to death.

We are appealing for anything you may have in the way of spare clothes,
bedding, furniture, household goods etc. to help the two families.
If you are able to help please drop off whatever you have at the JAG
office, 17 Phillips Ave, Belgravia or at Hendrick O'Neills' office at
Colcom.  All donations will be acknowledged.  Thanking you in
The JAG Team.




JAG Hotlines:
(011) 612 595 If you are in trouble or need advice,
    (011) 205 374
       (011) 863 354 please don't hesitate to contact us -
       (091) 317 264
    (011) 207 860 we're here to help!
(011) 431 068

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Read this and think ---

A few weeks ago and, very fortunately, early on a Friday, a farmer in his
early forties suffered a massive life-threatening heart attack. His wife
and friends quickly called a medical rescue service who rushed him to a
Casualty centre in Harare where he was stabilised and his condition

The doctors, however, decided that the only way that his life could be
saved was to fly him straight away to a South African heart clinic, using
one of MARS' intensive-care air ambulances. They then hit a snag. MARS
required the full cost of 9.2 million dollars in cash before they could
offer their service. But if he did not receive attention from South African
cardiac specialists by the end of the day, there was a strong possibility
that he would die.

The Farm Families Trust received a desperate call at mid-morning on that
day and between our friends and colleagues we were able to persuade the
MARS chief executive to accept a guarantee that the money would be paid as
soon as possible. I heard later that this was a very unusual decision.
Thank God.

Our young man was admitted to a South African heart clinic that afternoon
and the following day he had an angiogram, which is the very clever and
intricate use of high-tech equipment by skilled surgeons and nurses, to
clear his arteries so that oxygenated blood could pump freely to his brain.
He and his wife arrived back five days later, almost completely recovered
and with an assurance that this was unlikely to happen again providing he
looked after himself.

If this emergency had happened on a Saturday morning he would probably have
died. Clive and Doug would have been unreachable, Duncan, John and Hamish
and very possibly Jonas - all key players in the drama. Without any one of
these being available, events might have turned out very differently.

So what is the message? It is this. What happened to our friend could
happen to any one of us at any time, without any warning. Think about it
carefully. MARS cannot act, no matter how life-threatening the situation
is, unless they receive at the least a written guarantee of payment. They
have to run a business and their chief executive has to temper compassion
with reality. His mind frequently has to over-rule his heart. To raise the
equivalent of eleven thousand US dollars (the operation cost nearly eight)
in a few hours is out of the reach of most of us.

We found out, later, that MARS will accept as security an asset such as a
newish vehicle to be parked in their yard until full payment is made. But
without a guarantee or such security as the equivalent at least of their
current cross-border flight charge, they would not be able to help. And
what about costs at the other end? A relatively simple operations such as
the one I have described have to be paid up front in the currency of the
country where treatment is sought.

So what do we do to cover ourselves against such a problem? There are
several options. One is to take out an international medical insurance.
This could cost four to five thousand US dollars per couple per year,
depending on the type of cover. However, we are also looking at South
African-based insurance cover, which is specifically for air evacuation for
treatment in South Africa. Both of these schemes require an annual
subscription. The first is much more comprehensive and more expensive. The
second is much less expensive but fairly specific. Many of us cannot afford

The second option is to set securely aside travellers cheques sufficient to
cover at least one person in the family, to enable them to pay MARS and the
cost of treatment. This is really your own insurance and, tying the capital
up in this way, you will lose interest.

The third option is an international bank debit card, provided you could
get the credit rating needed. Again, not all of us can afford this.

The fourth option is for a number of people to belong to a trust, using
local currency. This must grow by at least 25% a month under present
conditions. If air evacuation cost nine million in June, it will be eleven
in July, and so on.

There are other variations, and all need to be explored, but we must not
just sit and do nothing, because the last thought in our families' minds as
they and friends grapple with the problem of saving a life should be how to
pay the inevitable cost.

We are so fortunate to live in such a warm and loving community. So
grateful to organisations such as MARS which is run with such supreme skill
and efficiency, and so grateful for the spontaneous reaction of so many
generous people when disaster strikes a family such as this. But we cannot
always rely on help being ready to hand when it does.

We will shortly have details of the South African-based insurance cover,
which looks very attractive. The package has not yet been completed, but,
as soon as it is, we will come back to you.


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Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.


Letter 1: Koko

My reply to reading about this circus and it is a circus, a disgusting one.

I cannot believe that this is continuing.  You are blatantly supporting the
thugs on the farms I am embarrassed to read that life goes on when so much
hurt and destruction has taken place.

What is wrong, Zimbabweans possibly deserve the government they have. There
is no solidarity no care we must carry on Do you expect a pat on the back
from Uncle bob. Please give this to Colin I was at school with him and
Kevin at Gwebi we are speechless at CFU and ZTA. No wonder our friends
laugh at Zimbabweans and say looks as if your tobacco and commercial
farmers associations support the robbery etc. I am speechless.


All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.
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            Mugabe government in new contract with treason witness
            June 18, 2003, 22:00

            Zimbabwe's government renewed a contract with its main
prosecution witness just weeks before putting the main opposition leader
Morgan Tsvangirai on trial for treason, the country's spy chief said today.

            Happyton Bonyongwe told the High Court in the capital Harare
that President Robert Mugabe's government had renewed a consultancy contract
with Canadian-based political consultant Ari Ben-Menashe to mend the African
country's image abroad.

            Like its economy, Zimbabwe's image has been pummelled since
Mugabe condoned mass occupation of white-owned farms in 2000, and his
subsequent presidential election victory in March 2002 that the opposition
and some Western leaders said was rigged.

            Ben-Menashe is the key state witness in the trial of Tsvangirai,
accused of plotting to assassinate Mugabe. The case hinges on a videotaped
meeting between Tsvangirai and Ben-Menashe in Montreal. Tsvangirai and two
party colleagues could face the death penalty if convicted.

            Bonyongwe said Ben-Menashe's contract was renewed in January
2003 shortly before the treason trial opened on February 3.

            He did not say how much the new contract was worth, but said the
government had paid $8 000 to another Canadian-based state witness for the
time he spent testifying, and another $10 000 to Ben-Menashe's assistant for
injuries she incurred in an accident he said was linked to the case.

            Defence lawyers have dismissed Ben-Menashe as unreliable and say
the video was doctored to discredit the MDC, the most potent challenge to
Mugabe's power since he led the country to independence from Britain in

            Tsvangirai is currently in detention pending a bail decision on
a second set of treason charges stemming from a five-day strike his Movement
for Democratic Change organised early in June which paralysed industry. -

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Zimbabwe lets private oil imports ease shortage
            June 18, 2003, 21:15

            Zimbabwe will allow private businesses with foreign currency to
import their own fuel to ease a serious shortage crippling the country's
transport and industry, a senior official said.

            Zimbabwe has suffered a serious fuel shortage since November
when a barter deal with Libya for the supply of nearly 70% of its needs

            The fuel crunch has exacerbated the crisis gripping the troubled
southern African country, where President Robert Mugabe faces political
unrest and mounting economic problems including inflation now riding at over
300%, one the highest rates in the world.

            Reuben Marumahoko, Deputy Energy Minister, told the official
Herald newspaper that Mugabe's government, which has had a monopoly on fuel
imports decades, was now allowing oil firms to import fuel for individual
companies with foreign currency. "The oil industry has been deregulated and
what it means is that we are allowing the oil industry to bring its own
fuel," he said.

            An oil industry spokesperson said oil companies, including
multinationals which have been mostly confined to the retail sector, were
taking orders from companies to import a minimum of 25 000 litres of fuel.

            "Companies with foreign currency accounts can now import fuel in
US dollars through the scheme where they will be issued with coupons which
can then be exchanged for fuel," he said.

            Zimbabwe has suffered intermittent fuel shortages for the last
three years mainly due to lack of foreign currency. The government says the
Libya deal ran into problems because Zimbabwe was unable to supply the beef,
sugar and tobacco it agreed to exchange under the deal. The fuel shortages
have been one symptom of Zimbabwe's deepening economic crisis, which has
also left consumers struggling with shortages of basic goods including
bread, milk, cooking oil and sugar.

            Mugabe blames the food shortages on drought and economic
sabotage by his local and foreign critics, who in turn say the crisis been
made worse by Mugabe's seizures of white-owned farms for distribution to
landless blacks, a policy which has disrupted the key commercial
agricultural sector. - Reuters

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Release 'Harare Three', NNP urges

      June 18 2003 at 04:30PM

The New National Party on Wednesday appealed to President Thabo Mbeki to
facilitate the release from prison in Zimbabwe of the three former South
African Defence Force agents known as the "Harare Three".

Speaking during debate on the presidency budget vote in the National
Assembly, he said against the current backdrop of reconciliation and
amnesty, Kevin Woods, Michael Smith and Philip Conjwayo were still serving
life sentences in a Harare prison.

They were recruited by the old SADF working as undercover agents and
operators in Zimbabwe.

"They fully revealed their involvement with the previous government and
defence force, which perhaps qualifies them for the same amnesty
dispensation that had been negotiated at Kempton Park," he said.

"All countries and states in Africa I believe have honoured the agreements
at Kempton Park except Zimbabwe.

"I was part of a government who led these men down. All that I can do now,
is to ask the honourable president to try to negotiate an amnesty deal for

"If amnesty could not be granted, a transfer to a South African prison would
also be appreciated. Kevin Woods has already served nearly 20 years in
prison and is in any case, a dying man," Geldenhuys said. - Sapa
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            Zimbabweans stash money in foreign accounts
            June 18, 2003, 17:15

            Zimbabweans have stashed more than $1 billion in foreign
accounts as their country bleeds under a severe foreign currency crisis. A
study by leading financial institution in Harare says the figure could be
higher if corporate tax dodging and keeping export earnings outside Zimbabwe
are included.

            $1 billion in foreign accounts, that is a startling figure for
many in Zimbabwe who are battling with no fuel and sometimes electricity
power cuts. The irony is, the money being kept by its nationals outside is
enough to take care of the country's fuel and electricity requirements for a

            Barbican Financial Holdings, is responsible for the research
that is putting to question the conscience of some of the country's

            The research shows much of this $1 billion is in South Africa,
the United Kingdom and the United States. Economists say it is this money,
kept offshore, that is fuelling the black market.

            Zimbabwe's finance minister, recently said new measures will be
announced to attract the foreign currency sitting outside the country when
its desperately needed at home. These measures will form part of a new
monetary policy due to be announced later this month.

            Desperate as Zimbabwe may be for foreign currency, many agree
there will be no significant inflows until tangible incentives are put in
place. Until that happens some Zimbabweans will continue to dodge the law
and keep their hard currency outside the borders.
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Treasury Loses $5 Billion

The Herald (Harare)

June 18, 2003
Posted to the web June 18, 2003

Walter Muchinguri

TREASURY has lost about $5 billion due to the failure by four line
ministries to make available accounts of expenditure for money that they
were advanced by the Government to implement some donor funded projects.

This emerged during a meeting called by the parliamentary committee on
public accounts on Monday to raise concerns on the management of the
national debt.

The findings are also part of a financial report compiled by the Comptroller
and Auditor General in 1999.

According to the report, line ministries were advanced money to implement
donor funded programmes on the understanding that they would remit
statements of expenditure which the Government would use to claim their
money from the donors who had committed themselves to funding the projects.

The Government is also said to have lost an additional $733 million in
commitment charges due to failure by some ministries to meet their end of
the bargain in some donor-funded projects.

The largest contributor to the sum was the failure by one line ministry to
set up a technical committee to oversee the construction of the Dande
irrigation scheme which was supposed to be financed by the Arab Bank for
Economic Development in Africa (BADEA).

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr Herbert Murerwa
admitted that there was mismanagement of the national debt but he also
hastened to say that they had taken steps to address the problems.

He said part of the problems for the escalating domestic debt was the issue
of inadequate monitoring of donor funded projects.

"There is a lot of staff movement within Government ministries due to
cabinet reshuffles which means that an officer who is monitoring a project
will not necessarily see the project through before he is switched off to
another ministry or he leaves for greener pastures.

"The incoming officer will see this role as an extra duty and so we end up
having poorly managed projects," he said.

There was need to create a sense of continuity and memory so that the
incoming official would be in a position to carry on with the project

Dr Murerwa said he was hoping that the recent job evaluation exercise that
was concluded last week would go a long way in retaining competent staff
within ministries

Dr Murerwa said he had also started implementing professional standards to
ensure staff retention within his ministry and other line ministries.

"We are still going to continue training our staff despite the fact that we
continue to lose them to the private sector," he said.

Other concerns included computerisation of different departments and the
privatisation of public enterprises.

"We have actually started computerising some of the departments in my
ministry and we will soon be rolling out the programme to other ministries,"
he said.

Parastatals' heavy reliance on Government subsidies was also highlighted as
a major constraint to the fiscus.

"The reason why we continue subsidising them is not because they are making
losses but because of national interest.

"We cannot , for instance, stop subsidising Grain Marketing Board or the
Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority because people need to have access to
grain and power at reasonable rates," he said.

Plans were underway to turnaround the fortunes of some of the parastatals.

"The Minister of State responsible for State Enterprise and Parastatals, Mr
Paul Mangwana has been working hard in this respect by liaising with the
various boards of different parastatals and asking them to draw up
turnaround plans for their different ministries," he said.

Dr Murerwa stressed the need to remove distortions on pricing to enable the
parastatals to function properly.

The parliamentary committee on public accounts, led by the MDC MP for Glen
Norah, Mrs Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga had raised various concerns on
the management of the national debt.

Mrs Misihairabwi-Mushonga said the rise in the national debt was cause for
concern since it would have a negative impact on the budget.

"We are happy that the minister has been frank and open and that he actually
admitted that the national debt has not been managed properly.

"What remains to be seen is whether the ministry will continue with its
measures to improve management of national debt but as a committee we will
be monitoring and making follow-ups to see whether the measures have been
implemented," she said.

The national debt rose by 119 percent between 1997 and 1998 where it stood
at $110,4 billion.

It subsequently shot up to $138,9 billion in 1999
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Zimbabwe's Innscor group enters Tunisian food market

June 18, 2003 5:20am

Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - A Zimbabwe-based fast-food, retail and tourism
group, Innscor Africa Ltd, has concluded negotiations for food service
developments in Tunisia as part of its pan-African investment drive.

As a result, the group said its first shops in Tunisia would open in October

"The group is consistently reviewing its regional portfolio and has taken
the decision that it will franchise those operations where potential is
low," a company statement said.

The consumer-orientated group operates businesses in the food, adventure
tourism, crocodile ranching, retail and distribution sectors in seven
countries in Central, East and West Africa.

Innscor is often described as a brand warehouse with a stable of
internationally recognised brands as well as its own generic brands which
include Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Nandos, Steers, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn on
the food side.

In the six months that ended 31 December 2002, Innscor recorded a turnover
of 23.8 billion US dollars, representing a growth of 207 percent.
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            Zim high commissioner 'assaults Botswana reporter'
            June 18, 2003, 23:00

            The Zimbabwean High Commissioner to Botswana has assaulted a
reporter who wrote that a leading Zimbabwean official told a public rally
Botswana was to be used as a launch pad for regime change, the Media
Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) said today.

            The institute said Hloniphani Chengeta, a journalist for
Botswana's Sunday Tribune, was allegedly assaulted by High Commissioner
Phelekezela Mphoko last week Wednesday in full view of the paper's reporters
and its editor Masego Butale.

            Misa said it had confirmed the allegations personally with both
Butale and with eight of Chengeta's colleagues.

            However, the Zimbabwe High Commission in Botswana has flatly
denied the allegations. The commission said in a statement to Misa that the
rally at which the alleged "regime change" comments were made never took

            It also said Mphoko had never assaulted Chengeta. Misa, however,
maintained that Chengeta travelled to Zimbabwe on June 1 to cover the widely
publicised anti-government demonstrations organised by the opposition
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

            Upon his return to Botswana, he filed the story about the rally
at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo, attended by a high powered delegation
including Nathan Shamuyarira, the Information and Publicity Secretary.

            In the story, Chengeta quoted Shamuyarira as saying he had
reliable and independent information that Botswana was going to be used as a
launch pad in case of regime change in Zimbabwe.

            The day after the paper appeared, Mphoko is alleged to have
visited the Sunday Tribune offices, complaining that Chengeta fabricated the
story about Shamuyarira and that there had never been such a rally.

            Mphoko demanded the newspaper print a retraction and inform its
readers that its reporter had lied. When Chengeta refused, Mphoko allegedly
threatened to beat him and also threatened the paper with a law suit, but to
no avail.

            Mphoko returned to the Sunday Tribune offices two days after the
initial confrontation and accused Chengeta again of lying and of being both
an MDC and United States government agent.

            "Mphoko then jumped on Chengeta, pulled him up by the scuff of
his neck, pinned him to the wall and pressed hard against Chengeta's throat
in full view of his workmates. One of his workmates came to Chengeta's
rescue," Misa said.

            The institute said it tried to confirm that the rally did in
deed take place but unfortunately, no reporters from Zimbabwe's only
independent paper, the Daily Sun, had attended the rally.

            The paper is seen by ruling party militants as a pro-MDC
publication. There have been numerous reports of Daily Sun reporters being
attacked at Zunu-PF rallies.

            Misa said Butale and Chengeta reported the matter to the
Gaborone police who forwarded their findings to the police commissioner. The
High Commissioner for Zimbabwe has diplomatic immunity. - Sapa
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The Herald

State to dualise all major roads

By Sifelani Tsiko
GOVERNMENT has embarked on the first phase of the dualisation of the
Harare-Masvingo Road as part of an ambitious $1 400 billion project to
upgrade the country’s major roads through its own resources and the
build-operate-transfer system.

Secretary for Transport and Communications, Retired Colonel Christian
Katsande, said yesterday the Government would before the end of this month
start construction of a three-lane second carriage-way from the junction of
Simon Mazorodze and Willowvale roads as part of the dualisation of the
Harare-Masvingo road.

"In principle the Government would like to dualise all trunk roads, that is,
those roads that link our centres of major economic activity and also link
the country to its neighbours," he said.

"This will allow better mobility of passengers and goods and will also
reduce congestion and accidents."

The dualisation of roads started in 1998 with the dualisation of the
Harare-Gweru Road.

The Harare–Gweru project has to date received $480 million while the
Government has injected $375 million for the Harare–Masvingo project.

It is estimated that the dualisation of seven major roads leading out of the
capital would cost in excess of $1 400 billion.

These are the Harare-Gweru, Harare-Masvingo, Harare-Mutare,
Harare-Nyamapanda, Harare-Bindura, Harare-Chirundu and the Harare -Airport

"This obviously is a very ambitious project and requires a lot of capital
outlay both in the short and medium term," Rtd Col. Katsande said.

"The Government on its own may not be able to raise the required amount in
the short term because of pressing commitments and would need to resort to
other means separate from the fiscus."

The Government, he said, had invited the private sector to partner it to
dualise the trunk roads on a Build-Operate-Transfer method of financing.

Through this the private sector would raise money and dualise the roads and
then recoup costs plus some profit by way of road tolls.

"The private sector will build and operate the road for 20 to 25 years and
then hand the road over to the Government after the expiry of the concession
period," Rtd Col Katsande said.

He said three major companies had so far shown interest in the dualisation
of roads on a BOT basis.

A consortium of two local companies – Tolling Company of Zimbabwe (TOLZ) and
Zim-Highways had shown interest in the Harare-Masvingo, Harare-Gweru and
Harare-Mutare roads.

The third is a South African company, Nedcor, which has shown interest in
the dualisation of the Harare -Airport road.

"The interested companies are currently preparing the designs and contract
documentation and the actual amounts will only be known when this exercise
is complete and an offer has been made and accepted," Rtd Col Katsande said.

But the dualisation of the country’s roads also faces major constraints.

These include the shortage of fuel for construction equipment, construction
material like cement and bitumen and equipment for hire.

"High inflation will make it difficult for the companies to forecast finance
regimes accurately," the secretary said.

"Dualisation of all regional trunk roads is a mammoth task. There are at
least 4 000 kilometres of the regional roads. The current cost of
constructing a road to the standard of what is being done along the Harare-
Gweru Road is $350 million per kilometre," he said.

"This is a huge burden on the fiscus hence the Government has invited the
private sector participation in infrastructure development through the BOT
projects," he said.

"The project offers a lot of investment opportunities to the construction
industry and a lot of employment will be generated.

"The benefits of dualisation are enormous. Apart from a reduction of
congestion and accidents, the improved mobility will reduce travel times and
lower vehicle operating costs," he said.

The regional trunk road network is at least 4 000 km long and so far 15 km
have been constructed and opened to traffic along the Harare-Gweru Road.

"It is still too early to give a forecast as to the cost and duration of the
entire project as the bidding process from which winning companies are going
to be selected is still to be finalised," Col Katsande said.

He said the Government would relinquish sections of the Harare-Gweru road to
allow the consortium full control of the sections that would have been

The Government's move to dualise the country's road network comes at a time
when there is growing concern on the increase in the number of traffic
accidents which have been blamed on narrow roads.

President Mugabe last year said it was "a must" that all major roads were
upgraded into dual carriageways to reduce road accidents which were killing
hundreds of people every year.

Speaking at a memorial service for 37 people, most of them Masvingo Teachers
College students who died in a bus accident along the Harare-Masvingo
highway, President Mugabe said the Government had agreed long back that the
roads should be upgraded but had no money.

"We will have to do it this time. Even if it means breaking into some banks
to get the money, we have to rob the banks. We cannot continue losing lives
because of these roads, we have to provide the money for the upgrading as a
Government," the President said.
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Mbeki makes all issues racial, claims Leon

      June 18 2003 at 03:45PM

Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon on Wednesday accused President Thabo
Mbeki of leading South Africa down a "cul-de-sac of racism", and called for
dialogue to help address the real issues facing the country.

In a hard-hitting attack during the president's budget debate in the
national assembly, he said Mbeki had used the "race card" to deflect
criticism, rekindling fear and hatred among the population.

"It is under President Mbeki's watch that South Africa has moved from the
politics of the rainbow nation and reconciliation to the politics of
race-labelling and race-baiting.

"For when the leader of this country uses racism in order to silence his
political opponents, he ignites the fires of hatred and despair that South
Africa has worked hard to extinguish."

Leon stressed that if South Africa was to be a real democracy, government
had to tackle the real issues facing the country: poverty, joblessness,
crime, Aids and the crisis in Zimbabwe.

It was time to undertake a serious dialogue between government and
opposition parties about the fundamental changes that South Africa needed.

This dialogue, he said, had to be a "two-way street".

"But, if the president insists on making all questions into matters of race,
then we are going to find ourselves in a dead-end street.

"We need to get out of the cul-de-sac of racism and return to the inspiring
vision of a rainbow nation," Leon said.

      'We need to get out of the cul-de-sac of racism'
On Zimbabwe, the opposition leader said the president had suggested in the
past that the pre-occupation about that country, in South Africa and
overseas, was because white people had died or been displaced.

While this may explain why some people had made a noise, it did not explain
Mbeki's silence on the matter.

The president had consistently used race to deflect legitimate criticism,
and had tried to turn Aids from a medical emergency into a racial one.

He not only used the race card, but "flamed" his critics in order to silence
them, Leon said.

"He (Mbeki) describes the most grotesque stereotypes of African people that
he can conjure in his imagination.

"And then he presents these to the South Africa public, telling us that
these grisly ideas are the things his critics embrace and endorse."

As an example, the president had, in his weekly newsletter on the party
website, ANC Today, "flamed" those who had criticised the arms deal as being
"determined to prove everything in an anti-African stereotype".

No other politician referred to such stereotypes and reverted to such
degrading and retrograde language.

"Indeed, the most alarming suggestion made by President Mbeki is that we, as
Africans, should make use of these stereotypes in measuring our progress."

Leon said South Africans should judge themselves by the forward-looking
standards of the New Partnership for Africa's Development, and not the
racist hysteria of the past. - Sapa

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'Tsvangirai Launched Diplomatic Offensive to Tarnish Zim'

The Herald (Harare)

June 18, 2003
Posted to the web June 18, 2003


MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai launched a diplomatic offensive in West Africa
in an attempt to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe, the High Court heard

The Director of the Central Intellige-nce Organisation Retired Brigadier
Happyton Bonyongwe said this under cross-examination by Advocate George
Bizos, as the treason trial of Tsvangirai and two other MDC officials
resumed yesterday.

Tsvangirai, MDC secretary-general Welshman Ncube and Gweru Rural MP Renson
Gasela are accused of plotting to assassinate President Mugabe at the height
of the presidential election campaign last year.

The offence carries the death penalty.

Adv Bizos asked Rtd Brig Bonyongwe to explain the disparity of the breakdown
of payments shown on the contract signed between chief State witness Mr Ari
Ben-Menashe and the Govern-ment.

Rtd Brig Bonyongwe said part of the money went towards Mr Ben-Menashe's
expenses for remedying the damages that had been inflicted on the Government
in West African states by Tsvangirai who had embarked on a vicious crusade
to garner support.

"Although we had some embassies in these states, some of the areas were
inaccessible to us, but Mr Ben-Menashe could," said Rtd Brig Bonyongwe.

The CIO boss said Mr Ben-Menashe was a wealth of information that was vital
in the existing case even though his department had other information on the
same case.

The defence accused Rtd Brig Bonyongwe of trying to condemn the operations
of the MDC leadership in the West African states yet it was a general thing
covered under the contract.

Rtd Brig Bonyongwe said Mr Ben-Menashe also had vast information pertaining
to the clandestine activities of the MDC leadership.

"Mr Ben-Menashe was a wealth of information on the activities of the
accused. This is because he had been working with MDC before coming to us,"
he said.

For instance, Rtd Brig Bonyongwe said, each time Tsvangirai went out of the
country he would communicate with Mr Ben-Menashe, until the matter was
broken in Australia.

When going out of the country the MDC leaders would purport to travel to
South Africa all the time.

But after getting to SA they would make clandestine travel arrangements to
go abroad, the information that was privy to Mr Ben-Menashe, Rtd Brig
Bonyongwe said.

Advocate Bizos asked the CIO boss to explain the disparity reflected on the
contract in relation to a payment of US$200 000 to Mr Ari Ben-Menashe before
the contract was signed.

Rtd Brig Bonyongwe said on the contract no reference was made to the

But the breakdown of payments shown on the contract also included the US$200
000 despite the fact that the transaction took place earlier.

The contract, Rtd Brig Bonyongwe, however said was not amended to reflect
the disputed payment.

He said the other payments shown on the contract went towards "out of pocket
disbursement" for the services rendered by Mr Ben-Menashe.

The defence also asked the witness to disclose in court the identity of the
lawyers who worked with the Government to draft the contract.

But Rtd Brig Bonyongwe declined to reveal the lawyers in fear of undermining
the covert operations of his department.

The defence however unsuccessfully requested the court to compel him to
disclose the lawyers.

The court ruled that Rtd Brig Bonyongwe's reason was reasonable.

"The explanation given cannot be said to be unreasonable. I will not compel
the witness to divulge the identity of the lawyers," said Judge President
Justice Paddington Garwe.

The trial of the MDC leaders resumed after a one-week break to allow
Tsvangirai's bail application on fresh treason charges.

The High Court is expected to give a ruling on the application this week and
Tsvangirai remains in custody after he was denied bail by a Harare

The fresh charges arose after Tsvangirai urged his supporters to embark on
mass protest marches to unseat the democratically elected President Mugabe
and the Government.

The State opposed bail on the basis that Tsvangirai who is on bail on the
existing charges had a propensity of committing similar offences.

But the defence argued that the State failed to prove a prima facie case
against Tsvangirai to keep him in custody.

The trial continues today.

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JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated June 18, 2003

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Job Opportunities <>


(Ad inserted 17 June 2003)



DUTIES INCLUDE: Daily Revenue Reconciliation
General Ledger using Pastel
Stock Control
Monthly Financial and Management Reports
Wages using Payplus
Preparing Statutory Returns: Sales Tax, Tourism Levy, Zimdef, Standards

REPLY TO:- Mr Graham Dickens (General Manager)
Telephone: Harare 795555
Fax: Harare 707844
Address: 132 Baines Avenue, Harare


(ad inserted 06 June 2003)

The position of Director of BirdLife Zimbabwe (an NGO) is vacant.  The
organisation is situated in Eastlea and has a staff of about 8 full and
part-time employees.

Interested persons should possess a post-graduate degree (preferably in
biological sciences), have good management skills and have an interest in

Please send CVs either to e-mail address: or post to:
P O Box RV 100,
Runiville, Harare.

D Rushforth (Mrs)
Hon. Secretary
BirdLife Zimbabwe


(ad inserted 29 May 2003)


Caretaker for upmarket block of flats in the Avenues wanted.  Will suit
either a lady or a gentleman or a married couple who are retired.  Duties
will include supervising staff of six, managing the smooth running of the
premises, looking after the garden surrounds.  A knowledge of bookkeeping
will be an advantage, as the job will include the writing up of the
cashbook, payment of bills, staff salary, collection and banking of levies
The job comes with a free 2 bedroomed flat.
Replies to


(ad inserted 14 May 2003)

TRIAL BALANCE BOOKKEEPER required by agricultural engineering firm.
The company is sound and well established, with a young and dynamic
management team.
This is a full time position requiring efficiency and dedication.
Incumbents should be computer literate and should be able to do profit and
loss accounts.  Experience in Pastel, Exel and Word would be beneficial.
Please send your applications to or
Box ST 311, Southerton, Harare.


(ad inserted 15 May 2003)

Tobacco farm managers. Three needed urgently for farms near Harare.  30 -
50 ha crop with irrigation. Great opportunity for a good manager.
Contact Joe Pistorius @ or phone 336722


(ad inserted 30th Jan 03)
Retired Farming couple required to live and work on a farm 60 km from
Harare. Husband to carry out Sourcing and Procurement of farm supplies as
well as run Stores and Arrange movements of farm Transport fleet. Wife to
run Farm Store and Tuck shop. Usual farm perks are offered. Contact 011 403
558 or 091 218 822 or email


(ad inserted 24th February 03)

Part time Manager for small farm 7 km on tar from Westgate Shopping Centre,
Harare. Wide range of crops- herbs, spices, etc with cleaning plant and
essential oils distillery, grown under EU organic certification.

Accommodation available - cottage with 3 bedrooms. Might suit someone with
farming experience who could combine this work with a job in Harare. Please
email details to



Position available for a Director of a registered welfare organization
operating in Harare.  Excellent trained staff of seven needs a strong and
enthusiastic leader.  Hours can be negotiated and a competitive salary will
be offered to the right person.
Please email Hazel at for further information.



I have 2 jobs available, which might be of interest to some displaced

Job # 1
Salesman, selling automotive chemicals. Training will be provided,
applicant must have own car, remuneration will be on commission. Hours will
be flexitime, and the opportunity to earn significantly is there provided
the person has energy and is reliable. Start immediately. Job#1 Applicants
should contact Mark Wilson @ 498745 or 011218006.

Job # 2
Security manager is required at Borrowdale Brooke Estate. We have our own
security team but it needs management. Hours will be flexible to a degree
and further details can be obtained from Brian Moorse, the estate manager @
860370 Harare.


We need a retired semi retired mechanic to assist in the daily running of
our vehicle workshop behind Jaggers Harare.
Mornings only is preferred but we can offer flexibility of time.
Job description: to assist and advise workers on the floor. Undertake some
of the more complex work. Offer general expertise.
Vehicles maintained are general light goods. Work covers all aspects of
repair and maintenance.
Package subject to discussion.
Please contact Kevin or Chris on
Sincerely, Kevin Smeda

(ad inserted 1 April 2003)

WANTED: FARM TRIAL BALANCE BOOKKEEPER, computer literate, based Harare.
Pleasant environment at Fife Ave/10th Street - hassle free on site car
parking. Full time preferably, but part-time/flexi-time will be considered.
Negotiable salary based on experience.

Contact Norma Gordon Tel. 04-704949/email


Positions Vacant

Highly capable farmers required to join a progressive team.
Qualifiers will be men who have the ability to grow within themselves and
to generate growth within a team. Experience and competence in one or many
facets of agriculture will be of interest, in particular irrigation,
horticulture, tobacco and cattle.

Please respond to Carswell Group
                            Fax: 304415


(ad inserted 10 April 2003)

Carswell Group is looking for experienced Cattleman to run a ranch 60 km
from Harare.


ad inserted 05 June 2003

I own a 40 Ha smallholding with 1.6 Ha roses (new Meilland varieties) and
some field crops.

The project has an EPZ Licence and is in the process of being developed to
4 Ha of rose production.

The existing manger is, sadly, migrating to South Africa and I am therefore
looking for a suitable replacement within the next 4-6 weeks. Rose growing
experience is strongly preferred but not necessarily a pre-requisite.

A partnership with the right manager would be considered in the medium

Could interested applicants please contact me on 091 61 62 63.


(ad inserted 6th Feb 03),

Bright Steel (Zimbabwe) Ltd requires a Credit Controller with a strong
accounting background to manage a large debtors portfolio.  Strong computer
skills in Microsoft packages essential and the ability to communicate
across the board.  Main accounting package is Sage but knowledge of at
least one accounting package is essential.  Main duties will include the
1. All credit control functions
2. Product costing of imports.
3. Salaries for junior staff using Belina Computer System.
4. Computation of sales tax
5. Checking & capturing Goods Received Vouchers.
6. Preparing audit schedules.
7. Spreadsheets - excel.
8. Sage Computer System would be an advantage.
The above person to report to the Financial Controller and will have a
debtors clerk reporting directly to him/her from Bulawayo and a trainee.
1.  Competitive salary
2.  Pension scheme
3.  Profit Incentive Bonus Scheme (P.I.B.S.)
4.  Medical Aid paid in full
5.  Lunch provided
6.  Travel allowance
7.  Cell phone time paid.
Contact Brian Wilson
Phone: 754324. 091 400 588.


(ad inserted 03 June 2003)

URGENT - CHIEF INSTRUCTOR required at Chimanimani Zimbabwe.
Contact: The Director, Guy Carey, for details on Chimanimani (026) 2935/6
Fax: (026) 2937
P.O. Box 57, Chimanimani


(ad inserted 21 May 2003)

We are looking for a managerial couple to join our team on an established
horticultural farm in Beit Bridge, (Benfer Estate). Experience is not
essential but the couple should be dynamic and keen to learn.

The husband will be responsible for all aspects of management of the citrus
& field crops, as well as the export packshed. Labour force of approx. 260.
Wife's' responsibilities are general farm administration, paying accounts
and packshed assistance.

Usual farm perks are on offer, a good package for the right couple.

Contact us on Tel: 086-2612 / 2613 / 2582 / 2611(f)


(ad inserted 21 May 2003)

Farm Manager urgently required for mixed farming operations in Bromley.
Must be highly motivated, progressive and hands on.
Experience in Livestock. Poultry, Horticulture and Paprika would be a
distinct advantage.
Accommodation, farm vehicle and the usual farm perks are available.
Need to start 1 August 2003
Applicants reply, with CV, to:
or in writing to:
The General Manager
Box 269


(ad inserted 28 April 2003)

Caretaker required for a farm (2000 chickens) in Tengwe.  Please contact
011 204 454 for further details.


Tshabezi Safaris - West Nicholson
Garage manager required for country workshop. Toyota Landcruiser experience
would be an added advantage. This position would suit a husband and wife
team - wife could help out either in safaris office or accounts department.
She must be computer literate.
Please reply with current CVs to:
Rogers Brothers & Son P/L (Garage Manager)
P O West Nicholson


(ad inserted 08 May 2003)

Opportunity to either manage/lease a farm in Chegutu area.  Irrigation
available for 40ha tobacco.  Please contact JAG offices for contact number.


(ad inserted 29 April 2003)

I am looking for a Lodge Operations Manager for our up-market lodge outside
of Vic Falls. I am hoping to offer an employment opportunity to somebody
who has been affected by the closure of tourism facilities.

Here is a brief description of who we are looking for:
Vacancy for a Lodge Operations Manager
We have a vacancy for a Lodge Operations Manager / Deputy General manager
at our up-market 60 bed, 125 staff, Safari Lodge situated 30 km outside of
Victoria Falls.
He/she should have the following qualifications & skills:
· Extensive knowledge and previous experience in lodge /hotel management
· Management skills
· Ability to co-ordinate the day to day lodge operations
· Good knowledge of Zimbabwe labour laws
· Computer literate, XL, Windows, F&B service systems
· Knowledge of food & beverage
· Drivers license & valid passport
· Proven track record & traceable references

· Front of house operation
· Control of kitchen & kitchen supplies
· House-keeping
· Control of cellar
· Guest hospitality & guest delight
· Groups co-ordination
· Liaison with head-office
· Staff motivation
· Staff training
· Managing relevant budgets
· Running of lodge in the General Managers absence
The ideal candidate is a self-motivated all-rounder who is energetic and
has the ability to work independently. He/she must be able to work under
pressure, whilst monitoring standards and staff performance. The position
offers a comprehensive package to the right candidate.
Please contact Mr. R. Steiner at


(ad inserted 29 April 2003)

I am currently looking for a farm manager to manage a mixed farm on the
Transvaal highveldt. Please could you circulate this advertisement to any
of your members who may be interested?
Farm Manager
Day to day management of farm activities
cropping (maize)
poultry management
beef herd management
sheep flock management
pasture management
Full responsibility for production and sales activity.
400 Ha situated 30km north east of Middelburg, Mpumalanga.
Mixed animal production farm consisting of beef, broilers, sheep and
supporting pastures and maize cropping.
Remuneration is open for negotiation and could include profit share.
Accommodation, water, lights and use of company LDV is included in package.
Ideal candidate will have animal husbandry experience and be able to
operate independently.
My contact details are
Bruce Cook
telephone - 27-833256874 or -27-21-9753138 a/h


(ad inserted 10 April 2003)

Drummond area of Natal....roughly 30 km from Durban on the way to
Organic Veg farm manager required.  General farm management and tractor
skills, knowledge of organic veg growing and Zulu.
We are looking for someone who is prepared to run the farm as their own
business, what you put in you get out.  Salary linked to profit share and
Phone/fax 031-783 4995 or e-mail


(ad inserted 09 April 2003)

My brother has asked me to put ads in the local papers for a tractor
mechanic with Ford/New Holland, Massey experience.

Contact details in RSA are: Dennis on email address



Opportunity in Polokwane South Africa.

Mature person required as maintenance and farm manager including wildlife
for a very reputable hotel and game farm, (conservancy) outside Polokwane
(Pietersburg) Limpopo Province.

Duties include.
Organizational ability, vehicle maintenance, boreholes, electrical
maintenance at hotel and farm, good labour relations etc.

Only hard working and sober persons need apply.

Please contact, e-mail, Phone 0027836565729


(ad inserted 23 May 2003)

PLEASE CONTACT : DEREK SHIRLEY ON +27-83-228-1414 OR +263 11- 600-155


(ad inserted 12 May 2003)

"Barra Lodge " right on a beautiful beach, near Inhambane in Mozambique, is
looking for the following.

1. Food and Beverage manager, pref, experienced and be able to do F and B
figure work, stock control and maintain standard. To run 2 busy bars, 1
pizza hut and busy restaurant catering to up to 200. Frequently also 80+
"walk ins" with out booking.

2. Admin/ Bookkeeper.  Able to do pastel & excel. Needs to go to trial
balance, produce forecasters and monthly figures and stock controls,

For full details etc contact Dave and Jill Law at or P.O.
Box 6921. Halfway House 1685, Joburg, S, Africa



I felt that there might be someone in your network that may be interested.
The post could suit a person that is currently underemployed, and it falls
vacant because the present incumbent has been employed by the World Bank.

ICC is looking for an agricultural consultant to service our market in
Manica and Tete provinces of Mozambique. The responsibilities include
selling to donor agencies, helping to write proposals, and helping to
manage the resultant consulting projects. The ideal person will have
extensive agriculture experience, both commercial and small scale, will be
fluent in Portuguese and English, will be familiar with the customs of
Mozambique, and preferably live close to Mutare.  We can teach them the
consulting skills.

ICC is a Southern African consulting company with offices in Harare, Maputo
and Lusaka. In Mozambique we are active in consultancy work in Micro
finance, commercial and smallholder agricultural projects. Recent projects
Strategic plan for a Mozambiquan manufacturer of oils, fats and soaps,
Market analysis and feasibility study for a new horticultural project,
Assisting a major regional tea and coffee producer to prepare for further
regional expansion,
Business plans and facilitated negotiations for a major Zimbabwean agri
business to start a joint venture in Mozambique,
Feasibility and business plans for greenfields tea project in Espungabera.
Tel: + 263 4 731555/7
Fax: + 263 4 731558
Cell: + 263 (0) 91 272 767


(ad inserted 27 May 2003)

Mkushi, Zambia: position available for assistant manager for 160 ha
tobacco, 400 ha commercial Maize. Must have Gwebi or Blackfordby diploma or
experience in tobacco production. Preferably no children of school going
age. Please reply: 04 497924 or 091 223 626 or 011 208 089 or e-mail: or write to The advertiser, Box 241, Mvurwi.


(ad inserted 6th Feb. 03)
The JAG Office received an enquiry from Mr George Mashinkila who owns some
farmland in Zambia. He wants to lease out his farm. If anyone is
interested, they can get hold of him directly at e-mail


(ad inserted 06 June 2003)


Our Company is one of Tanzania's larger Coffee Producing Companies located
in Arusha, Tanzania. We currently farm more than 500 HA of mature Arabica

We seek to recruit a dynamic person for our Coffee Production including
general Estate matters. The position will report to the Managing Director
of the Company and will be part of the senior management team. The ideal
candidate should be a team player with good interpersonal relationship

· Full responsibility in all aspects of managing a Coffee Estate
· Estate office administration including maintaining up to date records and
· General Personnel administration
· Overall General Estate upkeep
· Staff welfare responsibilities

· Assistant Managers
· Departmental Junior Managers
· Activity Supervisors
· Estate Office staff

· Minimum qualification of bachelor degree in agriculture related subject
from a recognized University
· Minimum 5 years working experience at senior management level in a
commercial coffee producing entity.
· Computer literate
· General understanding of basic accounting techniques

We offer an attractive remuneration.

Kindly send your application letter, with CV and a list of references, to
the following email address:


(ad inserted 27 April 2003)

A very good friend of mine who lives in Gabarone Botswana has asked me to
put out this piece of information so I thought your organisation would be
ideal to do it for me.

His name is Snowy Du Toit (ex Zimbo) and his details are as follows: -

Phone: 00 267 3971026 / 00 26771724810 ( cell )
Fax: 00 267 3909610
He has been offered a certain piece of land near Gabarone, which would be
ideal for market gardening or horticulture. It apparently has plenty of
water from the municipal waste. He has indicated that he could probably
negotiate a loan on anyone's behalf should they be interested as he is now
a citizen of Botswana. All the technical details can be provided by Snowy
himself, so if anyone is interested, please could they contact him direct.
I know time is of the essence so if anyone is interested they must contact
him ASAP.


(ad inserted 22 April 2003)

Mr Johan Boshoff - Pontdrif, RSA is looking urgently for a dynamic reliable
middle age couple to manage a farm in the northwestern part of Botswana,
close to the Caprivi strip. Preferable no young children still in the
house, due to the distance from schools.
Experience: Farm management & general farm equipment maintenance
Crops: Vegetables under irrigation - drip & Pivot irrigation
Contact # Johan Boshoff
Tel (+27) 15-5751425
Fax (+27) 15-5751580
Cell (+27) 82 822 6310
e-mail Minds,



Cattle farming business in Ghanzi District, Northwest Botswana for sale.
(The owners moving for kids schooling.) Comprises 2 well-developed freehold
farms, measuring 10 112,06 Morg (8 660 Ha) in total, 1050 head of cattle
(cross Santa-Sussex), all necessary farming equipment, lighting-plants,
gensets, inverter equipment managers residence, main farm residence, staff
accommodation, workshops and storerooms etc, etc Walk-in / walk-out deal
BWP4 500 000-00 (Approx US$ 775 000-00). All serious offers will be
Contact Mike on (267) 72290622 or e-mail



Tobacco managers wanted in Malawi: 2003/4 seasons
100ha Flue cured 100ha Maize African tobacco managers of Malawian
extraction wanting to relocate with costs paid and paper work facilities.
Malawian Passport Holders will obviously be given preference. Respond to
JAG's email address and we will forward.


(ad inserted 17 April 2003)

We are looking for an ex farmer, with tobacco experience, to oversee the
building of tobacco curing systems in Malawi.  This position will be for a
period of ten months, with the possibility of extending the contract to two
years, either in Zimbabwe or elsewhere.  Accommodation and vehicle will be
provided.  Contact or send your application to
Debbie Graham at Brown Engineering, Box ST 311, Southerton, Harare.


(ad inserted 27 May 2003)

My sister and her husband live in Nigeria and a gentleman called John
Coumantaris who owns a few farms and ships there and who has his base in
New York, has asked my family to advertise in Zimbabwe for a farm manager
to run his farm in Kaduna, North Nigeria, doing mixed farming.

His E Mail address is :


(ad inserted 12 May 2003)

If you are interested I have an enquiry for someone to supervise setting-up
of following in Angola:

1) PIG FARMS. I can connect you with good contacts.

Most of the products will be required for the American communities involved
with oilrigs etc, so I imagine a fairly high quality wanted. I don't have
all the info/specs yet, just establishment of interest. Also no idea where
in Angola, (but assume close to Luanda), or size of outfits, money
available etc etc.

Let me know if you are interested. Email:


(ad inserted 22nd Feb 03)

A farming opportunity exists in Menongie Cuando Cubango Province in Angola
for a person experienced in the cultivation of maize. Land will be made
available and various options exist with regards to the funding of
the operation. Interested parties can e-mail their information and a
summary of their experience to


(ad inserted 08 April 2003)

Farm Manager wanted for a coffee/tea estate in Kenya.  Please phone 091 233
852 for further information.


(ad inserted 24th Feb 03)

I came across your website when searching for information on Zimbabwean
Farmers. We are looking for a General Manager for a large horticulture and
floriculture company based in Nanyuki, Kenya. I wanted to know if you could
pass on the attached brief to farmers that might be interested in looking
at this opportunity?
Many thanks and Kind Regards,
Zia Manji
Recruitment Manager
P.O. BOX 25118, 00603 NAIROBI, KENYA.
TEL: +254-2-3752400 / 1 FAX: +254-2-3752401
MOBILE: 0733 994469 OR 0722 516043
Position Specification & Candidate Profile


Our client, one of Kenya's most established horticultural and floricultural
companies, is a major exporter to the large retailers in the United Kingdom
and Europe. The group encompasses 3 large vegetable and flower farms,
packing facilities, a clearing and forwarding company, and a propagation
business. Exporting Two Million stems of cut flowers and 120 MT of
vegetables monthly, the Company is managed by a dynamic multicultural team
employing over 3,000 staff countrywide.

Our client's biggest challenge is to remain the market leader by
maintaining a strong customer focus coupled with a continuous expansion and
improvement strategy to deliver the highest possible quality products in
line with the requirements of this fast paced industry.

Nanyuki, Kenya.

THE POSITION The General Manager will be responsible for independent
co-ordination and management of all aspects of the business unit
incorporating 15 hectares of flower greenhouses, a fully automated rose
propagation unit and 25 hectares of vegetables. Within the framework of the
company's objectives and action plans, the manager's key focus will
include: Day to day growing, packing and propagation of required product
within the specified quality, cost and time. Overseeing the packing of
flowers onsite to meet international standards. Overseeing the cutting and
bulk packing
of vegetables to the centralized pack house in Nairobi. Managing the
financial and administrative functions on the farm, providing frequent and
accurate reports to the head office. Ensuring optimum processing and
performance as well as maintaining safety and developmental requirements.
Supervising the maintenance of all processing equipment. Ensuring the
compliance of the farm, packing operations, workers welfare and environment
within Company's and client requirements. Responsibility for the manpower
organisation of 600 employees including maintaining cordial and efficient
industrial relations. Managing and coordinating the audits by client
supermarkets throughout the year.
Responsible for the preparation of operating plans and programmes and
ensuring proper implementation.
Providing strategic advice and co-ordination of agreed development and
expansion projects. The General Manager reports to the Board of Directors.

These include:
Respecting production commitments in terms of volume, deadlines, costs, and
product compliance.
Correct team performance. Creating and encouraging a cordial working
environment in the farming and processing team.
Guaranteeing the compliance of the Company and its Clients standards in all
areas of farming, processing, staff welfare and environment.
Proper management of the farm's budget.

Key responsibilities include:
Help define the long-term plan, the improvement and expansion plans for the
entire farm.
Proposing annual production programmes and making adjustments as required
in line with group requirements and good agricultural practice.
Preparation and submission of annual budgets. Identify adjustments and
modification required in the farming and processing to optimise the
performance and the quality of the products.
Co-ordination of the program of inspections, visits, and audits with the
Board of Directors.
Planning and organisation of manpower to best suit the delivery programme.
Identifying and resolving problems relating to farm and processing
management on a daily basis.
Maintaining of equipment in good working condition by ensuring compliance
with correct usage practices, and regular inspection and liaison with the
maintenance team.
Implementation and management of approved expansion and improvement
projects in line with Company objectives.
Monitoring labour performance, setting work targets, implementing viable
bonus schemes to boost labour productivity and motivation.

A graduate in agriculture/horticulture/floriculture or any other relevant
5 to 8 years experience at a senior management level in a large
horticulture or floriculture concern.
Relevant experience in rose growing is an advantage.
Good knowledge of product quality parameters and compliance regulations.
In-depth knowledge and a proven track record in of growing, packing and
Computer literate and proficient in the use of MS Office.
An understanding of management concepts, agricultural practices and quality
management methods e.g. ISO 9000, HACCP and EUREPGAP.

The candidate must also be:
Able to manage and work with a culturally and educationally diverse team.
A good planner and organiser.
Must have good analytical skills, and a decision-maker.
Proactive in their work and take the initiative to propose and implement
new approaches.
Out-going, articulate with high verbal abilities.
Results oriented.
A team player willing to work in a very competitive and fast-paced

A highly competitive package will be offered to the right candidate.

Online registration only. Log onto the following web-site, register and
upload your CV:
For more information, please email:
Zia Manji
Recruitment Manager
DEADLINE: 28/02/03


(ad inserted 21 April 2003)

A 5000 hectare concession in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, west of
Kasaï Province, 800 km to the south of Kinshasa, in the region of Kikwit.
This property was farmed by a Belgian for more than 40 years and he had
nearly 4,000 head of cattle!
There is a forest with nearly 150,000 trees, mostly eucalyptus and pine. A
river flows on the domain's border. Agricultural plantations such as corn,
manioc, groundnut as well as chicken farming are possible.
There is a building in Kikwit with a commercial ground floor and living
quarters on the 1st floor.
The whole complex is very pleasant and offers great opportunities of
further economic development!
Asking price for the transfer of the concession is 125,000 euros.

I sincerely believe this project is well worth your attention so please do
not hesitate to ask should you require additional information. If you like
I could for instance scan some photos.

Contact: Rue des Chardons, 20/8 - 1030 Bruxelles -
Tél. +32-2/644.17.73 - GSM +32-496/87.11.66


(Ad inserted 24th Feb 03)
Employment available as part of a Team, thinning and harvesting summer
fruit, apples and kiwifruit in the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand, (North
Island, East coast).  The company, Labour Force, NZ, is expanding to fill
contracts.  Dormitory/Single/Married Accommodation is available within easy
commuting distance. For more information, please email in the first instance with personal details, and a
summary of recent work experience. Advice, assistance and support with
settling in, will be given by local branch of the Zimcare Trust, NZ,


(ad inserted 02 April 2003)

There is a newspaper report this week of the dire shortage of skilled
farmer workers to take up vacancies in the cropping areas of Western
Australia. This is predominately seasonal, i.e. seeding time and harvest
time but can also be on a long-term basis in many instances. I have this
afternoon spoken to the President of the W.A. Farmers Federation, Colin
Nicolle, based in Perth and he was very sympathetic and indicated that his
office could be a source of contact at this end. Their E-mail address is

I am sure there might be some Zim. farmers who could benefit in this way,
but in some cases the Aus. farmer would have to provide sponsorship to
assist the Visa application. I am told that the Australian High
Commissioner in Harare would look favourably at applications from
Zimbabwean farmers.

Hopefully this letter might be a catalyst to assist some families to make
contact with farmers in Australia.


(ad inserted 02 May 2003)

Nursing opportunities in Australia. For more information please contact
Ginty Thomson on or 091 237 442 or 066 30555


(ad inserted 22 April 2003)


telephone: 61 0356832464

message: We have two beautiful farms in the South of Victoria, Australia.
We would be interested in sponsoring a family to migrate with a view to
help us.  We can offer a package of a base of $50000 Australian plus a 3  One farm is dairy, the other beef. We are in our late fifties so
need someone in say mid 30's to late 40's
Please reply to Dick and Judy Edwards


(ad inserted 19 April 2003)

Foreign teachers for NT jobs 'better late than never': CLP
The Northern Territory Opposition is welcoming a move to recruit teachers
from overseas, but says this should have been implemented months ago.

The Government has announced it will try to attract teachers from regional
areas, as well as from countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and Canada.

The Government says there are 25 permanent teaching vacancies in the

Shadow Education Minister Terry Mills says the Country Liberal Party (CLP)
has been calling for this to happen since late last year.

"To implement them now is an indication that they are in panic mode, the
teacher shortage is in excess of what the Government currently claims," Mr
Mills said.

"These initiatives will take an extended period of time to actually bed in
and to produce the results, which is teachers in the classroom for students


(ad inserted 21 May 2003)

Is there a fit couple in their 50's or 60's, with no at-home dependents,
European passports and the desire to spend at least a year in the South
West of France, not far from Toulouse?
Accommodation is free and in the countryside.

Her duties (paid for) are several hours of housework and babysitting in the

His duties (also paid) are light gardening and handyman jobs.

French is not a necessity!  The family involved is looking for all the best
of Zim qualities and has been wonderful to several displaced farmers

If any one is interested or would like to know more, please contact me at
the email address given


(ad inserted 18 April 2003)

HELP ON FARM needed for approx. 3 days per week.  The farm consists of 400
acres of marginal pasture and woodland overlooking the Severn Estuary. The
grazing is let on an annual basis, and some of the woodland is of special
scientific interest.

Work would comprise farm and estate maintenance, including driving of
Unimog, use of chainsaw, fertiliser spreading, weed-wiping, fencing.
Mechanical ability an advantage.  Might suit someone with an interest in
wildlife and conservation.  Preferred age 24-45.  Suit couple.  Ability to
caretake occasionally would be an advantage.

East Wing Annexe is available as part of a deal to be negotiated.  It
comprises separate front door, lobby, kitchen and small living or dining
room downstairs, and bathroom and two good-sized rooms upstairs.  Partial
central heating included.  Extra storage space available.

For further details please ring 01633.400213, or contact us by `e'-mail:



I am wondering if you might be able to assist me. I am a partner in a farm
in UK and we currently have a vacancy for a Farm Manager and I thought this
might be of interest to some of the unfortunate farmers
recently displaced from Zimbabwe by Mugabe. Would you have any idea where
it might be best to advertise the vacancy in order to attract any
interested parties' attention? I am contactable at



We are a Farming partnership in North Essex. We have a 600 acre mixed farm
and are currently seeking a Farm Manager. This position may well suit a
displaced Zimbabwean farmer and his family. Accommodation is likely to be
available and the position should become vacant in the autumn.

Please forward this message to any who may be interested or please let us
know the best way of contacting such dispossessed farmers who are arriving
here or planning to move here in the near future.  Our email address is:

Many thanks

Tom Richardson


For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 18 June 2003)

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