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Mugabe divides his church critics

The Telegraph

By Peta Thornycroft in Harare
(Filed: 21/06/2006)

President Robert Mugabe has lured most of Zimbabwe's Christian churches into
a new political alliance, side-lining prominent church critics.

The new line-up of Christian leaders beside Mr Mugabe will be in evidence on
Sunday, when he leads a national day of prayer at the Harare showgrounds.

According to Mr Mugabe's critics, he has managed the same coup with his
church critics as he achieved with the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC), which has split into two impotent rival factions.

Mr Mugabe's triumph with the largely evangelical Christian community comes a
week before he is due to meet the UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, in the
Gambia for talks on the future of his troubled nation.

Mr Mugabe's strongest Christian critic, the Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo,
Pius Ncube, has accused some churchmen of being "hypocrites". He said:
"These priests call themselves Christians but align themselves with the evil
that Mugabe does. I am in favour of a boycott of this prayer service."

John Makumbe, a political scientist at the University of Zimbabwe, said:
"This is a coup for Mugabe. He has busted the church leadership into two,
just as he busted the opposition, the MDC.

"Mugabe will use anything, including priests, to try to clean himself of his
own filth."

Mr Makumbe said the national day of prayer was designed to give the
impression that some churches were "trying to do something" to resolve the
crisis. "Mugabe is having a laugh at their expense," he added.

Sunday's non-denominational prayer day will be part of a massive show of
Christian reconciliation. The church groups that will attend held four hours
of talks with Mr Mugabe on May 25, and pledged further co-operation to help
end Zimbabwe's economic crisis and isolation.

Most of the funds for the non-denominational prayer day, including buses to
ferry the huge crowds, will be provided by the government and the ruling
Zanu PF party.

Bishop Trevor Manhanga, a member of a three-man pro-democracy group, the
Ecumenical Peace Initiative, said yesterday that he would go to the Sunday

The group used to be seen as an anti-Mugabe force. He defended his decision
to meet Mr Mugabe and attend the day of prayer.

"I represent 130 church denominations and they all want me to help find a
solution," Bishop Manhanga said. "We were invited to meet the president, so
we went.

"This is not cosying up to the government. We are trying to have an honest
interaction looking for a solution."

Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, the head of Zimbabwe's largest Anglican diocese, is
the most prominent mainstream churchman to support Mr Mugabe.

He has been rewarded with what was a productive white-owned farm on the
outskirts of Harare. The property is now derelict.

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New Fuel Price Spike Signals Continued Surge in Zimbabwe Inflation


      By Patience Rusere
      Washington, DC
      20 June 2006

Fuel prices in Zimbabwe have more than doubled in recent days, from some
Z$300,000 to around Z$600,000 a liter, local reports said, with more acute
shortages of diesel and gasoline driving this latest spike in prices.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce President Luxon Zembe said businesses
will have little choice but to raise prices to offset higher operating
costs, which could send the annual inflation rate up another 100 points from
almost 1,200% in May.

Reporter Patience Rusere of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe asked Zembe about
the wider impact of soaring fuel prices on businesses and consumers.

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Zimbabwe needs help if it is to have a rose revolution

Financial Times

By Robert Rotberg

Published: June 20 2006 19:53 | Last updated: June 20 2006 19:53

Only Chinese entrepreneurs and Robert Mugabe, president, are profiting from
the complete economic and moral collapse of once proud and prosperous
Zimbabwe. The Chinese will be allowed to exploit the country's mineral
wealth and build thermal power plants to turn local coal into electric
power. The Chinese are also helping the Zimbabwean army rebuild its
barracks. Meanwhile, Mr Mugabe is pocketing illicit gains and constructing
yet another large mansion. His obsessive tyranny is not yet near an end. The
long-suffering people of Zimbabwe lack essential foodstuffs, queue for what
little there is in shops or at petrol stations and are attacked when they

Last month, 170 women and children peacefully protested against rising
school fees - up 1,000 per cent in a year - and were hustled off to jail.
School fees are now about Z$30m ($298) a term while average monthly wages
for domestic workers remain Z$3m. Industrial wages (when there are jobs)
average about Z$10m a month. So it is hard to see how children, already
hungry, can afford to attend school.

About 80 per cent of Zimbabweans live below the poverty line. Bread costs
Z$100,900 a loaf, when available. With inflation at more than 1,000 per cent
a year (the worst in the world), with Zimbabwe's currency almost worthless
and unemployment levels at about 80 per cent, it is no wonder that
Zimbabweans flee in their millions to South Africa and Botswana. The
country's average gross domestic product has gone backwards by about 40 per
cent in six years. The Zimbabwean standard of living in constant dollars has
been reduced to 1953 levels. Because of the government's inattention to the
scourge of HIV/Aids, Zimbabwe now boasts the lowest life expectancies in the
world - 34 for women and 37 for men.

In spite of this chaos, the government has threatened to nationalise the
gold, platinum, nickel, zinc and ferrochrome mines on which the country's
depleted economy depends (and which the Chinese will now inherit). Unlike
Bolivia's social agenda, Mr Mugabe's motive is regime maintenance.
Transparency International, the anti-corruption watchdog, says Zimbabwe is
one of the 10 most corrupt places on earth. Greed and patronage demand more
and more. As the state becomes morally outrageous, society breaks down and
the overriding drive becomes personal security and advancement at any cost.

Tyrannies flail about, especially when their economies have hit bottom. Last
month, Mr Mugabe's men continued to raze the shanties and stalls of presumed
urban opponents, driving thousands back into rural areas. Mr Mugabe also had
the audacity to invite the 4,000 white farmers dispossessed from 2000 to
2005 back to Zimbabwe to plead for a chance to farm again. But they would
not necessarily be permitted to regain their confiscated farms; leases would
be granted by a government desperate to restore an economy that it itself
trashed. Distrustful white farmers are staying put in Australia, Mozambique,
Zambia and Nigeria.

The nation's economic disarray is matched by its political bankruptcy.
European and other observers report that Mr Mugabe and his ruling Zimbabwean
African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) stole the 2000 and 2005
parliamentary elections and rigged the presidential poll in 2002, supposedly
won by Mr Mugabe against Morgan Tsvangirai, the candidate of the opposition
Movement for Democratic Change.

Last month, Mr Mugabe announced that he would stay on as president to 2010,
two years beyond the expiration of his six-year term in 2008. Such flouting
of the country's constitution throws sand in the wheels of South African
president Thabo Mbeki's engine of "quiet diplomacy". This was intended to
persuade Mr Mugabe, 82, to retire gracefully from politics.

Now that Mr Mbeki's misguided entreaties have been rebuffed again, and that
China's £700m ($1.3bn) loan has seemingly rescued Mr Mugabe from imminent
economic catastrophe, he and his associates can continue to loot state
coffers and abuse their countrymen while the rest of the world hardly
notices. Even Africa and the African Union look the other way. Europe and
the US have largely subcontracted the Zimbabwe problem to Mr Mbeki.

Mr Mugabe continues to preside by intimidation and terror. Until his
security forces align themselves with the opposition, no rose revolution in
Zimbabwe is possible without concerted action from Africa and South Africa.

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Annan and Mbeki team up to tackle Mugabe


      Basildon Peta
          June 21 2006 at 05:06AM

      United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and South African
President Thabo Mbeki will push a UN initiative to end the long-running
crisis in Zimbabwe next week when they meet President Robert Mugabe on the
sidelines of the African Union summit in Gambia.

      Annan's spokesperson, Yves Sorokobi, confirmed from New York on
Tuesday that Annan would be meeting Mugabe on the sidelines of the AU summit
in Banjul as part of Annan's efforts to help resolve the situation in

      However, Sorokobi said he did not know whether Mbeki would be part of
the meeting between Mugabe and Annan.

      Mbeki's spokesperson, Murphy Morobe, said he did not have any
information about a Mbeki/Mugabe meeting or a Mugabe/Mbeki/Annan meeting.

      Government sources in Harare said they believed Mugabe would meet
Mbeki and Annan either separately or together as part of a renewed push to
get Mugabe to introduce a package of political and economic reforms.

      After meeting British Prime Minister Tony Blair in London two weeks
ago, Mbeki and Blair backed an intervention by Annan in Harare as the best
way forward in finding a hitherto elusive solution to end a crisis which has
seemingly reached a meltdown point with 1 200 percent inflation, continuous
repression of government critics and widespread poverty.

      But Mugabe immediately rebuffed the two leaders with his spokesperson,
George Charamba, saying Zimbabwe was not a UN issue and Annan was no longer
welcome to visit Harare.

      South African Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils surreptitiously
visited Harare recently, allegedly at Mbeki's behest to persuade Mugabe not
to scupper a UN initiative on Zimbabwe and to pave way for a meeting between
the two leaders.

      Sorokobi said Annan remained "acutely concerned" with the situation in
Zimbabwe, particularly its humanitarian implications and would do all he
could to help the people of Zimbabwe.

      He said Annan had repeatedly reminded the international community not
to forget Zimbabwe and to help its people.

      He, however, said it would be premature to speculate on the details of
the meeting between Mugabe and Annan.

      "The secretary-general will make an announcement if he feels he has
anything to tell the world about his meetings with Mugabe. For now it is not
helpful to speculate," said Sorokobi.

      International media reports have speculated that Annan wants to
approach Mugabe armed with a proposal to mobilise international help to
avert imminent meltdown in Zimbabwe in exchange of a date for Mugabe's
departure from power.

      However, an influential diplomat close to the UN said that at this
stage Annan's initiative had nothing to do with asking for Mugabe's
departure from power.

      The diplomat said Annan wanted to instead encourage Mugabe to
institute a number of reforms on governance and rule of law recommended by
his envoy, Annan Tibaijuka.

      Annan knew too well that any efforts to mobilise economic aid were
futile unless there was real discernible progress in terms of implementing
reforms, the diplomat said.

      He also knew too well that demanding Mugabe's departure from power was
the best way of killing any meaningful intervention.

      Tibaijuka, who is head of UN Habitat, was deployed to Harare to
investigate last year's Operation Murambatsvina (Drive Out Trash) which she
later concluded had left close to a million people homeless and which she
condemned as a possible violation of international law.

      Zimbabwe's main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is said to be
considering travelling to Banjul to lobby Annan and other African leaders in
his battle against Mugabe.

      No comment could be obtained from Tsvangirai, who is at his rural home
burying his 78-year-old father who died after a short illness on Monday.

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IDC in $6 Million Gas Project Deal

The Herald (Harare)

June 20, 2006
Posted to the web June 20, 2006


THE Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is close to finalising an
agreement with a consortium of Chinese investors to kickstart the Lupane Gas

IDC general manager Mr Mike Ndudzo yesterday confirmed that talks were at an
advanced stage to determine the funding requirements of the project, whose
cost is estimated at US$6 million.

"Some investors are willing to fund the Lupgas project," he told Business
Chronicle yesterday but said it was too early to divulge the finer details.

Mr Ndudzo was part of the business delegation led by Vice President Joice
Mujuru, which toured China last week to explore business opportunities.

The IDC is the parent company of the Lupane Gas Company.

Mr Ndudzo said IDC had identified strategic investors for a joint venture in
Lupgas, but declined to name them.

However, sources close to the talks said the investors were from China and
would acquire a significant stake in the project while the IDC and local
companies will hold the controlling stake.

He said apart from the Chinese, investors from Iran, Indonesia, and Japan
had also expressed interest in the project but were still to make an offer.

"Other potential foreign investors, also from Asia, are still examining the
viability of the project before committing themselves," said the official.

The project is expected to extract an estimated 665 000 cubic metres of
methane gas deposits that are lying idle near the Matabeleland North

Some of the local firms in the project are the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC),
TA Holdings Limited, Hwange Colliery Company Limited, Chemplex Holdings, and
Shangani Exploration.

Presently the project requires foreign currency to import machinery for
geological and exploration work.

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Zimbabwe: A race against time in Mudzi

Source: Oxfam

Date: 20 Jun 2006

by Chris Hufstader

In the arid northeast corner of Zimbabwe, Oxfam America comes through for
farmers in crisis.

In September 2005, Ransam Mariga took a drive through Mudzi, an arid zone
spotted with sun-baked rocky cliffs in the northeastern region of Zimbabwe.
What he saw really worried him.

September is the end of winter in Zimbabwe. After four years of erratic
rains and low yields, many farmers were desperate as they headed into
another growing season. Most had no money to buy seeds, fuel, or
fertilizer--or if they did these essential farming supplies were simply not
available due to the economic crisis gripping Zimbabwe.

Many families in Mudzi were caring for people living with HIV and AIDS,
which is infecting more than 20 percent of Zimbabwe's population. This took
away the time they needed to travel in search of seeds to plant and grow

"For the last five years, few had been able to produce a crop," Mariga said.
"People were surviving on wild fruits, and they did not have access to any
grains or other sources of food."

Mariga, Oxfam America's humanitarian program officer, had no time to waste.
He immediately started working with representatives from a local development
organization called Single Parents and Widows Support Network, carrying out
a rapid assessment of the most vulnerable families. Coordinating with
special committees comprised of local volunteers, Oxfam and Single Parents
surveyed the population in Mudzi and identified 5,000 families that needed
help the most.

Restarting Agriculture

"Our criteria prioritized families with chronically ill family members,"
Mariga said, "Households taking care of more than two or three orphans,
women-headed households, child-headed households, and those with older
grandparents taking care of the young."

"Mudzi is a dry area of Zimbabwe," Mariga explained on a visit the following
May. "It only gets between 300 and 350 millimeters (1.2 to 1.5 inches) of
rain during the growing season. It's not ideal for agriculture and there are
a lot of people living here who have to scrounge for a living, and grow what
crops they can."

In consultation with farmers, Oxfam and Single Parents devised an
agricultural support program that would get families the seeds they needed
to plant before the rains started in November. The priority was on
drought-resistant small grains like sorghum, as well as corn, pumpkins, and
groundnuts (peanuts).

It was a race against time: Oxfam America and Single Parents procured the
seeds and distributed them to the 5,000 project participants just in time
for the rains. Suddenly, the most vulnerable families had a glimmer of hope.

"The seed package was really well received by the farmers," Mariga said.
"They had something to grow, they would not have to scrounge for money to
buy these inputs, and they could use their money for school fees, and health
care for those who are chronically ill."

By the middle of April, the results were clear: farmers grew substantially
more than in previous years, and would have more food to eat in the coming
winter. "Our final round of monitoring indicated that about 40 percent of
the participants harvested a crop that would sustain them until December,"
Mariga said. "Another 20 percent will have food until the next harvest in
May 2007. This is a milestone for an area that has not been able to produce
much in the way of crops for the last four to five is a real

Bridget Masarauru, the program director for Single Parents, said that the
agriculture program is making a big difference for the people they work with
in Mudzi. In the previous years of low rainfall, Masarauru said it was
common to see people faint during community meetings as the lack of food
caught up with them. "People can now confidently say that they can have two
or three meals a day, at least during the rainy season," Masarauru said.
"This is something really tangible we can do."

David Kanjere, the elected councilor for Masahwa ward in Mudzi, was
enthusiastic about the seed program. On a late-May tour of Masahwa, the
second-largest ward in Mudzi with more than 24,000 people, Kanjere said this
year's harvest was significantly larger thanks to the seeds and a bit of
rain. "People started harvesting last month, and they are still harvesting
now. Right now, people's lives are changing with this yield."

Oxfam and Single Parents are now turning their attention to helping farmers
in Mudzi to store their seeds for the next season, and create ways for them
to sell or exchange seeds and make them more widely available to other
farmers. They will also look at ways to help the minority of participants
who had trouble maximizing the potential of their seed basket in the
2005-2006 growing season.

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Rampant Price Increases Worry Consumer Council

The Herald (Harare)

June 20, 2006
Posted to the web June 20, 2006


THE Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has expressed concern over the huge
price increases effected by retailers on most basic commodities over the
past few weeks.

CCZ executive director Mrs Rosemary Siyachitema told New Ziana that some of
the price increases were unjustified.

"Prices have been going up over the last eight months but because of recent
fuel price increases, there has been a notable increase in the price of
various commodities," Mrs Siyachitema said.

"Some unscrupulous retailers have taken advantage of the situation to
exploit consumers through hiking prices."

While appreciating the need for prices to rise in an inflationary
environment such as the one prevailing in the country, Mrs Siyachitema said
such increases, however, needed justification.

Commodities whose prices have shot up with significant margins include
washing soap and powders, bath soap, bread, margarine and fresh milk.

She called for a review of fines for overcharging, arguing the present fines
were too low to deter would-be offenders.

The maximum fine for offences ranging from hoarding to overpricing is $1

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Zimbabwe Again Bypassed As Top Chinese Official Tours Africa


By Blessing Zulu
      Washington, DC
      20 June 2006

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was expected Wednesday in South Africa for a
state visit and talks with President Thabo Mbeki. He would thus be the
second top Chinese official to bypass Harare in recent months in spite of
the ever-closer commercial relations between the states: President Hu Jintao
also skipped Zimbabwe earlier this year when he visited three African

Wen's tour of seven African nations has already taken him to Egypt, Ghana
and the Republic of the Congo. He also has stops scheduled in Tanzania and

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said Wen's tour is important
to Beijing's diplomacy in Africa, leading some experts to see the absence of
a Harare stop as a deliberate omission by Beijing to deflect Western
criticism for its cultivation of relations with governments which the United
States and other leading Western nations have taken to task over their human
rights records.

The U.S. Congressional Research Service said China has sold arms to African
nations including Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia and
Eritrea, as well as to Zimbabwe. Diplomatically isolated in the West, Harare
has sought the friendship of China under its "Look East" policy, which
according to official reports in Harare was much advanced by Vice President
Joyce Mujuru's just-ended visit to Beijing.

On a related front, the European Commission came under pressure this week
from delegates to its ACP-EU forum for relations with developing African,
Caribbean and Pacific nations, who urged Europe to pressure China to refrain
from doing business with countries that have been identified as chronic
human rights offenders.

For perspective, reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe spoke
with senior researcher Sydney Masamvu of the International Crisis Group.
Zimbabwean opposition member Nelson Chamisa was interviewed from Austria,
where he was representing Zimbabwe at the ACP-EU developed-developing world

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Beware that Chinese self-indulgence

The Mercury

China has already landed on our shores and it will be interesting to see how
the cultures become assimilated and modified

June 21, 2006 Edition 1

A friend recently returned from a visit to China and raved about the amazing
country and its people. His praise was endless for their productivity, order
and discipline. He was stopped short, however, when he was rudely reminded
of their abysmal human rights tradition and the atrocities performed in the
name of the great cultural revolution when menticide, the killing of minds,
was followed by genocide, the killing of people.

The Tiananmen Square massacres and China's past human rights abuses are
difficult to erase from our memories. In direct contrast to South Africa's
motto of Batho Pele, the Chinese are infamous for their "sweat shops" that
emphasise production over people. There is a strange paradox in all of this,
namely that when people are forcibly socialised into a regimented lifestyle
through their educational and political institutions they eventually
transform into obedient robots subservient to authority.

Their collective locus of control is initially external and gradually over
the years the process becomes internalised so much so that it is accepted as
being a normal part of a national identity. Until of course they meet with
another reality. China is coming to Africa. Perhaps it is more accurate to
say that China has already landed on our shores and it would be interesting
to see how over the years cultures become assimilated and modified and
metamorphose into a new creation.

Would our people emulate the Chinese work ethic or would they adopt our
tradition of many holidays, short working hours and strong labour rights?


Would the Chinese be speaking Zulu or the Zulus Chinese? Would "chow mien"
become our stable food or pap and beans a new item on the Chinese menu?
Would Afro - and Indo-Chinese babies fill our maternity wards brightening
the colours of our rainbow nation? The possibilities are endless and a far
cry from the days when the Chinese people were classified "other Asians" and
the Japanese "honorary whites".

Today as China enters South Africa through the front door, followed by
India, it is rapidly causing a global shift in the balance of commercial
power from west to east. In doing so an interesting discourse is taking
place about the move away from the North-South relations. Instead the idea
of a South-South co-operation started to influence the field of development
in the late 1990s.

It was fuelled by the realisation that poor nations sought appropriate,
low-cost and sustainable solutions to their problems from other developing
countries, rather than in the rich north.

For example, if African farmers need boreholes to access water, it surely
makes more sense to access India's huge pool of expertise than to send
expensive European water engineers. In this regard, China claims that its
presence in Africa goes back centuries. Archaeologists digging in the ruins
of Africa's great medieval trading states at Timbuktu and Great Zimbabwe
have found fine porcelain and other evidence. Presently China's booming
commerce with Africa will leave other traces of evidence.

"Forty African countries have trade agreements with China now," said the
deputy director of the West Asian and African Affairs division of the Trade
Ministry. "We are doing a railway project in Nigeria, a Sheraton hotel in
Algeria and a mobile telephone network in Tunisia. We are all over Africa

Beijing's steeply rising involvement with Africa grows out of China's need
for natural resources, in particular for imported oil of which 25% now comes
from Africa.


But what has Africa gained in return, other than the availability of cheaper
commodities and resources? Many workers in the garment industry have lost
their jobs to Chinese competition while our consumers are enjoying the
benefits of name brands at affordable prices. After all, South Africans can
kill for that stupid embroidered tick on the Nike garments. China's interest
in Africa in general and SA in particular is psychologically comforting
because it comes at a time when we have become the virtual stepchild of
global commerce.

As far as the international trade system is concerned, Africa does not even
feature. Today as China's energy-hungry economy is driving its ambitious
Africa strategy the question is being asked if this bold developing world
investment is any less self-indulgent than that of western, colonial powers
of the immediate past?

Uncomfortable as it may be for small and medium-size business to have to
compete with a "cheap, cheaper cheapest culture" of Chinese
entrepreneurship, Chinese involvement in Africa is pure big business. But
synchronicity is not our forte. While our politicians amusingly plan trips
to Russia to learn about democratic parliamentary systems and our health
minister seeks out medical doctors in Cuba, our business people are heading
in the opposite direction. Hi, ho and off to China we go!

The momentum has been set and a moving train is difficult to stop. In the
process, we will see major changes in our trading practices, our working
habits and our lifestyles.

.. Devi Rajab is a psychologist and writes in her personal capacity.

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Cashel Valley Estates Gets $1,2 Million

The Herald (Harare)

June 20, 2006
Posted to the web June 20, 2006


TZI Limited has injected at least US$1,2 million to revive Cashel Valley
Estates horticultural projects in Chimanimani, 120km south-east of Mutare.

About 350 small-scale farmers have been identified and are currently
preparing to start growing fresh produce on 320 hectares.

"We are developing the 320 hectares of Cashel Valley Estate so that it
becomes an export zone and the small-scale farmers will grow the fresh
produce on our behalf and we will sell it on the export market, said a TZI

TZI said the farmers will enjoy more money in the long run as the vegetables
are short-term crops that will enable the farmers to have five harvests per

All that remains to be done is the establishment of pack houses which can
only be put in place after the crops have been harvested.

The small-scale farmers will be introduced to commercial horticulture as
part of developing them into direct exporters.

The cash injection follows the tour by Vice-President Mrs Joice Mujuru of
the Cashel Valley canning factory that has been lying idle for a long time.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy and plays a pivotal role as a
foreign currency earner.

Other agro-processing firms are expected to follow TZI's example by taking
up land on the 1 000-hectare Cashel Valley Estates to boost their

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ZNCC Conference to Discuss Power Shortages

The Herald (Harare)

June 20, 2006
Posted to the web June 20, 2006


ONE of Zimbabwe's leading business bodies, the Zimbabwe National Chamber of
Commerce (ZNCC), will this week hold a conference to discuss power shortages
that have impacted negatively on industry performance.

While industry's capacity has been severely constrained as a result of
critical input shortages, power outages and the introduction of
load-shedding by Zesa Holdings has dealt another blow to the already
incapacitated sector.

Farmers irrigating the winter crop are among the host of people that have
criticised unannounced power outages as impacting on their productivity.

"Critical shortages of electricity and power outages have become a serious
cause for concern to industry, commerce, agriculture and mining and indeed
the economy as a whole," the chamber said.

The conference will also focus on recent developments on the restructuring
of Zesa Holdings and possible foreign assistance for the power utility.

The Government announced on June 7 that it was trimming the current five
companies to four in a bid to make the loss-making power utility viable,
improve service delivery and increase accountability.

Presenters at the conference will include Zesa Holdings management, economic
analysts and other stakeholders.

The issue is also likely to be among the major topics to be discussed at the
forthcoming ZNCC and Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries congresses to be
held at the end of the month and late next month respectively.

Meanwhile, the power utility said the country has to contend with the power
outages and load-shedding as it strives to put in place measures to meet the
country electricity demands.

The Southern African Development Community is expected to experience power
shortages next year and Zimbabwe, like other nations in the region, is
putting in place measures to alleviate the situation.

The country imports about 35 percent of electricity needs from Snel of the
Democratic Republic of Congo, Eskom and Hydro Cabora Bassa of South Africa
and Mozambique respectively.

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Free expression rapidly deteriorating, warns coalition


As African heads of state prepare to visit Banjul, The Gambia, on 1-2 July
2006 for the 7th African Union (AU) Summit, a coalition of African free
expression organisations is warning that the state of free expression and
press freedom is deteriorating rapidly across the continent.

The Network of African Freedom of Expression Organizations (NAFEO) says
there is a "marked increase in the arrests, detention, repression and
general harassment of journalists, media and other communications workers."

The coalition also notes that many governments have either introduced new
legislation, or have intensified the application, of laws that criminalise
journalistic work and free expression.

Six countries stand out as leading violators of free expression, including
The Gambia, which is hosting the AU summit, says NAFEO. In recent months,
numerous local and international press and human rights groups have
criticised the Gambian government for launching a crackdown on the country's
independent press in the wake of an alleged coup attempt last March.

Since March, four journalists, including staff members of the bi-weekly
"Independent", have been detained by security officials. Three have since
been released, including a journalist who was brutally tortured by security
guards (see:

Other "hot spots" listed by NAFEO included Eritrea, Ethiopia, Swaziland,
Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

NAFEO has urged Nigerian President Olusegun Obansanjo to use his influence
within the AU to persuade leaders of these countries of the need to respect
and protect free expression and freedom of the press.

NAFEO says it is planning a campaign aimed at pressuring governments to
repeal laws criminalising press offenses and to free individuals who have
been detained or imprisoned for exercising their free speech rights.

It has invited human rights groups, media organisations and other civil
society organisations to join the campaign.

Prior to the AU summit, African free expression groups will be participating
in a forum in Banjul on 29-30 June to discuss how regional human rights
mechanisms can strengthen freedom of expression.

The forum will examine the main challenges facing free expression in Africa,
and seek ways in which advocates can more effectively use the African
Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights and the African Peer Review
Mechanism to protect free expression in their countries.

Participants will draft a list of recommendations that organisers aim to
present to a number of African heads of state and key AU officials at the
Summit, including the Chairperson of the AU Commission, Alpha Oumar Konare.

The organisations hosting the forum include ARTICLE 19, the Media Foundation
for West Africa, the Media Institute for Southern Africa and the West
African Journalists Association.

Visit these links:

- NAFEO Founding Statement:
- RSF Reveals Pictures of Tortured Journalist:
- African Union Summit:
- NGOs to Hold Free Expression Forum at AU Summit:
- BBC Profile of the African Union:

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JAG Classifieds dated 20 June 2006

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items
3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation
5.  Specialist Services
6.  Pets Corner




1.1 Fuel For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

HamCor Fuel
Fuel Procurement & Sales
Guy Hammond & Kiara Cordy
Southern Belle Office
Marineland Harbour
Telephone: 091 275 714 or 091 269 330
Fax: 061 3134







1.2 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Toyota Land Cruiser VX 1989

Full house, four-litre turbo motor only done 175,000kms.
Power steering, moon roof, front and rear air con, one touch 4x4 drive,
central locking and electric windows.
New suspension and in overall mint condition

Price $Z 2.2 billion
Contact-- 011201310, 091314398, 884157,


1.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Acer Aspire 3000-note book computer. New and unused. $500M. Phone 011 416592


1.4 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Brand new Gabriel Shock Absorbers for Nissan
Hardbody (Heavy Duty). Both front (45869) and rear (45872).


tel Tich  011757489 or email


1.5 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Brand new 8 piece blue and white kitchen chairs 50 million neg. contact me
on 091941171 or


1.6 For Sale (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Large Electric Motor; 125 HP; 3 Phase Induction; 735 RPM; Type A.B.F.; new
and unused; Z$ 1,5 B or offers. Currently in Gweru but can bring to Harare
for a serious potential purchaser


1.7 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

All goods are priced but are negotiable! Stuff Must go!

Horse Tack For Sale

Bit Kimble Wick with Curb Chain
Bit Snaffle Jointed
Bit Snaffle Rubber ( Poor Cond )
Bit Snaffle Straight
Bit Yearling
Blankets Horse
Breast Plate Leather
Breast Plate Leather Large
Breast Plate Red Webbing
Bridle Black C/W Caverson Nose Band, Snaffle Bit and L/Reins (Horse) Good
Bridle Leather Black C/W Caverson Nose Band, Snaffle Bit and L/Reins (Pony)
Good cond
Bridle Leather Black C/W Drop Nose BAND; snaffle Bit and L/Reins (Horse)
Good Cond
Bridle Leather C/W Jointed Pelam and white webbing reins (Av Cond)
Bridle Leather Showing (Pony) Black with Caverson Nose BAND
Bridle Leather showing (Pony) Brown/ Tan with Caverson Nose BAND
Bridle Leather C/W snaffle bit, drop noseband and reins
Fly Fringe Black
Girth Protectors
Halter Leather
Halter Webbing Black
Halter webbing Blue
Halter webbing blue/ Black Checked
Halter webbing Brown
Halter ebbing red
Hats Polo Cross White
Hats Riding
Leg Protectors and tail guard Travelling set Blue
Nose Band Caverson Leather
Nose Band Drop Leather
Numna Black, Numna Brown, Numna Green
Numna Light Blue, Numna Red, Numna White
Rein Lead Yellow/ black
Rein Lunging Blue
Saddle Bag Green
Saddle Bag Royal Blue
Saddle Glen's 2 colours
Saddle Johnson's Brown
Saddle Sagorn Brother
Saddle Sheepskin
Saddle Tan
Stirrup Irons
Travelling Guards Long Green Sets

Contact Jenna on 091 357 066 / 490007/ 011 408 213


1.8 For Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

SEED DESIGNS (based in Chiredzi)

Beautiful hand embroidered items for sale: -

Bedspreads/duvet covers                        $21,500,000
Wall hangings and throws                       $16,900,000
Oven gloves                                           $ 2,400,000
Shoulder bags                                       $ 3,900,000
Wallets                                                 $ 1,800,000
Large canvas bags                                 $ 6,500,000
Webbing bags                                       $ 6,500,000
Med size embroidered cushion covers     $ 3,300,000
Small-embroidered cushion covers          $ 2,600,000
Set 6 table mats & serviettes                 $ 8,800,000

And much more!!!  We will be having a show day at Serendipity's (Golden
Stairs Rd) on 3rd June 2006 from 10 am to 3 p.m. where you can view our
stuff.  For further information, please phone Michelle Ross (Harare rep) on
091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


1.9 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)


CONTACT - 091424 652


1.10 For Sale (Ad inserted 30/05/06)


Good strong front loader machine in working condition
Powered by CAT 4 cylinder engine and transmission
Rear turning wheels (i.e.not articulated)
Fitted with 1 cubic metre bucket
Useful for loading all loose materials (e.g.sand, gravel, mining materials,
etc., etc.)
PRICE - Z$ 2.5 billion o.n.c.o.


Self propelled road construction grader (working condition)
Powered by Leyland MT1800 engine and automatic gear box (hi / lo range)
Fitted with various hydraulic and compressed air lifting devices (e.g.blade,
scarifiers, wheel leaners,etc.)
Ideal for constructing, forming, maintaining all roads/shoulders/etc.
PRICE - Z$ 2.5 billion o.n.c.o.


Utility Trailer in good working condition
PRICE - Z$ 250 million o.n.c.o.


Very useful for all types of road pavement & hardstanding compaction, etc.
(eagerly sought after by road contractors). Ideal for farm and gravel road
maintenance. Is normally towed behind a standard 90hp tractor (or larger).
Good working condition.
PRICE - Z$ 600 million o.n.c.o.

available on request.

Please contact Paul Brown on Hre 755 401/2, 091-754 302,
for further details.


1.11 Pet Mince for Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Pet Mince for sale 500g for $60 000
Cat Heart Mince for sale 250g for $60 000
Delivered on Friday's.  Please order by email.
Phone 011211088 or email


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Very strong and secure steel safe with large cupboard space and two drawers.
Size 62 cms square and 72 cms high. Can be used as is, or built in - very

Contact 04 745463 or 011211924 for further details.

Substantial quantity of very good Siratro legume seed.

Contact 04 745463 or 011211924 for further details.


1.13 For Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Philips Telefax for sale price 80 million contact me on   091941171 or email


1.14 Property For Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)


Situated on 15 acres just outside Harare, but classified as Urban.
Consists of 1 x 3 bed roomed house, 1 x 2 bed roomed cottage, 2 x ensuite
guest rooms, pool and entertainment area, workshop and offices. Boreholes x
2, water storage tanks, domestic quarters and storage rooms, walled,
electric fenced and electric gated.

Only serious buyers with ready cash need respond.
Contact Ashleigh- Tel: 091 890722 or


1.15 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 06/06/06)
Kelvinator Four plate stove/eye level grill - old.
Imperial fridge/freezer.
Sharp microwave oven.
Telefunken video recorder
DSTV decoder and card
Bosh cake mixer/liquidiser/mincer.
Waffle maker.
Snackwich maker.
4 piece upholstered lounge suite
2 large hot trays.
2 half moon tables.
1 Defy Auto Maid washing machine
1 Defy tumble dryer.
1 garden table & 4 chairs (with cushions)
Carpets (2) 9 x 12 with under lays
1 Muhkwa Kist
1 Bookcase
2 chests of drawers
3 table lamps
 Please phone Cherry: 251150 - 2 (Business) or 304095 (home).


1.16 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.


Small woven bags--$750,000 each.
Large crocheted bags.--$1,800,000 each.
Large woven bags.--$1,500,000 each.

Table Runners.--$1,150,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$3,400,000.
Fringed mats only(4)---$2,300,000.
Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$5,200,000

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$4,000,000.
Set of 4 Bordered table mats only---$3,000,000
Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$6,000,000.
Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$8,000,000.

2m Throws--$3,800,000.
1m Throw(Baby blanket)--$1,500,000 NEW.

Tea cosy(L)--$800,000.
Tea cosy(m)--$600,000
Tea cosy(s)--$400,000.
Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$1,500,000.
Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$900,000.

Decorated cushion covers--$1,300,000.
Plain cushion covers---$1,100,000.

Scarves(knitted)--$1,600,000. each.
Hand Woven Scarves--$2,000,000 each
Hats(Beanies)--$650,000 each.

Large plain cotton rug--$3,500,000.
Med. plain cotton rug---$2,200,000.
Small plain cotton rug.---$1,400,000.
Cotton Rag Rug--$1,400,000.
Med. plain mohair rug--$2,700,000.
Med.patterned mohair rug.--$3,300,000.
X Large plain mohair rug.--$10,500,000.

Bedspreads-- QS/DB/3/4 and
Duvet Cushions(opens into a
Toilet sets--$2,500,000. NEW.
Bath mats---$1,100,000 NEW.

Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large


1.17 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Jungle gym with slide ladder, aeroplane, boat-swing. $50000000.00.
Pool slide (large fibreglass) $50000000.00.
Mazda 626 South African assembled 1992 model
Sport boat with 40 hp mariner engine phone Cheryl 308227. 011208619,


1.18 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Falcon with a 115 Yamaha motor for sale.  Z$ 1.7 Billion neg contact details
are 04-572136 8am - 6pm Mon - Fri.


1.19 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

1 x complete water pump with pulley and base for any 10 Series Ford tractor.
As good as brand new.

1 x water pump with pulley no base plus new gasket for any 10 Series Ford
tractor. As good as new.

For further details contact 04 - 745463 or  011211924.


1.20 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

50 kg bags coarse salt @ Z$ 3 million each collected Ruwa, or Z$ 3.25
million delivered Harare.   Limited quantity, available after June 23rd.


1.21 Items For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

1) Branding irons - Numbers 0 through 9; 3 of each, still good condition.
2) Motorolla, Kenwood and Tait radios; 5 base and 1 hand held.
3) Robust steel trailer suitable for off road work.

Please phone Wally Herbst, 011 212 264 or 09 244388
E mail Mziki


1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

8-chair oak dining room suite with extendable table, tea trolley and
dresser.  Very good condition
Brand new modern fold up camp cot Pine cot (used but very good condition)
Pushchair/pram - 2 position - changeable handles - (used twice only and in
very good condition)
Offers on all above items - please phone 091 310012 or 339509 (afternoons
and evenings only)


1.23 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/06/06)


SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY TO PHONE 011 407747 OR 055 20213


1.24 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

One new "Star" car radio deck (no speakers).  $15 million onco.

Call Karen 011-407-184 or leave message on 495445 and I will call you back
if I am not there.


1.25 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Quarter-sized Billiard/Pool table with all accessories.  Excellent
condition.  Reasonable offer accepted.
Phone: Neville 091-278-461.


1.26 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Finesse 12 fin oil heater.

7 heat settings and
2 different wattage settings

Removable wheels for ease of transport.
I find it gives out a gentle heat and does not dry out
the air. Comes with original 15 amp plug.
Cream in colour with black trim.

Asking :     $25 000 000

+263 (04) 884634


1.27 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Full household goods for sale, numerous and various items.
Double Bed = $40m
Stove = $80m
Fridge = $60m
And so much more!  Electricals, furniture, kitchen equipment, accessories
and other bits and bobs.
Please email for complete catalogue and pricing.

For more details and viewing arrangements please contact Monique.
Tel: 309274 (w), 091 315 411, Email: as per above address




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Looking for an office safe.
Please contact Terrie 309800/309385/011 603 970


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Wanted: 28" bicycle in reasonable condition. Please phone John Robertson on
Harare 740205


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

Prem baby clothes, mainly baby growers, vests, booties and waterproofs. My
baby boy "Zane" is a wee 1.8kg and very difficult to clothe as he mainly
drowns in his clothes. If there is someone out there please let us know
where I can get such clothing? Cash offered. Please phone Philip on 091
235579 or 336962 (office) or email or Delia on 091 201686


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

1.                   Packing machine wanted. Must be able to pack about 0.1
kilos to 5 kilos of granular or powder product
2.                   Packing machine to pack small quantities of liquid 5mls
to 100mls
3.                   Packing machine to pack powder and granule products
from 1mls to 1 kilo
Please contact - E mail
Fax/ Phone 04 851095

2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 30/05/06)
We are looking for an experienced cook with references.  Please call us on


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Looking for wooden filing cabinets, preferably lockable and hanging file

Also a magnet for a Trojan treadmill I have misplaced mine 'safely' whilst
moving and just cannot find it at all now - or else a heavy found magnet I
could try - the machine will not operate without this.
Or sms 091 201 894


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Blue glass bottles ie wine bottles, desperately needed for medicinal

Please contact Geoff Long 011 601 316 or Irene Hammond 781452


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Space in container (1 -3 M³) to Australia for personal effects. Destination
Sydney, Newcastle or Brisbane. Around August 2006!

Phone: Clemens
cell: 011 621 572, LL: 04 494366


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Looking for a good second-hand monosem planter, either 4 or 6 row please
phone 883323 Harare or cell 091202924


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Desperately looking for a fridge/freezer (2 door) or a small bar fridge.
Wanted immediately.

Caroline 091 250932 or


2.11 Wanted PHOTOCOPIER (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

A photocopier needed in good working order.

Please call Trace Scott
Tel: (263-4) 731 926, 091 310 492


2.12 Wanted (Ad inserted 20/06/06)


Bookcases, carpets and various household items.

Please call Trace Scott
Tel: (263-4) 731 926, 091 310 492


2.13 Wanted Maid (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

We need a maid who can cook with recipes and baby mind to help my present
maid. Preferably over 30 yrs.

Please call Trace Scott
Tel: (263-4) 731 926, 091 310 492


2.14 Wanted (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Please if anyone has a Childs first Pony that they are willing to sell or
lease I am desperately looking for my little boy.  Please contact Thea on


2.15 Wanted (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Needed RAM (Hydram Pumps)  - please specify capacity and price.
Any Dexter cattle left in Zimbabwe and at what price?
Please contact Keith Holland 011 401 691 or 020-64303 (Office); 020-61369


2.16 Wanted (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Second hand  wooden garden shed   ---between two and a half and three
metres square. We will collect (and repair if necessary)
Please contact Clare 011208568


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered
3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

WANTED - House to Rent in Chinhoyi.  Carefull tenants for three/four
bedroomed house - must be secure.  Mature couple would look after your house
like their own.  Please telephone Louise on 011 210 174 or 335233 a/h.


3.2 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

RELIABLE EX-FARMER SEEKING ACCOMMODATION on caretaking basis or reasonable
rent.  Single man, non-smoker and reliable.  Wanted from September 2006,
short or long-term.

Contact Rob Walmisley Tel: 011 731 922 (cell) or 748939 (work) or e-mail


3.3 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Looking for a tenant from 1st July to end of January
Town House, No. 44 Bridgeways, Lincoln Road, Avondale.  Three Bedrooms,
fully furnished.
Please contact Valda Rous on 307051 or 091 337 682


3.4 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

"House proud lady desperately seeks 3 bed-roomed house or flat for end of
June 2006. Please help!

Telephone Mrs. Ashley 743121/5 ext 228 bus hrs, 743282 (after 5 pm), e-mail"


3.5 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Small cottage-type house available to rent immediately in Chisipite/Greendal
e north: three bedrooms, bathroom, shower and two toilets.  Good outdoor
living areas set amid pleasant well-treed garden. Would suit young or
retired couple. Rent negotiable.
Contact Gail on 091-351363


3.6 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Please will you help by sending this to as many of your family and friends
or by putting the word out? We have sadly been given notice to vacate the
cottage we rent in Kambanji. We are looking for either a house or cottage or
town house, which has affordable rent, preferably on the Borrowdale/Mt
Pleasant side of town.  We are also possibly looking to look after a house
for the owners who are out of the country, or similar. For Kay and her 17
year old son.  Kay works for MARS and has vast medical experience, which may
be beneficial to the owners especially if they are elderly or have young
children. Dion is currently doing his O levels at St Georges. Please we
urgently need help and would be most grateful for any contacts.
Contact Kay Kondonis 091219476


3.7 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

"Two bed roomed garden flat, Greendale, lock up carport, close to shops,
available July, call Mr Wallis 023894597 or email "




4.1 Savuli Safari  (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges, just bring your food, drinks and
relax.   $2 600,000 pppn, 1/2  U/12
Contact John: or Phone 091 631 556


4.2 Houseboat for Hire (Ad inserted 30/05/06)

MTEPATEPA houseboat for hire - very reasonable rates.  Sleeps 12, 2-3 crew,
pontoon tender boat.
Phone Kate 091 356 981 or 067-23112 or email


4.3 Mana Pools (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

4-person lodge (Mubvee/Hipp0) available between now 6th - 16th June.  To
avoid a total waste of booking, take any time you can between these dates.
Please contact asap

Tel: 304492
Cell: 091 247 141


4.4 (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

22 - 26 June 2006
US$80pp pn (equivalent)
Including : All meals, All Locally-bottled Drinks, All Activities (walking,
canoeing, walking),
Fully Serviced Camp, Professional Walking & Canoeing Guides
Excluding: National Parks Fees and Transfers into Mana Pools
Contact Julie : or 333414/339001
See more details on our Camp at


4.5 (Ad inserted 13/06/06)

Wild Heritage, Kariba - Muuyu Lodge

Lodge in Wild Heritage Complex, 3 double bedrooms, overlooking the Chirara
Floodplains with wonderful view of passing game from the front deck, 2
bathrooms, fully furnished, plenty of freezer space, serviced by a maid
capable of basic cooking. Own splash pool on the front deck. Good birding,
even from the deck.  Access to boat launching facilities.  Good get away.
$10,000,000 per night
Contact Wendy: or phone 091 261 253


4.6 (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Open now for bookings for JULY South African school holidays.
ALSO for our local Zim August school hols AND for the
HEROES DAY (nice) long weekend of 12-15th August.
Contact: Andrea  or  091 208 836



5.1 (Ad inserted 23/05/06)


A leading Professional Recruitment Firm, with over 2500 candidates on its
database.  We are a specialist Recruitment Organisation that offer clients
resources in any sector.  We also offer hardware and software support and
maintenance.  Positions available in permanent, contract and temporary

We are looking for candidates in every field so please send us your cv today
or call Sarah to secure top calibre positions/candidates.  Don't Hesitate -

Miss Sarah Vale
Oxford IT Recruitment
CFU Agricultural House
Corner Adylinn Road and Marlborough Drive
Marlborough, Harare
Tel:            309855-60 (ext. 23)
Fax:           309351
Thank you for choosing Oxford IT.
E & OE.

Directions from:
Harare Drive - Travel towards Marlborough Shopping Centre.  Pass the
shopping centre on your right.  Adylinn Road is the next main turnoff on the
left.  Drive towards the end of Adylinn Road, where it becomes a T Junction
and the CFU Building is on your Right.


5.2 (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

PC Doctor
Call PC Doctor for computer help. Installs, Skype and configurations, virus
recovery, maintenance. 011217843."


5.3 (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

Radium Africa

Montana Boom Sprayers 10m 600l 85litre pump in stock
Harrow discs 24", 26" 28" plain and cutaway in stock
Silage Machines - manual feed and tractor drawn units in stock
Generators 15KVA and 60KVA on the water.
Phone : 870264 or 011600389
Email :


5.4 FOOTBALL WORLD CUP (Ad inserted 13/06/06)



5.5 G - TECH (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

Diesel vehicle and plant maintenance
Site contracting
Generator and stationary engine installation and maintenance

Contact Graham at or call 011 406023, 091 286657, 04 741001,
075 2264


5.6 (Ad inserted 20/06/06)


For all computer requirements and repairs for both hardware and software

Please call Lance Scott
Tel: (263-4) 731 926, 738 666, 739 675, 091 310 492


5.7 (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

It's winter. Now's the time to service your boat, we do Yamaha, Mercury and
Mariner. Also modifications, transoms, floors and live wells. Redo
upholstery and conversions.

Contact Russell Hook  305381  331970   331976   091201744   011201744

6.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Looking for three female Pedigree German Shepherd puppies and two Pedigree
female Blue Healer puppies.  Must have papers.  Please phone 011 600 770


6.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 23/05/06)


PHONE 04 - 882745 / 091333283.


6.3 Seeking Home (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

A final urgent plea for a home for our white English Bull Terrier male,
approx 5 years. Left at Kennels by ex farmer 3 months ago and if a suitable
home is not found, will be put to sleep. English Bull Terrier Lovers, if you
or someone you know can give him that home please contact me, he is a real
character and doesn't deserve this. Will make a super pet. Tel Michelle on
884294 or 011602903 or e-mail


6.4 Seeking Home (Ad inserted 23/05/06)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lovers. 2 adorable males looking for kind and
loving homes. 1] 'Rizzla' red, talks like most staffies do, longing for
attention and 'Choco' a very unusual chocolate and white staffy, just wants
to be loved. Tel Michelle on 884294 or 011602903 or e-mail


6.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 06/06/06)

even cross) or would consider young dog as companion to our Labrador bitch.
Must tolerate cats.
Phone 882142 or email


6.6 For Sale (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

"Dog meal, 20 kg,$1,2 mill,pse order on 023894597,email "


6.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 20/06/06)

BLUE HEALER BITCH, (Australian Cattle Dog)!

We are looking for a puppy for our kids Hunter and Ayla, the pup will come
and live with us in Chegutu and be loved to bits!!

BLUE HEALER BITCH, (Australian Cattle Dog)!

Please help if you can and contact CORRALEE GREEFF on 091 208726 or email me


JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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