The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2002 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/6/2002
    • NEWS ALERT Friday 28 June 02
    • Mugabe warns defiant farmers
    • The Next Hurdle
    • Mugabe threatens Anglo American in Zimbabwe
    • Torture and the International Criminal Court with a Focus on Zimbabwe
    • A continent's future
    • G8's plan 'window-dressing'
    • Zimbabwe Faces Economic Challenges: Mugabe
  2. 2ND BATCH Posted 29/6/2002
    • Zimbabwean farmer finds resistance futile
    • Zimbabwe faces famine, UN says
    • U.N. pledges more food aid to desperate Zimbabwe
    • Govt approves GM maize imports
    • 50 farmers move to Mozambique
    • Mugabe's shadow towers over Nepad at G8 summit
    • Government bars ILO mission
    • British MPs condemn farm evictions
    • Crisis in Zimbabwe
  3. 1st BATCH Posted 29/6/2002
    • Government the villain of Zimbabwe's food crisis
    • Somebody pass the message to Zimbabwe House
    • Farming move will worsen food shortage
    • Heat turned up a notch on Zimbabwe
    • Rights probe deepens
    • Journalists fight information Act
    • MDC accuses government of misleading rights team
    • Defiant jailers in court
    • A world in need of trade more than aid
    • Mugabe's Cronies Cash in
    • Africa bids for $64bn aid package
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Supporters Remain Imprisoned Despite Supreme Court Order
    • Judgment reserved in Woods' case
    • Police blast Chronicle for lying
    • Harare launches campaign to clean up city tomorrow
    • Private media barred from meeting human rights group
    • UN team arrives to discuss humanitarian situation
    • Forex rates skyrocket
    • Searching for Anthrax Clues
    • Zimbabwe warns it will act against defiant farmers
  4. 2ND BATCH Posted 28/6/2002
    • Waiting, kumirira, ukumelela
    • Africa's only hope
    • Officials defy Chidyausiku
    • Africans at G8 summit seek buy-in for recovery
    • Farmers in dilemma as game nears end
    • Iron fist will fail, analysts warn
    • MDC plots parly boycott
    • Bad news for Zimbos moving out
    • Tutu calls for fresh elections
    • Torture now of epidemic proportions
    • Mugabe 'conceals bad human rights record’
    • Zimbabwe's whites branded racists and fascists
    • Zimbabwe minister says white farmers are 'unrepentant racists'
    • ZESA Owes Emerging Black Businessmen $800 Million
    • Restore Real Interest Rates, Adjust Exchange Rate, IMF Tells Harare
    • White judge to retire after clash with govt
    • MDC between a rock and a hard place
    • Interview with US ambassador Joseph Sullivan
    • From breadbasket to basket case
    • Zimbabwe warns white landowners
    • Weekly Media Update No. 21 of 2002 - June 17th - June 23rd 2002
  5. FIRST BATCH Posted 28/6/2002
    • Continued issuance of acquisition notices baffles commercial farmers
    • House of Commons - Report from the Zimbabwe Debate
    • Plot to kick Zvobgo
    • Zimbabwe's police provide time window to farmers
    • Mugabe land policy appalling
    • More farmers to challenge evictions
    • More farmers to challenge evictions
    • UN takes food aid concerns to Mugabe
    • US blasts farms' seizure
    • White farmers challenge order to quit
    • Lawyers, scribes meet human rights probe team
    • Govt to set up land bank
    • MDC mayoral candidate escapes petrol bomb attack
    • Meldrum's lawyers contest formal remand
    • Chanetsa has no business being an ombudsman
    • Aid agencies call for more southern Africa famine relief
    • Millers appeal for urgent wheat imports
    • Restore real interest rates, adjust exchange rate, IMF tells Harare
    • Land reform: is it an event or a process?
    • Those who live in glass houses ...
  6. Posted 27/6/2002
    • Focus on farm evictions
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 25 June 2002
    • Open letter to Zim farmers
    • Commercial farmers first on list of many casualties
    • Clock stops for Zimbabwe’s farmers
    • Warrant against Zimbabwe minister for contempt of court
    • Police respite for Zimbabwe's farmers
    • Riches to Rags
    • Farmers Take Harare government to Court
    • Serious shortage of salt hits Zimbabwe
    • Street children, touts now a law unto themselves
    • Zimdollar slumps
    • Zimbabwe going through accountability crisis
    • Farmers form body to fight evictions
    • Zimbabwean farmers fight new land laws
    • New legal battle to keep Zimbabwe farming
    • Violence tearing Buhera apart
    • Mugabe meets delegation
    • White farmers won't be left landless - Mugabe
    • Mugabe vows land seizures to go ahead
    • Mushagashe vocational centre now training Zanu PF militia
    • Police officer admits arrested MDC
    • Defiant farmers continue operations
    • Zimbabwe worries SA farmers
    • Mbeki fights to sell his vision to wary African leaders
    • G8 Summit Must Tackle Crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Air Botswana suspends Maun/Victoria Falls route
  7. Posted 26/6/2002
    • While Mugabe turns white farmers into criminals
    • Zimbabwe White Farmers Stop Working
    • My mother's choice: eat cattle feed, or go hungry
    • Independent journalists operate in a climate of intimidation, repression and, now, licensing
    • Subsidising tyranny
    • What can we do for Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe farming ban defied
    • Impunity enables ever more human rights violations
    • Africa Strategy to Convene Conference On Zim
    • Africa needs G8 lead on Mugabe
    • Ex president's PR bid for Mugabe
    • Group Arrives to Assess Alleged Human Rights Abuses
    • A farmer's tale: chased off his land by Mugabe's brutal young henchmen
    • Insingisi Farm workers stopped from working at 11:30 am 25 June
    • Zimbabwe farmers in fear
    • It's power to Mugabe but poverty for the people
    • Impunity enables even more human rights violations
    • Report finds ''structural impunity'' rife
    • Zimbabwe's farming fears
    • Zimbabwe farmer hopes against hope to keep land
    • Mugabe orders 'reprehensible', says Straw
    • Farmers appeal to Zimbabwe courts
    • Zimbabwe justice minister faces arrest
    • US slams Mugabe's reform plan
    • Africa offers reform in exchange for aid
  8. Posted 25/6/2002
    • Despotic Mr Mugabe has presented the West with a devil's choice
    • The Final Act
    • Zimbabwe whites 'must stop farming'
    • Deadline set for Zimbabwe's farmers
    • Zimbabwe whites told it is against law to farm land
    • Almost 3,000 farmers to stop work
    • Legal Ramifications
    • Independent journalists feeling Zimbabwe government's wrath
    • Commission provides a further Euro 6 million
    • Zimbabwean farmers defy government
    • Zim farmers ignore Mugabe's orders
    • Zimbabwe upheaval
    • Zimbabwe's white farmers prepare for worst
    • Zim land policy can sink Nepad
    • Joubert, art thou a citizen?
  9. Posted 24/6/2002
    • Zero hour for Zimbabwe's land snatchers
    • Criminal justice
    • Tourism dips in Zimbabwe
    • Let's prioritise agriculture, mining, tourism-Part 1
    • A bitter blow for the nation
    • Zimbabwe Dismisses Reports on Eviction of White Farmers
    • An impression of normality
    • Pupils starve as chefs feast
    • Six million face starvation
    • Farm workers left destitute
    • Moyo: You have destroyed the public media
    • Mugabe wants to cripple media - editor
    • Nepad good for rule of law-Salim
    • Hunger will drive Mugabe out
    • Kunonga insults Ndebeles
    • Government is the real national disaster
    • Police 'barred' from Whitecliff
    • It takes men of spine...
    • No to lily-livered ZTA, CFU
    • Difficult times ahead
    • Disastrous cabinet
    • Insight Into Mugabe's Mind
    • Zimbabwe crisis deepens as Mugabe sticks to his guns
  10. Posted 23/6/2002
    • Last white farmers vow to hang on in Zim
    • Zimbabwe most dangerous place for papers -editor
    • Daily News Sit-in Enters Second Day
    • Fears Of Acute Shortage Of Sugar Ease
    • "Extortion"
    • Zim's Electricity Supply Stabilises
    • Zimbabwe leads three nations into starvation
    • "Human excrement encrusting their feet"
    • Safari Operators Lose 90% of Their Game
    • New Measures Introduced At Harare Passport Office
    • Deadline looms for 2900 Zim farmers to leave land
  11. Posted 22/6/2002
    • Uncertainty as deadline looms for farm acquisitions
    • Legislation shuts down farms
    • Food donors threaten pull-out
    • Bid to prosecute Mugabe
    • D-Day for farmers
    • Clearly not 'sharing a joke' in Rome
    • Hogwash handidi
    • Prices rocket as controls fail
    • Top government officials linked to forex scam
    • Media Commission misses deadline
    • Media Update No. 2002/20 - June 10th – June 16th 2002
    • What are the ZTA people trying to achieve?
    • France Donates Equipment to ZDF
    • Real debate on Nepad yet to begin
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Friday 21 June 2002
    • ZNSPCA contact numbers
    • The post-colonialist famine
    • Beef Shortage Looms As Farmers Destock
  12. 2nd batch Posted 21/6/2002
    • In the eye of the storm
    • Rising trade in endangered species
    • Commonwealth seeks to tackle political impasse, starvation in Zimbabwe
    • Lower Gweru councillors implicated in maize scandal
    • Brutalised . . .
    • Arrested MDC supporters accuse police of torture
    • Clinic closed as nurses flee terror
    • MP arrested for allegedly addressing cancelled rally
    • Think-tank warns of looming internal conflict
    • Tension grips UZ campus
    • Rusbridger urges papers to boycott Mugabe's fees
    • Holyrood fears over stone link to Mugabe
    • Uncertainty As Deadline Looms For Farm Acquisitions
    • WAN appeals to Mugabe to stop Meldrum trial
    • MDC officials' cars impounded
    • Trial of Zimbabwe journalist put back to July
    • USAID names Weisenfeld new mission director for Zimbabwe
    • Independent journalists vow
    • ICFTU slams government for rights violations
    • NGO says Zimbabwe crisis crucial to Nepad debate
    • Tongogara to observe World Refugee Day
    • "No man can put a chain around the ankle of his fellow man.......... "
  13. 1st batch Posted 21/6/2002
    • War vets seize new farms
    • Police ordered to remove settlers
    • Defiant illegal settlers vow to stay put at farm
    • Where to now?
    • Mugabe faces moment of truth
    • Use of arms training: state drops charges against cop
    • Govt policies derail forestry project
    • Blacklisting dims Zim's economic prospects
    • Men and women who brought Africa to its knees
    • It's time to free Africa from its manacles
    • Past haunts Zim as NEPAD beckons
    • Red Cross joins food appeal
    • Scribe goes to higher court
    • Swoop on banks, lawyers
    • Erwin lashes out at Zim
    • Police disrupt meeting, arrest 8 MDC officials
    • EU pushes for tougher action on Mugabe
    • 10 MDC supporters re-arrested
    • Zimbabwe journalism
    • Extortionist Masara
  14. Posted 20/6/2002
    • Zimbabwe rejects 38 asylum seekers
    • Put differences aside and source for food aid, parties challenged
    • Church may resort to legal action to restart feeding scheme
    • State publishes media registration regulations
    • Dema police open docket against Nyadzayo
    • Zimbabwe white farmers urged to get out of politics
    • Blunt message to Zimbabwe farmers
    • Paranoia Shows Zanu PF Knows Its Inescapable Fate
    • S.Africa tells Zimbabwe Come to your senses
    • Former OAU Chief Says Africa Supports Zimbabwe
  15. Posted 19/6/2002
    • Home of my heart (poem)
    • Judge grants relief to Rainham Estate
    • At least 80 opposition activists held in Zimbabwe
    • Public speaks out
    • 138 MDC supporters remanded in custody in absence of lawyer
    • Mugabe's trip to food summit outrages EU parliamentarians
    • Police still deny medical attention for detained journalists/demonstrators
    • State planning to arrest MDC leaders, ban party - Tsvangirai
    • Council admits disconnecting water illegally
    • Crackdown on forex dealers condemned
    • NGOs accuse government
    • 15 more MDC activists arrested in Chipinge
    • Youth brigades unleashed in Mutare
    • Dozens charged in Zimbabwe after rally
    • Outrageous Demands From War Vets
    • Air Fares Skyrocket
    • Zimbabwe case against US journalist said flawed
    • Zimbabwe policy up to troika - Commonwealth head
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 18 June 2002
  16. Posted 18/6/2002
    • Famine Stalks the Beloved Land
    • "You can't change the wind, but you can adjust the sails"
    • Mugabe versus the internet
    • Police brutally assault Daily News staffers
    • Hunger outbreak could be last straw for Zimbabwe
    • Striking workers temporarily halt tobacco sales
    • Police and emergency services in Masvingo failed the nation
    • Mugabe gets the wrong sort of attention at Rome food summit
    • Mugabe accused of using famine as a weapon
    • Independent journalists to examine new regulations
    • Sunday Mail report ridiculous - Econet
    • Zimbabwe demands fees from media
    • Government finally acknowledges
    • Police break up Harare rally - CNN
    • 170 beaten, arrested in Chipinge - DNews
    • Don't let Zimbabwe implode
    • Rights group urges international action on Zimbabwe
    • IMF suspends technical assistance to Zimbabwe
    • Crackdown in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition vows to mount more protests
    • 25th June slithers closer like a python stalking its prey
    • Tsvangirai on police brutality
    • Beyond Good and Evil in Zimbabwe
  17. Posted 17/6/2002
    • Mugabe's hungry and unpaid stormtroopers threaten revolt
    • How socialism truly works
    • Economic meltdown: Gvt locked in a confused mode
    • Hero status for Sithole?
    • Why half the planet is hungry
    • Dollar in tailspin
    • Villagers shunned in land grab
    • Stand up and celebrate asylum
    • Masvingo accidents blamed on Zanu PF
    • Njube militia flee residents
    • Chronicle, Sunday News stop Botswana sales
    • Matabeleland dismisses compensation projects
    • New call to put more pressure on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe imposes $12,000 fee for media license
    • How Zimbabwean farmers unwillingly subsidise their government
    • Zimbabwe Cracks Down On Opposition
    • Zimbabwean Govt demands massive fees under new media laws
    • Teargas fired at Zimbabwe rally
    • Govt starts diplomatic incident-
    • Govt rattled
  18. Posted 16/6/2002
    • Evil flourishes where good men stand by and do nothing
    • Chronicle story patently false
    • Zimbabwe condemned for arrests
    • Mugabe Calls on Developed Nations to Offer Help in Good Faith
    • WILDLIFE NOTICE BOARD – "Lending a voice for the voiceless"
    • Mugabe's 'green bombers' disgruntled
    • British diplomat accused of plot against Mugabe
    • Think-tank calls for more pressure on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe 'tracking' British diplomat
    • IMF suspends technical assistance to Zimbabwe
    • Goose Liver Pate
    • MDC Commemorate Day of the African Child
    • Mugabe's hypocrisy at World Food Summit
    • MDC mourns victims of Masvingo bus disaster
    • Shooting of taxi driver sheer brutality
    • MDC congratulates Mozambican President Joachim Chissano
    • Mugabe panicking in face of people power
    • MDC has never communicated with Law Society of Zimbabwe
    • MDC Condemns Interference in Local Governance
    • Muringani's exit package illegal
    • British ambassador to Harare placed under surveillance
    • Aid Agencies Accuse African Governments for Food Crisis in Their Countries
  19. Second batch Posted 15/6/2002
    • Farmer battles for life
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Friday 14 June 2002
    • Zimbabwe: What Next?
    • Passport problems
    • Government by the mad
    • Mugabe cuts a lonely figure in Rome
    • Commercial farmers lose 95% of land
    • Italy's premier snubs Mugabe
    • A press under siege
    • Liberation movements dogged by siege mentality
    • Mugabe gets flak for crackdown on lawyers
    • Southern Africa food
    • Growing Brain Drain, An Economic Disaster
    • Parliament should investigate ZBC
    • Kenyan journalist detained at Harare Airport
    • Mugabe stays at $40 000
    • Police under fire
    • Europe 'fails to act as Zimbabwe war threat grows'
    • Muluzi, Mafikizolo, & Mangoes . .
    • Human rights integral part of Nepad says international watchdog group
  20. Second batch Posted 15/6/2002
    • Bulawayo vets split over VPs
    • EU seeks to tighten sanctions noose on Mugabe regime
    • Bread shortage looms
    • Weekly Media Update No. 19 : June 3rd - June 9th 2002
    • China To Import 25,000 Tons Of Tobacco
    • West African countries sign FAO treaty
    • Zimbabwe trial of journalist focuses on Web site
    • White farmers arrested for alleged vandalism
    • US wary of 'Mugabe's Famine'
  21. Second batch Posted 14/6/2002
    • War vets extort 28 heifers
    • A double tragedy for Masvingo families
    • War vets allegedly abduct MDC official in Mutare
    • Import Duty to Be Paid in Foreign Currency?
    • Trial Farce In Zimbabwe
    • Trust says 500 000 in urgent need of food countrywide
    • MDC calls off Mutare rally after threats of violence
    • Tsvangirai urges inclusion of all stakeholders in maize distribution
    • Dismissed council chairman speaks out
    • Mugabe lost the right to lead Zimbabwe in March
    • 'Please get the facts straight'
    • Mugabe and friends fly in the face of travel sanctions
    • 'Government Will Never Allow Country to Be Held to Ransom'
    • Airline used as private fleet of President
    • Leader's 5-star luxury may have been at UN expense
    • Mugabe blamed for food shortages
    • Maize-meal supplies improve
    • Mpilo mortuary to stop taking bodies
  22. First batch Posted 14/6/2002
    • War vets force feeding centre closure//CORRECTION
    • When governance fails
    • Army, police on high alert
    • Inflation surges to 122.5%
    • Britain denies claim
    • Zambia moves to restrict entry of cheap Zim goods
    • MDC demands forex receipts from RBZ
    • NRZ gets wagons from Botswana, Zambia
    • Govt gets ultimatum on AIDS drug
    • Independent editors launch forum
    • Mugabe under EU spotlight again
    • MDC wants Parliament to oversee food aid
    • Australian PM contemplates Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Govt meets less than 1% of foreign commitments
    • Roots of Zimbabwe's economic collapse
    • The fight for democracy needs commitment to democracy
    • Zim soldiers in Congo food scam
    • Private media challenges compulsory registration
    • NGOs meet over internal refugee crisis
    • CFU expresses concern
  23. Posted 13/6/2002
    • Lloyd Midzi victim of a frightened government
    • Fresh wave of farm invasions hits Masvingo
    • Hunger warning could be last straw
    • Should teachers stand this abuse at every election?
    • How to become a player in the corruption market
    • Populist policies ruining economy: business leaders
    • Police vow to crush proposed mass action
    • Police, CIO ban MDC
    • Journalist's trial under notorious Act begins
    • Bulawayo residents urge wide
    • Double standards
    • Zimbabwe’s leaders are nothing but hypocrites
    • CFU - Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 11 June 2002
    • Zimbabwe loses second citizenship case
    • Mugabe in the Limelight At World Food Conference
    • Thought for food
    • Africans unhappy at West's absence from food talks
    • War vets force feeding centre closure
    • Mugabe spurns plea to avert famine with food imports
  24. Posted 12/6/2002
    • Gasps of indignation as Mugabe puts his case
    • Mugabe exploits his hour upon the stage
    • 37 perish in bus disaster
    • Zimbabwe declares disaster after crash
    • Cab driver shot dead at roadblock
    • MDC supporters afraid to return to Epworth after threats
    • Students forced to join Zanu PF youth brigade
    • Journalist faces test trial in Zimbabwe
    • U.S. reporter in Zimbabwe test case
    • Parastatal Debt Soars to 755 Million US Dollars in Zimbabwe
    • Thirty-four people injured in bus accident in Zimbabwe in another crash
    • Zimbabwe Bus Crash Kills 11
  25. Posted 11/6/2002
    • If shouting solved problems, then Zimbabwe would not be an issue
    • Tories Angry Over Mugabe Sanctions
    • Properties seized as Zanu PF fails to pay
    • Soldiers re-invade MP Bennet's farm
    • Farmers' Development Trust gets land to expand training programme
    • Mugabe chief architect of current food shortage
    • UK Residents- The Army Association Braai
    • Fresh fuel crisis looms
    • ZBC workers facing retrenchment barred from premises
    • ZFTU official seeks State help to attend ILO meeting
    • Chanetsa says unproductive settlers will be thrown out
    • Zimbabwe declares disaster after crash
    • Mugabe defends land policy, asks for more aid
    • Mugabe Games fear
    • Mugabe sanctions 'must be stepped up'
    • Nepad should not be judged by Zimbabwe, SA
    • Mugabe's presence 'distasteful'
    • Lawyer dismisses evidence against Chinhoyi farmers
    • Mugabe evades EU travel ban to attend food summit in Rome
    • The desert of the mind
  26. Posted 10/6/2002
    • Mugabe running scared, say critics
    • Staff exodus hits Zimpapers
    • Tobacco merchants fail to secure credit
    • Zimbabwe to lose Victoria Falls?
    • Police steal panners' gold
    • Gays speak out on Moyo
    • Penalty for Bulawayo toxic discharge
    • Anti-immigration sentiments
    • Moyo: You have lost the plot
    • Mudenge and Moyo play the fool
    • Unemployment rate exceeds 70%
    • Over the top
    • Mugabe targets the media as economy sinks
    • Governor's wife defies price controls
    • Mugabe targets the media as economy sinks
    • Mugabe starving the opposition: MDC
    • High noon for the press in Zimbabwe
  27. Posted 9/6/2002
    • HALE on War Vets
    • Top war vets paid $3m each
    • Mugabe's food trip provokes scorn
    • Mugabe defies ban, protesters march at UN food summit
    • Nhema eyes entire RBZ stake in ZBS?
    • ZANU PF starts witch-hunt in Bulawayo
    • Shunned Mugabe in Rome for U.N. meeting -source
    • Mugabe beats EU travel ban
    • Swiss farmers face eviction in Zimbabwe
    • ZIMBABWE: U.N. Rapporteur Calls For Release Of Law Society Detainees
    • How Canada could help Africa
    • The Funeral of Charles Thomas Tetley Anderson
    • SA should explore options on Zim crisis
    • Mbeki's charm offensive threatened by chaos
    • Political power and undemocratic laws
    • Inflation projected to peak at nearly 200%
    • Zim loses third of jobs: Makoni
    • Zim under spotlight at economic summit
    • Whenever the media is the target the public is the victim
    • Examining the rule of law
    • The 'Third Chimurenga' is officially over: what next?
    • You each deserve three farms, Cdes
    • Informal sector now Zim's biggest employer
    • Govt abandons compulsory youth service
    • Mass starvation imminent in Zim
    • Farmers Welcomed
    • Tekere Discharged From Hospital
    • "Have you heard the one about...."
  28. Posted 8/6/2002
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Friday 07 June 2002
    • The Theft of Private Assets
    • Mugabe capitalises on sanctions loophole again
    • Food crisis draws Mugabe to Europe
    • Mugabe's trip to food summit slammed
    • US turns the screw on Zimbabwe
    • Looted equipment up for grabs
    • Zimbabwe's GDP down by half
    • Govt, media head for showdown
    • Trade between China and Zimbabwe rises to US$52,8m
    • 200 illegal settlers face eviction in Manicaland
    • UK denies plotting to oust government
    • Zanu PF deploys youths in Bulawayo
    • International legal experts slam POSA
    • Media crackdown in Zimbabwe continues
    • Zimbabwe govt rejects condemnation of arrests
    • Poll watchdog expresses concern over silence on council by-elections
    • Is Zimbabwe ready for mass action?
    • Political violence eases, other abuses persist
    • Food crisis draws Mugabe to Europe
    • Interview with WFP regional food vulnerability expert
    • Refreshing and rebranding
    • Muluzi picks up a few tips on dictatorship
    • Illegitimate cabinet
  29. Posted 7/6/2002
    • Farmers Pay to Stay On Land
    • Denmark Closes Embassy in Zimbabwe
    • STATEMENT on Media and Information Commission
    • SOUTHERN AFRICA: 13 million in need of food aid
    • Zim Loses US $582m As Tourism Receipts Plunge
    • Tourist Arrivals At Matopo National Park Cut By Half
    • We Have the Power, However Small, to Take the First Steps to Freedom
    • Vets free for lack of evidence
    • Peer system won't be tested on Zimbabwe... yet
    • U.N. judiciary investigator slams Zimbabwe again
    • Zimbabwe Law Society officials given bail on subversion charges
    • No apology, says Daily News Paper stands by its court story on Jonathan Moyo
    • Top ZBC presenters, DJs among 435 axed
    • Court acquits war vets implicated in Nabanyama murder
    • Nepad, African Union hold new hope for Africa says Germany
    • Police crush UZ students’ demo
    • Inflexible will needed of leaders to better people’s lives
    • ZimRights slams onslaught against lawyers, journalists
    • French fund projects
  30. Posted 6/6/2002
    • Thousands starve as war vets bar food aid
    • Lawyers dismiss charges as fabricated
    • Police impound MDC's poll challenge affidavits
    • Suspect in foiled Tsvangirai attack goes AWOL
    • Beyond good and evil in Zimbabwe
    • Looking a gift horse in the mouth
    • RBZ export finance facilities attract overwhelming response
    • Amnesty bemoans continuing rights abuses
    • Workers bear brunt of land grab
    • Zimbabwean forum to plan a way forward for business
    • Law society staff are still being held
    • Business Leaders Urge Government, Commercial Farmers' Union to Work Together
    • 'Persecution for opinion ...'
    • Funeral for Charles Anderson
  31. Posted 5/6/2002
    • ‘Massive Intervention Needed to Prevent Catastrophe in Zimbabwe & Malawi’
    • Mugabe cracks down on opponents over poll dispute
    • Zimbabwe sends 3 more to the gallows
    • Top lawyers arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 4 June 2002
    • Law society chief arrested
    • Farmer’s murderer was involved in row
    • People power can save us, if we unite
    • Government in a state of denial of reality
    • Supreme Court overturns ruling on Harare elections
    • United Nations, London - Protests
    • Retrenched civil servants cry foul over packages
    • UZ students run riot
    • Court hears of alleged Moyo-Mpofu gay affair
  32. Posted 4/6/2002
    • Farmer shot dead
    • Zimbabwe police arrest top lawyers over letters
    • MDC accused of Buhera attack on Zanu PF
    • State still acquiring more farms
    • Bread Shortage Looms
    • Tobacco Sales Still Low At Auction Floors
    • Juvenile killed over maize meal
    • Lawyer accuses AG's office of delaying hearing of ZBC case
  33. Posted 3/6/2002
    • Farm manager shot and killed in Mashonaland Central
    • Update on the murder of Charles Anderson
    • Reserve Bank Increases Lending to Government
    • The fear of angry mothers
    • In the name of God, go
    • Hypocritical UK arms rogue states
    • No water for three days in Harare North
    • 'Stay out,' ZBC workers tell Moyo
    • CZI calls for dual exchange rate policy
    • National savings hit all time low
    • Furious farmer teargasses Zimbabwean MP
  34. Posted 2/6/2002
    • A paradise in freefall
    • Biting Economy Hardships Force Children to Beg in Zimbabwe
    • A world in need of trade more than aid
    • African regimes share blame for food shortages
    • Long hours in a Harare jail
    • Zimbabwe appoints media-information control panel
    • 'Begging Bowl'
    • Obasanjo's emissary has talks with Mugabe
  35. Second batch Posted 1/6/2002
    • The Four Horsemen
    • Zimbabwe treason case postponed
    • Zimbabwean newspaper editor charged over photo
    • Zimkwacha for real kwacha
    • New peaceful and creative strategies are needed
    • 'The most determined assault on our liberties'
    • Chigwedere has opened Pandora's box
    • Is it about skin colour or the colour of the party card?
    • Give ZBC freedom from this arrogant party
    • Law of the jungle now rules
    • US travel agent praises Zimbabwean tourism
    • Poachers kill 127 animals on West Nicholson ranch
    • Constabulary members cry foul over non-payment for election duties
    • Zimta says hundreds of teachers removed from payroll after poll
    • Dhlakama narrowly escapes petrol bomb attack on his home
    • Nigeria calls for return to Zanu PF-MDC talks
    • Fearful headmasters turn down donation from MDC
    • MDC official says disgruntled Zanu PF youths defecting
    • Lawyer accuses AG's Office of delaying hearing of ZBC case
    • LAND (The non issue)
  36. Second batch Posted 1/6/2002
    • Nabanyama trial resumes in camera
    • Farmers urged to grow amore wheat
    • Pressure piles on Mugabe
    • Ben-Menashe arrives in Zim
    • US offers more food aid to Zim
    • Police summon Independent editor
    • Mohadi seizes farm, kicks out owner
    • Zimbabwe refuses US 10,000 tonne maize donation
    • Guardian reporter sent for trial in Harare
    • Big rise in Mugabe refugees masks downward trend
    • Zimbabwe proves a difficult test case for Nepad
    • Yes, There Are Alternatives
    • Zimbabwean President Calls for Unity in Meeting Challenges
    • Paranoia helping fuel economic decline
    • How much to see rhino dung - in US dollars?
    • Publish Windhoek resolution on Zimbabwe
    • Patriotism has a dark side to it
    • Cambridge climbdown
    • The solution is an immediate election rerun
    • Enter Bob's Brigade

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