The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2002 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Second batch Posted 31/5/2002
    • Ten million at risk in southern Africa - BBC
    • Six million in Zimbabwe - FinGaz
    • Mbeki against selective feeding - News24
    • Chipinge pupils threatened - DNews
    • Reporters in court today - BBC
    • Kabila turns down SA mediation - M&G
    • Enough of control freaks and chaos
    • $15m budgeted for Mugabe defence
    • Future of Zim's tobacco uncertain
    • Mugabe keeps Mbeki, Obasanjo guessing
    • Question mark greets new AIDS directive
    • Govt makes U-turn on Todd's citizenship
    • Chigwedere backtracks on one uniform
    • Rio Tinto warns of cutbacks and closures in Zimbabwe
    • Government must create an enabling environment for farmers
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Thursday 30 May 2002
    • Mugabe launches CD charm offensive
    • Mugabe brings in some spin for a new-look Zim
    • Opposition still fighting for election re-run
    • WFP sets up centre to coordinate food aid
    • Poaching Threatens Elephant Population in Zimbabwe: Official
    • Zimbabwe crisis talks may be revived
    • Journalists to go on trial next month in Zimbabwe
    • Settlers to Make Way for Commercial Farmers
    • Zim to Pay More for US Visa
    • Domestic Debt Shoots to $279bn
  2. First batch Posted 31/5/2002
    • Killing the goose that lays the golden egg
    • Why the Zanu PF/MDC talks failed
    • Children, the innocent victims of the Zimbabwean crisis
    • 'We have a right to be heard'
    • ZANU PF accused of manipulating food aid
    • Zim dollar crashes as forex crisis worsens
    • Half of Zimbabwe needs food aid
    • MDC readies mass action
    • MDC rejects fresh dialogue initiative
    • Church warns Herald
    • Mugabe's visit to designated Banket farm raises eyebrows
    • Journalists return to Zimbabwe court
    • Govt threatens eviction on winter crop
    • Govt borrows $1 billion a day
    • God has spoken
    • Obsession with trivia ruins our education
    • The way forward, Mr President, is . .
    • There's no need to resettle ministers
    • Wife of murdered MDC activist fingers out alleged abductor
  3. Posted 30/5/2002
    • "State of Disaster"
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 28 May 2002
    • State misleading nation on food situation: Gasela
    • Police raid Tsvangirai's rural home
    • Zimbabwe Arrests Newsmen Over Report
    • Mbeki's Quiet Diplomacy' to Come Under Scrutiny
    • SA Will Help Bring Zim Back From Brink: Dlamini-Zuma
    • Less violence welcome: Now for the bad news
    • Closure of Chivi council offices illegal, court hears
    • Ex-Zipras call for Gukurahundi probe
    • Church orphanage appeals for help as food crisis haunts
    • We have allowed Mugabe to get off the hook
    • Farmers' union says no action on invaders
    • Dlamini-Zuma urges SA to assist Zimbabwe
    • Letter from the Canadian High Commissioner to South Africa
    • Mbeki shrugs off Zimbabwe questioning
    • S.Africa's Mbeki urges Zimbabwe parties to talk
    • Activists applaud Zimbabwe action on AIDS drugs
    • Nigerian minister moves to revive Zimbabwe talks
    • CFU CONSTITUTION - Some points of interest
    • Urgent aid needed to avert catastrophe
    • Preps for World Summit Begin
  4. Posted 29/5/2002
    • Made's paranoia over farmers
    • Livestock under threat as war vets invade Old Mutare farm
    • A dozen arrests made in 10 weeks of repressive Press law
    • MDC lawyers blast police over confiscated vehicles
    • CFU blasts suspension of compensation to farmers
    • Tsvangirai slams Mugabe
    • ' Mr Nasty, Mr Nice '
    • Chigwedere determined to make us a nation of clones
    • School uniform issue part of Zanu PF's grand scheme
    • Government in bid to squeeze forex out of foreign missions employees
    • Zimbabwe editor charged for fifth time in a month
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Not Planting Wheat
    • State declares emergency, allows use of generics
    • NGO accuses government supporters of abusing food aid
  5. Posted 28/5/2002
    • Zimbabwe govt threatens to ban white farmers' union
    • Four foreigners languish in jail
    • Zanu PF ejects invaders
    • Zimbabwe declares AIDS emergency
    • Zimbabwe political violence-rights groups disagree
    • Regional breadbasket SA urged to watch exports
    • Women carry the burden when food shortages bite
    • A very unscrupulous leader using youths
    • Police defy court order to return seized sculptures
    • Government departments owe council $520 million
    • Makarau relaxes bail conditions for Matamisa
    • Floriculture Projects Create 1,300 New Jobs in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Editor Wins Freedom Prize
    • Political violence on decline, says report
    • Zimbabwe White Farmers Shift Investments To Uganda
    • MDC Update
      a.. Statement by MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai on Africa Day
      b.. Zanu PF decision on uniforms trivia in face of serious challenges
      c.. Evictions expose Mugabe's hypocrisy
      d.. MDC Mashonaland West Leaders arrested
  6. Posted 26/5/2002
    • Starving children scavenge for berries as famine sweeps Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe 'starves' opponents' children
    • Over the top
    • Tobacco season fuels parallel market
    • The Standard vindicated over anti-riot gear story
    • Mudenge's gimmick angers US
    • Black market thriving at ZBC flats
    • Amani Trust scoops int'national Award
    • Mugabe's limousine, a fuel guzzler
    • Further arrests at The Standard
    • The private media's burden
    • Chigwedere: A disgrace to Zimbabwe
    • “Insights into the Zimbabwe/South African relationship & its likely outcomes”
    • Mugabe under pressure to talk to MDC
    • Pro-Mugabe journo 'rewarded' with seized farm
    • Zimbabwe to Provide Nearly 376 Million U.S. Dollars for Food Relief
    • Pro-Mugabe journo 'rewarded' with seized farm
    • Land to the people - which people?
  7. Second batch Posted 25/5/2002
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Friday 24 May 2002
    • Zimbabwe to Stop Compensating White Farmers for Land Improvements
    • Kariba North Bank Workers Warn of Black Out
    • Debt Defaults By Commercial Farmers to Hit Banks' Profits
    • Struggling to Survive!: Most Workers Only Earning US$1.20 a Day
    • Nepad calls for leaders with no despotic hang-ups
    • Harare City Council owes SA computer company $11 million
    • Mpofu calls for orderly distribution of maize
    • Former ESC member blasts report
    • Zaka MDC activists severely assaulted
    • 3 500 youths catch Aids daily
    • Row over new school names
    • Mugabe's policy sends 700 firms into oblivion
  8. First batch Posted 25/5/2002
    • At what stage did Ndlovu turn into a rogue?
    • The noose tightens
    • Farm evictions a sham
    • War vets challenge govt
    • Zim denies land grab by elite
    • Poisoning Kills 7 in Zimbabwe Sect
    • Zimbabwe's dairy herd drops by 30%
    • 65% drop in tourism receipts
    • Mozambique eclipses Zimbabwe
    • With aid must come straight talking
    • Zimbabwe proves a difficult test case for Nepad
    • Chakaodza blasts Moyo
    • Zanu PF militia confront Msika over allowances
    • Tutu forms welfare trust to assist Zimbabwean farmers
    • Tories call on EU to extend sanctions
    • Bennett complains of CIO threats
    • EU parly refuses to endorse Mugabe re-election
    • Mugabe sees ruin of the farms
    • Press Still Enemy No 1 in Zim
    • President hands land seized from whites to cronie
  9. Second batch Posted 24/5/2002
    • Mutare Magistrate bars war veterans from Chimanimani school
    • Evictions Expose Mugabe's Hypocrisy
    • Top Zanu PF land grabbers named
    • Civil society urged to safeguard democracy
    • Zimbabwe students turn to SA after exam ban
    • Don't brush Zimbabwe under the carpet
    • Bringing the ZCTU, NCA and MDC together
    • Forthcoming G8 summit - your input needed
    • Media Update # 2002/16 - May 13th - May 19th 2002
    • Moralise about Mugabe for a bit
    • Plans to Compensate Disturbance Victims
    • The Demise of the Tobacco Industry
    • Zimbabwe Receives 75,000 tons of Imported Maize
    • Zimbabweans given the boot in alien crackdown
    • African negotiators to go to Zimbabwe
    • Political violence decreases
  10. First batch Posted 24/5/2002
    • In the Eye of the Storm
    • 'Patricia's People' - Zimbabwe SPCA interview
    • Moyo's intellectual flip-flop will continue
    • History is consistent with the fate of dictators
    • Is Mugabe's cup of iniquity not yet full?
    • Wheat stocks to run out in July
    • Have hard lessons finally been learnt?
    • War vets, ZANU PF MPs on list of new farmers
    • Harare, UK clash over beef imports
    • Botswana agency calls for Zim vote re-run
    • Uneasy calm returns to Mash Central
    • No loot found in Swiss banks
    • Britain to review Zim humanitarian situation
    • ZANU PF abandons 'Green Bombers'
    • Top farms grabbed
    • Illegal settlers stay put on Mat farms
    • 90 000 jobs lost as 700 firms close: NGO
    • ZBC workers threaten strike
    • NGOs fear crackdown looms
    • Air Zim starts paying off debt
  11. Posted 23/5/2002
    • Invaders refuse to move from occupied farms in Masvingo
    • Moyo, Charamba must be charged with contempt of court: Madhuku
    • 600 000 die, 2 million afflicted with HIV/Aids
    • Mugabe Needs to Spell Out His Retirement Plan
    • South Africa Not to Turn Backs on Zimbabwe
    • Thousands deported from SA, Botswana
    • MDC officials arrested, fined in Chipinge
    • Farmers, settlers now impostors on land
    • Dialogue failure not a signal for violence
    • ICFTU condemns Mugabe's tightening grip on trade unions
    • Chinhoyi MDC officials released without charge
    • Mere promises to clean house won't end poverty and corruption
    • Nepad should be driven by the people
    • CFU Farm Invasions And Security Report - Wednesday 22 May 2002
    • Zimbabwe to set trial date for journalists
    • Crop Production Lowest in 12 Years
    • Mugabe wants Congo deal with majority support
  12. Posted 22/5/2002
    • Mugabe gives land to booted squatters
    • Mugabe sanctions considered
    • Health time-bomb
    • Economic slump recipe for uprising, warns MDC
    • Reconciliation can never co-exist with persecution
    • War vets order Old Mutare farmer to leave his property
    • Mugabe's threats just reckless talk, says NCA, MDC
    • Farmer pleads guilty to culpable homicide
    • Teachers forced to pay for victory party
    • Zimbabwe police charge editor over ''false'' story
    • Six MDC activists charged under new Zimbabwean law
    • Zim pupils turn to SA after exam ban
  13. Posted 21/5/2002
    • Opposition plans Zimbabwe rallies
    • Voiceless victims facing extinction in another Zimbabwe conflict
    • The Grand Nationality Steeplechase
    • At harvest time, famine stalks Zimbabwe
    • "Brushing Zimbabwe under the carpet?" (Opinion/letters)
    • Land to the politburo - allocated farm list
    • RE: Allegation 'Farmer poisons tonnes of Maize' article The Herald on 20 May 2002
    • Government rounds up refugees
    • "Chihuri outrage!!!" (letter)
    • Protest the Chief Thug's visit to France
    • A juicy yarn about what Jonathan did (letter to DN)
    • Germany, Finland respond to call for food aid to Zimbabwe
    • Four farmers arrested under Public Order and Security Act
    • Striking workers clash with police
    • Police bar MDC rally
    • Zimbabwe remains on CMAG agenda
    • Back-Up Plans Made for Nairobi, Harare
    • We have made our children economic refugees
    • Drop in tourism hits foreign currency earnings
    • NGO's Under Threat, EU On Mbeki's Role
    • Zimbabwe tops list of poor harvests
    • UK Warns of BSE Risk From Imported Beef
  14. Posted 20/5/2002
    • In the shadow of corruption
    • Ndlovu accuses Mugabe of betrayal
    • Zimbabwe takes white farmer's crop
    • Government's tobacco policy slammed
    • Mass action to topple Mugabe imminent
    • What the Irishman of Kutama taught Mugabe
    • Mugabe press secretary accused
    • Bad leaders, not lack of aid, cause African poverty
    • Comesa Declares Zim Polls Free And Fair
    • Interpol public relations
  15. Posted 19/5/2002
    • Pretenders and imposters
    • The real Makoni does stand up
    • Tsvangirai Promises to Restore Citizenship of Ex-Rhodesians
    • EU lets in Mugabe official EU lets in Mugabe official
    • Zim court says media law challenge not urgent
    • Update Cheryl Jones - Lady farmer Headlands
    • Farmers arrested in Mashonaland West
    • Zimbabwean leader granted bail
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe warns opposition against protest
    • Gloom over Zimbabwe's maize crop
    • Zimbabwe's Maize Crop May Be Even Smaller Than Thought
    • Zim $ 15 mill Soya bean crop appropriated
    • Land to the politburo
    • Zimbabwe police chief flouts EU ban
    • Three million face starvation in Zimbabwe
    • Commonwealth's Zimbabwe safari
    • The great betrayal
    • Screws tighten on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean Youths Urged to Participate in Fight Against AIDS
    • Supermarkets Adjust Price of Chicken
    • Murky past no problem for judge
  16. Posted 18/5/2002
    • CFU - Farm Invasions And Security Report - Friday 17 May 2002
    • Update on the Wheeler Family in West Nicholson
    • Zanu PF leaders battle over economic policy
    • Zimbabwe veterans head held over threats to Asians
    • Government moves to reassure Asian citizens in Zimbabwe
    • Zim rejects media law appeal
    • Reparations for colonialism
    • State privatisation programme flops
    • Environment Africa seeks to regenerate Zimbabwe's environment
    • Jumbos destroy settlers' homes
    • Tobacco plantings down
    • Government invites ZCTU, ZFTU to ILO conference
    • Teachers' union stands by its story
    • EU calls for rerun of poll
    • Consultations to revive inter-party talks continue
    • Canada drops Tsvangirai probe
    • EU allows visit by Mugabe henchman despite sanctions
    • 'Yes Stan, even Mugabe can enter the UN HQ'
    • Nepad's Zim Quarantine a False Start
    • MDC polling agent was murdered
    • UK frustrated with Mugabe
    • Zim heads for 'train smash'
    • US delays Mugabe flight, Libya steps in
    • Quiet diplomacy fails for industry
  17. Posted 17/5/2002 Batch 2
    • Chipinge Police Arrest MDC Officials, Impound Vehicles
    • State Asks Private Sector to Help Provide Infrastructure, Services
    • ESC member resigns over poll
    • 13 Chitungwiza council seats fall vacant
    • Hundreds stuck at RG's office
    • Refugees back to farms
    • Zanu PF is the greatest threat to our sovereignty
    • Agency says 3 million may starve by next month
    • Police quiz human rights official
    • Mugabe regains confidence but seen vulnerable
    • Where is the God of justice?
    • The fight requires NCA, MDC, labour to unite
    • Citizenship Lobby Group Update #20
    • ZIMBABWE EMERGENCY: An urgent appeal for the farming community
  18. Posted 17/5/2002 Batch 1
    • Top U.S. Travel Executives Arrive in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: new package for tobacco farmers to be announced
    • Zimbabwe's Provincial Land Committees Ordered to Evict Illegal Settlers
    • Nigeria, S.Africa urge Mugabe to revive Zimbabwe talks
    • 12,000 evicted from land seized by Mugabe
    • Moi accused of copying Mugabe with tough new press curbs
    • Tobacco sales suspended in Zimbabwe
    • Riot gear sale to Mugabe was backed by Peres
    • Alleged Nabanyama murderers set free
    • EU team jets in to act on Mugabe
    • EU parliament calls for tougher Zimbabwe sanctions
    • EU team jets in to act on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean journalists arrested
    • African mediators fail to salvage talks on Zimbabwe's disputed election
    • Mbeki in last bid to save party talks
    • Starving Villagers Claim Ownership to Wild Fruits
    • Farmers Not Paid As Tobacco Sales Resume
    • Farm Workers to Benefit From $3m Rehabilitation Programme
    • Government to Guarantee $2 Billion Loan for Farming Sector
    • Foreign Firms Top Bribe Payers
    • EU Sanctions On Mugabe Start to Bite
    • Zim Spends $84 Billion Importing Essential Products
  19. Posted 16/5/2002 Batch 2
    • Council may lure Zimbabwean farmers to fill vacant jobs
    • Zimbabwe 'evicts squatters'
    • Zimbabwe's tobacco woes a sign of worsening crisis
    • COMESA Nods Zambia's Measures Against Zimbabwean Products
  20. Posted 16/5/2002 Batch 1
    • Tangwena must be turning in his grave
    • What is the way forward?
    • Cattle breeder bows out
    • Facilitators meet Mugabe in bid to break impasse
    • Commercial growers still dominate tobacco industry
    • Year-on-year inflation rate hits 114 percent
    • Domestic debt soars to $250bn
    • Amani Trust calls for election rerun
    • Mtukudzi denies endorsing Mugabe's disputed victory
    • Crisis hits tobacco sales
    • Council may lure Zimbabwean farmers to fill vacant jobs
    • Not all the property in Zimbabwe is a giveaway
    • Gold fever grips rural Midlands
    • Bulawayo City Council rules out water rationing
    • Zimbabwe sanctions fruitless, UK admits
    • Beit Bridge Booms On Border Traffic
    • Zanu-PF Pulls Plug On Reconciliation With the Opposition
    • Family X – suffer the children
    • Zanu PF youths occupy MDC rally venue
    • Zimbabwe police force workers to return to farms they fled
  21. Posted 15/5/2002
    • CFU - Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 14 May 2002
    • MDC leaders warned of death squad
    • One trip to New York won't change much
    • Riot police throw refugees back to their tormentors
    • Greedy MPs have sentenced us to more hunger
    • Major economic sectors suffer 5 percent decline
    • Mugabe displays confidence but seen vulnerable
    • Danish Embassy employees demand hefty exit packages
    • Zanu PF youths occupy MDC rally venue
    • AG's Office drags feet over probe into Chikanga's early release
    • Lawyers seek divine intervention
    • Zanu PF slams door on talks
    • Zimbabwe tobacco to be black sector
    • McKinnon urges prompt action on African famine
    • Britain admits lack of influence in Zimbabwe
    • Expulsion from Commonwealth Did Not Change Zimbabwe's Policies
    • Zimbabwe buys anti-riot gear from Kibbutz Beit Alfa
    • Mugabe Tightens His Grip in Harare
    • Farmers groups say they can't afford to grow tobacco
    • Tobacco auction hit by price row
    • Settlers Moved to New Farms
    • Workers at Zimbabwe's Sabi mine down tools
    • Zimbabweans see peace, food as main priorities
  22. Posted 14/5/2002
    • Zimbabwe's undersized tobacco crop goes up for grabs
    • Looting Threatens Tobacco Industry
    • Zimbabwe's high rate of inflation affecting trade
    • Masvingo police descend on illegal farm occupiers
    • Death threats roil Zimbabwe
    • US sanctions against Mugabe 'don't cover UN'
    • Chihuri in France Despite Sanctions
    • Nigeria,South Africa try to revive Zimbabwe talks
    • S.African minister says no change on Zimbabwe
    • SA and Zimbabwe may clash over unity talks
    • Zimbabwe's high rate of inflation affecting trade
    • NEPAD should be qualitative and truly home-grown
    • Commuters turn to ' Freedom Trains'
    • Zanu PF-MDC talks hang in the balance
    • Zanu PF official defies order to surrender plots
    • Mugabe must quit to make way for new poll: Tsvangirai
    • Lawyers blast Patel over Sunday Mail story
    • Chitungwiza writes off $25 million debt
    • Township Woes to Haunt Mudzuri
    • Nyanga Hosts Hospitality Congress
    • Poor State, NGO Relations Hinder Debt Swaps
    • Tourists desert luxury Zimbabwe hotels
    • Zanu-PF Youths Strip Woman Naked
    • Deadly Anti-Riot Gear Arrives
    • Govt threatens to clamp down on NGOs
    • Mugabe to crack down on 'subversives'
    • Rushing Aid to Animals in Distress
    • Zimbabwe relents on activist's passport
    • Exams – Cambridge response
  23. Posted 13/5/2002
    • Neighbors fear fallout from Mugabe tyranny
    • White farmer describes seizure of her land by Mugabe henchmen
    • Mugabe defies US travel ban
    • Mugabe laughs off US travel ban
    • Inside the UN's peace bubble
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party to Resume Talks with Opposition
    • Mugabe reneges on deal with white 'pals'
    • Zimbabwe's govt warns of crackdown on churches, opposition
    • Zimbabwe ruling party to sue media
    • SA failed in Zim: Lekota
    • The end game
    • Mbeki, Obasanjo must come up with new peace plan
    • Mugabe takes farm from white ally
  24. Posted 12/5/2002
    • Climbing Mountains - Eddie Cross
    • 'Tolerating being Touched'
    • LAND (The non issue)
    • Fifth Zimbabwe reporter arrested: report
    • Weekly Media Update No.14 - April 29th - May 5th 2002
    • ‘Silent diplomacy failed in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe reign of terror extends to animals
    • Statement by Professor Welshman Ncube, the leader of the MDC delegation to the Inter-party dialogue
    • National Disaster is Man Made
    • Poaching crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Shooting ends Aussie dream
    • My night in Mugabe's stinking jail
  25. Posted 11/5/2002
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Friday 10 May 2002
    • Mugabe turns on white allies
    • Who is afraid of Joseph Chinotimba? Everybody
    • 1 300 evicted farm workers meet to discuss their future
    • Nabanyama: war vets face murder charges
    • Teachers forced to pay protection fee
    • Govt pays Ben-Menashe US$400 000 for lobbying
    • Stock market goes boom, economy goes bust
    • Rights groups slam Mugabe's visit to the US
    • Tsvanagirai queries Mugabe' role at UN conference
    • Little hope of lost maize millions being repaid
    • Zimbabwe talks postponed
    • No fury like unappeased soccer spirits
    • 'Outright falsehoods'
    • POSA and Police Service Charter incompatible say critics
    • MDC leader sues Australia's SBS
    • Farm seizures spell doom for ZJRI initiative
    • AG's office concedes Todd's citizenship claim
    • Zim-born citizens inalienable
    • Farm Seizures Spell Doom for ZJRI Initiative
    • Zimbabwe: peaceful political change very unlikely
    • Zimbabwe's proudest man
  26. Posted 11/5/2002
    • Under whose authority do these men act?
    • Two Suspected Poachers Shot Dead in Zimbabwe
    • US confines Mugabe to UN premises
    • MDC agent found dead
    • Teachers assaulted in Buhera
    • Chinhoyi businessman brutally assaulted by suspected Zanu PF youths
    • Sithole says bloodbath would have followed MDC victory
    • Farmers assaulted in police presence
    • MDC MP acquitted
    • Governor slams government
    • Officer-in-charge of police in Chimanimani faces assault charge
    • Ministers snub EU function
    • War veterans kidnap, assault MDC supporter
    • They thrive on hypocrisy and double standards
    • Mugabe's presence at children's summit rapped
    • African rulers' loyalty is to each other than to citizens
    • No more Cambridge exams
    • Cambridge bows to Mugabe and withdraws examinations
    • Police arrest invaders for looting on farms
    • Bill passed
    • Peasantry's spontaneous nature works against democracy
  27. Posted 10/5/2002
    • Donors tell Mugabe: no devaluation, no food aid
    • Civil unreast looms as govt fails to arrest crisis
    • MDC update:
    • a.. Mugabe's presence at UN Children Conference shocking - Morgan Tsvangirai, MDC President - May 09, 2002
    • b.. Press Statement By Hon. Innocent Gonese, the chief whip of the opposition in Zimbabwe's Parliament - May 07, 2002
    • c.. Two more MDC supporters killed by suspected Zanu PF activists - May 07, 2002
    • Letter from John Bredenkamp
    • War vets charged with murder of MDC official
    • Fuel Consumption Down 20 Pct
    • Mugabe beats US travel ban
    • Mugabe faces travel curbs in US
    • Zimbabwe's teachers under seige, says union
    • Zimbabwe threatens Africa
    • Land Bill passed as farm violence increases
    • 'Land law changes can be challenged'
    • US$23 million required immediately for food
    • Farmers to meet banks over $30bln loan
    • Suppressing dissent is inviting violence
    • Journalists are Zimbabwe's endangered species
    • US earmarks US$15m for Zim projects
    • Mudzuri's nonsense
    • Menashe cons Chiluba
    • Invaded farms: Matter-of-fact
    • Stamps still too ill for work
    • Urban transport faces collapse: operators
    • New famine threat for Zimbabwe
  28. Posted 9/5/2002
    • Zimbabwe parliament tightens land-seizure law
    • Mugabe mob denies dying wish of besieged white farmer
    • Mugabe's days are 'numbered'
    • Two more MDC supporters killed by suspected Zanu PF activists
    • D&M collects $400K from Zimbabwe
    • One law for state toadies, another for critics, and none for the hungry
    • Political violence continues
    • EU grants EUR 6.5 million in food aid to people in Zimbabwe
    • Guardian reporter challenges Zimbabwe press law
    • IMF foresees economic crash
  29. Posted 8/5/2002
    • Wheeler children speak out after 21 days barricaded in their home
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 7 May 2002
    • Court deals blow to Mugabe's citizenship law
    • Zimbabwe court tosses out one charge, upholds two
    • Zimbabwe can survive Western sanctions - Cuba
    • BA reintroduces direct Harare-London service
    • CIO boss linked to man behind beheading claim
    • Fate of farm workers hangs in balance as tension rises
    • War vets' leaders clash over farm invasions
    • Grace Mugabe's plans to house street kids snubbed
    • As long as Mugabe remains in power, I prefer to die fighting
    • Mbeki, Obasanjo hypocrisy exposed
    • When roller meal becomes more precious than gold
    • Bishop urges Zimbabweans to reject political violence
    • Parliament resumes
    • Media Update No. 13 (April 22nd - April 28th 2002)
  30. Posted 7/5/2002
    • Land for the poor
    • Aust woman shot in Zimbabwe remains in critical condition
    • Mugabe's Zimbabwe govt racist: says Aust minister Downer
    • Flight from the land
    • A cry against the Pol Pot of Africa
    • All 'political' deaths probed
    • Women Journalists Working in Zimbabwe Will Receive Courage in Journalism Awards
    • Zimbabwe's children growing old too soon
    • Africa's Challenge
    • No surrender for Zimbabwe's reporters
    • Zimbabwe columnist arrested over beheading story
    • Tsvangirai threatens Zim strike
    • Zimbabwe parliament recalled to tighten land law
  31. Posted 6/5/2002
    • Shannon Wheeler under siege for 20 days
    • 'War vets' wipe out Zimbabwe's rhino
    • Four million face starvation
    • Libya pulls Zimbabwe's fuel plug
    • U.S. Prepares 'Big-Time' Response To Famine
    • Many Resort to Buying Clubs As Hardships Bite
    • Hippo Valley Invests $911m
  32. Posted 5/5/2002
    • Zim editor to 'face the music'
    • Not a nice place for a reporter
    • Press free if 'it toes the line'
    • "You People"
    • White woman farmer shot in Zimbabwe-farmers union
    • CFU News release
    • Whites flee Chinotimba
    • Zimbabwe's wildlife industry is under threat
    • Tekere warns MDC over talks
    • NAM split over Zim
    • Mudzuri defies MDC order
    • Board meets over New Ziana
    • Food Crisis Looms Over Zimbabwe: UN Agency
  33. Posted 4/5/2002
    • Farm Invasions And Security Report - Friday 3 May 2002
    • Starvation strikes Zimbabwe
    • Farm Trust to expand feeding programme in Matabeleland
    • Zimbabwe has slipped off our agenda, but its problems are getting much worse
    • 11 IFEX members sign appeal
    • Joseph Made is a national disaster
    • Funeral of Tom Bayley
    • Farmer held hostage dies
    • Repression will fail
    • Moyo loses his head over classical allusions
    • Govt in illegal licence deal
    • War vets ordered to stop meddling in Chivi council affairs
    • Zimbabwe's opposition resolute, but still looks for help
    • Zimbabwe's opposition MDC visits IFP
    • US ambassador criticises Zim election
    • Poachers lay siege to largest game sanctuary
    • Chinhoyi farmers trial remanded to 28 May 2002.
    • Fuel supplies hostage to Libya
    • Zimbabwe attacks foreign media on World Press Freedom Day
    • Zimbabwe editor both newsman and newsmaker
    • Zimbabwean Journalist Wins UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize
    • C'wealth slams Herald
    • MDC US lawyers target Zanu PF assets
    • High Death Rate in Game Sanctuaries
    • Torture continues in post-election Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe faces suspension from IMF
    • Mugabe hopes donors will dig him out of 'disaster'
  34. Posted 3/5/2002 batch 2
    • Zimpapers, ZBC journalists dividing nation
    • African leaders are the continent’s worst enemies
    • Church leaders meet MDC chief in bid to break impasse
    • Matter-of-fact
    • Woman says police barred her from going to the toilet
    • More MDC activists arrested for allegedly bombing Mwale’s house
    • Zimbabwe's famished fields
    • Zimbabwe arrests condemned
    • Tory Zimbabwe fears
    • Union strike threat over high cost of living
  35. Posted 3/5/2002 batch 1
    • Chefs’ farms seized
    • 250 farmers evicted off their farms since the presidential election
    • 14 days to go - Farmers for Food
    • Guardian reporter arrested in Harare
    • Politicians push govt to re-list de-listed farms
    • Govt spurns farms offer
    • African leaders toughen laws to muzzle media
    • UN agency says 1 million face starvation in Zim
    • Business to meet Mugabe, seek 60 pct devaluation
    • Kombi owners flee Zim
    • Coffin Manufacturers Doing Brisk Business
    • Parallel market to flourish as govt dithers
    • Zim’s economic prospects bleak: UN agency
    • Cyber crime crisis looms in Zimbabwe
    • Strike threat could prompt ZCTU ban
    • MDC dismisses state media reports
    • Commuter bus operators withdraw services in protest
    • MP fell victim to conman
    • Poor attendance marks May Day celebrations
    • Detained Zimbabwe journalists released
  36. Posted 2/5/2002 batch 2
    • Evicted farmer Thomas Bayley (89 yrs) dies
    • Zimbabwe Cheers UN Rights Seat
    • Zimbabwe elected to UN rights watchdog
    • How 'loser' Bush blew Mugabe's cool
    • Zim labour urges unity against Mugabe
    • Why Zim Has Gone to the Dogs
  37. Posted 2/5/2002 batch 1
    • "An unnerving experience in the city "
    • Evicted farm workers reduced to destitutes
    • Zimbabwe arrests British paper reporter over story
    • Independent daily faces economic sanctions
    • Comic has last laugh over illicit arms trade with Zimbabwe
    • Rudd calls for sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • MDC Update
    • MDC not bothered by Zanu PF threats to quit talks
    • More MDC supporters arrested over CIO murder suspect's house bombing
    • MDC dismisses Chronicle/Herald story
    • Only MDC can turn around Zimbabwe’s economy
    • MDC warns of further economic hardships
    • Despots see democracy as an erosion of power
    • Hard times change the face of Harare
    • State wants to save its media by killing the private Press
    • State agents threaten lawyers representing MDC suspects
    • Soldiers in court for armed robbery, public violence
    • Food relief scheme for farm workers expands
    • AG's Office to set Tsvangirai's trial date
    • Zimbabweans flee to neighbouring states
    • War veterans chase out Chivi rural council boss
    • British Airways to reintroduce Harare-London direct flights
    • NCA duo in court over demonstration
    • Daily News reporters locked up
  38. Posted 1/5/2002
    • At what point will we start speaking out?
    • Only in unity can the country’s workers improve their lot
    • Mumbengegwi demands grazing fees
    • Harare’s councillors still to get allowances
    • Man cooked up story on beheading, says MDC
    • Poverty puts Zimbabwe’s birthright, sovereignty on sale
    • Tsvangirai says Mugabe not behaving like a poll winner
    • Outrage as commuter bus fares are increased
    • Kicked Out of Zimbabwe, but Others Got Worse
    • Zimbabwe warns of crisis talks folding
    • CFU - Farm Invasions And Security Report - Tuesday 30 April 2002
    • Hijackers attack Zimbabwean cricketer Olonga
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief wants treason trial date
    • Militant claims farm raids are national service for Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe 'disaster' as famine looms
    • Mozambique to Overtake Zimbabwe As SA's Leading Trading Partner?
    • U.S. envoy, Mugabe exchange angry words over election
    • President declares disaster
    • Mugabe declares 'state of disaster' in famine
    • Zimbabwe human rights groups say violence worsens
    • Ambassador criticizes Zimbabwe election

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