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Annan gives quiet nod to SA stance on Mugabe


    Boyd Webb
          March 15 2006 at 06:08AM

      United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has urged Zimbabwe to
listen more closely to South Africa, a subtle indication that the world
body's leader was endorsing Pretoria's policy of quiet diplomacy.

      Annan, who met President Thabo Mbeki at Tuynhuys on Tuesday, said he
would be visiting Harare soon.

      "And I would also encourage neighbours in crises, countries in crises,
to listen to their neighbours, to work with them and to solve the conflict,"
he said.

      After South Africa, Annan is to visit the Democratic Republic of
Congo, Congo-Brazzaville and Madagascar. He said his trip to Zimbabwe would
be made at a later stage.

      "The situation in Zimbabwe is extremely difficult," Annan said. "It's
difficult for the Zimbabweans, it's difficult for the region and it's
difficult for the world."

      Asked whether he supported South Africa's so-called quiet diplomacy
approach towards Harare, Annan was even more diplomatic, saying neighbours
should become more involved in each other's problems.

      He said he understood that on the African continent there was a
tendency not to get involved in the internal affairs of one's neighbours.

      "But, of course, in this day and age very few crises remain internal
for long," he said, adding that neighbouring countries were often left to
cope with refugees fleeing from these situations.

      Annan arrived in parliament to a naval guard of honour and a 17-gun

      He met Mbeki for discussions that included peacekeeping issues in the
DRC, Ivory Coast and Sudan. South African troops, under the auspices of the
African Union, are deployed in these countries.

      Mbeki and Annan also discussed the impasse in the UN General Assembly
over the transformation of the discredited UN Human Rights Commission into a
more effective and credible Human Rights Council.

      Despite US opposition to a draft resolution providing for the new
council, Annan said he was optimistic that the issue would be resolved this

      This article was originally published on page 6 of Cape Times on March
15, 2006

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Quality test for Zimbabwe tampons


      Zimbabwe's government says sanitary towels donated during an
international appeal must be quality tested before any duty exemption will
be considered.
      The economic crisis has led to a desperate shortage of tampons and
pads and many women cannot afford them.

      Trade unionists say the government initially agreed to waive duty

      "We will pay because women can't wait, but we want the government to
reimburse us," Thabitha Khumalo of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trades Unions
told the BBC.

      The first 40-ton truckload of what is hoped will be monthly shipments
is due to leave South Africa in the next few days.

      With an 80% unemployment rate and a minimum monthly wage of $21, a
packet of 10 sanitary towels costing $5 is beyond the reach of most
Zimbabwean women.

      The government maintains the problem is being blown out of proportion.

      'Absolutely deplorable'

      The ZCTU launched the sanitary towel appeal in October last year in
the UK and South Africa and has been overwhelmed with the response from big
business as well as ordinary South Africans.

      Zimbabwe's deputy information minister said the involvement of the
ZCTU - allied to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party - had
politicised the issue.

      "People are creating a crisis that does not exit. It's a lie to seek
attention," Bright Matonga told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme.

      The ZCTU says that the ministry of finance had promised in February
that duty charges would not be applied and has reneged because the trade
union is not a charity.

      "It's a dignity issue. I don't see why we should pay duty. Over and
above that, every single woman will benefit because it's a free
distribution," Ms Khumalo said.

      But Mr Matonga said the organisation should apply to the health
ministry for duty exemption and a quality-control test, after this the
sanitary ware could be distributed by the ministry.

      The move has been criticised by international organisations involved
in raising money.

      "These are donated goods, not a political issue. It's outrageous to
make gain out of international solidarity between women," Action for
Southern Africa's Euan Wilmshurst told the BBC News website.

      Congress of South African Trade Unions' Peter Craven said it was
"absolutely deplorable".


      Until 1999, sanitary towels were manufactured locally but the economic
crisis has meant many companies have left Zimbabwe.

      Ms Khumalo says the critical shortage has been ignored as it is taboo
to talk about periods in public, which is why the unions sought
international help.

      "Women have resorted to using newspapers, tissue papers and those in
rural areas are using leaves and the bark of trees," she said.

      This, she says, has led to an increase of vaginal infections.

      "Gone are the days when women were embarrassed to talk about it
because women are getting sick."

      Mr Matonga dismissed these allegations saying there were enough
sanitary towels available.

      "The Zimbabwe government won't sit back and let women suffer. We care
about our women," he said.

      The ZCTU said it will raise the money for the duty from its partners
abroad and hopes to be able to start distributing sanitary towels to women
next week.

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Inflationary Psychology Haunts Zim

The Herald (Harare)

March 14, 2006
Posted to the web March 14, 2006

Sifelani Tsiko

IN Zimbabwe, the fight against inflation has been a test of nerves.

Just last week, Zimbabweans received an extra dose of bad news. The
country's annual inflation rate for February rose by 168,8 percentage points
to stand at 782 percent. When put simply, the prices of goods and services
as measured by the consumer price index rose by an average of 782 percent
between February last year and the same month this year.

An explosion of triple digit inflation is now taking a heavy toll on
household incomes, with many families now grappling to meet their everyday
needs. Pensions have also been whittled down making life hard for the

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has adopted a battery of measures designed to
squeeze out inflation which has haunted the country for the last four years.
Inflation-fighting tools designed by the RBZ have not worked well to some
extent owing largely to the general difficult circumstances the economy is
going through. In many ways, the inflation-fighting tools have not brought
the desired results owing largely to the prevailing uncertainties.

Over the years, economists say the fight against inflation has been
compounded by financial deregulation and innovation, electronic money and
the emergence of different sorts of financial institutions. They say the
traditional role of a central bank was defined in terms of banks, money and
inflation. But now, the boundaries between different sorts of financial
institutions have become blurred, making it difficult for the central bank
to define, let alone police the banks.

In Zimbabwe, it is increasingly becoming difficult to determine which prices
the central bank should zero in on to reign in inflation. Should the
monetary authorities concern themselves with prices of assets such as
property and shares or prices of goods and services? New enemies assist in
fuelling inflation and these may include the new challenge of electronic

So much has been said about rising inflation in Zimbabwe. Various economists
of different persuasions have hurled in various theories to explain their
inflation fighting strategies. Some of the ideas have been adopted by the
central bank to fight inflation. Some have proved useful but others not.
Common conventional weapons for fighting inflation -- raising interest
rates, shrinking money supply and a chain of other regulatory mechanism have
been adopted by the central bank. But still inflation has not been dampened.
It is still raging fiercely sending economists into a frenzy, pondering the
suitability of the country's inflation fighting tools.

Some economists say foreign currency shortages, rising fuel prices and the
general poor performance of the economy have made inflation difficult to
control. Others have put blame on Government expenditure and they believe
strongly that reducing expenditure can have a positive effect on the fight
against triple digit inflation. Some go further and say without
international aid from multilateral institutions, the fight against
inflation will yield nothing.

As it seems, some of the major factors setting current expectations of
inflation are largely outside the realm of the RBZ. There is a school of
thought that says actual inflation is driven by current expectations of
inflation. It suggests that "people are raising inflation because they
expect inflation in the future." And true, the real danger now in Zimbabwe
is that inflation expectations have become psychological.

No matter what strategies the RBZ adopts to fight inflation, there is very
little it can do to stop an "inflationary psychology" from becoming embedded
not only in the minds of the people but in various sectors of the economy as
well. "Once consumers and businesses come to believe that future inflation
is guaranteed, they will set off a self-reinforcing price spiral in which
everyone raises prices now because they know prices will be going higher in
the future," says one economist discussing the dilemma of inflation in
Zimbabwe. "These current price inc reases just buttress that belief in
future inflation, leading to yet more price increases," he added. Once these
expectations are created it's very tough to reverse them, he says.

Having an exchange rate regime and a monetary policy aimed at reducing
inflation to desired levels is no longer enough for the Zimbabwean
situation. Economists say the credibility of monetary policies and the
Government's commitment to fighting inflation are critical for the country
to reduce inflation. But with people's expectations in the equation, it has
become so difficult to imagine how Zimbabwe can wriggle its way out of this
inflationary trap. There appears to be no solution in sight. Is it not time
Zimbabweans debate more about possible strategies of how to remove the
country out of this trap? After all, the fight against inflation should be
everybody's war.

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'Situation At Hospital Appalling'

The Herald (Harare)

March 14, 2006
Posted to the web March 14, 2006


THE Ministry of Health and Child Welfare has expressed disappointment over
the situation at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital where an acute shortage of
coal has forced authorities to ask patients to bring their own clean linen.

Piles of dirt-stained and potentially infectious unwashed linen were
reported to have accumulated at the hospital because there was no coal to
heat boilers that produce steam for laundry, cooking and sterilisation. In
an interview, the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Edwin
Muguti, said the problems at the hospital were obviously administrative,
meaning that someone was failing to do their job efficiently.

"This is not something we expect to be happening. We have officers tasked
with the smooth running of these institutions and when things like this
begin to happen we begin to wonder what they are doing. "I noted with dismay
what was taking place at Chinhoyi and I have to say we cannot allow such
things to continue happening," he said. Asking people to bring their own
linen, analysts said, was tantamount to bringing infection to the hospital
as well as taking it back home upon discharge.

Dr Muguti said all hospitals had budgets, meaning that they had money, hen
ce Chinhoyi Hospital was no exception. The institution also has mechanisms
in place for ordering and acquiring what would be required for the smooth
running of the hospital. "If things can sink to the levels at Chinhoyi
Hospital, then things are definitely out of control and something is wrong
with the administration system," he said. The situation at the hospital was
not representative of the situation at the country's health facilities, as
some health centres were running efficiently, Dr Muguti said.

There have been complaints about the continued deterioration of services at
public hospitals. These range from poor service delivery to poor health
facilities. Government has since announced its intention to overhaul the
whole healthcare system, from central to district level, in a bid to improve
service delivery and facilities. The year 2006, according to the ministry,
had been set aside as a year of improvement in the health sector.

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Zimbabwe Collapses Under Mugabe Sanctions

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 15 2006 @ 12:05 AM GMT
            Contributed by: Zimdaily

             By Grace Kwinjeh

            Zimbabweans have been placed under the most brutal sanctions by
the Robert Mugabe regime. I have been home only for a few days now, but
already I am witness to a dreadful picture of poverty and desperation
everywhere I go. Zimbabweans are sad, tired, and hungry, many look sick or
just helpless. Their story can be summed up by the inflation figure which is
now at 800 percent. Who can survive that? Who will survive Mugabe's

            But even as the new British ambassador to Zimbabwe presented his
credentials at the State House with Mugabe extending an olive branch to the
British Government, one wonders which way forward for the international
Community now? Zimbabwe has hit rock bottom. Is the International Community
going to stand by the people of Zimbabwe or find an easy way out with the

            The fact that Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu PF party seems to have
adjusted its life to suit its pariah status in the international community,
while continuing to trample on citizens rights, provides a reasonable basis
for the International Community to start thinking of tougher measures
against the regime, beyond what is currently in place. Recent statements by
both the USA and UK Governments on increasing pressure against the Mugabe
regime, came as a pleasant surprise. Surprise, because the statements were
made at a time when it seemed the international community's focus on
Zimbabwe had profoundly diminished over the past months if not years.

            This has been the norm as is witnessed in various African
countries in similar situations, that have at first enjoyed international
attention only to lose it. As may be, the dilemma has always been that while
the international community seeks new flavours the country of interest at
that time slides off the international radar. Countries like Ethiopia, Gabon
and Togo, for instance have remained just that Africa's eye-sores. Long
forgotten by the world. They continue to suffer in silence; I will not
mention Swaziland. Looking at the desperate situation in Zimbabwe today
makes me shiver.

            The fallacy where we Zimbabweans are concerned is that we seem
to have remained a 'flavour of the year' beyond the 'one month' experienced
by our comrades on the continent. The assumption is that Zimbabwe is an ever
lasting flavour enjoyed by the international community at all times; but
things are not as they seem.The attention received by Zimbabweans from
different players in the international community has failed to evolve from
the open statements or rhetoric to real action. The ruling Zanu PF party is
comfortable with the international community's response in its present form
which encompasses travel bans, arms embargoes and assert freezes; or just
loud noise. All which the Zimbabwe regime can deal with, I will explain why.

            The fact that we can suffer as a people to this level while the
international community watches, is demoralizing. I remember how at the
height of the white commercial farm invasions Zimbabwe was at the top of the
international community's agenda. Now that it is we black citizens who are
faced with Mugabe's tyranny everyday of our lives the interest has
diminished. It then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that the
international community only intervenes where its interests are threatened.
We have neither oil nor gas in Zimbabwe. The fact that officials on the
targeted sanctions lists are still able to gallivant all over the world on
Zanu PF's business; or that many who are now doing business on behalf of the
regime are still not on the list; or the setting up of front companies to
bust international sanctions; without so much as a whisper from the
international community is deplorable.

            The recent trip by the Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono and a
whole entourage of top Zanu PF leadership to the USA is another case in
point. Even more sinister is the fact that reputable international companies
are still doing business with Mugabe and making huge profits out of it.
Would one be wrong in concluding the complicity of the international
community in Mugabe's actions?Mugabe has effectively maintained his
sanctions against the people of Zimbabwe whom he has in all honesty
sentenced to death.

            A quarter of our population is said to be infected by the HIV
virus, but here you have a Government that prioritises investment in
corruption and power, without compassion to provide ARV's or proper
health-care for its people. So then for those of us struggling against
Mugabe's autocracy what has become problematic is the lack of innovativeness
on the part of the international community, in coming up with new strategies
to rein in on the Mugabe regime. Seeing as the current measures in their
present form, are encumbered, by so many hitches or loopholes that make it
possible for the regime to sustain its repression agenda. This is where the
story is.

            Taking me to my next point on the survival strategies adopted by
the regime to bust international sanctions. While stories have been written
and said about many of those groups targeted by the regime, that include,
white commercial farmers, women's groups and political organizations, not
much has been said about this particular group comprising businessmen who
have been stripped of their asserts or just had their businesses taken away.
This particular story brings in a new dimension to the whole debate on the
international community's response to Zimbabwe crisis, vis-à-vis the search
for fresh mechanisms to effectively rein in on the regime. Now as African
politics goes or in any part of the world for that matter, it is those with
financial resources who carry the day. The Mugabe regime has deliberately
targeted or sought to neutralize those groups it feels threatened by, the
people with the potential of supporting the struggle in many forms
especially financial sustainability.

            So the trend that has seen the regime attack various groups from
white commercial farmers, NGO's to black businessmen, should be understood
in its proper political context. I therefore want to bring in a different
dimension to the whole discourse on effective mechanisms to rein in on the
Mugabe regime. At EU level one interesting test case or example can be taken
from the current challenge by Mutumwa Mawere's, Africa Resources Limited
(ARL) of the Zimbabwe Governments callous expropriation of his SMM holdings
a company registered in the Virgin Islands. This case is being heard in a UK
court and carries with it many interesting dynamics from Mugabe's empty
Pan-African rhetoric to his corruption and the connivance of certain players
in the British system.

            While as Zimbabweans we seem to have understood the impact on
democratic conduct of the Public Order and Security Act (POSA) or the Access
to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (AIPPA), little has been
analysed or said about the impact or the undemocratic nature of the
Reconstruction Act, which has been used to take over SMM Holdings by the
Government. This case also exposes the nexus that exists between the
question of human rights, the rule of law; property rights and the role of
the international community, in this instance British interests in Zimbabwe
and how they impact on democracy. Let us even assume that the British have a
zero tolerance for corruption in Kenya for instance a different picture
emerges on Zimbabwe. The fact that Gono, can transport corruption from
Zimbabwe to British
            territory without being included on the EU sanctions list is
scary to say the least.

            While Zimbabweans languish in absolute poverty the Government
was able to pay for shares amounting to 2 million USD to a company AMG a
confirmed front of principals that was recently concluded to be the
Government of Zimbabwe in a court hearing between Mawere and the Government
of Zimbabwe, recently in the UK. Even more interesting is that even though
the EU's Financial Services Act has a Know Your Client clause that obligates
those doing business with Foreign companies or blacklisted Governments such
as Zimbabwe to find out about them, it seems these regulations have not been
used in the Mawere case, where in the case of a front company it must find
out who the principals are. Consequently, the admission by the top British
lawyers, representing Zimbabwe, in the court hearing that the Principal is
the Mugabe regime raises questions on how the money being used in the case
has been sourced and the effectiveness of the current EU measures. The
parliament of Zimbabwe for instance has never approved the processing of
such a huge amount of money.

            Furthermore, one of the top Zimbabwean lawyers who is on the USA
sanctions list, Edwin Manikai who in the case was demanding an implausible
fee of 40 000 USD dollars per month is also still not on the EU's sanctions
list. In spite of it now being common knowledge that he is one of Mugabe's
front men.

            How is the Government being made to account? It is no longer
accounting to its own people and with such a gullible international
community then Mugabe's boys will continue having a field day while
Zimbabweans suffer more. Mugabe continues to act with impunity. As I write
eight of our top officials including a member of parliament who are in jail
on trumped up charges, have been tortured and charged with plotting to kill
Mugabe. The question then is what is the cost to us Zimbabweans of Mugabe's
continued stay in power? Today inflation is at 800 percent, what figure will
we be talking of next week? The time has come to say no to Mugabe's
sanctions. Aluta-Continua.

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MDC Women Want 50% Of All Leadership Positions

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 15 2006 @ 12:04 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
              The opposition Movement for Democratic Change's Women's
Assembly has come out all guns blazing, demanding that they will accept no
less than 50 percent of the seats that will be contested during the party's
three day congress that opens in Harare Friday. Zimdaily heard that there
would be eight key positions that will be contested and other five
supporting positions but the women want no less than half of these.

            The MDC Women's Assembly say this demand is line with UN,
African Charter and SADC protocols that forbid the discrimination of women,
and stipulate that member organizations adopt the practice of including 5O
percent women's participation at all levels, as well as strategies to
improve women's welfare. Zimdaily was told the the women are strategically
demanding two principal posts for the Chair for Women and the Information
and Publicity posts and in the supporting posts the women are demanding
four, which makes half of the available eight posts.

            Zimdaily heard that the "Women's Empowerment Project" will see
firebrand and prominent journalist Grace Kwinjeh challenging Nelson Chamisa
for the post of Information secretary. The Brussels based Kwinjeh, who
arrived in Harare weekend, declined comment on the matter yesterday but said
she was keen to see "women able to achieve their 50 percent." Zimdaly heard
that Lucia Matibenga will be Chair of the Women's Assembly.

            On the supporting posts, Makokoba MP Thokozani Khupe is set to
slug it out with Welshman Mabhena for the post of Vice President. There are
differing perceptions in the MDC about this post, with many women rallying
behind Kuphe while other members feel that the inclusion of Mabhena would
infuse the party with a nationalist outlook. Sekai Holland is said to be
eyeing the post of Vice National Chair. This will be a new position. But
National Chairman Isaac Matongo is understood to be livid about this

            Other women who will contest are Pauline Gwanyanya for the post
of Deputy Secretary General while Gertrude Mtombeni wants to be the MDC's
next Deputy National Organiser. In damning correspondence to President
Tsvangirai seen by Zimdaily, the women said: "We wish to bring to your
attention that we have remained resolute on the party agenda by taking and
maintaining a principled position on October 12 after four of the elected
male leadership decided to leave the party before our Congress," the letter
to Tsvangirai said. The letter said the women in the MDC have been the
"backbone of the party, the glue that has kept the party together up to
today in an environment where opposition parties have never survived for as
long as the MDC has."

            "We have proved that we are loyal, committed, hard working
cadres without whom the MDC would have met the same fate as other opposition
parties in Zimbabwe which have been destroyed by the ruling clique from
within since 1980," the letter said, adding: "The male leadership has shown
no respect to party women in the past in-spite of all the above courageous
positions by us." The women said "as a Social Democratic Party whose main
principle is equality, women's empowerment and participation at all levels,
particularly, at decision-making cannot be ignored."They added the congress
was supposed to see a "paradigm shift" in the MDC that leads to the
empowerment of women.

            "That as a party that is effectively working towards becoming
the next Government soon, our performance must reflect seriousness in
preparing ourselves for the reconstruction effort which will include
Zimbabweans at home and abroad in our diversity; MDC must change itself
immediately to accommodate seriously the efforts of women, in preparation
for that awesome effort," the letter said. Zimdaily heard that the women
were eager to establish a Women's Empowerment Project, Peace and Tolerance
Project to deal with the violence culture of more than a hundred years,
which Zimbabweans increasingly face in their daily lives.

            The other projects include an Environmental Regeneration
Project, which includes domestic and wild plants and game. Zimdaily heard
that the women also wanted to start a Primary Health-Care HIV/AIDS Project
"to qualitatively improve family health and their participation in
production." There is also talk of the setting up of a Truth and Social
Justice Project "to restore women's confidence in ourselves."

            Other lined up projects include a National Integration and
Healing Project for nation building and healing, "to arrive at that through
rigorous national structured debate at who we are and at our identity as
Zimbabweans, for a coherent and united nation of Zimbabwe." Sources in the
Women Assembly added that the women wanted to also set up a Political Ideas
and Policy Development Project to educate and integrate women in the
international community "out of which we have been left for nearly 8 years
            The Shelter Project is set to ensure housing for all becomes a
reality for grass-roots communities in urban areas and rural areas across
Zimbabwe, the source told Zimdaily.

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Another MDC MP Arrested

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 15 2006 @ 12:03 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
             Zimbabwean police yesterday arrested Mabvuku MP Timothy Mubhawu
in an intensifying crackdown against the opposition party ahead of its
congress. Mubhawu becomes the second MDC MP to be arrested in a space of a
fortnight in a renewed Zanu PF campaign that the opposition alleges is aimed
at derailing its congress, that opens in Harare Friday.

            Zimdaily heard that Mubhawu was summoned to Harare Central
police station's Law and Order Section and immediately detained. No charges
had been preferred against him at the time of going to print last night. MDC
spokesman Nelson Chamisa told Zimdaily last night that Zanu PF's behaviour
only confirms that the MDC Congress had sent shock waves in the corridors of

            "The regime has become jelly-kneed because across the nation,
our 13 000 delegates are raring to converge at our Congress venue to
announce to the world that the party is alive and well," Chamisa said.
"While the arrest of our MPs and senior officials continues unabated, we
remain resolute and steadfast in our commitment to resolving the national
crisis." Members of the political opposition currently in police hands
included Mutare North member of Parliament and MDC defense spokesman Giles
Mutsekwa, Manicaland youth chairman Knowledge Nyamuka and activist Thando
Sibanda. MDC Manicaland Treasurer Brian James was released Sunday night.

            He was also picked up on allegations of plotting to kill
President Mugabe using the so-called arms cache allegedly unearthed in
Mutare last week
            Chamisa said the MDC would not be distracted from its core
business of bringing a new beginning and a new Zimbabwe by petty arrests.
"We remain committed to making a profound statement at our Congress that we
still carry the hope of millions of Zimbabweans suffering under this
dictatorship," he said. "The people shall be free." He urged President
Mugabe's administration to "stop these arbitrary arrests."

            "Instead of arresting committed cadres of the people's movement,
this regime must arrest the declining economic malaise." Chamisa said
sarcastically. "We are marching forward. Our Congress shall silence Zanu PF.
The people have faith that the party will help attain the nation's vision of
a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning."

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Mission by the executive secretary of SADC to Japan, 06-10 March, 2006.

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 15 2006 @ 12:02 AM GMT
            Contributed by: Zimdaily
             The Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development
Community (SADC) Dr Tomaz Augusto Salomão and the Japanese authorities
agreed that Japan, as the second largest economy in the world, can do more
for Africa.

            Addressing the officials in Japan on his working visit, Dr
Salomão highlighted that over and above the existing SADC-Japan projects,
infrastructure development in the SADC region should be looked at as added
value to strengthen the confidence of investors from Japan in the SADC
region. He further sold SADC as a stable peaceful region, where
consolidation of democracy is a way of life.

            The Executive Secretary explained that based on the 3 pillars of
support on Japan's policy on cooperation for Africa namely;
            . Consolidation of peace
            . Poverty reduction
            . Human Centered development
            the region's main priority intervention area on the development
of infrastructure is to interconnect the region in terms of transport,
telecommunications and energy to create room for the region to implement the
SADC Trade Protocol and also in the framework of the WTO, for the region to
be more competitive in the global economy.

            The discussions also focused on the recent developments in the
SADC region and agreed on priority projects to be implemented, that are in
line with the national priorities of related Member States including science
and technology. The Japanese officials have confirmed that they will attend
the SADC Consultative Conference scheduled for 26-27 April, 2006 in
Windhoek, Namibia.

            During his visit, the Executive Secretary met with Ambassador
Yoichi Otabe, Personal representative of Prime Minister for Africa (G8-APR)
and Director General for Sub-Saharan African Affairs of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs (MOFA); Honorable Mr. Yasuhisa Shiozaki, Senior Vice
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan; Mr. Shinichi Saito, Japan External
Trade Organization (JETRO); Mr. Yoshihiko Morita, Deputy Governor and
Managing Director of Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC); and
Mr. Tsuneo Kurokawa, Director General of Japan International Cooperation
Agency (JICA).

            He also had an opportunity to interact with the SADC

            SADC Corporate Communications Unit
            Gaborone, Botswana

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Of the Herald sports desk, patriotism & ZANU PF

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 15 2006 @ 12:02 AM GMT
            Contributed by: mugrade7
             Editor - Gibson Mashingaidze a former Army Major General and
Head of the Sports Commission proposed national service duty to sportspeople
so that they represent the country with a sense of pride and history. In the
same week former national team player Wilfred Mugeyi was under siege from
the Herald newspaper for allegedly saying its no longer a sense of pride to
play for the Zimbabwe soccer team.

            This has led me to ask our general readership. Where does
patriotism end for sportsmen ?How far can sports personalities continue
making ends meet in the sense of national pride?.Should sports people just
buckle up and represent their country irrespective of earning nothing for
their families? Zanu PF literally blames anybody when they cant achieve
their goals. Those who suggest they deserve better in a world of survival
where a family comes first are labelled unpatriotic, puppets or national
misfits. We all thought the third Chimurenga way of governing things would
end in politics only but the trend has now gone to sport. Mashingaidze
believes those selected to represent the country in sport are not committed
enough and should spend weeks at Border Gezi Militia centre being fine tuned
on history and commitment.

            Calling a spade a spade the poor performance of Zimbabwean
sportspeople and declining standards in any sport is in direct relation to
the general rot of governance engulfing the country. Some say politics and
sport don't mix but in Zimbabwe's case you cant separate politics from
anything these days. Be it getting a passport, farming, vending, running a
business, finding employment, justice in a court of law or even accessing
drugs for HIV/AIDS.

            99% Chances are that to access these and many other services you
should be from the Zanu PF school of thought or who in Zanu PF do you know.
The Herald is a Zanu PF weapon against anybody who doesn't toe to their line
of thoughts. The sports desk is headed by a big headed, full of I know self
claimed best journalist in Southern Africa, Robson Sharuko. His deputy is a
another Zanu PF self centred young man called Lawrence Moyo. Their ceiling
of education is the mass communications diploma at Harare polytechnic. The
two among others have formed a combination of terror against sportspeople
who speak any truth against Zanu PF directly or indirectly.

            Wilfred Mugeyi found out the past week. In an interview with a
South African magazine where he is based, Mugeyi claimed the sense of
national pride when representing Zimbabwe in now gone. Footballers are not
paid for months, teams live on handouts, preparations are chaotic and
players welfare is of secondary importance, players only get paid after sit
ins like the one at the Harare airport before the AFCON 2006.Air tickets are
not refunded and there is no motivation. For this he compared it to the old
era and found its no longer worth the patriotism to represent the country.

            Hell hath no fury, The Herald came out guns blazing in direct
defence of Robert Mugabe`s rule which has taken the sting out of most
ordinary citizens to be identified with Zimbabwe. The Herald called him a
toothless dog and a national reject .Whilst Sharuko could write not much bad
on Mugeyi`s life and behaviour due to the lack of it, he could only refer to
his missed scoring chance at AFCON 2004.Mthulisi Mafa, a recent polytechnic
graduate and a militia graduate ran another headline and called Mugeyi an
enemy of Zimbabwe.

            Mugeyi is no god and neither was he the best player we have
seen. but where the truth need to be said why should Zanu PF defend the
obvious? Mugeyi was brave and said the truth. Hailing from Mabvuku you cant
ask anyone better about the hardships his relatives face. They have to
contend with fetching water from wells and rivers, live without electricity
for weeks, live in sewage filled roads and you cant ask Mugeyi or another
footballer in the same scenario to come and play for the Warriors than his
club only to end up spending 8 months unpaid, whilst his club can look after
him better. Everybody needs to live and survive, footballers are no
different even doctors have left patients on the theatre deathbed whilst
they go abroad for better life and opportunities.

            Mugeyi is not the only sports personality to be threatened for
not being patriotic. Henry Olonga and Andy Flower need no introduction to
Zimbabwe Cricket. For a peaceful protest against the breakdown of the rule
of law by wearing black armbands in a cricket match, they were hounded out
of Zimbabwe by Lawrence Moyo, Sharuko and company via of course the sports
pages of The Herald. Hate headlines run on them leading to both fleeing the
country and seeking asylum in foreign lands.

            Tatenda Taibu was hounded out for voicing out over poor
remuneration and governance of the game by Peter Chingoka a Zanu PF
official. Taibu was threatened with physical elimination by Themba Mliswa
another Zanu PF big wig. The result was that the Herald Third Chimurenga
Sports Desk saw nothing wrong with Zanu PF officials but Taibu. Finally
Taibu is out of the country and forced to resign as cricket captain. In
scenes reminiscent of land grabbing where anyone white occupying a farm be
it productive or not is seen as any enermy. White cricket administrators and
players have been forced to resign and flee. Heath Streak Andy Blignaut to
mention a few. Should those who speak against Zanu PF in sport be labelled
unpatriotic then? Only Moses Chunga who claimed publicly he is Zanu PF
enjoys stardom status from the Herald Sports Desk. He is hero worshipped
even when he asks to take the team financial duties from Zifa

            Are sports people not working for their families the same way
doctors, teacher, nurses, some politicians business people & ordinary
citizens who left the country for greener pastures?. Are sportspeople
supposed to suffer in silence and not say the truth about the hemorrhage in
their country? Who in all honesty represented a better Zimbabwean society,
Sunday Marimo in 1980 or Cephas Chimedza in 2006. Nick Price in 1990 or
Nasho Kamungeremu in 2004. Bruce Grobelaar in 1992 or Tapuwa Kapini in
2006,Kilimanjaro (Proud Chinembiri) in 1985 or Alfonso Zvenyika in 2006.

            Tracy Cox Symth, Evan Stewart in the 90`s or Kirsty Coventry in
2006? Who amongst these would have better national pride and WHY? The reason
is simple Zanu PF has run down the country and the cheers in sport have died
now as the nation is now Hungry. A country that sends Chinotimba to a
football tournament at the expense of genuine fans cannot cry foul when
players say there is nothing left to play for. A country that see players
delay flight departures at the airport over unpaid allowances cannot call
the same players dogs who are unpatriotic.

            Sharuko on one hand vilifies sportsmen who do not subscribe to
Zanu pf. Only days earlier he wrote Zifa were to pay schoolboys who played
at the CAF under 17 tournament one year later. Intrestingly he claims these
school boys would grow up with no sense of trust for Zifa. The next week
just because Mugeyi knifed the truth about Zanu PF, we are told he is a dog.

            Whilst Sharuko, Moyo and Mafa might claim to be patriotic we
challenge them to refrain from asking for bribes from foreign based
sportspersons in return of good ceverage. Their patriotism in defence of the
truth should be rewarded by the bearer cheques they receive in monthly
salaries and not forex earned by other sportsmen through hard work away from
home working for their families. Journalists from the state papers are known
to chase players into their hotel rooms and departure lounges at the airport
asking for foreign footballs shirts and other sports regalia in the less
severe cases of bribe for a good story cases we know about them.

            Extreme cases are a case in point that one football player
claimed Kausiyo drives a car bought through a kickback he received from a
foreign player. The origins of foreign football shirts worn by the Herald
crew are known. We are not saying they cant sacrifice to buy their own, but
several players have spoken at being hounded for not offering such. Norman
Mapeza, Kennedy Chuhuri, Alois Bunjira are notable examples. Do you remember
the state journalists who asked Vitalis Takawira for a bribe in 1992 so that
he could become soccer star of the year. He refused and he kissed goodbye to
the crown.Should we name them?

            Sharuko and the loudmouths yell each day football administrators
are corrupt.Corruption starts right at your desk Robson. Moyo is the
propaganda chief in cricket. Chingoka and Bvute are Zanu PF but each
publication on cricket issues is blamed on players. It started as white
players. Now they are finished even black players dare not speak about the
rot in their country.

            Sports people are humans and have the right to carry an MDC,
PUMA or UPM membership card.Playing for Zimbabwe does not mean one should be
Zanu PF and were their welfare is not looked after they should shut up.
Patriotism can only be complemented by the same government which demands it.
Major General Mashingaidze needs to be reminded this. John Phiri racked up
113 caps for Zimbabwe, was he rewarded for Patriotism? Imagine Byron Black
and Benjani spending a week at Nyodzonia training camp doing patriotism
lessons for all they have done for to this ungrateful government? Sharuko
had the tenacity to laugh at Francis Shonhayi for being now a lorry driver.

            You cant have it both ways Robson, the government which you
defend, what has it done for Shonhayi and his patriotism? despite the fact
that at one time he kited the national team after Zifa failed to buy
uniforms. I bet to my last bearer Kwacha, had Shonhayi criticised Zanu PF,
he would be in asylum somewhere on this globe.

            Benjani Mwaruwari is now a subject of ridicule for missing a
chance in a game and his 38 000 euros sponsoring the Warriors is all now
forgotten at the Herald sports desk.Dont be surprised should he criticise
Zanu PF, he will be arrested on contravening forex exchange laws for his
hard earned pounds at Pompey. The sense of journalism at the Herald sports
desk is, an either you are with us and Zanu PF or we will blow you away. The
Robson Sharuko on Saturday is a clear testimony of this.

            The weekly article is clearly out to preach hate to those that
dare criticise The Herald and all those who dont share Zanu PF Ideologies.
After all Sharuko says sport and politics should not mix if the England
cricket team deliberates playing in Harare. Why cant politics and sport not
mix as well if Mugeyi criticises Zanu PF ? Why should he become a dog ? Just
because he caught your paymasters pants down? Even Kevin Ullyett plays some
tennis tournaments as a South African. It cant be a a coincidence that many
sports people are not happy with the way things are run

            One day we will achieve a democratic system where if criticism
is due it should be received be it from a musician (Thomas Mapfumo),
footballer, cricketer, doctor, politicians, or any members of society? One
thing certainly comforts those sportsmen. All those who were hounded and
forced offshore certainly live better lives than the Herald Third Chimurenga
sports crew. Henry Olonga, Tichaona Sibanda, Mugeyi, Taibu, Matambanashe
Sibanda, Heath Streak, Andy Flower are certainly better off anywhere they
are now dotted on the globe. Certainly better off than Sharuko and his young
Zanu PF Tigers

            Until you know it, you would never realise from a distance the
power of Zanu PF young party cadres running the sports desk at the Herald.

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Zim to clear army of 'Rhodesians'

The Mercury

      March 15, 2006

      By Basildon Peta

      The Zimbabwean government said yesterday it would purge the military
and the police of former Rhodesian officers after the discovery of an arms
cache "meant for use in assassinating" President Robert Mugabe.

      The arms cache, consisting of equipment said to be obsolete, was
discovered on a property owned by former Rhodesian Army officer Peter
Hitschmann, who reportedly remains a reservist for the Zimbabwe Republic

      Almost a dozen opposition Movement for Democratic Change activists
have been arrested and charged over the arms cache.

      State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa accused them of conniving with
Hitschmann and other former "Rhodies" still in the army, and police, in the
alleged plot to assassinate Mugabe.

      At first, the Zimbabwean government said the arms, which included old
AK rifles and ammunition, were meant to be used in an uprising to topple
Mugabe. It said later the arms had been meant for assassinating Mugabe on
his way back to Harare from celebrations to mark his 82nd birthday in
eastern Zimbabwe last month.

      Hitschmann, a licensed hunter and former president of the Zimbabwe
Wildlife Society, was reported by state media as having confessed to working
with opposition firebrand Roy Bennett, who has since gone into hiding, over
the alleged plot to get rid of Mugabe.

      But lawyers representing Hitschmann and the others have rejected the
reports, saying their clients were heavily tortured in an effort to get them
to make false confessions.

      Because of Hitschmann's past, Mutasa told state media, the government
had resolved to get rid of all remaining white Rhodesians still serving in
the army and police, regardless of whether they were involved in the alleged
plot or not.

      It is not known how many white Rhodesian army officers remain in the
police and army. Mutasa did not give figures, and efforts to establish their
exact number failed yesterday.

      One army source said "they must be very few".

      Chris Ndlovu, one of the lawyers for the arrested opposition
activists, told a magistrate in eastern Zimbabwe that his clients had been
heavily tortured by the police and officers from the Central Intelligence

      He said his clients had been taken to army barracks in eastern
Zimbabwe, where various forms of torture - including being forced to drink
human urine - had been inflicted on them in an effort to force them to admit
that they had plotted to kill Mugabe.

      But Magistrate Fabian Feshete did not order a probe into the torture

      Torture is widely used by Zimbabwean security agencies.

      The jailed opposition activists, who were all denied bail by Feshete,
are led by the shadow secretary for defence, Giles Mutsekwa, an MDC member
of parliament, as well as Knowledge Nyamhuka, the MDC Youth Chairman in
Manicaland province.

      They face a plethora of charges, including contravening the Public
Order and Security Act by conspiring to possess weaponry for insurgency,
banditry, sabotage or terrorism. If convicted, they face the death penalty.

      Mugabe's opponents allege that the arrests were a ruse to disrupt the
main congress of the more powerful faction of the MDC, led by Morgan
Tsvangirai, this weekend.

      The MDC split last year over participation in December's senate

      A faction led by MDC Secretary-General Welshman Ncube has already held
its congress and has elected scientist Arthur Mutambara as president.
Political analysts say the government favours Ncube's timid faction and
wants to use the arms cache allegations to weaken Tsvangirai and keep
opposition politics in limbo.

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Youth Ministry Seeks $200bn

The Herald (Harare)

March 14, 2006
Posted to the web March 14, 2006


THE Ministry of Youth Development and Employment Creation is seeking more
than $200 billion to kick-start data collection and the implementation of
various youth development projects that are expected to lessen poverty by

Speaking on the sidelines of a consultative meeting held last week, the
Secretary for Youth Development and Employment Creation, Mr Prince
Mupazviriho said the ministry required an additional $180 billion for the
exercise. He said his ministry received US$5 000 from the International
Labour Organisations (ILO) and was expecting to get another US$30 000 and
Z$6 billion from the United Nations (UN) and Government, respectively. "We
have received US$5 000 from ILO and a further US$30 000 from the UN and $6
billion is coming from the Government.

"Although we are grateful of these generous donations, the funds are not
enough for the ministry to fully implement the programme. We need about $200
billion to start the project," said Mr Mupazviriho.

The money will be used to carry out a national youth survey in order to
create a computerised desegregated data bank for youths that are between the
ages of 10 and 29 years and to train unemployed youths to carry out field
work. "The objectives of setting up the National Youth Data Bank are to make
available accurate, timely and relevant information on the country's youth
so as to facilitate effective planning and decision making by the ministry
and other stakeholders," he said.

The information collected from the survey will be used to create a Youth
Directory containing personal and socio-economic information of each youth
interviewed. Mr Mupazviriho said the project would be carried out in
collaboration with key stakeholders and partners in youth development. A
survey will be conducted targeting youths and questionnaires will be used
during data collection. Mr Mupazviriho said: "The information in the Youth
Directory will be analysed to give demographic and socio-economic indicators
that are useful for planning, decision making and evaluation of youth

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JAG Classifieds dated 14 March 2006

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified
adverts for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items

3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation

5.  Specialist Services

6.  Pets Corner




1.1 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

2 doors GEC frig, recently overhauled, 1,50cm high, 60 and 70cms deep and
wide.  $25 million

Incomplete English Rockwood dinner service, white with maroon edging,
consisting of:

5 large dinner plates, 8 small dinner plates, 3 side plates.

6 large bowls, 3 small bowls.

2 large oval serving dishes, I entrée dish with lid

1 gravy jug with plate

4 million ono

Pair roller blades in good condition, size 6.  $2 million

9 Illustrated children's encyclopaedias edited by Arthur Mee - $3

Lots of lovely children's books, bedtime stories etc

Childs cricket bat, ball and stumps, brand new still in plastic.  3

Two gum plantations, also about 70 pines - please come and cut them
yourself, I live in Bromley, 55 kms from Harare.  Please find out prices,
as I have no landline, and limited cell network.

Telephone Jennifer at 011 423 614, or leave message at office tel 336945
or 333952 and I will return your call


1.2 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.





Small woven bags--$395,000 each.

Large crocheted bags.--$1,055,000 each.

Large woven bags.--$815,000 each.

Table Runners.--$600,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$1,805,000.

Fringed mats only(4)---$1,195,000.

Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,705,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$2,185,000.

Bordered mats only(4)--$1,575,000.

Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,275,000.

Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$4,370,000.

2m Throws--$2,115,000.each.

Tea cosy(L)--$350,000.

Tea cosy(m)--$340,000

Tea cosy(s)--$330,000.

Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$800,000.

Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$455,000.


Decorated cushion covers--$805,000.

Plain cushion covers---$560,000.

Scarves(knitted)--$795,000. each.

Hand Woven Scarves--$900,000 each

Hats(Beanies)--$450,000 each.

Large plain cotton rug--$1,785,000.

Med. plain cotton rug---$1,155,000.

Small plain cotton rug.---$740,000.

Cotton Rag Rug--$740,000.

Med. plain mohair rug--$1,380,000.

Med. patterned mohair rug.--$1,725,000.

X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,455,000.

Bedspreads-- QS/DB/3/4 and

Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large


1.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

HONDA XR 250 R, trail bike with lights and indicators, 18000km only.  In
near original mint condition.

 Phone: 091 326 965 for details.


1.4 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Opel Corsa, GSI 16 Valve, 3 doors.

Red in colour. Mag wheels. Alarmed.
Electric windows. 1995 Model.

Call 011 205 183 or 091 328 261 or 331970


1.5 Business for Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)








1.6 Agricultural Items for sale

(Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Imported harrow discs 24" and 26"
New Montana boom sprayers 10m boom, 600l tank
New 16KVA generators
Radium Zimbabwe 04 870264 / 011 600 389


1.7 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

                               Chemicals For Sale

Dithian (M45)

Copper Oxy

Dual Magnum

Punch Extra

Phone: John 334764, Cell 011208893


1.8 BIKE FOR SALE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)




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1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Old farm radio equipment for sale.... Motorola.

Antiques as follows:

Mahogany bedroom set with marbled washstand, dressing table, bedside
table and wardrobe!  All exquisitely carved, bevelled mirrors and in
outstanding condition.

English oak dining room set. Ten chairs, extendable table and long

Victorian hall tables x 2.  One round and one oval.

Pie Crust coffee/tea table.

Grandmother clock.

Three what-nots in outstanding condition.

Collectors cupboard - ideal for collections of eggs/butterflies etc.

Burmese Teak mirrored dresser.

Lounge suite, whickered arms with carved backs, legs and arms. One three
seater and two single seaters.

Large liquor cupboard - lined with asbestos - antique mirrors, screens
and much more.

Contact no: 011 416937


1.10 Items for Sale

Sony LBT-V302 Stereo Hi-Fi System with 5 discs CD player - ZWD 100
Excellent condition.  Phone Harare 494395


1.11 Item for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Monarch Chevette 4 plate Stove (black)

Minor attention needed $30 mill


or 756363-9 (work) 339378 (home) 091-338414


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

CURTAINS FOR SALE Very good condition and fully lined

1.  SUNFILTER Pale beige with Wheat design
                                1 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                1 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


2.  SUNFILTER Pale green with floral design
                                2 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                2 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


3.  HEAVY QUALITY Plain Cream
                                2 X 4.0m wide x 2.3m drop

                                4 x 2.16m wide x 2.3m drop


Contact Tel 303570 to view


1.13 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Various second hand items for sale - All must go!!!
Prices are negotiable.

Filing cabinet, 2 draw, wooden (good condition) - $35m

Wooden and black leather bar 140 x 50cm with 3 leather stools - $20m

18 speed mountain bike - $10m

Square folding table, wooden 92 x 92cm - $6m

Roller Blades size 5/6 - $3m

Trivial pursuit for teens (good condition) - $2m

Monopoly - $1m

Scrabble - $1m

Please contact Monique 309274(w) 091 315 411 (cell)


1.14 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1) 2 x 200 litre electric/solar geysers and drip trays
plus 4 glass covered panels and piping.

2) 1 x Frigidaire refrigerator (locakable). Old but in excellent
working condition.

3) 1 set of bunk beds and mattresses.

Contact: Nigel Rennie on 011-808 752


1.15 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

"Shawasha hills, phase one, 4,4 acres, extensive Msasa/acacia trees,
river frontage, for sale, share transfer, call 496829 evenings"


1.16 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Datsun Pulsar 140 A, very economical, in use every day. Looking for $200
million. Please call Cheryl or Shane on 336710 or send e-mail to


1.17 Stamps for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Stamps for Sale: Mint condition, many in albums.

First Day Covers of the following Countries:-


South Africa
01/82-02/95 126

South West Africa/ Namibia 12/82-05/95 72

Bophuthatswana 11/81-03/94 60

11/81-04/94 60

01/82-03/94 54

12/81-04/94 58

02/62-07/76 45

04/80-04/00 108

Offers: Phone: 861089


1.18 Bakery for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Bakery and coffee shop in Sam Leavy`s village Borrowdale for sale.

Bakery is operating full speed and doing catering for

numerous schools and coffee shops in Harare.

Call: 091 77 55 44 or 011 60 70 45

land line 88 2 384 or 851 729


1.19 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Mazda B2500 Diesel, single cab, pickup. 1997. Driven by owner only.

Contact: Mark at 09 234757 or 011 416 937.


1.20 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

2003 Model
1 owner since new
Long Range Tank
Rubberised Back
Please email:


1.21 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Steel slimline Canopy for Toyota 2.4 truck for Sale.  $ 40.

Please phone a.m. 487141 or p.m evenings. 882713


1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)



1.23 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Offered for Sale

2003 Model
1 owner since new
Long Range Tank
Rubberised Back
Please email:


1.24 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Laundry table solid wood

Laundry table formica

Large TV

Capri fridge

Desk solid wood

Office Chairs

Pot plants

Executive office chairs

Defy washing machine

Verandah furniture Monomatapa round (6seater) and oval 8 seater

Office Computer Desk

Executive desk, cupboard and sideboard

Adam Bede round oak table and six chairs

Metal stationary cupboard

Lawnmower red

Lawnmower green

Wooden Stepladder

Metal stepladder


Hedge cutter

Edge cutter

Extension for above

Single Beds 4

Kitchen table and 4 chairs formica

Kitchen table and 6 stools

Small washing machine

Movable carport imported netting

Wooden workbench

Beige Carpet

Music Centre

Cane Furniture suite and tables

Outside Table

Trestle Tables 3m and 5m

Table tennis table

4 year old upright deep freeze

Spades, Forks, shovels, rakes and brooms, hosepipes, hedge cutters,
garden roller

Brand new mountain bicycle

PLEASE PHONE 884076 OR 011204060 OR 091384158


1.25 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Steam Iron $3 million

Porcelin Doll $2 million

Heater $2 million

Electric Blanket $3 million

Ladies Racer $10 million

Girls 28in Bycle $6 million

4 pine folding tables $5 million

Sewing Cabinet $5 million

Baby Tender $5 million

Carpet - Dusty Pink 12 x 15 ft $15 million

Carpet - Maroon 12 x 9 ft $12 million

Lace Curtain - 18 1/2m on roll (long) $5 million

Lace Curtain - 40m on roll (short) $8 million

Lounge & Dining Room full length curtains - Pale Green 5 drops x 2
widths $5 million

Lounge & Dining Room full length curtains - Blue Cream 6 drops x 1
width $5 million (with pelmet covers)

Lounge & Dining Room full lenth curtains - Wine Brocade 2 drops x 2
widths, 2 drops x 1 1/2 widths, 3 drops x 1 width $4 million

Curtains - Pink with bedcover 2 drops x 2 widths $4 million

Curtains - Rose Green & Cream (large set) $6 million

Curtains - Bathroom & Shower - green and blue sets, sun filter
$2 million

Curtains - Kitchen, fancy lace yellow & white $2 million

Vinyl Records - offers

Summer collection in excellant condition

Long play, speed 33, 1000 records

Seven Singles, box3s of 7, speed 45

1st single releases, boxes of 4, speed 78 (some of Elvis's 1st orginal

Lots of ornaments

Lots of framed pictures

Lots of Kitchen wear

1998 4WD Ex Jap Pulsar, in good condition. +\- 89 000 kms $400 million.

For further enquiries please contact Mrs L Noble on 304426 or 091340334.


1.26 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Items for Sale:

Honda CB 650 B Motorbike.  Seat needs attention and needs new Electric
start batt.

$200 million.

Pink Carpet.  12 x 9 ft $12 million

Blue single bedspread set $2.5 million

Brand New Double bed sheets $5 million

Brand new 12 piece tea set (6 cups & 6 saucers) $4 million

Brand new Pyrex oval dish with metal frame $4 million

Brand new Pudding bowls $4 million

Tupperware Rice Cooker $3 million

Tupperware deep oval casserole dish $3 million

Tupperware low oval casserole dish $3 million

Tupperware round casserole dish $3 million

Tupperware rolls container $3 million

2x tea sets (for 6) $1 million each

Deep Fryer $8 million

Ice Cream Machine $10 million

Snug and Safe Baby carrier/car seat (0 - 9mths) $5 million

Baby bath seat $1.5 million

Baby monitor $3 million

Baby carrier $3 million

Microwave Sterilser (brand new) $5 million

2 man canvas Tents $10 million each

Tennis Rackets $2.5 million each

Hockey sticks $2.5 million each (one is for goalkeeping)

2000 pieces puzzles $2 million each

Pictionary Game $2 million

For further details please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914 or 091777668


1.27 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Hewlett Packard printer 610C (brand new)

French lessons course (Oxford) never used

Supersonic radio and record player (superb condition)

.270 rifle with Lynx scope (4x40) licensed.

Contact no: 011 416937 or 09 234757




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

Instant cash paid for Working / Non- Working TV, VCR and/or Hifi. Please
contact Joel on or leave a message with Mercy on
011 611 637.


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

White painted Garden Furniture - we need an attractive table for eating
round and 6-8 chairs to go with it.

Contact 04 - 496049


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Are you likely to have any maize stova available in the next few
months?  If so I have cattle that would like to eat it.  Must be fairly
near Harare / Ruwa and have some sort of cattle handling facilities.
Reply to


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)




PLEASE PHONE:- 071 8 474

CELL 091 238 462/ 091 303 097


2.5 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Satellite dish around 1,2 meters up to about 1,6 meters,


Or 756363-9 (work) 339378 (home) 091-338414


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1 medium sized coffee table (wooden not steel)

1 x three quarter bed, or 2 x single beds in good condition.

Contact: Kim Rennie on 011-212 697


2.7 WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)


Does anyone have a measuring wheel to, donate, lend or sell to Pony
Club?  Ours 'went missing' last weekend and we urgently require another
for our shows and eventing.  Many thanks.

Please call Jo on 091 247001 or 494720 or Kathy on 023 317537


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I am looking for a second hand cellphone to buy. If there is anyone out
there selling his/her cellphone please contact me on 023756589
or e-mail


2.9 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Wanted Items

Is there anyone out there with a second hand jungle gym for sale? Please
phone Michelle Ross on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

 Pensioner looking for second hand walking frame to buy.

Any further details please contact Mrs L Noble on 304426 or 091340334




3.1 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 11/01/06)

Honest, reliable, mature lady looking to housesit as from 01 February
2006.  Avondale area preferred.  Please phone Jenny 011 423 614 or


3.2 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

Thatched house for Rent in Helensvale

(behind Borrowdale Brooke) - Immediate Occupation.

3 bedrooms all on-suite bathrooms, large living room, dining room,
kitchen/pantry and scullery/store room. Lovely veranda area overlooking
swimming pool.  Borehole and electric gate.  House split on 3 levels
and property is 5 acres, all indigenous woodland with beautiful views.
Price Negotiable.

Please phone Harare 861766.


3.3 House for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Helensvale Area, on just over 2 acres (8138 sq.mtrs)

Mediterranean style, very neat, well maintained.

Spacious lounge with jet master fireplace

Separate dining room

Kitchen with walk in pantry

Two large bedrooms

Two lock up garages

Well-developed garden of indigenous trees

Good borehole

Offers phone: 861089


3.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Accommodation Wanted

Elderly couple looking for 3 bedroomed house for long term lease with
lock up garage(s).  Able to maintain home and property very well. Able to
pay rental up to $25 million per month.  Please contact Reg Gravett on
302983 after 1800 hrs.


3.5 Looking for House Sitter (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

House Sitter Wanted

Marondera - Smallholding - Mature couple required to house sit from 1st
April to 1st July. Must be animal lovers. Beautiful environment, on tar
road, Town Centre only 4kms away.

Please phone Rene' on 091 395-576 or 04 747 411




4.1 Harare International Festival of the Arts (Ad inserted

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of
Zimbabwe's premier artistic events.  It gives Zimbabweans the change to
meet and interface with top local artists, as well as regional and
international artists and performers. The Festival's appeal is for all
ages and interests and during HIFA, Zimbabweans come together in a truly
carnival atmosphere to
experience the sheer joy that is art in whatever form - art as healer,
art as educator, art as up lifter of the spirit.

HIFA 2006 is scheduled for 25th to 30th April 2006. All the major
international festivals offer a "Friends of Festival" scheme and ours is
known as HifAmigos.  HifAmigos are a highly valued and regarded
component of the Festival.  HIFA offers a series of comprehensive
benefits in several categories of HifAmigos to cater for all interests
and needs and subscriptions are reasonable.

HIFA has been described as "second to Edinburgh" and "among the top ten
festivals of the world!"  HIFA 2006 now invites you to become a HifAmigo
or to renew your HifAmigo membership.  If you do so by 24th February
2006, you will be listed in the Official HIFA 2006 Programme and invited
to what is becoming the hottest even on the Zimbabwean social calendar -
the HIFA Opening Party. Our launch events are legendary.  Join early &
be there!

2006 HifAmigos will enjoy 20% discounts on all shows and workshops.
Procedure for becoming a hifAmigo
Contact the hifAmigo Manager for an application form -
Angie Thomas - contactable via HIFA as below.

 Harare International Festival of the Arts
 Box A42, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
 Phone & Fax: +263 (4) 300 119


4.2 ABERFOYLE LODGE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

                                  HONDE VALLEY

Fully serviced, self-catering lodge with cook
and bar. Something for everyone- golf, swimming, squash as well as lovely
walks in idyllic surroundings
and brilliant birding. Gather your friends, share transport, and have a
fun-filled few days.
For further information contact Sue Fawcett on or Val
Marshall on or



GACHE GACHE LODGE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Book now for Easter!

Contact us: or phone Andrea on

091 208 836.

Rates on request!


4.4 Looking for Bush Time (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Are you a writer or just in need of bush time?
Looking for someone to spend one month at a time in bush environment.
Would be there as a male presence while husband is working away. Small
help required mechanically if generator or vehicle needs arise. Must like
animals, both domestic and wild. Would have own cottage with en suite
bush shower and flush lou and food would be provided.
If interested please email:


4.5 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

The National Institute of Alied Arts

Presents their Annual Festival from 8th - 23rd March

Choirs at Harry Margolis Hall

Music across the board

21st, 22nd and 23rd March

Final Concert at Prince Edward School

Public welcome we need your support




5.1 (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

TAYST The Private Catering Company

At Tayst we would like to offer you an innovative

cuisine experience using the finest & freshest

ingredients available.

We cater for:

· Cooperate functions

· Cocktail parties

· Black tie dinners

· Birthday parties

· Business Lunches

Please contact Thea or Christy on 091 282 165

Or email


5.2 Ad inserted (21/02/06)

Farmers -- your favourite hairdressers, Donaghy's, has re-located from
Farm & City Centre to smart new premises in the City Bowling Club in
Harare Gardens. Phone Annette on 011 716 246.


5.3 Ad inserted (7/03/06)

Blackfordby College of Agriculture


                     Enrolment applications for the intake

                                 Commencing in

August 2006 are now open

The minimum entrance qualifications for the diploma

Is: Five O-Levels; English, Maths,

Science and two others.

The course covers two years and is written in five

Disciplines, Animal Husbandry, Crop Husbandry,

Horticulture, Farm Mechanization and

Farm Management.

Applicants must send a non-refundable deposit of

$1 000 000.00 (one million dollars) to the address below

or deposit the money

into our account:

Standard Chartered Bank, Avondale Branch

Account Number: 0101723103701.

A copy of the deposit slip with the applicant's name and

Address must be faxed to 075-2539.

The application forms will then be sent to you, and will

Include details of fee structure.

Blackfordby College of Agriculture

P.O. Box EH 197

Emerald Hill

Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: 075-2532/2533

Fax: 075-2579


Applications close on 31st May 2006.


5.4 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

T.M.  LAMBERT (Agent for Mono Pumps Zimbabwe)

Capacity Test, Installations, Repair Maintenance On All Borehole Pumps

PO Box GT 629

Graniteside, Harare

Tel: 04-494796

Cell: 091 288 448 or 011 726 062



5.5 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Savuli Safari, self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking
trails and 4x4 hire.  Camp fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just
bring your food, drinks and relax.  $900 000 pppn, 1/2 U/12.

Booking direct to John Tayler at 091 631 556 or


5.6 G - TECH (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

G - TECH: Diesel and plant maintenance, site contracting, generator and
stationary engine installation and maintenance, tractors and hydraulics.
Contact Graham at or call 011 406023, 091 286657, 04
741001, 075 2264


5.7 For Hire (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

21 & 14" Televisions & videos for hire - Please phone Hire Electric on




6.1 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Jack Russell looking for home as only dog, not a fighter but has always
been an only pet. Jock, tan/white, male 6 years. Docked tail not
neutered. Tel Calla Van Zyl on 884226 or 091-252-744. To approved home


6.2 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

"Good homes wanted for Male Toy Pom and Female Keeshond (miniature
Husky), preferably together.  Owner has moved to a smaller property and
cannot keep all her dogs.  Please phone Mrs Ricardo on 737944-9 or 091


6.3 Lost (Ad inserted 14/02/06)




OR ZNSPCA HQ 497885 or 497574


6.4 African Grey Chicks For Sale

      (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Two hand reared African Grey chicks.

Contact: Trinity on 04-369160-5


6.5 Puppies For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)


Father - boer bull cross ridgeback

Mother - blue heeler


011 606 783

091 246 233 or 065 2703


6.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

"5 year old male Golden Retriever "Stanley" with excellent UCI and FCI
pedigree background ideally looking for female Golden for breeding, but
any friends for playing in yard etc.  Pls call 091 317550.


6.7 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

2 ex farming male cats both neutered,

2 ex farming female cats both spayed,

Very relaxed and well house trained. Looking for a new home. Used to
travelling and good at settling into different life styles. Please
contact 04 490758 after 6pm weekdays or weekends.


6.8 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I have two very beautiful tabby cats that we took onto farm from someone
leaving the country. However now refusing to come into house because of
dogs. I would very much like to find them good home where there are no
dogs. Very friendly, young, females, spade. Independent but love people.

Please phone Carrie 091 206 558.


6.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)




6.10 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Looking for a good home for a 6 year old female Pure Bred Boerbul.
Excellent guard dog but very dominant and probably needs to be an only
dog. Prefer a Farm or big property

Colin Paterson 011-206626
Gill Paterson 091-294185 or 04-882013


6.11 Missing (Ad inserted 7/03/06)



-JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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Protest at attacks on the MDC


Big demo on Saturday against Mugabe’s crackdown on the MDC.  The demonstration is staged by MDC UK and is being hosted by the Zimbabwe Vigil.  It will be held outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, London, at the usual Vigil time of 2 – 6 pm.
As you will know, a number of senior party members have been arrested on what are seen as trumped-up charges of plotting to assassinate Mugabe.
At the same time a wave of violence has been unleashed against MDC supporters.  Once again there are reports of police torture and 4 MDC supporters were seriously injured last weekend when they were attacked by Zanu-PF thugs after a big rally attended by Morgan Tsvangirai.
The government’s crackdown is widely believed to be an attempt to derail the MDC Congress to be held in Harare from 17th – 19th March at which the party is expected to adopt a resolution on mass protests against the regime.
Please come and support us.
Bring posters and banners.
 Vigil Co-ordinators
The Vigil, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London, takes place every Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00 to protest against gross violations of human rights by the current regime in Zimbabwe. The Vigil which started in October 2002 will continue until internationally-monitored, free and fair elections are held in Zimbabwe.

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Wheat imports start

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Mar-15

THE government is in the process of importing 50 000 tonnes of wheat to
complement 15 000 tonnes already in stock in the country to avert looming
bread shortages.
Minister of State for National Security, Didymus Mutasa, revealed this in an
interview with The Daily Mirror this week.
Mutasa, who is also the Minister of Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement,
said: "We are importing 50 000 tonnes of wheat through Beira (Mozambique).
15 000 tonnes are in stock in the country and we are urging those holding to
the wheat to release it so that the government can buy it. We need just a
few tonnes to reach the next harvest."
The minister explained that the 15 000 tonnes were reserved for bakers by
some millers, but the confectionary manufacturers were yet to pay for the
"We want to buy the wheat so that it can be used. But we are yet to verify
its state to find out whether it is still okay since it has been there for a
long period," said the minister, who also oversees national food security.
The importation of wheat by the government comes hard on the heels of
demands by bakers to increase the price of a standard loaf from the recently
effected $65 000 to
$90 000.
The increase in bread price has been necessitated by dwindling supply of
wheat to millers, among other things, the bakers argued.
Some millers have since registered their concerns with the Grain Marketing
Board (GMB) saying they were facing imminent closure due to erratic wheat
Among the millers who wrote to the parastatal last week were National Foods,
Blue Ribbon and Victoria Foods.
On the other hand, bakers claim that their viability cannot be guaranteed as
well if the government does not approve the proposed new bread price.
Zimbabwe consumes about 400 000 tonnes of wheat yearly, but in 2005, the
country managed to produce 95 000 tonnes. The government through GMB
imported the balance.
The Millers Association of Zimbabwe recently said GMB was now giving bakers
400 tonnes of wheat a week, down from 600 tonnes.
It said the shortage of the grain could force bakers to import flour from
South Africa, which could lead to more bread price increases.
Agricultural experts were optimistic that this year's winter wheat programme
would produce sufficient yields to meet national consumption requirements
following early preparations by relevant stakeholders.
The experts added that they were expecting at least 115 000 hectares of land
will be utilised for the programme compared to the 50 000 hectares that were
used last year.
Zimbabwe is expected to produce between 450 000 and 500 000 tonnes of wheat
due to the increase in hectarage and irrigation potential following the
injection of $3 trillion by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe towards the
rehabilitation of the country's irrigation systems.
According to media reports, the RBZ was mobilising about US$170 million for
the importation of the chemicals and herbicides required for the winter
wheat programme.

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Future of 60 farmers hangs in balance

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Our Correspondent in Masvingo
issue date :2006-Mar-15

THE future of more than 60 farmers at Chidza Farm in Chief Chikwanda's area
of Gutu District, still hangs in the balance, as the Masvingo provincial
land committee is yet to decide on the farm's status nearly five years after
they settled on the property.
The farmers, currently sharing the farm with its original owner John Boland,
have accused the white farmer of deliberately straying his cattle onto their
fields destroying about four hectares of crops.
The farmers' spokesperson, Mapondera Chiwawa, alleged that Boland's cattle
had strayed into their fields about five times since early February this
Chiwawa also accused the provincial land committee of dragging its feet on
the issue.
"We have been staying at this farm since 2000 and our calls to have this
farm properly pegged have yielded no results," he said.
Chiwawa added that efforts to have the local government ministry stop Boland
from directing his cattle into their fields had been fruitless so far.
"We are not calling for Boland's ouster from this farm. But all we want is
for him to look after his cattle so that we can co-exist in peace," he said.
In 2002, the villagers were evicted from the farm only to bounce back after
taking their case up with the responsible authorities, including the Office
of the President and Cabinet.
Masvingo District Administrator (DA) James Mazvidza said none of the farmers
had official papers entitling them to occupy the farm.
"The farm has not yet been pegged, but we are in the process of finalising
the case," the DA said.
He stressed that as things stand, Boland was titled to the farm that also
includes Dry River Farm, which villagers claim was his second farm.
The villagers had also sought to find out why Boland owned more than one
farm in stark contravention of President Robert Mugabe's call for a
one-person one-farm policy.
The DA, however, explained that the two properties had one title deed.
"They are two properties under one title," Mazvidza said.
Asked when the land committee would come up with a position regarding the
farm's official status, the DA said the process could not be addressed
overnight. He could not commit himself to a tentative date, he said.

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Illegal gold panners vow to continue

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Our Correspondent recently in Gwanda
issue date :2006-Mar-15

ILLEGAL gold panners in Matabeleland South have vowed to defy moves to push
them out of the risky, but lucrative business, saying it was their most
viable form of eking out a decent living.
The panners' statement came against the background of warnings by several
government ministers on the need to end illegal gold panning, which is
causing untold environmental damage.
The Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Andrew Langa, was quoted
recently in the local press saying the government was in the process of
putting together legislation to criminalise illegal gold panning.
Langa said it was high time such legislation was promulgated, as further
delays would cause serious land degradation by the panners, commonly known
as makorokoza.The chief mining commissioner in the Ministry of Mines and
Mining Development, Fredson Mabhena, told a Parliamentary Portfolio
Committee on Mines, Environment and Tourism recently, that an announcement
banning illegal gold panning would be offcialised.But some gold panners said
despite the proposed ban, they  with law enforcement agents.
Joseph Mbambo, a panner at a mine claim near West Nicholson, said it was
tough for them to earn a living on anything besides gold panning.
"We have become so used to this activity of gold panning such that it is
difficult to think about any other means of earning a living," he said.
"This has been the best way to earn a decent living and, as a result, we
will resist any efforts to try and stop us from doing this."
Mbambo added that since he ventured into gold panning some years ago, he has
been fending for his family and also caring for his ageing parents in
Tshelanyemba area of Kezi district.
 "I have five kids and a wife that I am taking care of here. I also have my
old parents whom I am looking after and all that money is coming from gold
panning. As you are aware, securing a job is now difficult these days, so
with a family and parents to look after, one is forced into any kind of job,
regardless of how risky it is,"  said Mbambo.
Natasha Moyo, a female panner, said it was better for her to take to gold
panning than engaging in more risky ventures such as prostitution because of
HIV and Aids threat.
"I cannot take the risk of engaging in prostitution. I am better off here
because I am engaged in open cast panning and I do not go into the dumps as
some male panners do," Moyo said.
"I have managed to make sure that I provide for my family. I am also able to
pay school fees for my children through panning."
Although police have clamped down on illegal panning, critics say  the light
penalties charged were not deterrent enough for determined panners who
return to their sites after paying the fines.The illegal panners fined
between $25 000 and $100 000 - considered a drop in the ocean to what they
reap after selling the precious mineral to dealers.

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