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C'Wealth chief says majority backed Zimbabwe move

By Nicholas Kotch

JOHANNESBURG, March 18 - South Africa and Nigeria only reluctantly agreed to
Zimbabwe's continued suspension from the Commonwealth, a month after calling
for the penalty to be lifted, the 54-nation group's senior official said on
       Neither President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa nor Nigerian President
Olusegun Obasanjo has commented in public about the decision to extend the
suspension, announced on Sunday by Commonwealth Secretary-General Don
       But McKinnon told Reuters that Mbeki and Obasanjo, who along with
Australia make up a Commonwealth ''troika'' on Zimbabwe, were sticking to
their position that Zimbabwe should be re-admitted but acknowledged they
were not in the majority.
       ''I believe that to be right,'' McKinnon said in an interview on
Tuesday, when asked if the two African leaders stood by their view that
Zimbabwe had done enough to justify its return to the fold of mostly former
British colonies.
       ''They recognised that the broad overall view was to have the
suspension extended,'' he said, adding that he had spoken with Mbeki as
recently as Saturday.
       The sanction against President Robert Mugabe's government was imposed
in March last year in protest at alleged election-rigging and the seizure of
white-owned farms for redistribution to landless blacks.
       The suspension been due to expire on Wednesday, but was extended on
Sunday until at least December.
       New Zealander McKinnon, speaking from London, said he canvassed
almost every Commonwealth government before announcing the extension.
       ''There are very mixed feelings about the issue. This is one of the
most difficult situations we have ever had to face in the Commonwealth.
       ''(But) the clear majority was for the suspension to remain until
leaders could assess the situation again in December. They would like to see
more progress in Zimbabwe, particularly in terms of reconciliation,'' he

       Nigeria is due to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM)
summit in December. Diplomats said Obasanjo, seeking a second term in
presidential elections next month, was anxious the divisive Zimbabwe issue
should not dog summit preparations.
       Diplomatic sources said a meeting between McKinnon and Commonwealth
High Commissioners in London on Monday had seen a frank exchange of views.
       The Commonwealth has looked racially split over Zimbabwe with many
African and Asian members either supporting Mugabe or unwilling to line up
against him -- a split personified inside the troika of members handling
Zimbabwe policy.
       Australian Prime Minister John Howard is in total disagreement with
Mbeki and Obasanjo, saying the political and human rights situation has
deteriorated and justifies stronger sanctions against the Mugabe government.
       In a statement last Saturday, Obasanjo said he and Mbeki were at one
on Zimbabwe and wanted the suspension lifted. He denied he had changed his
mind and wanted 79-year-old Mugabe to leave office after 23 years in charge.
       McKinnon said the extension was the best compromise he could obtain
from the troika and other leaders.
       ''Whatever happened would have been seen as a slap in the face for
someone...By Saturday afternoon I had clear agreement from all three leaders
to proceed to make the statement I did.''
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Mob rampages in Zimbabwe
By Cris Chinaka

HARARE (Reuters) - Mobs have burned a bus, blocked roads and stoned
motorists in the capital Harare on the first day of a national strike called
by the opposition to protest against President Robert Mugabe, police say.

Factories and shops were shut on Tuesday as thousands of workers joined the
two-day mass action called by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in
the first major challenge to Mugabe since his controversial re-election a
year ago.

MDC officials said the two-day protest would help to marshal international
focus on Mugabe's "repressive rule" at a time when the world spotlight is on
Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

"People are sick and tired of this regime and this is their message," said
MDC spokesman Paul Themba Nyathi, who estimated 80 percent of businesses
were affected by the strike.

Many shops and factories in Harare's main industrial districts were closed
on Tuesday, but some government offices and banks were still open downtown.

Witnesses in the southern city of Bulawayo, an opposition stronghold, also
reported most businesses were closed.

State radio called the strike a flop with only white-owned companies
affected. A government spokesman said: "The MDC is desperate and they are
failing desperately".

Police said mobs began roaming through Harare after midnight, blocking roads
into the city centre and hurling stones at passing motorists.

"There was a bus that was burned in the early hours of this morning and a
policeman was critically injured," said Assistant Police Commissioner Wayne

He could not confirm reports that a crowd beat up commuters boarding a train
in the township of Mufakose near Harare, triggering clashes at the train

"We are compiling details, but we have made several arrests in Harare and
(the eastern border city of) Mutare," he said.

Police had warned they would deal ruthlessly with any violence during what
the government calls an illegal strike.


Zimbabwe is grappling with its worst political and economic crisis since
independence from Britain in 1980. The economy is in its fourth year of
recession with record high unemployment, inflation and acute shortages of
fuel and foreign currency.

Economists say a 220.9 percent annual inflation rate could hit 350 percent
before the year-end due to high prices for scant basic goods which has
fuelled anger against the government.

Nearly half the country's 14 million people face food shortages blamed on
drought and the impact of Mugabe's drive to seize white-owned farms for
redistribution to landless blacks.

Mugabe has been at the centre of a political storm since February 2000 when
militants from his ruling ZANU-PF party invaded white-owned farms in support
of his drive to transfer farms to landless blacks.

The crisis deepened when ZANU-PF won parliamentary elections in June 2000
after a violent campaign against the MDC, and after Mugabe's controversial
re-election last March in a presidential poll critics say was rigged.

The Commonwealth group of mainly former British colonies decided on Sunday
to extend a one-year suspension of Zimbabwe at least until December over the
disputed polls and land policy.

With the group's 54 nations split on whether the measure should be continued
beyond Wednesday's one-year expiry, Commonwealth Secretary-General Don
McKinnon said it would be maintained until a heads of government meeting in

Mugabe has denied mismanaging the country's affairs and accused foreign
enemies of sabotaging the economy over his land transfer programme.
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Sky News


Protests in Zimbabwe against President Robert Mugabe's government were
teetering on the brink of violence after police fired tear gas to disperse

Anti-government activists erected roadblocks and a bus was set on fire in
the capital Harare, as a national strike gained momentum.

The action was called by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change,
calling for the end of state repression, economic mismanagement and
corruption, which they say has put over half of Zimbabwe's 13m population in
danger of starvation.

The strike - the first major challenge to Mugabe since his controversial
re-election a year ago - shut many factories and shops across the country.

An MDC official said the protest would last two days, and urged workers to
back the action.

"The reports we have so far is that there is an 80% shutdown around the
country," said MDC spokesman Paul Thamba Nyathi.

"People are sick of this regime and this is their message."

A government spokesman said the MDC was "desperate" and warned that police
would deal ruthlessly with any violence during the strike.

Zimbabwe is currently suffering record high unemployment and inflation as
well as acute shortages of fuel and currency.
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The Australian

Zimbabwe blasts ban: report

March 19, 2003
ZIMBABWE has reacted angrily to news the Commonwealth has extended the
country's suspension from the 54-member organisation, saying the decision
was taken unilaterally, the state-controlled Herald said.

Commonwealth Secretary General Don McKinnon late on Sunday announced that
Zimbabwe's suspension from the Commonwealth councils, which was due to be
lifted this week, would be extended for nine months until December.

The southern African country was originally excluded from the councils after
international observers ruled that elections a year ago, which returned
President Robert Mugabe to power, were seriously flawed.

"McKinnon has no authority to issue such a statement," The Herald quoted
Zimbabwe's high commissioner to London, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, as saying.

He said there was no way the decision to extend Zimbabwe's suspension could
have been based on a consensus among Commonwealth members.

In taking the decision, McKinnon claimed it was widely agreed among
Commonwealth members to leave the question of Zimbabwe's readmittance until
the group's next full meeting in December.

Following Zimbabwe's suspension in March last year, a special troika -
comprising the leaders of Australia, Nigeria and South Africa - was set up
to deal with the Commonwealth's concerns about the country.

Both Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo, of Nigeria, and Thabo Mbeki, of South
Africa, had indicated prior to the announcement of the extension that they
supported Zimbabwe's readmittance.

But Australian Prime Minister John Howard favoured continued suspension.

"The two members of the troika who decided that the suspension should be
lifted have not changed their stance," Mumbengegwi told The Herald.
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      ZIMBABWE: Vulnerable rely on food aid
      IRINnews Africa, Tue 18 Mar 2003


      Food aid leaves WFP's Mutare warehouse

      MUTARE, - On Mutare's tobacco auction floor rather than bails of
golden-leafed burley, sacks of maize and corn soya blend are neatly stacked
in row upon row.

      Burley tobacco never really took off in the Mutare area in eastern
Zimbabwe, and the town's auction floor closed at the end of last year's
growing season after a decade of operation.

      Its new tenants, however, are extremely busy.

      Mutare is one of four transhipment depots for the World Food Programme
(WFP). Food aid trucked through South Africa or carried by rail from the
Mozambican port of Beira arrives at Mutare to be off-loaded. The relief
supplies are then repacked onto vehicles heading to food distribution points
in the seven districts served by the warehouse, as part of the WFP's
emergency operation to feed more than half of Zimbabwe's 11.6 million people
in urgent need of assistance.

      Diana Sibanda was just one of the 2,844 recipients at Chiranda primary
school last week who had waited patiently for the delivery of WFP's monthly
ration. She had struggled hard not to be in this predicament. Since November
last year she had planted three times, only to see the rains stop early each
time, and her maize crop whither in the sandy soil.

      "I can pick one or two cobs to roast, but the crop has failed," she
told IRIN.

      As a widow, Sibanda has been classified as "vulnerable" by WFP and
therefore entitled to 10 kg of maize meal, 1 kg of pulses, 1 kg of corn soya
blend - used as a nutritious porridge - and a little vegetable oil each
month. This, she said, had been the difference between life and death.

      "When I saw my crops fail I felt pain and worried how I could live. I
feel gratitude [for the aid], without it we would have died," she explained.

      Tendai Mujiwechi said that before the WFP programme began in October,
she was surviving on un-ripened fruit - mangoes and paw-paw - which she
would boil. "They taste good when you are hungry," she told IRIN.

      In Mutare, as in much of rural Zimbabwe, subsistence farmers scrape a
living growing a little maize and sorghum. The area is dry, and more suited
to ranching, but both Sibanda and Mujiwechi said in a good year they could
grow enough to produce a small surplus for sale.

      But three consecutive years of poor rains exhausted the few resources
they had to fall back on. With even the wealthier farmers facing a poor
crop, opportunities to work in their fields as wage labourers, a traditional
coping strategy, dried up.

      "As old as we are, we really grew scared because of the hunger,"
Mujiwechi said.

      Alongside the vulnerable fed by WFP - deemed as the elderly, widows,
women-headed households, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS -
increasing numbers of the just plain poor have appealed to be included on
the distribution register.

      Supplies of cheap price controlled maize in Mutare, provided through
the government's Grain Marketing Board, were described as "erratic" by aid

      Throughout the region is the evidence of the failure of the rains
during the crucial months of November and December, when the maize crop
should have matured. In the small plots that surround each homestead, rows
of scorched and shrunken stems stand abandoned.

      Compounding the bad weather were problems at the village level over
access to seeds and fertiliser during the planting season last year. Maize
seeds, when available, were late in arriving in Mutare. Both Sibanda and
Mujiwechi said they had been forced to plant without fertiliser.

      Complaints by producers over the fixed price of seed and problems with
the government's input support programme had delayed deliveries.

      In a warning of worsening food insecurity in 2003, the Harare-based
Famine Early Warning System said in a report last month that due to
"inadequate inputs and poor rainfall distribution", crops were in "a much
worse situation than last year, when more than half of the country
experienced a complete crop failure or well below-average yields".
      The material contained in this article is from IRIN, a UN humanitarian
information unit, but may not necessarily reflect the views of the United
Nations or its agencies. If you re-print, copy, archive or re-post any item
on this site, please retain this credit and disclaimer. Quotations or
extracts should include attribution to the original sources. All graphics
and Images on this site may not be re-produced without the express
permission of the original owner.
      All materials copyright UN Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs 2003
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Zimbabwe's cities halted by MDC-led mass strike
By Peta Thornycroft in Harare
(Filed: 19/03/2003)

Tens of thousands of Zimbabwean workers observed a call for a general strike
yesterday as the opposition launched the biggest protest against President
Robert Mugabe's rule for six years.

Much of the nation's commerce and industry was halted and streets were empty
in the capital, Harare, and the second city, Bulawayo, on the first day of
the protest, which will end tonight.

Officials of the Movement for Democratic Change said the strike would focus
international attention on Mr Mugabe's "repressive rule".

Paul Themba Nyathi, an MDC spokesman, estimated that 80 per cent of
businesses were affected. Three policemen were injured, one seriously, in
unrest connected with the strike. Three buses were set alight and 53
opposition supporters were arrested.

The strike, the first successful protest since Mr Mugabe won rigged
elections a year ago, has shown the MDC "still has the capacity to flex its
muscles", according to Prof Brian Raftopoulos of the University of Zimbabwe.

Andrew Nongogo, an analyst and spokesman for the Zimbabwe Crisis Group,
said: "This strike, which has been surprisingly successful and is still
growing, has shown the opposition that if it is willing to take the lead
people will follow."

The strike is the most widespread since 1997 when the MDC's president,
Morgan Tsvangirai, then leader of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions,
called the people out to protest against food price rises.

He could not take part in the action yesterday as he and two MDC MPs were in
the High Court facing treason charges, arising from an alleged plot to
assassinate Mr Mugabe before last year's elections.

Police said the strike was illegal and state radio said it had flopped, with
only white-owned companies affected.

Zimbabwe is grappling with its worst political and economic crisis since
independence from Britain in 1980. The economy is in its fourth year of
recession, with record unemployment, runaway inflation and acute shortages
of fuel and foreign currency.

Nearly half the country's 14 million people face food shortages blamed on
drought and the impact of Mr Mugabe's drive to seize white-owned farms for
redistribution to landless blacks.
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Zimbabwe Lashes Out at West; Defends Land Reform
VOA News
19 Mar 2003, 02:31 UTC

Zimbabwe's Justice Minister lashed out at western nations Tuesday during a
speech at the annual meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva.

Patrick Chinamasa said in launching a war against Iraq without a U.N.
mandate, the United States and Britain had no right to preach about
democracy. He accused the two countries, which are his nation's most
strident critics, as having double-standards.

Mr. Chinamasa said if the west respected human rights, it would not "want to
unleash a senseless war on Iraq without regard to the human rights of
defenseless Iraqi children."

The justice minister also defended Zimbabwe's much-maligned land reform
policy. He said his government had redressed what he called "colonialist,
racially induced inequalities" in land ownership in Zimbabwe.

Under the controversial policy, white commercial farmers were forced to hand
over their land to blacks.

Zimbabwe has been under sharp criticism ever since last year's widely
condemned elections won by President Robert Mugabe. The nation was suspended
from the Commonwealth, and the European Union slapped sanctions on Mr.
Mugabe's government in protest.

Last week U.S. officials said they would lead an effort to condemn Zimbabwe
for its "flagrant and ruinous" human rights abuses at the human rights
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Britain should support Olonga's stand
By Paul Hayward  (Filed: 19/03/2003)

There are people in this country who will tell you that all asylum seekers
are parasites. They will breathe ale on you and say that "political
persecution" is a fancy excuse for sponging. Funnily enough, some of those
same folk will also try to persuade you that a red carpet should be unfurled
for Henry Olonga, the Zimbabwean cricketer who stood up to Robert Mugabe's
tyranny in the most heroic protest by an athlete since Muhammad Ali refused
to fight in Vietnam.

Britain will be a much better country if Olonga comes here from his hiding
place in South Africa, from which seven of Mugabe's henchmen tried to snatch
him this week. God knows our country could do with a few more people who
believe in something. Mugabe's goons were in East London to see through the
president's threat to have the first black cricketer to represent Zimbabwe
tried for treason and probably executed. According to the Home Office, 7,695
Zimbabweans fled to Britain in 2002 and 2,245 have already been accepted.
Most of us would rejoice if Olonga made that 2,246.

But since freedom and justice are at the top of his wish-list for that
blighted land, it must be right that Olonga submits to the same procedure as
anyone else fleeing a dictatorship: both in county cricket and at the
immigration desk. When John Carr, director of cricket at the England and
Wales Cricket Board, said as much this week, it sounded like classic
bureaucratic insensitivity. Olonga, though, made his stand on the question
of basic human rights. Courage of the sort that few of us will ever be asked
to demonstrate should not entitle him to leap over the 3,870 Zimbabweans who
applied to become British citizens but were turned away.

Olonga is in mortal danger as long as he remains within reach of Mugabe's
death squads. So, too, are many of the fellow Africans he leaves behind. He
was a candidate for state-sponsored murder from the day he provided the
cricket World Cup's most electrifying and enduring moment. The black-armband
protest against the 'death of democracy' in their country made Olonga and
Andy Flower the political equals of Ali. Flower is nicely set up with
another year on the county circuit with Essex and his wife and children are
already here. Olonga may be heading for a career as a classical singer.
Something tells me he will end up as a great British figure and Renaissance

By coincidence, on Monday night, Channel 5 showed a documentary on Ali in
which sport's most celebrated refusenik told David Frost (with the help of
subtitles): "I made a stand [on Vietnam] and I turned out right." In April
1967, Ali was stripped of the world heavyweight title for refusing to be
conscripted and lost 3.5 years of his prime. Ali lost his stage, his
livelihood and some of his speed around the ring. The difference today, I
suppose, is that Olonga risks losing his life.

Veterans of the American civil rights era might try to correct that
assertion: in an age of political assassinations, Ali, who for a time was a
Muslim fundamentalist who argued that all white people were "devils", was
probably at risk from the lone gunman as much as a Kennedy or a Martin
Luther King.

The comparison is made solely to accentuate Olonga's heroism in looking down
the barrel of Mugabe's gun while also sacrificing his international career.
In the annals of moral protest, he certainly surged past, say, Robbie Fowler
and his 'Support the Liverpool dockers' T-shirt - a gesture for which Fowler
deserved respect, regardless of whether you agreed with the sentiment. Not
until Olonga arrives on these shores, though, will we know whether he
possesses any of Ali's imperishable wit. During the Frost interview, the
former 'King of the World', who has chronic Parkinson's disease, closed his
eyes and snored. Tragic, we thought. But then the Ali eyes sprang open and
he mumbled, through a grin: "Did I fool you?" Rope-a-dope, for interviewers.

An esteemed colleague sent me a laminated card showing one of Ali's most
famous aphorisms: "I know where I'm going and I know the truth and I don't
have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want." This is the
essence of Olonga's protest. It was an expression not just of collective
indignation but his own desire for individual liberty. It damaged the Mugabe
regime far more than Zimbabwe's suspension from the Commonwealth.

At 26, after 30 Tests and 50 one-day internationals, Olonga was saying that
there is more to life than a career in games: especially when the sport of
which you are part lends succour to a regime that sent out uniformed thugs
this week to beat and harass members of the Movement for Democratic Change.

Zimbabwe doubtless went off the radar of everyday consciousness the moment
England effectively boycotted their World Cup match in Harare. While we
looked for a new moral saga to fill the radio phone-ins, Olonga moved from
black armbands to white wrist bands. Different symbol, same message. His
father, a medical practitioner in Bulawayo, warned him that he would be
tried and probably executed if he returned from South Africa, to which he
had taken "documents and a few valuables" as a precaution.

By that point, most of us would have had enough, but Olonga was ready to
take on South Africa's ruling ANC - the party of Nelson Mandela - who have
been less than trenchant in their criticisms of Mugabe's Zanu-PF. "You have
to remember that the ANC and Zanu-PF are bedfellows. I'll only feel
completely safe once I get to England," he said. This brought a stern
rebuke. "While he may be an accomplished cricketer," the ANC said in a
statement, "Olonga clearly knows nothing about the constitutional and
political environment in South Africa. His suggestion that his life could be
in danger in South Africa is insulting." They said he was either "delusional
or supremely ill-informed".

But does he sound that way to you when he talks about not "condoning the
grotesque human rights violations that have been perpetrated . . . against
my fellow countrymen"? No, me neither. Bravery is defined many ways. One way
to pin it down is to say that the truly courageous do things we cannot
imagine doing ourselves. Ali's ultimate defence against the charge of
cowardice was that he climbed through the ropes with Joe Frazier and George
Foreman. Thus it was easy to recognise as profound strength his famous
disclaimer: "I ain't got no quarrel with those Vietcong."

An English businessman has already offered to pay Olonga's county salary for
a year. First, he has cricket's two-foreigner-per-team rule to overcome.
More appealing still is the idea of him making a CD with Barrington
Pheloung, an Australian conductor living in London who has offered him work.
Pheloung, who wrote the score for Inspector Morse, heard him singing on the

So maybe now the xenophobes who assume that all asylum seekers just want to
beg on the Tube or steal your mobile phone will remember the story of Henry
Olonga; and keep in mind Britain's highly honourable tradition of providing
a refuge for people who stand up for what they believe - even at the risk of
being snuffed out by the state. Olonga would gain a lot by coming here. But
we would gain more.
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From Reuters, 17 March

Zimbabwe police to charge MP over woman's death

Harare - Zimbabwe police said on Monday they had arrested an opposition
legislator and would charge him with culpable homicide after he allegedly
hit and killed a woman with his car while he was fleeing political clashes.
Police Chief Superintendent Bothwell Mugariri said Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) member of parliament Bennie Tumbare-Mutasa was arrested late on
Sunday hours after the incident, in which a man was also seriously injured.
Tumbare-Mutasa was believed to be fleeing from fighting between MDC
supporters and those of President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF party in
Kuwadzana, a black township on the outskirts of the capital Harare. "The
first charge that I know of is culpable homicide for accidentally killing
the woman. I am not sure if he will also be charged with trying to flee from
the scene of the accident," Mugariri told Reuters. There have been several
incidents of violence in Kuwadzana and the neighbouring Highfields
constituency over the past month as campaigning heats up for elections to
replace two MDC legislators -- one who died while awaiting trial for the
murder of his wife and another who was expelled by the party.
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From Business Day (SA), 18 March

SA appears surprised at McKinnon decision

International Affairs Editor

SA appeared to have been taken by surprise by the decision by Commonwealth
secretary-general Don McKinnon to continue the suspension of Zimbabwe's
membership until its member heads of state meet in December. Bheki Khumalo,
President Thabo Mbeki's spokesman, said yesterday SA would await the outcome
of last night's meeting of Commonwealth diplomats in London before
commenting on the development. "We understand this matter will be discussed
at a meeting of Commonwealth heads of missions. We will await the outcome of
that meeting before issuing a statement," he said. SA shares Nigeria's view
that Zimbabwe's suspension from the Commonwealth was for a year and that the
Commonwealth troika tasked with taking a decision on the matter should not
meet to take a decision. In a letter to Australian Prime Minister John
Howard, the chairman of the Commonwealth troika, Nigerian President Olusegun
Obasanjo, accused Howard of acting in a pre-emptive manner by imposing smart
sanctions on Harare.

While McKinnon's decision poses the risk of deepening divisions between
countries that take opposing views on Zimbabwean membership, there are new
possibilities of internal pressures on the government of President Robert
Mugabe with a call for mass action by the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) which will start today. The MDC has not specified what form the
action will take, but has said that its members know what to do to show
their anger. Indications are it will be an appeal for people to stay away
from work today and tomorrow. Under what appears to be growing pressure from
intimidation, arrests and court appearances, the scale of the mass action
will be a test of the MDC's strength. Party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has
said it has been preparing for mass action for some time. While the mass
action has the support of labour, commerce and industry have refused to be
drawn on whether or not they support the show of force against Mugabe.

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List of Businesses not participating in Stayaway


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Eagle Insurance Co. Ltd.

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Eastern Plumbers.

Eastlea Panel Beaters

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Edgars Stores Ltd

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Esgar Products & Investment Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

Exor Petroleum.

Floral Wonder

Gwebi College

Habitat design -

Hackney transport

Haddon motors -

Haggie Rand

Halsted Brothers

Hamburger Hut

Hamilton King

Happy days

Happy eater catering

Harare Engine Repairs Hatfield

Harare Fish Products Graniteside

Harare Leather Co

Harare Lock & Key

Harare Parts Distributors


Hard Chrome

Hardware Home

Harlequin Furniture Manufacturers

Harrison & Hughson Graniteside

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MDC statement

"The MDC is very proud and impressed by the bravery and resilience shown by hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans in the face of state oppression. Reports so far indicate that our call to workers not to go to work has resulted in an 80 percent shutdown of business across Zimbabwe."

"The events of today demonstrate that the people of Zimbabwe desire change," said Paul Themba Nyathi, a spokesman for the MDC. "They are sick and tired of oppressive and illegitimate rule that has provoked an unprecedented crisis and left them without food, jobs and security."

The movement organised the strike despite heavy government oppression. Its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is on trial for treason, 300 party officials have been arrested this year, and more than a dozen tortured by police, according to human rights groups.

Mass action round up - Zvakwana

Mutare - Sakubva residents woke to a police force who had arrived before dawn. The police attempted to force people to board transport and go to work. To the limited extent that they were successful the people arrived in the city but did not go to work - they drifted back home. It is assessed that 60% of shops and businesses have closed until further notice. Those that are open are operating with skeleton staff.

Masvingo has achieved an almost total shut down in the town. Congratulations. May this lead to further acts of defiance. MP Silas Mangono has been arrested.

Harare - Despite heavy police presence in most of the high density areas the majority of people have stayed at home. Sadly this is less true of the bourgeoisies from the low density areas The majority of companies in the industrial areas have closed their doors. Omni Bus Drivers & Touts Hailed as the collective action of these transporters in not providing a service has brought the transport system to a near stand still. A few ignored the call at their peril.

Chitungwiza verges on a liberated area as the inhabitants of the entire city have remained away from work. Unfortunately a licence holder/ owner of a fleet of mini-buses in Dzivaresekwa insisted that his drivers ply their normal route into town. This angered the local people, some of whom stoned the dissenting buses. Zvakwana urges people not to resort to violence and rather boycott this service from now and into the future.

Zvakwana understands that police in two high density areas (unnamed for security reasons) have asked to be relieved due to the mounting tension in these two suburbs. Reinforcements are finding it difficult to gain entry into these areas as people have set up blockades.

In Kadoma MP Austin Mupanbawana was arrested and assaulted by the police.

Bindura - Four activists who were distributing leaflets last night have disappeared at the hands of the authorities and their whereabouts remain unknown.

Bulawayo - The action got off to a slow start in the City of Kings but Zvakwana has been advised that many shops that opened for business today are closing as we go to press.

That was a round up on the stayaway sent out by the activist group Zvakwana.

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Please note that the classifieds will go out every Tuesday.  Payment is
required upfront and all adverts to be in by 0900 hrs every Tuesday.  This
ensures efficient distribution of the Classifieds.

German family with farm near Livingstone on the Zambezi, 60ha arable,
irrigable, ideal for vegetable production for Livingstone hotels and town is
looking for tenant or share farmer.  Ideally married couple with relevant
experience in vegetable growing.
Contact Corinna Bluecher, +260  3 32 44 78
NP [18/3]
Pleasant surroundings.  De-listed with no settlers 45kms outside Kwekwe.
Suitable for elderly couple.  Present couple leaving for Mashonaland.
Phone 055 - 24072.
NP [18/3]
HOUSE WANTED TO RENT by young family, preferably in Northwood, Mount
Pleasant, Ashbrittle, Emerald Hill, Marlborough areas. A.S.A.P.
Please phone Ed or Strill Cooper on 776535 during working hours or at home
on 300799.
NP [18/3]
Reasonably priced short-term accommodation while on business etc.  One
bedroom furnished flat, self catering.  Available in Northmead, a
recommended good suburb, about three minutes' drive from town centre and
next to Manda Hill.
Price only $30 US per night. For further details call +260-97-876493 or
Approximately 150 acres of land for long term lease.  Available in Kabwe,
about 1 hour's drive from Lusaka.  Price negotiable.
For further details call +260-97-876493 or +260-97-845949.
NP [18/3, 25/3]
HOUSE TO LET IN GLEN LORNE.  Situated in a quiet close.  4 Bedrooms, two
en-suite.  Two lounges, dining room, study, beautiful fitted kitchen with
granite counters.  Two staff quarters, swimming pool, borehole, fully
alarmed, double lock up garage and two storerooms.
Please contact Lynn on 091-200851.
NP [18/3, 25/3]
DESPERATELY WANTED  - 2 bedroom garden flat to lease.
Phone Mrs Cuming 740304 or 091 338 047.
AB [18/3]
100 ha plot on Bromley/Melfort loop road for lease a.s.a.p. Rent of $30 000
per month includes farmhouse with 4bedrooms 2bathrooms and a small nursery
business as a going concern.
Phone Gill Vaughan on 304035 or email
AF34 [18/3, 25/3]
COTTAGE for rent.  2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  Very neat.
Contact 073-2786.
AF19 [11/3, 18/3]
Natal Midlands developed dairy farm, supplies nearby cheese factory; fully
irrigated with housing and some machinery. Supplementary income from a tile
Strawberry farm with trout dam; up market housing; tourism potential.
These farms are adjacent and are available jointly or separately.
Contact: e.mail -
Phone - 27 33 396 5498 fax - 27 33 386 9993  Cell - 0832744253
GD []
Desperately looking for a small house, cottage, flat or house to share in
the Marlborough, Westgate, Avondale, Strathaven or surrounding areas.
Please call Leonie at 309800 ext 241, cell: 091252076.
LN []
KARIBA: house for occasional letting. Consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
Fully furnished and equipped, swimming pool and double lock-up garage,
walled and serviced.  House is located in Baobab Ridge.  Tel Ben Kaschula on
Harare 498121 or at CFU 309800.
#BK []
Upmarket two bed-roomed garden flat with courtyard, self-contained garage,
in small complex for sale in Mandara, Harare.
Please contact Carrie Wilson on 747935 (evenings).
#CW []
House to share in Highlands. Fully furnished. Suit single lady or gentleman,
available immediately.
Phone: Ben on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home).
#BK []

We offer a personal and efficient service for all your computer
requirements, including: -
* upgrades
* hardware and software sales
* maintenance contracts
* trouble shooting
* repairs
Please call Gus McTiernan at RD Computers on 091 347 961 or email for further details.
#GM []

Phone 091 338 047 or 303673
AB [18/3]
SUBMERSIBLE PUMP FOR SALE.  New Super D model T26-06 wet end, bronze and
stainless steel, 150 mm dia, output 6600 gals/hour  at 60 metre head.
Requires 7.5 kw motor.
Selling at $ 1 000 000 (price from agent $1 500 000).
Contact e-mail or 011-602384
NP [18/3]
Please phone Mick 091 254 521
SC [18/3]
NP [18/3]
12 x 12m x 100m
2 x 6m x 100m
Contact Ken King  e-mail  Tel 055 24250
NP [18/3]
FOR SALE:     (a) Vehicle radio QD Tracer with antennae
(b) two Motorola handheld sets with accessories
(c) magnetic antennae as new
(d) two antennae for vehicles.
All in good working order. Sell as working unit, $500 000. -
Also WANT TO BUY twin-tub washing machine.
Tel. (04) 300632; cell 091 236 318.
AF40 [18/3]
MONITOR 17" colour, a Micron 1764A for sale, no speakers.
Phone 011 419 480 or E-mail
AF44 [18/3]
DUMPY LEVEL Wild 5 metre telescopic staff and good tripod, as new.  Also two
electric monarch geysers 45 & 80 litre capacity. Offers.
Phone Winkfield 04-300632.
AF40 [18/3]
Contact Jules Peel  Phone 04-494429/023 755 002  E-mail

Item                                         Qty                  Container
My Price Z$                List Price Z$
Captan                                     400g                open
1500                           2770
Aliette                                      6kg                  sealed
90000                        96345
Magnesium Sulphate                5kg                   open
1000                           1860
Potassium Carbonate               25kg                 sealed
40000                        45150
Potassium hydroxide                3.5kg                open
3000                          6321
Rootmaster (Phos acid)            22.5kg              open
70000                         97087
Alisan (Dichloran)                    2kg                   sealed
35000                         42000
Alisan (Dichloran)                    2kg                   sealed
35000                         42000
Alisan (Dichloran)                    2kg                   sealed
35000                         42000
Citrimet                                   2l                      open
12000                         20444
Curacron                                 1.9l                   open
20000                         34958
Copper Sulphate                     2.7kg                open
10000                         16788
Micrel ZN 150                        4.5kg                open
30000                         40500
Malathion                                2.3kg                open
3500                           5262
Tartox                                     2.8kg                open
12000                         18432
Low Biurette Urea                   11.5kg              open
10000                         14375
Ridomil (Metaxyl)                    9kg                   open
70000                         90315
Methomex 90 SP                    1kg                   sealed
20000                          22079
Solicam                                   2.5kg                sealed
Solicam                                   200g                 open
Solubor                                   22.5kg              open
14000                         16200
Solubor                                   13 x 1 kg          sealed
9000                           9360
Solubor                                   1 x 500g           open
250                             360
Manganese Sulphate                25kg                 sealed
10000                         11525
Magnesium Nitrate                   2 x 25kg           sealed
13000 ea                    14500 ea
Magnesium Nitrate                   1 x 16.5kg        open
8000                           9570
Magnesium Nitrate                   1 x 21.5kg        open
10000                         12470
Mancozeb                                2 x 25kg           sealed
100000 ea                  112903 ea
Mancozeb                                19kg                  open
70000                         85806
Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid      2 x 5l                 sealed
1800 ea                       2317 ea
Termite poison                         5l                       sealed
               10000                         11302
Formalin 37%                          3 x 5l                 sealed
7500                           8431
Formalin 37%                          1 x 4l                 open
4500                           6672
Plantex                                     2kg                   open
8000                           13408
Sodium Molybdate                   1kg                    sealed
7500                           8100
Sodium Molybdate                   450g                 open
2000                           3645
Alsystin                                    850ml                open
140000                       179209
Seradix                                    600g                 sealed
14000                         15580
Seradix                                    300g                 open
4000                           7780
Alachlor (Lasso)                      20l                    sealed
110000                       116416
Alachlor (Lasso)                      11l                    open
45000                         64080
Azodrin (Monostem)                11l                     open
55000                         77100
Phosdrin                                  14l                     open
60000                         89922
Tetradifon                                16l                     open
50000                         81888
Hymlure                                   17l                     open
12000                         37536
Orchex 700                              15l                    open
25000                          36120
Orchex 796                              20l                    open
33000                          48160
AF41 [18/3]
FOR SALE CHEROKEE 180 C AIRCRAFT (PA 28).  Registration Z-YYG.
1636 total hours.
Radios x 2.
Garman 95 GPS.
New C of A.
Red and white in colour.
For more information contact:
F B Haasbroek 04-885042/023 413 796
F Haasbroek 067-22617/091 352 448.
AF42 [18/3, 25/3, 1/4]
BUSINESS FOR SALE  :  Photocopying bureau, stationery shop, binding,
laminating, manufacture of rubber stamps, laser engraving.  Msasa.  Good
customer base, sound investment, trained staff.
E-mail :
AF33 [11/3, 18/3]
VEHICLE FOR SALE  :  Nissan 3.2 Diesel Pick-up, 2001, 55000 ks, air-con,
power steering, snug-box, tonneau, solex locks, radio/tape, rhino lined,
Phone Mitch Green,- 011 211 911
NP [11/3. 18/3]
LAKE CROCODILE PARK are selling 51 White Work suits of various sizes.
Anyone interested in the items above should contact Serena on email:
AF32 [11/3, 18/3]
2 BRICK MOULDING MACHINES.  Over 2 000 bricks/day.
New price US$6 500 - Our price Zim $2 000 000.
Phone 011 416 592.
AF20 [11/3, 18/3]
DEEP FREEZE to fit standard pickup.
Internal dimensions 2.7m (long) x 1.5m (wide) x 1.1m (high).  Minus 20
Highest Offer secures.
To view phone for appointment Allan Poultney 091 238 740
AF30 [11/3, 18/3]
Hino 8 tonne lorry for sale.  Bulk sides.  Motor is sound.  Contact :
CC []
Suzuki 125 farm bike.  Good condition.  Recent overhaul.  Contact : 023 782
824 or 496672.
CC []
25000 tobacco clips for sale.  Contact : 023 782 824 or 496672.
CC []

The Tobacco Research Board is looking for the following equipment:
High Pressure Sodium Lamps
Bore hole Pumps
Bulk Curers
Contact:  Asma, Information & Publicity Officer
Phone:+263 4 575289
Fax: + 263 4 575288
E-mail :
NP [18/3]
WANTED:      Aga Stove
Guillotine - foot operated with 4' blade
Motorized Pipe Threader
Surface Grinder
DIY Compressor
Mhunga in per tonne lots
Chats (small, reject potatoes), any quantity.
Tel: Mr J Davies, Harare 487064/5.
NP {18/3]
VEHICLE WANTED  :  Diesel Double-cab, 1998 upwards, must be in good nick.
Phone : Mitch Green  -  011 211 911.
NP [11/3, 18/3]
VEHICLE - Looking for a diesel pickup.
Phone 04-301565 (pm) or 091 235 161
AF31 [11/3, 18/3]
LAKE CROCODILE PARK are wanting to purchase a 9 000 litre petrol tank (for
underground use).
Contact Serena on email:
AF32 [11/3, 18/3]
Wanted:  Second hand swimming pool fence.  Telephone Jo on 301289 or 011 412
BK []
(H), 309861 (W), 011 203 822.
RVV []
Second hand back pack and warm coat/s.  Phone : 303673 (After hours) or 091
338 047.
#AB []
Buyer of Irrigation Equipment.
The buyer of irrigation equipment mentioned in previous Classified
Advertisements has committed all his current resources to the purchase some
of the equipment offered so far.  As a result, he is unable to consider any
more offers for the time being.  When he is able to re-enter the market, a
notice to that effect will be issued. Water Affairs Exec @ CFU.
#GD [11/3]
1.        Old solid wood furniture e.g. Oak or Teak items.
2.        Portable car port, preferably 2 car size with shade cloth cover.
3.        Old Belgian or Persian carpets.
4.        Old silver plate tableware e.g. candelabra and old brassware.
Phone Ben Kashula on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home) or Sheila Mumford on
#BK []
Second Hand Asbestos Roofing Sheets, Wheat straw delivered to Harare (a
couple of truck loads). Please Phone Nick on 011 213 188 / 304310
#KP []
Any old camping equipment e.g. paraffin pressure lamps, folding chairs etc.
Phone Ben on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home).
#BK []

Only 105 km from Harare, tar road all the way
All the plains game to be seen and 4 of the big 5 guaranteed
Black Rhino Breeding Station, come and see our latest arrival, 1 & month
old baby black rhino!
Elephant-back safaris, Horse safaris, Guided Walks
Fully Catered Service - good food - good company!
Contact us on :
Tel/Fax :         (022) 354 or 449
Tel :                (022) 2257
Mobiles :         011 213 175
023 834 244
091 711 055
NP [18/3, 25/3, 1/4, 8/4, 15/4]
HOUSEBOAT to rent for 5 nights.
31st March - 5th April. Shangri-La sleeps 8 pax. $20 000 per night. Clients
to supply own fuel for tender boat.  We can source if you wish. Self cater
accomm available at Warthogs Bush Camp before/after if required.
Email:  Cell: 011 201 733.
NP [18/3, 25/3]
Ahoy There!  For all your Houseboat and Cruiser Bookings on Lake Kariba.
Please contact Rhino Rendezvous  Harare 745644/8
PS. Discounted Rates Available on Selected Boats.
AF49 [11/3, 18/3, 25/3, 1/4]
Contact, ph 861766
AF18 [4/3, 11/3, 18/3]
Three bedroom luxury thatched house, bathrooms on suite open plan kitchen
upstairs bar with magnificent view, comes with a domestic, lock up garage,
sleeps maximum 8.  Bookings can be made direct with Eve at Lomagundi Lake
side on 061-3037/39 bookings confirmed on payment.
12 Passengers. 3 Crew.  2 Tender boats.
Splash pool on top deck.  Phone / Fax 066 7315 or 72942.
AE47 [7/1, 28/1] AE48 [4/2] AE51 [11/2] AE49 [18/2] AE50 [25/2] NC [4/3] AF7
[11/3] AF8 [18/3] AF9 [25/3]

Location: Harare, Gun Hill
General Description:
Responsible for the day-to-day operation of a small textile operation
producing export quality products for the UK market.  The ideal candidate
will enjoy working under pressure to meet shipment deadlines.  They will be
unrelenting in their efforts to exceed the stringent quality requirements of
the UK retail market.  The position requires a hands on approach and will
involve travelling to production centres on the outskirts of Harare from
time to time.  The ideal candidate will have a 'can-do' attitude and
demonstrate resourcefulness in all aspects of running the business
efficiently in the face of adverse economic conditions.
The ideal candidate will have excellent working knowledge of excel, word and
e-mail packages.  They will have previous experience of export markets,
shipping of goods for export, and dealing with a sizeable staff.  Knowledge
of the textile industry would be a plus, but is not necessary.  Attention to
detail and energy is essential, as are strong planning, forward thinking and
time management abilities.
Specific areas of responsibility:
Production -
         Liaison with the UK office.
         Receipt and processing of all production orders.
         Sourcing of raw materials both locally and through the UK office.
         Co-ordination of production through ten rural centres and a small
production unit on the premises.
         Quality control of all units exported.
         Ensuring efficiency in all aspects of production.
         Liaison with local Zimbabwean manufacturers supplying ready-made
         Scheduling and planning for all shipments, and liaison with
shipping agent in Zimbabwe.
         Liaison with UK office on all new designs and sampling.
General Management -
         Oversee financial aspects of the running of the company.
         Check on all aspects of stock control.
         Hiring and firing of staff with the approval of the UK office.
         Monitoring staffing levels and efficient management of contractor
Reporting structure:
The candidate will have Accounts Manager, Stock Controller and Quality
Controller reporting directly to him/her.  There are approximately 27
permanent staff in the company and a varying quantity of contractors.
8 am to 5 pm daily and from time to time weekend work will be required in
order to meet shipment deadlines.
An attractive package is on offer.  This will be determined on the
experience and abilities of the successful candidate.
AF43 [18/3, 25/3]
Required for medium-sized company in Newlands (will consider mornings-only).
Duties: general administration, basic accounts including spreadsheets,
everyday PA functions.
Applicant must be hard-working, initiative, drive and common sense a must.
Remuneration negotiable, to start A.S.A.P.
091 312 854, 091 320 591
AF45 [18/3]
NP [18/3]
LAKE CROCODILE PARK are wanting Mechanics - Grades 3, 2 or 1.
Must have at least 5 years experience.  Basic welding & electrical skills an
advantage.  Duties include repairs & maintenance of vehicles, tractors,
trailers, kapenta rigs, pumps etc.  Previous employment in a farming
environment is also an advantage.
Contact:  Human Resources Manager, Charles Chimbindi on email:
OR Administration Manager, Serena Liebermann on email:
NP [18/3, 25/3]
Please phone Dana 091-328 359.
AF51 [18/3]
MANAGER required 80 ha tobacco, Mkushi, Zambia to work with owner
(Zimbabwean). Must have some tobacco experience and a Blackfordby Diploma.
Preferably no children of school going age.
Contact the advertiser c/o AISD at Box WGT 390, Westgate.
AF38 [18/3, 25/3]
TOBACCO FARM MANAGER needed urgently to assume position on a property near
Harare.  Remarkably incident free.  50 ha planted and planning same for next
year.  Great opportunity for right person.
Contact Joe Pistorius at or phone 336722.
AF36 [18/3, 25/3]
FARM MANAGER REQUIRED for 6 month contract to supervise combining, reaping
and curing of current tobacco and soya crop.  Workshop and dairy knowledge a
distinct advantage.  Farm situated 60kms from Harare.
For further details please contact Cell: 011 209 241 or leave message on
Harare tel: 303847.
AF28 [11/3, 18/3]


Internationally recognised, FIRST CLASS medical cover, that has been tailor
made to offer you the BEST medical treatment available in the event of an
accident or ill health at the most competitive premiums on the market.
         Full in-hospital cover up to 1 million Rand for emergency and
elective treatment;
         Full Emergency stabilisation and Emergency Evacuation cover with
iSOS, Netcare 911 or MARS;
         No unforeseen shortfalls when hospitalised;
         No need to raise the forex when admitted to hospital in SA - we
pay for you;
         No need to raise the cash before being medically evacuated - we
pay for you;
         Automatic 1 million Rand Travel Cover - for medical treatment
         A choice of out-patient benefits such as GP's, Specialists, Drugs,
dentistry, etc;
         Save up to 50% off your premium;

Call 091 305 676 or email your names and dates of birth to
AF46 [18/3]
Migrate to Australia under
New Visa Regulations

Experienced Australian Migration Agent
Florence Borshoff JP RMA No 55934
will be at York Lodge, Harare,
from 28th March to 31st March, 2003
Phone (04) 776239/ 746622 for private appointment.
Bring your friends
AF22 [4/3, 18/3, 25/3]
Are you having difficulty keeping your motor vehicles correctly insured?
With motor car values increasing almost monthly it has become almost
impossible for Zimbabweans to keep their cars adequately insured.  To avoid
being penalised with the "average" clause you have to top-up your insurance.
We have the solution!
You are now able to insure your Zimbabwean registered motor cars with an
international insurance company.  The obvious benefit to doing this is that
you will only have to do your insurance once a year as the vehicle is
insured in hard currency.
To find out more e-mail us on
AF20 [11/3, 18/3, 25/3, 1/4]
Long Range fuel tanks for any type of vehicle, big or small.
Buddy Gym equipment for home or commercial use.
Phone : 755170/1.  E-mail
NP [11/3, 18/3]
We do commission sales @ 5%.
Contact The Sales Team of Carisbrooke Enterprises -
Mathew 023 517 550 and Sam 011 800 867.
Give us a try.
AF39 [18/3]
Alarm Systems
Automatic Gates
Electro Fencing
Borehole Repairs and Maintenance
Garage Doors
Electrical Contracting
General Engineering
Lightening Protection Systems
Phone 300893/309427/091 238 740/011 601 672
AF29 [11/3, 18/3]
If you are thinking of relocating, start your International Business now.
NP [4/3, 11/3, 18/3, 25/3]
BUPA INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL AID Are you worried about the increasing costs
AND treatment which may not be available in Zimbabwe.  Would you like to
choose which country AND which hospital or clinic within that country to go
for your medical treatment?

If so, why not join 5.0 million others and subscribe to the world's biggest
international healthcare provider, BUPA. Depending on which scheme you
choose - you will enjoy an annual overall maximum cover from up to
GBP1,000,000!  On all schemes BUPA provides a "full refund" for all
in-patient treatment, outpatient surgical operations, MRI and CT scans and
cancer tests, drugs and consultants fees for oncology.  Would you like a
FREE quote for your family or company directors?  Would you like a brochure
with full details of all the schemes?

If so please email by return to individual names and dates
of birth of all potential members and their families. We will email you a
quotation and offer to meet to discuss things further.

Call: John Ford 091 499485, OR Dee Connolly at BUPA Adviser Office, tel:
862265 Harare, to discuss your BUPA quote further.
AF12 [18/2-22/4]
 in conjunction with
PHONE GEOFF OR ROD ON 067-23047 OR 067-22421.
AE95 [18/2-6/5]

An independent professional group of internationally qualified Valuers.

A vital database is being prepared which will form the basis for any
compensation scheme.


Contact:          The Valuation Consortium (Pvt) Ltd
P.O. Box HG 734, Highlands, Harare

Tel: Harare 746926, email:

Participating firms:
Redfern Mullett  (04)746654/5;        GRL Farm Sales & Valuations
Pocock & Co  (09)70753;               Purkis & Co - (04)572369; Holland &
Redfern  (020)64303;
I. Burgoynd  (079)21979                  CC Sales - Harare - (04)252253-57;
Gweru - (054)21912-5
AE93 [18/2 - 18/3]
Pam Mullins is offering her services as a stress management consultant.
Please call her on 741498
PM []


International Investment Conference
2 & 3 April, 2003
Maputo, Mozambique

In line with the government's identified investment objectives, Africa @
Work will be running the Mozambique Investment Opportunities Conference,
MozVest, in Maputo on April 2 and 3.

This high-level event aims to highlight investment and business
opportunities in Mozambique and promote international partnerships.
The two-day Conference will be held in conjunction with MozBex, a three-day
exhibition taking place from 2 - 4 April 2003 at FACIM, the showground facil
ity in Maputo, run by pan-African exhibition specialists, EMS.

The conference will focus on investment opportunities in the key sectors
described above, the prevailing business and investment climate, and areas
of possible co-operation. Attached herewith, please find the provisional
programme as well as sponsorship opportunities.

Cost: Early Bird Registration Fee US$250.00 or R2,500 (Registration Forms to
be received by 28 February 2003)
         Normal Registration Fee US$350.00  or R3,500

Registration Fee includes: Documentation, Lunches, Refreshments and any

Sponsorship Opportunities Available
         Main Sponsorship
         Lunch Sponsors
         Cocktail Party Sponsor
         Delegate Folders/Bags
         MozVest CD
         File Inserts
         Audio-Visual Branding

For more information on the above, please contact Sharon Stocks Tel: +27 11
234-9338, Fax: +27 11 234-9337 or email

For delegates in Mozambique, please contact Helen or Rob Batten on: Tel:
(258 1) 485-336, Fax: (258 1) 485 994 or mobile: 082 311 907
NW []
For Your Information....
CFU Classifieds via email - plain text format every Tuesday
Costs: -
Up to 30 words            $750/wk
31 - 50 words              $1000/wk
51 - 75 words              $1500/wk
76 - 100 words            $2000/wk
300 words MAX         $6000/wk
Please send advert to by Tuesday 9:00 am and send PROMPT
payment with a copy of your advert to CFU, Agricultural Information Services
Department, Box WGT 390, Westgate, Harare.
Unless specifically stated that this is a Commercial Farmers' Union
communique, or that it is being issued or forwarded to you by the sender in
an official CFU capacity, the opinions contained therein are private.
Private messages also include those sent on behalf of any organisation not
directly affiliated to the Union.  The CFU does not accept any legal
responsibility for private messages and opinions held by the sender and
transmitted over its local area network to other CFU network users and/or to
external addressees.
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Tuesday 18 March 2003
Mass Action Reportback 4.00 pm.

No reports of any further problems have been received. The centre of town appears to be quiet.

It appears that support for the stayaway has been good. There may have been some unrest at Insiza, but we'll update you on this tomorrow.

Very quiet, most shops have stayed closed, except for the national chains. Lots of police and Support Unit presence. Peaceful atmosphere so far.

Mostly business as usual, with only a few businesses and shops closing.

Mostly shut down, but quiet.

Slightly quieter than usual, but shops etc are open.

Largely shut down.

Mostly business as usual.

Mostly business as usual, and quiet.
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