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Army Prepares For Opposition Mass Protest

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 22 2006 @ 12:05 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent

             The beleaguered Zimbabwean government has intensified moves to
turn the country into a military state as pressure mounts from civic society
and the opposition for the government to quit. With a popular revolt
looming, President Mugabe is now turning to his loyalists in the army to
crush the impending revolt.

            And as the opposition Movement for Democratic Change puts
finishing touches to its plan for a "cold season" mass action to oust Mugabe
in the next two months, the president seems intent on flexing his military
might to plant fear in people's minds ahead of the revolt. Recent public
demonstrations have unveiled government's intentions. Army units were a
fortnight ago unleashed on to demonstrating University of Zimbabwe students.

            Zimdaily heard that the Government, in preparation for the
ultimate clampdown on the country's discontented masses, has barred police
officers and soldiers from going on leave. Sources within the two government
arms said they had been denied leave indefinitely as government readies
itself for the ultimate showdown with the people. Soldiers were told to be
ready any time to quell "disturbances". Some police officers had their two
months' leave for May and June cancelled, Zimdaily heard yesterday.

            Although the army yesterday denied that it had banned soldiers
from taking leave, military sources confirmed to Zimdaily that because of
the tense situation in the country, they had been told to be at the ready.
"It is as if we are on a standby or something like that. Those who wanted to
take leave had to cancel. At the moment, we are not being allowed to go on
leave and it is not clear when we will be allowed to take our leave," said
the sources. Police spokesman, Superintendent Wayne Bvudzijena, said it was
routine for police members to be denied permission to go on and that there
was no link to the tense situation in the country.

            The police also cut down the number of officers selected for
international peace keeping duties despite a UN request for the number to be
increased. The UN said it was pleased by the conduct of the Zimbabwean
police officers. A senior police officer told the police that they had cut
the number because the force needed manpower at home to deal with any
disturbances. The MDC has promised to embark on unspecified mass action to
force President Mugabe out of office. "From today, fellow Zimbabweans,
kindly save a penny and stock up where possible. A storm is upon the
horizon," Tsvangirai said in his acceptance speech at the end of his
congress weekend."I promise to lead from the front. I promise to use all
available resources and will-power to see off the tyranny in Zimbabwe today;
to assist in putting together the building blocks for a new Zimbabwe and a
new beginning," he said. Recent mass actions organised by the MDC have
proved popular among the people who, according to the latest surveys, are
increasingly sympathising with the opposition.

            Although the MDC has not yet specified the form the mass action
will take, the government has reacted angrily to the proposal and has
promised to thwart the move. Government, facing popular dissent, has, of
late, taken to using the military to attack ruthlessly anyone who tries to
express their discontent. Except for Zanu PF supporters, it has become
unsafe for anyone to demonstrate because government is quick to bring out
the army and the police. Two weeks ago, the army and police attacked
University of Zimbabwe students who had embarked on a peaceful demonstration
against recent fees hikes. Some students were severely injured in the

            Government is also preparing to repress the expected popular
uprising against its policies which have impacted negatively on the economy
and have resulted in the impoverishment of many Zimbabweans. The situation
in the army camps has also reportedly become tense and the camps themselves
more politicised. Said the sources: "The situation is so tense and it has
even become dangerous to be labelled an MDC supporter. You wear or carry
anything with red at your own risk. The camps used to be so relaxed but now
you see guns everywhere.

            Government is jittery about the mass action." MDC supporters
have been using the red card as their symbol of dissent. They also carry
around red whistles. The army denied that it had barred members from taking
leave. "We are not aware that any soldiers have been banned from taking
leave. All the administrative procedures derive from the Defence Act and its
attendant regulations. Therefore, it is absolutely incorrect that members'
leave has been cancelled because of the so-called tense situation in the
country," said a Defence spokesman.

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We Will Not Be Intimidated Into Abandoning Mass Confrontation - Tsvangirai

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 22 2006 @ 12:04 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
             MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said his party was
looking at new tactics to confront President Mugabe's regime head on, vowing
the party would not be intimidated by any form of threats by government.
Tsvangirai, who was addressing journalists at his Harare home, said the
record attendance at his congress beared testimony to the overwhelming
desire for change by many in Zimbabwe. He said the party had resolved that
there was supposed to be a paradigm shift in terms of engaging Mugabe's

            "That paradigm shift involves the issue of building a democratic
people's resistance movement and other options available democratically and
that elections are not just exclusive to the achievement of that objective,"
he said. He said he had full confidence in his new team saying its immediate
concern was to build a people's movement to fight repression "We need to
regenerate and renew the party to make it much more focused on removing the
dictatorship," Tsvangirai said."The first six years, the focus was on
winning change through elections, and that's got us nowhere, so now we have
to take a new tack."

            He said"we need to widen our options to include using people
power to put pressure on this regime that has reduced us to paupers and
beggars in our own motherland". The 54-year-old former union leader has
survived a number of assassination attempts, endured a debilitating treason
trial and fought a presidential election and two parliamentary elections in
which his party workers have been tortured, murdered and had their homes
burnt, only for the polls to be rigged. But he is now under the greatest
pressure since the MDC formed in 1999.

            The party split into two factions when Tsvangirai defied a vote
by his national executive in October on whether to participate in elections
for a new Senate. The MDC leader felt the Senate did not represent the
desires of the party's grassroots and that contesting yet another fraudulent
election was a waste of much-needed money. But his decision exacerbated
rifts within the party. "It is also clear that the machinery for contesting
elections has often exhibited serious weaknesses," he told journalists.

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Disastrous winter season looms

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Farirai Machivenyika
issue date :2006-Mar-22

ANOTHER disastrous winter wheat season looms after three major farming
organisations yesterday revealed that they were only prepared to plant 45
000 hectares of the crop during the winter season, instead of a government
target of 110 000 hectares.

A joint statement by the Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU), the
Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) and the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) painted
a bleak outlook on this year's harvest given the planned hectarage is a
decline from last year's 65 000 hectares.
The three unions issued the statement whilst giving oral evidence to the
Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands, Agriculture, Resettlement, Rural
Resources and Water Development at a stakeholders' meeting to assess the
state of preparedness for winter cropping.
Earlier, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Simon
Pazvakavambwa had indicated that government's target was 110 000 tonnes of
He said: "Last year, 65 000ha of wheat was planted and 40 percent of the
crop was grown late. 180 000 tonnes of wheat was taken by the Grain
Marketing Board (GMB). This year we are aiming to go for 110 000ha."
 Last year's harvest was less than half the country's needs of 420 000
metric tonnes a year.
The unions, however, gave a contrasting outlook of the season saying: "There
has been a continual decline in the production of wheat since 2001. This is
a worrying issue. What the farmers envisage is that a minimum of 45 000ha
can be handled by the farmers in terms of what is available as inputs,
equipment and chemicals."
They added that the situation had been worsened by the government's failure
to announce a pre-planting producer price as a way of giving them incentives
to venture into wheat production.
"The current cost (of producing wheat) per hectare is $120 million. For a
farmer to commit such an amount of money without even assurance from Zesa
(on electricity outages) would be a disincentive.
"Last year, farmers were paid between December and January and in such a
hyperinflationary environment that would not act as an incentive if (they
are) to be paid six months later (after delivering the crop to GMB). As
farmers we are planning for 45 000ha and let's have inputs for that," added
the farmers.
They also said there had been no guarantees on the availability of fuel from
the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (Noczim) for the forthcoming season.
Pazvakavambwa also mourned the late disbursement of funds saying it affected
planting timetables.
"The problem has always been money. We do not lack plans, but when it comes
to putting the money on the table we are found wanting. The optimum
conditions of growing a crop are within a timeframe and as long as we miss
that timeframe we will not achieve the yields we need," he said.
Shortages of inputs and late disbursement of funding has affected farming in
the past five years and last month President Robert Mugabe said poor
planning had cost the country this season despite having received good
The permanent secretary for the Ministry of Lands, Land Reform and
Resettlement, Ngoni Masoka, Agricultural Rural Development Authority (Arda)
chief executive officer Joseph Matowanyika and his GMB counterpart Retired
Colonel Samuel Muvuti and others from agro- based industries also attended
the meeting
Masoka said the land audit that his ministry started in September last year
was nearly complete, but added that in Manicaland they had discovered that
the whole province was being serviced by a mere eight combined harvesters
and 316 tractors.
Matowanyika indicated that his organisation had just over 600 tractors with
103 needing minor repairs, but were being hampered by the lack of other
drawn implements like discs needed in land preparation.

Solomon Mupeti, the marketing manager for STM Agricultural Services, which
deals in the supply of pesticides, said the industry only had in stock
chemicals sufficient for 30 000ha.
"On chemicals, we have very little in stock in the country. The pesticides
we have are sufficient for 30 000ha," he said.
A representative from fertiliser manufacturing company, ZFC, welcomed the
US$6,5 million that was advanced to the fertiliser industry by the Reserve
Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) last week, but indicated that the money was yet to be
"We have two granulation plants that were undergoing maintenance, but one
has been completed and the other is nearly complete. This is, however,
routine work and we expect it to resume operations on April 1. We however
urge government to allow us to charge viable prices if we are to remain in
business," said ZFC sales manager, Phillip Mathemera.
The country needs 40 000 tonnes of compound D and 32 000 tonnes of ammonium
nitrate fertilisers for winter wheat.
The chairman of the portfolio committee, Walter Mzembi, said there was need
for government to declare the agricultural sector as strategic if its
contribution to the economy was to be improved.
Last weak, the Minister of State for National Security and also responsible
for lands, land reform and resettlement, Didymus Mutasa, said government had
begun importing 50 000 tonnes of wheat to avert bread shortages.
The high cost of importing wheat has subsequently resulted in the price of
bread shooting to between $60 000 and $70 000 as bakeries struggle to remain
in business.
There have been fears that the shortage of wheat could further push up the
price of bread if bakers resorted to importing wheat

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Residents complain over power cuts

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Mar-22

RESIDENTS of Harare have complained against constant and lengthy power cuts
that have affected the capital and other major cities in recent days.
The blackouts have in some extreme cases stretched for more than 24 hours,
leading residents to doubt whether they were a result of the Zimbabwe
Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) Holdings load shedding programme.
Over the weekend suburbs such as Mufakose, Marimba Park, Budiriro, Westlea,
Tafara and Mabvuku lost power for over a day, while residents of Chisipite,
Eastlea, Kuwadzana, Glen Norah, Warren Park, Dzivarasekwa, Glen View,
Crowborough and Tynwald also complained over constant power cuts in recent
The blackouts have also affected Chitungwiza, Chinhoyi and Bulawayo.
Affected residents complained over the blackouts, which they said disrupted
domestic activities and sometimes resulted in extensive damage to electrical
There were also complaints from butchery operators, who said tonnes of meat
in their shops had gone bad because of the power cuts resulting in losses to
their business.
Bottle stores that do not have electricity generators also found themselves
on the losing end as alcoholic beverage consumers shun drinking warm beer.
"This is bad. We are forced to go looking for firewood or paraffin at odd
hours because the electricity just goes off without prior notice. Besides,
other sources of energy that we can use for cooking are unaffordable," said
Ronald Makombe of Glen Norah A.
Tafadzwa Mureri of Mufakose said the blackouts in the suburb had become too
much compared to other areas.
"Here, we lose power almost daily. It is unbearable and you can't imagine
the smell that is coming out of our fridges. You cannot buy perishables and
be guaranteed of keeping them frozen even if you have a refrigerator as long
as you stay in Mufakose," Mureri said.
Gibson Simeti, a Hatcliffe resident, said Zesa ought to use ratepayers'
monies to expand its power generating capacity at Kariba power station.
"Zesa should use the monies we pay them in rates to expand their Kariba
station instead of importing power from abroad. We should have enough power
for ourselves as a nation because as things are, we are not happy with the
blackouts," Simeti said.
Zesa spokesperson James Maridadi, said the power utility was preparing a
detailed report to inform the public about the technicalities of the power
"We are working towards a comprehensive paper which explains the issue. The
paper is being worked on right now and I cannot pre-empt its contents. It
has to be understood that before final consumption of electricity, it passes
through various entities, such as transmission, distribution and others and
technical entities involved are giving their input to the paper," Maridadi
The power cuts, which at times have come without warning, have affected
other social activities and programmes that depend on electricity.
Revellers at a Somandla Ndebele and Alick Macheso gig in Dzivarasekwa
reportedly endured about half an hour without power after paying their entry
fees into the show last weekend.
A Zanu PF constituency report-back meeting had to be aborted at the Chinhoyi
Hall after a power cut last Tuesday evening among many other private
programmes that have also been affected.

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Zambia's new farmers are being killed by kindness

The Telegraph

By David Blair in Choma
(Filed: 22/03/2006)

James Chance slept in a tent for four months when he arrived to farm the
bush country of Zambia.

Having lost his farm in Zimbabwe, Mr Chance leased 4,400 acres in its
northern neighbour and was "exhilarated" to have a second opportunity to
till Africa's soil.

Yet his hopes and those of 200 other white farmers, all fugitives from
Zimbabwe, have been shattered almost overnight.

Most of their farms have lost their viability at a stroke because in the
past three months Zambia's currency, the kwacha, has risen by a third
against the US dollar.

The farmers grow tobacco and maize for export at prices in dollars. But
their costs are paid in the local currency so they must find more dollars to
survive. Mr Chance estimates that his annual costs have grown by about
$20,000 (£11,400).

No one predicted the kwacha's sudden rise or budgeted for this increase. For
a new, heavily indebted and relatively small-scale farmer, such a burden
could spell the difference between survival and collapse.

"It troubles me all the time," said Mr Chance, 38. "Our first year was
excellent and now things have got dramatically worse. I don't see it
working. Only established farmers will be able to keep going. The rest of us
are out."

Only by cutting costs can Mr Chance survive, so he must lay off 30 of his
120 workers. Every labourer supports about 10 relatives, so about 300
Zambians will be impoverished by the crisis on this one farm alone.

The kwacha's surge makes everything produced in Zambia more expensive
abroad. It has damaged not only commercial agriculture but every other
exporter as well.

There are many reasons for the currency's climb. One is the decision by the
G8 group of rich countries, among them Britain, to write off Zambia's
foreign debt last year and double aid. In January, Zambia was among the
first 19 poor countries to benefit from 100 per cent debt relief and allow
its government to spend money on health and education that would have repaid

This has boosted confidence in Zambia's economy. But the unintended
consequence has been the rise of the kwacha and the punishment of the export
sector, with tens of thousands of small maize, tobacco and cotton growers
hardest hit.

"Writing off debt and increasing aid is intended to alleviate poverty," said
Bruce Danckwerts, 51, an established farmer in Zambia who has 40 fewer
workers than normal this year. "But revaluation is hurting the poorest the

Mr Chance lost his tobacco farm in the Matepatepa region of Zimbabwe in 2002
after a squatters' invasion. In 2003, he moved to Choma district in Zambia,
where about 12 fugitives from Zimbabwe and a dozen established white farmers
form a tightly knit community.

He leased a derelict farm and began making it habitable. "I thought, yes we
can make this work. Now it's very different. I wonder how we can carry on."

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Rural Zimbabwe Facing Mass Hunger

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

People in the countryside can barely feed themselves as crops fail for the
sixth successive year.

By Obert Gadzi in Kwekwe (AR No.57, 21-Mar-06)

The food situation in rural areas of the county is so dire that people are
clamouring for something to eat and schools are appealing for help for
hungry children, according to leading aid agencies.

The warnings of mass hunger come as members of the governing elite who've
taken over commercial farms are reprimanded for using their land as "weekend
picnic venues".

Southern Africa's food security warning organisation, FSEWS, said Zimbabwe
will bring in from the fields only 600,000 tonnes of maize, ordinary
people's staple food, during the impending harvest season against the
average annual consumption of 1.8 million tonnes.

Steady, soaking rains have robbed Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe of
drought as his standard excuse for nose-diving agricultural production -
this being the sixth successive year of crop failure. Until six years ago,
agricultural exports to the rest of the region and to the European Community
were the country's leading foreign exchange earners.

FSEWS, the Food Security Early Warning System of the Southern African
Development Community, said Zimbabwe will have to import 1.4 million tonnes
of maize, 200,000 tonnes of wheat, 40,000 tonnes of sorghum and 6,000 tonnes
of rice in coming months in order to avert widespread starvation-related

The minimum cost of such imports for a country that is fundamentally broke -
suffering from an official inflation of 800 per cent and only limited
foreign exchange reserves - will be at least 350 million US dollars for the
maize alone.

In February, the Zimbabwe government struggled to raise 9 million US dollars
to pay the International Monetary Fund and thus avoid becoming the first
country since Czechoslovakia 52 years ago to be expelled from the world's
most important lending institution. The country must find another 120
million US dollars to service IMF payment arrears in the next few months.

Zimbabwe now has the dubious distinction of having what the United Nations
has called the fastest-shrinking economy, the highest inflation and the
weakest currency in the world - coupled with systematic human rights abuses
and the collapse of the rule of law.

"The food situation is grave," said Barbara Shenstone, CARE International's
country director in Zimbabwe. "There just isn't food in the rural areas.
People are clamouring for food everywhere. Schools are asking for help for
hungry children. Most of the vulnerable are eating less than one meal a

Zvikomborero, a 33-year-old firewood vendor whose home in the Harare suburb
of Mbare was destroyed last year in Mugabe's Operation Murambatsvina
(Operation Drive Out the Filth), presented as an urban renewal scheme, said,
"My children are now eating out of a garbage dump. We are washing potato
skins and eating them. We are starving. You can say we are dead."

Mugabe's ZANU PF government's notorious Fast Track Land Reform Programme,
which when it began in 2000 involved the mass invasion of commercial farms
by so-called veterans of the 1970s liberation war and landless peasants,
marked also the beginning of the agricultural industry's collapse.

After more than 4,000 commercial farmers were driven from their properties,
the initial invaders were themselves pushed from the farms, which were
redistributed to members of President Mugabe's family, government ministers,
top ZANU PF party officials, senior army, air force and police officials,
and compliant judges and journalists.

Few of the "new farmers" are producing crops. In a rare admission of
government failure, Deputy Agriculture Minister Sylvester Nguni said they
lacked the skills to produce on what he called a "commercial or even
subsistence level".

The lack of foreign exchange means there are also drastic scarcities of
vital seeds, fertiliser, herbicides and chemicals. There are also fuel
shortages and frequent electricity power cuts. A dire situation is made
worse by the fact that banks are unwilling to make loans to the new farmers
because they have no title deeds to the usurped land.

They rarely have any other collateral to repay loans. Neither do they have
the capacity to repay loans nor, in the culture of lawlessness promoted by
Mugabe, do they have the will to do so.

Central Bank Governor Gideon Gono criticised new farmers from among the
governing elite for using their land only as "weekend picnic venues". He
also reprimanded some for using government agricultural loans - as opposed
to commercial bank loans - to buy luxury sports utility vehicles for private
use and profiteering, by selling subsidised petrol available to them at
black market prices.

Consequently, the once flourishing commercial farms are now dismal sights,
overgrown with weeds and bush. Where planting has taken place - currently on
only about an estimated ten per cent of this farmland - the crops are
miserably stunted.

No one bothers to supervise what is happening because the agricultural
support infrastructure is collapsing, and, at government level, factions are
either too busy fighting each other over who gets the next farm or
politicising the whole issue.

The mechanics of food distribution in the country have also contributed to
hunger among an estimated five to 6.5 million people of the 11.5 million
population. Fuel shortages, now a permanent feature of Zimbabwe's problems,
have hampered the delivery
of food to needy areas.

When fuel is available, the ZANU PF government politicises food
distribution. Areas perceived to be strongholds of the opposition are denied
access to food aid as political punishment. Food is thus used as both the
carrot and the stick, leaving millions hungry and prompting the outspoken
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube, to observe, "They [ZANU
PF] would rather kill people for the sake of power. You can see what kind of
people we are dealing with here, murderers. President Mugabe is a very, very
evil man. The sooner the Good Lord takes him from us the better."

Dydimus Mutasa, Mugabe's right-hand man and Minister of National Security
and Land, has notoriously shrugged his shoulders at Zimbabwe's high death
rate from AIDS and hunger-related illnesses, saying, "We would be better off
with only six million people . We don't want all these extra people."

International food aid is seemingly abused on a widespread basis. Government
distribution agents, through whom international agencies are compelled to
distribute supplies, tightly control to whom it is given. Local government
officials, youth militias, village chiefs and other affiliates of ZANU PF
tightly control donor-feeding schemes: they make sure that food goes to
communities who proclaim loyalty to ZANU PF, and consequently millions of
needy people go hungry. Many donor agencies have withdrawn or been pushed
out as a result of these pressures.

Government officials deny the seriousness of the food situation. Both Mugabe
and Mutasa constantly assert that the country has adequate food reserves.
Denying that Zimbabweans needed international help, Mugabe said, "We are not
hungry. Why foist this food on us? We don't want to be choked. We have

Corruption by high-ranking senior government officials and politicians has
worsened the food crisis. Politicians who enjoy political protection from
prosecution have looted scarce supplies from the Grain Marketing Board, the
sole official grain procurement and distribution agency, to sell on the
black market and smuggle to neighbouring countries.

Last year, the president's nephew Leo Mugabe, a ZANU PF parliamentary
deputy, was arrested when he attempted to smuggle 30 tonnes of wheat flour
out of the country. He was later freed and all charges were dropped.

Obert Gadzi is the pseudonym of an IWPR contributor in Zimbabwe.

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New Clerical Front in Zimbabwe

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

The country's divided churches unite against Mugabe.

By Sarah Dlodlo in Bulawayo (AR No.57, 21-Mar-06)

With the notable exception of Roman Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube, most of
Zimbabwe's Christian priests and pastors have coped with the country's rapid
political and economic deterioration by getting on quietly with helping the
poor and suffering in their communities.

But the situation is changing. More and more clerics are saying they can no
longer remain silent as the country crumbles as a result of bad governance.

Increasingly, church leaders are taking time away from their pulpits and
from tending the sick to protest against growing human rights abuses,
corruption and political repression that their congregations are enduring.

Clerics drawn from traditional Protestant and Pentecostal churches are
speaking out against government abuses at public meetings and acting
collectively through their recently-launched Christian Alliance.

Jonah Gokova, an official with a church charity called Ecumenical Support
Services, an coordinator of the Christian Alliance, says the organisation's
mission is "to bring about transformation in our nation through prophetic
action", and admits that it was born as a result of pressure from Christians
who had become disillusioned by the church's silence on
issues of human rights abuses by the government, the security forces and

"When people are going through a phase of suffering, particularly when the
suffering is human-induced as we have in Zimbabwe, people are always saying
where is the church? Why is the church not speaking out against these
injustices?" said Gokova.

"We are responding to these concerns to create a situation where people can
begin to hear leaders within the church speaking out against the injustices
and the suffering of the people."

The Christian Alliance wants to pressure the government into a new culture
of listening to the voices of the downtrodden. "The government continues to
ignore the voices of its citizens while conditions go on deteriorating,"
continued Gokova.

Another group of ordained and lay church leaders, calling itself Christians
Together for Justice and Peace, has been helping victims of state violence
get treatment. It also compiles reports detailing atrocities perpetrated by
state security agents against perceived government enemies. The group also
issues press statements denouncing such government policies as the national
youth training programme.

Once the youths graduate, they are assigned to militias loyal to Robert
Mugabe, which are used by the president to enforce rule by his ZANU PF party
and to intimidate opposition supporters.

In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second city, church leaders have come together to
form a group called Churches in Bulawayo to provide a united response to the
suffering caused by Operation Murambatsvina (Operation Drive Out the Filth).
In Murambatsvina, presented as an urban renewal scheme, hundreds of
thousands of people, most of them opposition supporters, saw their homes in
the suburbs and squatter camps of the main cities and towns destroyed by
Mugabe's police and militias.

One of the pastors, Albert Chatindo, works closely with squatters from the
Killarney transit camp outside Bulawayo, where thousands of people had their
homes destroyed in Murambatsvina.

Pastor Chatindo says his role has been confined quietly to helping ease the
suffering of the victims of the mass destruction of homes. He says he and
his colleagues have witnessed horrific abuses of people at the hands of the

Chatindo claims to have seen people die without receiving medical treatment,
and watched helplessly as children as young as five die from cold and

Pastor Ray Motsi, of the Bulawayo Baptist Church and a leading member of the
Christian Alliance, says people whose homes were destroyed in Murambatsvina
had "done nothing but commit the crime of poverty. Government should admit
that all is not well instead of beating citizens into silence".

Gokova says the Christian Alliance is building on such existing regional
efforts by Christian leaders to give Zimbabwean religious leaders what he
terms a "national expression". He adds that the alliance aims to become a
national platform for religious institutions, enabling its members to
cooperate in resolving social, economic and justice

He says his organisation will also work with civic organisations such as the
National Constitutional Assembly - which groups many bodies campaigning for
democratic reform - in calling for a new constitution.

Analysts have long been forecasting that the next step in Zimbabwe's
political development will be an alliance between opposition political
parties and civic and church groups to form something equivalent to the Mass
Democratic Movement, which took over the anti-apartheid struggle in South
Africa after the African National Congress was banned and exiled.

Gokova says the clerics will not hesitate to take part in street protests.
"As Christians we have to organise activities that are expressing solidarity
with the victims of the human-made catastrophe that we are going through,"
he said. "We will use prayer for both the victims and oppressors so that
they can see that what they are doing is wrong.

"We will also talk about possibilities of joining street protests and any
Christians who agree to defy unjust laws."

Dr Phineas Dube, a Harare-based international leadership trainer, says an
organisation like the Christian Alliance is long overdue, adding that, if
managed properly, the major strength of the organisation will be that it
presents a united religious front to oppose government repression. He says
that until now churches have been competing
against each other and were divided in confronting the crisis created by the

"This Christian Alliance, even if they should fail, are on the right road,"
said Dr Dube. "I'm hoping they will succeed because this is the only way
they can get government to listen to them by speaking with one voice."

Dorothy Bhbhe, a women's rights activist working in Bulawayo, also welcomes
the church leaders' attempt to form a united front. "They will benefit from
unity," she said. "Now that they are uniting the big and small churches so
that they work together to help people who are suffering they should be able
to make a difference. This Christian Alliance can take the people of
Zimbabwe out of this current crisis, end hunger and bring them shelter,
education and food."

However, she is wary the leaders could get caught up in internal power
politics and infiltrated by state security agents. Bhebhe says she would
also want
to see more women being accommodated in the alliance.

Gokova says the Christian Alliance is aware of the magnitude of the
challenges that lie ahead but remains confident that it will deliver
Zimbabweans from their misery. He acknowledges that many of the issues the
alliance will raise will not go down well among politicians but is quick to
point out the church can no longer remain silent.

"The nature of our problems is political. We cannot avoid challenging
politicians," he said. "We cannot avoid talking directly to politicians. But
when we speak as Christians, we speak the justice and peace of God. Some
politicians will have problems with us, but our conviction and motivation
are coming from God."

Sarah Dlodlo is the pseudonym of an IWPR contributor in Zimbabwe.

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Bathing still a luxury for many African women, says activist

The Mercury

      March 22, 2006

      By Tony Carnie

      Mexico City: Millions of African women still smell because they are
putting the needs of their families ahead of their desire to wash their
bodies more frequently.

      That was the blunt message delivered to the World Water Forum in the
Mexican capital this week by Zimbabwean-born gender activist Mildred
Mkandla. She made it clear that rural women did not smell
      because they chose to, but simply because having a bath was a luxury.

      In many parts of Africa women had to trek up to 15km a day to fetch
water, she said.

      By the time this had been rationed for cooking, drinking, cleaning and
washing the children, there was barely enough left over for mothers to wash

      Mkandla said some of these women lived in the vicinity of large dams
and hydroelectric schemes like Kariba Dam, yet they derived no benefits.

      "If I am sitting in my home in Zimbabwe, I don't want to see big
electricity pylons running past me unless we are benefiting," Mkhandla said.

      So before any new big dams were built, she said that those delegates,
bankers and government officials attending the Water Forum should ask
themselves whether these projects would bring meaningful development for
Africa's women.

      Mkandla's message coincided with the launch of a new report entitled
"For her, it's the big issue", by the United Nations International
Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef), which suggested that young girls and
women in many parts of Africa walked an average of 6km a day to fetch water.

      Ethne Davey, a gender activist and official of the South African
Department of Water Affairs, was even more blunt. "We have heard this all
before. We don't need to launch any more reports like this. Let's stop
talking and just get those water pipes in the ground now," she said.

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Zimbabwe's period politics, women see red

      By Sharon Njobo

      THE ruling Zanu PF government has picked cotton wool, sanitary towels
and tampons as the latest weapon of choice to punish Zimbabwe's
poverty-battered population. Sadly, in this battle over feminine hygiene,
the bleeding is not on the battleground, but in Zimbabwe's schools, rural
areas, city streets and on farms.

      This latest battle pits the Zimbabwe Union of Trade Unions (ZCTU)
attempting to bring in a consignment of donated sanitary towels and the
government's department of customs, which says the feminine hygiene products
have to be quality-tested to determine if they should be allowed into the
country duty-free.

      "We can't fight against nature, periods are like oxygen.  You can't
tell your periods to go away because you have no pads," said a furious
Ntombiyomusa Ncube in Toronto, Canada.

      Ncube said the attitude being demonstrated by the government confirmed
that the ruling party did not recognize the status of women.

      "I am very furious because the vice-president is a woman and she
should understand how important pads are for women's dignity and health,"
she said.

      The sanitary towels donated from England and South Africa are the
result of passionate pleas by Zimbabwe's women who can no longer afford the
highly priced products.

      The ZCTU gave birth to Zimbabwe's first-ever formidable opposition
party some six years ago, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).
Evidently, President Robert Mugabe's government has not forgiven the trade

      An exiled Zimbabwean human rights activist disagrees that the
government could be using the pads to fight the ZCTU, saying humanitarian
donations have always had a problem being cleared through customs over the

      She said sewing machines, schools supplies and computers donated to be
used by humanitarian agencies or to be distributed free of charge have been
held on countless times by the department of customs.

      "Donations have always been held by customs, you might think that
being a crisis situation they (government) would be more sensitive," she

      She said Zimbabwe's female vice-president Joyce Mujuru would not feel
any pressure to help the women because she did not get to her position on
the women's vote.

      "She (Mujuru) is not there because of the women so she will not serve
the women's interest."

      It has been three years since the women launched the campaign to
highlight their menstrual woes after sanitary pads disappeared from store
shelves.  The shortage was caused by the closure of firms and unavailability
of foreign currency to import the products.

      So messy was the cotton wool, pads and tampons shortage that even
Zimbabwe's parliament, dominated by the traditional males from the ruling
Zanu PF was forced to table a motion and debate this taboo subject.

      The Minister of Finance, Hebert Murerwa has been presented with a
petition signed by thousands of men and women.  Murerwa promised that the
government would reduce the duty on sanitary-ware from  40% to 20%.  The
promised reduction was neither referred to during the last multi-trillion
dollar budget nor has it been implemented to date.

      The ministry of education also promised to distribute sanitary ware to
young girls in schools, but several months later, the distribution is yet to
begin.   The bleeding Zimbabwean economy, tottering from an inflation rate
of nearly 800%, can ill afford to subsidize, let alone distribute free of
charge sanitary-ware for girls and women.

      "Sanitary ware, in the form of cotton wool, pads and tampons is now
available on the local market. However the majority of women and girls
cannot afford to purchase it due to high costs and low incomes," Zimbabwe
Women Resource Centre and Network (ZWRCN) said in a recent statement.

      Increased teen prostitution is among the vices being bred by the

      "Social risk factors such as poverty increases the vulnerability of
women and girls as they find themselves offering sexual favours in exchange
for food and other basic items including sanitary ware," ZWRCN elaborated.

      Some gains being made to increase enrolment of girls in secondary
schools are being eroded as the girls now prefer to stay home from school or
extra curricular activities when they have their periods.

      While women fear that the old rags they use to contain menstrual flow
are not sterile enough to prevent infection, Zimbabwe's junior information
minister Bright Matonga sums up the government's position in a recent BBC
interview, "The Zimbabwe government won't sit back and let women suffer. We
care about our women."

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Zimbabwe students live in abject poverty

      By Rhoda Mashavave

      COLLEGE days are supposed to be every student's best days in life. But
as young students in Zimbabwe narrate their suffering under President Robert
Mugabe's government, the anguish in their voices sums it up all. Most of
them are a sad lot and if wishes were horses, they would want things to be
much easier for them as they get their much-needed education.
      The recent 100 percent hike in fees has left many with no choice but
to abandon their studies while others have resorted to selling anything from
sweets to foreign currency to make ends meet. Some female students have even
turned to prostitution to raise money to pay through college.
      With inflation currently pegged at 782 percent and expected to hit the
1 000 mark in April, chances are that the fees will keep on rising.
      Last week a number of students who failed to pay boarding fees at
Harare Polytechnic, a government college for higher learning, were evicted
while others received notices to pay up tuition fees. The students have been
given until end of March to pay up although the government has failed to pay
them their loans.
      The students feel insecure and unprotected.
      Tawanda Kamire, 24, a student at Harare Polytechnic says his family
cannot afford to raise the increased fees in a short space of time as
required by the college. For several days now he has been surviving on
boiled maize and bread. "I can not eat at the dining hall until I pay the
increased fees. And when I finally pay, I have to pay even for the meals I
      Kamire cannot go to his home in Masvingo and is illegally staying with
a friend in the hostels until he settles his fees.
      Students at state universities have also faced huge increases.
      While Taurai Chikwereti managed to pay the increased fees because his
brother sent money from overseas, he feels the standards at Harare
Polytechtenic have deteriorated extensively.
      Infact, he says authorities at the college have warned students not to
speak to the Press about the institution's condition. "Most student live in
fear of victimisation because we can not raise our complains. We were told
not to speak to the press about the problems facing the college or even
write letters to newspaper editors. There has been some witch hunting of the
students talking to the Press."
      Chikwereti says the hostels are not cleaned properly while most
toilets are not functioning well. "I wonder why they increased the fees when
the facilities are still so poor," said Chikwereti.
      Twenty-three year old Mirriam Shoko, a final year economics student at
the University of Zimbabwe, says her parents were finding it hard to afford
the hiked fees.
      She says: "My parents are peasant farmers and they had to sell their
cattle for my education. I expected government to provide a loan for my
tuition and accommodation. Now I have to turn to my boyfriend for my fees
though we are yet to be married."
      Shoko believes the only dear thing left in her life is her passport.
"My passport is the most treasured thing that I possess at the moment. I
want to move out of the country when I complete my degree. There is no hope
for a better future here in Zimbabwe."
      Prostitution is now a gateway for others. A female student confided
that some students were surviving on money given to them by their
boyfriends, most of them married men. "That is the only we can survive
through these hardships we are facing. Most parents can not afford to pay
the fees," said the student who refused to be identified.
      For Trevor Ngara, 25, from the National University Science and
Technology (NUST), surviving at college has taught him to do business deals.
Ngara says: "I pay my fees from profits I make from buying and selling
things like fuel, foreign currency and cellphone lines. I have been
surviving for the past four years through this."
      Ngara blamed the Mugabe government for ignoring the plight of students
in the country.
      Twenty-five year old Patrick Moyo from the University of Zimbabwe
blasted the government sponsored Fort Hare scholarship programme, which he
says was too costly at the expense of local students. The South African
university accepts students from Zimbabwe on a government to government
programme. "I think the cost of enrolling one student at Fort Hare can pay
fees for more than 16 students at government tertiary colleges. The
recipients of the scholarship are getting more monies at the expense of
local students who have better Advanced Levels passes. The government
scholarships to study at Fort Hare have mainly benefited people who are
connected to the ruling party ZANU PF," said Moyo.
      Another bone of contention among college students has been the
introduction of a new compulsory subject, National Strategic Studies
introduced two years.
      Farai Mhepo from Kwekwe Polytechnic is not happy with this subject
which one has to pass to graduate. He describes the National Strategic
Studies as ZANU PF propaganda to indoctrinate students. He adds: "The
subject praises the way land reform was done while the Matebeleland
(Gukurahundi) massacres are only described as disturbances. National leaders
like Robert Mugabe are showered with praises even though we are living in
misery because of his bad economic policies," said Mhepo.
      Mhepo's wish was for students in the tertiary colleges throughout the
country to boycott all the classes and stay at home in protest. "Maybe the
government would try to address the problems we are facing as students. When
we try to demonstrate the riot police descend on us in the colleges beating
and threatening in us."

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JAG Classifieds dated 21 March 06

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified
adverts for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items

3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation

5.  Specialist Services

6.  Pets Corner




1.1 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

HONDA XR 250 R, trail bike with lights and indicators, 18000km only.  In
near original mint condition.

 Phone: 091 326 965 for details.


1.2 Agricultural Items for sale

(Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Imported harrow discs 24" and 26"
New Montana boom sprayers 10m boom, 600l tank
New 16KVA generators
Radium Zimbabwe 04 870264 / 011 600 389


1.3 Chemicals For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Dithian (M45)

Copper Oxy

Dual Magnum

Punch Extra

Phone: John 334764, Cell 011208893


1.4 BIKE FOR SALE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)




091208836 OR EMAIL US:


1.5 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.





Small woven bags--$395,000 each.

Large crocheted bags.--$1,055,000 each.

Large woven bags.--$815,000 each.

Table Runners.--$600,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$1,805,000.

Fringed mats only(4)---$1,195,000.

Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,705,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$2,185,000.

Bordered mats only(4)--$1,575,000.

Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,275,000.

Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$4,370,000.

2m Throws--$2,115,000.each.

Tea cosy(L)--$350,000.

Tea cosy(m)--$340,000

Tea cosy(s)--$330,000.

Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$800,000.

Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$455,000.


Decorated cushion covers--$805,000.

Plain cushion covers---$560,000.

Scarves(knitted)--$795,000. each.

Hand Woven Scarves--$900,000 each

Hats(Beanies)--$450,000 each.

Large plain cotton rug--$1,785,000.

Med. plain cotton rug---$1,155,000.

Small plain cotton rug.---$740,000.

Cotton Rag Rug--$740,000.

Med. plain mohair rug--$1,380,000.

Med. patterned mohair rug.--$1,725,000.

X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,455,000.

Bedspreads-- QS/DB/3/4 and

Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large


1.6 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Old farm radio equipment for sale.... Motorola.

Antiques as follows:

Mahogany bedroom set with marbled washstand, dressing table, bedside
table and wardrobe!  All exquisitely carved, bevelled mirrors and in
outstanding condition.

English oak dining room set. Ten chairs, extendable table and long

Victorian hall tables x 2.  One round and one oval.

Pie Crust coffee/tea table.

Grandmother clock.

Three what-nots in outstanding condition.

Collectors cupboard - ideal for collections of eggs/butterflies etc.

Burmese Teak mirrored dresser.

Lounge suite, whickered arms with carved backs, legs and arms. One three
seater and two single seaters.

Large liquor cupboard - lined with asbestos - antique mirrors, screens
and much more.

Contact no: 011 416937


1.7 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Sony LBT-V302 Stereo Hi-Fi System with 5 discs CD player - ZWD 100
Excellent condition.  Phone Harare 494395


1.8 Item for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Monarch Chevette 4 plate Stove (black)

Minor attention needed $30 mill


or 756363-9 (work) 339378 (home) 091-338414


1.9 Curtains for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Very good condition and fully lined

1.  SUNFILTER Pale beige with Wheat design
                                1 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                1 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


2.  SUNFILTER Pale green with floral design
                                2 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                2 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


3.  HEAVY QUALITY Plain Cream
                                2 X 4.0m wide x 2.3m drop

                                4 x 2.16m wide x 2.3m drop


Contact Tel 303570 to view


1.10 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Various second hand items for sale - All must go!!!
Prices are negotiable.

Filing cabinet, 2 draw, wooden (good condition) - $35m

Wooden and black leather bar 140 x 50cm with 3 leather stools - $20m

18 speed mountain bike - $10m

Square folding table, wooden 92 x 92cm - $6m

Roller Blades size 5/6 - $3m

Trivial pursuit for teens (good condition) - $2m

Monopoly - $1m

Scrabble - $1m

Please contact Monique 309274(w) 091 315 411 (cell)


1.11 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1) 2 x 200 litre electric/solar geysers and drip trays
plus 4 glass covered panels and piping.

2) 1 x Frigidaire refrigerator (locakable). Old but in excellent
working condition.

3) 1 set of bunk beds and mattresses.

Contact: Nigel Rennie on 011-808 752


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

"Shawasha hills, phase one, 4,4 acres, extensive Msasa/acacia trees,
river frontage, for sale, share transfer, call 496829 evenings"


1.13 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Datsun Pulsar 140 A, very economical, in use every day. Looking for $200
million. Please call Cheryl or Shane on 336710 or send e-mail to


1.14 Stamps for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Stamps for Sale: Mint condition, many in albums.

First Day Covers of the following Countries:-


South Africa
01/82-02/95 126

South West Africa/ Namibia 12/82-05/95 72

Bophuthatswana 11/81-03/94 60

11/81-04/94 60

01/82-03/94 54

12/81-04/94 58

02/62-07/76 45

04/80-04/00 108

Offers: Phone: 861089


1.15 Bakery for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Bakery and coffee shop in Sam Leavy`s village Borrowdale for sale.

Bakery is operating full speed and doing catering for

numerous schools and coffee shops in Harare.
Call: 091 77 55 44 or 011 60 70 45
land line 88 2 384 or 851 729


1.16 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Mazda B2500 Diesel, single cab, pickup. 1997. Driven by owner only.

Contact: Mark at 09 234757 or 011 416 937.


1.17 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

2003 Model
1 owner since new
Long Range Tank
Rubberised Back
Please email:


1.18 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Steel slim line Canopy for Toyota 2.4 truck for Sale.

$ 40. Million/offers.

Please phone a.m. 487141 or p.m evenings. 882713


1.19 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)



1.20 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Offered for Sale

2003 Model
1 owner since new
Long Range Tank
Rubberised Back
Please email:


1.21 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Steam Iron $3 million

Porcelain Doll $2 million

Heater $2 million

Electric Blanket $3 million

Ladies Racer $10 million

Girls 28in Bycle $6 million

4 pine folding tables $5 million

Sewing Cabinet $5 million

Baby Tender $5 million

Carpet - Dusty Pink 12 x 15 ft $15 million

Carpet - Maroon 12 x 9 ft $12 million

Lace Curtain - 18 1/2m on roll (long) $5 million

Lace Curtain - 40m on roll (short) $8 million

Lounge & Dining Room full length curtains - Pale Green 5 drops x 2
widths $5 million

Lounge & Dining Room full length curtains - Blue Cream 6 drops x 1
width $5 million (with pelmet covers)

Lounge & Dining Room full lenth curtains - Wine Brocade 2 drops x 2
widths, 2 drops x 1 1/2 widths, 3 drops x 1 width $4 million

Curtains - Pink with bedcover 2 drops x 2 widths $4 million

Curtains - Rose Green & Cream (large set) $6 million

Curtains - Bathroom & Shower - green and blue sets, sun filter
$2 million

Curtains - Kitchen, fancy lace yellow & white $2 million

Vinyl Records - offers

Summer collection in excellent condition

Long play, speed 33, 1000 records

Seven Singles, box3s of 7, speed 45

1st single releases, boxes of 4, speed 78 (some of Elvis's 1st original

Lots of ornaments

Lots of framed pictures

Lots of Kitchen wear

1998 4WD Ex Jap Pulsar, in good condition. +\- 89 000 kms $400 million.

For further enquiries please contact Mrs L Noble on 304426 or 091340334.


1.22 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Honda CB 650 B Motorbike.  Seat needs attention and needs new Electric
start batt.

$200 million.

Pink Carpet.  12 x 9 ft $12 million

Blue single bedspread set $2.5 million

Brand New Double bed sheets $5 million

Brand new 12 piece tea set (6 cups & 6 saucers) $4 million

Brand new Pyrex oval dish with metal frame $4 million

Brand new Pudding bowls $4 million

Tupperware Rice Cooker $3 million

Tupperware deep oval casserole dish $3 million

Tupperware low oval casserole dish $3 million

Tupperware round casserole dish $3 million

Tupperware rolls container $3 million

2x tea sets (for 6) $1 million each

Deep Fryer $8 million

Ice Cream Machine $10 million

Snug and Safe Baby carrier/car seat (0 - 9mths) $5 million

Baby bath seat $1.5 million

Baby monitor $3 million

Baby carrier $3 million

Microwave Sterilser (brand new) $5 million

2 man canvas Tents $10 million each

Tennis Rackets $2.5 million each

Hockey sticks $2.5 million each (one is for goalkeeping)

2000 pieces puzzles $2 million each

Pictionary Game $2 million

For further details please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914 or 091777668


1.23 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Hewlett Packard printer 610C (brand new)

French lessons course (Oxford) never used

Supersonic radio and record player (superb condition)

.270 rifle with Lynx scope (4x40) licensed.

Contact no: 011 416937 or 09 234757


1.24 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

                  Sokkia Automatic Dumpy - Level / Theodolite

In immaculate condition with Tripod contact 851380 or 091272572 to view
or with realistic offers.


1.25 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Various second hand items for sale - All must go!!!
Prices are negotiable.

Filing cabinet, 2 draw, wooden (good condition) - $25m

Wooden and black leather bar 140 x 50cm with 3 leather stools - $20m

5 man Tent (dome shape - water resistant) - $18m

Camp bed x 2 (army edition) - $5m each

Square folding table, wooden 92 x 92cm - $2m

Roller Blades size 5/6 - $2m

The Mad Max Magazine Game (good condition) - $3m

Cluedo (good condition) - $3m

Please contact Monique 309274(w) 091 315 411 (cell)


1.26 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

2 Toshiba Satellite Pro Pentium Laptop Computers in good working order.
Complete with carrier cases.
Loaded with Windows 95 and Lotus Word Perfect.

Price ZD$ 50,000,000.00 each onco.

Call B. Brown on 04-754301/2 or 091-754301.


1.27 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Leather Coat - full length - size 107cm - only worn once
Leather Coat - 3/4 length - size 112cm - in very good condition.

Health Walker
A set of 18 Volumes of Claxton Encyclopaedias
A set of 4 volumes of Claxton Children Encyclopaedias

Serious offers only

Contact R. Jordaan on 011 603 110


1.28 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

One Humidifier.

Phone 04 - 701940 or 011 - 616342.


1.29 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Brand new (unused) Delco Remy 24 volt starter suitable for Mercedes, MAN
or ADE engine trucks, complete with all mounting brackets and solenoid.

$100 million ONCO.

Contact 091 321006 or 335573 (after hours) to view or for further


1.30 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

30,000 litre steel tank on skids, complete with lockable filler and
outlet fixtures. In excellent condition and suitable for fuels. $1
billion. New tank costs in excess of $2 billion. Contact 091 321006 or
335573 (after hours) to view or for further information.


1.31 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

NISSAN SE 3.2 Diesel , D/Cab , 4 X 4, White , 2001 .

14,000 Kms ( only )

Rubberised back, Canopy, Bull bar, Roll bar, as new

usd 27,000:

cell 011 208848.


1.32 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)


PLEASE PHONE:- 071 8 474

CELL 091 238 462/ 091 303 097


1.33 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

MAZDA 323 YEAR 1986

One careful owner

Excellent condition

500 million

Please phone: 011603070, 486326, 486293, or 011605219


1.34 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Laundry table solid wood

Verandah furniture Monomatapa oval 8 seater

Adam Bede round oak table and six chairs

4 upholstered swivel bar chairs

Single Beds 4

Kitchen table and 6 stools

Small Hoover

Single tub washing machine (not automatic)

Large glass top defy stove

Beige Carpet

Music Centre 3 CD shuttle and a record player new

Old pine table

Tennis court/ driveway/garden roller

Pine bedroom suite, single headboard, bedside table, desk and chest of

1 painted white chest of drawers

1 Creda Carefree Cooker 4 plate double oven

1 GEC old fridge 8 cubic foot

1 Capri Fridge

4 large pot plants

Fertiliser spreader

A garden fumigation / chemical backpack sprayer.

Please phone 884076 or 011204060


1.35 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Large whiskey collection.

Must all go together?  Serious buyers only.

Please phone 884076 or 011204060


1.36 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

BMW 323i

Beautiful condition 1998 133 000 km on the clock.  Alarm, central
locking, CD player etc


1.37 Toyota Starlet 116 000 km 1997

Wonderful runner round town.  Extremely fuel-efficient.

Air conditioning, alarmed, cut out switch, anti hijack, central locking
Kenwood front loader CD with speakers.

Please phone 851558/851375


1.38 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)








2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

White painted Garden Furniture - we need an attractive table for eating
round and 6-8 chairs to go with it.

Contact 04 - 496049


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Are you likely to have any maize stova available in the next few
months?  If so I have cattle that would like to eat it.  Must be fairly
near Harare / Ruwa and have some sort of cattle handling facilities.
Reply to


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


PLEASE PHONE:- 071 8 474

CELL 091 238 462/ 091 303 097


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1 medium sized coffee table (wooden not steel)

1 x three quarter bed, or 2 x single beds in good condition.

Contact: Kim Rennie on 011-212 697


2.5 WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)


Does anyone have a measuring wheel to, donate, lend or sell to Pony
Club?  Ours 'went missing' last weekend and we urgently require another
for our shows and eventing.  Many thanks.

Please call Jo on 091 247001 or 494720 or Kathy on 023 317537


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I am looking for a second hand cellphone to buy. If there is anyone out
there selling his/her cellphone please contact me on 023756589
or e-mail


2.7 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Wanted Items

Is there anyone out there with a second hand jungle gym for sale? Please
phone Michelle Ross on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

 Pensioner looking for second hand walking frame to buy.

Any further details please contact Mrs L Noble on 304426 or 091340334


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)


Mazda B1600, 1995 - 1998, petrol or

Ford Bantam/Mazda Rustler 1995 - 1998


Electric, used but in good condition.

Call 091 256 326 or mail


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

City Bowling Club

Desperately required: Lawnmowers (drum type) for bowling greens. If you
know of any clubs that are closing their bowls or golf sections please
let me know.

Contact Malcom Evans 011 604929 or or Joe 04 756363-9 or
091-338414 or


2.11 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Petra Junior School in Bulawayo needs to buy a good quality lawn mower
for its premises. A second hand will be an option if the condition is


                       3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered


3.1 House for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Helensvale Area, on just over 2 acres (8138 sq.mtrs)

Mediterranean style, very neat, well maintained.

Spacious lounge with jet master fireplace

Separate dining room

Kitchen with walk in pantry

Two large bedrooms

Two lock up garages

Well-developed garden of indigenous trees

Good borehole

Offers phone: 861089


3.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

                              Accommodation Wanted

Elderly couple looking for 3 bedroomed house for long term lease with
lock up garage(s).  Able to maintain home and property very well. Able to
pay rental up to $25 million per month.  Please contact Reg Gravett on
302983 after 1800 hrs.


3.3 Looking for House Sitter (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

House Sitter Wanted

Marondera - Smallholding - Mature couple required to house sit from 1st
April to 1st July. Must be animal lovers. Beautiful environment, on tar
road, Town Centre only 4kms away.

Please phone Rene' on 091 395-576 or 04 747 411


3.4 Looking for House Sitter (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

House sitter required from May to end of July in Bulawayo.  Large house
with 3 dogs and 3 cats plus staff.  Traceable references please

Contact: 011 416937


3.5 House Wanted for Rent (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

A reliable married couple (no children) are looking for a 3 or 4 b/roomed
house to rent as from Ist June 2006. (Long term lease) preferably with
lock up garage and domestic quarters. A granny cottage/bachelor flat
would be a bonus. We are able to maintain home and garden very well.

Dudley or Colleen Potgieter
04 335455 - evenings
091 202303 (Dudley)
011 613268 (Colleen)




4.1 Harare International Festival of the Arts (Ad inserted

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of
Zimbabwe's premier artistic events.  It gives Zimbabweans the change to
meet and interface with top local artists, as well as regional and
international artists and performers. The Festival's appeal is for all
ages and interests and during HIFA, Zimbabweans come together in a truly
carnival atmosphere to
experience the sheer joy that is art in whatever form - art as healer,
art as educator, art as up lifter of the spirit.

HIFA 2006 is scheduled for 25th to 30th April 2006. All the major
international festivals offer a "Friends of Festival" scheme and ours is
known as HifAmigos.  HifAmigos are a highly valued and regarded
component of the Festival.  HIFA offers a series of comprehensive
benefits in several categories of HifAmigos to cater for all interests
and needs and subscriptions are reasonable.  HIFA has been described as
"second to Edinburgh" and "among the top ten festivals of the world!"
HIFA 2006 now invites you to become a HifAmigo or to renew your HifAmigo
membership.  If you do so by 24th February 2006, you will be listed in
the Official HIFA 2006 Programme and invited to what is becoming the
hottest even on the Zimbabwean social calendar - the HIFA Opening Party.
Our launch events are legendary.  Join early & be there!

2006 HifAmigos will enjoy 20% discounts on all shows and workshops.
Procedure for becoming a hifAmigo
Contact the hifAmigo Manager for an application form -
Angie Thomas - contactable via HIFA as below.

 Harare International Festival of the Arts
 Box A42, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
 Phone & Fax: +263 (4) 300 119


4.2 ABERFOYLE LODGE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

                                  HONDE VALLEY

Fully serviced, self-catering lodge with cook
and bar. Something for everyone- golf, swimming, squash as well as lovely
walks in idyllic surroundings
and brilliant birding. Gather your friends, share transport, and have a
fun-filled few days.
For further information contact Sue Fawcett on or Val
Marshall on or


4.3 KARIBA (Ad inserted 21/02/06)


Book now for Easter!

Contact us: or phone Andrea on

091 208 836.

Rates on request!


4.4 Looking for Bush Time (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Are you a writer or just in need of bush time?
Looking for someone to spend one month at a time in bush environment.
Would be there as a male presence while husband is working away. Small
help required mechanically if generator or vehicle needs arise. Must like
animals, both domestic and wild. Would have own cottage with en suite
bush shower and flush lou and food would be provided.
If interested please email:


4.5 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

The National Institute of Alied Arts

Presents their Annual Festival from 8th - 23rd March

Choirs at Harry Margolis Hall

Music across the board

21st, 22nd and 23rd March

Final Concert at Prince Edward School

Public welcome we need your support




5.1 Ad inserted (21/02/06)

Farmers -- your favourite hairdressers, Donaghy's, has re-located from
Farm & City Centre to smart new premises in the City Bowling Club in
Harare Gardens. Phone Annette on 011 716 246.


5.2 Ad inserted (7/03/06)

Blackfordby College of Agriculture


                     Enrolment applications for the intake

                                 Commencing in

August 2006 are now open

The minimum entrance qualifications for the diploma

Is: Five O-Levels; English, Maths,

Science and two others.

The course covers two years and is written in five

Disciplines, Animal Husbandry, Crop Husbandry,

Horticulture, Farm Mechanization and

Farm Management.

Applicants must send a non-refundable deposit of

$1 000 000.00 (one million dollars) to the address below

or deposit the money

into our account:

Standard Chartered Bank, Avondale Branch

Account Number: 0101723103701.

A copy of the deposit slip with the applicant's name and

Address must be faxed to 075-2539.

The application forms will then be sent to you, and will

Include details of fee structure.

Blackfordby College of Agriculture

P.O. Box EH 197

Emerald Hill

Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: 075-2532/2533

Fax: 075-2579


Applications close on 31st May 2006.


5.3 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

T.M.  LAMBERT (Agent for Mono Pumps Zimbabwe)

Capacity Test, Installations, Repair Maintenance On All Borehole Pumps

PO Box GT 629

Graniteside, Harare

Tel: 04-494796

Cell: 091 288 448 or 011 726 062



5.4 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Savuli Safari, self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking
trails and 4x4 hire.  Camp fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just
bring your food, drinks and relax.  $900 000 pppn, 1/2 U/12.

Booking direct to John Tayler at 091 631 556 or


5.5 G - TECH (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

G - TECH: Diesel and plant maintenance, site contracting, generator and
stationary engine installation and maintenance, tractors and hydraulics.
Contact Graham at or call 011 406023, 091 286657, 04
741001, 075 2264


5.6 For Hire (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

21 & 14" Televisions & videos for hire - Please phone Hire Electric on


5.7 (Ad inserted 21/03/06)


Servicing and re-gassing of aircon done on all vehicles and fridges/deep
freezes.  Reasonable rates - same day car return.

Call Russell or Teresa Hook on 305381 331970 331976 091201744

Plastic Repairs

For all plastic repairs, on car bumpers ,grilles, door handles, trims,
mouldings, cowlings, right down to cooler box handles.  Anything plastic
bring to us.

Call Russell or Teresa Hook on 305381 331970 331976 091201744


All Fibre Glass repairs to boats, Repairs and Servicing done on all

Call Russell Hook at Dragon Marine on 305381 331970 331976
091201744 011201744

Motor Vehicles

Servicing and minor repairs to all motor vehicles. Affordable rates. Come
in and see us at 6 Childwall Road Bluff Hill or phone Russell Hook
305381 331970 331976 091201744 011201744


For all your stationery requirements call AF Stationers.  Our prices
include delivery!

Phone Teresa Hook 305381 331970 331976 011201744

Holiday in Amanzimtoti

2 Bedroom flat at Toti Cabanas.  Sleeps 6.  Available from 15-22 or/and
22-29 May.

USD150 for the week.

Call Noeleen on 011 205 183 or 305381 or 065-204.


5.8 (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Care Management Services. Formerly called "Substitute Daughter."

No further vacancies. Sorry. The ad will not run after this until further
vacancies are available.

Have you left Zim? Are worried about a remaining relative? For a modest
fee our service will monitor the well being - physical, mental and
emotional - of those
who might be in need. The service is run by qualified, experienced,
registered nurses of "the old school". We ensure that health needs are
being met and that if your relative needs any other sort of care -
nursing, financial services, transport, domestic aid, medical visits
etc... - we will arrange for these needs to be met. We visit regularly
and keep you informed with reliable, accurate reports of all
developments. 24 hour call available.
The service has been working successfully without interruption since
Sept. 2002.

Want to know more? e-mail:
Ph.: 00-263-4- 302518 (after hours) or 00-263-91-603621.
References will be supplied on request.
Margaret Low. SRN. SCM.




6.1 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Jack Russell looking for home as only dog, not a fighter but has always
been an only pet. Jock, tan/white, male 6 years. Docked tail not
neutered. Tel Calla Van Zyl on 884226 or 091-252-744. To approved home


6.2 African Grey Chicks For Sale

      (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Two hand reared African Grey chicks.

Contact: Trinity on 04-369160-5


6.3 Puppies For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)


Father - boer bull cross ridgeback

Mother - blue heeler


011 606 783

091 246 233 or 065 2703


6.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

"5 year old male Golden Retriever "Stanley" with excellent UCI and FCI
pedigree background ideally looking for female Golden for breeding, but
any friends for playing in yard etc.  Pls call 091 317550.


6.5 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

2 ex farming male cats both neutered,

2 ex farming female cats both spayed,

Very relaxed and well house trained. Looking for a new home. Used to
travelling and good at settling into different life styles. Please
contact 04 490758 after 6pm weekdays or weekends.


6.6 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I have two very beautiful tabby cats that we took onto farm from someone
leaving the country. However now refusing to come into house because of
dogs. I would very much like to find them good home where there are no
dogs. Very friendly, young, females, spade. Independent but love people.

Please phone Carrie 091 206 558.


6.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)




6.8 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Looking for a good home for a 6 year old female Pure Bred Boerbul.
Excellent guard dog but very dominant and probably needs to be an only
dog. Prefer a Farm or big property

Colin Paterson 011-206626
Gill Paterson 091-294185 or 04-882013


6.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Staffordshire Pup

We are looking for a Staffordshire Bitch Pup.  Preferably between 6 and 8
weeks old.  Please contact Colleen on 091275624, or email us at


6.10 Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

English Bull Terrier Lovers.

Magnificent white English Bull Terrier Male, 4 years, looking for kind
and loving home. Came from a farm but owners have left. Please help as
will be put to sleep if home not found soon. Tel Michelle on 884294 or


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