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Zimbabwe threatens Western journalists

The Raw Story

dpa German Press Agency
      Published: Friday March 23, 2007

Harare- The government of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
on Friday issued a chilling threat against Western journalists
working in the southern African country as political tensions mount.
In a statement quoted by the official Herald newspaper, the
information ministry warned journalists, including the correspondents
of two British newspapers - Jan Raath of the Times and Peta
Thornycroft of the Daily Telegraph - that the government might be
forced to act against them.

The statement also accused broadcaster CNN of supporting a US
government policy of regime change in the country.

"CNN's editorial hostility echoes the American administration's
policy of regime change through illegal and pernicious sanctions
designed to hurt Zimbabwe's economy and build disaffection in the
populace," the statement claimed.

"Sadly, CNN has embedded itself within such a treacherous
imperialist policy which has already repeatedly failed and will never
succeed in Zimbabwe," the statement continued.

Zimbabwe's government is hostile to many Western media outlets,
and has registered very few to operate inside the country.

All journalists working have to be licensed with the state-
appointed Media and Information Commission (MIC).

On Friday the MIC claimed Western embassies were smuggling
reporters into the country.

It also warned Zimbabweans offering accommodation to unlicensed
foreign correspondents that they too would face prosecution.

"It is, therefore, important for all Zimbabweans hosting or
accommodating any foreigners to tell them that if they are
journalists, they ought to report to the MIC immediately and apply
for accreditation," it said.

© 2006 - dpa German Press Agency

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Bashed Zimbabwe activist recovering in South Africa

ABC radio Australia

This is a transcript from The World Today. The program is broadcast around
Australia at 12:10pm on ABC Local Radio.

      The World Today - Friday, 23 March , 2007  12:22:00
      Reporter: Sabra Lane
      ELEANOR HALL: Former Australian resident and Zimbabwe political
activist, Sekai Holland, is now in South Africa receiving medical treatment
for the injuries she sustained in a brutal police bashing earlier this

      An Australian embassy official escorted Mrs Holland, and her husband
Jim, from the hospital where she'd been kept under armed guard to Harare's
international airport.

      And Mr Holland has given a dramatic account of the bashing his wife
endured and says they're lucky to be out of the country.

      Today the Prime Minister, John Howard, has also stepped up his
criticism of Zimbabwe's neighbours, saying they have to stop what he says is
"pussy foot" diplomacy, and cut off President Robert Mugabe.

      Sabra Lane reports.

      SABRA LANE: Jim Holland readily admits he and his wife are very lucky
to be out of Zimbabwe.

      From the safety of a Johannesburg hospital, he's given a gruesome
account of what happened to his wife.

      JIM HOLLAND: And she was subjected to the most brutal beating that can
possibly be imagined, by 16 men and, and a woman, over a period of many
hours. She passed out on several occasions.

      The result of which was multiple bruises all over her body, that
doctors have counted over 80 separate contusions. They. a woman who jumped
on her chest broke three of her ribs. Others broke her arm, fractured a
knee, broke her leg. And she has lacerations as well.

      SABRA LANE: The couple tried leaving Zimbabwe earlier this week, but
were stopped at the airport and ordered back to hospital, where Sekai
Holland was kept under guard.

      She told AM earlier this week that she feared she would die.

      Mr Holland insists he doesn't know if they'll return to Harare, but
for now he says they'll focus on improving her health.

      JIM HOLLAND: She has had to be operated on, with pins inserted in her
leg and her arm. And she is finally starting to recover.

      So, we're optimistic that the prognosis is good for the long-term, but
clearly she's going to suffer pain from this for the rest of her life.

      SABRA LANE: Foreign Minister Alexander Downer told ABC News Radio's
Marius Benson, that Australia had an active role in helping the couple leave
the country.

      ALEXANDER DOWNER: We've been very worried about her in hospital. The
Ambassador's been to visit her several times in hospital. She's not been in
very good shape, so we've been trying to get her out of the country, finally
that's been possible.

      MARIUS BENSON: And, Mr Downer, was that decision to have an embassy
official accompany her ambulance to the airport, were you involved in that
decision, or was that an initiative from the Ambassador?

      ALEXANDER DOWNER: Well, in a specific sense, they're all initiatives
of the Ambassador. We've just asked the Ambassador to do everything he can
to try to assist, him and his staff, of course, not just him alone. And so,
I'm delighted he's been able to do that.

      SABRA LANE: Prime Minister John Howard has told Southern Cross Radio
he doesn't care if the Zimbabwean Government is upset by Australia's

      JOHN HOWARD: I don't care about that. And frankly, I've run out
patience, most people have run out of patience about what's happening in
Zimbabwe, and I hear out of South Africa that people are saying there should
continue to be internal debate about this issue in Zimbabwe.

      I saw the South African High Commissioner on television last night
saying; it's got to be resolved within Zimbabwe. That's what I was told five
years ago.

      SABRA LANE: He also says it's time for Zimbabwe's neighbours to get
serious, and cut off President Robert Mugabe.

      JOHN HOWARD: We pussy foot around far too much using diplomatic
language. This man is a disaster, and I think it's time the collective
African leadership, and the people who can get Mugabe out are his
neighbouring African leaders.

      SABRA LANE: Also exerting pressure, Alexander Downer on Cricket

      Australia's due to tour Zimbabwe in September. Mr Downer says it
should be scrapped.

      ALEXANDER DOWNER: One of the questions is the extent to which they
could break a contract to play it, with the International Cricket Council,
to go and play in Zimbabwe. It might be that that would be quite expensive
for them. It might cost them $1 or $2 million, money of that kind. That is
it would cost Cricket Australia that money.

      Now obviously we wouldn't want to put them into debt to that extent,
but if you want to know what my wish is, my wish is that the Australian
Cricket team would not go and play in Zimbabwe.

      SABRA LANE: Cricket Australia won't comment on that until the World
Cup is over, and the International Cricket Council says it won't comment
either, until Cricket Australia officials make their preliminary tour of the
country later this year.

      ANDREW MURRAY: Well, Cricket Australia has always taken an amoral and
businesslike view.

      SABRA LANE: Democrats senator Andrew Murray lived in Zimbabwe for 26
years when it was known as Rhodesia. He says Cricket Australia can't ignore
what's happening in the country.

      ANDREW MURRAY: Frankly, it's one of those circumstances where they
need to join in with the rest of the world in recognising this is a pariah
state, and suspending relationships.

      It's very hard for Zimbabwean cricketers, obviously, and for those
Zimbabweans who enjoy sport, but the same issues were confronted with South
Africa when, you know, sports boycotts operated there.

      ELEANOR HALL: Democrats senator Andrew Murray ending that report by
Sabra Lane.

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S. Africa: Don't keep mum on Mugabe

Los Angeles Times


South Africa's foreign policy toward Zimbabwe and Iran are black marks on
the country's democratic image.
March 23, 2007

IF SOUTH AFRICA'S foreign policy continues on its present course, a nation
that has been a relative beacon of African development and democracy since
overthrowing apartheid in 1994 runs the risk of becoming an international

Pressure has been mounting on South African President Thabo Mbeki to curb
the excesses of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, whose human rights
abuses and catastrophic economic policies across South Africa's northern
border threaten to turn his country into a failed state. Mugabe's thuggish
handling of a political rally last week, which left Zimbabwe's main
opposition leader hospitalized after a severe beating, prompted
international condemnation - but not a word from Mbeki. South Africa is
Zimbabwe's largest trading partner, and Mbeki wields more influence over
Mugabe than any other world leader.

But if Pretoria's silence on Zimbabwe is lamentable, its performance this
week at the U.N. Security Council has been deplorable. After the five
veto-wielding members of the council, plus Germany, finally hammered out a
list of limited sanctions to punish Iran for its nuclear intransigence,
South Africa introduced amendments seeking to gut nearly the entire package.
Though South Africa is a nonpermanent member of the council with no veto,
its interference eliminates the opportunity to send a unanimous message to
Tehran and provides cover for China, which is reluctant to approve the
sanctions but doesn't want to stand out as their only opponent.

None of this would be surprising if it came from a rogue state like
Venezuela. Yet Mbeki has been a leader in fighting poverty and working for
good governance throughout Africa. South Africa is widely recognized as a
leader in nuclear nonproliferation, being the only country in the history of
the world to possess a nuclear arsenal and to voluntarily dismantle it. So
how to explain the disgraceful stands on Zimbabwe and Iran?

The answer probably comes down to regional and racial politics. Mugabe
became a hero to black nationalists, and a villain to whites, when he seized
farms from white owners in 2000 and passed the land to his black supporters.
The move was a disaster economically but popular among South Africa's
majority black population, which is smarting over racial inequities in land
ownership left over from the apartheid era. Pressuring Mugabe might inflame
Mbeki's domestic constituents. On Iran, meanwhile, South Africa has
sophisticated nuclear power expertise that it's eager to export. Apparently,
this possible market is more important to Mbeki than thwarting the arsenal
ambitions of Tehran's fanatical regime.

Mbeki's term expires in 2009. On the whole, his tenure has been good for
South Africa, which is enjoying steady economic growth and a strengthening
of democratic institutions. But his foreign policies are turning a positive
legacy sour and sowing instability in the world.

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SA and Zimbabwe

Business Day

23 March 2007


THERE are signs that regional leaders are growing impatient with the way SA
is handling Zimbabwe's political crisis.

There is a danger to SA that our Southern African Development Community
(SADC) partners may begin to move in way that could dent Pretoria's
diplomatic image in the region.

Zambian president Levy Mwanawasa's assertion this week that quiet diplomacy
has failed to solve the political chaos and economic meltdown in Zimbabwe is
just an illustration of this. There is frustration and a little malice in
the remark. Mwanawasa must have known his words would sting President Thabo
Mbeki. But they are also heartfelt, bemoaning as they do the sight of
Pretoria missing out on a wonderful opportunity to finally abandon quiet
diplomacy in favour of a more direct approach on the issue.

Observers thought that Pretoria would, finally, emerge from its diplomatic
torpor in the wake of last week's savage clampdown on the Zimbabwean
opposition. Its silence, however, has been deafening and it is interesting
that not only did Mwanawasa say his piece, but that he said it in Namibia,
which has increasingly been viewed as a close Zimbabwe ally. This might have
prompted former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda - historically a potent
supporter of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe - to say that what was
needed most was the creation of a committee of eminent persons to mediate
Zimbabwe's worsening political crisis.

Mwanawasa's and Kaunda's statements were made at a crucial time in young SA's
diplomatic history - just days after SA completed its tenure at the United
Nations Security Council by blocking discussion on Zimbabwe and ahead of
next week's SADC summit.

It is quite possible that regional leaders looking at the Zimbabwe issue
next week could outpace SA on the issue and leave Pretoria looking both
isolated and ineffectual.

Putting big and powerful Pretoria in its place would be an appealing
prospect for our poorer northern neighbours.

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Zimbabwe's information minister says there is no crisis in that country


March 23, 2007, 08:15

Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, Zimbabwe's information and publicity minister, says there
is no crisis in Zimbabwe and has reiterated that there is no need for SADC's

Ndlovu brushed aside the concerns of the international community on the
state of affairs in Harare as merely a British ploy to destroy his country.
He also accused the opposition MDC of aiding Britain in its campaign.

Contrary to what is reported in the newspapers about the depth of the
humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe, the country maintains its house is in
order. Last week's police beatings of opposition leaders sparked
international condemnation of gross human rights violations with Britain
which is now pushing for sanctions on the country.

But Ndlovu says the beatings were prompted by the MDC who first declared war
on the police then played the victim when security forces responded. The
MDC's Priscilla Misihairabwi refuted this and instead accused the government
of being set on its plans to thwart any action inconsistent with its

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Mugabe closes hospitals to his victims

The First Post

Moses Moyo

In a move seen as savage even by the grim standards of Robert Mugabe's
government, all state hospitals in Zimbabwe have been forbidden to treat
civilians wounded by police in protest demonstrations.

Medical superintendents of all major national health centres received their
instructions on Wednesday, in government circular no. 2209/21. Although the
circular does not explicitly deny help to members of the opposition MDC, it
says each patient must provide an explanation of their injuries before they
can be treated. If they say their injury was caused during political
protests they must present a police report of the incident. They must also
declare their political alliegance, and produce a party card to prove it.

It is hopelessly impractical to expect suffering victims to produce police
reports. Opposition supporters are also well aware that if their politics
are known their treatment will be less than satisfactory.

After the recent disturbances, 10 civilian patients at the state Harare
Hospital were confirmed dead from injuries consistent with being beaten by
blunt objects. To avoid further embarrassing statistics, doctors have been
ordered not to reveal the cause of death on death certificates.

The MDC are countering this government crackdown by sending any of their
members who are injured to private hospitals, such as the Avenues Hospital
in Harare. This is where their leader Morgan Tsvangirai was treated for the
injuries he sustained on March 11, the start of the current crisis.


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Violence and threats against lawyers condemned by the IBA



the global voice of the legal profession

[For Immediate Release, 21 March 2007]

Zimbabwe: Violence and threats against lawyers condemned by the IBA

The International Bar Association (IBA)'s Human Rights Institute today
condemned the recent violence and threats made against Zimbabwean lawyers by
police and other officials.

On 20 March, Ms Beatrice Mtetwa, a prominent human rights lawyer, and her
assistant were violently manhandled and threatened by police officers whilst
serving them court papers.  Ms Mtetwa has represented many people who have
been arrested for attempting to exercise their fundamental human rights to
free association, assembly and expression.

This incident is the latest in a series of disturbing reports of threats
against lawyers involved in representing those involved in the 7 March
prayer meeting in Highfield.  As the IBA reported last week, many of those
involved in the meeting were arrested and brutally attacked by police in

Other reports include the following:

-         On 19 March, lawyer Mr Harrison Nkomo was threatened with arrest
by Assistant Commissioner Mabunda when he tried to serve court processes and

-         On 18 March, Mr Andrew Makoni, was reportedly threatened with
'disappearance' at the Harare police station whilst attempting to serve a
High Court order on the Assistant Commissioner.

-         On 17 March, lawyer Mr Tafadzwa Mugabe was threatened with assault
and arrest when trying to assert his clients' rights to leave the country to
access medical treatment in South Africa. His clients were among those
brutally attacked by police following the 7 March prayer meeting. He was
also told to stop representing those clients.

-         Also on 17 March 2007, lawyer Mar Dzimbabwe Chimbga, was
threatened by officials at the airport when returning to Harare, and was
told to stop taking up cases involving opposition members.

-         On 11 March 2007, Mr Harrison Nkomo was assaulted with a baton by
officers at Machipisa Police Station after inquiring about the whereabouts
of the opposition leaders arrested following the prayer meeting on 7 March.

The IBA is extremely anxious about the safety of lawyers in Zimbabwe,
particularly those involved in representing opposition members.  The
intimidation of lawyers in this manner breaches Article 14 of the
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 7 of the
African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, which guarantee the right to
legal counsel of one's choosing.  Zimbabwe is a party to both these

The IBA would also like to draw attention to the provisions of the Basic
Principles on the Role of Lawyers, which guarantee the right of all persons
to be assisted by a lawyer to protect their rights and to defend them in all
stages of criminal proceedings.  The Basic Principles also provide that
Governments must ensure that lawyers are able to perform all of their
professional functions without intimidation, hindrance or harassment.
Further, Governments are obliged to ensure that lawyers shall not suffer or
be threatened with sanctions for any action as part of their professional
duties.  In situations where the security of lawyers is threatened as a
result of discharging their duties, they must be adequately safeguarded by
the authorities.

It is evident that the Government of Zimbabwe is not protecting but
violating the rights of its lawyers in violation of the Basic Principles.
The IBA calls on the Government of Zimbabwe to take immediate steps to
ensure that these rights are protected and that lawyers are able to perform
their role without fear of violence or intimidation.

'The recent threats made to lawyers place the rule of law in Zimbabwe in
even greater peril', Mark Ellis, Executive Director of the International Bar
Association stated.  'The international community must increase pressure on
the Mugabe Government to end this series of unprecedented attacks on basic
human rights.'

'This disregard for international human rights obligations and the rule of
law is of serious concern, stated Justice Richard Goldstone, Co-Chair of the
HRI.  'I call on the Mugabe Government to ensure strict observance of its
own laws and international treaty obligations'.


For further information/expanded commentary, please contact:

Romana St Matthew - Daniel

Press Office

International Bar Association

10th Floor

1 Stephen Street

London W1T 1AT

United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0)20 7691 6868

Fax: + 44 (0)20 7691 6544



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Embassy staff may be kicked out of Zimbabwe: Downer

ABC Australia

Friday, March 23, 2007. 4:26pm (AEDT)

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, says it is possible
Australian embassy staff could be kicked out of Zimbabwe.

Overnight, the Australian embassy in Harare helped a Zimbabwean Opposition
figure injured in political violence leave the country for medical

Mr Downer says Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe, should resign and
Australian diplomats will continue to lobby southern African nations to take
action against him.

"Well there's always the risk that the Zimbabwe Government will kick them
out of Zimbabwe, and if they do that will focus international attention on
the good work that Australians are doing in Zimbabwe standing up for civil
rights and human rights," he said.

Mr Downer also said the Australian Government will provide more than $80,000
to help victims of violence in Zimbabwe.

He says the international aid agency, AusAID, has given to money to a
non-government organisation in Zimbabwe to help cover medical costs and
counselling services.

Mr Downer says Australia will make further donations to other non-government
organisations in the strife-torn African country.

"This will be a good way for us to provide support to victims of political
harassment and oppression in Zimbabwe," he said.

"We will provide support to other non-government organisations in Zimbabwe
which support human rights."

Street protests

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe's outspoken Roman Catholic Archbishop, Pius Ncube, has
urged his fellow citizens to take part in mass street protests to overthrow
President Mugabe.

The Archbishop says he is prepared to stand in front of blazing guns if
others would stand with him.

He says the Zimbabwean Government's grip on power must be loosened.

"The Government is our property," he said.

"They ought to be answerable to us.

"Mugabe, he control us and hold us, hold us so tight that we can't move.

"They have no right to do it."

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Only the truth shall set Zimbabwe free

The Star


March 23, 2007 Edition 1

If the truth and only the truth is told Zimbabwe would not be in this
pathetic situation.

Zimbabwe could be free. If only Mugabe had been told the truth when he
massacred 20 000 defenceless people of Matabeleland in the early '80s.

If only Mugabe was condemned and been told the truth when he rigged the
first democratic elections in 1980, if only the world had listened to Dr
Joshua Nkomo and the church when they cried out at Mugabe's brutality.

If only people had held peaceful demonstrations and prayer meetings during
the Gukurahudu epoch.

If only Mugabe was thwarted when he evaded the DRC and told the truth about
the sovereignty of that state. Zimbabwe could today be enjoying the fruits
of freedom.

Should the truth be told, Mbeki is right when he says Zimbabweans are the
only ones who can liberate themselves. It is us Zimbabweans who have
created, nourished and defended Mugabe during his "infant" stage.

He is now deep-rooted and it is only us Zimbabweans who know him better and
hence we are in a better position to remove him.

Much can be done and said both internally and externally. It will never

Finally Zimbabweans need only to stand up and tell Mugabe the truth about
his evil deeds and that they no longer need him and only the truth shall set
the country free.

Gwebu Lizwe

Braamfontein, Joburg

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JAG Job Opportunities dated 23 March 2007

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to: JAG
Job Opportunities; or

(Ad inserted 9 March 2007)


We have a vacancy or business partnership available for a sober, capable,
dedicated, reliable and experienced Vegetable Farmer. Specific experience in
the growing of tomatoes, cabbages, potatoes, tobacco, onions and carrots
would be advantageous.

The successful candidate must be able to work independently, identify and
rectify problems on his own, be an improviser and maintain good labor
relations. He must have knowledge of soil preparation, pests, and disease
and the control thereof, fertilization, sprinkler, center pivot and drip
irrigation, harvesting, handling and packing process, machinery and

Remuneration package will depend on experience and abilities.

Interested individuals can e-mail their CV to   Please
mention if you are interested in employment and if you would consider a
business partnership.


(Ad inserted 9 March 2007)

Wanted Manager for Dodhill Garden Centre Restuarant.

It is a position that would suit a semi retired person, male or female, and
entails supervising the kitchen staff who are well trained, and supervising
the garden centre nursery, which also has trained staff, so all in all it is
more of a supervisory position.

The position requires a working knowledge of computers, mainly spread sheets
for stock control.

Our contact details are as follows:

P O Box 102, Chegutu, 091 273056, 053 - 3555


(Ad inserted 9 March 2007)


Help needed by elderly lady owner of a national monument garden and home
situated 5 km from stellenbosch.

 prefer retired or semi-retired couple or single lady.  Farming or similar
practical background would be a great asset.  South african residency would
be necessary.

Private accommodation in a 2-bedroom cottage in a group of cottages adjacent
to the main homestead in a peaceful and magnificent country setting only 10
minutes drive from shops.

 duties would be part time,  assisting owner with activities such as local
driving, shopping, paying garden and domestic staff, incidental faxing and
phoning, preparing occasional meals, handyman repairs and light maintenance
around the buildings and gardens, arranging for servicing  and repairs of
motor vehicles, lawnmowers and similar activities.

This is very much a flexitime position with minimal routine.  You would be
able to pursue other interests and activities in the area.

 Remuneration comprises the cottage accommodation and a salary commensurate
with duties and individual requirements, by negotiation.

 we are hoping to fill this position by late april.

Please reply, providing relevant information about yourself and with contact
phone numbers,  to the lady's son in harare, email or fax
263 (0)4 70 70 35.  Confidentiality and prompt response assured.


(Ad inserted 9 March 2007)

Position Required: GARDENER AND MAID

Ex farm gardener and wife who is a house maid require positions in Harare.
Very honest and reliable couple.

Please Contact Jo on 0912-247001 for info.


(Ad inserted 9 March 2007)

Employment Offered

1. Position for bookkeeper up to trial balance (pastel), to assist with
administration, salary by negotiation.

2. Workshop managers to supervise caterpillar and earthmoving undercarriage
repairs. Mechanical knowledge essential. Salary by negotiation.

For both positions please contact Mr J.Meintjes on cell: 011411117,
0912434293 or
263 4 447180-3


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Employment Offered

Family living on a smallholding in Umwinsidale (+- 12 ha) looking for
"estate manager" to supervise labour, security guards and construction of
various projects on the property. (Boreholes/ irrigation systems/ fencing/

The successful candidate will have a commercial farming background, be good
with labour and procurement, have farm construction skills and should be
knowledgeable on irrigation systems etc.

Competitive package offered which would include allowance for accommodation.

Kindly email CV's to: Email:

Mailing Address: Private Bag 604E, Harare, Zimbabwe


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Employment Offered

Financial manager (accountant or senior bookkeeper)

Experience essential with sound knowledge of computerized accounting
practices to balance sheet.
Incumbent to head a department of 3 subordinates in a long established
family business in Graniteside Harare

 Telephone - Glynis 751904/6 or 751343 or cell 011630164.  Email:


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Experience essential, must be able to manage the following departments :
Transport and fuel control
Security, guard force, in-house & yard
Purchasing & stock control
Telephone - Glynis 751904/6  or 751343 or cell 011630164.  Email:


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)


Zanzibar -Small 16 bedroomed beach resort on the island of zanzibar ,couple
needed to help in the daily running of the resort , dealing in all aspects
of the hotel, communication skills and good understanding of general
maintenance and must enjoy meeting people and have fun while doing it . must
be flexible . Please look at web site

Areas of responsibility include guest relations, room's check and guest
service. One member of the couple to be in control of housekeeping and
laundry departments and be involved in training. One member to be strong of
food and beverage management and kitchen control



(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Employment Offered

Two ladies needed.

Bookkeeping, using Pastel.  Computer literacy required.
Receptionist, required to do banking and pettycash.

Please contact Ann on 485514 (B) or 496261 (H).


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Assistant Management Couple Required

Zanzibar - Small 16 bed-roomed beach resort on the island of Zanzibar,
couple needed to help in the daily running of the resort, dealing in all
aspects of the hotel, communication skills and good understanding of general
maintenance and must enjoy meeting people and have fun while doing it.  Must
be flexible.  Please look at website


Areas of responsibility include guest relations, room's check and guest
service.  One member of the couple to be in control of housekeeping and
laundry departments and be involved in training.  One member to be strong in
food and beverage management and kitchen control.

All emails to:


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Contracts in the DRC (Ad inserted 13/03/07)

Wanted: for  six month renewable contracts in the DRC, three Zimbabwean farm
managers.  One with experience in orchard and plantation crops especially
citrus and bananas, the second with experience in row cropping: potatoes,
maize/soya, wheat and barley and the third with experience in dairy
production.  Formal agricultural qualifications an advantage but not a

Fluency in Swahili preferable but not essential.

Contact: 011610073.


(Ad inserted 23 March 2007)


Looking for a manager for a highly productive pig unit on a Marondera Farm.
Few hundred sows.  Will be up to slaughter level. Person must be self
motivated, dedicated, have good labour relations and have record and
administration skills. Phone early mornings 0912295736


(Ad inserted 23 March 2007)


Lady to run catering organisation in Livingstone, preferably single.
Experience in outdoor catering an advantage Contact with CV to


(Ad inserted 23 March 2007)

Book Keeper/Accountant - Mornings Only

Lahama Trading (Pvt) Ltd in Southerton, Harare requires a Temp, mornings
only Book Keeper/Accountant who must know Pastel Version 8 and will be
required to do Banking and some Admin work also.

Experience in Marketing will be an advantage. Must be available immediately.
This position may become permanent.
We are a PVC Glove Manufacturer.

Phone: 780609 or 0912300995 or email:


(Ad inserted 23 March 2007)

IT Technician

Wanted - IT Technician with standard hardware and network experience.
Papers not necessary but need somebody with reasonable common sense and
motivation.  Contact Donald on 091 2 258159 or 771101/771097-9.


(Ad inserted 23 March 2007)

Farm Manager - Tanzania

Farm manger wanted in Tanzania to manage the Past Governor of the Central
Bank of Tanzania's Farm.

Please contact:  Anna Msutze - 252163/6/7, 722954, 011867328.




(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Employment Sought

Single male aged 45 mechanic by trade, keen knowledge of nature.  Looking
for a job within the wildlife environment within the SADC Region.

Contact Nick MyBurgh:

References - available on request.


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Employment Sought

25 year old female recently returned from London looking for PA/Secretarial

*  6 1/2 yrs work experience (all in London)
*  Advanced knowledge of all Microsoft Office Programs and other
*  Shorthand 110 wpm
*  Typing 70 wpm
*  Eager to learn and take on new challenges

Please email Louise for cv or further details at


(Ad inserted 15 March 2007)

Active retired man with a variety of skills in the Agricultural, Veterinary
and Wildlife fields, including marketing management and research, seeks a
new, full or part time, challenge. Has the propensity to engage unfamiliar
opportunities, learn new skills and has a flair for innovation. Subject is
computer literate being familiar with most business related Microsoft
programmes. He has good communications skills being multi-lingual. Subject
has clean classes 2, 4 and 5 driver's licences. Any opportunity will be
considered. Phone: Harare 885236 or cell 0912 535737 or e mail at

For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 22 March 2007)

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