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Mutasa halts Zanu PF editor's trial

March 24, 2006

By Andnetwork .com

ZIMBABWE'S National Security Minister Didymus Mutasa on Thursday
dramatically halted the trial of the editor of Zanu PF's mouthpiece, The

Lovemore Mataire was facing charges of stealing $6 million from his
employers, Jongwe Printers, by ordering the newspaper's street vendors to
deposit money from sales into his personal bank account.

But in a dramatic development, Mutasa, who is Zanu PF's secretary for
administration, intervened and withdrew all charges before plea.

He gave no reason for withdrawing the charges, and would not say if
the charges had been proved to be false or not.

Mutasa filed a withdrawal affidavit, read out Thursday, stating: "I
Cde D N E Mutasa do hereby solemnly and sincerely swear/declare the
following: in my capacity as the Secretary for Administration for Zanu (PF)
Party and one of my responsibilities is to supervise and co-ordinate the
efficient administration of the party.which was represented by Cde Nathan
Shamuyarira as a complainant in a case involving Cde Lovemore Mataire of
theft by conversion have decided to withdraw all charges against him
unconditionally with immediate effect and all current court processes should
thus fall away."

Shamuyarira is chairman of Jongwe Printers, publishers of The Voice.
He is also the secretary of information and publicity for Zanu PF.

Magistrate Rebecca Takavadiyi withdrew all charges and let the former
Herald reporter free.

The case against Mataire was that between August 21 and October 12
last year, he instructed the paper's vendors to deposit proceeds from
newspaper sales into his personal CABS account instead of The Voice's
account held with Zimbank.

Prosecutors were alleging that Mataire would subsequently withdraw the
money and convert it to his personal use, prejudicing The Voice of $6 110
000. The money was not recovered.

Shamuyarira, in an affidavit attached to court papers, had stated:
"Mataire had no right whatsoever to convert company funds to personal use."

Source : New Zimbabwe

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Zanu PF Calls For Tsvangirai Detention Over Mass Action Slur

Zim Daily

Friday, March 24 2006 @ 12:05 AM GMT
Contributed by: correspondent

The ruling Zanu PF yesterday called for the detention of
opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai for allegedly inciting violent protests
aimed at overthrowing President Robert Mugabe, charging the mass action call
constituted treason. The agitation in Zanu PF came as opposition leaders
urged the nation's soldiers and police to disobey orders to crush any show
of dissent against the government. "The time has now come for the security
forces to make that historic choice of either being with the people or
against them," Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) spokesman Nelson Chamisa

The MDC spokesman, who was elected unopposed at the party's
historic congress held weekend, said nonpartisan troops had nothing to fear
under any new government, but warned that those who had been perpetrators of
violence against ordinary Zimbabweans for expressing their democratic rights
would be arrested, tried and jailed.

Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi accused Tsvangirai of trying
"to cause unrest and civil commotion" under the guise of fighting for
political rights. Mohadi's call follows another threat from the ruling Zanu
PF party to Tsvangirai calling on him to desist from advocating war
following his call for mass protests. The MDC has shook Mugabe's government
with the threat for fresh protests to push Mugabe out of power. Mohadi said
the MDC was led by "punch-drunk" puppets sponsored by the West to subvert
Zimbabwe's national sovereignty.

"This treachery has now gone beyond all forms of decency and
must be stopped," he said. "The courts must take note of Morgan Tsvangirai's
open call for violence which, in essence, constitute high treason," Mohadi
said. "Government cannot allow him to continue to orchestrate acts of
violence. We urge the judicial system to take note of the MDC's statements
which are clearly treasonous," he added. Repeated efforts to obtain comment
from Tsvangirai were fruitless yesterday. But Chamisa told Zimdaily the
government would not be able to crush the MDC or its program against

"This government has been threatening the MDC leadership for
years now and we are not frightened. We are pursuing a popular cause and
they cannot crush that," Chamisa told Zimdaily. Tsvangirai, who was
re-elected president unopposed on Sunday, warned President Mugabe, charging
"the dictator must brace himself for a long, bustling winter across the
country." The former trade union leader called on more than 15 000
supporters at a weekend conference to take part in a "sustained cold season
of peaceful democratic resistance."

But Mohadi warned that the government would crush any protests
"Those who would like to cause unrest and civil commotion under the guise of
freedom of expression and democracy...will be dealt with severely," Mohadi
said. "Let it be known that we are ready for these miscreants masquerading
as political opposition members when in fact they are outright criminals."
Mohadi's threats comes in the wake of threats by Zanu PF to "desist from
attempts to incite civil disobedience" as it "could lead to bloodshed and
undermine democracy."

"It is surprising that those leaders who never went to war are
the ones advocating it," said the Zanu PF statement. "Those who reject the
legal and democratic way of running the government and choose confrontation
will be confronted by the long arm of the state," it added. Zimbabwe is in
crisis with soaring unemployment and shortages of fuel, foreign exchange and
food, which many Zimbabweans blame on Mugabe's policies. Mugabe denies
mismanaging Zimbabwe since winning power after the country's independence
from Britain in 1980. He has also defended the government's seizure of
white-owned commercial farms for redistribution to landless blacks, which
critics say is partly to blame for food shortages affecting nearly three
million of Zimbabwe's 12,5 million people.

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Owning A House In Zim Now A Pipe Dream As Properties Fetch Z$90 billion

Zim Daily

AS the ripple effects of skyrocketing inflation begin to show, some properties in the primate city's low-density suburbs are now fetching over Z$90 billion on the open market with prospects of them breaching the $200 billion by year end. Experts in the property sector said with inflation likely to break new record-highs in the coming months, there was no way the market could expect the pre-1987 stability to return to the sector anytime soon.

As such, owners of residential properties would continue to demand a return equating the replacement value or even better. A cursory look at the property pages shows that some properties are now fetching as much as $80 billion in low-density suburbs, while some high-density properties are going for over $3 billion. Oswald Nyakunika, the Estate Agents Council (EAC) chairman last week said property prices have escalated tremendously over the last three months especially in the low-density suburbs.

Part of it is purely speculative, he said. "The hope for people leaving the country is to transfer wealth and thus there is an attempt to index property values to the United States dollar or pound sterling. Very often we hear would be sellers talking about raising enough money to deposit similar properties elsewhere," said the EAC chairman. "We expect mass exodus of people especially with school-going kids once the education bill is signed. We are also seeing a mass exodus of old age people due to diminishing value of pensions.

The result is mass exodus similar only to what was experienced soon after independence. This may increase property stock on the market and stabilise prices," he added. Of late, there has been a surge in Homelink property purchases. This has had the impact of pushing prices. Also there is a shortage of properties on the market. As long as there is limited stock, prices will continue to go up. "However I expect an increase in stock in the short to medium term. This is likely to stabilise prices. In the long term we need to see effective development in this area if we are to see price stabilisation," said Nyakunika.

He said the optimism is that the food basket is likely to be cheap and that is expected to have a positive impact in reducing and taming hyperinflation. "Hyperinflation has to be tamed if we are to see improvement and stabilisation all around and that applies to the property market. At present property rentals and property prices continue to escalate at alarming rates. Rentals are being reviewed every three months," said Nyakunika.

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Letter To President Mugabe From Mu O-Vet

Zim Daily

Friday, March 24 2006 @ 12:03 AM GMT
Contributed by: correspondent
Dear Gushungo

I write to update you, Gushungo (President Mugabe), on what is
happening outside the fortified walls of your castle - State House. Far away
from your favourite route, the airport road, there is misery in the streets
where I am convinced your highness can never walk alone and talk to the
people freely like what Morgan Tsvangirai did during his weekend congress. I
am talking about the dusty streets of Mbare, Kuwadzana and Highfield, let
alone Mucheke or Makokoba. I am told Grace finds the company of the
residents of the above-mentioned locations highly degrading and irritating.

Their singing at the airport when they come to welcome you from
your highly successful and productive business trips in the Far East, is one
of Amainini Grace's dislikes. Amai Chatunga fears you can get snatched by
one of those lasses. Well, I don't know, Gushungo, but I think she knows
better - remember she snatched you from Amaiguru Sally (may her soul rest in
peace). Chef, I am also in great fear for my comrade Chiwenga. The way
Jocelyn and this young man Sporadic are hanging out leaves a lot to be

Back to business Comrade Chef. I am sure you heard about the
planned "cold season" mass action, advocated by the British-sponsored MDC. I
have no apologies to the mass action being a complete flop, Mr President. Mr
President, some of our people must be punished for insubordination,
especially those of your servants at our own Jongwe Printers. They now
prefer to listen to Morgan rather than listen to you. I am sure in the
secret ballot they cast their vote in favour of Morgan. No wonder why we had
to employ the services of Tobaiwa in order for us to achieve the landslide
victory in the parliamentary and senate polls.

Gushungo, I am not happy about what Tazzen Mandizvidza is doing
at ZBC or is it ZBH. First and foremost, he has stopped playing the most
requested jingle on TV and radio (Hondo YeMinda/ Uyadela). I am told
Mandizvidza said our advertising contract had expired. What contract? What
expiry? When we fought for this country did we have any contracts, Gushungo?
What has hit this young man? Iboora ngoma chairo! Thina sifuna amadoda
sibili! He is reversing the gains of our hard-won independence. I have this
feeling he is not patriotic enough. I hereby propose we replace Mandizvidza
with Cde Chinx.

Secondly, on 19 March, 2006, Mandizvidza gave the green light to
have a vox pop to hear what the povo thought about the famous MDC mass
action. Although he heavily edited what was said by the povo on the
instructions of that other editor-in-chief Chris Chivinge, by the way there
are two EICs at ZBH Gushungo, Mandizvidza must be told that it is illegal
under POSA to listen to what the masses have to say. Mandizvidza must make
it known to all his operatives that Mbare studios were constructed not for
the masses, but for you, Gushungo.

When you have a thing or two to say, you use the ZBC. It is the
mouthpiece of the State, not of the people. I am disturbed to say most of
the callers applauded the mass action. Punish these people, Comrade Robert.
Freeze their salaries and hike prices of basic commodities. Expand the tax
burden, cut fuel supplies to all the major urban centres. Ask Cde Herbert
Murerwa (is he a war vet, Gushungo?) to introduce some funny policies that
can force their companies to close down. Then they shall know you are His
Excellency in this sovereign state.

Starve their wives, assault their infants with batons,
especially on the forehead, and inflict permanent scars. Then democracy can
be born.
Arrest their ring leaders. Under POSA it is easy - even the
innocent are guilty. Beat up their mayors, torture them by putting electric
current on their genitals. If they are female, beat them until they
menstruate. From then on, democracy will be with us. From then on, Gushungo,
I can tell you they will be very afraid of you. They will call you Bob.
Comrade Chef, I am also not happy to say the British-sponsored MDC are
trying to gang up with that ZCTU and the NCA.

The writing is on the wall, changamire: we at Zanu PF also
failed to stop them from doing what they thought they had to do. I am also
very afraid to say the people are in love with this MDC thing, mambo wangu.
The masses are behind Tsvangirai, chef. We must step up our smear campaign.
Can't you cobble another treason case against this Tsvangirai chap, he is an
idiosyncratic snob, chef. This time chef just get a clever liar. Ben-Menashe
was a stupid liar, chef. What we need is a clever liar - much clever than

But, Gushungo, I must say you continue to do a good job at our
comrades funerals. You must continue in that path without shame. Using your
degrees in violence, you amaze by your ability to convert any platform you
get into a political rally; politicise church meetings (it worked for the
late Madzibaba Border remember), global meetings; and politicise funerals
even though the bereaved are in a state of mourning. Who knows, Gushungo,
you might last this term of office if you do not decide to relocate from
State House to some single quarters nearer to the National Sports Stadium.

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Re-routing The Way Forward

Zim Daily

Friday, March 24 2006 @ 12:02 AM GMT
Contributed by: Zimdaily
Once my body itched all over, and tablets from my GP could not
help. Later I realised it was an allergy, and it stopped after I changed my
bath soap. If the diagnosis and the treatment had been otherwise may be up
to this day I would be complaining of itching. This is what happens when we
take the wrong approaches to problem solving - we run around in circles
circling the problem but not dealing with it. The Zimbabwean problem is one
such, and this conclusion was arrived at after considering the failures we
have had in addressing our issues. Zimbabwean problems are manifest through
state repression of its nationals, absence of the rule of lawand violence.
Mugabe may be the main beneficiary and perpetrator, but it's a grave sin to
assume naively he is the sole occupant of the gravy train. There are other
beneficiaries so terrified of a return to sanity in the country. In
identifying Robert Mugabe as the culprit for Zimbabwe's quagmire we are to a
great extent right, but in trying to exclusively and personally deal with
him we miss the point because he is, like Satan, invulnerable to compassion
for humans, to harm, and downloads terror and evil on people indirectly.

Several writers have argued before that we need not talk and
write then do nothing. Zimbabwean problems persist because there are people
who commit every sin under the sun with impunity. While sin itself is
intangible and we can only deal with it at a cognitive level, its
perpetrators are tangible and subject to correction. This simple logic is
still to be applied through acknowledging that while Mugabe may be the
contractor, actual perpetrators make the ultimate decision of doing or not
doing, and determine the manner and severity of the deeds.From the top, the
perpetrators of sin and evil in Zimbabwean political cosmology are forgiven
and rewarded, but below their victims seek retribution. When we need the
retribution here and now, and we do not have access to the father of all
evil, we should seek not to punish Satan but the sinner himself.

Christian religion believes that God will punish the souls of
sinners, but that has not stopped Christian communities since their
conception to judge and punish those who violate moral codes of their
communities. This despite faith in God's ability to judge and punish.
Whether he does or not is God's prerogative, and our anger can only be
assuaged when we mete punishment on the evil in society, thereby getting the
promise that in future others are deterred from commiting the same acts.We
have always known that punishment has to be applied directly here and now.
Satan may be blamed for all evils, but it's inconceivable to expect him to
pay for the murder committed by Kitsiyatota in Buhera or the betrayal of
Jesus by Judas. Kitsiyatota and Judas have to bear the consequences of their
actions if we are to agree and be convinced there are no rewards but
punishment for the evil that men do. Satan will scoff at nave expectations
that God will punish him much as Mugabe will scoff at any attempts by
Zimbabweans and the international community to unseat or punish him for
crimes against humanity. This because he has created evil and a hell which
he does not manipulate directly, but has given a life of its own. Deny or
give him credit, but this is what is happening and may be happening for some
time to come.

People who have been raped, tortured and lost their private
property blame Mugabe as they should, for crafting and being the architect
of lawlessness and hatred of whites and members of the opposition. Their
anger has been misplaced on Mugabe letting go the direct perpetrators of
evil. It is superstitious to assume that those who commit all evil deeds in
the name of Mugabe have been send directly by him or that Mugabe himself
exercises total control over their mental and physical faculties. Truth is
that the party functionaries and agents who preserve ZANU PF and act to
perpetuate his rule are acting of their own volition, use their own
creativity and initiative, getting their own pecks and privileges in the
process knowing fully well the blame is squared on someone's shoulders.
During Zimbabwe's liberation struggle all freedom fighters used noms de
guerre rather than actual names. This was to protect their identities from
the RF government and the risk of litigation after the war for crimes
committed against their own people. The real victims of the war to this day
do not blame Tongogara or Mugabe for the terror brought upon their civilian
communities by freedom fighters, but lay the blame squarely on individuals
murderers and rapists. Despite this name deception those freedom fighters
and collaborators who killed civilians in cold blood suffered the trauma of
their deeds and were haunted by avenging spirits afterwards. In this day and
age it is therefore surprising that the riot police who rape women every
time there is a demonstration at UZ and destroy people's home; the soldiers
who thrash people for being alive and possibly support the MDC; the
Parliamentarians who pass sadistic and primitive legislation; the senior
civil servant who participates in the genocide of his own people - all these
tend to be considered innocents who are taking orders and who have to keep
their jobs by toeing the line. They are not blamed, marked for the accused,
followed up or made to face any consequences. The result is that their
consciences are clear whenever they commit crimes against their own people,
because the people forgive them before and during each time they commit
these heinous acts. The people, we, therefore, have become protagonists and
collaborators in the perpetration of violence upon ourselves.

The motivation for my re-routing analysis is acceptance and
understanding that the current school of thought, of Robert Mugabe as the
creator and perpetrator of mayhem and national destruction, who has to be
dealt using constitutional or unconstitutional means does not work, or at
most can be invalid. Institutionalised means of problem solving when not
working deserve a re-think, failure of which problem solvers are the madmen
attempting to ferry water using a bucket with no bottom. The Zimbabwean
nationals and the western world have all failed to stop the rot that is
claiming the very life of the country. It seems in targeting Mugabe we have
given his messengers free reign to rape and plunder and derive benefits from
the mayhem without restraint, in the knowledge that they will not as
individuals ever have to account for their actions. If Mugabe is the system
and his operatives the parts and elements of that system, when we go for the
system and totally ignore the parts, the parts just develop sub-systems that
make the system even stronger and invincible.

The extent to which brutal activities are official party or
government policy, and the extent to which Mugabe himself is personally
aware or sanctions such deeds can at times questionable. Were Mugabe to die
today everyone will claim innocence or hide behind collective
responsibility, yet we know the bad and the very bad in his party, and the
zealots are also there. What is known is that our people are so fond of
abusing power and privileges that Mugabe and the party can also be mere
ruses through which individuals cunningly get their ends. Murderers claiming
their acts were politically motivated were pardoned or exempt from
prosecution, as were criminals waving ZANU PF cards during arrests or
trials. The rot is not stopped with Mugabe first, but down under.

This does not entail a blanket labelling of the army, police and
CIO, but identification of individuals, their acts and collection of
evidence, and establishment of covert and overt means of accountability.In
Masvingo dialect we say a dog is beaten where and when it shits to condition
it to do so where appropriate. The people who terrorise us have no Roman
body armour, do not live abroad but stay in our midsts. Retaliation should
not affect professional and ethical uniformed forces and operatives who have
no blood on their hands, but those who have, and the party functionaries who
move around with no bodyguards.

In traditional Shona society, the emissary who goes to inform a
girl's parents that she did not disappear but is now married to some man is
given a thorough hiding or even killed. The passivity to deal with a man who
comes to rape your daughter or wife, whether he has been send by Mugabe or
purports to be says so is dumbfounding. It is this wrong problem-solving
technique of failing to confront the messengers and punish them, which
strengthens the invincibility of Mugabe, and makes him so evil and abstract
that we suffer and hope for divine intervention.

Morgan Tsvangirai talks of mass action, Welshman Ncube of
participating in all elections, and Mutambara undoing the legitimacy of
Mugabe's rule. All these will take us nowhere as long as there are soldiers,
police, intelligence operatives, journalists, ZANU PF parliamentarians, and
academics prepared to fight and be apologists and propagandists for Mugabe.
We will not prevail as long as some mortals as messengers of brutality obey
orders bent on eliminations of the country's nationals, act in opposition to
the dictates of reason, religion, morality and the dissuading arguments of
their best friends. If we make every individual know that while God might
punish their souls, but as long as we are alive we get more gratification
from exacting the punishment ourselves on their living bodies, there will be
less chaos, lawlessness and repression. No-one will be able to carry out
sadistic acts for the ruling party and Mugabe in particular.

Zimbabweans have written extensively, sang and sent text
messages in detail about what Mugabe has done. But still we do not reveal
the names, pictures, residential addresses and family member of the actual
messengers who continue to operate in broad daylight and do not have the
protection of amulets, bodyguards and motorcades. If we write, sing, email
and publish details of these messengers, and make a commitment within
ourselves and in signed documents that these will be punished how, as and
when possible, we provide not only the deterrent to repression but remove
the middleman in this brutal business - the middleman who satisfies his
hedonistic tendencies by repressing us and getting paid by the tyrant to do
it. Mugabe is not being exonerated, but don't let the cripple lean on the
wall for balance in a fight. Get the wall!

Thomas Chirasha

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Britain to improve relations with Zimbabwe: official

Xinhua 2006-03-24 04:15:57

HARARE, March 23 (Xinhua) -- The British government is working on
ways to improve relations with Zimbabwe which have been strained since the
government embarked on its land reform program in 2000 to resettle landless

British Ambassad or to Zimbabwe, Andrew Pocock told journalists on
Thursday after paying a courtesy call on Vice President, JosephMsika, that
relations between Harare and London could be improved.

He called on the two countries to build a firm foundation on which
to build bridges. "In the last three weeks, I have been talking to as many
people in Zimbabwe as possible to take their views on the possibility of
building bridges," he said.

He said he had held "frank" meetings with various government
officials, including ministers, in preparation for an ambassadors'meeting to
be held in London soon.

Pocock said a lot of groundwork still needed to be done to
thawrelations between London and Harare, adding there was need to reduce
areas of misunderstanding and increase areas of consensus to enhance

Relations between Zimbabwe and Britain soured when the Zimbabwean
government embarked on the land reform program in 2000 to resettle landless
people. The program saw land being taken awayfrom a handful of white
commercial farmers and being redistributedto the land less majority.

This was after the British government reneged on its promise
tofund the land distribution program as agreed to during the 1979 Lancaster
House agreement.

Since the onset of the land program, the British Prime
MinisterTony Blair led-government has called for international sanctions
against Zimbabwe and imposed a travel ban on President Robert Mugabe and
members of the government.

A number of Western countries have heeded Britain's call and
isolated Zimbabwe without justification. President Mugabe, has often
declared that Britain's misunderstanding with Zimbabwe is not an
international issue, but should be resolved by the two countries.

He has since called for the building of bridges between the
twocountries, but warned that Britain should recognize the sovereignty of
the southern African nation. Enditem

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Central Banker Appeals to Mugabe on Mines Takeover Proposal


By Blessing Zulu
23 March 2006

Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono appealed personally Wednesday to President
Robert Mugabe to shelve a plan to assume control of foreign owned mines,
warning this would trigger the total collapse of the country's already
staggering economy.

Details of the meeting at Mr. Mugabe's Munhumutapa offices remained sketchy,
and Gono could not be reached for comment. But sources close to the
discussion said the central bank chief's lobbying has run into stiff
resistance within the cabinet.

Minister of Mines Amos Midzi has stated that the cabinet has already passed
approval on the takeover legislation. Midzi announced the government's
proposal to take a 51% stake in mining companies just as Gono and Finance
Minister Herbert Murerwa were meeting the IMF Executive Board in Washington
to ask that sanctions be lifted.

Gono says Midzi's "untimely" announcement of the mine takeover plan
eliminated any chance of obtaining a favorable decision from the IMF on
recovering voting rights and renewed access to loans. Gono says any reform
of the mining sector must be carried out in accordance with generally
accepted notions as to property rights.

It has emerged, meanwhile, that Zimbabwe's platinum and diamond mines under
the "indigenization" legislation would become quasi-state companies whose
board and management would be appointed by the government, raising concerns
that governance of such enterprises would give way to cronyism.

For perspective on the proposed nationalization of the key mining sector,
reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe turned to research
chief Waalter Dewitt of Pan African Capital Holdings in Johannesburg, South

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Traditional Healing Centres to Supplement Ailing Health System

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks

March 23, 2006
Posted to the web March 23, 2006


The Zimbabwean government is stepping up its efforts to include traditional
medicine in the ailing health sector, officials told PlusNews, but
traditional healers feel more can be done.

Although indigenous medicine practitioners have been formally recognised
since 1981, it has taken a while for the legislation to be put into

Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Edwin Muguti, said herbal
medicine could play a crucial role in complementing modern therapeutic
methods offered at public hospitals and clinics, particularly in treating
AIDS-related infections.

He told PlusNews that the government would set up centres near existing
health institutions, allowing easier access to herbal medication. "The
centres that we seek to establish will be where healers will operate from;
and we encourage members of the public to consult with them."

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80 percent of Africans
regularly consult traditional healers.

"We have started registering all traditional healers across the country ...
We want to know how many healers there are ... and this information will
help us ... establish the appropriate number of centres ... we will also
keep it for our records to know who is a true healer and who is not," Muguti

He also expressed concern about the increasing number of bogus
practitioners, which had forced the ministry to create such stringent

"While we encourage healers to execute their expertise for the benefit of
the nation, we strongly condemn counterfeit individuals who have taken
advantage of the ill and swindled them of their hard-earned cash. We are
opposed to this, and we are currently working on a code of ethics that will
be adhered to by all registered practitioners," said Muguti.

Gordon Chavhunduka, president of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers
Association (ZINATHA), welcomed government's growing recognition and
acceptance of herbal therapy, but criticised the authorities for not fully
embracing traditional healing.

"We really support the ... ministry for its efforts to uplift us and work
with us, but what we want is to see the real integration of our medicine
into their sectors. We want our members to be allowed to operate from the
same institutions as doctors and nurses - not to be provided labs of their
own at secluded places."

He blamed government for refusing to allow members of his organisation to
operate from rural clinics and hospitals, some of which were neglected and
had not received medical supplies for a long time. "There are institutions
that are now there just by name, especially in the countryside, as they have
no medicines whatsoever," Chavhunduka commented.

"What we have been trying to negotiate with the government is that they
should allow traditional healers, who have no proper places from which to
operate, to be stationed at these institutions to help treat the public, but
government is not agreeable to that."

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations ]

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Magistrate bolts from courtroom

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Chakanetsa Chidyamatiyo
issue date :2006-Mar-24

A CHITUNGWIZA regional magistrate, Taurai Chigwedu, on Wednesday abruptly
left the courtroom in the middle of a rape case he was presiding over,
citing undue pressure and threats from outsiders.

Before his resignation, Chigwedu recused himself from presiding over one
Misheck Chipunza's case in which the latter is being accused of raping his
seven-year-old daughter several times.
The lawyer representing the 42-year-old Chipunza, Charles Chikore, said on
Wednesday he had anticipated to hear the final verdict but was surprised
when Chigwedu recused himself.
"My fears are that my client may take longer before knowing his fate. We
have, in the meantime, agreed with the State to provisionally postpone the
case to a later date. We are however awaiting the Attorney General's
decision on whether the judgment would continue or the trial be started
again," Chikore said.
Chikore said the magistrate left the courtroom in a huff without following
usual procedures.
Under normal circumstances, when magistrates leave courtrooms, the audience
is expected to stand up first and bow to show deference to the court.
"But Chigwedu suddenly stood up and bolted out of the courtroom after
stating reasons for his recusal on my client's case," Chikore said.
Sources at the Chitungwiza magistrates' courts confirmed that Chigwedu had
surrendered several court records in his possession and failed to report for
duty the following day.
Before the lapse of his three-month resignation notice, Chigwedu was
expected to finalise over 80 other records, most of them rape cases.
Attempts to get a comment from him were fruitless as his mobile phone was
The Director of Public Prosecutions, Loyce Matanda-Moyo, said she was
unaware of the development, as she had just arrived from a trip outside the
"I have not been briefed on anything because I just arrived from a visit
outside Zimbabwe," Matanda-Moyo said.
During the court session at the Chitungwiza Magistrate's Courts, Chigwedu
clearly stated reasons why he could not continue with Chipunza's judgment.
The reasons are now part of Chipunza's record of proceedings at the courts.
In the records, it is indicated that Chigwedu said on March 15 this year a
group of unidentified men approached him at his office.
"They came to me breathing fire and intended to inquire on matters I was
handling," he said.
The men confronted Chigwedu on allegations that he had been bribed in the
Chipunza case to influence his decision.
"They (the men) believed Chipunza's case was being improperly handled. No
reasons were actually given for that belief or allegation," Chigwedu said.
He also stated that he was aware of a letter that was being circulated
although addressed to the President's office, which called for an
investigation on his alleged corrupt behaviour.
But the magistrate pointed out that the allegations were malicious
falsehoods, which could not be substantiated.
"If at all this was true, I was supposed to be investigated and arrested
rather than have people spreading such serious, malicious allegations,"
Chigwedu said.
He added that the unwelcome visitors apparently wanted him to wave his
judgment on Chipunza's case.
"When I took oath in 1995, I took the oath to deliver any judgment without
fear or favour. Now I am being forced to convict accused person (Chipunza).
My fettered," he said.
He said the unidentified men who approached him on March 15 had threatened
him and branded him a corrupt magistrate.
"It is saddening to note that no arrest has been made, if at all the
allegations were true. In the interests of transparency, I therefore recuse
myself in this matter. If it means starting it (the trial) afresh, that's
it," Chigwedu said, before walking out of the courtroom.
The dumbfounded Chikore then agreed with the prosecutor, Fortunate Kachidza,
to postpone the case.
Chipunza is accused of raping his seven-year-old child who was abandoned by
her mother at the age of 20 months.
Chipunza separated with his wife about seven years ago while the daughter
was 20 months old.
It is alleged that Chipunza, during their stay, shared his bedroom with the
During the night, he would allegedly undress her and rape her.
This, it is alleged, went for a long period until the girl opened up to her
class teacher.
The court heard that the girl's teacher took the matter to Girl Child
Network in the town for counselling.
Officials at Girl Child Network in turn took the matter to the police
leading to Chipunza's arrest.
The girl was taken to hospital for a medical examination and it was
established that she had been sexually abused.
The court also heard that the girl initially implicated a neighbour, one
Edward, as the perpetrator, but later changed and claimed it was her father.

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Chombo calls for review of building codes

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Mar-24

THERE is need for the country's building codes to be reassessed because the
ones currently in use were not created to accommodate the possibility of
earthquakes and tremors such as those that shook the country a few weeks
ago, a cabinet minister has said.
Ignatius Chombo, the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban
Development, yesterday said a seven-member team had been sent to the Eastern
Highlands to investigate the effects of the tremors that shook the country
late in February.
On February 23, the country was shaken by an earthquake, which measured 7,5
on the Richter scale.
"Despite the fact that the epicentre was in central Mozambique, the quake
was a wake up call for us all. A seven-member team is currently in the
Eastern Highlands investigating the effects and interrogating the erstwhile
conventional wisdom on the seismology in the country. I am quite confident
that among other issues, the team will also address the issue pertaining to
our building codes which were premised on minimal seismicity," Chombo said.
He said there was also need for the country to refocus its attention on the
public awareness campaigns on earthquakes and disaster management.
He said: "Prior to the event of 23rd February, the Zambezi Valley was the
only area of major concern for disaster managers. With the advent of the
recent event and its after shock the public must be clearly informed of
measures to adopt if and when confronted with a similar or worse situation
in the future. I am aware that the Department of Civil Protection in
consultation with the other stakeholders is working on the do's and don'ts
during tremors or quakes."
The minister was speaking at the official launch of the Emergency
Preparedness and Response (EPR) manual for schools and other educational
institutions.The National Civil Protection Committee prepared the 31-page
long manual whose launch precedes the preparation of a resource book
scheduled for completion early next year.
The manual would be distributed to all educational institutions countrywide.
It was noted that the education sector was vulnerable to disasters and
scholars ought to be taught how to prevent or act in cases of disaster.
Several schools had their roofs blown off by windy storms during the rain
Pupils in Muzarabani were also stranded after a flooded river swept away a
bridge that connected them to their school.
With the advent of the rural electrification programme, there have also been
incidents of pupils being shocked by electricity because they did not know
how to use it safely.
The manual broadly covers the topics of disaster management, preparedness
planning, emergency procedures for potential hazards and management of
medicinal emergencies.
The efforts by the Civil Protection Department come at a time national
responses to disasters have cast doubts over the effectiveness of the
country's disaster management systems.
The Meteorological Services Department recently admitted its equipment was
so outdated that they could not anticipate or later measure the February
tremor that shook parts of the country and left citizens shocked.
Responses and warnings of a flood at the advent of the rain season were also
not adequate as there was uncertainty over the magnitude of the damage
caused by the torrential rains.

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Villages submerged in southern Zambia floods

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Mar-24

A COMBINED team of Zambian and Zimbabwean air force officers on Tuesday
undertook damage assessment over Kazungula, in Zambia's southern province,
where hundreds of families along Ngwezi River have been displaced by floods.
The exercise revealed that some villages had been completely submerged,
while others were surrounded by water.
The team flew over the area for more than an hour, looking for signs of
distressed people and dead domestic animals.
Although it noted that the situation had improved as water levels had
receded, it was reported that there was urgent need for relief food for the
people who abandoned their homes.
After a request from the Zambian government for helicopters, Zimbabwe sent
in two choppers with a team of officers to help with rescue operations.
Zambian President, Levy Mwanawasa publicly thanked the Zimbabwean government
for its assistance and good neighbourliness.
He said the calamity that befell the people of Kazungula was great and that
the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) government would do its utmost
to assist.

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JAG Job Opportunities dated 23 March 2006

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Job Opportunities;



Ad inserted 18 January 2006

Manager - Hazeldean Pty Ltd

A position is available for a hands-on manager, with a strong interest in
animal breeding using measured performance, to take on a close working
relationship with the managing director in the running of Hazeldean & its
sheep & cattle seed stock enterprises. The position is at company
headquarters, Hazeldean, located 15 minutes south of Cooma in

The successful applicant will be required to contribute ideas and form
strategies for the future growth of the property & business. Planning &
budgeting are essential skills however a desire for hands on involvement
is equally important.

The position would suit a team player and one capable and willing to take
on more responsibility in the future. We are happy to consider
employment of a suitably qualified or experienced Zimbabwean.

Applications to:
Jim Litchfield
Cooma NSW 2630

MOBILE: +61 414 363 006 (international)

0414 363 006 (within Australia)



Ad inserted 9 February 2006

A vacancy exists for a farm manager on a mixed farm in Tanzania.

Our core business is vegetables for export however various other crops
and livestock operations are undertaken.

The right candidate should have at least 5 years farming experience in
East/Southern Africa, preferably with horticultural experience.

Responsibilities would include daily farm management, record keeping to
Eurepgap specifications, farm security and community liaison.

The candidate should be either single or accompanied without children.

To start immediately.

Package: $1500 per month, medical aid and usual benefits of farm
management positions. Work permit to be provided by the employer.

Company details to be found at
Please send CV to:



Ad inserted 16 February 2006

WANTED; Millwrights, Electricians, Diesel Mechanics, Refrigeration
Specialists, Town Planners and Quantity Surveyors

Recruit Global will assist in looking for a job and sponsorship
opportunities for the
right candidates wanting to move to Australia.
Australia is experiencing a major skills shortage in all states, we will
services to assist in, visas, trade recognition
tests, sponsorship, relocation, financial advice.

Contact us today at Aussiemigrant


Ad inserted 16 February 2006

Vacancy for Live-In Housekeeper Companion


The applicant should be a single female, unmarried, widow, or divorced,
and must have a caring nature, and be interested in cooking and the
welfare of an elderly lady.

Free accommodation will be provided in a beautiful period house, circa
1700, own bed-sitting room with television, fridge and microwave and
washbasin, tastefully furnished with bookcases and easy chair, and
adjoining bathroom. Use one of the sitting rooms in the house.

Food will be provided for main meals, as part of the contract.

The Housekeeper will be responsible for the general running of the house,
and its cleaning. She will prepare and cook meals, and do some
shopping. Use of car will be available for this purpose. She will act
as a companion to Mrs H L Franklin who is aged 88 years, a refined lady,
who is a widow.

Mrs Franklin has a Private Nurse who attends to her personal care in the

There will be some laundry work of personal items for Mrs Franklin, at
present all bedding goes to the laundry.

This job would be suitable for someone who requires a comfortable home in
a small village in rural Shopshire. Nearest shops in the village
including a Post-Office, General Stores, Butcher, Pubs, Doctors, and
Anglican Church. Nearest Market Town, Church Stretton, 6 miles South.
Nearest large town, Shrewsbury, 6 miles north. Nearest Railway Station,
either Church Stretton or Shrewsbury.

Shropshire is an Agricultural Country and there is no Industry, the
surrounding countryside is an area of outstanding beauty and cultural

The Housekeeper/Companion will have an average of two half days a week
off and at least two hours per day in either morning or afternoon at
leisure, by mutual arrangement.

Mrs Franklin's son, Mr Howard Franklin lives next door at Dorrington
Court, and is normally around most days and often takes meals with Mrs
Franklin. Mr Franklin is retired, but still travels as a Lecturer in
Cruise Ships several times a year, and does after Luncheon speaking
engagements in Great Britain.

Salary of Five Hundred Pounds Sterling per calendar month and totally
free board and lodging.

Person travelling from Overseas will be helped with their airfare.

The contract as Companion/Housekeeper will be for a minimum period of
eight months, to be extended.

Please apply with details of yourself and any relevant information to:


Dorrington Court


Shropshire, SY57JD

Telephone 01743 718143



Ad inserted 22 February 2006



Ex-Karoi farmer looking for a partner to invest in a promising farming
organization situated 16 kilometres from Lusaka. Currently farming
seed-maize, paprika, Soya-beans and vegetables. The farm is 340 hectares
with approximately 100 hectares utilised. Excellent water available for

Interested parties please contact : / 096 444 466 (Zambia)


Ad inserted 2 March 2006



Ad inserted 2 March 2006

Looking for someone to fill this position. One side of the company is
Haigar Tyre and Fitment Centre - small company with only 3 on the
payroll. We are looking for an elderly man - probably retired and
looking for something to keep himself busy - he will be required to
basically be there to order tyres, stock, monitor cars that come in for
alignment etc; mainly be in the office on the phone - no great physical

If you are interested please give Darrell Haigh a call on 331726 or 011
220 606. Many thanks.

We are also looking for a reliable driver ?????


Ad inserted 16 March 2006





Ad inserted 23 March 2006

Positions Vacant

Maintenance Manager wanted for busy dairy & cropping farm 30kms outside
Harare. Position includes maintenance of tractors, boreholes etc,
of workshop and buying of spares. Office work available for spouse.
Small house available on farm with other company perks. Suitable

please phone 091 202692 or email


Ad inserted 23 March 2006

Farm Manager

Farm located 12km from Gweru city centre. We are looking for a
horticultural manager with experience in flowers mainly roses. Will also
be required to assist in
potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages and paprika. Good accommodation is provided
on the farm, also good perks for the right candidate.

Interested qualified persons should contact Evans/Bongi +263 9 889420 fax
+263 9 889421,


Ad inserted 23 March 2006


Looking for a maid/cook to work in the Ballantyne Park area. Must be
able to read and write and have some cooking experience. Duties also,
include general housework and childminding. Accommodation is offered and
would suit someone without any dependants.

Please contact on or 494404 or 091 248460.




Ad inserted 16 February 2006

"Fitter and turner seeking position as handyman, technical sales rep,
stores man etc.

Phone Fred Harmse 091-319272, 882866."


Ad inserted 16 February 2006


I am a hard working, loyal and honest man aged 34 with many years of
valuable work experience looking for employment in a Managerial Role with
the right company. I have been primarily involved in the Plastic &
Chemical Industry with past experience in the Freight Sector (Import /
Export) working my way from the bottom to a top position of Managing
Director for a successful company in previous employment. I am currently
employed and can be contacted on the following E-Mail Address for further
details and a copy of my Curriculum Vitae:


Ad inserted 22 February 2006


Experienced waiter - very well trained also trained by ex owner of
Restaurant in Stock control and Cashier

Smart and well spoken, very good with the public

If any business requires this young and enthusiastic male please write to


Ad inserted 2 March 2006

Employment Sought

Young Lady aged 19 years, educated to ZGC level: Diploma in Silvana
beauty academy, Diploma in modeling, and have just completed computer
courses, in excel - word - etc, willing to learn and do anything. Hard
working, out going and enthusiastic.

Please contact: Rochelle Vermaak 091 347 982 or email: or


Ad inserted 16 March 2006



I am a specialist in tractor service/repairs, with 32 years experience,
having worked for several years in hands-on and management positions, for
such companies as Bain New Holland and Duly's. After leaving Duly's, I
become self-employed (since 1990) with similar work. Our work has
consisted of repairs/service work carried out at our workshops in
addition to field service work as and when required. In addition to the
above my business includes the sourcing of spares and organising outwork
such as injector pumps, clutches, brakes and engine machine work being
carried out by those companies offering the best service. One department
of our business specialises in the service/repair work of all tractor
steering related components such as steering boxes, orbital valves, rams,
hoses, etc.

I would like to stress that I wish to work on a contract basis,
preferably for a farming syndicate or a large, well established farm
set-up as I have been self employed for 16 years and have a commitment
towards children who are being schooled locally. I am seeking such work
outside of Zimbabwe as we feel the economics of our country have made it
impossible to continue a viable business. My wife and I wish to keep our
home as a base for the stability of our children. We would like to
travel back to Zimbabwe every 3 to 4 weeks to be with them.

We hope the above meets with the approval of those looking for a
contractor for this type of work.

For further information contact Doug or Tracy Edwards - or 068-22463 / 011212454


For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 23 March 2006)

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