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ninemsn, Australia

Crackdown in Zimbabwe condemned

Australia condemned a crackdown on opponents of Zimbabwe President Robert
Mugabe's regime, demanding the violence be stopped immediately.

The Mugabe government has stepped up its campaign against the opposition
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) following a two-day strike last week.

The MDC said police detained about 500 party members after the strike shut
factories and sparked violence in one of the biggest protests since Mr
Mugabe came to power 23 years ago.

The government called the strike a flop.

But the MDC warned of more strikes if President Mugabe did not agree to 15
key demands by the end of March, including the repeal of harsh media and
security laws and a move toward fresh elections.

In response, President Mugabe ordered security forces to crack down on those
using violence against the government, accusing the MDC of employing mob
aggression under the guise of defending human rights.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said the repression was unprecedented.

"The government is appalled at the unprovoked, violent repression and
intimidation that has taken place," he told parliament.

"Just in the last few days, several hundred - possibly as many as 500 -
opposition activists have been arrested.

"Many of those people have been beaten and some of them have even been

Australia, along with Britain and New Zealand, has been an outspoken critic
of the Mugabe regime and led the push for Zimbabwe's suspension from the
54-member Commonwealth, recently extended until December.

Mr Downer said in the latest crackdown children were beaten and soldiers
sexually assaulted women.

Australian diplomats based in Harare personally witnessed several vicious
beatings by soldiers using sticks studded with barbed wire, he said.

"The Australian government demands that the government of Zimbabwe halt this
brutality immediately," Mr Downer said.

"The perpetrators of these human rights violations must be brought to

President Mugabe, 79, last week accused the United States, Britain, Germany
and the Netherlands of sponsoring the MDC protests.
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The Times

            Mugabe is 'exploiting war in Iraq'
            From Michael Dynes in Johannesburg

            President Robert Mugabe is ruthlessly exploiting the war with
Iraq to unleash an unprecedented assault against his critics in Zimbabwe,
opposition groups said today.

            The number of arrests, detentions and beatings faced by
opposition supporters "is higher now than at any time since the Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) launched its campaign to remove him from office
three years ago," David Coltart, the MDC's shadow justice spokesman, said.

            "There is no doubt that Mugabe is exploiting the fact that the
world's attention is focused on Iraq," Mr Coltart said. "Over the past week
he has acted with complete impunity against his critics, with some of the
worst atrocities taking place while everyone's attention is focused on the
war in Iraq," he added.

            More than 500 opposition officials and supporters have been
arrested and detained after last week's two-day national strike which shut
down factories, brought cities to a standstill and triggered widespread
violence in the biggest protests since Mr Mugabe came to power 23 years ago.

            As many as 1,000 opposition supporters have been driven out of
their homes in the recent upsurge in government sanctioned violence, which
has seen more than 250 people admitted to hospitals - many with broken bones
and other injuries.

            Crisis in Zimbabwe, a local human rights group, has reported
that it is receiving daily reports of arrests, assaults and torture of MDC
supporters, in what it said was an "intensified campaign" of intimidation by
militant supporters of Mr Mugabe's ruling Zanu (PF) party.

            Richard Boucher, the US State Department spokesman, earlier this
week accused the Zimbabwean Government of embarking on "a massive
retribution campaign against opposition officials, supporters and other
critics" of the Harare regime.

            The new wave of violence was triggered by Mr Mugabe likening
himself to Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader, and warning that he would not
hesitate to act like a "black Hitler" when it came to crushing his domestic
opponents, Mr Boucher said.

            The US, which has frozen the assets of Mr Mugabe and 76 other
senior Zanu (PF) officials in protest over the illegal seizure of white
commercial farms and the collapse of the rule of law, earlier this month
said that it intended to lead a campaign to censure Zimbabwe at the UN's
Human Rights Commission.

            Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the MDC, on trial for plotting
to assassinate Mr Mugabe, has given the government until Tuesday to halt the
crackdown against political opponents, repeal harsh media and security laws,
and move towards fresh elections, or face a new round of mass protests
against his rule. "The deadline is fast approaching," Mr Tsvangirai said.

            Mr Mugabe, 79, who has been in power since independence from
Britain in 1980, is facing the worst economic crisis in the country's
history, with soaring unemployment, rampant inflation and acute shortages of
food, fuel and foreign exchange since last year's presidential elections
which opposition critics and international observers insist was rigged.

            Dismissing the MDC's March 31 ultimatum, Mr Mugabe said that he
had no intention of listening to the "pathetic puppets" of the West, and
accused America, Britain, Germany and The Netherlands of sponsoring the
MDC's protests against his rule.
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Business Day

Death-of-democracy protest haunts cricket talent

Black armband show of defiance in World Cup has contrasting results for two
of Zimbabwe's prominent sportsmen
FOR Henry Olonga, the Zimbabwean right-arm fast bowler, the past year can
only be described as the best of times and the worst of times.

His life up until two weeks before the start of the 2003 Cricket World Cup
was sweet. Now he is lying low in Johannesburg after receiving death threats
because he "had the temerity to protest" against what he describes as the
oppression of President Robert Mugabe's regime.

Interviewed shortly before leaving, most probably for England, the lean and
articulate 26-year-old seemed unfazed by the events he has been forced to
endure lately events that have forced him to retire from international
cricket and become a political refugee from his own country.

He had just completed one of the best seasons of his career, his batting
average was at a record high and he had taken nine wickets in the 2002 test
series against Pakistan. Also, his singing career was taking off, and he was
busy writing and recording new material for a possible CD release.

Then came the now famous incident when he and Andy Flower decided to protest
against their country's deteriorating economy and record of human rights
abuses by wearing armbands.

Two weeks before Zimbabwe's first game of the World Cup against Namibia held
in Harare, Olonga and Flower were approached by someone he says he is not
prepared to name "for security reasons".

Says Olonga: "He reminded us, quite rightly, of the stand the African
National Congress took on the subject of sport during SA's apartheid years.
He said you cannot have normal sport in an abnormal society."

Accordingly, when games were played in Zimbabwe, Olonga and Flower
registered their discontent with the status quo by wearing black armbands,
indicating that they were in mourning for the death of democracy.

Olonga was not paying lip service to a popular cause.

His family is affected by the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe

His father and stepmother are separated because his father, a respected
paediatrician, struggles to continue operating as a doctor in a country
where patients cannot afford prescription drugs.

His stepmother, a nursing sister, has opted to work in England, where her
salary keeps the home fires burning in Zimbabwe.

"My father has chosen to stay in Zimbabwe because he has Zimbabwean people
at heart at a time there are not that many doctors left in the country."

Dr John Olonga is Henry Olonga's inspiration to do what he felt was the
right thing to do.

"It was my father's example of doing your best for your fellow man that
encouraged me to stand up for what was right and join the two-man protest."

This is where the story gets interesting. Here were two players,
representing their country in a high-profile World Cup tournament,
protesting on the field in exactly in the same manner.

The difference was one cricketer was black and the other white. Immediately,
Olonga was "fired" from his cricket club, while nothing of the sort happened
to the squad's captain, Flower.

Olonga was banned from playing in any further games in Zimbabwe. Perhaps it
was felt by the authorities, that as a black cricketer, Olonga had betrayed
his country, while such behaviour could be expected of Flower, a white

In fairness, the Zimbabwe Cricket Union also tried to bar Flower from
playing, but three of his white teammates rallied around him and said if
Flower did not play, they also would not play.

By the time Olonga had played his last game against Sri Lanka in East London
where he managed to take a wicket, his alienation was complete.

He was forced to announce his retirement from international cricket. Flower
and Guy Whittall, also announced their retirement.

After the game in East London, the entire team, including Olonga, was taken
on a boat cruise. The next morning they all boarded a bus for the airport to
fly back to Johannesburg and then on to Zimbabwe.

Olonga was prevented from boarding the bus.

He was told he was not entitled to that privilege as he had retired from the
team, a move Olonga viewed as a ridiculous act of discrimination against

It is not hard to work out exactly what caused that rift.

Olonga says that since the black-armband protest the team was divided into
two camps.

One camp was all for cricket being played in Zimbabwe, irrespective of the
prevailing conditions in the country. The other supported his and Flower's

It was very difficult to understand the situation. "Those team members who
did not openly support us have the most to lose farms for example, which are
their families' livelihood".

By all accounts, Zimbabwe's cricket team is now in disarray. All at once,
they have lost three of the most experienced members of their team with a
further top player about to announce his resignation. However, Olonga is not
bitter. "Life happens."

He does not regret standing up for what he believes in. In hindsight, he is
pleased games were played in Zimbabwe. It gave him an opportunity to
protest, while Zimbabweans got to see some good cricket.

The other "nasty" that marred the East London game for Olonga was that he
got a couple of emails from a secretary inside a Zimbabwean government
minister's office, warning him that there were threats to have him "dealt

Also, there was talk of him being hunted down by Mugabe's feared Central
Intelligence Organisation and being returned to Zimbabwe on charges of
treason. Naturally, he decided against returning home. Olonga's next concern
is whether or not he is going to be paid for his participation in the World

He is owed about $30000 by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union. In Zimbabwean terms
this is a small fortune (more than Z30m using the official exchange rate).

"They may choose not to pay me if so, I will just have to get on with my
life," he says wryly.

He feels that all that has happened to him recently proves an inalienable
point. Sport and politics do mix.

"I don't think there is a single black person in SA that will say it was not
right to speak out against apartheid. South Africans must never forget that,
for as much as they say that sport and politics don't mix, preventing SA
from competing internationally was one of the strongest (antiapartheid)
statements that was made to the world."

Olonga's career as an international test cricketer is over, possibly long
before it should have ended. He is only 26, and despite a troublesome knee
that can be corrected with minor surgery he is in peak fitness arguably at
the top of his form.

Although he says repeatedly that he has no regrets and he would do it all
over again, one cannot help wondering how many people would take the same
risk. Henry Olonga seems to equate his personal crisis with two components
that of disaster and of opportunity.

"Everything I have done to date has brought me to this point and given me
the opportunity to try and do something meaningful for my country.

"I have achieved every young boy's dream that of representing my country in
a major sport. I hope one day to return to Zimbabwe and help rebuild and
repair the mess the (current) governmen t has made."

Hudleston is a freelance writer
Mar 26 2003 06:44:31:000AM Sarah Hudleston Business Day 1st Edition
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Mugabe undermining rule of law, says Jordan

      March 26 2003 at 05:47AM

      By Christelle Terreblanche

A senior African National Congress MP, Pallo Jordan, has hit out at Robert
Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party, saying it was a "scandal" that the party was
undermining the values they had struggled to attain.

Jordan, chair of parliament's foreign affairs portfolio committee, named
these values as democracy, accountable government, the rule of law, an
independent judiciary, non-racialism and political tolerance.

Speaking in the foreign affairs budget vote on Tuesday, he pointed out that
the ANC had warned political parties in Zimbabwe against "subversion of the
rule of law" and "the temptations of recklessness that could easily
precipitate armed conflict".

"It is a matter of public record that the ANC and the government it leads
has done these things (warnings)", said Jordan. "Yet the opposition prefers
pretending that we have not.

"It is a patent absurdity to accuse the South African government of "quiet
diplomacy" because diplomacy is by its very nature quiet. If one's purpose
is to intimidate and to browbeat, that too will determine one's conduct."

Foreign minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, opening the debate, announced that
southern African foreign ministers will soon visit Zimbabwe to address the
rising tensions.

But the government was faced with a new round of criticism by opposition
parties. Democratic Alliance foreign spokesperson, Colin Eglin, lashed out
against President Thabo Mbeki for "accepting assurances given by Robert
Mugabe at face value". - Political Bureau

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The Australian

Zimbabwe fires back at US
By Angus Shaw
March 26, 2003
ZIMBABWEAN officials responded angrily to US criticism of their government's
response to an opposition-led national strike, denying there had been a
brutal crackdown on dissent.

Willard Chiwewe, a high ranking foreign ministry official, blamed last
week's national strike for prompting the crackdown on British and US-backed
industrialists, the state Herald newspaper reported today.

"The so-called mass action which the Americans are hailing as successful was
a shutout of industries and workers. The workers reported for work but were
shut out," he said.

US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher on Monday described the strike
as "successful and largely peaceful" and said Washington condemned
unprecedented violence sponsored by the government security forces that

The crackdown included the arrests of at least 400 people and injuries of
another 250. Boucher said Zimbabwe authorities embarked on what he called a
massive retribution campaign against the opposition Movement for Democratic

He said government leaders and their supporters had sharply escalated
repression of all forms of dissent since the beginning of the year.

Chiwewe said Boucher's remarks were "an intrusion in the internal affairs of
small countries" that breached international law, The Herald said.

"It is no secret the United States is already playing its assumed role as
the epicentre and police headquarters of the world," he said.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change and independent human rights
monitors said yesterday at least 1000 people were arrested, assaulted and
hounded from their homes in the aftermath of the strike.

The Herald, a main government mouthpiece, said police confirmed the arrests
of about 200 people and denied allegations of assault and torture.

The newspaper reported youths were paid to stir the unrest.

Court officials, meanwhile, said four opposition activists were ordered held
in custody on charges they torched a ruling party office in the provincial
town of Chinhoyi, 115km northwest of Harare last week.

Another 20 people were taken into police custody for alleged involvement in
public violence in the Harare area during the strike, court officials said.
The strike, taken as a stand against political

repression and acute shortages of food and gasoline, shut down most of the
economy, disrupting transport services and shutting down shops, banks,
factories and state post offices.

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            SA concerned over Mugabe's government
            March 26, 2003, 15:00

            South Africa has formally expressed concern over President
Robert Mugabe's government. This follows reports that people were being
beaten up in the wake of last week's stay away in Zimbabwe.

            Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Foreign Minister, says beatings, torture
and other forms of victimisation, are of concern to the Mbeki government.
"We have held some discussions with them already to express our concern
about the situation, and to state that if that was what was going on it's
not acceptable, and it should be sorted out."

            South Africa's concern comes as Amnesty International, the human
rights group, warns of a new and dangerous phase of repression in Zimbabwe.
Last week's strike, which was called by the country's biggest opposition
party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), was largely successful.
However, it unleashed a violent reaction from Mugabe's security forces, with
reports of up to 500 people in jail.

            Dlamini-Zuma added that the Zimbabwean response was that some of
their security people may have over-reacted in the face of provocation.
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Bread Readily Available On the Black Market

The Herald (Harare)

March 26, 2003
Posted to the web March 26, 2003


Bread, which is no longer available in most of the country's retail outlets,
is available in abundance in tuckshops and on the black market where prices
are not controlled.

Bread has joined the long list of basic commodities, among them cooking oil
and maize meal, that are non-existent in the country's retail outlets but
are readily available on the black market.

A snap survey yesterday showed that most tuckshops in high-density areas
were fully stocked with bread while vendors actually had loaves of bread
spread out by the roadside.

The catch, however, was in the price. It costs between $250 and $350 for a
loaf. The controlled retail price of bread is $61.

Supermarkets and other registered retail outlets, which sell at the
controlled price, are mostly stocking up with rolls and other types of
pastries which cost more.

Despite the high price of bread on the black market, consumers said they
were forced to buy because it was better to spend more and be assured of
getting something rather than not getting it at all.

"At least there is somewhere to get it from and for those of us with
children that's what matters.

"Bread is important in the home and is needed on a daily basis.

"There are many children who refuse to go to school or to play without
eating bread and sometimes even us adults use it as a substitute for sadza,"
said Ms Kuda Saimu of Harare.

However, others questioned why there was so much bread on the black market
and none on the official market, saying it showed that bakers were supplying
certain individuals at the expense of the custo- mers.

Supermarket and bakery employees were suspected to be on top of the list of
the people getting bread from their workplaces at controlled prices and
reselling it at inflated prices.

"They are able to get bread in bulk from their workplaces so that they can
resell it but when we go into the shops, we are told to queue and are
treated badly by these same employees," said Mr Oliver Mamvura of Harare.

"They make sure that we do not get more than one loaf so that we are forced
to buy from them at inflated figures."

The chairman of the Bakers Association of Zimbabwe, Mr Armitage Chikwavira,
could not comment on the issue yesterday
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No smart sanctions against Zim
26/03/2003 18:06  - (SA)

Donwald Pressly

Cape Town - President Thabo Mbeki has ruled out the possibility of imposing
"smart sanctions" against Zimbabwe.

During question time in the National Assembly, Mbeki was asked by New
National Party parliamentary leader Boy Geldenhuys about the possible
imposition of smart sanctions against the Zimbabwean political elite. The
president said there was "no possibility... we can't just say let us break
links... across the border".

He instead welcomed indications by Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan
Tsvangirai that he was ready to restart talks with the Zimbabwean

The MDC has claimed widespread intimidation by the Zanu-PF government, a
traditional ally of the South African ruling party, the African National

Tsvangirai was reported on Tuesday as saying that the country's political
crisis was deepening and "principled" dialogue between the government "and
the broad democratic forces" was needed to prevent anarchy from taking hold.

Tsvangirai said the situation had reached "unacceptable levels with more
than 1 000 innocent people being hounded from their homes, arrested and
detained as political prisoners whose only crime is to demand their right to
a legitimate and democratic government".

Asked by Inkatha Freedom Party MP Farouk Cassim if South Africa could
provide a neutral venue for such talks between the opposition and Zanu-PF,
he said: "That wouldn't be a problem... the problem is to get them (the
opposing parties) to sit together."

Colonial legacy

Referring to the conflict over the land reform programme in that country, he
added: "We are in favour of land distribution in Zimbabwe... you couldn't
sustain a colonial legacy. You couldn't let it be... everyone in the rest of
the world agrees... I don't about the South Africans..."

But Mbeki said his government was discussing the matter with the Zimbabwe
government. He told MPs: "We have discussed that matter and have agreed it
has to be addressed. There are (also) something like 350 000 black farm
workers who came from Malawi and Mozambique... I don't hear any noise about
them... who got displaced... you can't sustain that.

"These are people who came (from those countries)... as a result of which
having stayed in Zimbabwe for a long period of time during the colonial
years, they were treated in Southern Rhodesia and Zimbabwe as Malawians and

"It is an old problem... what we have agreed is that position of these
people needs to be addressed." Mbeki said they - the Zimbabwe government -
had agreed that legislation would be passed that anyone that was in Zimbabwe
in 1980 would become a citizen of Zimbabwe." - I-Net Bridge
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MDC: Zim violence escalating
26/03/2003 18:06  - (SA)

Harare - Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) on
Wednesday said the level of violence in the country was escalating - and it
blamed the police and military.

"There has not been any slowdown in the violence, it's escalating," MDC
spokesperson Paul Themba Nyathi said.

"There are 20 people still detained in hospital from the last couple of
days. This morning we got reports from several different townships in Harare
from people who had been brutalised last night."

Also on Wednesday, security police raided the offices of Amani Trust, a
charity aiding victims of political violence, staff said. Further details
were not immediately available.

Meanwhile, MDC MP Roy Bennett said 60 uniformed members of the paramilitary
and regular police and soldiers descended on his farm, Charleswood, in the
eastern district of Chimanimani and were forcing workers out of their homes.

Bennett had High Court orders which barred government security agents from
entering his farm which has been under virtual siege by them for nearly
three years.

"They are ignoring everything," he said. "This has happened so many times
before, I have lost count."

He was speaking from Harare and had been contacted by telephone from the
farm. "All but a few senior guys ran away when they arrived," he said. "It's
happening right now and I don't have a clear picture, so I don't know if
there's been violence." For three days last week, police and soldiers staged
successive attacks on a farm in Ruwa leased by Bennett on Harare's
outskirts, severely injuring 89 of his workers and killing one.

The MDC brought the country to a standstill on Tuesday and Wednesday last
week in a national stayaway called as the start of what the party said was a
campaign of peaceful national mass action to bring an end to Mugabe's 23
year rule.

The MDC delivered a 15-point ultimatum to Mugabe to end the repression,
lawlessness and persecution by March 31 or face "popular mass action to
regain the people's liberties, freedoms and dignity." Mugabe's reaction was
to vow that the MDC would be "consumed in the fire" of state wrath.
Government security forces and ruling ZANU(PF) parties have since embarked
on what observers say is a ruthless clampdown.

United States Department of State spokesperson Richard Boucher said this
week that since the stayaway, Mugabe's regime had "embarked on a massive
retribution campaign against opposition officials, supporters and other
critics of the regime."

MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai said on Tuesday "more than 1000" people had
been forced out of their homes or arrested in the clampdown. Over 500 have
been reported arrested since the stayaway, while reports in the state press
say a total of 155 people have since appeared in court on charges of "public
violence" and of defying laws that made public demonstrations illegal.
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JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated March 26, 2003

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Job Opportunities <>


I have 2 jobs available which might be of interest to some displaced

Job # 1
Salesman ,selling automotive chemicals. Training will be provided,
applicant must have own car, remuneration will be on commission. Hours will
be flexitime, and the opportunity to earn significantly is there provided
the person has energy and is reliable. Start immediately. Contact Mark
Wilson @ 498745 or 011218006.

Job # 2
Security manager is required at Borrowdale Brooke Estate. We have our own
security team but it needs management. Hours will be flexible to a degree
and further details can be obtained from Brian Moorse, the estate manager @
860370 Harare.


We are a Farming partnership in North Essex. We have a 600 acre mixed farm
and are currently seeking a Farm Manager. This position may well suit a
displaced Zimbabwean farmer and his family. Accommodation is likely to be
available and the position should become vacant in the Autumn.

Please forward this message to any who may be interested or please let us
know the best way of contacting such dispossessed farmers who are arriving
here or planning to move here in the near future.

Many thanks

Tom Richardson


Senior Accounts Person

Either male or female, Balance Sheet Bookkeeper also involving foreign
payments. Experienced person preferred.  Very good package.  Ruwa area,
export company.

Please contact Annalize at 073-2847/50 or 091 406934.
Trucks required for hire

Seven (7) tonne trucks with or without trailers required for agricultural

Please contact 091 213 989 for further details.


Garage manager required for country workshop. Toyota Landcruiser experience
would be an added advantage. This position would suit a husband and wife
team - wife could help out either in safaris office or accounts department.
She must be computer literate.
Please reply with current CVs to:
Rogers Brothers & Son P/L (Garage Manager)
P O West Nicholson


Opportunity in Polokwane South Africa.

Mature person required as maintenance and farm manager including wildlife
for a very reputable hotel and game farm,(conservancy) outside Polokwane
(Pietersburg) Limpopo Province.

Duties include. Organizational ability, vehicle maintenance, boreholes,
electrical maintenance at hotel and farm, good labour relations etc.

Only hard working and sober persons need apply.

Please contact,e-mail, Phone 0027836565729


I felt that there might be someone in your network that may be interested
in the following:
The post could suit a person that is currently underemployed, and it falls
vacant because the present incumbent has been employed by the World Bank.

ICC is looking for an agricultural consultant to service our market in
Manica and Tete provinces of Mozambique. The responsibilities include
selling to donor agenicies, helping to write proposals, and helping to
manage the resultant consulting projects.

The ideal person will have extensive agriculture experience, both
commercial and small scale, will be fluent in Portuguese and English, will
be familiar with the customs of Mozambique, and preferably live close to
Mutare.  We can teach them the consulting skills.

ICC is a Southern African consulting company with offices in Harare, Maputo
and Lusaka. In Mozambique we are active in consultancy work in Micro
finance, commercial and small holder agricultural projects.  Recent
projects include:

Strategic plan for a Mozambiquan manufacturer of oils, fats and soaps
Market analysis and feasibility study for a new horticultural project
Asssisting a major regional tea and coffee producer to prepare for further
regional expansion
Business plans and facilitated negotiations for a major Zimbabwean agri
business to start a joint venture in Mozambique
Feasibility and business plans for greenfields tea project in Espungabera.
Tel: + 263 4 731555/7
Fax: + 263 4 731558
Cell: + 263 (0) 91 272 767



The post of Warden at Borradaile Trust Marondera has become vacant. This is
a retirement complex with about 70 cottages for independent residents. Two
large establishments house about 60 semi-independent residents and there is
a small hospital called Borradaile House, for dependent residents.  In the
grounds is the separately administered Borradaile Hospital. The Warden is
provided with a house in Marondera. Applications with C.V.s and two
references should reach the Administrator, Borradaile Trust, Pvt. Bag 3795,
Marondera as soon as possible.  In view of the high cost of postage, the
Administrator only undertakes to reply to those short-listed. 
Acknowledgements will be made to those providing e-mail addresses.

Thank you very much, from the Administrator.

For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 26 March 2003)

Justice for Agriculture mailing list
To subscribe/unsubscribe: Please write to

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Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.

Letter 1: Mandy Paterson
Letter from "Hanging On" Farmers Wife.

My letter is addressed to "Disgruntled ex-Farmer's Wife" which was
published in your forum on the 25th March, 2003.

I read your letter with disbelief.  Whilst we all feel for the many farmers
and their workers who are now unable to occupy their land and farm, and we
realise the horrors that are still being perpetrated by the government on
many citizens of this country, are you implying that those few of us who
are still farming for what ever reason must now just walk away and leave
behind our farms and our employees? What of those who depend upon us for
jobs and salaries, and more importantly now for food and housing, or the
old folk that still reside on the properties and have nowhere else to go?

Yes, it is unpleasant dealing with extortionists and having no community
left, as it is difficult in sourcing coal, diesel, food, and spare parts,
all in the name of farming, but that is the way it goes. Farming has never
been easy. Are you also implying that all the farmers left have made deals
with the devil and have "an immoral inclination to do business with this
illegal regime". This is not the case with anyone I know in our area, and I
hope you have proof to uphold these allegations. There is also no-one
"sitting smugly on their farms lining the pockets of the resettled
farmers". We are trying to carry on as normal as possible with the
resources that we have. We do not own properties in town or have large bank
accounts to sit in town for years "retired" or the means or the desire to
leave the country.  We have been listed with all the Sections one can get,
but have no one "on the ground" and have not been forced off - yet. What
would you have us do? We do not know anything but farming, and wish to try
and preserve this piece of land that has been in the family for
generations.  Perhaps when sense does prevail, we few farmers who have hung
on for whatever reason and by whatever means can help those of you who have
been less fortunate to get back on your feet.

I do not know your particular circumstances - and I am sure they are sad as
are so many stories, but let us not begin a "farmer on the farm vs farmer
off the farm" battle with accusations and mis-truths. There is enough
fighting between the farming bodies as it is.

I will agree with you about JL Robinson though, and whilst I appreciate his
obvious intellect, it could be put to better use in helping more instead of
criticising - bearing in mind there is freedom of speech in this forum and
we are under no obligation to read his letters!!!!!!!!

I trust that we can "agree to disagree" and ask that you do not generalise
all remaining farmers as traitors and supporters of ZANU PF.

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.

Justice for Agriculture mailing list
To subscribe/unsubscribe: Please write to
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Dear All
Yet another family was robbed of a vast amount of money and jewellery this morning when 2 armed men posing as Policemen conned their way onto the property. They said they wanted to interview the domestics re some crime or other. 
This then turned into an armed robbery in which 3 adults in the house were tied up. It happened in the Borrowdale area.   
PLEASE, PLEASE do not keep hoards of money in your homes or safes. We have said this many times now. Robbers are looking for money, jewellery, clothes and electrical items. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED ONTO YOUR PROPERTY. If these people are dressed as Police officers, ask them for their ID's and then go and phone their stations. Similarly, don't let meter readers onto your property. YOU read the meters or teach your staff how to read them. Keep your gates shut and locked at all times. Do you know the telephone number of your local police station?, if not, find it out and keep it stuck somewhere by the phone., also put it into your cellphones. 
Much love
Mary van Heerden - Anti HIjack Trust.
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ZIMBABWE: Recognition of HIV/AIDS role in humanitarian crisis

JOHANNESBURG, 26 March (IRIN) - A "vigorous response" to HIV/AIDS within the context of the current humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe was lacking, a UN multi-agency mission has found.

In its latest humanitarian situation report, the UN Relief and Recovery Unit (RRU) based in the capital Harare, reported that the mission - which comprised representatives of the UN Children's Fund and UNAIDS - visited Zimbabwe from 12 to 14 March.

"Despite a supportive environment that has been created for HIV/AIDS prevention, mitigation and care, the vigorous response that is commensurate with the size of the epidemic is not observable - specifically in preventing new infections, extending care for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), responding to needs of orphans and vulnerable children ... [or] mitigating the economic and social impacts on communities," the mission noted.

The visit was part of a regional mission to look at how HIV/AIDS interventions, particularly by UN agencies, could be scaled up at country level in response to the humanitarian crisis, the RRU said.

The mission met with the Zimbabwean Minister of Health Dr PD Parirenyatwa, permanent secretaries of five ministries, the director of the National AIDS Council and representatives from Zimbabwe AIDS Network, donors, NGOs and business.

The coverage and quality of the HIV/AIDS response was limited and varied, there was also a "lack of a sense of urgency and ... weak coordination among partners (government, donors, UN agencies and NGOs) at all levels", the mission noted.

Consultants had been approached to carry out a rapid needs assessment in the context of the humanitarian crisis, the RRU reported.

An estimated 2.2 million Zimbabweans are living with HIV/AIDS and over 600,000 children have been orphaned by the pandemic.

Tel: +27 11 880-4633
Fax: +27 11 447-5472
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Please note that the classifieds will go out every Tuesday.  Payment is required upfront and all adverts to be in by 0900 hrs every Tuesday.  This ensures efficient distribution of the Classifieds.
Pleasant surroundings.  De-listed with no settlers.  45kms outside Kwekwe.
Suitable for elderly couple.  Present couple leaving for Mashonaland.
Phone 055 – 24072.
AF68 [18/3, 25/3]
1 x 2 bedroomed semi furnished flat.
Phone 091 288 035/011 231 963
AF61 [25/3]
Contact 073-2786.
AF63 [25/3, 1/4]
I am looking for a smallholding with a house to rent on the outskirts of Harare (+/- 30 kms).  Preferably Ruwa, Enterprise or Christon Bank area.
Please phone Gail Howes on 011 607 325/011 611 091 or 04-704032 or e-mail
AF65 [25/3, 1/4]
BACHELOR COTTAGE for short-term lease.
Large bedsit plus bathroom and kitchen.  Fully furnished.  Secure.  Walking distance to Borrowdale shops.  No pets.  Asking $35 000/month.  Available immediate.  Phone Penny or David Rockingham Gill. Cell 091 327 153.
NP [25/3]
HOUSE TO RENT IN CHRISTON BANK: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, several garages and store rooms, pool, beautiful views, peace and quiet. 
20 kms from Mt. Pleasant shops.
Phone 091 272 343 or 011 420 783
NP [25/3]
HOUSE TO LET.  Borrowdale Brooke - 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite), open plan lounge/dining room/kitchen, double garage, storeroom, no domestic quarters, but servant’s toilet & hand basin.  Burglar  alarmed; DSTV cabling.  Suit single person or older couple.  Preferably no pets, but can discuss.  Available mid-April.  P.O.A.
Phone 062 8 44206 (Selous) evenings or 011 422 087 anytime.
NP [25/3]
German family with farm near Livingstone on the Zambezi, 60ha arable, irrigable, ideal for vegetable production for Livingstone hotels and town is looking for tenant or share farmer.  Ideally married couple with relevant experience in vegetable growing.
Contact Corinna Bluecher, +260  3 32 44 78
NP [18/3, 25/3]
Reasonably priced short-term accommodation while on business etc.  One bedroom furnished flat, self catering.  Available in Northmead, a recommended good suburb, about three minutes' drive from town centre and next to Manda Hill.
Price only $30 US per night. For further details call +260-97-876493 or +260-97-845949.
Approximately 150 acres of land for long term lease.  Available in Kabwe, about 1 hour's drive from Lusaka.  Price negotiable.
For further details call +260-97-876493 or +260-97-845949.
NP [18/3, 25/3, 1/4]
HOUSE TO LET IN GLEN LORNE.  Situated in a quiet close.  4 Bedrooms, two en-suite.  Two lounges, dining room, study, beautiful fitted kitchen with granite counters.  Two staff quarters, swimming pool, borehole, fully alarmed, double lock up garage and two storerooms.
Please contact Lynn on 091-200851.
NP [18/3, 25/3]
100 ha plot on Bromley/Melfort loop road for lease a.s.a.p. Rent of $30 000 per month includes farmhouse with 4bedrooms 2bathrooms and a small nursery business as a going concern.
Phone Gill Vaughan on 304035 or email
AF34 [18/3, 25/3]
Natal Midlands developed dairy farm, supplies nearby cheese factory; fully irrigated with housing and some machinery. Supplementary income from a tile factory.
Strawberry farm with trout dam; up market housing; tourism potential.
These farms are adjacent and are available jointly or separately.
Contact: e.mail -
Phone - 27 33 396 5498 fax - 27 33 386 9993  Cell - 0832744253
GD []
Desperately looking for a small house, cottage, flat or house to share in the Marlborough, Westgate, Avondale, Strathaven or surrounding areas.  Please call Leonie at 309800 ext 241, cell: 091252076.
LN []
KARIBA: house for occasional letting. Consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.  Fully furnished and equipped, swimming pool and double lock-up garage, walled and serviced.  House is located in Baobab Ridge.  Tel Ben Kaschula on Harare 498121 or at CFU 309800.
#BK []
Upmarket two bed-roomed garden flat with courtyard, self-contained garage, in small complex for sale in Mandara, Harare.
Please contact Carrie Wilson on 747935 (evenings).
#CW []
House to share in Highlands. Fully furnished. Suit single lady or gentleman, available immediately.
Phone: Ben on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home).
#BK []
We offer a personal and efficient service for all your computer requirements, including: -
* upgrades
* hardware and software sales
* maintenance contracts
* trouble shooting
* repairs
Please call Gus McTiernan at RD Computers on 091 347 961 or email for further details.
#GM []
Model 102AF.  350 gallons/hour.
Realistic offers to 04-739319.
AF54 [25/3]
4 x Mazda tyres and rims 205 x 16
4 x Mazda Rustler tyres and rims 155 x 13
1 x Suzuki TS125 motorbike
Phone 091 288 035
AF61 [25/3]
Teak, saligna and wrought iron furniture
(Indian Day beds, Morris chairs and tables, dining room suites, Directors chairs, folding tables, patio umbrellas, mirrors)
Upholstery and curtaining service – choose your fabric on-site
Children’s furniture, linen and accessories
Cushions, candles, pots, art, Bonsais – gifts for all occasions
Monday - Friday 9am – 4.30pm.  Saturdays 9am –12.30pm
49 Princess Drive, Newlands, Harare
Telefax 776670 e-mail
AF64 [25/3, 15/4]
12 x 12m x 100m
2 x 6m x 100m
Contact Ken King e-mail  Tel 055 24250
NP [25/3, 1/4]
CHILDCRAFT encyclopaedias for sale. A must for junior school children.
Brand new. Phone Debbie 091-310-964.
NP [25/3]
Two Buddie Lines plus Siemens C10 for sale. $115 000.00 or n.c.o.
Please phone 091 261 916.
KM [25/3]
For quantities available and prices -
Contact Jules Peel  Phone 04-494429/023 755 002  E-mail
Magnesium Sulphate            
Potassium Carbonate            
Potassium hydroxide            
Rootmaster (Phos acid)         
Alisan (Dichloran)                
Alisan (Dichloran)                
Alisan (Dichloran)                
Copper Sulphate                   
Micrel ZN 150                                   
Low Biurette Urea                
Ridomil (Metaxyl)                 
Methomex 90 SP                   
Manganese Sulphate            
Magnesium Nitrate               
Magnesium Nitrate               
Magnesium Nitrate               
Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid
Termite poison                      
Formalin 37%                        
Formalin 37%                        
Sodium Molybdate                
Sodium Molybdate                
Alachlor (Lasso)                    
Alachlor (Lasso)                    
Azodrin (Monostem)            
Orchex 700                            
Orchex 796                            
AF41 [18/3] NC [25/3]
FOR SALE CHEROKEE 180 C AIRCRAFT (PA 28).  Registration Z-YYG.
1636 total hours.
Radios x 2.
Garman 95 GPS.
New C of A.
Red and white in colour.
For more information contact:
F B Haasbroek 04-885042/023 413 796
F Haasbroek 067-22617/091 352 448.
AF42 [18/3, 25/3, 1/4]
Hino 8 tonne lorry for sale.  Bulk sides.  Motor is sound.  Contact : 334802-4.
CC []
Suzuki 125 farm bike.  Good condition.  Recent overhaul.  Contact : 023 782 824 or 496672.
CC []
25000 tobacco clips for sale.  Contact : 023 782 824 or 496672.
CC []
Old paintings, solid furniture, brass and silver ware and Persian carpets.
Contact: 011 206 733 (cell) or mail to
NP [25/3, 1/4, 8/4, 15/4]
Single Phase Submersible Borehole Pump -- For Domestic Use.
Canopy for Nissan Double -Cab - Must be white.
Phone Mitch Green - 011-211-911.
NP [25/3, 1/4]
Wanted:  Second hand swimming pool fence.  Telephone Jo on 301289 or 011 412 901.
BK []
RVV []
Second hand back pack and warm coat/s. 
Phone : 303673 (After hours) or 091 338 047.
#AB []
1.        Old solid wood furniture e.g. Oak or Teak items.
2.        Portable car port, preferably 2 car size with shade cloth cover.
3.        Old Belgian or Persian carpets.
4.        Old silver plate tableware e.g. candelabra and old brassware.
Phone Ben Kashula on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home) or Sheila Mumford on 495699.
#BK []
Second Hand Asbestos Roofing Sheets, Wheat straw delivered to Harare (a couple of truck loads). Please Phone Nick on 011 213 188 / 304310
#KP []
Any old camping equipment e.g. paraffin pressure lamps, folding chairs etc. Phone Ben on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home).
#BK []
COCONUT BAY.  Wonderful Mozambican Resort.
For more details phone Anna-Marie 011 416 668 or e-mail
AF63 [25/3, 8/4]
OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION - we are almost exactly halfway between Harare and Johannesburg.  Come and have a relaxing overnight stay at our Lodge along the Bubi River.  Turn off 78 km from Beit Bridge on Harare road (opposite Bubi Village Mobil Garage). 8 km on well maintained dirt road.
Tokkie & Rinie van der Merwe
Threeways Safaris (Pvt)Ltd.
PO Box 110
Tel/Fax International:+ 263 - 14 – 359
Tel/Fax National: 014 - 359
NP [25/3, 1/4, 8/4]
Only 105 km from Harare, tar road all the way
All the plains game to be seen and 4 of the big 5 guaranteed
Black Rhino Breeding Station, come and see our latest arrival, 1 & ½ month old baby black rhino!
Elephant-back safaris, Horse safaris, Guided Walks
Fully Catered Service - good food - good company!
Contact us on :
Tel/Fax :         (022) 354 or 449
Tel :                (022) 2257
Mobiles :         011 213 175
                       023 834 244
                       091 711 055
NP [18/3, 25/3, 1/4, 8/4, 15/4]
HOUSEBOAT to rent for 5 nights.
31st March - 5th April. Shangri-La sleeps 8 pax. $20 000 per night. Clients to supply own fuel for tender boat.  We can source if you wish. Self cater accomm available at Warthogs Bush Camp before/after if required.
Email:  Cell: 011 201 733.
NP [18/3, 25/3]
Ahoy There!  For all your Houseboat and Cruiser Bookings on Lake Kariba.
Please contact Rhino Rendezvous  Harare 745644/8
PS. Discounted Rates Available on Selected Boats.
NP [11/3, 18/3, 25/3, 1/4]
Three bedroom luxury thatched house, bathrooms on suite open plan kitchen upstairs bar with magnificent view, comes with a domestic, lock up garage, sleeps maximum 8.  Bookings can be made direct with Eve at Lomagundi Lake side on 061-3037/39 bookings confirmed on payment.
12 Passengers. 3 Crew.  2 Tender boats.
Splash pool on top deck.  Phone / Fax 066 7315 or 72942.
AE47 [7/1, 28/1] AE48 [4/2] AE51 [11/2] AE49 [18/2] AE50 [25/2] NC [4/3] AF7 [11/3] AF8 [18/3] AF9 [25/3]
To run admin section.  Must have Pastel and some bookkeeping experience, able to work independently.  We offer a good wage with flexitime.
Phone 073-2374/6.
NP [25/3]
MANAGER to run gold production plant.  Surface operation only. 
Excellent package for suitable person.  Accommodation supplied. 
Successful candidate must be comfortable and secure in remote locations.
Enquiries Personnel Manager
Telefax 496409 Harare
Cell 011 217 766
NP [25/3]
Mature experienced person to join the NA.D.F. Team.
Please send updated CV with contactable references to
The C.E.O., N.A.DF., P O Box WGT 390, Westgate, Harare.
RVV []
A new Malawian tobacco growing company (flue-cured) is urgently looking for Area Managers, a Service Manager and a Production Manager.
Area Managers
The suitable applicants should have experience managing large-scale flue-cured tobacco – building experience an advantage.
Service Manager
The suitable applicant will be required to service and maintain a large fleet of tractors and equipment.
Production Manager
Responsible for a number of large-scale commercial tobacco farms. Job will entail lots of travelling. Applicant should have at least ten years experience growing large-scale flue-cured tobacco.
Contact: 011-201429, 490134 or 490582
NP [25/3]
Outstanding career opportunity for a progressive, practical and driven individual in a challenging new export fresh produce business.
Responsible for planning, leading, organising and controlling timely production of export vegetables under pivot and drip irrigation schemes.
Requires excellent human resource management, Shona speaker, capable of training a workforce from scratch and providing technical outgrower assistance.
Familiarity with EUREPGAP standards and other European accreditations an advantage.
Of ambitious graduate calibre, you will have a minimum of 3 years demonstrable management skills in the above criteria. Computer literate.
Remuneration: US$ 24,000/annum, accommodation, company vehicle and performance related bonus.
Reply with CV to terrakwa@yahoo.Co.Uk
NP [25/3]
KEIRAY ESTATE is looking for couple to get involved in management of farming operations.  The horticulture is the primary area we are looking in at the moment, the spouse will be absorbed in the other operations.
Anyone interested please respond on this means or telephone 011613190 or 069252 or 011615840 or 091365060.  Speak to Keith or Adrian.
NP [11/3, 25/3, 1/4]
Location: Harare, Gun Hill
General Description:
Responsible for the day-to-day operation of a small textile operation producing export quality products for the UK market.  The ideal candidate will enjoy working under pressure to meet shipment deadlines.  They will be unrelenting in their efforts to exceed the stringent quality requirements of the UK retail market.  The position requires a hands on approach and will involve travelling to production centres on the outskirts of Harare from time to time.  The ideal candidate will have a ‘can-do’ attitude and demonstrate resourcefulness in all aspects of running the business efficiently in the face of adverse economic conditions.
The ideal candidate will have excellent working knowledge of excel, word and e-mail packages.  They will have previous experience of export markets, shipping of goods for export, and dealing with a sizeable staff.  Knowledge of the textile industry would be a plus, but is not necessary.  Attention to detail and energy is essential, as are strong planning, forward thinking and time management abilities.
Specific areas of responsibility:
Production –
·         Liaison with the UK office.
·         Receipt and processing of all production orders.
·         Sourcing of raw materials both locally and through the UK office.
·         Co-ordination of production through ten rural centres and a small production unit on the premises.
·         Quality control of all units exported.
·         Ensuring efficiency in all aspects of production.
·         Liaison with local Zimbabwean manufacturers supplying ready-made garments.
·         Scheduling and planning for all shipments, and liaison with shipping agent in Zimbabwe.
·         Liaison with UK office on all new designs and sampling.
General Management –
·         Oversee financial aspects of the running of the company.
·         Check on all aspects of stock control.
·         Hiring and firing of staff with the approval of the UK office.
·         Monitoring staffing levels and efficient management of contractor staff.
Reporting structure:
The candidate will have Accounts Manager, Stock Controller and Quality Controller reporting directly to him/her.  There are approximately 27 permanent staff in the company and a varying quantity of contractors.
8 am to 5 pm daily and from time to time weekend work will be required in order to meet shipment deadlines.
An attractive package is on offer.  This will be determined on the experience and abilities of the successful candidate.
AF43 [18/3, 25/3]
LAKE CROCODILE PARK are wanting Mechanics - Grades 3, 2 or 1.
Must have at least 5 years experience.  Basic welding & electrical skills an advantage.  Duties include repairs & maintenance of vehicles, tractors, trailers, kapenta rigs, pumps etc.  Previous employment in a farming environment is also an advantage.
Contact:  Human Resources Manager, Charles Chimbindi on email:
OR Administration Manager, Serena Liebermann on email:
NP [18/3, 25/3]
MANAGER required 80 ha tobacco, Mkushi, Zambia to work with owner (Zimbabwean). Must have some tobacco experience and a Blackfordby Diploma.  Preferably no children of school going age. 
Contact the advertiser c/o AISD at Box WGT 390, Westgate.
AF38 [18/3, 25/3]
TOBACCO FARM MANAGER needed urgently to assume position on a property near Harare.  Remarkably incident free.  50 ha planted and planning same for next year.  Great opportunity for right person.
Contact Joe Pistorius at or phone 336722.
AF36 [18/3, 25/3]
Looking to invest wisely?
Install solid saligna kitchen units and centre islands, with a variety of granite tops.
Consider that all units are
Manufactured from solid timber
Elegant and
Cost less than an average fitted kitchen
Numerous combinations of units are possible.  Every kitchen unique – designed to your personal specifications.
Sinks, vegetable racks, tilt bins, trays and other accessories also available.
Call The Trading Post, telefax Harare 776670 or e-mail for a personal discussion on the kitchen that will optimise your lifestyle and your budget.
AF64 [25/3, 15/4]
Sick and tired of doing those boring, exhausting jobs?  Why not get someone else to do it?  I’m a young ex farmer, who is partly committed and am looking for part time employment such as organising and moving equipment, etc.  Basically any odd jobs with about a week’s worth of work involved.
Please contact Neill on 011 611 091 or send e-mails to
AF65 [25/3, 1/4]
WANTED FOR SALE ON COMMISSION furniture, fridges, household items, vehicles.  Farmer to Farmer.  Thank-you to all who have supported us.
333270 or 776203 Irene.
AF62 [25/3]
We are an international company who's tailor made medical plans offer people living in Africa the BEST international medical treatment available in the event of an accident or ill health.  Our premiums are also the most affordable premiums on the market.
The medical plans include:
·         Full in-hospital cover for emergency and elective treatment;
·         Full Emergency stabilisation and Emergency Evacuation cover with iSOS, Netcare 911 or MARS;
·         No unforeseen shortfalls when hospitalised or medically evacuated;
·         No need to raise the forex when admitted to hospital in SA;
·         No need to raise the cash before being medically evacuated;
·         Worldwide Travel Cover at no extra cost;
·         A choice of out-patient benefits such as GP's, Specialists, Drugs, dentistry, etc;
·         Save up to 50% off your premium;
Find out more by calling 091 305 676 or email your names and dates of birth to
Tell your friends about us and help us to continue being the fastest growing medical company in Africa.
NP [25/3]
Migrate to Australia under
New Visa Regulations
Experienced Australian Migration Agent
Florence Borshoff JP RMA No 55934
will be at York Lodge, Harare,
from 28th March to 31st March, 2003
Phone (04) 776239/ 746622 for private appointment.
Bring your friends
AF22 [4/3, 18/3, 25/3]
BR TOYOTA for friendly, efficient attention to your service and parts requirements specialising in Toyota.  Please call Godfrey on 302027, 304059, 304650, 304659.  New and second hand vehicle sales, call Glen or visit us at 7 Brickfields Road, turnoff 15,5 km peg Lomagundi Road. 
Come and collect your April Fool’s gift!
AE69 [25/3]
Are you having difficulty keeping your motor vehicles correctly insured?
With motor car values increasing almost monthly it has become almost impossible for Zimbabweans to keep their cars adequately insured.  To avoid being penalised with the “average” clause you have to top-up your insurance.
We have the solution!
You are now able to insure your Zimbabwean registered motor cars with an international insurance company.  The obvious benefit to doing this is that you will only have to do your insurance once a year as the vehicle is insured in hard currency.
To find out more e-mail us on
AF20 [11/3, 18/3, 25/3, 1/4]
We do commission sales @ 5%.
Contact The Sales Team of Carisbrooke Enterprises –
Mathew 023 517 550 and Sam 011 800 867.
Give us a try.
NP [25/3]
Do you have family and friends that have relocated, an International Business awaits them.
NP [4/3, 11/3, 18/3, 25/3]
BUPA INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL AID Are you worried about the increasing costs AND treatment which may not be available in Zimbabwe.  Would you like to choose which country AND which hospital or clinic within that country to go for your medical treatment?
If so, why not join 5.0 million others and subscribe to the world's biggest international healthcare provider, BUPA. Depending on which scheme you choose - you will enjoy an annual overall maximum cover from up to GBP1,000,000!  On all schemes BUPA provides a "full refund" for all in-patient treatment, outpatient surgical operations, MRI and CT scans and cancer tests, drugs and consultants fees for oncology.  Would you like a FREE quote for your family or company directors?  Would you like a brochure with full details of all the schemes? 
If so please email by return to individual names and dates of birth of all potential members and their families. We will email you a quotation and offer to meet to discuss things further.
Call: John Ford 091 499485, OR Dee Connolly at BUPA Adviser Office, tel: 862265 Harare, to discuss your BUPA quote further.
AF12 [18/2-22/4]
 in conjunction with
PHONE GEOFF OR ROD ON 067-23047 OR 067-22421.
AE95 [18/2-6/5]
Pam Mullins is offering her services as a stress management consultant. Please call her on 741498
PM []
NP [25/3]


For Your Information....
CFU Classifieds via email - plain text format every Tuesday
Costs: -
Up to 30 words          $750/wk
31 - 50 words            $1000/wk
51 - 75 words            $1500/wk
76 - 100 words          $2000/wk
300 words MAX         $6000/wk
Please send advert to by Tuesday 9:00 am and send PROMPT payment with a copy of your advert to CFU, Agricultural Information Services Department, Box WGT 390, Westgate, Harare.
Unless specifically stated that this is a Commercial Farmers' Union communique, or that it is being issued or forwarded to you by the sender in an official CFU capacity, the opinions contained therein are private.  Private messages also include those sent on behalf of any organisation not directly affiliated to the Union.  The CFU does not accept any legal responsibility for private messages and opinions held by the sender and transmitted over its local area network to other CFU network users and/or to external addressees.
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The Emigrant's Lament!
Got no biltong.
No boerewors.
Got no sadza, nor relish
And also no sauce.
Got no Castle, no Lion,
No Windhoek of course.
Got no Nandos
No paw-paws
No avoes or mangoes
No Milo,
No Fantas
No buns
No samoosas or chillies
No cherry-plum
No one-ply, recycled newsprint in the loo.
Not even Colgate Green Apple Shampoo.
No Lifebuoy
Got no charcoal, no sunshine
Or stuff for a braai
Got no bop, and no slops
And jus-laak! No tan!!
Got no twin-cab,
No pool,
No shades for my eyes,
Got no "boy", and no "girl"
But also
No flies!
No school fees,
No crime and corruption,
No bullies or "bombers"
No fear and disruption,
No rumours of rumours
And no false alarms
No hours and hours of life in a queue.
But the thing we miss most
from Zimbabwe
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 I have so much more money in my bank
For all of this, I have you to thank!
 I'm saving money at a rate of knots
 By the time I'm 40, I'll really have lots!
I can't spend it on fags, fine food and fair
 'Cos when I go to TM, the shelves are all bare!
 Other shops are quite empty of tempting treats
 Who needs dairy products, cokes or sweets?
 Standing all day in the queue for maize meal
 Means I don't have to work - wow, what a deal!
 I see all my mates there from days gone by
 We catch up on news and make plans for a braai!
 I can't find any marge or oil in the shop
 My bathroom scales are starting to drop!
 When I put on my jeans, they fall to the floor
 'Cos no sugar or flour, means no baking no more!
 Now bread, it seems, is a thing of the past
 But I'm not worried, 'cos I'm losing weight fast!
 There's no need to lose weight by going to a gym
 Just live in Zimbabwe and you'll get real thin!
 I walk everywhere; there's no fuel in my car
 I'm really quite fit now, from walking so far!
 I spend more time at home than ever before
 This is a good thing 'cos there's always a chore!
 I take time for all the positive things in life
 Like my family, reading and staying out of strife! I'm coping
 quite well; so it just goes to show
 That living with shortages is not such a blow!
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