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Zimbabwe bank governor talks Mugabe into reversing power tariff hike

Zim Online

Fri 3 March 2006

      HARARE - Zimbabwe's powerful central bank governor Gideon Gono this
week talked President Robert Mugabe and his Cabinet into virtually reversing
a decision permitting the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) to
hike power tariffs by 770 percent, ZimOnline has learnt.

      Mugabe and his Cabinet had earlier on Monday approved a request by the
wholly state-owned ZESA to hike tariffs over a nine month period beginning
with a whopping 560 percent increase this month, followed by 185 percent in
June, 15 percent in September and 10 percent in November.

      But the cost of electricity will now go up by only 95 percent between
now and December 2006. Power tariffs will also be increased by 70 percent in
February next year after Gono told Mugabe and his ministers during their
weekly Tuesday meeting that the hefty increases they had approved the Monday
before would trigger a wave of price increases across the board and push
inflation through the roof.

      Inflation, which Mugabe says is Zimbabwe's number one enemy, surged to
613.2 percent in January from 585.5 percent the previous month.

      Both Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba and Gono were not available
for comment on the matter last night.

      But Gono argued in a paper presented to Cabinet during the Tuesday
meeting that besides fuelling inflation the "big-bang' tariff hike planned
by ZESA would deliver the knock-out punch to some of Zimbabwe's most
strategic industries that were already facing viability problems owing to a
hostile operating environment.

      "Our (RBZ) recommendations also recognise the undeniable reality that
going the shock-therapy way would drive into near extinction such
centre-pivot companies like Sable Chemicals, Zim Alloys, Bindura Nickel,
Zimasco, Mimosa and gold miners, among many others, in whose cost structures
electricity has a high weighting," Gono said in his paper, a copy of which
was shown to ZimOnline yesterday.

      Sable Chemicals is the country's largest producer of ammonium nitrate,
Bindura Nickel and Zimasco are the country's largest nickel and chrome
producers respectively.

      "In the country's inflation basket, the category of electricity, water
and housing accounts for 16.2 percent which, by any measure is a significant
proportion, effectively increasing the risk of a painful back-lash if the
tariffs are adjusted on the profile of a big-bang approach," the RBZ
governor told Cabinet.

      According to sources who attended the meeting, Gono then suggested the
reduced power tariff hikes as a face-saving measure for Cabinet.

      He told Mugabe and his Cabinet: "Your Excellency, the above proposal
seeks to preserve the decision already taken by cabinet, at the same time
supporting the economy's objective to vigorously fight inflation, through
containment of precipitous cost escalations to producers and consumers."

      ZESA had argued to the government that the new power tariffs were
necessary to cushion the parastatal from the effects of a rapidly
depreciating exchange rate.

      But Gono insisted that the state power firm was still not affected by
the exchange rate saying because it had been loaned US$32.2 million by the
central bank for it its import needs and which it had not yet paid a single
cent back.

      "The effective cost of the exchange rate, has, therefore to this day
not materially affected ZESA's actual local currency costs," Gono said.

      The RBZ boss who has in the past criticised corruption and inertia by
workers in government t departments or state-owned companies also told the
Cabinet that ZESA was in financial problems because it was poorly managed
with 65 percent of its revenue going up to meet the salaries of its top
heavy bureaucracy.

      ZESA is managed by Mugabe's brother-in-law, Sydney Gata, who is
executive chairman of the state firm. Gata has been in the past accused of
mismanaging the firm but successive Ministers of Energy, charged with
overseeing ZESA, have refused to act against him.

      "Facts on the ground are that 65 percent of ZESA's total revenue is
swallowed up by salaries and wages. In reality consumers are paying for the
chain of the super-structure," Gono said. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe broadcasting bosses to be put to their defence

Zim Online

Sat 4 March 2006

      HARARE - The six trustees of independent Zimbabwean broadcasting firm,
Voice of the People (VOP), will have to prove their innocence in court after
Harare magistrate Rebecca Takavadii yesterday ruled that there was
reasonable suspicion that they breached the country's tough broadcasting

      The VOP trustees, David Masunda, Lawrence Chibwe, Nhlanhla Ngwenya and
Millicent Phiri, Arnold Tsunga and Isabella Matambanadzo are accused of
operating a broadcasting service without licence from the government's
Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). They face up to two years in jail
if convicted.

      The trustees' lawyers had requested the court to remove them from
further remand and effectively free them arguing that the state had failed
to disclose the offence the trustees are alleged to have committed.

      The defence had also pointed out that the government's Broadcasting
Act only prohibits radio and television companies from broadcasting from
Zimbabwe without permission from the BAZ, a requirement that cannot apply to
VOP because the radio airs its programmes from the Indian ocean island of

      But Takavadii insisted the VOP trustees still had to be put to their
defence in a trial.

      "The magistrate dismissed the application for refusal of further
remand because she said that there was reasonable suspicion that an offence
was committed," said Otto Saki from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights,
which is helping defend the five trustees.

      "The court could also not separate the trustees from the trust and
therefore the trustees have to be held liable for the activities of the
trust," he said.

      According to Saki, a trial date is expected to be set on April 27 when
the trustees next appear in court for further remand.

      VOP, which broadcasts on shortwave is one of two independent radio
stations transmitting into Zimbabwe from outside the country in an attempt
to circumvent Harare's tough media laws and regulations.

      The radio station's programmes are in the two main vernacular
languages, Shona and Ndebele, enabling it to reach out to remoter parts of
the country, inaccessible to Zimbabwe's few remaining independent

      VOP offices in Harare were firebombed in 2002 by unknown people.

      Zimbabwe has four radio stations and one television station all
controlled by the government.

      The southern Africa country, which has laws providing for the
imprisonment of journalists for up to 20 years for publishing falsehoods,
was ranked by the World Association of Newspapers as one of the three most
dangerous places in the world for journalists.

      The other two countries are the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan
and the Islamic Republic of Iran. - ZimOnline.

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Seven huts torched as Zimbabwe villagers clash over land

Zim Online

Sat 4 March 2006

      MASVINGO - At list seven thatched huts were set ablaze and household
property worth several millions of dollars destroyed in violent clashes over
land between villagers in Zimbabwe's southern Masvingo province.

      Zimbabwe's communal lands, where more than 90 percent of black
peasants live, have remained overcrowded with little land for the ever
expanding population despite President Robert Mugabe in the past six years
seizing several millions of hectares of land from white farmers ostensibly
for redistribution to landless blacks.

      Most of the land taken from whites ended up in the hands of Mugabe's
top officials, relatives and friends some of whom own up to six farms each
and leaving villagers to fight for the little land still available in the
overpopulated communal lands.

      According to eyewitnesses, two communities from Mapanzure district in
Masvingo earlier this week fought running battles with axes and set huts on
fire after failing to agree on the boundary separating them from each other.
They accused each other of encroaching on their territory.

      "We are now living in fear as the dispute seems to be getting out of
hand. We have tried to engage traditional chiefs but it appears their
efforts are not bearing any fruit," said James Mauto, one of the villagers
who spoke to ZimOnline.

      Masvingo police spokesman Charles Munhungei confirmed the feud over
land in Mapanzure but said the law enforcement agency had still not been
able to arrest those who may have instigated the fight between the

      Munhungei said: "No arrests have been made so far in connection with
the case. Police are however working tirelessly to make sure that the
culprits are brought to book". - ZimOnline

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Mugabe admits he was duped into appointing Jonathan Moyo into Cabinet

Zim Online

Sat 4 March 2006

      HARARE - President Robert Mugabe on Thursday told supporters of his
ruling ZANU PF party that he was fooled into appointing former information
minister Jonathan Moyo into Cabinet in 2000, in a rare admission by the
Zimbabwean leader that he also can be gullible.

      Mugabe, who was speaking at a ZANU PF campaign rally in the small town
of Chegutu, 100km south-west of Harare, told his party's supporters that he
appointed Moyo government propaganda chief after receiving reports that he
was hardworking and also because he thought the former minister had

      Moyo, now an independent Member of Parliament, was a leading critic of
Mugabe's rule before being recruited by the government first in 1999 to help
write a new draft constitution for Zimbabwe that was rejected by voters and
a year later as state information and public relations chief.

      "Leaders are fallible and can also be easily duped by these
opportunists. But I do not think it will happen again to my government as
happened when Moyo joined us .. I was fooled because he came in as a
hard-worker," said Mugabe, who was in Chegutu to urge residents to vote for
ZANU PF in an upcoming election to choose the town's mayor.

      "He (Moyo) rarely spoke in Cabinet," Mugabe, who was speaking in
Shona, said in a rare insight into the goings-on in his inner circle of
ministers. "He was always writing and taking notes during Cabinet meetings
and we do not know where he took them to."

      Moyo, an unpopular minister with journalists and the opposition during
his time, is at the forefront of a new opposition political party, the
United People's Movement, that is however still to be publicly launched.

      A United States-educated political scientist, Moyo has promised to
compile his experiences in Mugabe's inner-circle into a book.

      Moyo will always be remembered for crafting some of the harshest Press
laws ever seen in the world under which, for example, Zimbabwean journalists
face two years in jail if caught practising without being licenced by the
government's Media and Information Commission.

      Many will also remember Moyo for his prominent role in forcing at
least three independent newspapers including Zimbabwe's largest and only
non-government controlled daily paper, the Daily News, to close down.

      Moyo fell out with Mugabe after clandestinely organising a meeting of
some senior ZANU PF leaders to plot ways to prop up former parliamentary
speaker Emmerson Mnangagwa for the vice presidency ahead of Mugabe's
favourite candidate, Joyce Mujuru, who is now the Vice-President. -

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US considers tougher measures against Zimbabwe

Zim Online

Sat 4 March 2006

      JOHANNESBURG - The United States government is considering taking
tougher measures against President Robert Mugabe and his senior officials
after realising serious "flaws" in targeted sanctions imposed three years

      Speaking in Johannesburg earlier this week, US principal deputy
assistant secretary for Africa, Bobby Pittman, ackowledged that there was
some frustration in Washington over the failure of the sanctions policy on
Mugabe and his senior lieutenants.

      "We are in the process of discussing other measures," said Pittman.

      The US official did not disclose what the "other measures" would
entail. But he conceded that there was some "flaw in sanctions against
Zimbabwe" after most southern African countries failed to impose similar
sanctions on Harare.

      Southern African countries have over the past six years rarely spoken
out against Mugabe's policies preferring to rally behind the veteran
Zimbabwean leader.

      South Africa, considered the most influential country in southern
Africa, has also not spoken out preferring to pursue a policy of "quiet
diplomacy" towards Harare.

      "It is very important how our partners in SA and the Southern African
Development Community see the situation in Zimbabwe," Pittman said.

      On Tuesday, US President George W Bush extended by one year targeted
sanctions on Mugabe and his lieutenants saying there was nothing on the
ground to suggest anything had changed for the better.

      The US, Britain and major European countries imposed targeted
sanctions on Mugabe and his senior leaders in 2003 after accusing the
veteran leader of failing to uphold democracy and perpetrating human rights
violations against his political opponents.

      Mugabe denies the charges.

      Washington also froze Mugabe's assets and banned the Zimbabwean leader
and members of his family from visiting the US. The European Union,
Australia and New Zealand also imposed similar sanctions on Mugabe and his
senior officials.

      But three years after the imposition of the sanctions, critics have
questioned the effectiveness of the sanctions regime. - ZimOnline

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More Work Urged Against Aids And Youth Risks

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks

March 3, 2006
Posted to the web March 3, 2006


A lot more needs to be done to stop HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, despite strides
made in reducing prevalence rates, government officials said on Thursday.

Zimbabwe recently became the first Southern African nation to report a
decline in HIV infection, from 24.6 percent in 2003 to 20.1 percent in 2005.

However, Health Minister David Parirenyatwa, warned that there were still
some mindsets to be shifted and behaviour to be changed, especially among
the youth.

"We still have a big problem on our hands. Our young people who are the
future are still getting infected, which means that there is need to
intensify educational campaigns," the local Herald newspaper quoted the
minister as saying.

It was estimated that the majority of new HIV infections were most visible
among the 15 to 24-year age group, and at least 60 percent of those infected
were women.

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations ]

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Zesa Debt Stands At US$334m

The Herald (Harare)

March 3, 2006
Posted to the web March 3, 2006


ZESA Holdings owes the World Bank and other international institutions about
US$334 million, putting pressure on the newly appointed board to swiftly
come up with a turnaround strategy to pay off the ballooning debt.

In an interview, Zesa executive chairman Dr Sydney Gata said the debt
continued to escalate as a result of cashflow problems besetting Zesa and
this was affecting the parastatal's capacity to liquidate it.

The funds owed to the World Bank and other international institutions were
secured through Government to enable the parastatal to acquire a 25 percent
stake in the Hydro-Cabora Bassa project in Mozambique and to upgrade Zesa
extension projects as well as spares to refurbish the Hwange and Kariba
power stations.

"There is need for a resolution to the long-term debt of US$334 million. If
we were able to pay a $1,2 billion debt and declare dividends to the
Government, why can't we clear it?" Dr Gata said, referring to the debt that
Zimbabwe repaid to international investors between 1982 and 1987.

He said Zesa had managed to pay off the debt within seven years without any

Dr Gata challenged the new board to find innovative ways of repaying the

"The industry was making huge profits until 2003 when it started
experiencing difficulties as a result of high operational costs and foreign
currency shortages," he said.

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has turned down the proposed
tariffs by ZESA Holdings citing their impact on inflation.

Initially, Zesa had proposed tariff increases of 560 percent with effect
from March 1 2006 and a further 185 percent on June 1 2006 before rising by
15 percent and 10 percent on October 1 and December 1 2006.

Noting the impact it was likely to have on inflation, the central bank
recommended quarterly tariff increases of 95 percent until December 2006 and
70 percent in January 2007.

Usually, when electricity tariffs goes up, production costs increase and
this could scuttle the central bank's efforts to bring down inflation,
currently running at 613 percent.

According to the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), electricity
costs constitute about 35 percent of firms' operational costs.

Zesa needs about $600 billion to finance electricity imports alone every
month. The figure is even higher if the cost of spares for its Hwange and
Kariba power stations is taken into account.

"We will find ways of enhancing efficiency in the sector at the rate
recommended by the central bank," said Zesa official.

Zesa has been calling for tariff reviews, blaming some of its financial woes
on the sub-economic rates it has been charging over the years.

Zesa offers the lowest tariffs in the region at US$0,5 per kWh as compared
to US$2,3 per kWh by Eskom, US$3,3 per kWh by South Africa, US$4,8 per kWh
by Namibia and US$5,2 per kWh by Botswana Power Company (BPC).

Analysts argue that Zesa tariff increases should have been spread over the
past years.

In 2003, the Cabinet approved tariff adjustments which were implemented
between January and March 2003 but then reversed by the Minister of Energy
at the request of the central bank as it fought to meet its own inflation

As a result Zesa has been charging sub-economic tariffs to the detriment of
its cashflow position.

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Teachers' Salaries Under Review

The Herald (Harare)

March 3, 2006
Posted to the web March 3, 2006


GOVERNMENT is looking into the issue of teachers' salaries with a view to
increasing them, President Mugabe said yesterday.

Cde Mugabe said it did not augur well that general hands were getting
salaries of about $6 million while teachers, who are professionals, earn an
average of $8 million per month.

"We will look into the salaries of teachers. If a teacher gets just $2
million more than a general worker per month, then where is the difference?

"I don't agree with that -- I didn't know that their money was so little,"
said the President.

Cde Mugabe was addressing thousands of people at Pfupajena Stadium in
Chegutu, where he donated 10 computers and a printer each to 10 schools in
Mashonaland West Province.

He also addressed a rally to drum up support for Zanu-PF's candidate in the
weekend Chegutu mayoral election, Cde Martin Zimani.

Cde Mugabe pledged to present a laptop computer to Takudzwa Mhlanga, a
former Pfupajena Secondary School student who recently passed his A-Level
examinations with 20 points.

Cde Mugabe said the number of teachers was high but that should not prevent
them from being paid adequately to survive.

"We will look into the issue; other sectors were given reasonable salaries,"
he said.

The secondary schools that received computers were Pfupajena, Matanha,
Chirundazi, Jompani, Kwayedza, Kawondera, Matawu, Alaska, Matoranhembe and

The President said today's students were the leaders of tomorrow and a
strong foundation for their future should be built through high quality

He said education should be accessible to everyone in Zimbabwe and more
schools would receive computers in the near future.

"We also want teachers to learn computers, but we don't want to hear that
headmasters have given the computers to each teacher like what happened at a
certain school in Mashonaland East Province," said Cde Mugabe.

He said female students at the school were being treated as girlfriends and
such tendencies must be stopped because they were immoral, pointing out that
HIV/Aids kills thousands of people everyday and such behaviour was

The President said now that land, which was the main reason for the fight
for liberation, was in the hands of the majority, it should be fully

"Now we have the land, asi mapurazi five five, ndiVaMugabe here vakati
tora?" he asked, lambasting multiple farm owners.

He said war veterans resorted to invading farms after they realised that
British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair was leading local white commercial
farmers to resist the Third Chimurenga.

"Blair refused to give money for compensation. (Margaret) Thatcher (former
British Prime Minister), (John) Major (her successor) gave the money for
compensation, but Blair refused and that's why we challenged him because he
promised the money for compensation.

"We couldn't make our people pay tax for the land which was never bought in
the first place. When he refused (Mr Blair), takati izvi zvava
zvezvibhakera," he said, pointing out that Mr Blair had practically closed
all avenues of negotiation leaving Zimbabwe with no choice but to acquire
land compulsorily.

"Takati keep your money Blair and we will keep our Zimbabwe."

President Mugabe said if there were any companies wishing to invest in the
country, they were welcome.

He said national heroes like the late Cde Josiah Tongogara, Cde Herbert
Chitepo, Cde Leopold Takawira and others died for Zimbabwe and the nation
could not betray their ideology.

Cde Mugabe took a swipe at politicians like Bishop Abel Muzorewa for selling
out the country to the British just before independence in 1980.

"Muzorewa akafurirwa kuti nyika ive Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and he agreed on
everything. Hongu hongu kugutsurira musoro sechiguya-kuya. Aiwa hatina
zviguya-kuya mu Zanu-PF," he said, telling the gathering that Zanu-PF does
not brook puppetry.

Cde Mugabe said MDC leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai was also misled by Mr Blair,
who wanted the land to be returned to the whites.

He said Mr Tsvangirai agreed to everything said by his masters but now he is

"Chapararaka masikati machena chiMDC chiya. Others are saying we are MDC and
others MDC. Which MDC do you vote for then?

"There is no way it can be brought together again," said the President.

He said there was no reason why people who were misled into joining the
opposition party could not rejoin the ruling party.

"Zvino atsemuka kudaro (Mr Tsvangirai), when is he going to rule Zimbabwe?"
asked Cde Mugabe amid applause.

He said Mr Tsvangirai dreamed of being President of Zimbabwe and it was
allowed to have such dreams.

"Akarota (Mr Tsvangirai), akati mudzimai wangu muka kani. Ndarota
ndichipinzwa muState House VaMugabe vatiza. Zvino chiroto ichocho ndokubva
chauya, ofoma MDC yake, zviroto zviroto," he said.

He said Zimbabwe lost about 50 000 lives during the liberation struggle and
this was not a dream but a reality in the cause of an ideology for the

Cde Mugabe said people who wanted to rejoin Zanu-PF must be thoroughly

Giving the example of former Information and Publicity Minister Jonathan
Moyo, Cde Mugabe said the independent legislator was one of those academics
from the University of Zimbabwe who spend many years working abroad and
return home when there are prospects of being given high posts.

Said Cde Mugabe: "Jonathan came in 2000 during the constitutional
referendum, kubva ndiye aienderera mberi nehu Zanu-PF. In Cabinet meetings
he did not speak, but outside he would continue his writings and later we
heard he had come up with his Tsholotsho thing."

He said Moyo's actions created divisions within the party.

Cde Mugabe said he had received complaints from residents of Mashonaland
West Province about the way Kadoma-based textile firm David Whitehead was
treating its workers.

"I am next week (Wednesday) sending a committee of ministers to see what
could be done. They will sit down and discuss the issue. Hazviite kuti David
Whitehead iparare. Kana taona zvakakodzera, totora David Whitehead," he

He said Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development Minister Cde
Ignatius Chombo would also visit Chegutu to discuss issues that had been
dogging the local authority and see how best residents' concerns could be

He said former BHP workers were also facing uncertainties because some of
them who were occupying the company's houses had not been given the
permission to own those houses.

On unity, Cde Mugabe said the nation should continue to be united. Although
other parties could crop up, Zimbabweans themselves were the ones entitled
to govern Zimbabwe.

He said Zimbabwe must be ruled with the wishes of the people in mind.

Cde Mugabe urged the people of Chegutu to turn-up in their thousands and
vote for Cde Zimani in Saturday's mayoral election.

Cde Zimani will square up with Mr Francis Dhlakama of the MDC faction led by
Mr Tsvangirai.

Mashonaland West Governor Cde Nelson Samkange said mistakes that the
electorate in Chegutu made in the past by voting Mr Dhlakama into office
should not be repeated.

"I am sure on Saturday everybody will go and vote for Cde Zimani," he said.

Officials who attended the occasion included Minister of State for Policy
Implementation Cde Webster Shamu, Minister without Portfolio Cde Elliot
Manyika, Information and Publicity Deputy Minister Cde Bright Matonga,
Science and Technology Deputy Minister Cde Patrick Zhuwao, Information and
Publicity Secretary Cde George Charamba, Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial
chairman Cde John Mafa and Makonde MP Cde Leo Mugabe, among others.

Popular musician Hosiah Chipanga entertained the crowd and got a handshake
from President Mugabe.

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'Cropping Threatens Wildlife Conservation'

The Herald (Harare)

March 3, 2006
Posted to the web March 3, 2006


GOVERNMENT is seeking ways to make the land-based wildlife policy
effectively operational by banning extensive cropping that stalls proper
wildlife management in various conservancies countrywide.

In an interview yesterday, the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Cde
Francis Nhema, said the conservation of wildlife was being threatened by
lack of knowledge by some people resettled in the wildlife sanctuaries.

He said to demonstrate their lack of knowledge, some people were venturing
into cropping near game reserves where climatic conditions do not sustain
any crop farming activities.

"We are targeting certain areas that we think should strictly be a preserve
of wildlife farming. What we want is to make wildlife land use policy
operational and make sure that all those settling in those areas abide by
what is stipulated in our policy," Cde Nhema said. He said the policy looks
at how the newly resettled farmers could play a part and participate in the
development of wildlife by making them aware of the value of the country's
natural resources.

"Cropping is not a good option in areas such as the Gonarezhou area in
Chiredzi. We have discovered that after the failure of cropping, some people
were venturing into illegal harvesting of wildlife, a menace that we would
like to curb by finding ways of incorporating the farmers into the game park
activities so that they also benefit from what is realised from wildlife."

Cde Nhema said when farmers see an animal like a kudu, they should see
beyond meat as it can generate US$500 if sold.

"The bulk of farmers are into cropping and because of that when they see a
baboon, which is going for more than US$700, they see animals causing a
menace in their fields and are not aware that that species can immensely
turn around their livelihoods," Cde Nhema said.

He said his ministry has deployed ecologists and game wardens in targeted
areas where extensive cropping is being conducted, in order to educate the
farmers on wildlife breeding.

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Zimbabwe inflation fight may be on wane: analysts


March 03, 2006, 15:45

The Zimbabwe central bank's new focus on corruption as the country's chief
economic foe could signal that its drive to tame rampant inflation is
foundering, analysts said today.

Gideon Gono, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, said this week graft was
overtaking inflation as the nation's number one problem, dampening already
dim prospects of economic recovery. Gono labelled graft the "HIV/Aids" of
Zimbabwe's economy, a statement analysts interpreted as hinting the
once-publicised drive to cut inflation was now on the back burner.

The IMF says Zimbabwe's inflation rate - which climbed to 613.2% in January
and is expected to hit 700-800% by the end of the first quarter of this year
is the highest in the world. The unbridled inflation is playing havoc with
the finances of ordinary Zimbabweans, who must often now go shopping with
huge wads of cash for simple purchases that can end up costing millions of
Zimbabwe dollars. The inflation rate has also ravaged industry, with the
cost of doing business rising daily, forcing some firms to fold.

A recent survey by the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries said only 3.6%
of the country's manufacturers operated at full throttle in 2005 due to high
inflation and foreign currency shortages. The central bank has largely
failed to achieve its inflation targets in the last three years. Inflation,
which was projected to ease to ease to between 280-300% by the end of 2005,
ended the year higher at 585.8% on the back of sharp increases in the prices
of basic commodities. - Reuters

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Woman held for 10 hours at Zim airport

Cape Argus

      March 3, 2006

      By Basildon Peta

      Pat Horn paid a heavy price upon arrival at Harare International
Airport for being mistaken for a Cosatu official.

      She was detained for 10 hours and slept on a wooden bench during which
she "provided supper for mosquitos". She was not allowed to make telephone
calls, buy food or visit the toilet before being bundled on to an early
morning flight back to South Africa.

      "It was an immensely uncomfortable experience," said Horn yesterday.

      Horn works a co-ordinator for Streetnet International, a Durban-based
international federation which specialises in protecting the rights of
street vendors. It has affiliates in 18 countries.

      Horn arrived in Zimbabwe at 9pm on the last South African Airways
flight into Harare on Wednesday night as a guest of the Zimbabwe Congress
Trade Union (ZCTU), which is celebrating its silver jubilee.

      She was due to present a paper on organising workers in the informal
economy at an event organised by the ZCTU to mark its 25 years of existence.

      Her ordeal started upon arrival at the airport when she presented her
credentials to the immigration officers at the passport control counter.

      She was asked if she had a clearance letter to enter Zimbabwe to
attend the ZCTU event. Horn said the question had taken her aback as it was
not made clear who was to have supplied the clearance letter. As a South
African citizen, she did not need a visa to enter Zimbabwe.

      She was led to a back office by two state security officials whom she
said had posed as immigration officials for intense interrogation.

      Overhearing discussions among themselves, she said she deduced that
the Zimbabwean officials had made up their minds that she was from Cosatu.

      Cosatu officials have been declared personae non grata in Zimbabwe. A
Cosatu team led by its secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi was barred from
entering the country early last year.

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Zimbabwe 'could be heading for collapse'

Business Day

Jonathan Katzenellenbogen


International Affairs Editor

BRITAIN's Africa minister, Lord David Triesman, warned last night that
conflict could easily break out in Zimbabwe if the situation is allowed "to
deteriorate into near collapse".

He also implied that the collapse would entail strong negative
"neighbourhood effects", as it has in cases where instability spreads across

Triesman, who arrived in SA yesterday for a two-day official visit, said in
an address to the South African Institute of International Affairs that
while the root cause of Zimbabwe's problems were ones of governance, the
example of other African countries suggested democratic deficits and state
failure paved the way to conflict.

"A conflict-poverty trap and democratic deficits often lie at the heart of
instability and violence," Triesman said.

"Increasingly, where we have seen violent conflict, we have seen state
failure. Failure to provide hope of a decent future has led to instability,"
he said.

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University of Zimbabwe student leaders suspended over protests

      By Violet Gonda
      3 March 2006

      A serious showdown is looming between the government and University of
Zimbabwe students over fee hikes. University of Zimbabwe authorities have
responded to demonstrations by suspending members of the student leadership.

      Secretary General of the Students Executive Council (SEC) confirmed
the leadership had been suspended. He said, "Wellington Mahohoma the
Secretary for Legal Affairs, myself and Colleen Chibango the Vice President
have been sent packing from the university over disturbances that happened
on Monday and one of our cadres Tinei (Sande), who was also involved in
demonstrations, is currently at Parirenyatwa."

      Mlilo believes the suspensions are null and void saying the charges
which were being levelled against them had been dropped by CID Law and
Order. But he said, "The university is run by small Robert Mugabes and in a
bid to try and keep their jobs, in a bid to try and keep the situation calm
they are going to have the suspensions sustained." They were told that they
would be arrested if the set foot on campus.

      Stung by unaffordable fee hikes the student leaders were arrested on
Monday as they attempted to approach officials at University of Zimbabwe to
discuss the recent ten-fold increase in tuition fees.

      The activists say state authorities have intensified a victimisation
campaign since the their release on Wednesday and have sent armed riot
police with dogs to cordon off the University in anticipation of

      The students also report that police stationed at the campus were
helping themselves to meals meant for students and have been seen
comfortably eating in the dining hall at the UZ.

      Mlilo alleges that SEC President Washington Katema, who was travelling
with a group of other students in a car, was followed and hit by an army
truck on Friday. He said a woman in the car was injured and is receiving
treatment at Avondale Clinic in Harare.

      Mlilo believes it was no accident and said the police and state
security have threatened to "deal with them" if they continued with their
actions. He said they were put in a cell with a "deranged man who beat them
all night long," when they were arrested earlier this week.

      "We are putting it in the press so that if anything is happening at
least the world is aware that attempts are being made on our lives." he

      It reported that only 3% of the students at the university have paid
their fees and out of 4 000 rooms available for residents only 100 have been
paid for.

      The Secretary General of the Students Executive Council said, "This is
not a war or a demonstration against fees it is a struggle against
privatisation. It's an anti poverty movement and there is no way we can
abscond from duty because we have been suspended. I can assure you that the
whole of next week the university will be ungovernable."

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Zimbabwe mulls law giving gov't 51 pct stake in mines


      Fri Mar 3, 2006 6:42 PM GMT

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's mines ministry has drafted proposed amendments
to existing laws which would give President Robert Mugabe's government a 51
percent stake, in some instances, in foreign-owned mining companies.

In a statement to the Chamber of Mines on Friday acquired by Reuters, Mines
Minister Amos Midzi said cabinet had approved amendments "to indigenise 51
percent in some instances of all foreign owned companies."

In 2004 the government withdrew a controversial draft law that would have
compelled mining companies to sell up to 49 percent of their shares to black
Zimbabweans following an outcry from the industry, and promised to consult
with the sector on a new draft.

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Southern P.A. to ignore govt, probe scandalous housing allocation

      March 3, 2006, 7 hours, 13 minutes and 20 seconds ago.

      By George Nyathi

      GWANDA : As the scandalous nature of the allocation of houses under
Operation Garikai/ Hlalani Kuhle in Matabeleland South continues to unfold,
provincial administrator David Mpofu has vowed to defy government and probe
the allegedly corrupt allocation of houses under the programme.

      Rural Housing and Social Amenities minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, who
was demoted by President Robert Mugabe following his links to the infamous
Tsholotsho meeting, yesterday angered provincial leaders by declaring that
there would be no probe or nullification of the allocations despite their

      Mpofu was recently quoted in the local media as saying that his office
would really get to the bottom of the housing scam that has seen several
relatives and close associates of some high-ranking government officials
being allocated houses under the programme.

      Besides the close associates, some civil servants are also reported to
have been allocated the houses, leaving the victims of the dreaded Operation
Murambatsvina homeless. This however, is a clear deviation from the actual
intention that government had when it launched the housing delivery

      Mpofu said there was no way in which some civil servants would benefit
from the new housing arrangement yet they had their own scheme where
government financed the construction of their houses at "seriously
affordable rates."

      "We as the provincial administration office will definitely get to the
bottom of this whole issue.As the provincial administrator, I am going to be
involved in the investigations as I will get all the relevant documents and
ceive through them to find out the real situation.

      "All those that would be found to have sneaked their way into the
houses would be asked to surrender the houses so that they are allocated to
the right people. That even includes civil servants," Mpofu told a local
daily recently.

      Matabeleland South governor, Angeline Masuku and Home Affairs
minister, Kembo Mohadi are on record as having said that there would be
investigations into the allocation of the houses under the programme adding
that they could not ignore concerns of the people.

      It remains to be seen however, whether the provincial administrator,
with the aid of the governor and the minister will ignore the declaration by
Mnangagwa and go ahead with the investigation and nullification of the
scandalous allocation of houses under the housing deliver programme.

      A. N. D Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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JAG Classifieds dated 28 Feb 06

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified
adverts for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items

3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation

5.  Specialist Services

6.  Pets Corner




1.1 Chemicals & Fertilisers (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Chemicals and Fertilisers for Sale:-


120 X 60G BION 50WG
















All the above chemicals are still sealed .  For further details please
phone the following numbers:-

Harare 497735 Cell - 011-603-889 Fax/Phone - 481419

E-mail -


1.2 Cooking Oil (Bulk) for sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

"Cooking oil, bulk, attn restaurants, takeaways, etc, phone 495897"


1.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Potato Seedlings now available - large or small quantities.

Also we still have full range of submersible pumps, well pumps - full
range of pumps for all garden needs. Generators, knapsack sprays,
irrigation systems for garden and larger. Lawnmowers. Very competitive

Please phone Carrie 091 206 558 for details and prices.


1.4 Generators for Sale (Ad inserted 7/6/06)

Beat the ZESA power cuts by powering up your house and bore holes with
one of the following KIPOR Generators which we have on hand.

KDE5000E Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, open - frame
type.  US$1 100

KDE5000T Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, Sound proof type
            US$1 260

KDE6000T3 Three Phase 5 KVA Diesel, sound proof
type US$1 320

KDE6500T3 Three Phase 5.5 KVA Diesel, sound proof type
            US$1 380

KDE12STA3 Three Phase 9.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent
type US$4 450

KDE16STA3 Three Phase 13.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent type
            US$6 580

For all enquiries contact the following :-

Graham 011 617 999

 Rusty 091 278 460

Office 884022

Fax 850195

E mail


1.5 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Teak pick nick bench and table 40mil

Big front door with frame

Chest of drawers

Large dining room suite with side table 35mil

Double bed plus headboard mattress and bench 18mil

Queen size bed solid pine lime washed with bench 18mil

Queen size therapeutic mattress 25mil

Biggie best lounge suite (1x3seater, 2x 1seater) 30mil

Oregon pine Morris chairs (1x2seater, 2x1seater) 45mil

Oregon pine coffee table 25mil

Oregon pine side table x4 20mil

Old computers and monitors offers



Play station 1

Kitchen table with 4 chairs plus shelve 15mil

Old Golf club set

Teak lounge table plus 4 side tables 25mil

Teak CD corner stand 5mil

2-pine lime washed single beds 6.5mil

6-side tables lime washed 600.000

2 large cupboards blue brand new 60mil

Oak kitchen cupboard doors with hinges and handles 40mil

Full bedroom suite - pine lime washed including:

                    Corner TV cupboard 15 mil

            Two side tables 6mil each

                    Large chest of drawers 18

Large desk with chair 20mil

Large speakers with amplifier

Peugeot 405 very good condition available only in mid march (54.000km)

1998 VW Golf

Lots of piping (black pvc) was used for solar heated pool


Cd player works fine for radio or connecting to TV*cds don't work

1 side table lamp - children 1.5mil

1 side table lamp 1.5mil

2 wrought iron wine racks 2, 3mil

There are lots of other little pieces for sale as well

Please contact Christina on 011 606 074 if you are interested in any of
the above


1.6 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

1.  Originally imported from UK, music and comedy videos, music
biography books and CD's, a small P.A. system, musical instruments,
some lighting equipment, smoke machine, a black 10m backdrop &
materials, a music recording studio for sale. If you're interested please
email me at and I'll send you the catalogues with

2.  Full household for sale, numerous various items, accessories and
furniture. Please email me at for complete catalogues
and prices.


1.7 Dog Meal for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

"Dog meal,$800000 per 20 kg pack,free delivery Harare for orders over 10
packs, call Mr Wallis 023894597 or email "


1.8 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

SEED DESIGNS (based in Chiredzi)

Beautiful exclusive, hand embroidered ethnic style cotton items for sale

Q/size duvet covers $8,500 000

Throwovers $3,900 000

Oven gloves $750 000

Binocular bags $580 000

Shoulder bags $900 000

Webbing handbags $1,200 000

Evening bags $550 000

Cushion covers $800 000

6 table mat set with serviettes $2,800 000

Wallets $600 000

Spectacle cases $300 000

And lots more!! For further queries, please phone Michelle Ross (Harare
Representative) on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.

Email address:


Baby tender with fold out changing mat and bath $25 000 000

Mother care pram (navy blue) $15 000 000

Baby camp cot (fold up complete with bag) $25 000 000

Baby bath ring with suctions $500 000

For further enquiries, please contact Michelle Ross on

091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

2 doors GEC frig, recently overhauled, 1,50cm high, 60 and 70cms deep and
wide.  $25 million

Incomplete English Rockwood dinner service, white with maroon edging,
consisting of:

5 large dinner plates, 8 small dinner plates, 3 side plates.

6 large bowls, 3 small bowls.

2 large oval serving dishes, I entrée dish with lid

1 gravy jug with plate

4 million ono

Pair roller blades in good condition, size 6.  $2 million

9 Illustrated children's encyclopaedias edited by Arthur Mee - $3

Lots of lovely children's books, bedtime stories etc

Childs cricket bat, ball and stumps, brand new still in plastic.  3

Two gum plantations, also about 70 pines - please come and cut them
yourself, I live in Bromley, 55 kms from Harare.  Please find out prices,
as I have no landline, and limited cell network.

Telephone Jennifer at 011 423 614, or leave message at office tel 336945
or 333952 and I will return your call


1.10 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/02/06)


Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.





Small woven bags--$400,000 each.

Large crocheted bags.--$1,000,000 each.

Large woven bags.--$800,000 each.

Table Runners.--$600,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--1,800,000.

Fringed mats only(4)---$1,200,000.

Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,7000,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats + serviettes-$2,180,000.

Bordered mats only (4)--$1,580,000.

Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,280,000.

2m Throws--$2,220,000.each.

Tea cosy(L)--$345,000.

Tea cosy(m)--$340,000

Tea cosy(s)--$335,000.

Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$800,000.

Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$460,000.


Decorated cushion covers--$800,000.

Plain cushion covers---$560,000.

Round crocheted cushions--$730,000.

Scarves--$800,000. each.

Hats(Beanies)--$450,000 each.

 X Large plain cotton rug--$4,555,000.(Approx-230x130cms.)

Large plain cotton rug--$1,785,000.(Approx-143x75cms.)

Med. plain cotton rug---$1,155,000.(Approx-120x60cms.)

Small plain cotton rug.---$735,000.(Approx-105x52cms.)

Cotton Rag Rug--$735,000.(Approx-105x52cms)

Small patterned mohair rug--$1,185,000

Med. plain mohair rug--$1,380,000.

Med.patterned mohair rug.--$1,725,000.

X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,455,000.

Hall Runner--$2,600,000. (Approx-200x75cms)

Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large

Please note that as all items are individually hand crafted, exact sizes
cannot be guaranteed.

All items are subject to availability.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


1.11 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

HONDA XR 250 R, trail bike with lights and indicators, 18000km only.  In
near original mint condition.

 Phone: 091 326 965 for details.


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Opel Corsa, GSI 16 Valve, 3 doors.

Red in colour. Mag wheels. Alarmed.
Electric windows. 1995 Model.

Call 011 205 183 or 091 328 261 or 331970


1.13 Business for Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)








1.14 Agricultural Items for sale

(Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Imported harrow discs 24" and 26"
New Montana boom sprayers 10m boom, 600l tank
New 16KVA generators
Radium Zimbabwe 04 870264 / 011 600 389


1.15 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

                               Chemicals For Sale

Dithian (M45)

Copper Oxy

Dual Magnum

Punch Extra

Phone: John 334764, Cell 011208893


1.16 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Deep freeze - in good condition. l2 cu.ft.  $9m.

Contact 04 - 496049


1.17 BIKE FOR SALE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)




091208836 OR EMAIL US:


1.18 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Old farm radio equipment for sale.... Motorola.

Antiques as follows:

Mahogany bedroom set with marbled washstand, dressing table, bedside
table and wardrobe!  All exquisitely carved, bevelled mirrors and in
outstanding condition.

English oak dining room set. Ten chairs, extendable table and long

Victorian hall tables x 2.  One round and one oval.

Pie Crust coffee/tea table.

Grandmother clock.

Three what-nots in outstanding condition.

Collectors cupboard - ideal for collections of eggs/butterflies etc.

Burmese Teak mirrored dresser.

Lounge suite, whickered arms with carved backs, legs and arms. One three
seater and two single seaters.

Large liquor cupboard - lined with asbestos - antique mirrors, screens
and much more.

Contact no: 011 416937


1.19 Items for Sale

Sony LBT-V302 Stereo Hi-Fi System with 5 discs CD player - ZWD 100
Excellent condition.  Phone Harare 494395


1.20 Item for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Monarch Chevette 4 plate Stove (black)

Minor attention needed $30 mill


or 756363-9 (work) 339378 (home) 091-338414


1.21 Fuel for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

PHONE 091 294 185


1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

CURTAINS FOR SALE Very good condition and fully lined

1.  SUNFILTER Pale beige with Wheat design
                                1 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                1 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


2.  SUNFILTER Pale green with floral design
                                2 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                2 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


3.  HEAVY QUALITY Plain Cream
                                2 X 4.0m wide x 2.3m drop

                                4 x 2.16m wide x 2.3m drop


Contact Tel 303570 to view


1.23 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Various second hand items for sale - All must go!!!
Prices are negotiable.

Filing cabinet, 2 draw, wooden (good condition) - $35m

Wooden and black leather bar 140 x 50cm with 3 leather stools - $20m

18 speed mountain bike - $10m

Square folding table, wooden 92 x 92cm - $6m

Roller Blades size 5/6 - $3m

Trivial pursuit for teens (good condition) - $2m

Monopoly - $1m

Scrabble - $1m

Please contact Monique 309274(w) 091 315 411 (cell)


1.24 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1) 2 x 200 litre electric/solar geysers and drip trays
plus 4 glass covered panels and piping.

2) 1 x Frigidaire refrigerator (locakable). Old but in excellent
working condition.

3) 1 set of bunk beds and mattresses.

Contact: Nigel Rennie on 011-808 752




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Is there anyone out there, wanting to sell the following:

Round dining room suite with 4 chairs, preferably with a glass top.
Alternatively, a cane suite would be equally suitable.
Glass top, not essential.  Plain oval cream coloured rug or cream with
shade pattern.
Please call Kathy 011 602 144


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

WANTED: Heavy Duty Tumble Drier in good working order.  Please call
091 237 772 or 04 495862


2.3 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Is there anyone out there wanting, to sell the following:

Round dining room suite with 4 chairs, preferably with a glass top.
Alternatively, a cane suite would be equally suitable.
Glass top not essential.  Plain oval cream coloured rug or cream with
shade pattern.
Please call Kathy 011 602 144


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Second hand in good condition;

Motorola GP300 handheld radios.

Motorola GM300/350 vehicle mounted radios.

Motorola or Kenwood repeater.

We are a environmental NGO looking for radios to help with anti-poaching
in the Vic Falls area.

If you have old farm radios not in use any more we could really use them

Please email; or call 011 213 529


2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

Instant cash paid for Working / Non- Working TV, VCR and/or Hifi. Please
contact Joel on or leave a message with Mercy on
011 611 637.


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

White painted Garden Furniture - we need an attractive table for eating
round and 6-8 chairs to go with it.

Contact 04 - 496049


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Are you likely to have any maize stova available in the next few
months?  If so I have cattle that would like to eat it.  Must be fairly
near Harare / Ruwa and have some sort of cattle handling facilities.
Reply to


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)




PLEASE PHONE:- 071 8 474

CELL 091 238 462/ 091 303 097


2.9 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Satellite dish around 1,2 meters upto about 1,6 meters,


or 756363-9 (work) 339378 (home) 091-338414


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1 medium sized coffee table (wooden not steel)

1 x three quarter bed, or 2 x single beds in good condition.

Contact: Kim Rennie on 011-212 697




3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/2/06)

WANTED TO RENT: Urgently wanted - a house in the Harare area starting
1st Feb 2006.  Must have a secure garden for dogs.  Please call 091 365
515 or 091 363 970.


3.2 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/2/06)

Looking for House to rent from 1st April.  Northern Suburbs.  4
bedrooms.  Long lease essential.



3.3 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/02/06)

Young couple with 2 young children desperately looking for a 3+ bed
roomed house, flat or cottage in Borrowdale, Mount Pleasant, Vainona,
Gunhill, areas, with reasonable rent.

Will be happy to make improvements and will take good care of home in
place of high rent.

Please call Ben on 091 335060 or Hayley on 011 219864 or

Home 04 884208


3.4 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Responsible, professional single lady with ten year old son seeks
accommodation in northern suburbs.  Must have staff accommodation for one
maid and garden for Jack Russell puppy.  Contact Sue on 011-204193."

Please let me know how much this will cost and how I make payment.  Many
Penny Gibbons
email address


3.5 House Wanted to Buy (Ad inserted 19/01/06)

We are looking for a house to buy, preferably in or around the Ballantyne
area towards Borrowdale or in Borrowdale Brook. (Something near St

Please let us know if you know of a house available.

Contact: Shayne Hay

Tel: (263 4) 720138/9
Fax: (263 4) 706921
cell: (263) 11 201 677


3.6 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 17/01/06)


To Rent -Beautiful House Fully Furnished

12 Room House 2 minutes from St. Johns and Shopping Centres

Double Alarm System in House

Carpets, Shades, Blinds

4 Bedrooms

2 ½ toilets

Kitchen: Dishes, Pots and Pans, Cutlery and Utensils

Stove/ Microwave/ Large Fridge

Scullery: Wash-up Sinks/ Deep Freeze/ Large Top Load Washer and Dryer

Furnished formal lounge

Dining Room: Oak table, chairs, pottery, glassware and silverware

TV Room: DSTV decoder


Large entertainment veranda

Swimming pool

Developed garden & rockery on 2 acres with dam

Secure wall and auto-gate outside lights

Under Voltage over voltage Protection Unit

3 ½ Month Lease from 4 MARCH to JUNE 21 2006

For Pre-paid rent, discount

RENT $55,000,000-00

Realtors and Estate Agents Finders Commission

Contact Mark or Pat Cell 011-204-642 or Tel. 862282



3.7 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 17/01/06)


Single-roomed (10mx 3m) cosy thatched cottage, suitable for up to 2,
ensuite kitchen and bathroom, partially furnished, in delightful Glen
Lorne Msasa woodland surrounds. Excellent
security, with 3 other residences, each with their own privacy, on the 5
acre stand making a
comfortable and friendly community as back up.

Rent based on US$ 80 pm, converted at blended inter bank rate, currently
at Z$70,000, i.e. Z$ 5.6m pm, all in.

Contact Janet on 499060 or 011 614 197


3.8 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 19/01/06)

House to rent in Northwood
4 Bedroom House
Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
Electric Fence and gate
Inside alarm, all connected to Gauntlet

Available 01/03/06
Call 011 205 183


3.9 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Spacious furnished accommodation offered to fit elderly person in
Borrowdale.  Share expenses.  For further information, please phone
Renting Department on telephone number 885623 (am) or 885571 (pm).


3.10 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

""We have a delightfull single roomed thatched cottage , and separate
flatlet , each with lovely views onto the garden and surrounding msasa
woodlands. Suitable for singles , or a tidy couple, available immediate ,
on a 5 acre stand with 3 other
residences, providing a friendly small community which is good for
security, but maintains individual privacy.

Contact Janet on 499060 or 011 614 197"


3.11 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 7/02/06)

Mature couple looking to housesit for any length of time. Loves animals
available immediately. Please call Lauren or Jason on 091237648 or


3.12 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 11/01/06)

Honest, reliable, mature lady looking to housesit as from 01 February
2006.  Avondale area preferred.  Please phone Jenny 011 423 614 or


3.13 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

Thatched house for Rent in Helensvale

(behind Borrowdale Brooke) - Immediate Occupation.

3 bedrooms all on-suite bathrooms, large living room, dining room,
kitchen/pantry and scullery/store room. Lovely veranda area overlooking
swimming pool.  Borehole and electric gate.  House split on 3 levels
and property is 5 acres, all indigenous woodland with beautiful views.
Price Negotiable.

Please phone Harare 861766.




4.1 Harare International Festival of the Arts (Ad inserted

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of
Zimbabwe's premier artistic events.  It gives Zimbabweans the change to
meet and interface with top local artists, as well as regional and
international artists and performers. The Festival's appeal is for all
ages and interests and during HIFA, Zimbabweans come together in a truly
carnival atmosphere to
experience the sheer joy that is art in whatever form - art as healer,
art as educator, art as up lifter of the spirit.

HIFA 2006 is scheduled for 25th to 30th April 2006. All the major
international festivals offer a "Friends of Festival" scheme and ours is
known as HifAmigos.  HifAmigos are a highly valued and regarded
component of the Festival.  HIFA offers a series of comprehensive
benefits in several categories of HifAmigos to cater for all interests
and needs and subscriptions are reasonable.

HIFA has been described as "second to Edinburgh" and "among the top ten
festivals of the world!"  HIFA 2006 now invites you to become a HifAmigo
or to renew your HifAmigo membership.  If you do so by 24th February
2006, you will be listed in the Official HIFA 2006 Programme and invited
to what is becoming the hottest even on the Zimbabwean social calendar -
the HIFA Opening Party. Our launch events are legendary.  Join early &
be there!

2006 HifAmigos will enjoy 20% discounts on all shows and workshops.
Procedure for becoming a hifAmigo
Contact the hifAmigo Manager for an application form -
Angie Thomas - contactable via HIFA as below.

 Harare International Festival of the Arts
 Box A42, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
 Phone & Fax: +263 (4) 300 119


4.2 ABERFOYLE LODGE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

                                  HONDE VALLEY

Fully serviced, self-catering lodge with cook
and bar. Something for everyone- golf, swimming, squash as well as lovely
walks in idyllic surroundings
and brilliant birding. Gather your friends, share transport, and have a
fun-filled few days.
For further information contact Sue Fawcett on or Val
Marshall on or



GACHE GACHE LODGE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Book now for Easter!

Contact us: or phone Andrea on

091 208 836.

Rates on request!


4.4 Looking for Bush Time (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Are you a writer or just in need of bush time?
Looking for someone to spend one month at a time in bush environment.
Would be there as a male presence while husband is working away. Small
help required mechanically if generator or vehicle needs arise. Must like
animals, both domestic and wild. Would have own cottage with en suite
bush shower and flush lou and food would be provided.
If interested please email:




5.1 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)

Do you dread the thought of holding your child's party?

Do you have nowhere to hold a party?

Do you have no time to plan and hold a party?

      Your problems have ended!

Penny and Shelley will organize everything for your child's party.

Theme parties could include:

Transport, Space, Animals, Noah's Arc, Barbie, Spider Man, Barney,
Insects, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Box, The Sky, etc.

We can have it in a garden, at Safety Sam, etc, provide ponies, jumping
castles, slippery slides, games, individual eats, group eats, painting or
craft parties where your children can all create something to take home.

Call Shelley now on 091 264361 or 490684

Or Penny on 091 237434 or 336955


5.2 (Ad inserted 6/02/06) Care Management Services.  Formerly called
"Substitute Daughter."

Care Management Services. Formerly called Substitute Daughter. Have you
left Zim? Are worried about a remaining relative? For a modest fee our
service will monitor the well being - physical, mental and emotional -
of those who might be in need. The service is run by qualified,
experienced, registered nurses of "the old school". We ensure that health
needs are being met and that if your relative needs any other sort of
care - nursing, financial services, transport, domestic aid, medical
visits etc., we will arrange for these needs
to be met. We visit regularly and keep you informed with reliable,
accurate reports of all developments.
24 hour call available. The service has been working successfully,
without interruption since Sept. 2002.
Want to know more? e-mail:
Ph.: 00-263-4- 302518 (after hours) or

00-263-91 603621.
References will be supplied on request.
Margaret Low. SRN. SCM.


5.3 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

"Chemical analysis, tap/borehole water. Phone 023894597"


5.4 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)





091 402 599



5.5 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

The Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
requests that all cases of cruelty or abuse of animals, both domestic and
 livestock, are reported to them.

 Recently there has been an increase of deliberate cruelty to livestock,
 but unfortunately many of these incidents are not reported to ZNSCPA and
 we only get to hear about them through a third party long after the abuse
 has taken place.

 Cruelty to animals, including wild life in captivity, is a punishable
 offence in Zimbabwe and we are pleased to report that the Police and the
 Courts are dealing swiftly and decisively with these cases when we
 present our dockets to them.

 Whilst ZNSPCA remains totally non-political, we continue to respond
 quickly and professionally to requests for help on farms where the
 welfare of animals is being compromised in any way.

 ZNSPCA HQ: 497885/497574

 156 Enterprise Rd Chisipite

 Inspectors Cell:Glynis: 091 367 260

                             Simon: 011 630 430

                             Jimmy: 011 528 449

                             Justine: 023 306 456

                             John: 011 867 099


5.6 (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

TAYST The Private Catering Company

At Tayst we would like to offer you an innovative

cuisine experience using the finest & freshest

ingredients available.

We cater for:

· Cooperate functions

· Cocktail parties

· Black tie dinners

· Birthday parties

· Business Lunches

Please contact Thea or Christy on 091 282 165

or email


5.7 Ad inserted (21/02/06)

Farmers -- your favourite hairdressers, Donaghy's, has re-located from
Farm & City Centre to smart new premises in the City Bowling Club in
Harare Gardens. Phone Annette on 011 716 246.




6.1 Pets - Wanted (Ad inserted 7/2/2006)

I am look for a Jack Russell & a Labrador or other large dog to go to a
very good home.  Neither has to be puppies, but would be preferred in
order to
avoid conflict.

Please contact Michelle on 091402559.


6.2 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Jack Russell looking for home as only dog, not a fighter but has always
been an only pet. Jock, tan/white, male 6 years. Docked tail not
neutered. Tel Calla Van Zyl on 884226 or 091-252-744. To approved home


6.3 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Geese needing good home

25 geese both male & female looking for good, safe homes with water to
swim in. Unfortunately, their current "water world" is haunted by a river
otter who is terrorising them and slowly killing them all.  Don't
all need to go together - you can take any number you wish, as long as
you promise them a safe home and not the pot!

Please phone either 011 205 190, Deena or

091 307 450 Linda


6.4 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

"Good homes wanted for Male Toy Pom and Female Keeshond (miniature
Husky), preferably together.  Owner has moved to a smaller property and
cannot keep all her dogs.  Please phone Mrs Ricardo on 737944-9 or 091


6.5 Lost (Ad inserted 14/02/06)




OR ZNSPCA HQ 497885 or 497574


6.6 African Grey Chicks For Sale

      (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Two hand reared African Grey chicks.

Contact: Trinity on 04-369160-5


6.7 Puppies For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)


Father - boer bull cross ridgeback

Mother - blue heeler


011 606 783

091 246 233

065 2703


6.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

"5 year old male Golden Retriever "Stanley" with excellent UCI and FCI
pedigree background ideally looking for female Golden for breeding, but
any friends for playing in yard etc.  Pls call 091 317550.

-JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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JAG Job Opportunities dated 2 March 06

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Job Opportunities;


Ad inserted 18 January 2006




CELL: 011211336 OR 091273639 OR BULAWAYO 230615


Ad inserted 12 January 2006

Wanted - Lady with accounting background, computer literate with Excel
and Word.

Pleasant office environment in Willowvale

Negotiable package and fuel allowance.

Please reply to 091-208566 or 011-207084 or email



Ad inserted 18 January 2006

Manager - Hazeldean Pty Ltd

A position is available for a hands-on manager, with a strong interest in
animal breeding using measured performance, to take on a close working
relationship with the managing director in the running of Hazeldean & its
sheep & cattle seed stock enterprises. The position is at company
headquarters, Hazeldean, located 15 minutes south of Cooma in

The successful applicant will be required to contribute ideas and form
strategies for the future growth of the property & business. Planning &
budgeting are essential skills however a desire for hands on involvement
is equally important.

The position would suit a team player and one capable and willing to take
on more responsibility in the future.  We are happy to consider
employment of a suitably qualified or experienced Zimbabwean.

Applications to:
Jim Litchfield
Cooma NSW 2630

MOBILE: +61 414 363 006 (international)

                     0414 363 006 (within Australia)


Ad inserted 9 February 2006


Retired, energetic, fun loving Book Keeper, living in Greendale,
Borrowdale, Chisipite areas in March, for a small Nursery School : basic
administration, reception, books and general helping out.

Please call Debi or Shelley between 8am and 12pm



Ad inserted 9 February 2006


A mature, responsible person who is experienced with and passionate about
horses required by one of Zimbabwe's leading safari operators.  This
challenging position offers an extremely exciting lifestyle, full board
and lodging and a very competitive salary.  The right person should also
be able to get on as well with people as with horses.  Please send CV to



Ad inserted 9 February 2006

A vacancy exists for a farm manager on a mixed farm in Tanzania.

Our core business is vegetables for export however various other crops
and livestock operations are undertaken.

The right candidate should have at least 5 years farming experience in
East/Southern Africa, preferably with horticultural experience.

Responsibilities would include daily farm management, record keeping to
Eurepgap specifications, farm security and community liaison.

The candidate should be either single or accompanied without children.

To start immediately.

Package: $1500 per month, medical aid and usual benefits of farm
management positions. Work permit to be provided by the employer.

Company details to be found at
Please send CV to:

Nursery School or Infant Teacher

Ad inserted 9 February 2006

Experienced Nursery School or infant teacher wanted for 2nd Term,
Avondale area. English must be first language. Very good working
environment, mornings only, school terms only. Good package for right
person - mail


Ad inserted 16 February 2006


Girl Friday with Bookkeeping experience

Ex-farmer now consulting from home office in Northern Suburbs needs help
with general office work and some bookkeeping (not complex but to trial
balance). Mornings only/flexitime. Very pleasant working surroundings but
boss can be grumpy (but he travels a lot)! Good computer literacy,
numeric and fastidious attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation
essential. Dictaphone, typing experience useful but not essential.



Ad inserted 16 February 2006

        Looking for a position, family left Zimbabwe

Looking for a position for our maid who has worked for us for 22 years.
She is honest, friendly, very caring and excellent with young children.
She does do basic cooking, housework, baby sitting. She come highly
recommended by us and has been part of the family for many years.

Anyone interested please contact me by email, or

Angela Stephens 776451 mornings only, for an interview with the maid,



Ad inserted 16 February 2006

WANTED; Millwrights, Electricians, Diesel Mechanics, Refrigeration
Specialists, Town Planners and Quantity Surveyors

Recruit Global will assist in looking for a job and sponsorship
opportunities for the
right candidates wanting to move to Australia.
Australia is experiencing a major skills shortage in all states, we will
services to assist in, visas, trade recognition
tests, sponsorship, relocation, financial advice.

Contact us today at Aussiemigrant


Ad inserted 16 February 2006

      Vacancy for Live-In Housekeeper Companion


The applicant should be a single female, unmarried, widow, or divorced,
and must have a caring nature, and be interested in cooking and the
welfare of an elderly lady.

Free accommodation will be provided in a beautiful period house, circa
1700, own bed-sitting room with television, fridge and microwave and
washbasin, tastefully furnished with bookcases and easy chair, and
adjoining bathroom.  Use one of the sitting rooms in the house.

Food will be provided for main meals, as part of the contract.

The Housekeeper will be responsible for the general running of the house,
and its cleaning.  She will prepare and cook meals, and do some
shopping.  Use of car will be available for this purpose.  She will act
as a companion to Mrs H L Franklin who is aged 88 years, a refined lady,
who is a widow.

Mrs Franklin has a Private Nurse who attends to her personal care in the

There will be some laundry work of personal items for Mrs Franklin, at
present all bedding goes to the laundry.

This job would be suitable for someone who requires a comfortable home in
a small village in rural Shopshire.  Nearest shops in the village
including a Post-Office, General Stores, Butcher, Pubs, Doctors, and
Anglican Church.  Nearest Market Town, Church Stretton, 6 miles South.
Nearest large town, Shrewsbury, 6 miles north.  Nearest Railway Station,
either Church Stretton or Shrewsbury.

Shropshire is an Agricultural Country and there is no Industry, the
surrounding countryside is an area of outstanding beauty and cultural

The Housekeeper/Companion will have an average of two half days a week
off and at least two hours per day in either morning or afternoon at
leisure, by mutual arrangement.

Mrs Franklin's son, Mr Howard Franklin lives next door at Dorrington
Court, and is normally around most days and often takes meals with Mrs
Franklin.  Mr Franklin is retired, but still travels as a Lecturer in
Cruise Ships several times a year, and does after Luncheon speaking
engagements in Great Britain.

Salary of Five Hundred Pounds Sterling per calendar month and totally
free board and lodging.

Person travelling from Overseas will be helped with their airfare.

The contract as Companion/Housekeeper will be for a minimum period of
eight months, to be extended.

Please apply with details of yourself and any relevant information to:


Dorrington Court


Shropshire, SY57JD

Telephone 01743 718143



Ad inserted 22 February 2006



Ex-Karoi farmer looking for a partner to invest in a promising farming
organization situated 16 kilometers from Lusaka.  Currently farming
seed-maize, paprika, soya-beans and vegetables.  The farm is 340 hectares
with approximately 100 hectares utilised.  Excellent water available for

Interested parties please contact : / 096 444 466 (Zambia)


Ad inserted 2 March 2006



Ad inserted 2 March 2006

Looking for someone to fill this position. One side of the company is
Haigar Tyre and Fitment Centre - small company with only 3 on the
payroll. We are looking for an elderly man - probably retired and
looking for something to keep himself busy - he will be required to
basically be there to order tyres, stock, monitor cars that come in for
alignment etc etc; mainly be in the office on the phone - no great
physical work.

If you are interested please give Darrell Haigh a call on 331726 or 011
220 606. Many thanks.

We are also looking for a reliable driver ?????




Ad inserted 16 February 2006

"Fitter and turner seeking position as handyman, technical sales rep,
stores man etc.

Phone Fred Harmse 091-319272, 882866."


Ad inserted 16 February 2006


I am a hard working, loyal and honest man aged 34 with many years of
valuable work experience looking for employment in a Managerial Role with
the right company. I have been primarily involved in the Plastic &
Chemical Industry with past experience in the Freight Sector (Import /
Export) working my way from the bottom to a top position of Managing
Director for a
successful company in previous employment. I am currently employed and
can be contacted on the following E-Mail Address for further details and
a copy
of my Curriculum Vitae:


Ad inserted 22 February 2006


Experienced waiter - very well trained also trained by ex owner of
Restaurant in Stock control and Cashier

Smart and well spoken, very good with the public

If any business requires this young and enthusiastic male please write to


Ad inserted 2 March 2006

    Employment Sought

Young Lady aged 19 years, educated to ZGC level: Diploma in Silvana
beauty academy, Diploma in modeling, and have just completed computer
courses, in excel - word - etc, willing to learn and do anything. Hard
working, out going and enthusiastic. Please contact: Rochelle
Vermaak 091 347 982 or email: or


Ad inserted 2 March 2006


I a middle aged, degreed man with extensive experience in:

 * Cane Sugar and by-products production/processing.
 * Small Scale Edible Oil Milling/Equipment Sourcing, Installation and
 * Middle Level Management
 * Laboratory processes
 * Small Scale Food Processing
 * Staff/Operator Training in ALL of the above
 * Small Scale food processing for Rural Development
 * Beekeeping and Honey Processing.

PROCESSING, particularly in Southern Africa.

I am looking for consultancy Opportunities - both long and short term
assignments, and on-going.

Please contact me on; OR 00 +44 07789842285; 00 +44
07849163016; 00 +44 01296620515 for FULL CV.


For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 3 March 2006)

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