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Inexplicably, a feeling of change stirs in Zimbabwe

The Times
March 07, 2007

Jan Raath
The closest it comes to is the feeling I get around the start of every
spring. Something odd in the air, a tightening of the wind, an unusual
sharpness in the light, that sets a stirring inside me.

A new flush, a zing, a glow, an idea, I don't know what, came in late
January. It wasn't the weather. I can't pinpoint the day it settled on me.
It took a couple of weeks to begin to articulate it. It was more the
changing of the colour of litmus paper than a flash. Suddenly, I found other
people fervently agreeing with me, and startled also that I should be
feeling the same thing. That this year there is going to be change.

If you had said that to me in late December, I would have said, forget it,
Robert Mugabe, just 83, will be bestriding Zimbabwe well into his nineties.
Since 2000, when he began to hammer the life out of the first genuine,
popular democratic movement in this country, despair has eaten into almost

But there is that thing in the air. It's not just journalists, academics,
lawyers and human rights activists unsettled by it. The youths in Epworth
township south of the city who shout abuse at policemen - provocative
behaviour unheard of till now - have been fired by it. The same sense moved
the man arrested at a police roadblock at Hot Springs in the southeast for
having a banknote with the words scribbled on it in Shona: "For Satan so
loved Zimbabwe, he gave his only begotten son, Mugabe, that whoever follows
him shall have everlasting poverty." And the women demonstrators late last
month who picked up teargas canisters fired at them by riot police, and
hurled them back.

This flickering that shows itself in anger, boldness and hope has not had
anything to do with a welling up of opposition political momentum, as there
was in 2000 when the opposition Movement for Democratic Change had to be
beaten and cheated out of election victory. The MDC has been split for
almost two years and the separate factions are virtually dormant. The
restiveness has grown by itself, spontaneously.

I can't pinpoint why it should have suddenly begun to stir now, or at all.
The incremental pressure of the struggle for survival under 1,600 per cent
inflation, incessant harassment and brutality by Mr Mugabe's many arms of
repression, and the helpless outrage at being trampled on by a small class
of ultra-rich venal parasites has to be at its heart. But the same motives
have been there in other African tyrannies for decades, without producing a
twitch of unrest.

Zimbabwe has passed an indefinable tipping point. It is an elusive,
completely unpredictable and fragile phenomenon; Mr Mugabe has already set
out to extinguish it, and he knows no civilised limits.

But it can also be as terrifyingly infectious and destructive as the ebola

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Weaning off unproductive black farmers a political time bomb

Zim Online

Wednesday 07 March 2007

By Tsungai Murandu

HARARE - The Zimbabwe government could find itself caught between a rock and
a hard place as it moves to "wean-off" unproductive black farmers, analysts
warned yesterday.

The government last week announced that it would withdraw support to A2
farmers, with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono describing
them last week as "grown ups" who should be weaned-off from State

But analysts yesterday said it remained to be seen if the Harare authorities
could proceed with plans to wean-off resettled black farmers, particularly
as the country approaches presidential elections in 2008.

The polls could, however, be postponed to 2010 if a highly controversial
election "harmonisation" plan by the ruling ZANU PF party sails through.

The analysts said, as with previous policies, the government would be forced
to back down from a blanket ban on assistance to black farmers.

"It will be interesting to see how they (government) will handle this one
because a lot more than just the economy will be at stake here," said an
investment banker who could not be named for professional reasons.

It was the banker's view that political considerations would as usual carry
greater weight than the perceived economic benefits of cutting subsidies to
the agricultural sector.

While the subsidies to agriculture - often in the form of inputs such as
seeds, fertilisers and fuel - have milked the economy over the past seven
years, President Robert Mugabe would be under pressure from his ruling ZANU
PF party supporters to continue with the handouts.

"The tragedy of Zimbabwean politics is that the people know Mugabe's
weaknesses and will use that to their best advantage," the banker said.

Through mainly the RBZ and several other departments, the government has
dolled out trillions of dollars to so-called "new farmers" since 2000 when
it embarked on ill-fated agrarian reforms.

Agricultural output has instead shrunk by more than 60 percent since 2000
despite the increase in funding.

The result has been shops starved of the staple maize-meal, and more than
1.4 million Zimbabweans are registered as requiring urgent help from the
World Food Programme.

And with inflation topping almost 1 600 percent, millions are now finding
themselves barely able to buy even the basic staples.

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) political scientist John Makumbe said the
sentiments by Gono - and two weeks earlier by Lands Minister Didymus
Mutasa - were a sign of increasing irritation with the way the government's
seven-year experimentation with agrarian reforms has evolved.

"The chickens are indeed coming home to roost as the government realises it
has made a costly seven-year-old mistake," said Makumbe.

The UZ lecturer warned that, if the government proceeded with its plans,
most of the A2 farmers would find themselves without land as they had become
accustomed to the perennial State handouts and could not borrow from banks.

Makumbe said this could see the return of some former white farmers being
reallocated the land as the government desperately tries to boost
production. - ZimOnline

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ZANU PF official had US$128 000 worth of diamonds at airport

Zim Online

Wednesday 07 March 2007

By Thulani Munda

HARARE - A senior Zimbabwe government who was arrested last week at the
Harare International Airport was caught in possession of 10 773.58 carats of
diamonds, a Harare magistrate heard on Tuesday.

William Nhara, who is the principal director in the Ministry without
Portfolio, was arrested last Thursday for attempting to pay a US$700 bribe
to the police to secure the release of a Lebanese woman, Carol Gerge
Elmatni, who had been arrested earlier on for attempting to smuggle the
precious minerals.

Harare magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe, was told during the trial that the
value of the diamonds stood at Z$32 million (US$128 000 at the official

Police Inspector Ignatius Muganiri told the court that Nhara offered him
"any amount" to let the Lebanese woman go with the ZANU PF spokesman
offering him Z$40 million to let off the woman.

Nhara later gave him US$700 with a promise to pay off the balance last

Muganiri said: "As a government official, the offence he committed is a
serious offence if you take into account that smuggling is now prevalent in
the country."

In opposing bail, prosecutor Tawanda Zvekare said: "(Smuggling) is a serious
offence that harms the national economy."

Nhara's lawyer, Byron Venturas, told the court that his client had been
detained beyond the stipulated the 48 hours that is allowed before suspects
are taken to court.

The trial continues today when Nhara's bail application will be
determined. - ZimOnline

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MDC calls for rates boycott in Harare

Zim Online

Wednesday 07 March 2007

By Batsirai Murenje

HARARE - Zimbabwe's main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) on
Tuesday urged its supporters to boycott paying rates until there is an
elected council in Harare stoking up political tensions in the already
volatile capital city.

The boycott call comes in the wake of last Friday's High Court ruling that
declared a government-appointed commission running Harare illegal.

Harare has been without an elected mayor and council following the dismissal
of Engineer Elias Mudzuri and his MDC-dominated council for alleged
incompetence about five years ago.

"The MDC calls for an immediate rates boycott until an elected council is
put in place in Harare," said Sessel Zvidzai, the opposition party's
secretary for local government who is also the executive mayor of the
Midlands city of Gweru.

"It is only prudent that residents pay their rates to a democratically
elected council and not to this group of thugs which has taken over Town
House. Residents cannot sanitise an illegal Commission by paying rates to
it," he added.

High Court judge Lawrence Kamocha last Friday said the decision by Local
Government Minister Ignatius Chombo to re-appoint the Commission headed by
Sekesai Makwavarara for a fourth term was illegal, null and void.

The ruling came following an application by former town clerk Nomutsa
Chideya in which he challenged the commission's powers to dismiss him from
his job.

Chideya, fired by Makwavarara last year for alleged incomptence, had argued
that the commission could not dismiss him because it was not an elected
council and that its chairperson was not an elected mayor as demanded by
Urban Councils Act.

Matters came to a head on Monday after Chideya reported for work but council
officials told him he could not start work as the commission had appealed to
the Supreme Court.

Chideya's lawyer, Sternford Moyo, said the Commission could not appeal to
the Supreme Court because it is an illegal body and has no legal standing to
launch such an appeal.

The MDC said the continued stay in office by the Commission was enough
evidence that there was no rule of law in Zimbabwe.

"Zimbabwe cannot be part of the civilised world when an unelected and
illegal bunch of people is in charge of the capital city.

"Having this illegal club in Harare against the spirit of the High Court
ruling is enough megaphone to the world that there is no rule of law in this
country," said Zvidzai.

Chombo could not be reached for comment on the call by the MDC to boycott
the paying of rates in Harare.

Political analysts said last week's ruling appeared to derail President
Robert Mugabe and his government's strategy to regain control of cities from
the MDC.

The Zimbabwe government has over the past five years fired elected councils
in Harare and Mutare and replaced them with pro-government commissions.

The government has also barred mayoral elections and council elections in
Harare saying the city is not yet ready for such polls in what critics say
confirmed fears in government circles that it would lose the elections. -

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Sweden calls for urgent reforms to stem humanitarian crisis

Zim Online

Wednesday 07 March 2007

Own Correspondent

HARARE - Sweden's ambassador to Zimbabwe, Sten Rylander, on Monday urged
President Robert Mugabe's government to embark on swift political and
economic reforms to stem a serious humanitarian crisis affecting the

In a statement released to the media on Monday, Sweden said it had donated
US$6.7 million through various agencies for humanitarian assistance to
Zimbabwe in 2007.

"The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is still very serious and there are
few signs of an improvement in the near future.

"I appeal to the Zimbabwean government to work closely with the
international donor community . . . in trying to respond to the humanitarian
needs and to embark swiftly on the political and economic reforms, which are
necessary for a sound recovery process," said Rylander.

The tough-talking Swedish envoy said it was ultimately the responsibility of
the Harare authorities to take care of the humanitarian situation in the
country adding that the government should move quickly to "bring the
situation (in the country) back to normal."

Zimbabwe is in its eighth straight year of a bitter economic recession that
has manifested itself in rampant inflation of nearly 1 600 percent, food
shortages and surging unemployment.

The southern African country has survived on food handouts from aid agencies
over the past seven years after Mugabe seized white farms for redistribution
to landless blacks. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe Declares National Disaster As 35 Die In Train-Bus Collision


      By Ben Chaleka, Blessing Zulu & Jonga Kandemiiri
      06 March 2007

Zimbabwean authorities pointed to driver error, out-of-order railway signals
and poor visibility as factors in a collision between an overcrowded
commuter bus and a freight train early Tuesday that claimed the lives of 35
aboard the bus including its driver.

The National Railways of Zimbabwe came under fire for failing to repair a
signal at the level crossing in the Harare suburb of Dzivarasekwa, and the
Harare city government was also criticized for failing to cut back high
grass that obscured train traffic.

Police said the freight train, heading into the capital, slammed into the
commuter bus carrying 59 passengers, well over its nominal capacity of 32,
around 5:30 a.m. The driver reportedly did not stop before entering the
level crossing, reports said.

Some survivors were reported in critical condition and receiving treatment
at Parirenyatwa Hospital, one of Harare's leading public hospitals.

Reporter Ben Chaleka of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe was at the scene of the
crash and at Parirenyatwa Hospital and briefed Studio 7 host Ndimyake

Chief Inspector Andrew Phiri of the Zimbabwe Republic Police told reporter
Blessing Zulu that the crossing was a "black spot" where previous accidents
had occurred.

Dzivarasekwa Member of Parliament Edwin Mushoriwa said Tuesday's tragedy
could have been avoided had local authorities and the National Railways
properly maintained crossing signals and the approaches to that crossing.

Mushoriwa said the grass by the crossing had grown so high that drivers
cannot see a train coming. He charged that the National Railways had not
repaired broken signals.

Mushoriwa told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that
the government has declared the accident at Dzivaresekwa a national

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Zimbabwe Women Activists Continue Protests, Another 30 Arrested


      By Carole Gombakomba
      06 March 2007

At least 30 members of the activist group Women of Zimbabwe Arise and its
male counterpart were arrested Tuesday after staging a demonstration in the
southeastern Zimbabwean town of Masvingo in a continuing series of protests.
Police in Gweru, the capital of Midlands Province, arrested 34 members of
the group there Monday.

Sources in the organization said members took to the streets of Masvingo to
distribute copies of what WOZA calls a "people's charter" calling for social

Lawyer Dumisani Hwacha, representing those arrested Tuesday, told reporter
Carole Gombakomba of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that police had not yet
brought formal charges but say the activists violated a government ban on
political rallies.

Meanwhile, eight members of WOZA and its male counterpart organization, Men
of Zimbabwe Arise, remained in police custody in Gweru following Monday's

Hilary Garikai, one of the lawyers representing them, said 26 other WOZA and
MOZA members were arraigned in Gweru on Tuesday on charges that they
participated in an unlawful gathering, and then were released on Z$20,000
(US$2.50) bail.

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More Than 30 Die in Zimbabwe Commuter Accident


By Peta Thornycroft
06 March 2007

At least 34 people are reported dead after a packed commuter mini bus
crashed into a railway engine on the outskirts of Harare.  Peta Thornycroft
reports for VOA that Harare's main hospital is struggling to cope with
another 20 seriously injured commuters.

Assistant commissioner Wayne Bvudizjena said the commuter bus was heavily
overloaded during the morning rush when it crashed into a National Railways
of Zimbabwe engine at a rail crossing.

He said the small bus had 53 passengers and should only have been carrying a
maximum of 30.

Assistant Commissioner Bvudzijena said the crash could be Zimbabwe's worst
commuter accident.

The accident occurred near a poor township, Dvarasekwa, about 15 kilometers
west of the Harare city center.

Many of those who regularly use the bus are women who buy wholesale fruit
and vegetables at the market and re-sell on the side of the road in

Many fares on commuter mini buses, or emergency taxis as they are known in
Zimbabwe, have trebled in the past five weeks, as Zimbabwe's economy
continues to plunge.  A regular commuter in central Harare said all the
vehicles are overcrowded because of the high cost of fuel.

A member of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change who monitors
transportation issues, Edwin Dzambara, said Zimbabwe's transport system is
in a state of collapse.  He said most vehicles on Zimbabwe's roads are

Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, where the victims are being treated, is
back in operation this week after a two-month strike by junior doctors.  The
strike ended when the government awarded pay increases.

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"Stop pretending all is well in Zimbabwe"

The Raw Story

dpa German Press Agency
      Published: Tuesday March 6, 2007

Lusaka- Zambia broke the regional silence Tuesday over the
deteriorating political conditions in Zimbabwe, telling its
counterparts in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to
stop pretending "all is well in Zimbabwe."
"We should not pretend that all is well in Zimbabwe. There is a
serious problem and ostracizing Zimbabwe will not help solve the
problems there," Foreign Affairs Minister Mundia Sikatana told SADC
executive secretary Thomaz Salomao in Lusaka.

Sikatana made the remarks to Salamao during the latter's visit to
Zambia to organize the annual SADC summit set to take place in Lusaka
in August, at which Zambia is due to take over the community's 12-
month rotating chair.

Sikatana said the summit should aim to help stem the economic
meltdown in Zimbabwe by engaging authoritarian Zimbabwean President
Robert Mugabe and the European Union (EU) on the issue of sanctions.

"We should engage the EU over its sanctions against Robert Mugabe.
This should be on the agenda," he said.

Salamao said the SADC secretariat would look at addressing the
issue of the sanctions that had "crippled the economy and resulted in
widespread chronic poverty."

Sikatana said ending the sanctions was key to ending the food
crisis is what used to be known as the breadbasket of Africa.

Zimbabweans, who are already jumping the border into South Africa
in droves, were now also flooding into Zambia seeking food, he said.

Unless the issue of the confiscation of white-owned farms was
resolved quickly, the situation would attain catastrophic proportions
exacerbated by flooding and drought, he said.

It was up to SADC states to take the bull by the horns and help
Mugabe realize that dialogue was the best recipe for sustainable
peace and stability, according to Sikatana.

Diplomats in Lusaka told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa they regional
economic powerhouse South Africa was the only state with the clout to
persuade Mugabe to tone down his crackdown on the press and the

Zimbabwe is a hotly-debated issue within the 14-member economic
and trade bloc, with some members, including South Africa, still
feeling the need to show loyalty to their erstwhile freedom-struggle-
era comrade-in-arms.

South African President Thabo Mbeki has been criticized for
remaining curiously quiet on the deteriorating political and economic
situation in Zimbabwe.

© 2006 - dpa German Press Agency

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New report shows ZANU PF factions keen to see Mugabe go

By Violet Gonda
6 March 2007

For Zimbabweans to begin to move forward Robert Mugabe has to exit the
political radar and should not be a political factor beyond March 2008.
According to the International Crisis Group these are the sentiments across
the political and social divide, including responses from the main ZANU PF

The global political 'think tank' released a new and comprehensive report on
Monday, which examines the deadlock in Zimbabwe and sees a chance to resolve
the situation through the retirement of Mugabe when his term ends in 2008.
The ICG recommends a power-sharing deal to create a transitional government
that will prepare a new constitution and democratic elections in 2010.

The various suggestions in the report all make sense but some critics have
said it relies upon a large number of theoretical transitions - such as
whether Mugabe could realistically be persuaded to retire. But according to
ICG senior analyst Sydney Masamvu all stakeholders, including the Mnangagwa
and Mujuru factions in ZANU PF, agree that Mugabe is the stumbling block and
has to go.

Masamvu said even though the 83 year old leader might have support from his
security forces: "The feeling in ZANU PF is that even if Mugabe decides to
defy the party and stands for re-election, indications are that he will be
beaten even in an unfair election, because ZANU PF factions are ready to
withdraw that support from him."

The report which took five months to research in Zimbabwe, the region and
internationally, urges all figures to rally around to stop Mugabe from
extending his term, but also to provide him with an exit strategy at the
expiration of his term next year.

Masumvu added; "I can tell you that the majority of SADC leaders - they want
change of guard in Zimbabwe .and they are now willing to even persuade. even
talk to some leaders in ZANU PF to persuade President Mugabe to exit . and
even the issue of a smooth dignified Mugabe exit, they are willing to go
that extra mile because they have seen the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe and
the impact which it is having in their countries and in the region in terms
of economic growth."

Analysts say Mugabe will soon have no choice but to negotiate because the
economy is caving in and Zimbabwe is increasingly isolated. They see the
runaway inflation and increasing labour unrests as major factors that will
bring Mugabe to the negotiating table. The ICG says if the regime refuses to
engage in any transitional mechanism then the international community should
tighten the targeted sanctions currently in place. The pressure group also
says pressure from the African Union and the regional countries should be

The think tank believes there is hope in the fact that two major factions of
ZANU PF all agree that Mugabe must not proceed beyond 2008 and that there is
a joint strategy between the two MDC factions who also agree that there
should be a negotiated settlement.

The ICG analyst said: "We are not saying the MDC should come to power
neither are we saying ZANU PF should stay in power for as long as it wants.
We are saying we need a roadmap which creates conducive conditions under a
new constitution which produces a legitimate outcome."

An in-depth interview with Sydney Masamvu can be heard on the programme Hot

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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South African choppers to begin airlifting supplies in Mozambique

Monsters and Critics

Mar 6, 2007, 9:11 GMT

Johannesburg - Aircraft from South Africa were due Tuesday to join the
relief operation in flood-ravaged neighbouring Mozambique, which is
struggling to recover from a devastating cyclone and widespread flood

Three army helicopters and an aeroplane were scheduled to depart from an air
base in Pretoria base to begin work in Mozambique following a request from
the government in Maputo for humanitarian aid.

Two of the helicopters will be used to transport food from the epicentre of
aid operations in the city of Caia to the central Zambezi River basin, where
weeks of flooding have left roads and bridges unpassable, a defence ministry
spokesman said.

South Africa has also agreed to donate five water purification plants.

Around 30 people have been killed and 100,000 forced into emergency shelters
in central Mozambique in flooding caused by heavy rains since the beginning
of the year.

At least four more people were killed, 70 seriously injured and 40,000 left
homeless when Cyclone Favio slammed into the southern city of Vilanculos and
nearby islands on February 23.

Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola, through which the powerful Zambezi flows, have
also been affected by the flooding.

Some lodge owners in Zambia's resort city of Livingstone on the famous
Victoria Falls told Zambia's state broadcaster they would have to shut up
shop after the lodges were submerged by floodwaters.

About 100 trucks and cars are also marooned at the Kazungula crossing on the
Botswana/Zambia border after a pontoon on the Zambezi River was flooded.

© 2007 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

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UZ Strike Persists

The Herald (Harare)

March 6, 2007
Posted to the web March 6, 2007


UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe lecturers met yesterday and resolved to continue with
their strike, saying the new salary structure announced by the Government
last week did not fully meet their demands.

Secretary for Higher and Tertiary Education Dr Washington Mbizvo announced
that the Government had awarded a salary increment to staff at institutions
of higher learning.

He did not, however, give details as to the percentage increase.

Association of University Teachers president Mr James Mahlaule said UZ
lecturers met to chart the way forward.

"We met as lecturers and acknowledged the new salary structures announced by
Government," said Mr Mahlaule in an interview.

"It was, however, felt in the meeting that although the new salary structure
was welcome, it did not address our plight and, as such, we remain on the
collective job action until the issues we raised are addressed."

Lecturers downed tools demanding that the lowest paid should earn $1,7
million a month and the highest paid, a professor, should get $3,2 million a

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Zimbabwe posts budget deficit of $47,9 billion

New Zimbabwe

By Lebo Nkatazo
Last updated: 03/06/2007 11:31:34
ZIMBABWE surpassed all its tax collection targets for 2006 but its appetite
for using money saw it posting a budget deficit of $47,9 billion during the
same period, a government bulletin.
"Revenue collections of 2006 during the last quarter of 2006 continued on a
positive note, with November and December collections amounting to $72,7
billion and $116,7 billion against a target of $69,1 billion and $86,8
billion, respectively," it said.

"Total revenue collections for 2006 were $417,3 billion, surpassing the
annual target of $320,2 billion by 30percent. Tax revenue accounted $404,3
billion of total revenues, while $12,5 billion was raised from non tax

The quarterly treasury bulletin, which is published by the Ministry of
Finance, was released last Friday following its suspension in 2006. The
finance ministry attributed this to "improved tax efforts by Zimra (Zimbabwe
Revenue Authority) ."

Value Added Tax (VAR) recorded the largest contribution at 27 percent of
total revenue, followed by Payee As You Earn (PAYE) and Company Tax that
contributed 24 and 23 percent of total revenue respectively.

"Vat collections in 2006 amounted to $109,7 billion against a target of $100
billion. Of this local sales, recorded $81,2 billion, whilst imports
for $27,1 billion," the bulletin said.

On Pay As You Earn, the bulletin said: "Cumulative collections for 2006
amounted to $96,3 billion, surpassing the annual target of $ 80 billion by
30 percent.

"PAYe collections benefited from the quarterly wage and salary adjustments
adopted during the course of the year."

Customs duty contributed $42, 64 billion against a 2006 target of $39,99
billion, while corporate tax brought in $93,5 billion against a target of
$55 billion during the same period.

The Ministry of Finance bulletin said Tax collections on dividends and
interest on both resident non-resident Zimbabweans amounted to $7,1 billion
and $5,4 billion against targets of $6,6 billion and $5,5 billion

Excise duty, which is levied on beer, tobacco, wines, spirits as well as
second hand motor vehicles surpassed the target by 18 percent to reach $14,
1 billion.

Tax collections on dividends and interest on both resident and non-resident
Zimbabweans also surpassed targets.

It added: "Collections for 2006 amounted to $32,4 billion against a target
of $15,9 billion giving a positive variance of 47percent.

"With total 2006 budget expenditures of $465,3 billion and revenue
collections of 417,3 billion for the year, the overall budget deficit for
the year was $47, 9 billion. The deficit was entirely financed from the
domestic market largely through the issuance of short term paper."

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UK appeal court orders review of deportation of Zimbabwean, concerned about retribution

International Herald Tribune

The Associated PressPublished: March 6, 2007

LONDON: The British Court of Appeal on Tuesday ordered a tribunal to
reconsider the deportation of a citizen of Zimbabwe who fears mistreatment
if returned.

The case involved a 31-year-old man identified only as AA, who arrived in
Britain in 2002. The man, who said he had been involved in low level
political activity, applied for asylum but was rejected by the Home Office
in 2005.

"The government has put a great deal of time, money and effort into
defending this test case, but in our view the evidence reveals a risk that
Zimbabweans who exercise their right to claim asylum in the UK are at risk
of serious violence if returned to Harare Airport," said Thea Rogers, deputy
chief executive of the Refugee Legal Center, which argued the case for the

AA, who claimed that he was at risk of ill-treatment if sent back simply
because he had tried to gain asylum in Britain, was granted an appeal and
won. The government then appealed and won its case.

The appeal judges - Lord Justice Anthony May, Lord Justice Stephen Sedley
and Justice Paul Kennedy - have now sent the case back to an immigration
tribunal. It accepted AA's argument that the tribunal had failed to properly
consider the evidence of two former members of the Zimbabwean Military
Intelligence, and to properly consider evidence about attitudes and
practices of Zimbabwe's Central Intelligence Organization.

The two former intelligence officers, identified only as W5 and W6, were
both formerly involved in airport security in Zimbabwe and have been granted
asylum in Britain.
They testified that deportees are separated from other arrivals in Zimbabwe
and are interviewed. If there is a suspicion that the deportee has a
suspicious military history or has been involved in opposition activity, the
deportee may face a rigorous interrogation by the Central Intelligence

"In view of what is known from the country evidence about the CIO that does
given rise to a real risk that the deportee will be detained for a period of
time and will be subjected to serious ill-treatment," said the Court of
Appeal, quoting from an immigration tribunal judgment.

Testimony by the two former intelligence officers that deportees could face
significant violence at the airport was supported by other witness, the
Court of Appeal said. It noted a report that a woman was hit in the mouth
when officials doubted her claim that she was a student.

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Money printed to buy Harare's judges new 4x4s

Sunday Times SA

04 March 2007
Own Correspondent

President Robert Mugabe has moved with speed to pamper Zimbabwe's
disgruntled judiciary: the country's 27 judges have each been given new 4x4
twin-cab bakkies, laptops and desktop computers.

Their salaries have been hiked from Z$600 000 (about R17 000) to a whopping
Z$5-million (R143 000) with immediate effect, exactly a month after Judge
President Justice Rita Makarau publicly complained bitterly over low
salaries and poor working conditions.

The vehicles, laptops and computers were provided by the Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe, whose governor, Gideon Gono, has no qualms about printing money to
finance unbudgeted expenditure. The Toyota IMV 4x4 turbo trucks each cost
US$63 000, foreign currency which the country is battling to mop up.

David Mangota, the secretary for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs,
said the trucks would enhance the capacity of the judiciary as well as
improve their working conditions.

Justice Makarau, in her maiden speech to mark the official opening of the
2007 legal year, stung Mugabe when she said the government was undermining
the judiciary by starving it of resources and thereby reducing the esteemed
Bench to "beggars".

Said Makarau: "It is not in the tradition of the judiciary to publicly speak
on any issue including calling attention to needs. I am breaking that
tradition briefly and for today only, to agitate for better funding to the
justice delivery system as a whole, generally and in particular, to the
judiciary. It is wrong by any measure to make the judiciary beg for its
sustenance. It is wrong to make the judiciary beg for resources from central

The remarks jerked the government out of its slumber. Within weeks of the
judge's protest, latest models of Toyota Raider trucks were duly parked
outside the Harare High Court.

These were officially distributed to the 27 judges last month while on
Wednesday they were handed laptops, computers and other computer hardware
including printers at a function attended by Justice Minister Patrick

The all-terrain vehicles are in addition to Mercedes sedans, which were
officially issued to judges upon their appointment. After five years the
judges are allowed to buy the cars at book value.

The majority of the judges, cherry-picked by Mugabe from a list of loyalists
that include war veterans of the country's liberation struggle that
culminated in independence from Britain in 1980, are also proud recipients
of the choicest farms seized by Mugabe from former white commercial farms
under his controversial land reform programme.

Sources at the Harare High Court said the all-terrain vehicles had come in
handy, as the judges would use them to visit their farms during weekends.

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Nhara in court over airport diamonds find

New Zimbabwe

By Torby Chimhashu
Last updated: 03/07/2007 04:48:39
WILLIAM Nhara, the Zanu PF Harare Province spokesman and senior director in
the government, has had his bid for freedom dashed after a Harare Magistrate
denied him bail and deferred his application to this morning.

The diminutive Nhara has been languishing in police cells since his arrest
last Thursday at the Harare International Airport where he was found in
possession of diamonds.

He was said to have escorted a Lebanese woman who was believed to have been
travelling to South Africa with the precious stones.

Nhara was suspected of trying to smuggle diamonds although the value of the
diamonds was not disclosed.

On Tuesday, Provincial Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe ruled that Nhara spend
another night at the Harare Remand Prison despite objections from Nhara's
lawyer, Chris Venturas.

Nhara was expected at the court in the morning but turned up at 3PM under
tight security. Originally he was billed to appear in court Monday but
police cancelled his appearance in the last minute.

Apart from facing charges of possessing diamonds, Nhara is also being
charged with attempting to bribe a police officer. Nhara allegedly offered
the cop who arrested him US$700 to gain his freedom.

Zimbabwe is losing between US$40-US$50 million every week through the
smuggling of precious minerals, especially gold, according to the Reserve
Bank of Zimbabwe.

A Harare magistrate was arrested last week together with seven others in
Mhangura where they were allegedly found panning gold.

Police last week raided a house belonging to Zimbabwe Defence Industries
Chief, retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, and arrested his son who was released
on bail following his appearance at the Harare Magistrates Court.

The plunder of minerals has been blamed for the downturn of mineral
production especially gold. Police have claimed that several top government
officials and civil servants are involved in the illegal mining of minerals.

Gold deliveries in 2006 were 10,96 tonnes, down from 13,45 tonnes, owing to
a combination of factors including, lack of equipment, reduced exploration
and illegal trading and smuggling, the RBZ said in the Monetary Policy
Statement for the first quarter.

In January, authorities vowed to press on with a crackdown on illegal gold
and diamond miners under an operation code-named Chikorokoza Chapera.

So far police has nabbed nearly 31 509 people since November but no top
government official has been caught in the blitz -- despite repeated claims
by police and licenced miners that officials are involved in the plunder.

Police have recovered 3,6kg of gold and 7 868 diamonds since the blitz was
launched in November.

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20 students arrested as government bans rallies in all major cities

By Tererai Karimakwenda
06 March, 2007

Student leaders from the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) report
that police in Bulawayo used teargas and brute force to disperse thousands
of students who had gathered for a general meeting at Hillside Teachers
College. They said 20 students had been arrested and are being accused of
inciting others to boycott classes. The arrests took place as news spread
that the government has extended the ban on public gatherings to all major
cities. Reports say a circular from Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi was
distributed to police commanders over the weekend ordering senior police
officials to apply a ban, that was initiated in Harare, to all major cities
and towns.

The students had earlier this month called for a national strike starting
Wednesday, March 7th. Maureen Kademaunga, secretary general of the Student
Representative Council at the University of Zimbabwe, said the arrested
include the Zimbabwe National Students Union Secretary General, Beloved
Chiweshe, Lawrence Mashungu and Trust Nhubu.

Kademaunga said approximately 2,500 students attended the meeting at which
they launched their "Save Our Future/Save our Education" campaign. They had
also resolved to go ahead with the class boycott when police threw teargas
canisters and began assaulting them. No serious injuries were reported. The
students are demanding affordable fees, better accommodation and catering
and reasonable salaries for lecturers and staff.

The extended police ban is believed to be a response to weekend rallies that
saw supporters of the Tsvangirai MDC defy police and flock to hear their
party officials at three separate rallies held in Budiriro, Murehwa and
Makoni West. At two of the rallies police interfered by using teargas and
baton sticks to disperse the crowds. This ignited running battles with
rally-goers and innocent street vendors who were mostly women with babies on
their backs.
Our contacts say notices of the extended ban have already been posted in
several cities and the atmosphere is tense. Reports said the circular
distributed to police officials read in part: "You are advised that all
public, political gatherings and demonstrations in major urban centres under
your jurisdiction have been banned." It also said: "The ban should remain in
force until further notice since the measure is meant to protect ordinary
citizens and their properties in view of threats by some elements within the
opposition to embark on street protests," read the circular.
The Tsvangirai MDC have said they will defy the ban and they urged
supporters to exercise their constitutional right to assembly by continuing
to attend the rallies.

Itai Zimunya of The Crisis Coalition said the major cities are seeing beefed
up police patrols. But he added that it was too late and this will not bring
food and a better economy for the people. He believes the government is
treating the wrong ailment. Zimunya also warned that the extra police
patrols sleeping in tents around the country will soon get fed up of being
ill treated by the government as well. He said the people have become
stronger and are willing to defend themselves against police brutality.

Meanwhile the Women of Zimbabwe Arise report that they launched their People's
Charter in Masvingo with WOZA members taking to the streets of that city on
Tuesday. No incidents were reported but 36 members were arrested Monday
after launching the People's Charter in the Midlands town of Gweru. All were
expected in court Wednesday morning but they still have not been charged.

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Mugabe turns on black farmers who took white farms

Times Online
March 06, 2007

David Byers and agencies
President Robert Mugabe is planning to withdraw all financial support for
Zimbabwe's black-owned commercial farms, even though the country still faces
a chronic national food shortage since the mass land-grab from white
landowners seven years ago.

Zimbabwe's Government-run Herald newspaper has quoted Gideon Gono, the head
of the country's central bank, as telling a meeting of farmers that the
Government would be "weaning off" those who were given large-scale
commercial properties when whites were driven from their land.

The move comes despite the fact that the Zimbabwean agriculture industry - a
one-time exporter - is now failing to provide the country with enough basic
food, leading to chronic nation-wide food shortages and soaring poverty.

Critics of Mr Mugabe's regime blame his land-grab of white-owned farms and
their replacement with black farmers, a policy which originated in 2000. It
has been claimed that the replacement farmers lacked the equipment or
expertise to run the large commercial premises, leading to their decline.

"It is now seven years since we reclaimed our land but we continue looking
at the Government for support," Mr Gono was reported as telling the farmers.

"Next season we will wean off all A2 (black) farmers, as they are now

Mr Gono accused large-scale farmers of selling subsidies received from the
Government and failing to repay loans given to them. He did, however,
confirm that the Government would continue supporting small-scale,
subsistence farmers.

Today, Mr Mugabe's authoritarian regime came under further pressure when his
Zanu-PF party suspended one of its co-founders for insulting the President
in a recently published autobiography.

According to the state's Sunday Mail newspaper, party leaders in 69-year-old
Edgar Tekere's home district of Manicaland, in eastern Zimbabwe,
"unreservedly condemned" his book, A Lifetime of Struggle, launched in
Harare in January.

The newspaper quoted Tinaye Chigudu, the provincial party chairman, as
saying saying the autobiography "clearly and explicitly denigrates and
vilifies" Mr Mugabe, and that he was expelled with immediate effect.

Mr Mugabe, 83, was greeted with a noisy protest when he made a three-day
state visit to Namibia last week.

Positioned behind cordons outside the Zimbabwean embassy on February 28,
demonstrators in the capital city Windhoek held up signs that read "Go
Mugabe Go" and "Go Home Dictator."

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Australia put back Zimbabwe tour to September


Tue Mar 6, 2007 8:50 AM GMT

SYDNEY, March 6 (Reuters) - Australia have put back their tour of Zimbabwe
from June to September this year to coincide with the Twenty20 World Cup in
South Africa, Australian Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

The world champions are scheduled to play three one-day internationals
against Zimbabwe, who do not get their test status back until later in the

Cricket Australia plans to send a delegation to the African country in
August to assess the volatile security situation.

Australia play Zimbabwe in a World Cup warm-up match in the Caribbean on
Tuesday, the first time the teams have met since 2004.

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Dictator Robert Mugabe Still Honored by UMass

The Mass Media

In addition to his honorary degree he holds "many degrees in violence"

When current presidential hopeful Barack Obama received an honorary degree
at UMass Boston last year for "advancing and protecting the interests of the
less fortunate [and] adherence to a political credo that transcends both
party and race," many people were excited to hear the charismatic politician
give his opinions on leadership and race in America. Millions of Americans
and Bay Staters are now thrilled that Obama, the only sitting black senator,
has thrown his hat in the ring and is striving to become the leader of our

Exactly 20 years earlier, another black politician received an honorary
degree from UMass for his efforts "to establish racial harmony between
blacks and whites." Only one year after accepting his degree he became
president of his native country, Zimbabwe. He was an early critic of
apartheid and had fought for years for the independence of African nations.

Today, in 2007, Robert Mugabe, recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Laws in
1986 from the University of Massachusetts, is known as one of the most
oppressive, violent and tyrannical dictators of our time, responsible for
the death of countless Zimbabwe citizens and the primary actor in the
economic collapse and devastation of a nation.

The stark contrast between the violent rhetoric and actions of the African
dictator versus the hope and vision of the American senator is unequivocal
in the speeches they gave during the ceremonies.

"We also advocate war against-armed struggle-against South Africa," Robert
Mugabe told a crowd of students and faculty while receiving his degree. His
program for ending racial prejudice in Africa called for violence and harsh
economic sanctions against those he perceived as racist.

Senator Obama's speech in 2006 also called for an end to racism, but in
contrast to Mugabe, he hopes to achieve this through love and mutual
understanding. "Empathy is a quality of character that can change the
world-one that makes you understand that your obligations to others extend
beyond people who look like you and act like you and live in your
neighborhood," he said.

Mugabe's penchant for violence was either unnoticed or unimportant to the
board of trustees who decided to award him with the honor. In 2002 a BBC
special reported that, in the years 1982 through 1985, Mugabe consolidated
power by committing mass murders. Giving an award to a man who in the future
would become a dictator is unfortunate, but giving an award to a man who had
already executed tens of thousands in order to stifle political opposition
is morally reprehensible.

UMass President Jack Wilson has acknowledged that stripping Mugabe of his
degree is not out of the question, but almost no real action has been taken
in the 20 years since the degree was given. For years, Mugabe has been a
well-known human rights abuser, yet nothing has been done. Last semester, a
Zimbabwean student at UMass Boston started a petition that call for the
revocation of the degree, but as no action has been taken, pressure was
clearly insufficient.

Last year, Mugabe ranked fourth on Parade Magazine's list of the world's
worst dictators, only behind Omar al-Bashir of Sundan, Kim Jong-il of North
Korea and Than Shwe of Burma-a dictator known for his use of child soldiers
and forced labor camps.

Mugabe has never been known for his dedication to democracy or freedoms, but
his disrespect for rule of law and decency was especially evident in 2000
when he confiscated farms from white farmers and redistributed them to
political allies with little or no agricultural experience. Zimbabwe's
agricultural industry, which it depends on heavily, quickly fell into

More than two-thirds of Zimbabwe's work force have jobs in the agricultural
sector, primarily as wage laborers, and with the collapse of white-owned
farms, more than 400,000 of the poorest Zimbabweans lost their jobs.

Zimbabwe's economy has been driven to shambles by poor government
mismanagement over the years. Lagging tax revenue and outrageous government
spending has forced Mugabe's government to print excess amounts of money to
pay off their debts. Zimbabwe's unprovoked war of agression against the
Democratic Republic of Congo in 1998-2002 hit them particularly hard.

The International Monetary Fund has described Zimbabwe's economic policies
as "off-track" and "mis-guided." Support from the IMF has been suspended
(again) due to payments that have come late, and sometimes not at all. Two
weeks ago, the IMF expressed "deep concern" over Zimbabwe's deterorating
economy. Mugabe did not seem to worried and threw a massive party for his
80th birthday in which thousands attended.

By U.S. standards the inflation rate in Zimbabwe has always been off the
charts, but it did remain nearly manageable until around the year 2000. The
official annual inflation rate rose from 32 percent in 1998, to 133 percent
in 2004 and to 585 percent in 2005. The IMF reported 1,216.0 percent
inflation for 2006 and projects a 4,278.8 percent inflation rate for 2007.

In 1983, one US dollar could be exchanged for about one Zimbabwe dollar.
Today's exchange rate cannot be published in a weekly newspaper because it
changes so dramatically every day. In mid-February, one dollar could buy
about Z$5,000. By Feb. 26, one dollar was worth about Z$7,000. All this is
even after reevaluating their currency in 2006 by knocking off three zeros.

Mugabe, who has two bachelors degrees and one masters degree in economics
responded to hyperinflation last month by declaring all price increases

Economists are not convinced that this is going to have the effects that
Mugabe hopes for. Price inflation is caused by an increase in the money
supply. This occurs only when the government literally or figurative speeds
up the printing presses and churns out more cash. According to classical
macroeconomic theory, buyers and sellers cannot have a lasting impact on
inflation of domestic prices without having more money in the system.

Zimbabwe currently suffers from an employment rate of 80 percent. Eighty
percent of the country lives below the poverty line. The richest 10 percent
of the country consume more than 40 percent of all goods there. Gross
Domestic Product in Zimbabwe is shrinking, and the current public debt is
1.08 times the GDP. Mugabe has blamed the economic problems of his country
on Western powers and imperialism.

During the week of Mugabe's birthday celebrations, he responded to
opposition party rallies by declaring political demonstrations illegal and
arresting opposition party leaders. He also postponed presidential elections
that would have taken place in 2008 until 2010. The UN described his
presidential victory in 2002 as "rigged."

Mugabe is known for throwing political enemies in jail, framing them for
outrageous crimes or creating arbitrary laws that he knows enemies violate.
Mugabe's attempt to frame opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai for an
assassination attempt even inspired a Hollywood production: "The
Interpreter," starring Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman.

In 2005, Mugabe led a bold "Clean up the Filth" campaign. He forcibly
removed 700,000 people from their homes, destroying their property and
businesses. He claimed that it was a campaign of urban renewal that sought
to clean up the worst parts of the country. The areas that people were
removed from were known strongholds of opposition.

Opinions of Mugabe continue to be mixed. In the 1960s, Zimbabwe was under
the racist and undemocratic rule of white leaders. The country, then known
as Rhodesia, was not given independence from the UK because of its
maltreatment of its racial majority. Although whites represented only five
percent of the population, they controlled the government, were 95 percent
of voters and by law owned 50 percent of the land. Mugabe was an important
leader in the struggle to overthrow the shameful racist white government
that controlled the region.

After decades of violence and negotiations, the new nation, Zimbabwe, was
given independence, blacks were granted political and social freedoms, and
Robert Mugabe was named prime minister. Despite his current unpopularity in
Zimbabwe, Africa and the entire world, he was voted number three on a list
of the "100 Greatest Africans" by readers of the monthly magazine "The New

Mugabe's list of degrees include a BA and BSc from Fort Hare, a BAdm from
University of South Africa by distance learning and a BEd, LLB, LL.M, and
MSs from University of London by distance education. He received honorary
degrees from Michigan State University, University of Edinburgh and the
University of Zimbabwe. Mugabe also famously quipped in a 1998 speech
threatening trade unionists that he had "many degrees in violence."

The fact that a despot like Robert Mugabe has an honorary degree from the
University of Massachusetts devalues the prestige of this honor for all who
posses it. Students should question whether inspirational leaders like
Senator Obama should be lumped into the same category as Mugabe by the Board
of Trustees. Students at both Michigan State University and University of
Edinburgh have been calling for revocation of his degrees since the mid-90s.

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High-ups use free prison labour

From The Mail & Guardian (SA), 2 March

Godwin Gandu

The Mail & Guardian is reliably informed that at least three times a week
hundreds of prisoners are bused to commercial farms owned by politicians and
the army's top brass in Mashonaland East and Central, Bulawayo and Harare
provinces. "We received information during our tour of prisons that
politicians were using them [prisoners] as labour," says Willias Madzimure,
opposition Movement for Democratic Change legislator, who toured seven
prisons last year as a member of the parliamentary portfolio committee on
justice, legal and parliamentary affairs. Madzimure says prisoners told him
they were working on politicians' farms for nothing. The arrangement between
prison services and senior politicians is not yet clear, but it appears that
prisoners who work on the farms are compensated only with food. Yet, they
are still better off than the average prisoner. "At least they have had
something to eat, but those inside the prisons can go for about three days
without eating anything," Madzimure said. In Bulawayo, former home affairs
minister and ruling Zanu PF Politburo member Dumiso Dabengwa has been using
prisoners from Khami Prison for labour on his farm for the past year. The
legislators also received information during the tour that another Politburo
member, Senator Dzikamai Mavhaire, was using prisoners at his farm in
Masvingo, about 350km south of Harare. "When the judge sentences you to jail
with labour, it means providing labour for state services," says Dr Lovemore
Madhuku, law lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe and constitutional law
expert. "Any other labour is illegal and borders on exploitation. It's
forced labour, pure and simple, even if the prisons service is being paid.
The prisoners are simply working against their will." Meanwhile, those who
remain inside jail walls are now relying on "relatives to supplement the
little food they get", said Madzimure. Prisoners "with no relatives visiting
are severely compromised. They have no food or anyone to turn to."

According to his lawyer, jailed suspected British mercenary Simon Mann is
provided food three times a week at Chikurubi Maximum Support Prison. "I
feel sorry for those without relatives. The situation inside Chikurubi is
pathetic. Deaths and severe cases of malnutrition are common. If you are
HIV-positive and you go for days without food, it creates havoc in your
system," says prominent lawyer Jonathan Samkange. Prisons are congested,
with a population of more than 40 000 crammed into a system capable of
handling only 15 000. With a budget severely whittled down by inflation,
prison authorities are battling to get increasingly scarce commodities such
as maize meal, cooking oil and meat, and the attorney general's office is
granting easy bail to accused in lesser crimes. "We just can't send people
to die of hunger," said an officer within the attorney general's office.
"The last time a prisoner had tea or porridge at Chikurubi was last year
August." According to the Prisoner Support Service, a human rights group,
"the men are crowded - 25 men per cell - in a cell measuring 9m by 4m. They
are confined to their squalid quarters between 3.30pm and 7am, and because
there are no beds, they have to sleep on a mat on the cell floor. Some
prisoners are in the terminal stages of Aids, tuberculosis, herpes and other
highly infectious diseases. Others are mentally ill. Many infected prisoners
are unable to control their bodily functions, and this results in the cell
floor and blankets being contaminated with body fluids, pus, phlegm, blood,
urine, faeces." The group sees this as a violation of the Zimbabwean
Constitution, as it constitutes "degrading punishment . and violates human

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Anti Riot Equipment

Just recently a convoy of 5 heavy duty low loaders was seen on the
Beitbridge to Harare road - each carried two Israeli built water cannons
similar to those we have seen in action recently. Every Town and City has
these now and the suggestion is that these new units are destined for the
Army, not the Police. Suggesting that the government is considering using
the Army to control urban disturbances.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, 6th March 2007

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Journalist convicted for operating without license

Zim Online

Wednesday 07 March 2007

      By Nqobizitha Khumalo

      BULAWAYO - A Zimbabwean journalist working for a South African
television station, etv, was on Monday fined Z$40 000 (about US$160) for
practising journalism without accreditation.

      Peter Moyo, and another Zimbabwean cameraman, Trymore Zvidzai, were
convicted and fined on Monday when they appeared before Mutare magistrate
Tsungisai Madzivaidze.

      The two were being charged under the controversial Access to
Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA), which makes it illegal
for journalists to operate without first seeking accreditation from the
Media and Information Commission (MIC).

      The two were arrested last month after they were found in possession
of video equipment which they were using to cover illegal diamond mining
activities in the eastern Marange district.

      Two other state media journalists, Andrew Neshamba and Gumbo are being
charged separately under the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act that
deals with criminal abuse of duty by public officers.

      Neshamba and Gumbo were remanded to 21 March for trial.

      Moyo becomes the second journalist to be convicted under AIPPA
following last year's conviction of two Botswana journalists who were
arrested in the southern border town of Plumtree without accreditation.

      Zimbabwe has some of the harshest press laws in the world. At least
four newspapers including the biggest daily, The Daily News, have been shut
down over the past four years while at least a hundred journalists have been
arrested for violating the country's tough media laws. - ZimOnline

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MDC official files urgent application over ETD

Zim Online

Wednesday 07 March 2007

By Hendricks Chizhanje

HARARE - A senior Zimbabwe opposition official on Tuesday filed an urgent
chamber application at the High Court seeking to compel the Registrar
General Tobaiwa Mudede to issue her with an emergency travel document (ETD)
to travel to Europe on party business.

Zimbabwe last year stopped issuing passports because of a severe shortage of
foreign currency to buy special ink and paper to produce the identity
documents. Zimbabweans wishing to travel outside the country can however
still get ETDs.

But last week, Mudede refused to issue an ETD to Grace Kwinje, who is the
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party's deputy secretary for
international affairs in the Morgan Tsvangirai-led faction.

On Tuesday, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) representing
Kwinje, filed an urgent application to force Mudede to issue the travel
document to the opposition official.

Kwinje said she went through all the formalities at the Registrar-General's
office but was denied the travel papers following some intervention by
suspected state security agents.

The MDC official is scheduled to attend a meeting in the Netherlands
organised by Zimbabwe Watch, a grouping of non-governmental organisations
pushing for a democratic Zimbabwe.

She was also scheduled to address the International Women's Day celebrations
in the United Kingdom on Thursday.

Tafadzwa Mugabe, the ZLHR lawyer who is representing Kwinje, last night said
the High Court had still not set a date for the hearing of the matter.

President Robert Mugabe's government has in the past threatened to bar vocal
citizens from travelling abroad saying they would harm "national interests"
if they were allowed to do so.

The Harare authorities have in the past seized passports from government
critics and only returned them after the critics took the matter to the
courts. - ZimOnline

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Trade unionist rejects MDC link

Zim Online

Wednesday 07 March 2007

By Pfudzai Chibgowa

HARARE - Zimbabwe trade unionist Raymond Majongwe has rejected charges by
President Robert Mugabe that his teachers' union is an appendage of the
opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party.

Mugabe, in an interview with state television to mark his 83rd birthday last
month, took a swipe at Majongwe accusing the former student leader of
working hand in hand with the MDC to fuel discontent among teachers.

In a letter addressed to Mugabe last week seen by ZimOnline on Tuesday,
Majongwe who is the secretary general of the militant Progressive Teachers
Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), rejected Mugabe's assertions saying the conflict
was purely between civil servants and their employer.

"I will remind you once again that the PTUZ is a trade union not a political
party. As such PTUZ leaders and members do not deserve the political
intimidation which was a deliberate goal of your public statement," Majongwe
said in the letter.

Majongwe said Mugabe's remarks linking his union to the MDC was designed to
"intimidate teachers and expose them to political victimization by putting
them in the same blanket with opposition elements".

Majongwe said schools particularly in rural areas were in a bad state
because of a "leadership crisis" at the Ministry of Education.

"There has been a serious neglect of rural schools and many are in a
pathetic state. The ministry is losing 4 500 to 5 000 teachers a year due to
poor salaries while losing between 600 and 700 annually due to AIDS although
teachers contribute towards a national AIDS levy," Majongwe said.

Mugabe's spokesperson, George Charamba, could not be immediately reached for
comment on the letter.

The PTUZ last month spearheaded a three-week old strike in schools to press
for better salaries and working conditions. The union called off the strike
two weeks ago after the government relented and awarded teachers a 600
percent salary hike.

The lowest paid teachers now earns about Z$528 000, up from the Z$84 000
that he used to earn before the salary adjustment. - ZimOnline

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JAG Classifieds dated 6 March 2007

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So Far and No further! Rhodesia's Bid for Independence during the Retreat
from Empire 1959-1965 by J.R.T. Wood

533 pages; quality trade paperback; pub. Trafford ISBN 1-4120-4952-0
Southern African edition, pub. 30 Degrees South : ISBN 0-9584890-2-5

This definitive account traces Rhodesia's attempt to secure independence
during the retreat from Empire after 1959. Based on unique research, it
reveals why Rhodesia defied the world from 1965.

Representing Volume One of three volumes, Two and Three are in preparation
and will take us to Tiger and thence to 1980;

To purchase:

Zimbabwean buyers contact Trish Broderick:

RSA buyers: WWW. 30 or Exclusives Books

Overseas buyers see:
and a link to Trafford Publishing

1.3 Pet Food for Sale

Still supplying pets food which consists of 500g of precooked pork offal and
veg costing $1000 and 250g of pigs liver or heart costing $1000 for 250g.

Collection points:      Benbar in Msasa at 10.30
Jag offices in Philips Rd, Belgravia at 11.30
Peacehaven which is 75 Oxford St at 13.00

This is on Fridays only. Contact details: phone 011 221 088 and E mail at

Looking for a partner to join in established home based business (see
above).  Must have own pickup and preferably live in Ruwa.  Would suit
ex-farmers wife.

For further information contact the JAG offices - 799410.

1.4  Fuel Coupons for Sale

Caltex petrol coupons for sale (25 litres).  Phone:  730507, 799410 or
1.5 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

Double bed & base, headboard & dressing table with stool
Bar & four chairs
Generator 1.5kva - brand new - including fuel!
1 x green & brown couch with 1 x chair
WRS stereo - 3 way bass reflex system - twin tape deck (cd player not
Grass/cane table & three chairs
1 x small 3-drawer desk
1 x white wrought iron garden lounger
1 x large beige coloured carpet (quite worn)
1 x large striped brown carpet
1 x round dining room table & four chairs
1 x massage bed - wooden with hole for face
Dstv multichoice decoder d5d 990 with remote & dish (including cable)
Phillips az1003 portable cd player & radio

Phone - 091605909 or 233362

1.6 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

4X2, KZTE 3.0L


GX 160 HONDA 5.5
1993 MODEL
PULL START, (Has recently been serviced)



PLEASE PHONE: 091 777 062 (7AM TO 8PM)

1.7 For Sale (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

1 Kelvernator Tumble dryer - $ 700,000.00
1 Double Bed Headboard, Dressing table & Chest of draws - $ 700,000.00.
1 Capri washing machine - $ 2,200,00.00
1 Nina Overlocker (sewing machine) - $ 1,200,000.00
1 Empiral Pacesetter 10 (sewing machine) - $ 1,000,000.00
1 Zedaburg Dining Room Suit. (Wagon Wheels) Table, 6 Chairs & Sideboard, - $
All the above in good condition.

For Sale - Brake, Clutch & Radiator Business in Kwekwe, Premises is rented.
The Lease can continue with the new owners of the company.

Theo Serfontein, 15 Industria Rd, Kwekwe

Tel:- 055 - 24063 or 24230 (w), Tel:- 055 - 22984 (h), Cell:- 011 210343
Cell:- 011 410830 (Ingrid)

1.8 For Sale (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

1 Battery Charger
1 Craster Swimming Pool Filter
1 Craster Swimming Pool Motor and Pump
1 High Pressure Water Geyser (old but working)              Z$200,000
1 Mega Green Heavy Duty Transport 2000 liter tank        Z$4,000,000
4 Solco Black Heavy Duty Transport 2000 liter tanks each  Z$4,000,000
1 Pipe Tread Cutter to 2 inch
1 Twin Tub Kitchen Zinc with Mixer Taps
1 Motorola two Channel Base Set with Antenna               Z$3,500,000
1 Motorola 125 Channel Base Set with Antenna              Z$4,000,000
1 Open Sabre Boat with 200 Yamaha
Lets Talk
4 215 x 15 Tyres  (second hand but fair) each                  Z$200,000
2 550 x 12 Tyres  (second hand but fair) each                  Z$100,000
1 Trailer Spare Wheel with Tyre & Tube 750 x 16 good Z$150,000
1 Wacker Electric M 3000 Concrete Vibrator complete
with Flexible Shaft and 45 mm probe.

Tel:  04-335681, Cell: 011410118
All prices are negotiable.

1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

1. Squirrel Cage Induction Motor KW45, Volts 390, RPM 980, 6 Pole.
2. Tractor Pump. Wright Rain, Ringwood Hampshire, England. Type H 3, Outlet
2". Inlet 4" reduced to 3".
3. Wesson & Bremnar Pump 3HP.
4. Tractor Pump & Pulleys, 1000 litre/min volume. Harlend Patent No:-415244.
5. Pump & Motor (Electric).  Used for garden irrigation.  1.5 KW.  Type Iris
6. Grundfoss Multi Stage Pump for Borehole/Swimming Pool.
7. 3 Window Frames with Burglar Bars (unused). 2.8 metres x 1.5 metres.
8. Electric Cable. 73 metres x 35 mm, 118 metres x 33 mm.

Phone 091 255 659 for details.

1.10 For Sale (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

Fits Hino FF 8 Ton Lorry.  Made in Square Metal Tubing.  Length 23'5"
(7m.14cms) x width 7'6" (2m.29cms).  Price US$1800 equivalent in local

Fits Perfection Trailor.  Made in Metal and Wood Strips.  Length 17'8"
(5m.39cms) x width 7'31/2" (2m.23cms).  Price US$700 equivalent in local

Phone: - 0912 255 659 or 04 - 498234 for details.

1.11 For Sale "THE WEAVERY" (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

Super gift ideas for local and overseas friends and family.Hand woven
articles which are light,easy to pack, and send, and fully washable.
Contact Anne on 332851 or
011212424.Or email

Crocheted oven gloves--$30,000.
Cotton oven gloves--$22,000.
Small woven bags--$18,000.
Large woven bags--$27,000.
Crocheted bags--$33,000.

Queen(approx.250x240cms) size bedcover--$243,000.
Other sizes to order.
Single Duvet cushions(open into a duvet)--$168,000.
Other sizes to order.
2x1 meter Throw--117,000.
Baby Blanket(1x1meter)--$72,000.

3 piece toilet set--$55,000.
Bath mat--$40,000.

Decorated cushion covers--$24,000.

Table runner--$20,000.
Set(4)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$60,000.
Set(6)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$90,000.
Set(4) crocheted table mats only--$40,000.
Set(6)fringed table mats + serviettes--$72,000.
Lots of other combinations.

Small(approx.105x52cms) plain cotton rug--$40,000.
Medium(approx.120x65cms) plain cotton rug--$55,000
Large(approx.150x75cms) plain cotton rug--$70,000.
Ex.Large(approx.230x130cms) plain cotton rug--$172,000.
Small patterned cotton rug--$55,000.
Small rag rug--$40,000.
Medium rag rug--$55,000.
Medium patterned cotton rug--$70,000.
Large patterned cotton rug--$120,000
Ex.Large patterned cotton rug--$200,000.
Small patterned mohair rug--$120,000.
Medium patterned mohair rug--$150,000
Large patterned mohair rug--$190,000.
Ex. Large patterned mohair rug--$340,000.

Lots of other articles.PLEASE be aware that prices may change without
1.12 For Sale "FAMILY" OF 3 HIPPOS (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

These beautifully carved,wooden hippos are still "homeless" and going for
US$2000.They really are unique and worth every cent.Phone
Robyn--011413609.Grant--011402122. Or you can view them at Serendipity
Coffee Shop--2a,Serendip Close,Mount Pleasant(entrance on Golden Stairs
Road).Open from 9am-5pm-Tuesday-Saturday. Phone 334377.

1.13 Items for sale (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

2 Keep nets for fishing       $75,000 ea

Various hockey sticks       $l50,000 ea

Hockey shin pads (new)    $50,000 ea

Roller blades size 6          $200,000 ea

Horse Equipment

2 ordinary riding saddles       $l,500,000 ea

3 bridles                              $l20,000 ea

Reins                                  $l00,000 ea

Noseband                            $80,000 ea

Martingale                           $l00,000 ea

3 numnas                            $l50,000 ea

Surcingle                             $80,000 ea

Fly guards                           $ 20,000 ea

2 soft halters                       $50,000 ea

3 hard hats                         $l00,000 ea

Long riding boots                $l50,000

3 rope Hay feeders             $20,000 ea

Windsucking collar             $20,000 (needs stitching)

Pelham bit with chain         $300,000

Snaffle                              $200,000

2 prs jodphurs (size  32/34)  $80,000 and $l00,000

4 hoof protectors               $l0,000

2 hoof protectors               $5,000

Stirrup Irons                      $350,000

Tel Jennifer at 0ll 4236l4 or 5725l3 (Allan for message) or sms to the cell

1.14 For Sale (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

Runners World have received new stock, Asics and New Balance running
shoes, (Nike to come). Prices the same as South Africa. Cross-training,
Court and Trail as well as running shoes. Contact Jo on 0912-247001.


2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

Old wood burning stove wanted for cash, the power cuts are hitting us hard!
If you have one lying around please call Gordon on 496829 or 023 894597

2.2 WANTED (Ad inserted 27/02/07)


PHONE - 091605909 OR 233362

2.3 Wanted Stamp Collection (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

Anyone wanting to sell their collection.  Please contact me on 885967, or
011209880, 011610010 or Email:

2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

Sheila Macdonald (Sally in Rhodesia) - If you have any of Sheila Macdonald's
books for sale, please let JAG know the details including condition etc with
your name, telephone number and price wanted.

Telephone JAG - 04 - 799410


3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

A.S.A.P. - 2brm House or Cottage  Preferabley Eastlea/Highlands area.
Willing to pay upto $300,000. per month. Pse contact Sue on 746656/7 or John
on 0912-919-954


4.1 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

Self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just bring your food, drinks and
relax.    Best value for money. U12 are 1/2 price

Contact John : or Phone 091 631 556


5.1 Vehicle Repairs (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

Vehicle repairs carried out personally by qualified mechanic with 30 years
experience. Very reasonable rates.

Phone Johnny Rodrigues:  011 603213 or 011 404797, email:

5.2 Valuations on Hardback Books (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

Harrington Rare Books. We undertake valuations on all hardback books and
will gladly sell your books on commission if you wish. Please contact Mr
Wallis on HRE 496829 evenings.

5.3 PROPERTY MAINTENANCE (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

We regularly come across property owners who are disappointed at the failure
of tenants and / or appointed agents to properly care for and maintain the
house and property they rent. Standard maintenance and repairs are generally
neglected until deterioration necessitates major refurbishment work - even
where the owner reduces rental rates with the proviso that the tenant agrees
to maintain the property. The house-owner tends to lose at every turn. We
can help.

We are a small privately-owned company that specialises in property
maintenance and refurbishment and who provide a service that will give you
peace of mind that your home is being maintained and properly cared for. We
can act on your behalf to do regular checks on your property to ensure they
are being maintained to an acceptable standard, as generally stipulated in a
lease agreement. We keep you informed through regular status reports.

Some of our projects have recently been terminated as the houses have been
placed on the market. Openings for new maintenance projects have therefore
recently come available.

If you believe we can assist in caring for your property or would like
further information please contact us on:

011-620-745 landline 498723 or e-mail to - to discuss
"Property Maintenance Management".

5.4 (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

Magna plumbing and electrical Pvt ltd
Magna multi contracting

We offer professional and prompt service for the following :-

A.    Electrical repairs and installations
B.    Plumbing repairs and installations
C.    Home and office renovations
D.    Extensions and buildings
E.    Patios and driveways
F.    Painting, carpentry and glazing
G.    Roofing, gutters and flashing

All our work is carried out professionally and promptly to the customer`s
We thank you in advance and look forward to doing business with you.

Please contact

Rob and sue
(04) 309051     /     011 601 885    /   023 824 896
Email     or

5.5 PARA LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICES (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

....14yrs on.......
 and still providing the following much needed valuable Advisory

1.    Obtaining
        -  Full (Long) Birth Certificates (FBC) for Zimbabwe (replacement of
old style)
        -  Registration of new births
        -  Adoption Orders - Certified Extract of originals with FBC
            (identifying biological parent/s)
        -  Marriage Certificates - Certified Extract of originals
        -  Death Certificates (only possible in some instances)
        -  Zimbabwe Drivers Licenses - new, replacement of lost, & Letter of
           Confirmation (required when needing to obtain a Drivers Licence
        - Divorce Orders - certified extract of originals
        - Certificate of Non-Marriage

2.    Facilitating
        -  Immigration formalities into Zimbabwe,
            ie Residence & Employment Permits
        -  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - New Investor formalities

3.    Company Registration Procedures
       - New Companies
       - Statutory Returns
       - completion & submission of changes in Company/'s details

4.    Para-Legal Services
       - Wills (preparation of and amendments)
       - Establishment of Discretionary Trusts
       - enquire further as to what you are needing

Contact us for further information and/or to arrange a no obligation

Financial Arrangements - We will always assist 'bona fide' financially
challenged persons.

Contact: Thomas Vallance ACIArb, Commissioner of Oaths
PARADiGM TRUST (Pvt) Ltd, Para-Legal Advisory Services
Trust Executives & Administrators, Tels: (B) 302 207  (M) 011-617 161
Emls:[], []

5.6 HEALTH (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

Do you or anyone you know suffer from skin disorders, arthritis, and many
other inflammatory conditions, digestive problems, allergies, stress,
obesity?  Or do you simply want to maintain your good health?  Perhaps our
superb range of Aloe products (drinks and skincare products), nutritional
supplements and Bee Products could help.

For more Information, contact Cheryl on 055 20213, 011 407747, or e-mail

5.7 G-Tech services (Ad inserted 6/03/07)

Specialist diesel, light, heavy, commercial, staitionary & 4x4 services,
repair and overhaul, call Graham on 011 406 023, 741001 or e-mail


6.1 PUPPY (Ad inserted 27/02/07)


Phone Tayler 091631556 or e mail

6.2 Lost African Grey (Ad inserted 27/02/07)

Please, I need some help.  I lost my African Grey who answers to the name of
Cocco'.  He flew away a week ago and we haven't been able to find him.  I
live in the Umwinsidale area and I am really getting desperate.

If anyone finds him please contact: or 011-608880 or
497373/497200 (b).

I would really appreciate your assistance!

JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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