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Zimbabwe discovers arms cache, one arrested


      March 07, 2006, 21:45

      Zimbabwe security forces have found an arms cache in the eastern city
of Mutare and uncovered a plot to destabilise the country involving
opposition members and army officers, state television said today.

      "Security forces have unearthed an arms cache in Mutare and arrested a
former member of the Rhodesian forces in connection with the recovered arms
of war," state broadcaster Zimbabwe Television (ZTV) said in its main news

      Zimbabwe, which became independent in 1980, was previously called
Rhodesia and was a British colony. Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president
recently said in Mutare that the country was still threatened by "the
monster of imperialism."

      MDC members implicated
      The suspect, expected to appear in court soon, had said he was working
for an organisation called the Zimbabwe Freedom Movement "with opposition
members Bennett and Giles Mutseyekwa as the coordinators", ZTV said. Roy
Bennett and Giles Mutseyekwa are members of the main opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC), which Mugabe accuses of working with Western
countries to try to oust him from power.

      "Investigating officers say the suspect claimed to have been working
with former members of the Rhodesian forces who are serving members of the
uniformed forces, to obtain the arms of war as well as plan acts of possible
sabotage and destabilisation," ZTV added.

      Security agencies had recovered an impressive arsenal including AK-47
automatic rifles, machineguns, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, tear gas
canisters, flares, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a two-way radio
communication system. - Reuters

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ZANU PF recycles the same old trash

Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 2:41 PM
Subject: ZANU PF recycles the same old trash

Media reports that an arms cache has been discovered in Manicaland comes without any surprises at all. Those who have been following ZANU PF tricks and tactics since independence will tell you that such discoveries are not new in undemocratic Zimbabwe. As the MDC prepares for its weekend congress, where it is set to re-invent itself and rejuvenate its structures across the board and possibly map out a reunification strategy, ZANU PF finds itself in a state of panic and employing such dirty tactics seeks to ensure that the entire opposition movement is either annihilated or at least weakened. With stupid Didymas Mutasa having foolishly labelled Mutambara a CIA agent recently, and now this, one sees a very clear connection between the two events. The grand strategy is to find a pretext for sending some of Mugabe’s strongest critics in the opposition movement to prison, without trial, until they are certain that MDC is obliterated. Both factions will be affected by this strategy which has been recycled many times before. Nkomo, Sithole, Dabengwa and many others including Tsvangirai have been victims of this old-fashioned trash before. One thing for sure is that these findings, followed by unfair trial of the suspects, will only further strengthen our resolve to liberate ourselves. When people really get fed up, and they are slowly getting there, muchangonzwa dzava kurira!



New Zealand



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World Food Program and Harare to Revisit Zimbabwe Grain Supply Outlook


By Blessing Zulu
      07 March 2006

World Food Program officials have called a meeting with authorities in
Harare to take a closer look at the outlook for food supplies amid forecasts
that shortages of maize and wheat are unlikely to be significantly relieved
by the upcoming harvest.

The WFP had previously said it intended to scale back food distribution in
the country as recent heavy rains prompted expectations of a good harvest,
but its spokesman for Southern Africa, Mike Huggins, said plans could change
based on findings.

The Food Security Early Warning System of the Southern African Development
Community warns that Zimbabwe could experience a maize supply shortfall of
more than 1.3 million tonnes in the current market season. Wheat is scarce
too: the head of the Zimbabwe Millers Association said reserves could run
out in a few weeks.

The Commercial Farmers Union says the winter wheat harvest shortly to begin
will be disappointing, forecasting a total yield this year of just 95,000
tonnes compared with the 450,000 tonnes the country needs to reap to meet
its annual requirements.

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Showdown Looms in Chimanimani

      March 8, 2006

      By Andnetwork .com

      A showdown is looming between the Chimanimani Rural District Council
and the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority over the council's decision
to peg alluvial gold mining claims within a wildlife sanctuary.

      On Tuesday last week, council employees were barred from entering
Chimanimani National Park to peg mining claims and were again blocked for
the second time two days later.

      "I cannot believe the reasoning of the council and the logic behind
its intentions. The area they want to peg does, indeed, have gold as there
were reports of illegal gold panning in the area, but it falls under the
jurisdiction of the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority," said a
National Parks source.

      The council's move came shortly after gold panners, who were caught
digging along Bundi River in the Skeleton Pass area, were found with some
400 grammes of the mineral worth over $800 million.

      The Bundi is the main river within Chimanimani National Park and most
of the major attractions in the park are found along it.

      Over 10 sites within the park have been illegally panned before, but
this is the first time the council has tried to peg claims in the park.

      Asked for comment, Chimanimani Rural District Council treasurer Mrs
Jennifer Muriro said the local authority had a right to peg claims in the
National Parks area.

      However, she said the council had sent the group in question to assess
the situation in the panning zone.

      "The council has the legal authority and control over Chimanimani's
alluvial gold systems and, as such, we do not see any reason why we should
not peg the claims and hand out panning permits to those we see as capable,"
she said.

      She said that just as the council had control over panning activities
on Tarka Estate, it could do the same within the National Parks area.

      She, however, acknowledged receiving a letter from the Parks and
Wildlife Management Authority detailing the procedure they, as council,
should follow. But reports say when council employees tried to enter the
park; they did not have the required papers, which included a prospecting
licence from the Ministry of Mines.

      "Gold takes precedence over everything and, as you know, the country
needs the gold," said Mrs Muriro.

      Chimanimani National Park senior warden Mr Onias Bepe refused to
comment, saying he was waiting for his superiors to discuss the issue.

      Source: the Herald

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MDC Alleges Chegutu Poll Fraud As Byo Faction Concedes Defeat

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 08 2006 @ 12:06 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent

             The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has alleged that
Zanu PF stole the Chegutu mayoral poll as the Bulawayo faction conceded
defeat in the second largest city. MDC lost its mayoral seat in Chegutu, 90
km outside Harare, while Zanu PF reclaimed two council seats in by-elections
in the southwestern city of Bulawayo, where the opposition has enjoyed a
clean sweep of all polls since 2000.

            Bulawayo faction spokesperson Paul Themba-Nyathi said the
election result was a rude awakening for the Mutambara camp. "The election
result was a wake-up call for the MDC," Nyathi said. "We are taking the
result seriously. But probably we lost because we did not campaign as we
were concentrating on our congress.

            I think he electorate has sent a loud and clear message that we
should put out hour house in order. It has been noted." MDC spokesperson
Nelson Chamisa however alleged poll fraud in Chegutu where incumbent mayor
Francis Dhlakama lost his bid for a second term, adding the entire electoral
management system was flawed.

            "The MDC did not lose in Chegutu but Zanu PF rigged the
election," Chamisa said. "It is very clear that the MDC was cheated. The
election management system is flawed. The outcome was predetermined and we
in the MDC will have to come up with a resolution at our congress
determining whether or not we should continue participating in sham
elections whose outcomes are already predetermined. Zanu PF has never won an
election since 2000."

            Chamisa said the massive voter apathy was a clear indicator that
the electorate saw no point in electing into office a mayor who will be
dismissed by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo on flimsy charges and
a Zanu PF commission appointed. Zimbabwe Election Support Network
spokesperson Rindai Chipfunde-Vava attributed the massive voter apathy to
shoddy voter education. "There was low voter turnout especially in Chegutu
where less than 30% of registered voters cast their ballot," Vava said. She
said there were a lot of aliens in Chegutu ad that many were turned away
because they did not have the requisite documents.

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Inflation Fuels Poverty

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, March 08 2006 @ 12:02 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
             THE inflation scourge gripping Zimbabwe has fuelled poverty and
costs of production, derailing both the economic recovery plan and the
current National Budget that was premised on a lower rate of inflation.
Inflation, which reached a record 613 percent last month, has placed
Zimbabwe among the world's fastest declining economies. Conservative
estimates indicate that inflation could reach 1,5 million percent by the end
of the year. Analysts said companies, bleeding from a combination of price
controls and higher parallel market rates for foreign currency, could no
longer swallow the ballooning input costs. The situation is more acute for
entrepreneurs caught up in price controls because they cannot pass on
additional costs to the consumer.

            The market share is also getting smaller and smaller as a result
of falling disposable incomes and retrenchments. At least 70 percent of the
country's population is now living below the poverty datum line. David
Mupamhadzi, Century Holdings Limited's chief economist, was convinced that
the 2006 National Budget was now way off target. It would, therefore, be a
mammoth task to achieve Finance Minister Herbert Murerwa's target of
bringing down inflation to single digit before the end of the year. By the
second half of this year, ministries would be asking Treasury for additional
resources," said Mupamhadzi.

            Murerwa was obviously over-optimistic by choosing to ignore
negative factors that militated against his projections. At the time of the
Budget presentation, Zimbabwe was already experiencing a severe drought and
needed to import maize and wheat to feed the starving population. Foreign
currency inflows had taken a severe knock, declining to just two weeks'
import cover at the time. Gideon Gono, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe, unveiled his new monetary policy a few weeks later. Murerwa was
also aware of the donor fatigue that cut off all lines of credit which
Zimbabwe previously enjoyed. The drying foreign exchange resources and the
food shortages meant that every commodity available would be sold at
exorbitant prices. Mupamhadzi said Murerwa would have to go back to the
drawing board.

            "If you look at the recovery plan, you will notice that the
thrust was to create an environment conducive for the exporter, hence the
devaluation of the exchange rate applicable to exports. "The increase in
inflation has eroded that benefit at a time when inflation in regional
countries is also coming off," he said. Policy makers were faced with a
situation where they could either ignore the need to further devalue the
dollar and leave business to suffer, or slash the value of the currency to
redress the situation. Mupamhadzi said seeking recourse through
supplementary budgets worsened the inflation outlook and exacerbated the
Budget deficit.

            As usual, the government would have to compete with the private
sector to borrow from the domestic market to finance its spiraling Budget
deficit. Mismanagement, inefficiency and allegations of gross corruption
were responsible for most losses parastatals made. In an effort to reduce
government expenditure, proposals had been made for the government to shed
its stake in parastatals. But the privatization drive had not gone into full
throttle. "This puts pressure on interest rates and inflation," said
Mupamhadzi, adding that the government may consider issuing more treasury
bills (commercial papers issued by the central bank on behalf of the
government when borrowing) to finance the Budget deficit.

            Samuel Undenge, a trade and economic consultant who supports the
current economic reforms, believed that the parcelling out of land from
white commercial farmers to blacks would improve the supply side of
agricultural commodities and stabilise inflation in the long run. His view
was also shared by Jonathan Kadzura, another local economic commentator.
Gibson Mashingaidze, another analyst, said a number of companies choked by
the inflation scourge were now facing closure.

            Wage and salary increases awarded by most employers had fallen
way below the rate of inflation, straining relations in both the industrial
and commercial sectors. Mashingaidze urged the government to bring on board
the international community, particularly the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) and the World Bank, which turned their backs on Zimbabwe before the
turn of the century. "We need international support and cannot afford to
ignore institutions such as IMF and the World Bank. Investors look at the
IMF and World Bank for direction if they put a thumbs-up for Zimbabwe," he

            The inflationary spiral has also hit pensioners hard as they
live on fixed incomes, and the ordinary consumers who are finding it hard to
keep pace with the rising cost of living. It is now virtually impossible for
an average Zimbabwean to buy a vehicle or a house as prices have shot up by
over 3 000 percent in the past 12 months.

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War vet 'intimidates' governor

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Patience Nyangove in Marondera
issue date :2006-Mar-08

A WAR veteran in Marondera reportedly stormed the offices of Mashonaland
East governor Ray Kaukonde last week and dumped stones she purported had
supernatural powers to stop the Resident Minister from continuing with his
anti-corruption crusade in the province.
The woman, only identified as Mai Makoni, allegedly accused Kaukonde of
ejecting her from a lands committee for reported corrupt activities.
Kaukonde's move reportedly irked Makoni who then sought to intimidate the
The incident, which took place at the Government Composite building in
Marondera last Wednesday, was reported to Marondera police, who in turn are
said to have referred it to the Public Service Commission (PSC) in the town.
The PSC yesterday reportedly summoned the woman for an inquiry with an
impeccable source saying a comprehensive report about the incident would be
released today. "The woman admitted that her conduct at the governor's
office was wrong.  She was apologetic. A report on the inquiry is expected
out tomorrow (today)," said a senior government official who attended the
Allegations are that Makoni bulldozed her way into the governor's office and
told his secretary only identified as Mrs Mandizha that she was not happy
with the way Kaukonde was treating people he accused of corruption.
Upon reportedly seeing Makoni putting the stones in flowerpots in the
office, Mandizha, with the assistance of   Gumede who is the provincial
administrator's secretary confronted her.
They ordered her to remove the stones, but she refused.
She only did so after a mob gathered and forced her to remove her "muti."Yesterday,
Kaukonde confirmed the bizarre incident and said that he would not be
intimidated by such unruly acts.
"I will not be intimidated by these corrupt people who want to continue with
their evil acts. I will defend and fight for what is right and what I
believe in.
"Actually, they have given me courage and made me aware that they were
engaged in corrupt activities they do not want to be unearthed," said
The governor insisted he would not be deterred by such acts and vowed to
continue with his anti- corruption crusade.
Since Kaukonde was appointed Governor and Resident Minister for Mashonaland
East last year, he has relentlessly gone on a massive campaign to stamp out
corruption in the province in all sectors of the economy and society without
fear or favour. About a month ago, the governor ordered the arrest of a
senior official working for Mutawatawa Rural District Council after the
official reportedly flouted tender procedures and corruptly awarded his
company tenders.
Currently, Kaukonde is meeting chiefs, government officials, communities in
the province to appreciate how they are conducting business especially
issues pertaining to the land reform exercise, the backbone of the country's
economic turnaround strategy.

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Cement Bag

Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 1:12 AM
Subject: Cement Bag

Dear Family and Friends,
This letter is being sent out three days later than normal because I am now
entering the 92nd hour with only enough electricity for lights in my home.
midday on Friday the voltage to my home crashed and the power is
insufficient to
heat the water geyser, run a fridge or stove or even boil a kettle. 25
calls to the electricity supplier in the last four days, a personal visit to
faults office, a number of offers to provide fuel or go and collect
are all to no avail. In the villages less than 15 kilometres out of
there is also no electricity which means the grinding mills are not working.
was told by a friend that there are scores of people now going without food
that the atmosphere is extremely tense.

This morning there is literally mud coming out of the taps in my home which
means there are problems pumping water too. Zimbabwe is now entering the
of days. It is hard to describe how anyone is surviving now and this week I
the most amazing encounter which helped me put my own problems into

Standing at the entrance gates of a wholesaler there was a thin, gaunt,
looking man. On the ground next to him was a small pile of empty cement
bags. He
bent and picked up a bag and held it towards me, asking me to buy it. An
cement bag, turned inside out and with two crude holes cut into the top for
handles. "Only thirty thousand dollars" the man said to me. This was
just an empty cement bag, it hadn't been sewn, reinforced or even cleaned
well. I could think of no earthly reason why I would want an empty cement
but the look in the mans eyes, the slight trembling of his hand and the
of his body gave me a whole lot of reasons. I gave the man forty thousand
dollars and told him to keep the change. I took my cement bag and the man
out "God bless you, thank you," as I walked away. We both knew that the
I'd just handed over would the man just half a loaf of bread but to me, and
obviously to him, selling cement bags enables a slither of dignity to be
ned. Please keep the people of Zimbabwe in your thoughts and prayers in
very hard times and thank you for reading. Love cathy. Copyright cathy
7th March 2006.

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Delta non alcholic plant face closure

      March 7, 2006, 12 hours, 20 minutes and 57 seconds ago.

      By Elias Wilson

      BULAWAYO - THOUSANDS of workers at Delta Beverages Limited's soft
drinks plant are facing an uncertain future following indications that the
division might close down due to the shortage of raw materials to make soft

      Workers at the Bulawayo plant said the company was failing
concentrates from outside the country due to the shortage of foreign
currency. Already some shops in the city have either ran out of soft drinks
or have started limiting the number of drinks an individual ca buy.

      "We are not taking orders from retailers because were are not
producing anything at all. We don't have the raw materials, that is the
concentrates for the production of soft drinks," said a worker at the

      The company get the concentrates from a plant in Swaziland but due to
the shortage of foreign currency they are failing to buy the raw material.
Delta general manager for corporate affairs,

      Mr George Mutendadzamera, could not shed more light but confirmed that
the company was facing problems in acquisition of concentrates. "We did
issue a statement last week that we were having problems in getting the
concentrates," he said.

      A.N.D Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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Africa of Key Strategic Importance to U.S., World, Scholar Says

Washington File

07 March 2006

Heritage Foundation's Schaefer says African energy increasingly significant

By Charles W. Corey
Washington File Staff Writer

Washington -- Africa has evolved into a region of key strategic importance
to the United States, China and many other countries worldwide as a supplier
of energy and natural resources.

Brett D. Schaefer, a research fellow in regulatory affairs at the Heritage
Foundation in Washington, made that point March 7 at a conference entitled
"Chinese Influence: Expanding in Both Africa and Latin America."

The fact that both the Chinese and U.S. governments are discussing Africa,
along with Latin America, as a major area for investment, Schaefer told his
foreign affairs audience, clearly shows Africa's ever-growing importance.
"Fifteen to 20 years ago, Africa would not have been here" as a discussion
topic on such a panel, he said.

"Africa is increasingly important to the United States as a source of oil,"
he said.  In 2005, Africa supplied the United States with 18 percent of its
oil imports -- more than the United States presently imports from the Middle

U.S. oil imports from sub-Saharan Africa have increased by a third since
1999, while imports from the Persian Gulf have decreased.  As a result, he
said, "the importance of Africa as a source for petroleum and the import of
oil cannot be overestimated."

Within the next decade, Schaefer predicted, Africa's oil exports will
double.  The scholar cited forecasts that say U.S. imports of African oil
will rise from their present level of 18 percent to 25 percent -- so
one-quarter of all U.S. oil imports are expected to come from Africa in the
not-too-distant future.

Increasingly, he said, instability and humanitarian crises, such as the
situation in the Darfur region of Sudan, are getting more attention from the
United States -- first on humanitarian grounds, but also because of
strategic interests.

Additionally, he said, the War on Terror has made Africa more important.
"As a battleground on the war on terror, sub-Saharan Africa is increasingly
vulnerable to radical Islam, which," he said, "has been trying to spread its
influence across the Sahel and eastern Africa," as evidenced by the bombing
of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Additionally, he said, Africa is important because its countries make up a
large bloc at the United Nations and in international fora like the World
Trade Organization, and therefore merit closer attention from the United


With regard to China's influence on Africa, Schaefer said China now has
surpassed the United States as the world's largest consumer of many raw
materials, ranks as the world's second-largest importer of oil and accounts
for 31 percent of growth in global oil demand -- and thus is looking to
Africa for these resources.

"China's emergence as a significant player on the economic scene, with its
seemingly inexhaustible demand for raw materials, natural resources and oil,
presents a significant challenge for the United States," he said, since the
United States "is increasingly relying on the region for a lot of these
materials" as well.

China is now active in every part of Africa, Schaefer told his audience.
China's national oil company, he said, is especially active in Sudan, where
it has built a pipeline to the Red Sea and a refinery outside Khartoum. It
also controls most of an oil field in southern Darfur.

Besides Sudan, Schaefer said, China is active in Angola, where it provided a
$2 billion aid package to secure oil rights and recently signed a crude oil
purchase agreement for 30,000 barrels of oil a day for the next five years.

In Zambia, Schaefer said, China has invested $170 million in the
copper-mining sector.  China is investing in cobalt and copper activities in
the Democratic Republic of Congo, is harvesting timber in Gabon and Liberia
and is heavily involved in Zimbabwe as well.

Such a level of involvement, he said, will have broad implications for the
United States now and in the future.

(The Washington File is a product of the Bureau of International Information
Programs, U.S. Department of State. Web site:

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FIT newsletter

      February ‘06 Edition



Telephone 04 309800/6  Fax 04 309849

E-mail or


Creating a network of farmers for the development of farming in Africa


Apologies for the late distribution of the February edition of the FIT newsletter.  This was due to my absence from the office.


Information on countries outside  Zimbabwe:-



A meeting was held on Thursday 16th February for those that are keen to go farming in Nigeria.  The next tranche have been to the designated area in  Nigeria to have a look and make their final decision on whether they will in fact take up this opportunity.  The selection process of those going and the land distribution is due to commence this week.


As you are aware, there are two areas in Nigeria that require farmers – Kwara  and Nasawara States.  The farmers that are in Nigeria at the moment are looking at the land in Nasawara State.  We now require another 20 farmers to come in and register to go into Kwara State and have a look.  This will take place as soon as possible.  Kindly call in for details should you be interested in being a part of this project.  We require visa application and processing fees and photographs.



Another trip in follow up to the first, is scheduled to take place to Chimoio either later this month, or early next month.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


This is a vast country, very rich not only in minerals, but also in fertile lands, rivers, forests etc but where people depend mostly on importations for their food.  So, there is opportunity for agricultural development which is being explored.



Employment Opportunities


Please find below, the employment opportunities.



A Bulldozer Mechanic to start as soon as possible.  Excellent remuneration offered.



A farmer who has experience in different farming techniques and the farming of a diverse range of crops  which includes oil palm trees, cashews, citrus, mango, avocado, Caribbean nuts, cattle, plantain, mahogany trees etc is being sought.   Experience in bee, chicken, cattle and goat/sheep farming would be an added advantage.


West Africa

Husband and wife team with no children to fill vacancies on a dairy farm.  This position is to be filled immediately.



Country Manager sought to start as soon as possible.  Attractive salary, housing, medical cover etc on offer.  This position has a bias towards sales and marketing.  There is an aspect of budgeting and general management.  We have a very detailed job description so please call in or e-mail if you are interested.



Farm Manager on a mixed farm in Arusha needed to start immediately.  Core business is vegetables for export.  5 years farming experience in East/Southern Africa necessary, preferably with horticultural experience.  Responsibilities include daily farm management, record keeping to Eurogap specifications, farm security and community liaison.  This position does not cater for children.



Couple between the ages of 30 – 45 years sought to manage a small farm, including dairy, in southern Angola.  Substantial experience in general farm running and management, specifically the “dairy industry”, knowledge of “cheese making process” would be an advantage, but not a necessity as training will take place for a new cheese project.  Computer literacy and Portuguese an advantage.  Administration/management experience required. 


Spain - NEW

Couple sought to work on a mixed irrigation citrus/olive/almond property with residential facilities on the estate.  Experience of life on the land and a knowledge of tractors and machinery and of basic people skills are essential.  The manager’s wife will be employed as a cook/housekeeper, aided by a housemaid and this job could suit a couple who have not lost all interest in country life.



Personal Assistant required to commence 1 April 2006.  Competitive salary on offer and to be disclosed to short listed candidates.  We are looking for a competent, self-motivated person able to work with minimal supervision.  Ability to take and produce monthly minutes a necessity.


The position of Estate Manager is available for a large centre based just outside the CBD.  The candidate should be capable of improving current services supplied to the centre.  The manager is required to supervise other members of staff and have management ability dealing with electrical, plumbing, repairs and maintenance of buildings.  An all rounder with vision!!


Manager wanted as soon as possible for the Middle Sabi area.  160 ha row cropping – maize, soyas etc



The position of Farm Manager is still vacant so if you haven’t already applied for this position, please ensure that you send us your details as soon as possible. 



Logistics Manager required to commence as soon as possible.  The incumbent will take responsibility for the internal logistics and transport functions to ensure the timeous supply and logistical control of materials within the operations.


Malawi - NEW

The following positions are available in Malawi on a 32 month contract basis.  Each position requires that the applicant be educated to at least a post graduate level in agriculture or related area.  10 years or more of relevant experience. 


  • Agribusiness Development Expert
  • Horticultural Marketing Expert
  • Agricultural Technology Expert


Mail or call in for a detailed job description should you be interested in any of the above.


The following properties are for sale, contact us should you require further information.


Area              Hectare           Main Activity       


Nelspruit        130ha            Citrus    

Whiteriver      163                Macadamia

Nelspruit         192                 Development

Nelspruit         300                 Citrus/development    

Whiteriver      450                 General farming

Whiteriver      500                 Macadamia                         




Looking for a displaced farmer to live on a farm from the end of April  in the Bulawayo area and be actively involved in the daily farm routine and particularly in a horticultural project. 


Thank you to those who took the time to send feedback to the “mini survey”.  We have found your answers, suggestions and contributions very useful.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Fiona Dhana,


       Farmers in Touch

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JAG Classifieds dated 7 March 06

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified
adverts for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items

3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation

5.  Specialist Services

6.  Pets Corner




1.1 Chemicals & Fertilisers (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Chemicals and Fertilisers for Sale:-


120 X 60G BION 50WG
















All the above chemicals are still sealed .  For further details please
phone the following numbers:-

Harare 497735 Cell - 011-603-889 Fax/Phone - 481419

E-mail -


1.2 Cooking Oil (Bulk) for sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

"Cooking oil, bulk, attn restaurants, takeaways, etc, phone 495897"


1.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Potato Seedlings now available - large or small quantities.

Also we still have full range of submersible pumps, well pumps - full
range of pumps for all garden needs. Generators, knapsack sprays,
irrigation systems for garden and larger. Lawnmowers. Very competitive

Please phone Carrie 091 206 558 for details and prices.


1.4 Generators for Sale (Ad inserted 7/6/06)

Beat the ZESA power cuts by powering up your house and bore holes with
one of the following KIPOR Generators which we have on hand.

KDE5000E Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, open - frame
type.  US$1 100

KDE5000T Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, Sound proof type
            US$1 260

KDE6000T3 Three Phase 5 KVA Diesel, sound proof
type US$1 320

KDE6500T3 Three Phase 5.5 KVA Diesel, sound proof type
            US$1 380

KDE12STA3 Three Phase 9.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent
type US$4 450

KDE16STA3 Three Phase 13.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent type
            US$6 580

For all enquiries contact the following :-

Graham 011 617 999

Rusty 091 278 460

Office 884022

Fax 850195

E mail


1.5 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Teak pick nick bench and table 40mil

Big front door with frame

Chest of drawers

Large dining room suite with side table 35mil

Double bed plus headboard mattress and bench 18mil

Queen size bed solid pine lime washed with bench 18mil

Queen size therapeutic mattress 25mil

Biggie best lounge suite (1x3seater, 2x 1seater) 30mil

Oregon pine Morris chairs (1x2seater, 2x1seater) 45mil

Oregon pine coffee table 25mil

Oregon pine side table x4 20mil

Old computers and monitors offers



Play station 1

Kitchen table with 4 chairs plus shelve 15mil

Old Golf club set

Teak lounge table plus 4 side tables 25mil

Teak CD corner stand 5mil

2-pine lime washed single beds 6.5mil

6-side tables lime washed 600.000

2 large cupboards blue brand new 60mil

Oak kitchen cupboard doors with hinges and handles 40mil

Full bedroom suite - pine lime washed including:

                        Corner TV cupboard 15 mil

        Two side tables 6mil each

                        Large chest of drawers 18

Large desk with chair 20mil

Large speakers with amplifier

Peugeot 405 very good condition available only in mid march (54.000km)

1998 VW Golf

Lots of piping (black pvc) was used for solar heated pool


Cd player works fine for radio or connecting to TV*cds don't work

1 side table lamp - children 1.5mil

1 side table lamp 1.5mil

2 wrought iron wine racks 2, 3mil

There are lots of other little pieces for sale as well

Please contact Christina on 011 606 074 if you are interested in any of
the above


1.6 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

1.  Originally imported from UK, music and comedy videos, music
biography books and CD's, a small P.A. system, musical instruments,
some lighting equipment, smoke machine, a black 10m backdrop &
materials, a music recording studio for sale. If you're interested please
email me at and I'll send you the catalogues with

2.  Full household for sale, numerous various items, accessories and
furniture. Please email me at for complete catalogues
and prices.


1.7 Dog Meal for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

"Dog meal,$800000 per 20 kg pack, free delivery Harare for orders over 10
packs, call Mr Wallis 023894597 or email "


1.8 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

SEED DESIGNS (based in Chiredzi)

Beautiful exclusive, hand embroidered ethnic style cotton items for sale

Q/size duvet covers $8,500 000

Throwovers $3,900 000

Oven gloves $750 000

Binocular bags $580 000

Shoulder bags $900 000

Webbing handbags $1,200 000

Evening bags $550 000

Cushion covers $800 000

6 table mat set with serviettes $2,800 000

Wallets $600 000

Spectacle cases $300 000

And lots more!! For further queries, please phone Michelle Ross (Harare
Representative) on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.

Email address:


Baby tender with fold out changing mat and bath $25 000 000

Mother care pram (navy blue) $15 000 000

Baby camp cot (fold up complete with bag) $25 000 000

Baby bath ring with suctions $500 000

For further enquiries, please contact Michelle Ross on

091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

2 doors GEC frig, recently overhauled, 1,50cm high, 60 and 70cms deep and
wide.  $25 million

Incomplete English Rockwood dinner service, white with maroon edging,
consisting of:

5 large dinner plates, 8 small dinner plates, 3 side plates.

6 large bowls, 3 small bowls.

2 large oval serving dishes, I entrée dish with lid

1 gravy jug with plate

4 million ono

Pair roller blades in good condition, size 6.  $2 million

9 Illustrated children's encyclopaedias edited by Arthur Mee - $3

Lots of lovely children's books, bedtime stories etc

Childs cricket bat, ball and stumps, brand new still in plastic.  3

Two gum plantations, also about 70 pines - please come and cut them
yourself, I live in Bromley, 55 kms from Harare.  Please find out prices,
as I have no landline, and limited cell network.

Telephone Jennifer at 011 423 614, or leave message at office tel 336945
or 333952 and I will return your call


1.10 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)


Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.





Small woven bags--$395,000 each.

Large crocheted bags.--$1,055,000 each.

Large woven bags.--$815,000 each.

Table Runners.--$600,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$1,805,000.

Fringed mats only(4)---$1,195,000.

Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,705,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$2,185,000.

Bordered mats only(4)--$1,575,000.

Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,275,000.

Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$4,370,000.

2m Throws--$2,115,000.each.

Tea cosy(L)--$350,000.

Tea cosy(m)--$340,000

Tea cosy(s)--$330,000.

Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$800,000.

Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$455,000.


Decorated cushion covers--$805,000.

Plain cushion covers---$560,000.

Scarves(knitted)--$795,000. each.

Hand Woven Scarves--$900,000 each

Hats(Beanies)--$450,000 each.

Large plain cotton rug--$1,785,000.

Med. plain cotton rug---$1,155,000.

Small plain cotton rug.---$740,000.

Cotton Rag Rug--$740,000.

Med. plain mohair rug--$1,380,000.

Med. patterned mohair rug.--$1,725,000.

X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,455,000.

Bedspreads-- QS/DB/3/4 and

Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large


1.11 For Sale (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

HONDA XR 250 R, trail bike with lights and indicators, 18000km only.  In
near original mint condition.

 Phone: 091 326 965 for details.


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Opel Corsa, GSI 16 Valve, 3 doors.

Red in colour. Mag wheels. Alarmed.
Electric windows. 1995 Model.

Call 011 205 183 or 091 328 261 or 331970


1.13 Business for Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)








1.14 Agricultural Items for sale

(Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Imported harrow discs 24" and 26"
New Montana boom sprayers 10m boom, 600l tank
New 16KVA generators
Radium Zimbabwe 04 870264 / 011 600 389


1.15 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

                               Chemicals For Sale

Dithian (M45)

Copper Oxy

Dual Magnum

Punch Extra

Phone: John 334764, Cell 011208893


1.16 BIKE FOR SALE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)




091208836 OR EMAIL US:


1.17 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Old farm radio equipment for sale.... Motorola.

Antiques as follows:

Mahogany bedroom set with marbled washstand, dressing table, bedside
table and wardrobe!  All exquisitely carved, bevelled mirrors and in
outstanding condition.

English oak dining room set. Ten chairs, extendable table and long

Victorian hall tables x 2.  One round and one oval.

Pie Crust coffee/tea table.

Grandmother clock.

Three what-nots in outstanding condition.

Collectors cupboard - ideal for collections of eggs/butterflies etc.

Burmese Teak mirrored dresser.

Lounge suite, whickered arms with carved backs, legs and arms. One three
seater and two single seaters.

Large liquor cupboard - lined with asbestos - antique mirrors, screens
and much more.

Contact no: 011 416937


1.18 Items for Sale

Sony LBT-V302 Stereo Hi-Fi System with 5 discs CD player - ZWD 100
Excellent condition.  Phone Harare 494395


1.19 Item for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Monarch Chevette 4 plate Stove (black)

Minor attention needed $30 mill


or 756363-9 (work) 339378 (home) 091-338414


1.20 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

CURTAINS FOR SALE Very good condition and fully lined

1.  SUNFILTER Pale beige with Wheat design
                                1 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                1 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


2.  SUNFILTER Pale green with floral design
                                2 x 2.8m wide x 2.3m drop
                                2 x 1.4m wide x 2.3m drop


3.  HEAVY QUALITY Plain Cream
                                2 X 4.0m wide x 2.3m drop

                                4 x 2.16m wide x 2.3m drop


Contact Tel 303570 to view


1.21 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Various second hand items for sale - All must go!!!
Prices are negotiable.

Filing cabinet, 2 draw, wooden (good condition) - $35m

Wooden and black leather bar 140 x 50cm with 3 leather stools - $20m

18 speed mountain bike - $10m

Square folding table, wooden 92 x 92cm - $6m

Roller Blades size 5/6 - $3m

Trivial pursuit for teens (good condition) - $2m

Monopoly - $1m

Scrabble - $1m

Please contact Monique 309274(w) 091 315 411 (cell)


1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1) 2 x 200 litre electric/solar geysers and drip trays
plus 4 glass covered panels and piping.

2) 1 x Frigidaire refrigerator (locakable). Old but in excellent
working condition.

3) 1 set of bunk beds and mattresses.

Contact: Nigel Rennie on 011-808 752


1.23 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

"Shawasha hills, phase one, 4,4 acres, extensive Msasa/acacia trees,
river frontage, for sale, share transfer, call 496829 evenings"


1.24 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Datsun Pulsar 140 A, very economical, in use every day. Looking for $200
million. Please call Cheryl or Shane on 336710 or send e-mail to


1.25 Stamps for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Stamps for Sale: Mint condition, many in albums.

First Day Covers of the following Countries:-


South Africa
01/82-02/95 126

South West Africa/ Namibia 12/82-05/95 72

Bophuthatswana 11/81-03/94 60

11/81-04/94 60

01/82-03/94 54

    12/81-04/94 58

02/62-07/76 45

04/80-04/00 108

Offers: Phone: 861089


1.26 Bakery for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Bakery and coffee shop in Sam Leavy`s village Borrowdale for sale.

Bakery is operating full speed and doing catering for

numerous schools and coffee shops in Harare.

Call: 091 77 55 44 or 011 60 70 45

land line 88 2 384 or 851 729


1.27 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Mazda B2500 Diesel, single cab, pickup. 1997. Driven by owner only.

Contact: Mark at 09 234757 or 011 416 937.




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Is there anyone out there, wanting to sell the following:

Round dining room suite with 4 chairs, preferably with a glass top.
Alternatively, a cane suite would be equally suitable. Glass top, not
essential.  Plain oval cream coloured rug or cream with autumn shade
Please call Kathy 011 602 144


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

WANTED: Heavy Duty Tumble Drier in good working order.  Please call
091 237 772 or 04 495862


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Second hand in good condition;

Motorola GP300 handheld radios.

Motorola GM300/350 vehicle mounted radios.

Motorola or Kenwood repeater.

We are a environmental NGO looking for radios to help with anti-poaching
in the Vic Falls area.

If you have old farm radios not in use any more we could really use them

Please email; or call 011 213 529


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

Instant cash paid for Working / Non- Working TV, VCR and/or Hifi. Please
contact Joel on or leave a message with Mercy on
011 611 637.


2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

White painted Garden Furniture - we need an attractive table for eating
round and 6-8 chairs to go with it.

Contact 04 - 496049


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Are you likely to have any maize stova available in the next few
months?  If so I have cattle that would like to eat it.  Must be fairly
near Harare / Ruwa and have some sort of cattle handling facilities.
Reply to


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)




PLEASE PHONE:- 071 8 474

CELL 091 238 462/ 091 303 097


2.8 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)


Satellite dish around 1,2 meters up to about 1,6 meters,


Or 756363-9 (work) 339378 (home) 091-338414


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

1 medium sized coffee table (wooden not steel)

1 x three quarter bed, or 2 x single beds in good condition.

Contact: Kim Rennie on 011-212 697


2.10 WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)


Does anyone have a measuring wheel to, donate, lend or sell to Pony
Club?  Ours 'went missing' last weekend and we urgently require another
for our shows and eventing.  Many thanks.

Please call Jo on 091 247001 or 494720 or Kathy on 023 317537


2.11 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I am looking for a second hand cellphone to buy. If there is anyone out
there selling his/her cellphone please contact me on 023756589
or e-mail

2.12 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Wanted:  Any Quantities of Good Quality

Sugar Beans
Nyimo Beans

Phone  091 238 204



3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Responsible, professional single lady with ten year old son seeks
accommodation in northern suburbs.  Must have staff accommodation for one
maid and garden for Jack Russell puppy.  Contact Sue on 011-204193."

Please let me know how much this will cost and how I make payment.  Many
Penny Gibbons
email address


3.2 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Spacious furnished accommodation offered to fit elderly person in
Borrowdale.  Share expenses.  For further information, please phone
Renting Department on telephone number 885623 (am) or 885571 (pm).


3.3 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

"We have a delightful single roomed thatched cottage, and separate
flatlet, each with lovely views onto the garden and surrounding Msasa
woodlands. Suitable for singles, or a tidy couple, available immediate,
on a 5 acre stand with 3 other
residences, providing a friendly small community which is good for
security, but maintains individual privacy.

Contact Janet on 499060 or 011 614 197"


3.4 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 7/02/06)

Mature couple looking to housesit for any length of time. Loves animals,
available immediately. Please call Lauren or Jason on 091237648 or


3.5 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 11/01/06)

Honest, reliable, mature lady looking to housesit as from 01 February
2006.  Avondale area preferred.  Please phone Jenny 011 423 614 or


3.6 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

Thatched house for Rent in Helensvale

(behind Borrowdale Brooke) - Immediate Occupation.

3 bedrooms all on-suite bathrooms, large living room, dining room,
kitchen/pantry and scullery/store room. Lovely veranda area overlooking
swimming pool.  Borehole and electric gate.  House split on 3 levels
and property is 5 acres, all indigenous woodland with beautiful views.
Price Negotiable.

Please phone Harare 861766.


3.7 House for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Helensvale Area, on just over 2 acres (8138 sq.mtrs)

Mediterranean style, very neat, well maintained.

Spacious lounge with jet master fireplace

Separate dining room

Kitchen with walk in pantry

Two large bedrooms

Two lock up garages

Well-developed garden of indigenous trees

Good borehole

Offers phone: 861089




4.1 Harare International Festival of the Arts (Ad inserted

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of
Zimbabwe's premier artistic events.  It gives Zimbabweans the change to
meet and interface with top local artists, as well as regional and
international artists and performers. The Festival's appeal is for all
ages and interests and during HIFA, Zimbabweans come together in a truly
carnival atmosphere to
experience the sheer joy that is art in whatever form - art as healer,
art as educator, art as up lifter of the spirit.

HIFA 2006 is scheduled for 25th to 30th April 2006. All the major
international festivals offer a "Friends of Festival" scheme and ours is
known as HifAmigos.  HifAmigos are a highly valued and regarded
component of the Festival.  HIFA offers a series of comprehensive
benefits in several categories of HifAmigos to cater for all interests
and needs and subscriptions are reasonable.

HIFA has been described as "second to Edinburgh" and "among the top ten
festivals of the world!"  HIFA 2006 now invites you to become a HifAmigo
or to renew your HifAmigo membership.  If you do so by 24th February
2006, you will be listed in the Official HIFA 2006 Programme and invited
to what is becoming the hottest even on the Zimbabwean social calendar -
the HIFA Opening Party. Our launch events are legendary.  Join early &
be there!

2006 HifAmigos will enjoy 20% discounts on all shows and workshops.
Procedure for becoming a hifAmigo
Contact the hifAmigo Manager for an application form -
Angie Thomas - contactable via HIFA as below.

 Harare International Festival of the Arts
 Box A42, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
 Phone & Fax: +263 (4) 300 119


4.2 ABERFOYLE LODGE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

                                  HONDE VALLEY

Fully serviced, self-catering lodge with cook
and bar. Something for everyone- golf, swimming, squash as well as lovely
walks in idyllic surroundings
and brilliant birding. Gather your friends, share transport, and have a
fun-filled few days.
For further information contact Sue Fawcett on or Val
Marshall on or



GACHE GACHE LODGE (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Book now for Easter!

Contact us: or phone Andrea on

091 208 836.

Rates on request!


4.4 Looking for Bush Time (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Are you a writer or just in need of bush time?
Looking for someone to spend one month at a time in bush environment.
Would be there as a male presence while husband is working away. Small
help required mechanically if generator or vehicle needs arise. Must like
animals, both domestic and wild. Would have own cottage with en suite
bush shower and flush lou and food would be provided.
If interested please email:


4.5 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

The National Institute of Alied Arts

Presents their Annual Festival from 8th - 23rd March

Choirs at Harry Margolis Hall

Music across the board

21st, 22nd and 23rd March

Final Concert at Prince Edward School

Public welcome we need your support




5.1 (Ad inserted 6/02/06) Care Management Services.  Formerly called
"Substitute Daughter."

Care Management Services. Formerly called Substitute Daughter. Have you
left Zim? Are worried about a remaining relative? For a modest fee our
service will monitor the well being - physical, mental and emotional -
of those who might be in need. The service is run by qualified,
experienced, registered nurses of "the old school". We ensure that health
needs are being met and that if your relative needs any other sort of
care - nursing, financial services, transport, domestic aid, medical
visits etc., we will arrange for these needs
to be met. We visit regularly and keep you informed with reliable,
accurate reports of all developments.
24 hour call available. The service has been working successfully,
without interruption since Sept. 2002.
Want to know more? e-mail:
Ph.: 00-263-4- 302518 (after hours) or

00-263-91 603621.
References will be supplied on request.
Margaret Low. SRN. SCM.


5.2 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

"Chemical analysis, tap/borehole water. Phone 023894597"


5.3 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)





091 402 599



5.4 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

The Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
requests that all cases of cruelty or abuse of animals, both domestic and
livestock, are reported to them.

Recently there has been an increase of deliberate cruelty to livestock,
but unfortunately many of these incidents are not reported to ZNSCPA and
we only get to hear about them through a third party long after the abuse
has taken place.

Cruelty to animals, including wild life in captivity, is a punishable
offence in Zimbabwe and we are pleased to report that the Police and the
Courts are dealing swiftly and decisively with these cases when we
present our dockets to them.

Whilst ZNSPCA remains totally non-political, we continue to respond
quickly and professionally to requests for help on farms where the
welfare of animals is being compromised in any way.

ZNSPCA HQ: 497885/497574

156 Enterprise Rd Chisipite

Inspectors Cell:Glynis: 091 367 260

                             Simon: 011 630 430

                             Jimmy: 011 528 449

                             Justine: 023 306 456

                             John: 011 867 099


5.5 (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

TAYST The Private Catering Company

At Tayst we would like to offer you an innovative

cuisine experience using the finest & freshest

ingredients available.

We cater for:

· Cooperate functions

· Cocktail parties

· Black tie dinners

· Birthday parties

· Business Lunches

Please contact Thea or Christy on 091 282 165

Or email


5.6 Ad inserted (21/02/06)

Farmers -- your favourite hairdressers, Donaghy's, has re-located from
Farm & City Centre to smart new premises in the City Bowling Club in
Harare Gardens. Phone Annette on 011 716 246.


5.7 Ad inserted (7/03/06)

Blackfordby College of Agriculture


                     Enrolment applications for the intake

                                 Commencing in

August 2006 are now open

The minimum entrance qualifications for the diploma

Is: Five O-Levels; English, Maths,

Science and two others.

The course covers two years and is written in five

Disciplines, Animal Husbandry, Crop Husbandry,

Horticulture, Farm Mechanization and

Farm Management.

Applicants must send a non-refundable deposit of

$1 000 000.00 (one million dollars) to the address below

or deposit the money

into our account:

Standard Chartered Bank, Avondale Branch

Account Number: 0101723103701.

A copy of the deposit slip with the applicant's name and

Address must be faxed to 075-2539.

The application forms will then be sent to you, and will

Include details of fee structure.

Blackfordby College of Agriculture

P.O. Box EH 197

Emerald Hill

Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: 075-2532/2533

Fax: 075-2579


Applications close on 31st May 2006.


5.8 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

T.M.  LAMBERT (Agent for Mono Pumps Zimbabwe)

Capacity Test, Installations, Repair Maintenance On All Borehole Pumps

PO Box GT 629

Graniteside, Harare

Tel: 04-494796

Cell: 091 288 448 or 011 726 062



5.9 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Savuli Safari, self catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking
trails and 4x4 hire.  Camp fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just
bring your food, drinks and relax.  $900 000 pppn, 1/2 U/12.

Booking direct to John Tayler at 091 631 556 or




6.1 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

Jack Russell looking for home as only dog, not a fighter but has always
been an only pet. Jock, tan/white, male 6 years. Docked tail not
neutered. Tel Calla Van Zyl on 884226 or 091-252-744. To approved home


6.2 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 14/02/06)

"Good homes wanted for Male Toy Pom and Female Keeshond (miniature
Husky), preferably together.  Owner has moved to a smaller property and
cannot keep all her dogs.  Please phone Mrs Ricardo on 737944-9 or 091


6.3 Lost (Ad inserted 14/02/06)




OR ZNSPCA HQ 497885 or 497574


6.4 African Grey Chicks For Sale

      (Ad inserted 21/02/06)

Two hand reared African Grey chicks.

Contact: Trinity on 04-369160-5


6.5 Puppies For Sale (Ad inserted 21/02/06)


Father - boer bull cross ridgeback

Mother - blue heeler


011 606 783

091 246 233

065 2703


6.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/02/06)

"5 year old male Golden Retriever "Stanley" with excellent UCI and FCI
pedigree background ideally looking for female Golden for breeding, but
any friends for playing in yard etc.  Pls call 091 317550.


6.7 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

2 ex farming male cats both neutered,

2 ex farming female cats both spayed,

Very relaxed and well house trained. Looking for a new home. Used to
travelling and good at settling into different life styles. Please
contact 04 490758 after 6pm weekdays or weekends.


6.8 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I have two very beautiful tabby cats that we took onto farm from someone
leaving the country. However now refusing to come into house because of
dogs. I would very much like to find them good home where there are no
dogs. Very friendly, young, females, spade. Independent but love people.

Please phone Carrie 091 206 558.


6.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)




6.10 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Looking for a good home for a 6 year old female Pure Bred Boerbul.
Excellent guard dog but very dominant and probably needs to be an only
dog. Prefer a Farm or big property

Colin Paterson 011-206626
Gill Paterson 091-294185 or 04-882013


6.11 Missing (Ad inserted 7/03/06)




-JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to:
with subject "Classifieds".

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