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Dear Family and Friends,
It was with deep shock and disgust that Zimbabwe learned this week that our police commissioner Augustine Chihuri has been appointed the Honorary Vice President of Interpol. The double standards shown by European countries to the horrific state of our daily lives in Zimbabwe leaves me just spitting with rage. One minute they describe us as being in the grip of a "brutal regime" and back this up with graphic reports of police attaching electrodes to mens' testicles, and the next minute they confer awards on the Police Commissioner. A police spokesman in Harare said the award proves to the world that Zimbabwean police are both professional and non partisan. 
I will never forget the day a young man pulled a gun on me at our Marondera farm in 2000 and bragged that he could "drop me at forty paces". Nor will I forget the police who came, took a statement, went down onto the field where the man was and did absolutely nothing. They said they were powerless to act because "it was political." I will never forget sitting in the Harare High Court last year and hearing sworn testimony of how  a dozen policemen stood aside in the Murehwa Police Station and allowed five farmers to be abducted from the safety of their offices. For three years the Zimbabwe Republic Police have used a string of phrases which has excused them from acting against rape, murder, torture, arson and looting. These phrases are: "It is political," "It is my first time of hearing this", "I am not the one" or "We have received no instructions." For three years the Police in Zimbabwe have ignored scores of High Court Rulings and now, in 2003 it is a punishable offence to criticise them or say anything which causes people to ridicule them. When I had the privilege of meeting a visiting Foreign Minister in 2001 he begged me to write more about the role of the police in Zimbabwe's madness. I hope he understands now why I cannot.
Just as I cannot forget what has happened to me and people I know personally, Zimbabweans cannot forget  that over 200 people have been murdered in the country in the last 3 years and to this day not one person is in prison. Nor can we forget the hundreds of rapes, disgusting testimony of police brutality or the death in custody late last year of an MP in prison. There are none so blind as those who will not see, including Interpol whose address is
At first, when I heard about this award being made to our Police Commissioner, I thought it was just talk because it's been an extremely rumour filled week in Zimbabwe. The Presidents of South Africa, Nigeria and Malawi came, listened and left. At the end of it no one told us anything so everyone is speculating and guessing about what exactly went on behind those close doors. As another Zimbabwean writer put it, it seems the only thing agreed was that there would be more talks about talks. And while they talked about talks, the Harare Mayor's office was being raided by riot police and women peacefully demonstrating and carrying placards were being arrested.  
Perhaps something did go on behind closed doors and pressure was increased because we still have no petrol or diesel and the electricity cuts are increasing and, even in the small towns, they are now daily occurrences. Things are getting quieter and tenser by the day and as I sat researching facts for this letter yesterday an air force helicopter circled our little town three times. The end is near. Until next week, with love, cathy. Copyright cathy buckle, 10th May 2003.
"African Tears" and "Beyond Tears" are available from: ; and 
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Suspension of Residents' Assoc Meetings at Town House 
It is naive to expect that the regime would allow Zimbabwe's citizens to occupy any political space other than that reserved for its own slavish supporters. Today it closed off yet another small forum by issuing the following letter:

8 May 2003
The Acting Mayor

Following the suspension of the Executive Mayor of Harare, Engineer MUDZURI and a Residents Association meeting held at Town House on 7 May 2003 in which residents advocated for a demonstration against the lawful suspension of the Mayor, my office hereby suspends the holding of such meetings in the interest of public order until further notice.
This order is being issued in terms of Section 26(3) of the Public Order and Security Act 11:17 as a preventative measure as these weekly meetings agenda has become incitive of public disorder. [NB: Wednesday's Residents Association meeting].
Failure to comply with this order shall result in direct confrontation and or disruption of such meetings without notice and the subsequent arrests and persecution of participants.

(B MURWIRA) Chief Superintendent
Officer Commanding Police
CHRA comments:
The meeting at Town House was organised and run by the City of Harare at the Mayor's behest. The presence of CHRA and representatives of local resident's associations was at the invitation of the Mayor in the interests of cooperation, transparency and accountability, aspects of good governance that are anathema to the Mugabe regime.
The suspension of the Mayor is a matter of dispute and will have to be determined by the courts. The Harare Council and CHRA do not regard the suspension as legitimate.
The Mugabe regime's use of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to carry out unlawful instructions illustrates the contempt of ZANUPF for the organs of the State and its willingness to subvert such bodies to its own dubious ends.
The claim that "residents advocated for a demonstration against the lawful suspension of the Mayor" is fictitious - one obviously drunken person made some outrageous and counter-productive statements which were received with silence by others present who were more interested in constructive debate than provocative grandstanding. The person was given ample space to make a fool of himself as this is (perhaps unfortunately) a necessity of democratic debate but to then claim that he represented any but his own views is stretching the truth to such an extent that one would suspect the person concerned was an agent provocateur.
The claim that "these weekly meetings agenda has become incitive [sic] of public disorder" is ridiculous. Apart from the fact that there is no agenda save an open and frank discussion between residents and their officials, by denying this forum to residents, the regime risks provoking a more confrontational approach.
The threat of direct confrontation, disruption, arrest and prosecution are all inflammatory bullying against lawful citizens who wish to exercise their democratic rights.
The ZRP should exercise care in the execution of their duties and resist being subverted to their political masters' narrow political agenda. One day they shall be held accountable for their collective and individual actions.
Section 26 Prohibition of Public gatherings to avoid public disorder
(1) Without derogation from section 25, if a regulating authority believes on reasonable grounds that a public gathering will occasion public disorder, he may by notice in terms of subsection (3) prohibit the public gathering.
(2) Whenever it is practicable to do so, before acting in terms of subsection (1), a regulating authority shall afford the organiser of the public gathering concerned a reasonable opportunity to make representations in the matter.
(3) A notice given under subsection (1) shall have effect immediately it is issued and shall be published-
(a) in a newspaper circulating in the area to which the direction applies; or
(b) by notices distributed among the public or affixed upon public buildings in the area to which the direction applies; or
(c) by announcement of a police officer that is broadcast or made orally:
Provided that, where practicable, the regulating authority shall ensure that the notice is reduced to writing and served on the organiser of the public gathering to which it relates.
(4) Any person who is aggrieved by a notice given under subsection (1) may appeal against it to the Minister, and the Minister may confirm, vary or set aside the notice or give such other order in the matter as he thinks just:
Provided that the noting of an appeal in terms of this subsection shall not have the effect of suspending any notice appealed against.
(5) Any person who knowingly opposes or fails to comply with a notice given under subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.
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From Reuters, 9 May

Zimbabwe govt urged to make speedy food aid appeal

By Stella Mapenzauswa

Harare - Zimbabwe may lose out on vital donor assistance if President Robert
Mugabe's government does not recognise the extent of current shortages and
appeal for more food aid soon, donor organisations said on Friday. Drought
and disruption to agriculture caused by seizures of white-owned farms for
landless blacks has left half the country's 14 million people facing food
shortages. But donor officials said the government had underestimated the
problem. "We have a problem in the sense that there are discordant figures
given by the government itself and by what we see on the ground," said
Francesca Mosca, head of a delegation from the European Commission. If we
don't have evidence that there is a need and if there is no appeal from the
government it will be very difficult for us to pledge more food since there
are also competing emergencies like the Horn of Africa and Iraq," she told
Reuters on the sidelines of a donations ceremony in the capital Harare.

Last month, the U.S.-based Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWSNET)
said the country expected a reduced 561,180 tonnes cereal gap for the
2003/04 consumption year but that food security would worsen in
drought-prone southern districts. Industry officials had previously
estimated maize output of at least 414,100 tonnes from the 2002/03
(Nov/March) cropping season, down 20 percent from the previous year. Mosca
said the European Union remained committed to offering aid despite frosty
relations with Mugabe's government - mainly over the land reforms and
Mugabe's controversial re-election last year, which triggered travel
sanctions on his ruling elite. Mugabe denies that mismanagement has left a
once thriving economy in shambles, with acute foreign currency and fuel
shortages. Plan International, one of the non-governmental organisations
distributing food aid in the country, warned that current estimates of maize
output from the just-ended 2002/03 cropping season could have been inflated
by basing calculations on area planted rather than actual harvest. "Some
people believe there are harvests somewhere but when you go on the ground
you don't see these harvests. We have had the opportunity to actually do
more recent assessments and what we know is, on the ground, people are
suffering," Edson Mugore, project manager at Plan International, told
Reuters. "I think the worst is yet to come, particularly if you look at the
period from July up to the next harvest. The situation in Zimbabwe will be
worse," Mugore added.
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            More than 40 arrested in Zimbabwe Mother's Day march
            May 10, 2003, 18:30

            Zimbabwean police arrested and charged 46 women, after some of
them attempted to gather in the southern city of Bulawayo to celebrate
Mother's Day in defiance of a police ban, witnesses and lawyers said.

            The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
condemned the move, which mirrored arrests of 73 women in Bulawayo and the
capital Harare during peace marches on Valentine's Day in February. In a
statement, the MDC said the arrests showed "the repressive regime's
insensitivity to gender issues".

            "Police swooped on the they tried to gather at a
central spot in town. They bundled them into a waiting vehicle and took them
away," a witness told Reuters.

            A human rights lawyer representing the women said the group
included innocent bystanders. All 46 were charged under the Miscellaneous
Offence Act, and fined Z$3 000 ($3.63) each. "They will be released today,"
lawyer Perpetua Dube said.

            Police were not available for comment. A similar gathering of
about 100 women in Harare took place without incident.

            Sunday is officially celebrated as Mother's Day in Zimbabwe.

            President Robert Mugabe signed tough security legislation just
before he was re-elected in 2002, which forbids public meetings and is seen
as aimed at suppressing opposition.

            Earlier this week police arrested 20 protesters, mainly women,
as they picketed a hotel where the leaders of South Africa, Nigeria and
Malawi were meeting with Morgan Tsvangirai, MDC leader as part of mediation
efforts to resolve Zimbabwe's political and economic crisis.

            Mugabe denies that he has mismanaged the country since taking
over power at independence from Britain in 1980 and charges the ailing
economy has been sabotaged by his opponents, led by the former colonial
power, in retaliation for his seizure of white-owned farms for landless
blacks. - Reuters
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Straw condemns Interpol honour for Mugabe's police chief
(Filed: 10/05/2003)

Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, has condemned the appointment of
Zimbabwe's police chief as honorary vice-president of Interpol as an
"insult" to the victims of Robert Mugabe's oppressive regime.

Brunel University-educated Augustine Chihuri was offered the honorary
position by Interpol president Jesus Espigares Mira following a resolution
of the body's executive committee in February. It emerged earlier this week
that he had accepted the appointment.

Police Commissioner Chihuri is one of the group of close associates of
Zimbabwe's President Mugabe who are subject to EU and US travel bans because
of allegations of vote-rigging and human rights abuses in the southern
African state.

Mr Chihuri, who was Interpol's vice-president for Africa for six years to
last October, turned a blind eye to occupations of white-owned farms,
despite rulings by Zimbabwe's High Court ordering him to eject intruders.

Last year the police chief himself was accused of seizing a valuable farm.

Under Mr Chihuri's leadership, the Zimbabwean police force has failed to
prevent gangs of supporters of Mr Mugabe's Zanu-PF party from inflicting a
campaign of violence and intimidation against the opposition Movement for
Democratic Change.

In a letter today to shadow foreign secretary Michael Ancram, Mr Straw
stated: "I believe that the decision to reward Chihuri in this way was
wrong. Had we been asked we would have said so.

"It is an insult to the people who have suffered at the hands of the
Zimbabwean police and other state security apparatus in that country.

"The UK continues to protest at the violations of human rights there and we
were at the forefront of preparing the resolution on Zimbabwe at this year's
UN Commission on Human Rights.

"This resolution condemned the climate of impunity, incidents of arbitrary
arrest and violations of key freedoms, and called upon the government of
Zimbabwe to put an end to impunity and to fulfil its responsibility to
ensure that those responsible for human rights violations are brought to

In an earlier letter to Mr Straw, Mr Ancram had described Mr Chihuri's
appointment as "quite staggering".
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Pictures raise doubts in elephant tragedy

ADVENTURE lover Kerrie Morrow may have photographed the rogue elephant which
trampled her to death on a safari in Zimbabwe.

The free-spirited Melbourne woman took a picture of an elephant face-on, its
tusk visible and its ears forward, shortly before her death.
Her sister, Michelle, said yesterday the photographs Ms Morrow took on the
day of her death have raised serious questions about the case.

The picture of the elephant is the second last on the roll of film and shows
the animal about 50m away and advancing.

The two safari guides with Ms Morrow claimed in sworn affidavits they had
seen a herd of elephants about 200m away.

The difference between 50m and 200m may have cost the life of the
29-year-old, her sister said.

Even an Australian consulate report to the Morrow family notes investigators
do not believe the trainee guides' statement.

"(The investigator) is questioning whether the guides went closer than 100m
as it is unusual for an elephant to charge from this distance," the report

The guides also claimed that they were at a river and Ms Morrow was taking
pictures of a group of elephants when the animals charged. There are no
pictures of a river, a herd of elephants or animals charging.

The last photograph is of a smiling Ms Morrow on top of a white horse taken
by one of guides.

The next five frames have no image - as if fired off by accident with the
lens cover on.

A forensic photographer will analyse the pictures.

The family's lawyer, Arushan Pillay, of Slater and Gordon, said both the
State Coroner and Attorney-General would be asked to investigate.

The principal registrar of the Coroner's Court, Rick Roberts, said the
Coroner had the jurisdiction to investigate the case even though it happened

He said it would be a similar situation to the investigations into Melbourne
cousins, George Karalis and George Loizos, who were murdered in Greece.

Michelle Morrow has many unanswered questions, including why her sister's
safari was with trainees and not qualified guides.

She said it was very disturbing that most of her sister's $US1600 cash and
some jewellery was missing.

She said she had contacted Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, with a list
of serious concerns.
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Zvakwana Newsletter #24 - Let's sweep them out
May 10, 2003

The troika comes to town . . .
(mugabe’s looking a bit thin, isn’t he?)

Tatenda/siyabonga moyo, you have finally gotten the message and you are helping us to spread our slogan
Like many different things associated with the illegitimate mugabe government, the official web site for Parliament often doesn’t come up because it's hosted on the government server. But if you catch it one day when it's working, go and visit the short biography on mad minister jonathan moyo and you’ll see that he is putting down that one of his hobbies is script-writing. moyo is known as the minister of lies and propaganda and in recent days we have noticed that he is either running out of his own ideas, or that he has finally come round in agreement that Enough is Enough! Zvakwana. Sokwanele. [ In his adverts he deliberately sidelines Sokwanele – you’ll be sorry moyo! ]

Of course true to form, moyo is always getting things wrong. Do you think he knows the meaning of the word "fact"? In his adverts moyo confuses real heroes with sell outs and he says that peace loving Zimbabweans are violent.

Hundreds of Zvakwana subscribers have been writing to us saying these latest adverts from moyo are just another signal on the wall that the mugabe regime is running on empty: empty coffers, empty heads, empty petrol stations, empty shelves, empty banks, empty everything.

You can contact junior minister moyo in his capacity as the deputy secretary for information and publicity at

Or you can phone or fax him on 703 891 or 790 402. You can tell him thanks for the free adverts, and help him to understand what it is we’re exactly enough of.

Zvakwana street activists are continuing to lead the way - telling it how it is.

WOZA women marching us toward freedom

In Harare today we witnessed over 400 women gather peacefully in Unity Square to celebrate Mother’s Day. Also on the agenda were discussions about the need to "sweep Zimbabwe clean". Many women were therefore carrying a grass broom. Clutching colourful bunches of flowers the women’s voices were raised in jubilant song and prayer. It is evident that we are taking back our space on the streets, and we are heading towards that mansion on 7th Street. Cleaning up our government, cleaning up the corruption that has crippled our country and we will make sure that when the new order is ushered in, we will make them accountable for their actions. No more abuse! But in Bulawayo the authorities are cracking down in a vicious manner on peaceful demonstrations. It is important to note that the illegitimate mugabe government has a specific strategy as to how they are dealing with Bulawayo. The authorities are taking advantage that there is not so much media attention in the south of our country and they think that their tactics will go undetected. But we are vowing that this will not happen and we will work vigorously to ensure that our brothers and sisters in the City of Kings are not persecuted in silence. Already 4 women are languishing in detention in Bulawayo. They were arrested while they were sweeping the streets. zanu pf is a laughing stock to all that surrounds them because of this over-reaction to peaceful protest. Why are you so scared zanu?

Please visit for more pictures and information.

Zvakwana wishes our mothers and sisters happy Mother's Day this Sunday.

WOZA scarves tell it like it is!
Sorry for that moyo, we hear that you don’t like the beautiful WOZA scarves that say quite clearly, Zvakwana, Enough is Enough, Sokwanele! Unlike the various cabinet ministers who know in their hearts that the abuse of Zimbabwean people is enough, the women are so courageous that they wear their scarves for all too see. The next thing we will hear is that moyo is manufacturing underpants. It is high time that cabinet ministers come out and say what is wrong with how this country is being MIS-ruled and to stop covering up the truth.

Harare Residents: WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE?
Zvakwana would like to ask all Harare residents why they are taking the suspension of Mayor Mudzuri so timidly. It is because we have been so timid in the past that we are reaping some serious punishment now through the abusive illegitimate mugabe regime. There was this Daily News billboard the other week that said Harare residents were so outraged over the Mayor’s suspension. But where is this outrage? How does outrage look to you? Do we still just continue to whisper in our homes, our offices, in the bar or in the fuel queue that it is not correct to treat Mudzuri like this. Or do we collectively decide to show solidarity and support for the Mayor by coming together in large numbers to remind the authorities that it is in fact the people who have the power – not the cud chewing chombo.

Zvakwana! Enough is Enough! Sokwanele! People, it is high time that we poked the eye of this old and tired bull.

chombo says he suspended Mudzuri because he isn’t delivering services. But hospitals are crumbling, schools are failing to educate our children, food, fuel and forex are nowhere to be found and the entire country is collapsing. For this the whole illegitimate mugabe government should be suspended for non performance!

Spitting even further on our fundamental human rights, the authorities believe that they can ban consultative meetings with the Mayor. They are VERY WRONG! The authorities have absolutely no right to deny us permission to meet with our elected Mayor.

Zvakwana respectfully calls upon you, one and all, living in Harare to give up just one of your lunchtimes and turn out to show the Mayor that you support his hard work over the last year.

WHEN: Wednesday, 14th May
WHERE: Town House, Julius Nyerere Way
TIME: 1pm (lunchtime meeting)

Please bring a friend, and forward this information on to many other supporters.

Let’s meet at Town House and show the police, chombo, and the rest of these pathetic zanu frogs that we’re not going to be silenced by them any more.

It’s time that we put our words in action.

By honouring chihuri Interpol negates its own values
For too long, members of the Zanu Repressive Police (ZRP) have run riot over the rights and freedoms of everyday Zimbabweans. People across the country live in fear of expressing themselves freely because of the known brutality of the ZRP. As we remember, Tonderai Machiridza died on Independence Day last month, following a beating he received at the hands of the police. Violence by the police and youth militia has sent over 600 people to hospital in the past two months alone. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s Commissioner of Police, augustine chihuri, has been the Interpol (an International association of police forces) vice president for Africa for two consecutive three year terms. Apparently, he is doing such impressive work that he has been named honorary vice president of the organisation. According to their own literature the values of Interpol include: Respect for human rights, integrity and accountability. Given the way police brutality defines police security in Zimbabwe, and the way the ZRP reacted when a recent MDC advertising campaign tried to hold them accountable for their torture tactics, you wonder if Interpol makes it a policy to act in ways contrary to their stated values. What does it mean for policing in the rest of Africa, if Zimbabwe’s Police Commissioner is held in such high regard? Confront Interpol on its hypocrisy. Tell them what you think. Tell them what Batanai Hadzidzi, Tonderai Machiridza and countless others who died at the hands of the police, cannot tell them.
Email Interpol headquarters on or Fax them on (+33) 4 72 44 71 63 (France)
and if you feel like deflating chihuri’s fat ego, call or SMS him on 011 808 290

SMS messages flying around the city
Zvakwana activists are pleased to see that creative persons out there are embarking on their own protest initiatives. This is an example of an SMS recently received:

When you feel nobody loves you.
Nobody cares and everyone is ignoring you.
Ask yourself, "am I zanu pf".

We would like to add one more line: GET READY FOR THE FINAL PUSH! It is coming soon.

 On arrival at Harare International Airport, Mbeki gives the open hand salute.

Please help us to get the Zvakwana message out further by forwarding this newsletter to as many of your friends and colleagues as possible.

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Saturday Sitrep. 10/04/03.
Worcester V Zimbabwe Cricket at WCCC.

Arrived at 11am.  Set up my two placards and HOOT FOR FREEDOM IN ZIMBABWE
poster.  Alamost immediately there were results.  I was soon noticed from
inside the cricket club.  An official stuck his head out , then a curtian
twitched and a pair of eyes observed before it twitched back.

However all was not what it seemed.  I was back in my uniform of shorts and
T shirt, and - now traditionsally - the sun went behind the clouds for the
rest of the day, and it blew and blew and I froze.

Hari had got lost, but joined me eventually - much to my relief. The moment
he joined me, amazingly the quantity of hoots from the road increased.

The Chief Exec of Worcester CCC came out and shook hands with me and
indicated he agreed with our work.  Then a gentleman came out and brought me
a cup of tea and a muffin.

Later,  an official from the ZCU - and I will not give his name - came out
and chatted to us.  He said that he came to thank us for what we were doing
and that almost all the players would support us on that.  He mentioned that
they are under tremendous stress.  I simply said that we were here simply to
highlight the issues in Zimbabwe and we understood that they were obviously
in a hard place.  Speaking to him I could see a man who himself was highly
stressed.  My heart went out to them.  I felt it was very courageous for
this man to come out and speak to us and I would not want to compromise him.
He asked who I represented and so I told him - the Zimbabwe Association and
the MDC.

Some of the players came out and walked into town then back, and gave us a
thumbs up before dissappearing back inside.  Then later some came past in a
car, hooting like mad,  and turned (as we thought) into the grounds.
However they did a full circuit of the square and came past hooting again.

A member of the press came out and chatted briefly with us, commenting "Ah,
I see your numbers have doubled since this morning".  We saw no other press
at all - unless they were filming us secretly when the lady who brought our
tea picked up a fallen placard for us.

Then a lady from the WCCC brought us more tea.  And at 3pm she brought us
tea and cake.

I estimated at a minimum we were getting 30 cars per minute going past, and
possibly 10% hooting.  In five hours therefore 9000 cars with 900 hooting
back.  Only had two negative comments from pedestrians and three negative
gestures from drivers (saying they would be one or two minutes, depending on
digits displayed).  Pedestrian support was good, friendly, and more than a
few said Beep Beep (pedestrian hoot).

At lunchbreak, some spectators came out to go into town, and had a good look
at us, realising that we were the ones responsible for the constant
cacophony of hooting.

We adjourned at 4pm.  Frozen.  Tomorrow I will give it a break due to back
strain unless Ade can confirm that he is coming up.  Hari is studying for A
level exams and is under pressure to study but will be joining us at Lords.
He has been contacting a number of organisations to join in.

A very good protest in that, again we put the proper face of civility
forward which builds on the reputation of the MDC and other organisations as
peaceful law-abiding movements - and that we will not stoop to foul means
because that would put us on a par with Mugabe.

Andy Hall,
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