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- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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Business Report

      Zimbabwe at a low ebb in forex crisis
      May 12, 2003

      By AFP

      Harare - Zimbabwe's crippling foreign currency scarcity showed no
signs of easing at the weekend as authorities admitted failure to print bank
notes and warned of a possible power cut because of mounting debt.

      The central bank has run out of foreign exchange to import the special
paper and ink used to print bank notes, according to state media.

      The energy ministry has also announced that the country risked having
its electricity imports cut by South Africa, Mozambique and the Democratic
Republic of Congo in response to the failure to service a Z$45 million debt.

      Shortages of petroleum-based fuels have worsened in recent weeks as
motorists sometimes queue for days.

      Petrol stations cannot even tell when their next supplies are due but
usually get an allocation once a week.

      The start of tobacco marketing - tobacco was once the country's top
foreign exchange earner - used to ease the shortages. But since marketing
began two weeks ago, the forex situation has not improved.

      Analysts are now warning that Zimbabwe has practically no foreign
exchange reserves.

      With an accumulated external debt of more than $4 billion, of which
$1.9 billion is past its due date, the country has sold forward gold and
tobacco, which means the proceeds upon delivery are offset against advance
payments, according to independent economist Eric Bloch.

      Zimbabwe started experiencing foreign currency shortages in the late
1990s, but the crisis has deepened in recent years.

      Economist Moses Tekere said the forex crisis could have been solved
had the government had the will to do so. "The problem I think is in the
economic architecture," said Tekere.

      "The problem ... is that it has a propensity to expand, or even to
explode," he warned

      Zimbabwe's main forex sources have been exports, loans, foreign direct
investment and foreign grants.

      Bloch said the sharp decline in agricultural exports was partially
attributable to two years of drought.

      But he said it was "more extensively due to a very marked decline in
agricultural production" in response to land reforms that displaced most of
the commercial farmers and replaced them with new farmers who lacked skills
and resources.

      Mining production has been reduced heavily following the closure of
mines that lost viability as a result of massive increases - brought on by
hyperinflation - in operating costs.

      Increased operating costs have also led to a marked reduction in
manufacturing exports. In addition, Tekere said, there has been a general
anti-export bias caused by a dual exchange rate that has forced exporters to
sell their foreign exchange on the underground market.

      Although the government devalued the currency for exporters from 55
units to the greenback to 800, the parallel market remains at about Z$1 300
to the US dollar.

      Meanwhile, Reuters reported South African President Thabo Mbeki said
on Friday the crisis gripping Zimbabwe did not stem from "reckless"
leadership or corruption, but from a genuine desire to help the poor black

      Zimbabwe had adopted a "live now, pay later" policy to keep the cost
of living low and improve access to essential services but this caused
expensive public debt and huge budget deficits, Mbeki wrote in an ANC

      "Contrary to what some in our country now claim, the economic crisis
currently affecting Zimbabwe did not originate from the desperate actions of
a reckless political leadership, or corruption," he said. - AFP
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Cricket protesters in talks with club May 12 2003

      By Neil Mckay, The Journal

      Talks will take place in London tomorrow between Durham cricket bosses
and campaigners against Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe in an attempt to
avoid disruption to the North-East's first ever Test match.

      Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell confirmed to The Journal last
night that he was to have discussions with Bill Midgley, chairman of Durham
County Cricket Club, but warned: "We will not be fobbed off with a tame
vigil outside the ground."

      But Mr Tatchell said he could agree to a compromise which allowed
"some sort of high-profile protest" in return for not disrupting the game,
which begins on June 5 at Chester-le-Street.

      The talks were arranged following fears of pitch invasions from
opponents of the Mugabe regime.

      Mr Midgley said: "We will have security arrangements in place to do
our utmost to prevent any sort of disruptions to the cricket. But we have
always said we don't have any objections to their point of view, it is how
they put it across.

      "We are prepared to grant them a platform to give them the opportunity
to put across that point of view, a point of view for which a lot of people
will have sympathy.

      "But they are a pro-democracy group and democracy comes in many forms,
including the right of people to enjoy the cricket. We do not think we can
fob them off, they are not naive and neither are we, but we hope we can come
to some agreement."

      Mr Tatchell confirmed: "We are prepared to consider a compromise where
the match will not be disrupted in return for an alternative form of
high-profile protest."

      The Riverside is the first new Test Match venue for over 100 years,
but Mr Tatchell said: "It is a great pity that such an auspicious occasion
will be tainted by the presence of a country which does not respect
democracy or human rights."

      He stressed he had "no argument with the Zimbabwe cricketers, but with
the country they represent."

      Opponents of the Mugabe regime point to mass human rights abuses and
torture as well as the forcible displacement and murder of white farmers.

      Cricketer Henry Olonga had to flee the country after sporting a black
armband during a match in protest at the regime.

      Durham had lined up alternative Test opposition in the event of the
Zimbabwe team cancelling the tour. Sales are said to be going well for the
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Zim Air running on empty
12/05/2003 10:25  - (SA)

Harare - Zimbabwe's national airline has just two or three days worth of
fuel supply, the result of a critical shortage of liquid fuels that has hit
the country, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Quoting airline spokesperson David Mwenga, the private Daily News said Air
Zimbabwe is waiting to hear from fuel companies when more fuel will be

"We have enough stocks for two to three days," Mwenga was quoted as saying.

The spokesperson said that an Air Zimbabwe flight from London to Harare had
to make a stopover in the Zambian capital Lusaka on Sunday, to save the
country's own dwindling stocks of fuel.

Zimbabwe is in the grip of a crippling fuel shortage, due to a lack of
foreign currency needed to import the commodity. Most fuel stations across
the country have run dry.

There is also a shortage of coal in the country, which has affected
industry, and the government has said that electricity power cuts are
imminent due to the inability of the country to pay its debts to suppliers.

The Air Zimbabwe spokesperson was not available to speak to AFP on Monday.
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 Combined Harare Residents Association
 The Resident
 09 May 2003
For enhanced civic participation in local governance

In this issue we give you press statements that have been made on the current suspension of the Executive Mayor of Harare, and ask that all residents support the initiative by having friends and relatives within the city signing up to the petition. Let not the democratic right we fought for be put to waste by the Minister.

In this issue
  • Crisis in Zimbabwe issues statement on the Suspension of the Executive Mayor.
  • ZCTU offers message of Solidarity to the Executive Mayor.
  • Zimbabwe Network in Germany deplores Minister's Action.
  • Statement by the Mayor of Munich on the suspension of the Executive Mayor.
  • Town House consultative meetings suspended.
  • CHRA to hold Advocacy Workshop with Urban Councils.
  • Women in Zimbabwe decry the political violence currently affecting the country.
  • Anti - Hijack Trust - My Own hijacking
  • Residents Comments
  • Residents Tickle of the Week.
  • Residents' Quote of the Week.

Crisis in Zimbabwe issues statement on the Suspension of the Executive Mayor.
Hypocrisy Revealed in Mudzuri Suspension
7 May 2003
The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition condemns the double standards exhibited by the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing in suspending the Executive Mayor of Harare, Eng. Elias Mudzuri for alleged “mismanagement of City affairs leading to a decline in service delivery to the residents and ratepayers of Harare.” 
In reality, however, since Mudzuri’s election, it is the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing that has interfered with the City Council and frustrated attempts of the Executive Mayor to run the city.  Despite this, the Executive Mayor has continued to perform his duties, and has provided critical services to the people of Harare to as great an extent as possible.  Notably, his bona fide attempts to consult residents have been thwarted by riot police for nebulous political reasons. 
The arbitrary suspension of Mudzuri represents a double standard in the application of authority by the Minister of Local Government.  While other local authorities continue to suffer under poor service delivery, similar action has not been adopted.  Indeed, the whole country is a victim of mismanagement and poor service delivery, and yet not a single member of the executive has been fired.  Hospitals are largely dysfunctional, as are schools, colleges and universities.  There are rampant food, fuel and foreign currency shortages.  Surely if service delivery were so important, the entire government would have been fired by now. 
Beyond this, the actions of the Minister of Local Government come at a time when service delivery from some of the nation’s largest parastatal organisations—such as NOCZIM and ZESA—has collapsed.  And yet no one in the Ministry of Energy has been asked to pack their bags or go on unpaid leave.
The Coalition condemns the hypocrisy of the Minister of Local Government suspending an elected representative of Zimbabwe’s capital city.  Mudzuri was popularly elected by the residents of Harare to serve a four-year term.  Most residents have noted with gratitude his council’s attempt to repair roads and traffic lights and to attend to refuse collection, among other services.  The Member of Parliament for Zvimba North is obliged to defer to the interests of Harare residents in this matter.  If the rural MP holds a contrary opinion, the matter should be put to a referendum at his expense.  Until then, Harare residents have a right to be represented by their elected leader.
The Coalition’s mandate is to address the twin questions of governance and legitimacy.
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition¨¨¨Tel/Fax: +263 4 747 817¨¨¨Email:
A petition to protest the suspension of Mudzuri is currently being circulated.  Please contact CHRA on 746 019 or
email them on for more information on how you can sign on to that petition

ZCTU offers message of Solidarity to the Executive Mayor.
The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has offered a letter of solidarity to the City Council over the suspension of the Executive Mayor of Harare, Eng. Elias Mudzuri. In a letter addressed to the Engineer, the ZCTU stated that:
It is unfortunate that the Honourable Minister seems to be bent on frustrating the Mayor of Harare and ultimately push him out of office when he should be busy attending to more pressing national issues.
The ZCTU unreservedly supports The Mayor in all his efforts in trying to solve the problems being faced by the Harare residents and also understands that some of these problems are beyond the Mayor’s control.
The ZCTU would like to urge Your Worship to remain resolute and committed in fulfilling the mandate you were given by the residents of Harare who elected you into office.

Zimbabwe Network in Germany deplores Minister's Action.
 The Zimbabwe Network in Germany, as a solidarity organisation for zimbabwean people and engaged in creating public awareness for the situation in zimbabwe, wish to express our support for you as elected mayor of the City of Harare.
We strongly protest your suspension by the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.
The Minister claims that he is acting in the interests of the residents and that he has consulted the. As far as we are informed we have to reject both assertions.
The Government refused to hold elections for the post of Mayor and it was the association, Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) that compelled the Government to hold the elections.
We appreciate that the Executive Mayor has tried to carry out his duties despite constant interference from the Minister. Council has been denied access to funds for capital projects and attempts to rid the municipality of incompetent employees have been frustrated. Your efforts to engage the public have resulted in not only your arrest but the arrest of residents who sought to bring their issues to your attention.
We call upon the Minister to immediately rescind the order for your suspension and to stop interfering with the democratically elected Council.
Yours in support
for the Zimbabwe Network in Germany
Christoph Beninde
Secretary and Board Member

Statement by the Mayor of Munich on the suspension of the Executive Mayor.
The decision by the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Ignatius Chombo to suspend the Executive Mayor of Harare Engineer Elias Mudzuri has astonished us.
This far reaching decision can hardly be justified in our eyes. From our own experience we know Mayor Mudzuri as a highly qualified, responsible and engaged partner who is working hard to turn around the situation in Harare which has deteriorated during years of previous mismanagement. The decision to suspend the Executive Mayor of Harare on the ground of general and unproven allegations is contary to our understanding of basic democratic principles. Elias Mudzuri has been elected Mayor of Harare by an overwhelming majority of the citizens of Harare.
For the sake of democracy in Zimbabwe and in the best interest of the citizens of Harare we believe this suspension should be reversed immediately.
We would also like to stress that only a democratically legitimised city government in Harare can be a partner of the city of Munich.

Town House meetings suspended.
The Officer Commanding ZRP Harare Central, Chief Superintendant Bobby Murwira has issued a letter addressed to the Acting Mayor of Harare advising of the suspension of all meetings with residents at Town House " as a prevententive measure". The letter states that the weekly meetings' agenda " have become incitive of public disorder," hence " my office hereby suspends the holding of such meetings in the interest of publuc order until further notice."
The meetings have been subject to inordinate disruptions ever since they took off the ground, with residents each week being intimidated by the presence of police in full riot gear. Most of the issues that the Residents Associations have raised for discussion have not been attended to because of the disruptions. The letter explicitly states that " Failure to comply with this order shall result in direct confrontation and or disruption of such meetings without notice and the subsequent arrests and prosecution of participants.
Send us your comments on, or 746019

CHRA to hold Advocacy Workshop with Urban Councils.
From the 14th to the 15th of May 2003, Combined Harare Residents Association under the auspices of the Zimbabwe United Residents Association will be holding an advocacy workshop with the Executive Mayors, TownClerks, Chairpersons, Chief Executive Officers, and Secretaries of the Town Boards that fall within the urban local authorities of Zimbabwe. The Workshop seeks to have the following outcomes:
 i)    To share the findings, and policy recommendations, on the Audit of the Urban Councils Act we commissioned with specific reference to enhanced civic participation in local/municipal governance
ii)         To share UCAZ’s  findings and learn from their experiences with regards to civic participation in municipal governance.
iii)         To develop and enhance the smart partnership strategies to ensure broader decision making process in municipal governance
The Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe, to which the local authorities are members came up with various recommendations aimed at ammending the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15). One of these ammendments had to do with the decentralisation of services to allow for councils to gain more autonomy in their operations. The association hopes to share with the service providers their experiences in as far as the act is concerned with a view to fine tuning its proposals for consideration by parliament. A full report of the workshop proceedings shall be made available.

 Women in Zimbabwe decry the political violence currently affecting the country.

The Women's Coalition condemns in the strongest terms possible the sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and other forms of violence that have been committed against the women of Zimbabwe. We are particularly incensed by the recently reported  gang rapes. The intensity and multiple forms of violence which women are being subjected to has reached intolerable and shameful levels. Over the last few years thousands of women have been the silent and invisible victims of an orchestrated campaign of terror and politically driven violence that has swept the country. Rape is being used as a weapon to terrorize, humiliate and degrade women, pushing them into silence and accepting human rights abuses of the foulest sort. The cultural taboos surrounding sexual violations in our society have enveloped these horrific rape crimes in cloaks of silence. The impact of this sexual violence will live with these women forever, especially given the high levels of HIV/AIDS. We take great exception to statements applauding the patience and resilience of Zimbabwean women. Such statements suggest that it is acceptable for African women to be violated and to accommodate that oppression. Women have borne the brunt of the violence associated with politics for long enough.
Zimbabwe, is a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women CEDAW. The government has committed itself to ending all forms of sexual and other gender based violent crimes against women. We demand protection under that convention.
We the Women's Coalition, an indigenous umbrella body of individual women and women's non-governmental organizations demand that the relevant authorities call for an immediate end to the violence that now colours our society.  We demand that the relevant authorities deal with the matter of making our communities peaceful immediately instead of treating the violations with indifference and contempt towards women who shoulder the burden of family and other responsibilities.
For any enquiries contact us on email.
Please print this message out and distribute it at your workplace.  In addition, feel free to forward this message to your contacts and colleagues. 

Anti - Hijack Trust - My Own hijacking
Mary Van Heerden
Today, Tuesday is a milestone but not many milestones have been passed unfortunately. At 4.00pm on Tuesday the 4th May 1998, I was hijacked, violently assaulted, and a man stuck a gun in my stomach and cocked it. 5 years on and that one man out of a gang of 4 was caught and charged with armed robbery. I have been to Court at least 4 times in 5 years, ID'd the man endless times both inside and outside the courtroom and still nothing has happened. The original Bench consisted of a Judge and 2 Assessors, but now one of the Assessors is chronically ill and cannot continue with my case, so it has now been referred to the Supreme Court where I've been told they will either decide to convict him anyway or they will order a re-trial. The "suspect" is languishing in jail on conviction of other robbery crimes, but what if he serves his sentence and is released. He knows exactly who I am and where I live. What I'm trying to say is that Justice delayed is certainly not justice received. I am by no means the only one in this predicament. The newly retired Attorney-General was a good friend and had been working very hard to see my case "closed". It all smacks of something and the Prosecutor involved tells me that the case is "sensitive".  Where do I go from here? Why does no one tell me what is happening? For how long must I remain a victim? I have kept quiet about the injustices of my case but not for one second more. I just wanted to share this "anniversary" with you and let you know that I will never give up no matter what happens.

Love all round

Mary van Heerden - Anti Hijack Trust.

Residents Comments

This is a message to let you know that we protest, in the strongest terms, to the suspension of our elected mayor, Elias Mudzuri.
Let our voices be heard in any way you can.

The minister does not yet understand the democratic process.
All the best

Ruth Evans
I am hoping that this is over soon so we dont have to start the withholding of rates again!
We are behind you all the way. Please do count on us for whatever is necessary by all means possible.
Sam Hove
Dear Sir
Please let us plan action not just talking. We can not have Chinotimbas as our councilors and mayors. These are not elected people. Please we need action NOW
Dear Sir
So, what are we going to do about it.  I have umpteen dozen e-mails and phone calls every day asking what is happening and when are the people going to get up and do something - MDC lead the pack, we need to be told what to do.  I know it is hard with no media coverage but still the question on everybodies lips are 'what are the MDC going to do and when?'  There are many who now do not believe that the MDC have the 'guts' whatever you want to call it, to do anything.
Tell us??????????????????????

Residents' Tickle of the Week.
Simple Simon applied for a deputy sheriff's job. In the interview, the sheriff asked him, "What's one and one?"
Simon answered, "Eleven."
This wasn't what the sheriff meant, but he had to admit the boy was right. Next question: "What two days of the
week start with the letter 'T'?"
"Today and tomorrow."
The sheriff was impressed by the way Simon thought outside the box, so he challenged him. "Who killed Abraham Lincoln?"
Simon looked surprised and admitted, "I don't know." "Well, go home and work on that for a while," replied the
sheriff, satisfied that he'd stumped him.Simon went home and told his mother, "The interview went
great! First day on the job and I'm already working on a murder case!"

From Reader's Digest, May 2003.

Residents' Quote of the Week.
"You have no chance but use it."
A German saying mentioned by the Mayor of Munich during his recent visit to Harare.

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To unsubscribe, send us a blank e-mail with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Combined Harare Residents Association
11 Armagh Avenue
P.O. Box HR7870
Tel: 746019
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WOZA News Update 12th May 2003

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) went ahead with the Mothers Day Walks in
Harare and Bulawayo on 10th May 2003. WOZA is a civic action and
communications platform formed to break the silence and lobby on bread and
butter issues affecting women and their families.

Harare had received police clearance and over 400 women participated,
joining hands in prayer and song. With their grass brooms, they swept the
environs around Africa Unity Square close to the Zimbabwean Parliament
building. Ladies wore their WOZA scarves proudly. Two Dominican nuns also
joined and wore their  scarves. Police in attendance were friendly and even
requested scarves to take home to their wives. An incredibly uplifting event
that went on for about two hours and was enjoyed by all who attended. The
walk was led by Getrude Hambira, Agnes Skero and Doreen Nelson, the WOZA
Harare founding members. Please visit the Zvakwana to view
the beautiful pictures and more information.

In Bulawayo the procession was led by Jenni Williams and Marble Ngwenya.
Here is Jenni Williams account....

We swept the streets of Bulawayo signing our theme song and 46 of us were
arrested for standing up for our right to say that it was time to put our
house (Zimbabwe) in order and time to sweep away the violence and suffering.
The words of our iSindebele song are: Mothers stand up.  Stand up and work,
for life is tough and it needs work for it to be sorted out. We sang that
song as we swept, we sang it as we were driven away in the police land rover
and we even sang it in the prison cells and we will continue to sing it.

Some of our mothers went on to sing a church song so loudly in the Bulawayo
Central cell that a notorious law and order Sgt Ngwenya came in and slapped
8 women to try to get the name of the person who started the singing. Of
course he was told they all began signing at once!

We wore scarves with the motif  WOZA - Sokwanele - Zvakwana - Enough is
Enough. 92 of our scarves are still in custody, so too is our banner which
read : Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) Say no to hate and violence and yes to
love. Put your house in order.

Some 50 odd women gathered at Church in solidarity and one of the women
bought a cake to share. The cake was iced with a face of a women in the
shape of a heart with tears dripping down her face. This is in solidarity
with our message that we have nothing to celebrate only tears and a need to
stem the flow. When we gathered we had in our minds the mothers of the
'disappeared' (taken during the Gukurahundi) and the mothers who have
suffered in political violence pre and post Independence.

Many of the ladies who walked with us managed to walk away freely, however
46 paid an additional sacrifice of being detained in custody. At about 3:30
pm though some sanity prevailed and we were all told to pay a fine despite
the fact that we were recognizing our constitutional right to freedom of
assembly and expression. WOZA regards the 'Admission of Guilt' as an
'Certificate of Honour'! Herewith the names of those who are our MOTHERS OF
HONOUR 2003. They are our champions and we cherish their contributions of 10
May 2003.

Name and age - Nami Nyirenda at 71yrs was our wisest participant and our
little sister of 7 months the youngest. We named her WOZA as she came on her
mothers back and spent the day with us campaigning for female voices to be

1. Lillian Cimezile
2. Sibonile Ncube
3. Anastasia Ngwenya
4. Nomsa Mkhwananzi
5. Rebecca Ndlovu
6. Tiwe Moyo
7. Gabriella Ilonka Watson
8. Siphiwe Bhamu
9. Josephine Sibanda
10. Jennifer Williams
11. Mary Moyo
12. Sinqobile Maseko
13. Ecina Ngwenya
14. Lilia Moyo
15. Kheti Makhalima
16. Petronella Tshuma
17. Cengiwe Chivende
18. Marble Ngwenya
19. Esther Mabhena
20. Rosina Nyoni
21. Esinath Dube
22. Milia Dlamini
23. Jane Sibanda
24. Lucy Ncube 63yrs signed admission of guilt with an X
25. Sibongile Dube
26. Sibongile Chishamba
27. Jennifer Tshuma
28. Gladys Moyo
29. Getrude Khumalo
30. Virginia Ndlovu
31. Rosemary Nyathi
32. Mercy Dube
33. Nami Nyirenda 71yrs signed admission of guilt with an X
34. Tabila Moyo
35. Joyce Mkhwananzi 52 yrs
36. Moses Chunga 64 yrs
37. Beauty Ngwenya
38. Hleziwe Ncube 56yrs signed admission of guilt with an X
39. Alice Maseko 56yrs
40. Diana Sibanda age unknown signed admission of guilt with an X
41. Patricia Nkomo 53yrs
42. Susana Moyo
43. Joyce Zulu
44. Meli Phiri
45. Thokozile Mloyi
46. An Indian lady who prefers to be nameless

We have received many calls from around the country calling to be included
in the next WOZA activity. Please bear with us, we are very young and have
no formal funding to travel the length and breath of the country we will get
to you eventually. WOZA is looking forward to partnering with other
organisations in ensuring women's voices are heard on 25th May, Africa Day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants and
their families for the supporting them. A big thank you to all the women's
organisations who assisted in spreading the word. To those of you who were
behind the scenes in support, including the church that provided sanctuary.
To the journalists for their attendance in Harare and to Bulawayo
journalists an encouragement to be courageous enough to attend next time.
The Police officers with a conscience and sensitivity - we thank you! To
Chief supt. P Matyatya, Ngwenya and Matchazi in Bulawayo - we remember your
evil threats but know that God is for us all.

For more information, please call Jenni (Byo) (+2639) 11 213 885 / Getrude
(Hre) 11 411 842
email We are in the process of getting a website up
and running, keep checking We acknowledge the role being
played by Zimbabwean exiles in supporting our initiatives and encourage them
to continue to send messages of solidarity which we will post to the
A Zimbabwean mother in exile forwarded this email to WOZA. It is from Nanci
Olesen who is an independent radio producer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
It best describes why we organised the walk and I would like to share it
with you all.

Oleson wrote, "Many of you may not know the real politics of Mother's Day.
Its origins were not with breakfast in bed or a corsage or a greeting card;
it began as a political cry for peace. Known as "The Mother's Day
Proclamation for Peace," it was written in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe, the
mother of six.

Howe had recently walked the battlefields of the Civil War with her husband
and with Abraham Lincoln. But now, as the Franco Prussian War was beginning,
she felt that she could not bear any more violence. She called for a
congress of women to gather immediately to promote "PEACE: A Mother's Day
for Peace." Julia Ward Howe held a standing room only meeting in Boston the
day that she read that proclamation.

About that same time, there was Anna Jarvis, who organized "A Mother's
Friendship Day" in which mothers from both North and South whose sons had
died in the Civil War came, dressed in gray or blue, held hands together and

Anna Jarvis's daughter -- who shared her name -- organized what is now
considered to be the first U.S. Mother's Day on May 10, 1908. It was a
church service dedicated to mothers, recognizing the unappreciated work that
mothers do, and calling for peace in the home and in the world. Andrews
Methodist Church, in Grafton, W. Va., is considered the Mother Church of
Mother's Day.

The next year Mother's Day was celebrated in 45 states. President Woodrow
Wilson got into the act on May 9, 1914, officially naming the second Sunday
in May "Mother's Day," and redefining its purpose in a  non-political way.
His declaration included flowery language about the important role mothers
play in the home and in society. But Wilson said nothing about a mother's
role in promoting peace in the world.

Here in the United States, as the day became commercialized, founder Anna
Jarvis spent much of her time trying to discourage people from buying
greeting cards and flowers for mom. At the end of her life she said she was
sorry she had ever gotten "Mother's Day" started, so desperate was she for a
return to the peace message of her holiday.

Here's the complete text of her "Mother's Day Proclamation for Peace":

"Arise, then, women of this day! Arise all women who have hearts! Whether
your baptism be that of water or of tears!

Say firmly: We will not have questions decided by irrelevant agencies, Our
husbands shall not come to us reeking with carnage, for caresses and
applause. Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have
been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.

We women of one country will be too tender of those of another country to
allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs. From the bosom of the
devastated earth a voice goes up with our own. It says, 'Disarm, Disarm!'
The sword of murder is not the balance of justice! Blood does not wipe out
dishonor nor violence indicate possession.

As men have often forsaken the plow and the anvil at the summons of war, let
women now leave all that may be left of home for a great and earnest day of

Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead. Let them
then solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great
human family can live in peace, each bearing after their own time the sacred
impress, not of Caesar, but of God.

In the name of womanhood and of humanity, I earnestly ask that a general
congress of women without limit of nationality may be appointed and held at
some place deemed most convenient and at the earliest period consistent with
its objects, to promote the alliance of the different nationalities, the
amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general
interests of peace."
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Augustine Chihuri.!!

The writer requests that we all write a letter of protest and disgust to Interpol....
To Whom it may concern.....
As a Zimbabwe citizen.... it is with deep concern and utter disbelief that I have read of your issuing an award to the Commissioner of Police in Zimbabwe. As INTERPOL..... surely you cannot be ignorant of the facts concerning the breakdown of Law and Order in Zimbabwe, due largely to he and his cohorts. The police force in that country, over the previous hundred years, have been amongst the most highly respected, in the world. Since January of 2000 they deserve nothing but contempt. The complete disregard for life and liberty, of ordinary Zimbabweans,in that country over the last 3 years, by most of the Z.R.Police, both urban and rural, has been absolutely shocking.That you, as the arbiter of Police Forces and Law and Order, world wide, should see fit to give Augustine Chihuri an award, of any kind, will completely destroy any respect or faith, that All the people of Zimbabwe, have ever had, in International Law.
I AM ABSOLUTELY APPALLED AND DISGUSTED.(and believe me, I am NOT the only one)
For and on behalf of Zimbabweans world wide.
Yours sincerely.
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The Herald

Firms Import Own Fuel

The Herald (Harare)

May 10, 2003
Posted to the web May 12, 2003


MANY oil companies are now importing fuel on their own, as the National Oil
Company of Zimbabwe has not been receiving supplies of late.

Energy and Power Development Secretary Mr Justin Mupamhanga yesterday said
Noczim was distributing the limited supplies in its reserves.

Some of the oil companies importing fuel on their own were selling it in
bulk to companies and other businesses.

One filling station in Athlone, Greendale was selling fuel to bulk buyers at
US$780 per 2 000 litres. The service station was charging an additional fee
of $200 000.

"There has always been the facility for direct fuel import but because of
the problem of supplies more companies are coming on board to import their
own fuel," said Mr Mupamhanga.

He said fuel pumping into tanks at Noczim's Msasa depot stopped on Monday
because of lack of supplies.

Mr Mupamhanga said Noczim was only managing the available quantities by
strategically releasing them onto the market.

"They are frantically trying to get fuel supplies from their normal
sources," said Mr Mupamhanga.

"But let the point be made that the product coming will be limited because
of lack of foreign currency."

However, the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Cde Amos Midzi, said
fuel should be sold in local currency.

He said oil companies should adhere to stipulated prices.

President Mugabe last year said private oil companies should import fuel on
their own and lessen the burden on Noczim and the Government.

But not all oil companies have been importing fuel on their own as they
argued that the pump prices were too low for them to make reasonable returns
since they needed foreign currency for the imports.

Fuel pump prices were recently increased in an effort to ensure they matched
others in the region.

Zimbabwe's fuel was the cheapest in the region and some motorists from the
region were driving into the country buying the commodity in large

Petrol went up to $450 per litre from $145,20 and diesel jumped to $200 per
litre from $119,43.

In Harare yesterday, Noczim increased slightly, the supply of fuel to
service stations, which had of late run dry.

Most service stations had gone for the past two weeks without supplies.

A few tankers carrying the scarce commodity could be seen offloading at
filling stations in the capital.

There were long winding queues at some service stations including BP Shell
Samora Machel, Caltex Coventry Road and Mobil Samora Machel where the
commodity was being delivered.

Other filling stations that received supplies were Engen in Mbare, Mobil in
Budiriro 1 and Exor in Willowvale.

One motorist told The Herald he had parked his vehicle at one of the service
stations for almost a week without getting fuel.

"I had to dump my car at this service station since it had run out of
petrol," said the motorist.

He said he had been coming to the service station to check for the commodity
on a daily basis.

Thousands of people have been experiencing serious problems getting to and
from work due to the fuel shortages.

Most people had to catch lifts in private cars with some reaching home as
late as 12 midnight.

The fuel crisis started at the end of 1999 at the same time that the country
began to experience shortages of foreign currency.

Some deals signed with oil suppliers between that period and now have
collapsed, resulting in the country facing an acute fuel crisis.

The Government is working hard to revive some of the deals and clinch new
ones to avert further deterioration of the situation.
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CIO info

I have just had this enquiry:

"When I read about Zimbabwe and Rhodesia, the CIO is mentioned numerous
times. I
have been looking for information on many websites but cannot find anything
about their history, or who's responsible, or its "tasks". Can you possibly
tell me where I can find such info"

I searched and found this article which I do not think I had seen before...
I thought it was interesting enough to send on.

Election Diary: Zimbabwe's tragedy

Kevin Rudd, Australian Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australian Labor
Party, was an election observer in the Commonwealth Observer Group during
the recent Zimbabwean elections and participated in the drafting of the
Commonwealth report on the conduct of them

Bernard Makokove is the Member for Chikumba in the National Parliament of
the Republic of Zimbabwe. Bernard represents Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF Party
and has only been in parliament since last September when he replaced the
evocatively named Chemjera Hitler Hunzi (Hitler to his friends) who also
represented ZANU-PF. Chikomba is a 75 per cent ZANU-PF seat. And ZANU-PF
intends to keep it that way.

I first meet Bernard the other day at a ZANU-PF rally in the district centre
of Chivhu. The rally itself was unremarkable - lots of singing, lots of
dancing followed by a burst of Churchillian eloquence from the honourable
member himself on the evils of the Movement for Democratic Change, MDC -
Zimbabwe's main opposition party.

But the person who really took my eye at Bernard's rally was one of the
local political worthies sitting behind him to his left. Resplendent in the
green and gold of the ZANU-PF party colours, Mr Gambo is very much part of
the Makokove political machine. Perfectly bald, perfectly rotund and the
dead spit of Idi Amin, Mr Gambo serves as Bernard's driver, adviser, and

Mr Gambo, however, is not your garden variety political operative. He has
another job as well. He is the district commander of the Central
Intelligence Office or CIO - Zimbabwe's secret police. And if you want to
get any handle on the systematic nature of political violence in Robert
Mugabe's Zimbabwe, you need go no further than the guys at the CIO - an
outfit that makes the old East Germany Stasi look like a bunch of funsters.

The CIO is a nation-wide organisation. That the CIO has an office in a small
district centre like Chivhu is a bit like having an office of the ASIO/ASIS,
the Australian intelligence services, in Wagga Wagga (no offence intended to
ASIO, ASIS or the inhabitants of Wagga Wagga). The CIO operates autonomously
from the police. The rule of thumb is something like this - if it is a
purely criminal matter, it's left to the police; if it is a
political/criminal matter, it's hands off as far as the police is concerned.
That's CIO territory - both in the investigation, if there is any, and from
time to time in the execution.

Over the last couple of years, the CIO has been widening its scope of
operations. The CIO now works actively with another recently created
instrument of political intimidation - the ZANU-PF youth organisation. This
neat little outfit is part of the State-funded training programme of the
Ministry of Youth Affairs. They are trained in a network of "youth camps"
across the country and in a short time have become a paramilitary extension
of the CIO's capacity to wage a grassroots reign of terror against any
opponent of the ruling party.

Makokove's Chikomba constituency has seen quite a lot of violence over the
last several months. First there was the Headmaster of the local primary
school who had joined MDC. Bad career move, as it turned out. A four-wheel
drive pulled up one afternoon after school, took the Headmaster off to the
bush and clubbed him to death. The finishing touch was to rip the victim's
shirt off and replace it with a ZANU-PF T-shirt carrying the party's slogan:
"The Third Chemenga" or the "Third Armed Struggle". The Headmaster had some
first hand experience of the Third Chemenga. His body still lies in the
local hospital morgue and the police tell me there are "no leads". Funny

One of the local white farmers in Chivhu also tried his hand at MDC
politics. He was visited by the local lads and had a concrete block dropped
on his head and crushed his skull. Then there are the bashings at any one of
the three ZANU-PF youth camps in the district. I was told that the preferred
technique is to bash the soles of the feet with an iron bar for days on end.
This has the double benefit of crippling the victim without the evidence of
external visible bruising.

The net effect, of course, of all the above is to focus the mind of the good
citizens of Chikomba on where their political interests really lie. Whatever
campaign organisation the MDC had built in the area collapsed. No MDC
rallies are permitted. No MDC posters are allowed to be displayed. And no
newspapers sold other than the pro-ZANU-PF Zimbabwe Herald. And the people
you speak to have fear in their eyes.

Welcome to Robert Mugabe's democracy where the real name of the game is
organised, systematic, state-sponsored violence of a type we once associated
with the old Soviet bloc. Which is why the international community must take
action because if Mugabe's election victory is in anyway legitimised, the
state-sponsored violence that has underpinned that victory is equally
legitimised. And it will spread.

The time has come to draw a clear and resolute line in the sand. The
suspension of Zimbabwe from the Commonwealth is a welcome step in this
direction. But alone it is not enough.

The action that would really hit the Mugabe regime where it hurts is
targeted or smart sanctions - that is sanctions on the personal
international financial transactions and international travel of individual
members of the regime and their families. Far better than broad economic
sanctions that hurt the local people at a time when famine is already

The political situation in Zimbabwe has worsened since the presidential
elections. Only 24 hours after Zimbabwe's suspension from the Common-wealth
opposition leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai,
was formally charged with treason over the alleged plot to murder the
President. There are continuing reports of violence.

The Commonwealth Trioka must now act to bring about Commonwealth-wide
sanctions to complement those of the European Union, the United States and
Switzerland. Furthermore these actions should also be calibrated against
Mugabe's handling of the MDC.

This is in keeping with the official position of the political opposition in
Zimbabwe. In a statement of 19 March, Tendai Biti, the Shadow Foreign
Minister for the Movement for Democratic Change said, "The decision to
suspend Zimbabwe from the Commonwealth without a corresponding decision to
impose sanctions, smart or comprehensive, is an apology to the Harare

The time for words has passed. The time for concrete action is now. It is
important that the international community unites in its action on the
Mugabe regime. Who knows what Mr Gambo's CIO has in store for the good
people of Chikomba tonight. Whatever it is, it won't be pretty.

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Comment from ZWNEWS, 12 May

Smoke signals from Pretoria

Last Friday, in his regular contribution to ANC Today, Thabo Mbeki warned of
a vicious circle in Zimbabwe. "The longer the problems of Zimbabwe remain
unresolved, the more entrenched poverty will become. The longer this
persists, the greater will be the degree of social instability, as the poor
try to respond to the pains of hunger. The more protracted this instability,
the greater will be the degree of polarisation and generalised social and
political conflict. To respond to this, the state will inevitably have to
emphasise issues of law and order, even as it has ever fewer means to
address the needs of the people. As it responds in this manner, the less
will it have the possibility to address anything else other than the issue
of law and order. The more it does this, the greater will be the degree of
the absence of order and stability." So far, so old hat - but an improvement
on his previous statements on the "progress" being made in Zimbabwe. Or is

For another view of the thinking in Pretoria, one could do worse than
reading the Johannesburg Sunday Times, which has, by repute, an excellent
relationship with the South African President's Office. Yesterday, in a week
when South African political news has been dominated by the death of Walter
Sisulu, the paper carried no less than three articles speculating on
Mugabe's successor. In a long commentary entitled Saving Zimbabwe: Mission
Impossible, the paper painted a picture of a weary and worried Robert
Mugabe, rocking back and forth in his chair while his aides looked on in
silence. The trio of African presidents had left the marquee in which he was
sitting in the grounds of State House, where they had all just eaten lunch.
"After years of denial, Mugabe has finally conceded that his country is in
the midst of a growing crisis - economic and otherwise," the paper asserts.
After a brief tour through Zanu PF contenders for the leadership - Makoni,
Mnangagwa and Moyo - the article then goes on to rubbish Zimbabwe's
opposition party, the MDC, as faction-riven, inexperienced, and -
startlingly - with no mass support. Please. Even the rigged election results
gave almost half the country's votes to the MDC.

A second article discusses more fully the suitability of the MDC as a
governing party. The paper quotes - of all people - Jonathan Moyo saying
that the "the average MDC MP is a disaster and the only change they could
bring is to take us to the pre-Stone Age era. While a handful of them are
promising, the majority of them are the antithesis of change and competence.
In fact, they just need to go back to school." With enemies like that, who
needs friends? Ibbo Mandaza - hardly without a vested interest - is also
allowed his quota of column inches to cast doubt on the opposition party's
competence. "I don't think the MDC would be able to run the government on
its own as it is," he says. "They have a lot of intellectuals around them,
but suffer a serious lack of people with managerial experience." As if the
current ministerial incumbents have demonstrated their capacity to manage
even the proverbial brewery party.

A third article then examines five presidential contenders in more detail.
Again, Morgan Tsvangirai and the opposition are slated. Tsvangirai, the
article declaims, is "unsophisticated", "the least qualified" candidate, and
with "no understanding of, or interest in, African politics". Simba Makoni?
His chances of filling Mugabe' s shoes are "about as good as Ian Smith's".
Sydney Sekeremayi? "Simply too bland for president...not a man capable of
original leadership." Jonathan Moyo? "An infant in the realpolitik of
Harare, who will have reached his sell-by date the moment Mugabe leaves
office. He couldn't command enough votes for a mayoral position, let alone
the presidency." And who does this writer favour as the strongest contender?
Speaker of parliament, Emmerson Mnangagwa. "An exceptionally calculating man
who intimately understands the nature of power," he writes. "A man who has a
reputation in the West for getting things done and keeping the troops in
line." While acknowledging Mnangagwa's lack of support within his own party,
the writer counters that he has connections with "big money". And his
reputation as a war criminal? "Any immunity Mugabe negotiates for himself
before quitting office will include his most faithful lieutenants - and
Mnangagwa certainly fits this category," the writer concludes. The writer of
this third article? Newton Kanhema - once with a reputation for cutting
investigative journalism, but most recently seen as Nairobi correspondent
for the state-controlled Sunday Mail.

Having virtually disappeared from sight since the story broke of his push
for power at the beginning of the year, Mnangagwa's name has now resurfaced,
only days after Mbeki led the trio of presidents to Harare. Remember also
Mnangagwa's enthusiastic welcome at the ANC conference in Cape Town last
December. In his ANC Today contribution, Mbeki said: "Our own experience as
a movement tells us unequivocally, that no lasting solution to the
challenges that face Zimbabwe can be found, unless that solution comes from
the people of Zimbabwe themselves. It tells us that no Zimbabweans with any
pride in their country, and respect for themselves, will accept that another
should determine their destiny. South Africa would never treat Zimbabwe as
its tenth province." In this game of smoke and mirrors, which is the smoke
signal, and which is the mirror?
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Compensation is a vital tool to bring about:

- Accountability
- Restitution
- Investment Security

In a successful democratic society, the people hold the power. We have to
ensure that that power is not abused. By using Compensation as a tool to
ensure justice we ensure a democratic future for our country and become
part of the solution.

The country and the people have suffered huge losses due to the illegal
actions of the present regime. For any significant recovery to take place a
legal and practical system of restitution will have to be employed as a
form of compensation and revitalization.

Investment Security:
For any form of investment security to return to our country and the
sub-region we have to firstly protect the investment of current investors.
Secondly we have to ensure acceptable restitution for any losses and
thirdly we have to ensure that financial security is ensured for any future

Compensation will be one of the tools that we can employ to ensure that we
are and remain part of the solution and that our future is secure.

For Compensation to be effectively implemented we have to follow three
basic steps.
1. Quantify our losses
2. Verify our losses
3. Mitigate our losses

We are fortunate to have the best professionals in these fields available
to assist and they will address the meeting at ART farm on the 15th May
2003 from 10:00 till 14:00. This meeting is open to all farmers.
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JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated May 12, 2003

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Job Opportunities <>


(ad inserted 30th Jan 03)
Retired Farming couple required to live and work on a farm 60 km from
Harare. Husband to carry out Sourcing and Procurement of farm supplies as
well as run Stores and Arrange movements of farm Transport fleet. Wife to
run Farm Store and Tuck shop. Usual farm perks are offered. Contact 011 403
558 or 091 218 822 or email



Senior Accounts Person

Either male or female, Balance Sheet Bookkeeper also involving foreign
payments. Experienced person preferred.  Very good package.  Ruwa area,
export company.

Please contact Annalize at 073-2847/50 or 091 406 934.

Trucks required for hire

Seven (7) tonne trucks with or without trailers required for agricultural

Please contact 091 213 989 for further details.


(ad inserted 24th February 03)

Part time Manager for small farm 7 km on tar from Westgate Shopping Centre,
Harare. Wide range of crops- herbs, spices, etc with cleaning plant and
essential oils distillery, grown under EU organic certification.

Accommodation available - cottage with 3 bedrooms. Might suit someone with
farming experience who could combine this work with a job in Harare. Please
email details to



Position available for a Director of a registered welfare organization
operating in Harare.  Excellent trained staff of seven needs a strong and
enthusiastic leader.  Hours can be negotiated and a competitive salary will
be offered to the right person.
Please email Hazel at for further information.



I have 2 jobs available, which might be of interest to some displaced

Job # 1
Salesman, selling automotive chemicals. Training will be provided,
applicant must have own car, remuneration will be on commission. Hours will
be flexitime, and the opportunity to earn significantly is there provided
the person has energy and is reliable. Start immediately. Job#1 Applicants
should contact Mark Wilson @ 498745 or 011218006.

Job # 2
Security manager is required at Borrowdale Brooke Estate. We have our own
security team but it needs management. Hours will be flexible to a degree
and further details can be obtained from Brian Moorse, the estate manager @
860370 Harare.


We need a retired semi retired mechanic to assist in the daily running of
our vehicle workshop behind Jaggers Harare.
Mornings only is preferred but we can offer flexibility of time.
Job description: to assist and advise workers on the floor. Undertake some
of the more complex work. Offer general expertise.
Vehicles maintained are general light goods. Work covers all aspects of
repair and maintenance.
Package subject to discussion.
Please contact Kevin or Chris on
Sincerely, Kevin Smeda


(ad inserted 1 April 2003)

WANTED: FARM TRIAL BALANCE BOOKKEEPER, computer literate, based Harare.
Pleasant environment at Fife Ave/10th Street - hassle free on site car
parking. Full time preferably, but part-time/flexi-time will be considered.
Negotiable salary based on experience.

Contact Norma Gordon Tel. 04-704949/email


(ad inserted 13th Feb 03)

We are looking for a book keeper type person for two months till the end of
March - needs computer experience (pastel is used but easy to pick up if
computer literate) to work from a house close to Highlands School - may be
able to take some work away - part time or full time is OK - salary to be
neg depending on time and experience.
Contact Lynda Scott 091 201 324 or 498705


Positions Vacant

Highly capable farmers required to join a progressive team.
Qualifiers will be men who have the ability to grow within themselves and
to generate growth within a team. Experience and competence in one or many
facets of agriculture will be of interest, in particular irrigation,
horticulture, tobacco and cattle.

Please respond to Carswell Group
                            Fax: 304415


(ad inserted 10 April 2003)

Carswell Group is looking for experienced Cattleman to run a ranch 60 km
from Harare.


(ad inserted 6th Feb 03),

Bright Steel (Zimbabwe) Ltd requires a Credit Controller with a strong
accounting background to manage a large debtors portfolio.  Strong computer
skills in Microsoft packages essential and the ability to communicate
across the board.  Main accounting package is Sage but knowledge of at
least one accounting package is essential.  Main duties will include the
1. All credit control functions
2. Product costing of imports.
3. Salaries for junior staff using Belina Computer System.
4. Computation of sales tax
5. Checking & capturing Goods Received Vouchers.
6. Preparing audit schedules.
7. Spreadsheets - excel.
8. Sage Computer System would be an advantage.
The above person to report to the Financial Controller and will have a
debtors clerk reporting directly to him/her from Bulawayo and a trainee.
1.  Competitive salary
2.  Pension scheme
3.  Profit Incentive Bonus Scheme (P.I.B.S.)
4.  Medical Aid paid in full
5.  Lunch provided
6.  Travel allowance
7.  Cell phone time paid.
Contact Brian Wilson
Phone: 754324. 091 400 588.


(ad inserted 28 April 2003)

Caretaker required for a farm (2000 chickens) in Tengwe.  Please contact
011 204 454 for further details.


(ad inserted 24 April 2003)

Job available in the Trelawney area to manage 6 Ha of roses. Looking for a
couple, the wife to do the farm books. Start on May 1. Phone 011 401 974.


Tshabezi Safaris - West Nicholson
Garage manager required for country workshop. Toyota Landcruiser experience
would be an added advantage. This position would suit a husband and wife
team - wife could help out either in safaris office or accounts department.
She must be computer literate.
Please reply with current CVs to:
Rogers Brothers & Son P/L (Garage Manager)
P O West Nicholson



The post of Warden at Borradaile Trust Marondera has become vacant.
This is a retirement complex with about 70 cottages for independent
residents. Two large establishments house about 60 semi-independent
residents and there is a small hospital called Borradaile House, for
dependent residents.  In the grounds is the separately administered
Borradaile Hospital. The Warden is provided with a house in Marondera.
Applications with C.V.s and two references should reach the Administrator,
Borradaile Trust, Pvt. Bag 3795, Marondera as soon as possible.  In view of
the high cost of postage, the Administrator only undertakes to reply to
those short-listed.  Acknowledgements will be made to those providing
e-mail addresses.

Thank you very much, from the Administrator.


(ad inserted 08 May 2003)

Opportunity to either manage/lease a farm in Chegutu area.  Irrigation
available for 40ha tobacco.  Please contact JAG offices for contact number.


(ad inserted 29 April 2003)

I am looking for a Lodge Operations Manager for our up-market lodge outside
of Vic Falls. I am hoping to offer an employment opportunity to somebody
who has been affected by the closure of tourism facilities.

Here is a brief description of who we are looking for:
Vacancy for a Lodge Operations Manager
We have a vacancy for a Lodge Operations Manager / Deputy General manager
at our up-market 60 bed, 125 staff, Safari Lodge situated 30 km outside of
Victoria Falls.
He/she should have the following qualifications & skills:
· Extensive knowledge and previous experience in lodge /hotel management
· Management skills
· Ability to co-ordinate the day to day lodge operations
· Good knowledge of Zimbabwe labour laws
· Computer literate, XL, Windows, F&B service systems
· Knowledge of food & beverage
· Drivers license & valid passport
· Proven track record & traceable references

· Front of house operation
· Control of kitchen & kitchen supplies
· House-keeping
· Control of cellar
· Guest hospitality & guest delight
· Groups co-ordination
· Liaison with head-office
· Staff motivation
· Staff training
· Managing relevant budgets
· Running of lodge in the General Managers absence
The ideal candidate is a self-motivated all-rounder who is energetic and
has the ability to work independently. He/she must be able to work under
pressure, whilst monitoring standards and staff performance. The position
offers a comprehensive package to the right candidate.
Please contact Mr. R. Steiner at


(ad inserted 29 April 2003)

I am currently looking for a farm manager to manage a mixed farm on the
Transvaal highveldt. Please could you circulate this advertisement to any
of your members who may be interested?
Farm Manager
Day to day management of farm activities
cropping (maize)
poultry management
beef herd management
sheep flock management
pasture management
Full responsibility for production and sales activity.
400 Ha situated 30km north east of Middelburg, Mpumalanga.
Mixed animal production farm consisting of beef, broilers, sheep and
supporting pastures and maize cropping.
Remuneration is open for negotiation and could include profit share.
Accommodation, water, lights and use of company LDV is included in package.
Ideal candidate will have animal husbandry experience and be able to
operate independently.
My contact details are
Bruce Cook
telephone - 27-833256874 or -27-21-9753138 a/h


(ad inserted 10 April 2003)

Drummond area of Natal....roughly 30 km from Durban on the way to
Organic Veg farm manager required.  General farm management and tractor
skills, knowledge of organic veg growing and Zulu.
We are looking for someone who is prepared to run the farm as their own
business, what you put in you get out.  Salary linked to profit share and
Phone/fax 031-783 4995 or e-mail


(ad inserted 09 April 2003)

My brother has asked me to put ads in the local papers for a tractor
mechanic with Ford/New Holland, Massey experience.

Contact details in RSA are: Dennis on email address



Opportunity in Polokwane South Africa.

Mature person required as maintenance and farm manager including wildlife
for a very reputable hotel and game farm, (conservancy) outside Polokwane
(Pietersburg) Limpopo Province.

Duties include.
Organizational ability, vehicle maintenance, boreholes, electrical
maintenance at hotel and farm, good labour relations etc.

Only hard working and sober persons need apply.

Please contact, e-mail, Phone 0027836565729

(ad inserted 12 May 2003)

"Barra Lodge " right on a beautiful beach, near Inhambane in Mozambique, is
looking for the following.

1. Food and Beverage manager, pref, experienced and be able to do F and B
figure work, stock control and maintain standard. To run 2 busy bars, 1
pizza hut and busy restaurant catering to up to 200. Frequently also 80+
"walk ins" with out booking.

2. Admin/ Bookkeeper.  Able to do pastel & excel. Needs to go to trial
balance, produce forecasters and monthly figures and stock controls,

For full details etc contact Dave and Jill Law at or P.O.
Box 6921. Halfway House 1685, Joburg, S, Africa



I felt that there might be someone in your network that may be interested.
The post could suit a person that is currently underemployed, and it falls
vacant because the present incumbent has been employed by the World Bank.

ICC is looking for an agricultural consultant to service our market in
Manica and Tete provinces of Mozambique. The responsibilities include
selling to donor agencies, helping to write proposals, and helping to
manage the resultant consulting projects. The ideal person will have
extensive agriculture experience, both commercial and small scale, will be
fluent in Portuguese and English, will be familiar with the customs of
Mozambique, and preferably live close to Mutare.  We can teach them the
consulting skills.

ICC is a Southern African consulting company with offices in Harare, Maputo
and Lusaka. In Mozambique we are active in consultancy work in Micro
finance, commercial and smallholder agricultural projects. Recent projects
Strategic plan for a Mozambiquan manufacturer of oils, fats and soaps,
Market analysis and feasibility study for a new horticultural project,
Assisting a major regional tea and coffee producer to prepare for further
regional expansion,
Business plans and facilitated negotiations for a major Zimbabwean agri
business to start a joint venture in Mozambique,
Feasibility and business plans for greenfields tea project in Espungabera.
Tel: + 263 4 731555/7
Fax: + 263 4 731558
Cell: + 263 (0) 91 272 767


(ad inserted 6th Feb. 03)
The JAG Office received an enquiry from Mr George Mashinkila who owns some
farmland in Zambia. He wants to lease out his farm. If anyone is
interested, they can get hold of him directly at e-mail


(ad inserted 12 May 2003)

Botswana Development Corporation Ltd (BDC) invite tenders for the lease of
Mogobane Dairy Farm situated in Mogobane, 50km south of Gaborone (next to
Otse Police College).  The farm is accessible by tarred road up to the
Police College and only 5km of good gravel road.  This therefore gives the
farm easy access to the main markets, which are Gaborone and Lobatse.

The farm measures 116 hectares fully developed with the entire necessary
infrastructure such as water (2 boreholes, of which only one is equipped),
generous water rights from Mogobane Dam, electricity and telephone.  Other
infrastructure includes state of the art dairy parlour with kraals,
executive housing for top management, comfortable houses for middle
management and good housing for farm workers.

The terms and conditions of the tender are as follows:

1. The minimum rental for the farm shall be P12,000 per month and payable
monthly in advance.
2. Duration of the lease is 10 years negotiable.
3. The lease is for all immovable property on the farm.
4. The lessee would continue with dairy farming and/or irrigated crop
production although not necessarily restricted to those.
5. The successful tenderer shall enter into a written lease agreement
before the commencement of the lease.

Tenders should state the following:

· Farming expertise/experience (track record).
· Documents showing the financial history and strength of the tenderer.
· Written references from the tenderer's bankers.
· In the case of duly constituted companies, the latest audited financial
· Rental offered.  Interested parties are encouraged to visit the farm so
that they can have first hand view of the farm before they submit their

Should there be need for further information, please contact BDC,
Agribusiness and Services Division.

Sealed tenders marked FARM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (PTY) LIMITED on the
envelope should be sent or hand delivered to:

Group Company Secretary
Botswana Development Corporation
Moedi, Plot 50380, Showgrounds
Private Bag 160

Telephone: 3651300
Fax: 3903114/3904193

The closing date for the receipt of tenders is 30 May 2003 at 12:30 hours.

Tenders will be opened at BDC offices on 30 May 2003 at 14:00 hours.  BDC
is not obliged to award the tender to the highest or any bidder.


(ad inserted 27 April 2003)

A very good friend of mine who lives in Gabarone Botswana has asked me to
put out this piece of information so I thought your organisation would be
ideal to do it for me.

His name is Snowy Du Toit (ex Zimbo) and his details are as follows: -

Phone: 00 267 3971026 / 00 26771724810 ( cell )
Fax: 00 267 3909610
He has been offered a certain piece of land near Gabarone, which would be
ideal for market gardening or horticulture. It apparently has plenty of
water from the municipal waste. He has indicated that he could probably
negotiate a loan on anyone's behalf should they be interested as he is now
a citizen of Botswana. All the technical details can be provided by Snowy
himself, so if anyone is interested, please could they contact him direct.
I know time is of the essence so if anyone is interested they must contact
him ASAP.


(ad inserted 22 April 2003)

Mr Johan Boshoff - Pontdrif, RSA is looking urgently for a dynamic reliable
middle age couple to manage a farm in the northwestern part of Botswana,
close to the Caprivi strip. Preferable no young children still in the
house, due to the distance from schools.
Experience: Farm management & general farm equipment maintenance
Crops: Vegetables under irrigation - drip & Pivot irrigation
Contact # Johan Boshoff
Tel (+27) 15-5751425
Fax (+27) 15-5751580
Cell (+27) 82 822 6310
e-mail Minds,



Cattle farming business in Ghanzi District, Northwest Botswana for sale.
(The owners moving for kids schooling.) Comprises 2 well-developed freehold
farms, measuring 10 112,06 Morg (8 660 Ha) in total, 1050 head of cattle
(cross Santa-Sussex), all necessary farming equipment, lighting-plants,
gensets, inverter equipment managers residence, main farm residence, staff
accommodation, workshops and storerooms etc, etc Walk-in / walk-out deal
BWP4 500 000-00 (Approx US$ 775 000-00). All serious offers will be
Contact Mike on (267) 72290622 or e-mail



Tobacco managers wanted in Malawi: 2003/4 seasons
100ha Flue cured 100ha Maize African tobacco managers of Malawian
extraction wanting to relocate with costs paid and paper work facilities.
Malawian Passport Holders will obviously be given preference. Respond to
JAG's email address and we will forward.


(ad inserted 17 April 2003)

We are looking for an ex farmer, with tobacco experience, to oversee the
building of tobacco curing systems in Malawi.  This position will be for a
period of ten months, with the possibility of extending the contract to two
years, either in Zimbabwe or elsewhere.  Accommodation and vehicle will be
provided.  Contact or send your application to
Debbie Graham at Brown Engineering, Box ST 311, Southerton, Harare.


(ad inserted 12 May 2003)

If you are interested I have an enquiry for someone to supervise setting-up
of following in Angola:

1) PIG FARMS. I can connect you with good contacts.

Most of the products will be required for the American communities involved
with oilrigs etc, so I imagine a fairly high quality wanted. I don't have
all the info/specs yet, just establishment of interest. Also no idea where
in Angola, (but assume close to Luanda), or size of outfits, money
available etc etc.

Let me know if you are interested. Email:


(ad inserted 22nd Feb 03)

A farming opportunity exists in Menongie Cuando Cubango Province in Angola
for a person experienced in the cultivation of maize. Land will be made
available and various options exist with regards to the funding of
the operation. Interested parties can e-mail their information and a
summary of their experience to


(ad inserted 08 April 2003)

Farm Manager wanted for a coffee/tea estate in Kenya.  Please phone 091 233
852 for further information.


(ad inserted 24th Feb 03)

I came across your website when searching for information on Zimbabwean
Farmers. We are looking for a General Manager for a large horticulture and
floriculture company based in Nanyuki, Kenya. I wanted to know if you could
pass on the attached brief to farmers that might be interested in looking
at this opportunity?
Many thanks and Kind Regards,
Zia Manji
Recruitment Manager
P.O. BOX 25118, 00603 NAIROBI, KENYA.
TEL: +254-2-3752400 / 1 FAX: +254-2-3752401
MOBILE: 0733 994469 OR 0722 516043
Position Specification & Candidate Profile


Our client, one of Kenya's most established horticultural and floricultural
companies, is a major exporter to the large retailers in the United Kingdom
and Europe. The group encompasses 3 large vegetable and flower farms,
packing facilities, a clearing and forwarding company, and a propagation
business. Exporting Two Million stems of cut flowers and 120 MT of
vegetables monthly, the Company is managed by a dynamic multicultural team
employing over 3,000 staff countrywide.

Our client's biggest challenge is to remain the market leader by
maintaining a strong customer focus coupled with a continuous expansion and
improvement strategy to deliver the highest possible quality products in
line with the requirements of this fast paced industry.

Nanyuki, Kenya.

THE POSITION The General Manager will be responsible for independent
co-ordination and management of all aspects of the business unit
incorporating 15 hectares of flower greenhouses, a fully automated rose
propagation unit and 25 hectares of vegetables. Within the framework of the
company's objectives and action plans, the manager's key focus will
include: Day to day growing, packing and propagation of required product
within the specified quality, cost and time. Overseeing the packing of
flowers onsite to meet international standards. Overseeing the cutting and
bulk packing
of vegetables to the centralized pack house in Nairobi. Managing the
financial and administrative functions on the farm, providing frequent and
accurate reports to the head office. Ensuring optimum processing and
performance as well as maintaining safety and developmental requirements.
Supervising the maintenance of all processing equipment. Ensuring the
compliance of the farm, packing operations, workers welfare and environment
within Company's and client requirements. Responsibility for the manpower
organisation of 600 employees including maintaining cordial and efficient
industrial relations. Managing and coordinating the audits by client
supermarkets throughout the year.
Responsible for the preparation of operating plans and programmes and
ensuring proper implementation.
Providing strategic advice and co-ordination of agreed development and
expansion projects. The General Manager reports to the Board of Directors.

These include:
Respecting production commitments in terms of volume, deadlines, costs, and
product compliance.
Correct team performance. Creating and encouraging a cordial working
environment in the farming and processing team.
Guaranteeing the compliance of the Company and its Clients standards in all
areas of farming, processing, staff welfare and environment.
Proper management of the farm's budget.

Key responsibilities include:
Help define the long-term plan, the improvement and expansion plans for the
entire farm.
Proposing annual production programmes and making adjustments as required
in line with group requirements and good agricultural practice.
Preparation and submission of annual budgets. Identify adjustments and
modification required in the farming and processing to optimise the
performance and the quality of the products.
Co-ordination of the program of inspections, visits, and audits with the
Board of Directors.
Planning and organisation of manpower to best suit the delivery programme.
Identifying and resolving problems relating to farm and processing
management on a daily basis.
Maintaining of equipment in good working condition by ensuring compliance
with correct usage practices, and regular inspection and liaison with the
maintenance team.
Implementation and management of approved expansion and improvement
projects in line with Company objectives.
Monitoring labour performance, setting work targets, implementing viable
bonus schemes to boost labour productivity and motivation.

A graduate in agriculture/horticulture/floriculture or any other relevant
5 to 8 years experience at a senior management level in a large
horticulture or floriculture concern.
Relevant experience in rose growing is an advantage.
Good knowledge of product quality parameters and compliance regulations.
In-depth knowledge and a proven track record in of growing, packing and
Computer literate and proficient in the use of MS Office.
An understanding of management concepts, agricultural practices and quality
management methods e.g. ISO 9000, HACCP and EUREPGAP.

The candidate must also be:
Able to manage and work with a culturally and educationally diverse team.
A good planner and organiser.
Must have good analytical skills, and a decision-maker.
Proactive in their work and take the initiative to propose and implement
new approaches.
Out-going, articulate with high verbal abilities.
Results oriented.
A team player willing to work in a very competitive and fast-paced

A highly competitive package will be offered to the right candidate.

Online registration only. Log onto the following web-site, register and
upload your CV:
For more information, please email:
Zia Manji
Recruitment Manager
DEADLINE: 28/02/03


(ad inserted 21 April 2003)

A 5000 hectare concession in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, west of
Kasaï Province, 800 km to the south of Kinshasa, in the region of Kikwit.
This property was farmed by a Belgian for more than 40 years and he had
nearly 4,000 head of cattle!
There is a forest with nearly 150,000 trees, mostly eucalyptus and pine. A
river flows on the domain's border. Agricultural plantations such as corn,
manioc, groundnut as well as chicken farming are possible.
There is a building in Kikwit with a commercial ground floor and living
quarters on the 1st floor.
The whole complex is very pleasant and offers great opportunities of
further economic development!
Asking price for the transfer of the concession is 125,000 euros.

I sincerely believe this project is well worth your attention so please do
not hesitate to ask should you require additional information. If you like
I could for instance scan some photos.

Contact: Rue des Chardons, 20/8 - 1030 Bruxelles -
Tél. +32-2/644.17.73 - GSM +32-496/87.11.66


(Ad inserted 24th Feb 03)
Employment available as part of a Team, thinning and harvesting summer
fruit, apples and kiwifruit in the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand, (North
Island, East coast).  The company, Labour Force, NZ, is expanding to fill
contracts.  Dormitory/Single/Married Accommodation is available within easy
commuting distance. For more information, please email in the first instance with personal details, and a
summary of recent work experience. Advice, assistance and support with
settling in, will be given by local branch of the Zimcare Trust, NZ,


(ad inserted 12 May 2003)


Simon Ashby Looking for a youngster who might need a job Cooke, Beevor
8757 2021
Peter and Julie Botting Small peony farm in Tassie - looking for a jv
partnership who will help
expand the business. Business visa prospect 03 6428 2474
Jeff Braun Myora Farm: extensive piggery in Mount Gambier Terblans 8725 0411
Tom and Pat Brinkworth through Ken Grundy: sheep and cattle plus plant
operators looking to help someone who might find it hard to get in.  Hunt;
Holland; Colquhoun; Ashburner; 8767 8056
Andrew Cass cereals, sheep ??????? 8587 3075
Peter Cottle cotton, maize, sorghums ???????
02-6872 2528
Max Dalrymple South Pacific Seeds looking for agronomists 8725 9622
Richard Dubois mechanics Kumar Shingadia; Dave Segon; Warren Alanthwaite
Peter Giudes looking at a jv on small winery in Margaret River - they have
capital, but looking for someone to run it.  Peter Morris
Steve Grant 4 large Macadamia Nut plantations and several jobs on offer
waiting to see if he can manage the contract basis etc. White, Colquhoun,
Cullinan, Cooke, Beavon
Rod Hamman Wasley's Piggery Ventures 6 Yam Street Aldgate SA Terblans
8131 0385
Dillon Hale Executive Placement: mid to senior mgt sent info off - then
emailed back for reaction * no resp. Boyns, Hartley, Precious, Murphy,
Nicholas 02 9617 1520
Leigh Hillier potential jv Prospect Hill 130 acres to be developed. 8349 6533
Geoff and Beth Hoskings 1520 ha. Farm; cereals, 5000 merinos and 100 head
cattle wants to go and live in Bendigo needs manager: prepared to pay
$35,000 - $40.000 Hunt, White, 03 5354 6220
Tanya Jackson in principle only at the moment: stockfeeds and chemicals
position in the Mallee perhaps.  Vic Milward
Janet and Gordon Jorgensen convenience Store: rural Qld - for sale for some
time - no luck * t/over 600,000 nett 60 - 70 K: 4-bed home


Nic Kentish Cattle and Potatoes; wants to jv on lemons for essences
Position taken by Henry Bosman 8739 8211
David Kumeta looking for an electrician Position taken by Chicksen
Chicksen; Knoll
Mike Kunert Walnuts, cut flowers and sheep, with cottage on property. New
in 9/04/03 Graham Lewis Geoff Lucas : agricultural placement Cullinan,
Sheppard, White ; Alderton, Kloppers, Laurent, Schaper, Smith, Whitefoot,
Smith-Wright, Milward, Meikle. 8333 1633
Steve Lincoln D & S Parts : sliding windows and doors. could expand
business with keen youngster 02 6231 6086
Peter Lyons mixed farm : Victoria New in 9/04/03 03 5523 3882
Fiona and Hugh Maclachlan Looking for station hands on various pastoral (v
remote) properties
John Marten needs an orchardist Westralian Fruits: Gingin 08 95752057
Maurie Mashado Bent Williams and Co looking for truck drivers / mechanics ?
Geoff Piese 8737 2354
Ian McDonnell N F McDonnell & Sons - sawmillers Abbott; Alderton;
Bester; Chikafa; Kloppers;
Knoll; Laurent; McKenzie; Mennell; Schaper; Segon; Smith; Whitefoot;
Zimondi 8725 8888
Hamish McKinnon looking for two people - one farm manager, one farm hand
just over the SA border 08
8724 8900 - Harriett Keatley Worthington, Hunt, Sheppard, Cooke, Beevor
03 5584 7274
Warwick Measdale needs diesel mechanic with agric experience Alderton,
Smith, Whitefoot; Meikle;
Allanthwaite 8826 2802
Larry and Debbie Mincherton need a 'farm hand' employee *concerned about
diploma may not come off - really want a farm hand.
Michael Neal Mick Neal: Taree and Hunter Valley dairy equipment specialists
looking for someone -
detailed cv provided - v interested in Schaper Schaper
Robert and Maureen Newman Tractor wrecking and repair business in the
Northern Territory looking for


Richard O'Dell organic butcher : looking for someone 02 6295 9781
John Payne John Deere/Case Dealership Bordertown Alanthwaite, Alderton,
duToit, Smith; Laurent,
Geoff Poole Challenge Recruitment wants to advertise on the website
8232 1044
Warren Proud hospitality and general business placement : Mackay wants to
advertise on the website
Lorna Rasmussen brother in Zim - asked her to tell him to send info over
Steve Terblans
Justin Rickard exec placement : Sydney - also looking for jv on small horti
property in Berry very interested in John S-W - seeing whether he can move
from business to ES Smith Wright
Tracey Ronalds need a share farmer on their dairy Lang; Beevor
William Scott dairy farming consultants Beevor, Cooke, Beverley, Murphy,
Precious, White, Lang 03 5664 5254
Tania Shaw apple orchard ???????  8737 2432
Dean Shipley 5500 acres, cereals and sheep ???????  8855 3283
Kris Stolaskis glasshouse flower grower
Ian Strong dairy farmer - looking for a no. 2 - on the Murray River near
Cobram Beevor, Lang 03 5748 4222
Neil Teate cropping and sheep - operating modern equipment and sheep
management ???????  8764
Tony and Mary Whitehead The Banksia Company owned by Dale Baker - could be
interested in expansion
of another 100 ha. Jeff White 8734 3085
Neil Wiltshire Krueger Engineering looking for truck drivers / mechanics?
Geoff Piese 8726 2200


(ad inserted 02 April 2003)

There is a newspaper report this week of the dire shortage of skilled
farmer workers to take up vacancies in the cropping areas of Western
Australia. This is predominately seasonal, i.e. seeding time and harvest
time but can also be on a long-term basis in many instances. I have this
afternoon spoken to the President of the W.A. Farmers Federation, Colin
Nicolle, based in Perth and he was very sympathetic and indicated that his
office could be a source of contact at this end. Their E-mail address is

I am sure there might be some Zim. farmers who could benefit in this way,
but in some cases the Aus. farmer would have to provide sponsorship to
assist the Visa application. I am told that the Australian High
Commissioner in Harare would look favourably at applications from
Zimbabwean farmers. It also could be an idea for some to come on a visitors
Visa initially to get the feel of the work, which would largely entail
operating and maintaining tractors and machinery.

Hopefully this letter might be a catalyst to assist some families to make
contact with farmers in Australia.


(ad inserted 02 May 2003)

Nursing opportunities in Australia. For more information please contact
Ginty Thomson on or 091 237 442 or 066 30555


(ad inserted 22 April 2003)


telephone: 61 0356832464

message: We have two beautiful farms in the South of Victoria, Australia.
We would be interested in sponsoring a family to migrate with a view to
help us.  We can offer a package of a base of $50000 Australian plus a 3  One farm is dairy, the other beef. We are in our late fifties so
need someone in say mid 30's to late 40's
Please reply to Dick and Judy Edwards


(ad inserted 19 April 2003)

Foreign teachers for NT jobs 'better late than never': CLP
The Northern Territory Opposition is welcoming a move to recruit teachers
from overseas, but says this should have been implemented months ago.

The Government has announced it will try to attract teachers from regional
areas, as well as from countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and Canada.

The Government says there are 25 permanent teaching vacancies in the

Shadow Education Minister Terry Mills says the Country Liberal Party (CLP)
has been calling for this to happen since late last year.

"To implement them now is an indication that they are in panic mode, the
teacher shortage is in excess of what the Government currently claims," Mr
Mills said.

"These initiatives will take an extended period of time to actually bed in
and to produce the results, which is teachers in the classroom for students


(ad inserted 18 April 2003)

HELP ON FARM needed for approx. 3 days per week.  The farm consists of 400
acres of marginal pasture and woodland overlooking the Severn Estuary. The
grazing is let on an annual basis, and some of the woodland is of special
scientific interest.

Work would comprise farm and estate maintenance, including driving of
Unimog, use of chainsaw, fertiliser spreading, weed-wiping, fencing.
Mechanical ability an advantage.  Might suit someone with an interest in
wildlife and conservation.  Preferred age 24-45.  Suit couple.  Ability to
caretake occasionally would be an advantage.

East Wing Annexe is available as part of a deal to be negotiated.  It
comprises separate front door, lobby, kitchen and small living or dining
room downstairs, and bathroom and two good-sized rooms upstairs.  Partial
central heating included.  Extra storage space available.

For further details please ring 01633.400213, or contact us by `e'-mail:



I am wondering if you might be able to assist me. I am a partner in a farm
in UK and we currently have a vacancy for a Farm Manager and I thought this
might be of interest to some of the unfortunate farmers
recently displaced from Zimbabwe by Mugabe. Would you have any idea where
it might be best to advertise the vacancy in order to attract any
interested parties' attention? I am contactable at



We are a Farming partnership in North Essex. We have a 600 acre mixed farm
and are currently seeking a Farm Manager. This position may well suit a
displaced Zimbabwean farmer and his family. Accommodation is likely to be
available and the position should become vacant in the autumn.

Please forward this message to any who may be interested or please let us
know the best way of contacting such dispossessed farmers who are arriving
here or planning to move here in the near future.  Our email address is:

Many thanks

Tom Richardson


For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 12 May 2003)
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