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South Africa rejects calls for harder line on Zimbabwe

Yahoo News

Tue May 29, 9:44 AM ET

CAPE TOWN (AFP) - South Africa rejected calls Tuesday for a more combative
approach in its efforts to mediate a resolution to Zimbabwe's crisis,
warning that pushing the government into a corner would only backfire.

Pretoria's policy of "quiet diplomacy" towards its northern neighbour has
been widely criticised but Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma told MPs
it did not want to push the protagonists to the brink.
"Why do we want to be pushed to take a war approach?" she asked in a debate
on her department's annual budget.

"We must not look at it from the (perspective) of those who want to push
everybody to the brink."

South African President Thabo Mbeki, who has long refused to publicly
criticise his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe, has been mandated by
leaders of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to mediate
between the government and opposition in the run-up to elections planned for
next year.

Mugabe, 83, is widely blamed for Zimbabwe's political and economic meltdown,
characterised by world record inflation, 80 percent joblessness and a recent
violent crackdown on opposition activists.

Dlamini-Zuma sought to assure critical opposition MPs that the South African
government was concerned about the situation across the border.

"It is the very reason we have agreed that our president must spend time,
resources and energy on Zimbabwe to bring it back from the brink of
collapse, not push it to collapse."

Dialogue, not war, was the answer, she said, and cited South African
liberation activists abandoning the armed struggle and supporting the
lifting of sanctions once the apartheid government committed itself to

She stressed that success depended on the political will of the Zimbabwean
government and opposition "to take Zimbabwe out of this crisis".

Senior members of South Africa's ruling African National Congress party have
questioned the effectiveness of Mbeki's approach with leadership hopeful
Tokyo Sexwale recently claiming that Mugabe's regime was turning a blind

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Mbeki's success in Zim 'depends on political will'

Mail and Guardian

Cape Town, South Africa

29 May 2007 01:53

      President Thabo Mbeki's facilitation of political dialogue in
Zimbabwe will succeed only if its people show they are serious about finding
solutions to that country's crisis, Foreign Affairs Minister Nkosazana
Dlamini-Zuma said on Tuesday.

      "The success of President Mbeki's facilitation largely depends
on the political will of the Zimbabwean government and opposition political
parties to take Zimbabwe out of this crisis," she said in her budget-vote
debate in the National Assembly.

      Mbeki has been mandated by the Southern African Development
Community to facilitate dialogue between Zimbabwe's government and

      However, the Inkatha Freedom Party's Ben Skosana told MPs in the
House that Mbeki is doomed to fail as long as other parties -- such as
ordinary Zimbabweans, churches and the country's business community -- are

      Joe Seremane of the Democratic Alliance said the South African
government's lack of condemnation of the situation in Zimbabwe is

      "Daily, thousands of Zimbabweans illegally enter South Africa in
search of money and food to keep their families alive. The Department of
Foreign Affairs should make it clear that they would not support a
government that does this to its citizens," he said.

      Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder said that last Friday
Zimbabwe had extended a ban on political protests in Harare, and on Saturday
police raided the opposition Movement for Democratic Change head office and
detained more than 200 people.

       "Why? Is the country at war? No. A very simple reason. The
president of that country feels threatened that he might lose his position
in the next election.

      "Because the minister [of foreign affairs] and the department
have not yet reacted to the Zimbabwe ban and raid, must I conclude that they
approve of it?" Mulder asked.

      United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa urged the
government to be more open about progress made in Zimbabwe.

      "While we appreciate that there is a reported blackout on the
media by all the players involved in these negotiations, we nonetheless call
on the South African government -- as leader of this process -- to release
periodic interim reports on the progress of these talks.

      "We need this so that such a report can be matched with the
daily reported realities in that country. It would avoid the possibility of
any of the players involved undermining the process in their daily
activities and would assist South Africa in assessing its own efforts in
leading this process," he said.

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Is SA still a champion of human rights?

Mail and Guardian

Cape Town, South Africa

29 May 2007 01:53

      Opposition parties on Tuesday castigated the government for not
doing more to uphold human rights around the world, particularly in Burma
(Myanmar) and Zimbabwe.

      Speaking in the National Assembly debate on the foreign affairs
budget vote, Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder said South Africa has
lost its image as the champion of human rights in the world.

      Burma opposition leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been in
detention for more than 11 of the past 17 years, and there is a worldwide
campaign against the military junta and its human rights violations.

      "[But] when, as part of this campaign, the United Nations
Security Council was asked to condemn the human rights violations in
Myanmar, including the detention of the opposition leader, South Africa was
one of the few countries that voted against it. Speaker, it was a big
mistake," he said.

      Among the reasons given by South Africa were that the detention
of an opposition leader was not a threat to world peace and that Professor
Ibrahim Gambari, the special UN envoy for Burma, reported progress in that

      "What progress? Last week Myanmar's military junta extended the
house arrest of the opposition leader for yet another year, ignoring
international pleas for her release. The message they got from South
Africa's vote in the Security Council is that the world is divided on this
issue and that they may continue with their human rights violations.

      "Because the minister [of foreign affairs] and the department
have not yet reacted to this new detention in Myanmar, must I conclude that
they approve of it?" Mulder asked.

      In the 1960s, very few people in the world knew who Nelson
Mandela was. His detention was not a threat to world peace. Why, then, did
the African National Congress (ANC) use every possible strategy, including
the Security Council, to make the world aware of his plight?

      "When there is a similar campaign to do exactly the same for
Aung San Suu Kyi, it is South Africa and the ANC that votes against it."

      Last Friday, Zimbabwe extended a ban on political protests in
Harare and on Saturday police raided the Movement for Democratic Change's
head office and detained more than 200 people.

       "Why? Is the country at war? No. A very simple reason. The
president of that country feels threatened that he might lose his position
in the next election. Because the minister and the department have not yet
reacted to the Zimbabwe ban and raid, must I conclude that they approve of

      "How sad that within 13 years South Africa has lost its image as
the champion of human rights in the world," Mulder said.

      The Democratic Alliance's Douglas Gibson said it is a great pity
South Africa's recent chairmanship of the UN Security Council has turned
into "such a negative", damaging the country's relations and reputation.

      "I regret that the attitude on Myanmar, or Burma, was so
dismally legalistic and bureaucratic. It put us on the wrong side of

      "One can only urge the government to take steps to put it right
by raising it in the Human Rights Council and wherever else appropriate so
that South Africa is seen to be doing the right thing in support of the
legitimate aspirations of democrats in Burma and the release of Aung San Suu
Kyi," Gibson said.

      His colleague, Joe Seremane, said the lack of any condemnation
of the situation in Zimbabwe is regretful. Daily, thousands of Zimbabweans
illegally enter South Africa in search of food and money to keep their
families alive.

      The Department of Foreign Affairs should make it clear it would
not support a government that did this to its citizens, Seremane said.

      United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa said South
Africa's tenure as president of the Security Council is characterised by a
lack of policy direction and clarity.

      "For instance, we were misconstrued in our opposition to the
motion against Myanmar, and we received criticism even back here in South
Africa," he said. -- Sapa

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Blair to discuss Zimbabwe, Darfur on Africa tour


Tue May 29, 2007 8:24 AM EDT
By Adrian Croft
LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Tony Blair will discuss Sudan's
Darfur conflict with Libyan officials and consult South African President
Thabo Mbeki about Zimbabwe during a trip to Africa this week, an aide said
on Tuesday.

Blair flies to Libya, Sierra Leone and South Africa on one of his last trips
abroad before stepping down on June 27 after a decade in power, handing over
to finance minister Gordon Brown.

Other aims of the tour are to prepare for a summit of the Group of Eight
industrialized countries in Germany next week, when Africa and climate
change will top the agenda, and to push for a global free trade deal, aides

"This trip is all about showing you need to keep re-engaging with Africa,"
Blair's spokesman said.

In a sign of growing economic ties between Britain and Libya, British oil
giant will announce on Tuesday it is returning to Libya, the spokesman said.

"We are now beginning to develop an economic relationship with Libya which
is hugely important," the spokesman said. "That's why companies such as BP
can begin to go back into the country today."

Blair first visited Libya in 2004, sealing Tripoli's return to the
international fold after it abandoned efforts to acquire banned weapons and
agreed to pay damages for a 1988 airliner bombing over Scotland.

His spokesman said during this trip, Blair would meet Libyan leader Muammar
Gaddafi and discuss Darfur with Libyan officials.

"Libya has played a useful role in the African Union and has been playing a
useful role in regard to Sudan," the spokesman said. "We will want to hear
their assessment of where we are."

The U.N. Security Council endorsed plans last Friday for an African
Union-United Nations peacekeeping force for Darfur, where some 200,000
people have been killed and more than two million made homeless since 2003.

Blair has pushed for tough action over Darfur and his spokesman welcomed
President George W. Bush's decision to impose new U.S. sanctions on Sudan
over Darfur.

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Ban on ivory trade will cost Zimbabwe 40 mln dollars: official

Peoples Daily

The effect of ivory ban in Zimbabwe will cost the country 40 million U.S.
dollars in revenue and all the people employed in the manufacturing of
leather handbags and shoes, among other things, would lose their jobs, a
cabinet minister has said.

Zimbabwe has the right to use its natural resources to its best advantage
and it is wrong for other countries to campaign for the prohibition of trade
in natural resources such as ivory, Environment and Tourism Minister Francis
Nhema was quoted by The Herald on Tuesday as saying.

Nhema said the ban would prejudice Zimbabwe of over 40 million dollars in
revenue and put thousands of jobs on the line.

"Moreover, at least 10-15 rural councils in this country greatly benefit
from these elephants as they construct schools and roads with proceeds from
the utilization of those resources," said Nhema.

He said the ivory ban would deny grassroots communities the right to enjoy
the benefits of their natural resources and might, therefore, not see the
need to conserve them.

Nhema said wild animals could not be divorced from human beings, especially
in Zimbabwe, as people derived their totems, and sometimes their names, from
wild animals.

"It is natural that elephants will knock out trees here and it is evident
that we are probably the best managers of wildlife in the world," said

The minister said the ban would not only affect the Government but also poor
rural communities and the private sector whose survival depended on the
sustainable use of ivory.

Nhema said his ministry had already started speaking to Western diplomats to
make sure that two-thirds majority out of 171 member of states needed to
effect the ban, was not achieved.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species meets next month
in The Hague, the Netherlands, to deliberate on the ivory ban.

Source: Xinhua

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The Tragedy of a Country in a Basket

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks

29 May 2007
Posted to the web 29 May 2007


The decrease in spending power caused by the world's highest inflation rate
is seeing basic commodities being sold in smaller packages, both in
Zimbabwe's formal and informal marketplaces.

With an inflation rate of 3,713 percent, prices of goods are not only
changing on a daily basis, but are resulting in the sale of smaller portions
in a practice referred to in the poorer suburbs as the 'Tsaono Basket'.

The 'Tsaono Basket', meaning 'tragedy' in the predominantly spoken language
Shona, has evolved from small scale street traders reducing the size of
commodities for sale, by repackaging and downscaling the goods, to make
basic commodities more affordable for an increasingly impoverished

Shamiso Zvenhamo and her neighbour Nelia Chiomo routinely spend their
afternoons repackaging beans, rice, sugar and other basic commodities into
smaller packs to resell at the local shopping centre in the evening. So a
standard bar of soap is cut into three tablets, and then each priced at just
slightly more than a third of the price of a full bar, while rice is sold by
the cup, as is other food stuffs such as beans, and cooking oil is decanted
into smaller plastic bottles or measured out into a customers own container.

The two housewives are cross border traders and regularly go "down South"
(South Africa) to source cartons of soap, cooking oil, rice and other
grocery supplies, to resell in their home suburb of Kuwadzana, a working
class district in the capital Harare.

The two women are part of huge band of subsistence traders who also have to
contend with regular raids on their stalls by the police, Chiomo, a mother
of three, told IRIN, but "nowadays there is the added danger of armed
soldiers who can appear at any time and order us to go home, apart from the
frequent swoops by the municipal police."

Independent economist Tony Hawkins told IRIN that the downsizing of
commodities was also commonplace in Harare's supermarkets and was a "symptom
of an inability to live on the salaries that are being paid."

The government-funded consumer watchdog, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe
(CCZ), priced its latest monthly cost of living for a family of six at Z$1,7
million (US$34 at the parallel market rate of Z$50,000 to US$1), where only
two out of 10 people have work and even then, the majority of those with
jobs earn substantially less than what is required for adequate nutrition.

Phillip Bvumbe, chairman of the CCZ, told IRIN, "As a consumer watchdog, we
have gradually accepted the existence of the Tsaona Basket as a measurement
of a family's survival needs. This is despite the difficulties in coming up
with precise measurement and benchmarks."

"These subsistence traders serve a useful purpose to the poor. Otherwise
some families would go without food on their tables had it not been for such
enterprising petty traders," he said.


Bvumbe said the Tsaona Basket is a product of daily price increases for
basic commodities, which he blames on the manufacturers "insatiable appetite
for making super profits", a situation he believes would only be rectified
by the introduction of stringent price control measures.

Callisto Jokonya, the president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industry
(CZI), denied the charge of profiteering by his members and business people
and said "Every entrepreneur is in business to make money. We should be
credited for keeping industry afloat in an environment where the cost of
inputs rises on a daily basis."

Jokonya attributes the frequent price increases to the persistent foreign
currency shortages, which have forced manufacturers and industry to operate
at 10 percent of their production capacity. "Most businesses buy foreign
currency on the black market in order to survive. The exchange rates change
on the whims of those that possess the hard currency. So manufacturers pass
the costs to the consumer."

He said the introduction of price controls were not the answer to the
country's economic woes, because "Price controls create shortages. They have
an adverse effect of transferring products from the shop shelves to the
pavements where informal traders charge higher prices than if the goods had
remained on shop shelves."

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations ]

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Collapse looms - 10,000% Inflation

In my own business we passed a milestone today - by our calculations
inflation in our business now exceeds 10 000 percent per annum. I was told
by my supplier today that flour for the bakery would now cost me Z$250 000
for a 50 kilogram bag and that I have to collect it at my own cost from
Harare - 600 kilometers distant, the last time I bought flour from the same
supplier it was Z$30 000 a 50 kilogram bag delivered to Bulawayo.

We have given our staff a 100 per cent raise at the month end for two months
now - it still leaves them with insufficient funds to cover their basic
costs of living. We started today to provide food to them in addition to
their wages or they simply will not be able to feed their families and come
to work.

One major supplier told me today that they are selling every product in
their range below cost. They are headed for bankruptcy and do not know what
to do next. Another service provider told me they were not able to replace
their stocks of spares and essential inputs. When they had run their stocks
down to zero, they would then go onto a hand to mouth basis, asking their
clients to source the required spares and raw materials before they could
start work.

Fuel is trading at Z$45 000 a litre, the dollar at Z$50 000 to 1 against the
US dollar and it has depreciated by 50 per cent in a week. I estimate prices
are rising 20 per cent a day and this is putting huge pressure on all firms.

There is no sign of this process slowing down and with the government simply
spending wildly in anticipation of an election in 2008, we cannot expect
inflation to slow - we are headed for super inflation in the near future. It
will then be impossible to hold money - people will have to consider barter
and the widespread use of another currency. In Mozambique when they were
experiencing similar conditions the common currency was the US dollar. The
same situation existed in Angola but because of the shortage of actual
foreign currency notes there, they also used things such as canned beer and
coca cola as currency.

The difficulty in Zimbabwe is that we have a relatively sophisticated
economy and strict currency controls. The use of either the Rand or the US
dollar for exchange would actually be illegal at present.

From other countries experience this situation will be bound to escalate the
collapse of the formal sector, exacerbate human and capital flight, destroy
the value of savings in any form except property and the stock market and
plunge civil servants, whose conditions of service are less flexible, into a
state of crisis.

In the face of these critical concerns, neither the government nor the
Reserve Bank exhibits any concern or understanding of just what they are
doing. Their remedies suggest they have little understanding of the
complexities of macro economic management policy or how the economy and
business actually functions. Virtually every prescription they have trundled
out in recent weeks has simply made things worse.

Food is scarce and unaffordable and a real humanitarian crisis is building
up - one that might still threaten national stability and put the lives of
millions are at stake. There is plenty of evidence that Zimbabweans living
in the Diaspora are pouring money into the country to try and keep their
families afloat. With some 4,5 million adult Zimbabweans abroad, this
carries quite a punch and is probably the single most important factor in
helping keep things stable.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, 29th May 2007

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Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe

Sokwanele Article : 29 May 2007

Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe - front coverIt is ten years since the original publication of 'Breaking the Silence: A Report on the Disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands' (by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) and the Legal Resources Foundation (LRF)). We are delighted to let you know that the report has been re-published in book form by the South African publishing house Jacana under the title 'Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe'.

Gukurahundi is a traditional Shona word, which means 'the early rain which washes away the chaff before the spring rains.' It is the word chosen by the Mugabe regime to describe a military operation against a civilian population during the 1980s.

In 1980, a few short months after Independence Day, Robert Mugabe signed an agreement with the North Korean President Kim Il Sung to have the North Korean military train a brigade for the Zimbabwean army. Training of the 5th Brigade lasted until September 1982. The objective of the 5th Brigade was to crush the people of Matabeleland, force them to submit to Mugabe's Zanu PF and relinquish their loyalty to Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union (Zapu).

The infamous red-bereted 5 Brigade were soldiers equipped with unusually cruel skills. We learn through the 'Breaking the Silence' report that the methods used to address "reorientation", "change", "unfounded grievances" - methods designed to teach a community to "accept defeat" - included civilian murders, civilian rapes, civilian torture and the destruction of civilian property.

The report describes in detail some of the techniques used, and it's important to understand that all the techniques were calculated to maximise terror, pain, grief and humiliation. The soldiers, under Mugabe's instruction, set out to injure and mutilate human beings, to kill them, but to do so in such evil cruel ways that the scars would be indelibly etched in memories for generations to come.

Mugabe intended to leave this civilian population with fear for the rest of their lives, for the horror to be so great that they would pass the fear down to subsequent generations. This is how he believed he would manage discontent in the region, and hold onto power indefinitely.

When the soldiers were first deployed in Matabeleland, the shock was significant and the impact immediately felt:

"Five Brigade passed first through Tsholotsho, spreading out rapidly through Lupane and Nkayi, and their impact on all these communal areas was shocking. Within the space of six weeks more than 2000 civilians had died, hundreds of homesteads had been burnt and thousands of civilians had been beaten. Most of the dead were killed in public executions involving between one and 12 people at a time."

The book form of the report, 'Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe', has an introduction by Elinor Sisulu and a foreword by Archbishop Pius Ncube:

Sisulu recounts how she was horrified by the detailed account in the CCJP report of the "mass shooting of 62 young men and women" on the banks of Cwele River in Matabeleland. She contrasts the silence that greeted the 1983 massacre in Matabeleland with the shock and dismay throughout the world occasioned by the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa in March 1960. (The Sunday Independent SA: 27 May 2007)

One of the most difficult things for decent people to comprehend is that these perverse barbaric acts of cruelty were not the actions of psychopaths, but soldiers. Their 'enemy' was not an invading army from foreign borders, nor were they fighting for freedom against a repressive racist regime; the vast majority of the 'enemy' were our fellow Zimbabweans - men, women, children, and the elderly: the innocent and the defenceless; the helplessly isolated.

Donald Trelford, editor of The Observer (UK) at that time, recalled an interview that he had with Robert Mugabe in 1984 where he asked Mugabe whether he would ever consider a political solution to the Matabeleland issue rather then the military one. Trelford describes Mugabe's response to his question as 'blunt' and 'chilling':

"The solution is a military one. Their grievances are unfounded. The verdict of the voters was cast in 1980. They should have accepted defeat then ... The situation in Matabeleland is one that requires a change. The people must be reoriented."

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, carries another chilling quote from Mugabe in the early 1980s: "We eradicate them. We don't differentiate when we fight because we can't tell who is a dissident and who is not."

The publishers of 'Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe' write: "the [Breaking the Silence] Report is offered again at a time when the events it describes ­ the Gukurahundi have acquired a fresh relevance". They say that they hope "the reavailability of the Report will mean that more people will campaign for an end to human rights violations in Zimbabwe, and for restorative justice for the victims".

'Fresh relevance' indeed. We only need to look at the language used by Zanu PF to see a recurring pattern in thinking: Gukurahundi (1980s) - 'the early rain which washes away the chaff', and, Murambatsvina (2000s) - 'clearing out the trash'. The 'chaff' and the 'trash' being anyone who dares disagree or challenge the power of Robert Mugabe, or anyone that Mugabe thinks might one day in the future disagree with him or challenge his power.

This book – ‘Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe’ - is an essential book to read for anyone who wants to fully understand Zimbabwe's history. Both the government enquiries - the Dumbutshena enquiry into the Entumbane battle and the 1984 Chihambakwe enquiry into the 1983 massacres - have never been made public and the Legal Resource Foundation’s attempt to get an order through the Supreme Court (on the basis of access to information in terms of the Constitution) failed. This book therefore stands as perhaps the most critically important record of the violations against the people of Matabeleland during the 1980s. It exposes Mugabe's capacity for evil, and the enormity of the threat he and his party's politics of violence presents for any hope that our country might ever enjoy a peaceful non-violent future where human rights are fully respected.

We are delighted that it is now easily available to a worldwide audience.

The book is available for purchase from Exclusive Books in South Africa (full details below). International readers can buy the book via the Exclusive Book website.

Please buy the book and read it and please encourage everyone you know to do the same. If you have a website or blog, please help publicise the fact that this book is now available.

Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe (Price: R189.00)
Sub-title: A Report on the Disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands 1980-1988

EAN : 9781770092075
Publisher : Jacana Media Pty Ltd
Country of publication: South Africa

Exclusive Books website:
Direct link to book online at Exclusive Books:
Publisher's website:

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The Zimbabwe I don't want

New Zimbabwe

By Daniel Fortune Molokele
Last updated: 05/29/2007 20:50:09
I HAD an unplanned visit to Zimmbabwe recently.

I was forced by circumstances to go to Harare and sort out some problematic
issues pertaining to my legal status in South Africa.

In the end, I had to apply for a new visitors' visa altogether, and the
rather lengthy process ended up lasting up to fifteen days.

The circumstances in which I had to leave Zimbabwe in January 2004 are a
well documented fact that I have also highlighted in my previous articles.

Ever since I left Zimbabwe for South Africa, I had only managed to visit my
motherland on three occasions. So this was my fourth visit. But what made
this visit more special was the unique fact that it was much longer than all
my other previous visits.

It was the first time that I had an opportunity to really return to Zimbabwe
and have a better feel of what it is now like not to be part of the ever
growing Diaspora community. But after having spent fourteen consecutive
nights in Harare, I must say that I was left with a very bitter taste in my

What I saw is definitely not the Zimbabwe that I want to be identified with.
The Zimbabwe that I saw is certainly far below my minimum hopes and
expectations of how things should be in the land of my womb.

To say that the country has gone to the dogs is most certainly a huge
understatement. Someone actually suggested to me the other day that it is
actually more appropriate to say that the country has now gone to the
zhing-zhongs, reference to the growing Chinese community seelling cheap
wares all around Harare!

Zimbabwe is a country that has immense potential. Yet as I discovered during
my visit, it is now a country that has completely lost direction. It has
become a country with no master plan, with no vision and most disheartening
of all, with no minimum standards of excellence at all.

This is a country that shuns excellence, and embraces any form of
underachievement. This is one country where mediocrity is celebrated day in
and day out.

I was so disgusted to see ZTV, the only national television channel in the
entire country, give at least five minutes of prime time television news to
one Joseph Chinotimba. The man was supposedly speaking on behalf of all the
Zimbabwean workers in his capacity as the Vice President of the so-called
Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions. Yet it is common cause that the
legitimate representative body for all the remaining few workers in the
country is the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

It was so sad to note that while the news bulletin afforded Chinoz, as he is
called here, ample time to waffle about Workers' Day celebrations, the ZCTU
was not given even a second to air their own planned programme for the same
day. Under normal circumstances, Chinoz should not be even allowed near the
television cameras at all. He is a glorified former municipal security
officer whose only claim to fame is that he led some of those violent farm
invasions a few years ago, the same farm invasions that have brought untold
hunger and food shortages to many workers and their families in Zimbabwe

I also had an opportunity to spend an afternoon at the University of
Zimbabwe campus. It was at this very same college that I joined student
activism. Between 1995 and 1999, I was a law student there who also got
elected into all the three highest offices of the students' union
leadership. The UZ I saw is a pale shadow of its former great self.

In particular, the once proud and revolutionary students' union building is
now no more. Not to mention the symbolic October 4 bar! The students' union
no longer has an administrative building it can call its own any more. The
truth is that without a strong culture of student activism, the UZ is now
just a glorified high school. They might just as well introduce a
prefectorial system to officially represent the broader students' body
interest. How have the mighty fallen!

Yet the saddest thing about it all is that no-one in the high offices seems
to take care of the rapid decline of standards in most of the country's
public systems. The national leadership seems to be so engrossed in the
desperate struggle for political survival; so much that they are now more
than prepared to sacrifice the greater national interest on the alter of
political self-aggrandizement. In the meantime, the nation continues to
suffer rapid degradation and stagnation.

I also had an opportunity to visit the Westgate Shopping Mall on a Saturday.
What I saw there really broke my heart. The place that used to be a thriving
social hive now lies forlorn and deserted. The shops are still there but the
customers are no more. Many have left the country. While those who remain
simply cannot afford to pay for most of the things that are on offer.

Most restaurants were empty; the movie houses were also virtually empty. In
fact the busiest shop was TM supermarket. Otherwise the rest of the mall was
deserted. I really felt sad! This is so especially if I compare with what I
always witness when I visit any mall here in South Africa. At any time of
the week or month, there is always lots of life and vibe.

As for the topical issues in the political discourse of the country, things
have become even more depressing. One cannot help develop the feeling that
there is a now lot of political sterility and stagnation in the country. The
politics of personalities and survival has become the order of the day. It
is so hard to be both a visionary and a politician in Zimbabwe today. The
biggest culprit is no doubt Robert Mugabe himself.

It was so nauseating to see him continue to convince himself that he is
still a relevant asset to our country. I still don't understand why he
cannot see that he has long gone past by his sell-by date. What is even more
depressing is that while Tony Blair and George Bush are preparing to leave
public office, the man is preparing to launch another presidential election

Admittedly, there are still some genuine leaders from various facets of the
pro-democracy movement that is still burning the flames of the struggle at

There are a lot of brave men and women that are still facing the brunt of
the dictatorship at the political battlefront. Some have been brutalised,
detained or even murdered in the name of the struggle for a new Zimbabwe. We
need to always do our best to appreciate their efforts, in spite of the
obvious counter attacks from the desperate regime.

But one thing I felt as I walked on the UZ campus grounds and also the other
day when I was outside the national Parliament building, is that somehow,
Zimbabweans now living in the Diaspora have a greater responsibility to the
country than ever before. The truth is that the country now needs you, more
than ever before.

Wherever you are, please do not give up on the dream for a better and new
Zimbabwe. Wherever you are, stand up and be counted among those who are
actively campaigning for a new democratic Zimbabwe.

Do not keep quiet anymore. Let your silence come to an end now. Join the
growing movement fighting in various ways to keep Zimbabwe high on both the
African and broader global agenda. Speak out and tell whoever listens to you
that Zimbabwe under Mugabe is definitely not the Zimbabwe you want! Another
new Zimbabwe is possible. It starts with you. It starts with me. It starts
with both of us. United. Together. Today. Don't wait for tomorow bercause it
might never come!

Daniel Molokele is a Zimbabwean Human Rights Lawyer who is based in
Johannesburg. He can be contacted at

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Gem watchdog eyes Zimbabwe

Business Report

May 29, 2007

Harare - A six-member team from diamond certification body Kimberley Process
has arrived in Zimbabwe to assess whether the country is in compliance with
diamond trade regulations, reports said Tuesday.

The team is expected to visit key diamond mining areas in the country, Mines
Minister Amos Midzi said in comments carried in the official Herald

"The team was not imposing itself on Zimbabwe but was in the country at the
invitation of the government," Midzi was quoted as saying.

Areas to be visited by the team include the Chiadzwa diamond field in
Zimbabwe's eastern Marange district, recently the site of unprecedented
looting of the mineral by thousands of fortune seekers after the government
cancelled a claim to the area by an international mining company.

The visit by the Kimberley Process - which certifies that diamonds are not
being used to finance wars - comes after the chairman of the World Diamond
Council, Eli Izhakoff last week said Zimbabwe and Venezuela had to do more
to comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

In April, Zimbabwe's central bank governor Gideon Gono estimated Zimbabwe's
cash-strapped economy had lost $400 million worth of revenue due to
smuggling of diamonds out of Marange.

The country's security minister has said diamonds looted from Marange have
been sold in places as far away as Israel. Government officials have been
implicated in the smuggling though no-one has yet dared name any senior

Midzi told reporters in the capital on Monday that the government had now
imposed order in Marange.

"The security level has been upgraded. The (state-run Zimbabwe Mining
Development Corporation) ZMDC is working with security agents to maintain
high-level security," Midzi said.

"An area covering two kilometres has been fenced," he said.

The diamond field is in fact believed to cover a much wider area. Last month
an illegal miner was shot and killed during a police raid on a hideout.

Locals in Marange say some corrupt policemen are illegally mining the
precious gems. - Sapa-dpa

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Farmers World Starts Distributing Tractors

The Herald (Harare) Published by the government of Zimbabwe

29 May 2007
Posted to the web 29 May 2007

Fortious Nhambura

INDIGENOUS agro-business dealer Farmers World has started distributing tractors and various other farming implements which it acquired from China to tobacco and other farmers throughout the country.

The distribution had been put on hold to allow Government to assess the suitability of the farming implements to Zimbabwe's climatic conditions and soils.

Speaking at the programme's official launch yesterday, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono said the tractors would go a long way in helping the country achieve mechanisation, stressing it was imperative that all precautionary measures be taken to ascertain the suitability of the farming implements to the country's geographical conditions.

He said the central bank had advised Farmers World to suspend the distribution of the equipment to give Government and the central bank time to assess its suitability.

"The implements were imported through a loan received from China and that loan will have to be repaid. As a result, we advised Farmers World to make sure that beneficiaries of the scheme would be in a position to generate foreign currency to enable the country to repay the loan.

"The central bank recommended Farmers World to put the distribution exercise on hold so that Government made sure the minimum standards of operability of the equipment for the good of the country and our relations with friendly nations that are keen to help us.

"It was important for RBZ, the Ministry of Agricultural Engineering and Mechanisation and Farmers World to make pre- and post-delivery checks to avoid a repeat of past experiences," said Dr Gono, referring to the furore over inferior quality fertilizer imported from South Africa last year.

He said the central bank had recommended that the distribution be spread evenly across Zimbabwe and to all the country's tobacco farming regions for the sake of transparency.

"We also understand that some regions do not have tobacco farmers and have put in place support programmes sustainable in those areas that do not engage in tobacco farming to encourage an equitable distribution of national resources," said Dr Gono.

"We saw that it was critical to have a proper inventory of the farming equipment so as to guard against abuse of these schemes and to promote accountability when it comes to national resources. RBZ has also recommended that the distribution be mindful of other groups such as women, war veterans and youths in the exercise," Dr Gono said.

He said the mechanisation programme would also see Members of Parliament, senators and chiefs, among other national leaders, getting an opportunity to own a tractor and farming implements in addition to ox-drawn implements for communal and resettled farmers.

"This is part of a holistic approach to the mechanisation programme and stakeholders should bear with the Government as the first part of the programme will not be able to cater for all farmers," he said.

Speaking at the same function, the Minister Agricultural Engineering and Mechanisation, Dr Joseph Made, said he recognised the importance of private sector participation in land reform as the programme would not be complete without its participation.

Dr Made said it was important for farmers observe recommended the run-in periods as they adjust the equipment for optimum performance.

"My ministry will soon open depots at provincial, district and local level to teach farmers on how to maintain farming implements that will be supplied to them," said Dr Made.

Farmers World managing director Mr Edward Raradza said the tractors would be availed to both farmers contracted to his company and others.

"The names of the beneficiaries will be submitted to the central bank to allow for the smooth repayment of the loans. Distribution depots will be opened in Mvurwi for farmers in Mashonaland Central, Chinhoyi for Mashonaland West, Marondera for Mashonaland East and Rusape for Manicaland province," he said.

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Church Must Fight Mugabe's Tyranny, Says Archbishop

Catholic Information Service for Africa (Nairobi)

29 May 2007
Posted to the web 29 May 2007


Zimbabweans are praying for an end to the "autocratic" and "brutal" regime
of President Robert Mugabe that has brought untold suffering to the country,
says outspoken Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo.

"There is a lot of prayer in Zimbabwe right now - praying of the rosary,
night prayers to Our Lady for the country," the archbishop says in an
interview to be published in the June-July issue of Inside the Vatican

He says it was "imperative" for the bishops of Zimbabwe to write their
Easter Pastoral Letter which blamed the crisis in the country on bad
governance. Mugabe dismissed the letter as political nonsense.

"The situation of the people was becoming worse and worse. Among the young
people, there was a growing anger and a growing sense of uncertainty and
desperation. We were in the hands of a man who for 27-plus years had been
autocratic and using his army to be brutal on the people."

He says Mugabe's regime tries to intimidate the clergy for their solidarity
with the people. "We were told: 'You keep to the Bible, to religious
affairs, don't comment on political matters. If you want to come into
politics then give up your religious garb, and be a politician and then we
will deal with you properly.'"

But the church will not be cowed. "We feel duty bound to stand with the
people in a time when there is so much suffering; in times when the
humanitarian situation of the people food wise, education-wise, health-wise,
is getting worse and worse."

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Student leaders kidnapped in Bulawayo

The Zimbabwean


Student leaders kidnapped in Bulawayo.
as the situation in colleges remain tense.

The NUST Student Representative Council (SRC) president and his vice
Clever Bere and Mehluli Dube respectively have been arrested. Hell broke
this morning at around 0900 hours when the Bere and Mehluli were going about
their normal business and were captured by the Chief Security Officer,
Banda. The two student leaders were detained in the university control
room. They were denied access to both fellow students and their lawyers.
and Mehluli were transferred from the NUST security office at around 1300
hours and are suspected to be in detention at Bulawayo Central police

The 2 student leaders had retreated into hiding following a police hunt
in Bulawayo following the 10th of May 2007 peaceful demonstration by
students at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in
where 53 students were arrested including the student chorister ,
Themba Maphendeka.

During the demonstration, police used "war methods" to handle students
with pens and papers. Tear gas was fired towards them resulting in 5
students collapsing.

Meanwhile, the security situation at NUST remains volatile. The ZINASU
president Promise Mkwananzi said that the students of Zimbabwe will not
intimidated by the mighty show of force by the Zimbabwean police. He
said students are right, and right is mighty.

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Mbeki's mediation suspicious

The Zimbabwean

SOUTH African President Thabo Mbeki's mediation in the Zimbabwean
crisis is treated with some suspicion as the country's main opposition of
Democratic Alliance (DA) questions the fairness and credibility Mbeki
whom they widely believe to be pro-Mugabe's regime.

According to a South African evening daily newspaper of the Citizen,
the DA's spokesperson, Joe Seremane challenged preisent Mbeki to "reflect
fairness and an understanding of both government and opposition in that

It is alleged that president Mbeki had given some pre-conditions to
Zimbabwe's main opposition political party, the Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) before the dialogue could resume, a development the DA
argued was disturbing.

"Unfortunately, there are no conditions given to Mugabe and that is
unfair," Seremane was quoted as saying on Monday afternoon.

Mbeki was appointed by the Southern African Development Community
(SADC) regional leaders at a hastily organised Arusha Summit in Tanzania as
mediator to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis.

According to Seremane, the MDC was required to accept and recognise
that Mugabe is the President, and that he won the elections.

"Mbeki is also asking the opposition to denounce violence," the paper
quotes Seremane.

According to Mbeki's alleged statements, the opposition MDC should
comply with the conditions, while the ruling Zanu-PF continued to brag about
the free rein given to Mugabe by Mbeki.

Over 3 000 000 million Zimbabweans are believed to be staying in South
Africa while dozens of hundreds of thousands others are believed to
have scattered throughout the SADC, Europe and America as a result of
Mugabe's misrule- CAJ News.

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Zimbabwe parastatal pushes forward with mining Marange diamond field


State-owned ZMDC is moving ahead with mining the Marange diamond field amid
crticism, while Kimberley Process team examines Zimbabwe diamond industry.

Author: Tawanda Karombo
Posted:  Tuesday , 29 May 2007

Harare  -

Zimbabwe, currently under a probe from a Kimberley Process team which is in
the country, has revealed that it will not seek foreign partners to mine
diamonds in the controversial Chiadzwa Diamond fields situated in the east
of the country.

Mines and Mining Development Minister, Amos Midzi, said the Kimberley team
is in the country on a fact-finding mission to establish whether the
country's diamond mining is in line with set rules.

Last month, Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono deplored the
Zimbabwe government's mode of diamond mining, saying it was "haphazard".

"The continued unstructured mode of diamond mining and marketing is fast
becoming an embarrassing development to the country's mining industry," Gono
said in his interim monetary policy statement.

He also implored the Zimbabwe government to speedily conclude ongoing
"reviews to the mining sector legislation" to take away sector apprehensions
and uncertainties that are "keeping potential investments at bay."

But it is the decision by the Zimbabwean government to "go it alone" in
diamond mining that has raised scepticism in industry experts.

"The decision of the government is that the Zimbabwe Mining and Development
Company (ZMDC) should go it alone. From what we've seen, there is no need
for that (external investment). ZMDC has not drawn on any expertise or
equipment from outside, which is testimony that we are able to do it on our
own," Midzi said.

The ZMDC is a government parastatal that has been tasked to oversee mining
operations in the country.

Midzi however said the six member Kimberley Process team is in the country
at the invitation of President Robert Mugabe's government following a recent
meeting on Diamond mining held in neighbouring Botswana.

At that meeting, Minister Midzi said, he "met the incoming chairman of the
Kimberley Process and made a voluntary presentation of the situation at
Marange, (in the east of the country), to prove" that the country is in
compliance with diamond mining requirements.

During its visit to the country, the Kimberley Process team is expected to
visit the contentious diamond fields, whose ownership and control have
stoked up bitter legal wrangles between the Zimbabwe government and, British
mining explorer, African Consolidated Resources (ACR). ACR is claiming
ownership of rights to mine in the area.

The team, according to mines minister Midzi, is also expected to meet mining
authorities in the country.

"We expect the team to visit River Ranch, Murowa and Marange so that they
can make their own assessment. I'd like to dispel the notion that the team
has imposed itself on us ... they are here at our invitation," Midzi added.

The diamond fields have been fraught with rampant illegal mining, amidst
reports that the precious mineral was being smuggled outside the country
through unofficial and illegal routes.

But Midzi refuted this, saying the Zimbabwe government had already moved in
to stamp authority in the area.

"The security level (at the Marange Diamond fields) has been upgraded. The
Zimbabwe Mining and Development Company (ZMDC) is working together with
security agents to maintain high level security. An area covering two
kilometres has been fenced," he said.

"Starting on 22 April, ZMDC started the first run of the trial mining,
starting with two tonnes of ore and they were able to produce the first
carats from Marange," Midzi added.

He said the trial runs had since risen to 25 tonnes of ore per day and
indications were that the yield would be enough to allow full-scale
operations, but added that ZMDC would not seek foreign partners in the

About 20 000 illegal miners had set up shop at the Marange Diamond fields
since the discovery o f the mineral late last year. Several people and a
policeman have since died in clashes at the field as illegal miners and the
police were involved in running battles. This immediately stoked up fears by
the World Diamond Council (WDC) that the diamonds from the area are
increasingly becoming blood diamonds, which are used to fuel civil wars in
much of the African continent.

Following the unrest at the diamonds fields , the Zimbabwe government
subsequently set up a taskforce to look into the illegal mining of Diamonds
in the Marange area.

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Civic Activists Demand Input To Zimbabwe Crisis Mediation


      By Carole Gombakomba
      29 May 2007

The activist group Women of Zimbabwe Arise and its consort, Men of Zimbabwe
Arise, have offered a contribution to the crisis mediation led by South
African President Thabo Mbeki in a document that outlines "Ten Steps to a
New Zimbabwe."

The paper asks whether the intention of the heads of state of the Southern
African Development Community, who gave Mr. Mbeki his mediation brief, is to
bring forth a new Zimbabwean order without political, economic and social
reform, or if the process will be more meaningful than that.The groups have
also demanded whether ordinary Zimbabweans will have a voice in the Mbeki
mediation process.

The 10 steps urged by WOZA and MOZA include a halt to political violence,
equal participation by all groups in society, the repeal of repressive laws
such as the Public Order and Security Act, or POSA, and the Access to
Information and Protection of Privacy Act, or AIPPA, and an end to the
selective enforcement of other laws.

WOZA and MOZA, are also demanding a land audit to lay the basis for a
permanent and equitable resolution of land reform, while promoting immediate
resumption of food production, and urge that the 2008 presidential and
parliamentary elections are conducted according to SADC principles and

WOZA coordinator Jenni Williams told reporter Carole Gombakomba of VOA's
Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the organizations want to urge politicians
involved in the crisis talks to bear their "Ten Steps" in mind so mediation
will yield meaningful results.

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Representing Volume One of three volumes, Two and Three are in preparation
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We are still looking for premises measuring 70 - 120 sq metres in Cameron,
Kaguvi or Charter rd areas.

If you know of any available please contact Tony Rowley on 0912 201 606 or
443503 or Sherry Rowley on 852027/8 or 0912 724 595


3.2 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

We have a 2 bed-roomed fully furnished thatched cottage to rent.  It has no
stove or fridge.
The rent includes lights & water.  It is in Arcturus 10km from Donnybrooke
race track. Unfortunately no animals please as we have dogs & cats. Would
suit elderly or young couple.

Please phone Tony on 0912 201 606 or 442503 or sherry 0912 724 595 or


3.3 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

We are currently renting a small house in Avondale but have been given 6
weeks notice to vacate (by end of June).
My son, Scott, works for Price Waterhouse Coopers and I live in Chiredzi.  I
travel to Harare each month. I am looking for something, for reasonable
rent, that has at least two bedrooms, etc.; good security;  and
accommodation for our maid. We are good stewards for what we have been
renting up until now!!

My phone numbers are 091 2 740 505, home 031 2609 (evenings).
Scott's phone number in evening in Harare is 333417; or 091 2 284 901.


3.4 Two Houses for Sale (Ad Inserted 22/05/07)

Call Pauline on 011 609 840 or email:

GLEN LORNE: Very appealing thatched 4 bedroom home with study, lounge &
separate dining room, fitted kitchen & scullery, 2 bathrooms (main en
suite), covered verandah, glitter-stone swimming pool & bore-hole, art
studio, staff quarters, work-shop & store-room, double lock-up garage &
double car-port, alarm & satellite dish,  fully walled with an electric
gate. Photos and price on request.

CHIRUNDU - Lovely thatched home with beautiful views upstream


3.5 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

Ex farmers daughter, husband and two young children looking for 3/4
bed-roomed, 2 bath-roomed house, with domestic quarters to rent. Prefer a
long lease.  Please call on 0912258491.


3.6 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 29/05/07)

Garden flat in Greendale, convenient shops, Msasa, town, lock up car
port, available immed, rent equiv US80 per month, plus 1 month deposit, call
Mr Wallis 496829 or 023894597 or email "


3.7 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 29/05/07)

Attractive 2 bedroom cottage in quiet country surroundings 50 km from
Harare.  Z$750 000 per month.

Please contact Jenny Faasem @ or 073 - 3399


3.8 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 29/05/07)

Dr. Seeks cottage somewhere near Parinyatwa hospital.

Current accommodation rent increased beyond government doctor's salary.
Contact dr. Martyn Edwards 335352 or cell 0912 66 44 33 "




4.1 Need a break

Getaway and enjoy peace and fresh air at GUINEA FOLWS REST
Only 80kms from Harare, Self-catering guest-house
Sleeps 10 people, Bird-watching, Canoeing, Fishing, DSTV

REGRET: No day visitors.  No boats or dogs allowed.
Contact Dave: 011 600 770 or Annette 011 600 769
or 091 22 55 653 or email




5.1 Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repairs carried out personally by qualified mechanic with 30 years
experience. Very reasonable rates.

Phone Johnny Rodrigues:  011 603213 or 011 404797, email:


5.2 SpeedWorx - WYNN'S (Ad inserted 22 May 2007)

Intelligent Car Service has arrived!

Why pay ridiculous prices and be without your car for days.

Our services are done while you wait & cost a fraction of the normal repair.

At SpeedWorx we will:

Service your car
Increase your engine's performance and improve your fuel economy
Completely flush your engine oil to prolong your engine life
Restore your Power steering performance and stop it leaking
Restore your Automatic Transmission performance and stop it leaking
Completely flush your brake system and make you safe
Stop your car overheating and reduce the risk of leaks
Remove bad odours from the interior of your car and keep it fresh

Services done at your home or office.

Contact: Bryan 011 612 650 or Russell 011 410 525.



4 Stokesay Close, Colne Valley, Chisipite

We specialise in hire & maint of indoor pot plants.
We also have various outdoor plants & seedlings on sale. Come in & browse
but phone first as the gate is locked.

Contact Sherry on 0912 724 595 or 852027/8


5.4 Flower Arrangements (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

Unusual flower arrangements at very competitive rates for any occasion

Be it for a birthday, a Thank You, a Mother's or Father's Day, an
Anniversary or a wedding, a Fund Raiser, Christening or Funeral.

Contact Leighann Halfpenny, 04 - 302679, 011 632272 or Leave Message at
04 - 481164,


5.5 HARDWOOD FURNTURE (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

Sleepers and Teak Custom made Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Bars ,Even
Wrought iron and Pine  Phone Simon Silcock  persistently 668843 or sms 091
233 103 and I will reply quickly.



6.1 Puppy looking for a home (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

I male puppy left out of 7, still looking for a loving home.

Contact Chere - 011 631 546.


6.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

Please we have just lost our Doberman bitch. We are desperate to find a
puppy. She does not need to have papers. We are a good home on 15 acres. If
anyone knows of any puppies please phone us on 0912 201 606 or 091 2 724 595
or 852027/8 ask for Tony or Sherry


6.3 Anyone Lost a Weimeraner Dog (Ad inserted 29/05/07)

I found a male, 5 year old Weimeraner dog in our road leading off Drew Road
this morning.  The dog had no collar or identification on him.

He had been hit and stunned by a car I suspect and needed medical help.  He
is now being cared for and looked after at Chisipite Veterinerary Surgery,
phone 494824.

The SPCA have been informed.

PLEASE, if you know of anyone who owns a Weimeraner, phone them and find out
whether their dog is not lost.  He is a beautiful well cared for pet.



7.1 Mid Year Dinner Concert (Ad inserted 22/05/07)

Combined Phoenix/Harare Male Voice Choir Mid Year Dinner Concert (1,2,3

Venue: Hellenic Club
Time: 1st & 2nd June   Sunday 3rd June 12.00 noon
Snacks and three course meal. $160,000
BOOKING: Church of Nazarene, Avondale. Contact: 302030 from Monday 21st May,
Weekdays. 11.00a.m. to 2.00 p.m.


7.2  Country Juke Box (Ad inserted 29/05/07)

Come and dance with Country Juke Box. Bring the family. Children allowed.
Reasonable bar prices, club menu and a great atmosphere. Wide selection of
dance music from the 60's to 90's, Country, Boeremusiek, Rock and Roll etc.
Contact Joe on 339378 or 0912 338414 for details.

JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
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