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The Village Voice
Nat Hentoff
Mugabe's Victims: Mostly Black
Charles Barron Calls It 'One of the Most Stable Countries in Africa'
May 2nd, 2003 5:00 PM

The Iraq war has totally overshadowed the horrors in Zimbabwe. Day after day, hour after hour, the BBC, CNN, and Sky television tell of the moment by moment developments in Iraq. We [in Zimbabwe] scream of murder, torture, beating, abductions, and gang rape of schoolgirls as young as 12, but no one is listening.

Night after night, Short Wave Radio Africa interviews ordinary men and women in Zimbabwe who tell of horrors so barbaric that they belong in 16th-century history books. —Catherine Buckle, online letter from Zimbabwe, Saturday, April 5

I am still the Hitler of the time. This Hitler has only one objective, justice for his own people, sovereignty for his people, recognition of the independence of his people, and their right to their resources. If that is Hitler, then let me be a Hitler tenfold. Ten times Hitler, that is what we stand for. —Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, March 21

On September 12 last year, at City Hall, members of the New York City Council welcomed one of the most ceaselessly brutal dictators on the grim surface of the earth—Robert Mugabe, the liberator of Zimbabwe, who has become its ghoul. He had been invited by Councilmember Charles Barron of Brooklyn. Mugabe, basking in the respectful attention, did not actually have blood on his hands. He has thugs to do that work, as has been documented by human rights organizations around the world ("Land of Fear, Rape, and Hunger," October 4, 2002; "Hell Is a Real Place," October 11, 2002).

There was no member of the City Council with the minimal courage to confront Mugabe or Charles Barron with the thanatology of Mugabe's reign. Sure, Mugabe was entitled to freedom of speech, but so were members of the City Council. Were they more afraid of Charles Barron than of Mugabe?

Later, when I heard that the vivid Mr. Barron was heading a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe, I called and asked him to send me the report when he returned. He cordially said he would. When he came back, I called again, to no avail. I have a copy from the International Freedom to Publish Committee of the Association of American Publishers.

In a letter to Barron, that committee wrote, "We are disturbed that the report in general seems to echo the Zimbabwe government's official position on the various matters discussed."

The International Freedom to Publish Committee was unduly kind in saying "seems."

From the conclusions of the Barron report (also signed by New York City councilmember James Davis, New York State assembly member Adam Clayton Powell IV, and Illinois state senator Donne Trotter):

"We found the media accounts [of Mugabe's record] to be exaggerated in many respects when dealing with the modalities of the land reform program, freedom of the press, and human rights conditions."

However, Mr. Barron, this is the country, as reported in The New York Times of December 26, 2002, where "several white farmers and dozens of black farm workers have been killed by government-backed militants, while thousands of other black farm workers have been evicted and left homeless [by those Mugabe-supported militants]."

In its 2002 report, Amnesty International noted—though this was omitted by Mr. Barron and his colleagues—"forced evictions, arbitrary arrests, beatings, torture, and political killings amounting to a pattern of deliberate, state-sponsored repression of opposition to the government or its policies. . . . Journalists and lawyers were arbitrarily detained, beaten, tortured, and threatened for reporting on political or human rights issues or representing the victims of human rights violations."

The Charles Barron report concluded that "Zimbabwe remains one of the most stable countries in Africa."

From an April 5, 2003, article in The Economist: "In the past two weeks, hundreds of [the leading opposition party] MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) supporters have been picked up and tortured . . . by special army units, the police, or by Mr. Mugabe's youth militia. Harare's casualty wards groan with the victims, some with broken bones, others with burns."

For more about Mugabe's murderous youth militia, see "Mugabe's Recruits Flee Brutal Zimbabwean Past" (The New York Times, April 15). That report is about Mugabe's "green bombers," members of the National Youth Service, characterized by human rights groups, the Times adds, as "violent thugs" unleashed by Mugabe and his official accomplices "on political opponents."

Said one green bomber: "For me it got too bad. There was too much beating—old people, young people, our own aunts and uncles. I had to run away."

The Times story added, "At the University of Witwatersrand [in South Africa] last week, researchers held the premiere of a documentary called In a Dark Time, about sexual attacks by the green bombers against women and girls linked to government opposition groups."

In an April 1 New York Times story about what Charles Barron and his "fact-finding" companions call "one of the most stable countries in Africa," Ginger Thompson told of what happened after a two-day strike by the Movement for Democratic Change demanding the disbanding of government militias:

"Mr. Mugabe responded to the strike with a violent crackdown against the opposition. . . . Human rights advocates and foreign diplomats have reported hundreds of people tortured by state security forces, and they said an estimated 1,000 people had fled their homes in fear."

In a future column: Excerpts from the weekly online letters from a white woman in Zimbabwe, Catherine Buckle, and from her book, African Tears. The introduction to her book is by a black independent journalist much harassed by Mugabe's goons—Trevor Ncube, publisher of the Zimbabwe Independent and the Standard.

In his introduction to African Tears, Ncube has severe criticisms of those of the white landowners in Zimbabwe who, for 20 years, profited from their "century-old access to land" and "were prepared to do nothing that would radically alter their access to this critical means of production." There should have been, he writes, "a just and properly planned land reform program."

But, Ncube emphasizes, the horrors Mugabe has inflicted on blacks and whites "was not about land at all but about one man's [Mugabe's] fear of losing political power. . . . And about one man's racial bigotry [and] desperation to leave behind a legacy at whatever cost."

When Charles Barron next celebrates Robert Mugabe at City Hall, I wish he would invite me to ask some questions.

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The Times of India

      Inebriated Zimbabwean diplomat booked

      TIMES NEWS NETWORK [ SATURDAY, MAY 03, 2003 12:10:59 AM ]

      NEW DELHI: A police picket in Vasant Vihar intercepted a diplomat's
car, and found a woman in a state of undress in the back seat, on Friday.

      The police said R Willard M Matondirotya, a counsellor with Zimbabwe
High Commission at Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, was driving the car in an
inebriated state. He reportedly abused the police control room (PCR) staff.

      The police said the woman, a second-year law student in Delhi
University, is from Nagaland.

      Joint commissioner of police Satish Chandra said: ''The car was
intercepted after a long chase, begining from Chanakyapuri area at about
3.45 am. A PCR van in Chanakyapuri was informed at 3.45 am that a car had
escaped after getting involved in an accident.''

      ''The diplomat was first asked by the PCR van to stop in Chanakyapuri
area, but he sped away. But the staff at the police picket Vasant Vihar
managed to stop the car by putting up barricades on the road,'' Chandra

      When the car was stopped, the woman was found seated in the rear seat
with her clothes strewn everywhere. The woman, under the influence of
alcohol, refused to reply to police questioning.

      ''On repeated questioning, the woman she said she knew the diplomat
personally,'' an official said.

      The accused later disclosed his identity through his diplomatic ID
card. ''He refused to answer any questions or undertake any medical
examination. He was later allowed to go,'' he said.
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Amnesty urges tough U.N. stand on Zimbabwe

By Manoah Esipisu

JOHANNESBURG, May 2 - Amnesty International urged the United Nations on
Friday to act over Zimbabwe, saying President Robert Mugabe's government was
guilty of human rights violations by using security laws to silence dissent.

       The London-based human rights group said Mugabe's government had put
the basic rights of his people under siege and that regional bodies such as
the 53-member African Union had failed to act decisively.
       ''The Zimbabwean authorities, particularly the police, are using
repressive legislation to systematically harass, arrest and torture with
impunity those perceived to be supporting political opposition and exposing
human rights violations,'' Amnesty said in a report released in South
       The U.N. should pass a resolution demanding Zimbabwe repeal laws
infringing human rights and stop intimidation, arbitrary arrests and torture
of opponents, an Amnesty official said.
       Zimbabwe's political and economic problems have increased since
Mugabe defeated Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for
Democratic Change, in presidential polls last year that some Western nations
condemned as fraudulent.
       The government passed tough new security and media laws last year
that critics say are aimed a suppressing the opposition.
       Amnesty spokesman Samkelo Mokhine said the group had received reports
of Zimbabwean security agents crossing into South Africa, where they
harassed opponents such as university students organising protests against
the Mugabe government.
       He said the number of Zimbabwean asylum seekers in South Africa was
on the increase, but gave no figures. An estimated two million Zimbabweans
are already economic refugees in South Africa and other neighbouring states.
       Many Zimbabweans blame Mugabe's policies for high unemployment and
shortages of fuel, food and foreign exchange.
       Mugabe says the economy has been sabotaged by domestic and Western
opponents of his campaign to seize white-owned farms for redistribution to
landless blacks.
       The leaders of South Africa, Nigeria and Malawi are due to visit
Zimbabwe next week to urge face-to-face talks between the Movement for
Democratic Changhe and Mugabe's ZANU-PF party.
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ZIMBABWE: MDC calls for talks on transitional govt

JOHANNESBURG, 2 May 2003 (IRIN) - Zimbabwe's main opposition party this week
responded to media speculation surrounding alleged talks on an "exit
strategy" for President Robert Mugabe, by saying it would drop a legal
challenge to last year's presidential poll if Mugabe agreed a retirement

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary-general, Welshmen Ncube, told
IRIN on Friday that the need "for [an election re-run] falls away" if Mugabe
"lays out a clear retirement package, with time frames that are

What would follow, according to the MDC, would be a transitional authority
lasting between six to 12 months that would organise fresh elections. Issues
of immunity for Mugabe, for alleged violations of human rights, "are open
for discussion", Ncube said.

He added: "Our negotiating position is: we want a transitional authority
with the specific authority to organise fresh elections as quickly as
possible, an independent electoral commission, an accurate voters' role, a
return to the rule of law, a disbanding of the [pro-government] militia, an
end to violence, and the repeal of repressive legislation like POSA [the
Public Order and Security Act] - in short, the creation of conditions that
are normal in a democracy."

Media reports that negotiations were underway on a retirement plan for
Mugabe pointed to an interview he gave the state broadcaster on 21 April in
which he appeared to suggest that, under certain conditions, he could
consider stepping down.

When asked if he felt he had achieved what he had set out to do, Mugabe
said, "we are getting to a stage where we shall say 'ah fine, we have
settled this matter [of land redistribution] and people can retire.'" In a
separate comment he noted: "You have to accept the reality that Mugabe is
the president. If he [MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai] accepts that, there is
no problem, none at all."

Zimbabwe's information and publicity department on Tuesday denied Mugabe was
 considering quitting. "President Robert Mugabe has not indicated a wish to
leave office now, nor at any other time before the expiry of his term," a
statement said. "All the president did in the recent interview ... was to
invite national debate on a range of national questions, including that of

In a briefing to MDC party officials on Wednesday, Tsvangirai stated: "We
understand that Mugabe is only prepared to relinquish his illegitimate power
if he is guaranteed what he calls a safe exit ... We in the MDC have never
preached or practiced the politics of vengeance and retribution ... We are
more than prepared and ready to consider Mugabe's immediate exit, but that
should not be a precondition for engaging in transitional dialogue."

"The MDC will not accept any transitional model which simply seeks to
incorporate us, as junior partners, into the structures of illegitimate
power dominated by Mugabe and his cronies," Tsvangirai said. "We will
neither be party to a dubious process that seeks to expand and sanitise
ZANU-PF's illegitimate rule, nor will we accept a secondary role in any
transitional arrangement."

The South African government this week denied media speculation that
President Thabo Mbeki would use a scheduled visit to Zimbabwe to urge Mugabe
to retire. "We strongly reject the notion that the president can go to
another country to effect a regime change there," presidential spokesperson
Bheki Khumalo said. "It is up to Mr Mugabe to deal with such issues."

Mbeki is to hold talks with Mugabe as well as Zimbabwean opposition parties
on Monday. Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and his Malawian
counterpart, Bakili Muluzi, will also attend.

Tsvangirai, commenting on the visit, noted: "We are watching developments on
the diplomatic scene with a sense of suspicion and anxiety. We understand
that General Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and Mr Thabo Mbeki of South Africa
are expressing renewed interest in the Zimbabwe crisis."

"As long as this renewed interest is sincere, we have no problems with that.
But, so far, the record of these two presidents is worrying. They recognised
the Mugabe regime after a clearly fraudulent election even in the midst of
post-electoral violence ... In short, they have demonstrated beyond doubt
that they are not honest brokers," Tsvangirai said.
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Fuel Supplies Dry Up

Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)

May 2, 2003
Posted to the web May 2, 2003

Dumisani Muleya

ZIMBABWE is lurching towards an unprecedented fuel crisis as government is
increasingly unable to pay suppliers who are now demanding hard cash before
delivery to avoid further exposure to mounting debts.

Official sources yesterday said Zimbabwe is nearly dry and would not get
fuel in the next couple of weeks unless government finds significant amounts
of foreign currency to import.

The little fuel Noczim has was last week directed to Bulawayo so Zimbabwe
International Trade Fair delegates didn't have to walk.

The Reserve Bank's external payments committee is failing to provide enough
foreign currency to critical sectors of the economy as defined in the
prioritisation of external payments guidelines. Fuel, electricity, grain and
drugs are the main import priorities for Zimbabwe.

Sources said the country has not received fuel since last week due to the
worsening foreign currency crisis. Suppliers are also understood to be
refusing to bring in fuel even in the small quantities government would be
able to pay for. Zimbabwe needs US$40 million a month for fuel.

"The situation is getting worse," an industry source said. "We are now
facing the prospect of a completely dry situation. The truth of the matter
is that we have failed to pay and now suppliers are demanding money in hand
up front."

Sources said the last fuel consignment of 439 000 litres which arrived last
week was diverted from Mutare to Bulawayo for the Trade Fair.

The diversion of fuel followed a plea to President Robert Mugabe by ZITF
general manager Graham Rowe and the trade showcase's chair Mthuli Ncube.

It is thought the last consignment of fuel from Kuwait was not even paid for
directly by government. Sources said Barclays Bank could have used their
offshore account in Jersey in the Channel Islands - a banking hub - to pay
for the fuel.

Despite government's attacks on banks following last week's stayaway, the
local financial institutions have been helping in securing fuel.

Banks that have bailed out government include the Jewel Bank, NMB, ABC, and
Trust Bank.

As the fuel situation worsens, Noczim is currently scrounging for $60
billion to import fuel. Sources said the state company is now finding it
difficult to borrow because of its reputation for corruption and debt.

Apart from that, government guarantees for Noczim are no longer acceptable
to many financial institutions.

Government recently tried to reduce Noczim's debt by $6,7 billion to revamp
its image but the debt went up again. It now stands at $21,6 billion. This
situation has rendered Noczim almost totally uncreditworthy.

Zimbabwe has of late been getting its supplies from Kuwait and small
suppliers in South Africa, Botswana, and Nigeria. But Kuwait's Independent
Petroleum Group is reluctant to continue supplying Zimbabwe with fuel
because it is reportedly owed over US$70 million.

Sources said the Libyans have effectively stopped supplying because of
non-payment. They said Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi now considers Zimbabwe
"a dangerous credit risk" because of its virtual bankruptcy and growing
political uncertainty. Zimbabwe owes Libya more than US$170 million for fuel
because it has been buying at a premium.

By June last year, Zimbabwe owed fuel suppliers US$106,2 million. The total
debt is now said to have more than doubled.

"Things are not working for us," a Noczim source said. "We have been using a
South African third party, who is known to (businessman) Phillip Chiyangwa
to secure fuel but that deal has also collapsed. Now we are left on our
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Document Shows Army Ran Disputed Zimbabwe Presidential Election
Peta Thornycroft
02 May 2003, 16:13 UTC

Documents prepared by the opposition for submission to the Zimbabwe High
Court indicate that the country's army ran the nerve center of last year's
disputed presidential election, in violation of the constitution.

The letter from General Constantine Chiwenga to the head of the defense
force, General Vitalis Zvinavashe, is explicit. It asks for permission for
assignment of three officers to control the national command center in
Harare, before during and after the presidential election.

The national command center was the headquarters for election logistics,
providing ballot boxes, working with party representatives, providing
information for the media and reporting results. It is normally run by the
Election Supervisory Commission, and the Zimbabwe constitution specifically
forbids military personnel from any involvement, except to provide security.

The first letter is dated March 4, 2002, five days before Zimbabweans went
to the polls. In his reply, the leader of the defense force gives his
permission, and says the arrangement should be speedily concluded.

The letters were this week read to General Chiwenga's assistant, who said
the contents were routine, as the army always provides security for

But the matter discussed in the two letters is not security. General
Chiwenga specifically asks for permission to appoint the officers to
actually operate the election center, with their staff to be drawn from the
armed forces, the police and the national intelligence organization. The
letter says the commanding general should be allowed to determine the
election center's exact functions and procedures.

      Morgan Tsvangirai
The two letters form part of a dossier to be presented to the High Court, in
which the losing presidential candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, says the winner,
President Robert Mugabe, won fraudulently.

The dossier also contains the names of more than 40 members of the security
services who were allegedly assigned to the election command center.

It is public record that many of the results of the election were reported
from the command center, rather than from counting centers around the

It is also public record that only government journalists were allowed into
the national command center and that election agents working for Mr.
Tsvangirai were denied entry.

While many Zimbabweans suspected the army had played a role in the
elections, the extent of its involvement was not known.

Public records show that several of those members of the security forces who
allegedly played key roles in the election have since acquired formerly
white-owned farms under the government's controversial land reform program.

The opposition leader, Mr. Tsvangirai, has been ready to go to court to
challenge Mr. Mugabe's victory for nearly six months. His legal team said
this week that it still has not been given a court date by the High Court.
The legal team also says it still has not been provided with a copy of the
voters roll for the presidential elections, which it claims was massively

The state says it will defend itself against the action brought by Mr.
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Business Day

 MDC is ready to govern: Tsvangirai


By Donwald Pressly
The only safe exit for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe "and his cronies"
was through the restoration of the rights of the people and the opening up
of democratic space, says Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai has told his Movement for Democratic Change loyalists that his
party was "ready to govern". It had policy packages ready for implementation
which were designed to launch a sustained programme of
national revival and reconstruction in the agricultural, mining and tourism

Unemployment had risen to dangerous levels but he said the party had
"emergency plans to kick start the economy and generate jobs".

A national rescue plan to revive the education and health sectors were "in

The opposition leader - who was defeated in last year's presidential poll -
says that while the MDC was ready to consider President Mugabe's immediate
exit "that should not be a precondition for engaging in transitional
dialogue" with the ruling Zanu-PF.

He said that the MDC was determined never to allow "the horrors of the past"
to haunt and influence the future: "We have never preached the politics of
vengeance and retribution".

In a speech released by MDC spokesman Eddie Cross, Tsvangirai told his
Members of Parliament and councillors from Harare - where the MDC holds
power - that his party was ready to govern the country.

Cross said in a separate statement that one did not have to be "a rocket
scientists to sense that we are near the end of the Mugabe/Zanu PF regime
here in Zimbabwe".

Cross noted that with South African president Thabo Mbeki coming to Harare
next week to see the situation on the ground, Tsvangirai said the MDC
"believed that the only way to resolve the current crisis and salvage what
remains of the nation is through a process of serious and sincere dialogue".

But as a demonstration of its sincerity, "the Mugabe regime must immediately
put a stop to all forms of state-sponsored violence, uphold the rule of law
and respect human rights. All Zanu PF militias must be
disbanded, their training must stop immediately and the war veterans must be

Tsvangirai said it must ensure "that the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the
Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the Central Intelligence Organization must
operate professionally in accordance with their constitutional mandates and
cease to participate in politics as organized units on behalf of Zanu PF and
against the wishes of the people".

Referring to a transitional period which should lead to new elections, he
said the conditions for such elections must be tested against the SADC
Electoral Norms and Standards to which even "the Mugabe regime is a willing

Domestic and international election observers must be allowed free "and
unfettered" access to observe the polls. There must be unrestricted local,
regional and international media coverage of the elections and all the
freedoms of association and assembly must be guaranteed, said the MDC

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Zim union threatens government
02/05/2003 08:44  - (SA)

Harare - Zimbabwe's main labour body marked international Workers Day on
Thursday by warning thousands of supporters to brace themselves for
confrontation with the government over fuel prices and low wages, saying
things would not improve without a change of regime.

Meanwhile a rival workers' union aligned to the government of President
Robert Mugabe ruled out job stay aways as a form of protest, saying they did
nothing to alleviate the suffering of the country's workers.

In a May Day speech to some 5 000 people at a stadium in the capital Harare,
Lovemore Matombo the president of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
(ZCTU) told workers to be prepared to take up the next call to action
against the government.

Last week the ZCTU called a three-day national strike after the government
trebled the price of petrol, a move the union said meant workers would be
spending most of their wages just getting to and from work.

The union has vowed to embark on an indefinite strike if the price hikes are
not reversed.

"From tomorrow (Friday), we should be prepared for the tactics that we're
going to announce and use in response" to the fuel price increase, said

The crowd chanted "stay away, stay away" in response.

In a statement released earlier, Matombo vowed that future action by the
workers would be "more effective and telling than ever before."

The union boss told cheering supporters there could be no change in the
country's fortunes without a change of government.

"The core of Zimbabwe's problem is that of governance. It's nothing else."

However, he described last week's stay away - which was widely followed in
the country's main cities - as a failure because the price of fuel "hasn't
gone down yet."

The government has ruled out a reversal of the fuel price, saying the
increase was needed to bring the country's fuel prices in line with other
countries in the region.

Increase in minimum wages

In an apparent attempt to placate workers, the government last week
announced an increase in minimum wages to "cushion" workers from the fuel
price hike.

But the ZCTU president scoffed at the new minimum wage for industrial
workers, now set at Z$47 000 (R404), saying it barely covered fares paid by
the average worker to get to and from work.

"It is the workers who really understand what poverty is," Matombo said.

Elsewhere in the capital, the government-backed Zimbabwe Federation of Trade
Unions (ZFTU) scorned the use of mass action as advocated by its rival,
which is closely aligned to the main opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC).

"Stay aways do not give us more money and now that you have been on a stay
away, has the price of fuel been reduced?" asked ZFTU vice president and
independence war veteran leader, Joseph Chinotimba.

Poorly organised

A crowd of around 10 000 people attended the ZFTU rally, but it was not
clear whether they were there to support the union or to attend a soccer
match due to be played by two top teams at the same venue that afternoon.

The event was poorly organised, with Labour Minister July Moyo, who was
scheduled to speak at the event, failing to turn up.

The ZFTU and its officials complained of low wages not being "in tandem with
high inflation prevailing in the country". Inflation is currently estimated
to be 228%.

The organisation's president, Alfred Makwarimba said workers had been
subjected to "untold suffering" brought on by low wages, high transport
fares and shortages of food.

The ZFTU also rejected the new minimum wages proposed by the government and
called for subsidies on food and commuter bus fares.

Makwarimba said his union was calling on "on all workers to remain steadfast
and not allow themselves to become pawns in the political games being played
in this country".

The government has accused the opposition and the ZCTU of being used by
Western powers to undermine the government.
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      Attacks on media 'soaring'

      The number of journalists who have been attacked or threatened rose
sharply last year, an international media watchdog said in its annual

      The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said that while the
number of reporters killed went down from 31 in 2001 to 25 last year, the
number of journalists detained went up by 40%.

      RSF said that "at least 1,420 journalists were beaten, abducted,
charged by police, harassed or threatened with being killed", and called for
the immediate release of more than 120 reporters still in jails.

      Cuba was condemned as "the world's biggest prison for journalists"
whilst the record of African states like Zimbabwe was described as

      "Press freedom is not guaranteed in more than half of the world's
countries, so we must continue to be vigilant in 2003," said the report,
released to coincide with the 13th World Press Day on Saturday.

      RSF also said figures for 2003 were worrying, with 14 reporters killed
so far this year.

      The group said 10 of them were killed in Iraq, including cameramen for
Reuters and a Spanish TV station, killed when a US tank opened fire on a
Baghdad hotel housing the international media.


      RSF said Asia was the most dangerous continent for journalists, being
responsible for both the highest number of deaths - 11 - and the most
repressive treatment of reporters.

      In the Americas, Ecuador, the United States, the Dominican Republic
and Uruguay were broadly praised for their respect of press freedom.

      But the situation in Cuba was described as worse than in China, Burma
and Eritrea.

      In Africa, the report commended a number of countries for their
efforts to improve relations with journalists.

      "It was further proof that respect for freedom of expression is not
limited to the developed, western countries," the report said, praising
Botswana, Cape Verde, Mali, Mauritius and South Africa.

      But Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Rwanda were singled out as appalling press

      'Press enemies'

      The authors of the report also added several new names to their
traditional list of enemies of the press.

      New faces in the list, among others, included Liberian President
Charles Taylor, Singapore's Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, Nepal's King
Gyanendra and Kazakh President Nursultan Narzarbayev.

      On Saturday, RSF plans to mark Press Freedom Day by mounting a picture
display on the world's worst enemies of the press.

      "Many governments have intensified and justified their repression of
opposition or independent voices in the name of the fight against
terrorism," the report said.
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These are the items in the latest newsletter that I have not already sent.. B
SW Radio Africa : In Zimbabwe, tune in to the short-wave broadcast at 6145 KHz in the 49m band. Outside the broadcast area, listen to over the internet at . Broadcast times are between 6pm and 9pm Zimbabwe time daily. VOA Studio 7 : In Zimbabwe, tune in to the short-wave broadcast at 13600 KHz and 17895 Khz, and at 909 AM. Outside the broadcast area, listen over the internet at . Broadcast times are between 7pm and 8pm Zimbabwe time, Monday to Friday.
From The Natal Mercury (SA), 2 May

Evidence of Zim vote rigging 'available'

Harare - Evidence that the Zimbabwean defence force played a commanding role in the running of the presidential election in March last year - which is forbidden by the constitution - will be presented when the opposition's challenge of the results comes to court. Two letters marked "secret" obtained by the Independent Foreign Service reveal that five days before President Robert Mugabe went to the polls, loyal members of his army took control of a centre set up to drive elections and, more importantly, to collate the results. This week copies of the letters were made available to the Independent Foreign Service in London. Their authenticity has not been challenged by the Zimbabwe National Army, to whom they were read. Army spokesperson Amoth Chingombe said this week: "The letters are routine and are connected with security provided before each and every election." Sources say the court challenge by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which has been repeatedly delayed and for which no date has yet been set, is at the heart of ongoing efforts by some African leaders to persuade Mugabe to retire. President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigerian and President Mbeki are due to visit Harare next week. The letters are the first indication of how widely and deeply the electoral process, normally run by civilians, was hijacked by security forces to ensure Mugabe's "victory". On a letterhead from the office of the commander of the army, Lieutenant-General Constantine Chiwenga wrote on March 4, 2002: "The forthcoming elections require the establishment of a national command centre to be in control of the situation before, during and after the election. It is therefore proposed that Major-General EAC Chimonyo be appointed the commander of the centre and Air Vice Marshal R Mhlanga be appointed the chief of staff operations." The letter stated that the staff for this centre would be drawn from the army, the airforce, the police and the Central Intelligence Organisation.
From The Guardian (UK), 2 May

Muted Zimbabwe tip-toe into town

Tour turns the spotlight on Mugabe, writes Mike Selvey

The cricketing representatives of a murderous regime arrived in England yesterday morning for a tour that should never be taking place. However, the fact that they are here may well serve further to highlight the human-rights violations inflicted on the people of Zimbabwe by the patron of its cricket board, Robert Mugabe. Hours after their arrival at Gatwick airport the chairman of the Zimbabwe Cricket Union, Peter Chingoka, a longstanding and respected administrator who despite the stated apolitical nature of his organisation must be under immense pressure from his government, attempted to distance his players from controversy. He cited hypocrisy on the part of those who choose to single out cricketers from other Zimbabwean sports teams and individuals, and those who fail to recognise that many British companies continue to trade in that country. But it carried no conviction. Sport and politics, politics and sport, oil and water. It is the same old mantra.

Controversy there certainly is, and it will not disappear when the cricket starts. Zimbabwe's presence here, and England's bewildering commitment to a reciprocal tour next year, shows both moral redundancy and avarice on the part of the England and Wales Cricket Board. It is barely a couple of months since, amid much acrimony and to general scorn, they instructed the England side not to fulfil a World Cup fixture in Harare, citing not ethical reasons as a number of players would have liked, but those of safety after receiving a threatening letter from a dissident group calling itself the Sons and Daughters of Zimbabwe. The ECB does not seem to have acquired a conscience since and reports do not suggest that Zimbabwe has become more secure since the World Cup. Perhaps they are hoping the Sons and Daughters will resurrect themselves with another get-out clause when the time comes. As there has been no suggestion that the International Cricket Council has placed pressure on the ECB to fulfil these commitments as a means of retaining the integrity of its Test match championship, this has to be about money alone. Failure to play the World Cup match could cost the board several millions of pounds - money that will be cut from budgets right through the system - and although there were contingencies in place, cancellation of this tour would have pared the income yet further.

The ECB has an obligation to all levels of the game here, but does not appear to have given undue thought to any possible alternatives. "It upsets me when people say we are putting money before morality," protested the ECB chief executive Tim Lamb yesterday. "I think there are double standards here. It is unfair for cricket to have to make political decisions. We don't think the Zimbabwe cricketers are any more the henchmen of Robert Mugabe than the England players are the foot soldiers of Tony Blair. They are representing their country at cricket." Who said life is fair, though; it certainly is not in Zimbabwe. Cricketers, like most other people, are capable of making political decisions and may even have done so in the local elections yesterday. They can, if they have the moral and physical courage of the former Zimbabwean cricketers Andy Flower and Henry Olonga - whose black-armband protest during their own first World Cup game effectively ended their international careers - even make the boldest of statements, although that is not likely to be repeated in the coming weeks by either side.

Zimbabwe are a weakened side anyway with the departure of Flower in particular and despite Chingoka's assertion to the contrary, rumours persist that the side has been chosen to contain no one who will rock the political boat. Olonga's appeal yesterday that his fellow countrymen should use the platform of an England tour to speak out as did he and Flower will certainly fall on deaf ears. "It is not correct that our players have been told not to comment on things," said Chingoka, when asked on the rumours that anyone who speaks out of turn will be expelled from the tour. "But we do encourage the players to concentrate on the cricket." Instead the protests will come from the periphery. There was strong security but no trouble at Lord's where the team's hierarchy held its first press conference at midday. Outside the ground, where significant police had mustered, protest was restricted to the activist Peter Tatchell, a handful of others and banners reading No Cricket While Mugabe Kills and Latest Score: Zimbawe 3,409 Tortured, 260 Killed. From small beginnings though, something more significant may grow, starting, if not at Edgbaston tomorrow, where the tourists play a one-day warm-up game against British Universities, then probably at Worcester a week today when they begin their fixtures proper, and in an itinerary that includes the first Test at Lord's starting on May 22. For the captain Heath Streak and his team, life on and off the field may not be so quiet again.
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Campaign Group Welcomes Zimbabwe Cricket Tour
The Save Zimbabwe campaign today issued a statement welcoming the Zimbabwe
cricket team's tour of England.

A Campaign spokesman said: "We can understand why many may feel this tour
should not have gone ahead. But cancellation would have achieved little more
than a couple of days' media coverage. The presence of the Zimbabwe cricket
team in England, on the other hand, offers a sustained platform for protest
and publicity throughout the entire period of the tour"

The spokesman warned, however, against protests directed against the players
themselves. "These men are not the villains of the piece. In fact, most of
them have suffered real personal hardship and loss from the actions of the
Mugabe regime. We must use this tour as a publicity platform to remind the
world of the horrors being inflicted on the Zimbabwe people, and to
demonstrate the revulsion of all decent people for this criminal
dicatorship. But a protest against the cricketers themselves would be a
mistake. We must not forget or obscure where the real evil lies, and that is
in the heart of the regime, with Robert Mugabe"

The spokesman also said that he hoped that rising worldwide protests would
embarrass the South African government. "They have it in their power to stop
this evil. But they have not.  More and more they will find the
international community to be repulsed and revolted by their acquiescence.
The high moral ground they so rightly won in the battle against apartheid is
disappearing amidst the graves of the Zimbabwean people."

For press enquiries please contact

Terence Fane-Saunders +44 (0)7768 283 144
Helen Campbell +44 (0)7768 283 145

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Please note that the classifieds will go out every Tuesday.  Payment is
required upfront and all adverts to be in by 0900 hrs every Tuesday.  This
ensures efficient distribution of the Classifieds.

17ha smallholding near Cala in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, with river
frontage and borehole.
Has been used for farming vegetables, chickens, pigs, cows.
Storerooms, dairy, workers' accommodation.
Large main house with four bedrooms.
Busy shop nearby for sale of produce.
Available immediately, with negotiable lease terms.
30-minute drive to Elliott; 1 ½ hour drive to Queenstown; 180km to Umtata.
Contact: Dr L Nkonzo-Mtembu
+27 33 395 2275 (w)
+27 33 347 1304 (h)
NC [29/4]
CHRISTON BANK.  2 bedroom cottage, lounge, separate dining room, lockup
garage.  On 12 acres.  Available 1st May 2003.
Phone 075-2232, 075-2615, 091 260 494.
NP [29/4]
Pomona.  4 bedroom.  2 bathroom.  Study.  Large lounge/Dining room.
Swimming pool.  Tennis court.  Borehole.  Very reasonable rental for longer
Phone 011 220 926/301118
AG59 [29/4, 6/5]
SECURE HOUSE/GARDEN FLAT WANTED TO RENT- Avondale/Mount Pleasant/Kensington
Areas.  Responsible family with three children (and pets), working and
schooling in the above area - good tenants.
Contact Wendy at
NP [29/4]
22km from Bulawayo (2km off Beitbridge Road on narrow tar).
35.28 acres (14.28 hectares) with excellent water.
Large proportion of property arable, with 2 boreholes & reservoir.
Electricity & telephone connected.
Kopje outcrop with view over a large dam - potential site for a home.
Seasonal stream through property.
Small store.
Asking price: Z$35 000 000.00
Contact:  Ingrid Hugo
Tel: 088 - 486
Cell: 011 409 550
NP [29/4]
Well-cared family home.  Three double bedrooms, main en suite.  Study.  Two
lounges.  Separate dining room and fitted kitchen.  Ceiling fans, Venetian
blinds, fitted carpets throughout.  Large pool.  Lock-up garage and two
carports secured for 4 cars.  Quiet area, walled and gated.  Sale to include
all the furniture which is imbuia.
Phone 091 312 978.
NP [29/4]
NEAT FLAT TO PURCHASE, preferably but not necessarily in suburbs.
ZWD18.5 million maximum.
Contact : Ashleigh Esof on 011409803 or 369260-90 (work)
AG67 [22/4, 29/4]
KARIBA: house for occasional letting. Consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
Fully furnished and equipped, swimming pool and double lock-up garage,
walled and serviced.  House is located in Baobab Ridge.  Tel Ben Kaschula on
Harare 498121 or at CFU 309800.
#BK []
Upmarket two bed-roomed garden flat with courtyard, self-contained garage,
in small complex for sale in Mandara, Harare.
Please contact Carrie Wilson on 747935 (evenings).
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House to share in Highlands. Fully furnished. Suit single lady or gentleman,
available immediately.
Phone: Ben on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home).
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Get trained by the professionals in a relaxed and friendly environment.
SUTHERLAND COMPUTERS courses offer everyone an opportunity to improve on
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For those wanting an internationally recognised certificate, we also offer
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Please phone or e-mail us for more information:-
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Web page -
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Shop No 5, Groombridge Shopping Centre, Telephone 745836/7.
We offer a personal service that won't be beaten.
For all your printer cartridge requirements, servicing and repairs.
Secure and easy parking.
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1 x SAME 90HP 4WD.
Tel: 04-301057, 091 264 858.
AG66 [29/4]
1x4 Kw Telecommunique D.O.L. Starter 140 000-00
1x6"Atlas Copco Angle Grinder brand new 200 000-00
1x M.F.290 TRACTOR Alternator (needs a little attention) 200 000-00 or 091 205 459
NP [29/4]
22 KVA generator driven by 3 cylinder Perkins (bought brand new from
Tarrys).  Made up for me by Mech man Engineering..  Completely portable (On
steel frame with wheels and tow hitch) Fitted with gauges, etc.  Low hours.
5 million or h.c.o.
Phone Mitch Green-011 211 911.
NP [29/4, 6/5, 13/5]
Phone Mitch Green --- 011 211 911.
NP [29/4 - 20/5]
VW Passat TDI 1994 Diesel Station Wagon.  Turbo charged.  Mileage 140000.
Excellent condition.  Fuel consumption +/- 14kms/litre (1100km on one tank).
Radio/Tape Deck, sunroof, alarm.  Price 12 million.
Contact 011 202 525 or 011 400 610 or E-mail
AG60 [29/4, 6/5]
1 X NISSAN 2.01 P/UP (NEW).
1 X MAZDA T35.
CONTACT D MILLS 011 219 003 OR
AG57 [29/4]
Pioneer Keh: P - 4850 Radio, Tape & CD Compatible.
Pioneer CDX P 610, 6 Stack CD Shuttle
Price $800 000.00
Sansui Amplifier 700w X 2Channel
Price $400 000.00
Pioneer ' 6 X 9 " 260watt Speakers
Price $220 000.00
2 sets of RCA Cables $5 000.00
5 Metre Power Cable $3 000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.3 1986
250 000.00 Km
Contact Michael Cuthbert
Tel  369413 - 20
Fax  369421
Cell  091 383 188
AG71 [29/4]
P.O.A. PHONE 011 214 167, 091 253 976, 04-336669.
NP [22/4, 29/4]
Times are hard and money's tight,
Kids requests are never light.
Parties and toys, school stuff, Mum,
Are all the requests in the name of fun.
Toys 4 Africa have decided to come,
And ease the burden of all the glum.
Kids will be over the moon,
And Mum's purse will not be doomed.
Come and see, bring all your friends,
And let's all hope the fun never ends!
Visit Lee at 2A Wallshill Close, Glen Lorne.
Tel 499518,  Cell 091 262 759.
NP [22/4 - 13/5]
Hino 8 tonne lorry for sale.  Bulk sides.  Motor is sound.  Contact :
CC []
25000 tobacco clips for sale.  Contact : 023 782 824 or 496672.
CC []

Contact Karl 011 609 108, 748288/9.
NP [29/4]
PLEASE CONTACT S GAMBIZA ON 011 805 592, 011 865 286, 04-731541, 04-305057.
NP [29/4]
CENTRE PIVOT required to irrigate 30 to 70 hectares. Preferably a T-L with
fertigator but will consider other makes.
Please phone Roy 744112 home or 739655 work.
AG58 [29/4, 6/5]
WANTED:  SQUARE HAY BALER in good condition.
Phone 069-8371
AG56 [29/4, 6/5]
Low mileage.
Phone: 091 251 525
AG22 [15/4, 22/4, 29/4]
LEN - CELL : 011 602 462 OR HAYLEY - CELL: 091 311 694 OR HOME - 369203.
AG40 [15/4, 22/4, 29/4]


MARKETING your crop effectively is becoming increasingly more important in
modern farming.
Contact us for the best advice.

Zim Agri Consultants
Building 5 Arundel Office Park
P. O Box MP1407
Mt Pleasant, Harare
Tel: + 263 4 369962, 369963, 369131 Fax: 369139  Email:
Derek Mason - 091 90 7940
Christopher Hinde- 011 207 604
AG11 [8/4, 15/4, 22/4, 29/4]
WANTED:  CELLPHONE - NOKIA 5110 or similar.
Phone: 496174 (a/h) or e-mail
LJ []
Wanted:  Second hand swimming pool fence.
Telephone Jo on 301289 or 011 412 901.
BK []
1.        Old solid wood furniture e.g. Oak or Teak items.
2.        Portable car port, preferably 2 car size with shade cloth cover.
3.        Old Belgian or Persian carpets.
4.        Old silver plate tableware e.g. candelabra and old brassware.
Phone Ben Kashula on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home) or Sheila Mumford on
#BK []
Second Hand Asbestos Roofing Sheets, Wheat straw delivered to Harare (a
couple of truck loads).
Please Phone Nick on 011 213 188 / 304310
#KP []
Any old camping equipment e.g. paraffin pressure lamps, folding chairs etc.
Phone Ben on 309800 (Bus) or 498121 (Home).
#BK []




Come and relax, get away from it all!!!

Ian Mc Carter (River Rat)
091 296 226
04 499518
AG63 [29/4 - 20/5]
We're a personalised & experienced travel agent/tour operator that offers
the widest choice of both local & international holiday accommodation
options to suit your needs - from self-catering to luxury, as well as air
tickets, activities & houseboats in-between.
In fact over 100 lodges, hotels & guesthouses in Zimbabwe & 350 in the rest
of Southern Africa.
We're conveniently located at 11 Princess Drive, just 200m off the
roundabout at Newlands.
Come in to discuss your travel plans or else contact either:
Ruvimbo - or Julie - or
telephone 252710-3
AG62 [29/4 - 20/5]
Why stay here: -
Exclusive wilderness camp in the safe 900 000-acre Save Conservancy, South
East Zimbabwe.
Z$6 000 pppn self-catering (cooking & cleaning included) or Z$15,000 pppn
inc. all meals.
DIESEL AVAILABLE from the camp for your return trip!
April is denning month for resident African Wild Dog packs.
Overlooking the Gwezi River Savuli offers the perfect location for a family
getaway - four twin bed A-frame chalets with en-suite showers/toilet and a
family lodge with two bedrooms consisting of a double bed, twin beds shower
& toilet.
Range of activities- canoeing, bass & bream fishing, horse riding, walking
trails and game drives.
Book today with Off2Africa on 252710-3 or e-mail
AG62 [29/4]

Contact Rhino Rendezvous
AG47 [8/4 - 27/5]
12 Passengers. 3 Crew.  2 Tender boats.
Splash pool on top deck.  Phone / Fax 066 7315 or 72942.
AG65 [29/4]
Three bedroom luxury thatched house, bathrooms on suite open plan kitchen
upstairs bar with magnificent view, comes with a domestic, lock up garage,
sleeps maximum 8.  Bookings can be made direct with Eve at Lomagundi Lake
side on 061-3037/39 bookings confirmed on payment.

URGENTLY seeking position as:
-          manageress for country club
-          hotel housekeeper
-          housekeeper at old age home
-          hostel matron at boarding school
Honest, hardworking, with references.
Phone 069 - 82921, 011 410 309 or email:
NP [29/4]

Wanted - ex-farmer, with tobacco experience, to oversee the building of
tobacco curing systems in Malawi.  Accommodation and vehicle provided.
Position is for ten months, with the possibility of extending the contract
to two years.
Contact or send your application to Debbie
Graham at Brown Engineering, Box ST311, Southerton, Harare.
NP [29/4]
WORKSHOP PLANT MANAGER for heavy-duty trucks and earthmoving equipment.
Must have good mechanical background and good with labour.  Excellent
package.  Contact 336248, 332733 or 091 600 404.
NP [29/4]
Dynamic and efficient PA required for Export Company based in Harare.
Person should be fully computer literate (Pastel an advantage), have
excellent administrative skills and have the ability to use own initiative.
Tel: 091 208 774.
AG64 [29/4]
A Christian Organisation in Zambia is looking for a Missions Minded FARM
Contact Andre Van Eeden on 071-7497 or 011 208 753 or
AG61 [29/4, 6/5]
ELEMENTS HOME AND LINEN, Avondale and Doon Estate branches require full time
and part time staff. Salary plus commissions and benefits... and lots of
FUN!! Please reply to Sian Edwards 011 609960, or Tarryn 252710-3 mornings,
NP {22/4, 29/4]

- the world health service -

·         Are you concerned about increasing medical costs and treatment
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AF12 [18/2 - 22/4] NP [29/4 - 24/6]
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PHONE GEOFF OR ROD ON 067-23047 OR 067-22421.
AE95 [18/2-6/5]
Pam Mullins is offering her services as a stress management consultant.
Please call her on 741498
PM []


TIME: 10.00 AM

Capsicum (Pvt) Ltd will be holding a Paprika Field Day at ART Farm.
We will have guest speakers, look at budgets for next year, and tour ART's
commercial crop they are growing for us, followed by lunch.
We are looking for new growers, old growers, any growers! -
We are a professional go ahead company with a lot to offer you.
or phone 369198/143 and speak to Michal Slawski or Zane Sivertsen for
NP [29/4]

For Your Information....
CFU Classifieds via email - plain text format every Tuesday
Costs: -
Up to 30 words             $750/wk
31 - 50 words               $1000/wk
51 - 75 words               $1500/wk
76 - 100 words             $2000/wk
300 words MAX          $6000/wk
Please send advert to by Tuesday 9:00 am and send PROMPT
payment with a copy of your advert to CFU, Agricultural Information Services
Department, Box WGT 390, Westgate, Harare.
Unless specifically stated that this is a Commercial Farmers' Union
communique, or that it is being issued or forwarded to you by the sender in
an official CFU capacity, the opinions contained therein are private.
Private messages also include those sent on behalf of any organisation not
directly affiliated to the Union.  The CFU does not accept any legal
responsibility for private messages and opinions held by the sender and
transmitted over its local area network to other CFU network users and/or to
external addressees.
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APRIL 24 2003"

The above press statement was quoted in the Herald on 25/04/03 and was aired
on ZBC radio stations causing confusion all across the country.  The
following wages have been given as agreed:
            *  Agriculture
$23 070.00
            *  Agro-industry & Horticulture                              $42
            *  Industry & Commerce including Mining Sector   $47 696.00

The ALB would like to make the following statement:
1.          The Minister's statement makes two important points and we
i)           In implementing the new minimum wages, NEC including Government
may consider or negotiate the staggering of such cost of living adjustments
to achieve the new minimum gross earnings and to this end,
ii)          NEC's are to meet immediately to negotiate for minimum gross
earnings in their sectors.

These two points clearly show that this matter is far from being finalised
and the fact that the Government has not gazetted the new wages means that
there can not be any question of implementation at this stage.

2.        On the 30th April 2003 at a meeting convened by the Director of
Labour Relations, Mr Dzviti, we were informed that the Ministry will gazette
our NEC minimum wage of $7500 and then the NEC would be required to
formulate strategies aimed at achieving the "ideal" minimums in a reasonable
space of time.
No time limit has been given for this exercise.

3.        We pointed out to the Ministry that due to the publication of the
Minister's Press Statement, we have already started having strikes over pay
out on the farms and therefore require assistance from his Ministry in
containing the problem.

Mr Dzviti promised to issue a circular to all NEC's, explaining that the
Press Statement should not be read as a directive demanding immediate
compliance but a proposal whose implementation has been left to the NEC's.

The existing wage negotiation structures are to be used.

NB:- Employers are therefore at liberty to contact the Ministry of Labour
Offices in their respective Provinces for assistance should wage problems
come to a head.  Other usual channels of assistance remain open.

4.       With regard to the "Agro-Industry" problem, Mr Dzviti said his
Ministry was aware of our predicament and we should re-open dialogue with
his Ministry through the NEC for Agriculture.
A meeting with GAPWUZ at NEC has been scheduled for 06/05/03.  We hope to
draft our letter of objection to the Minister over his insistence on
splitting Agriculture into "General"  &  "Agro-Industry"

We shall be keeping you informed of developments as they unfold.  If you are
experiencing difficulties in getting through to the ALB over the phone,
please bear with us.  This is due to the volume of calls being made to our
offices at this time.


Tony Ndoro

Unless specifically stated that this is a Commercial Farmers' Union
communique, or that it is being issued or forwarded to you by the sender in
an official CFU capacity, the opinions contained therein are private.
Private messages also include those sent on behalf of any organisation not
directly affiliated to the Union.  The CFU does not accept any legal
responsibility for private messages and opinions held by the sender and
transmitted over its local area network to other CFU network users and/or to
external addressees.
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