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Disastrous education decline as chefs send kids abroad

The Zimbabwean

In a scathing commentary on the current situation in Zimbabwe, Gift Phiri
pointed out the extent to which educational avarice and privilege have
manifested themselves. In an article in the October 19, 2006 issue of The
Zimbabwean, he revealed how individuals in the ZANU club's high places are
busy looting the national coffers by sending their offspring to pricey
institutions of higher education overseas. The following are some of their
School                                                              Tuition
Harvard University(US)                                   US$39,880
District of Columbia University (US)              US$6,510
Wolverhampton University(UK)                      £3,000
Midlands College (US)                                     US$8,910
Durham University(UK)                                   £3,000
George Washington University(US)                 US$34,110
Birmingham University(UK)                            £12,000
It should be noted that domestic workers in the country earn a minimum wage
of Z$8,000 per month. Industrial workers earn between Z$15,000 and Z$60,000
per month. These groups constitute the majority of families with children of
school and college going age. It does not require a genius to figure out
that this earning capacity will not sustain an elementary school fee of
Z$2,500 per semester and Z$5,000 per term for secondary school.
Tuition fees for a four-month term at a university jumped from around
Z$3million (US$30) to between Z$30million (US$302) and Z$90million (US$907),
while the cost of studying at a polytechnic surged to Z$30 million up from
Z$2million a term. Residential students have to pay an extra Z$24 million
(US$241) for accommodation.
Earlier in the year, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe
announced a basic fee increase from Z$90 million to a whopping Z$150
million. This development prompted Washington Katema, coordinator of
Students Union to blast the government. He complained, "What the government
has just done is to add salt to injury. We are sons and daughters of poor
farmers and civil servants who are struggling to get us to school with the
little money they get from their salaries."
In June, the Zimbabwe Parliament Portfolio Committee on Education, Sports
and Culture noted that the economic climate exacerbated by fee increase at
universities, had forced some females to seek refuge in brothels. The
Committee further noted that more than 30 students had abandoned their
chosen fields of study at the Midlands State University due to inability to
afford to pay their mandated fees. In addition, it lamented the fact that
there was a serious shortage of teaching staff reported by most of the
universities and colleges since the best trained lecturers had decided to
look elsewhere for better opportunities.
The consequences of these drastic and punitive increases were to be
expected. Parents, students and instructors had told the government in civil
terms that the new fee structure was pricing education out of the reach of
the majority of the citizenry and was condemning the poor to perpetual
educational wilderness.
When the administration strategically ignored their pleas, students and
instructors engaged in actions that were aimed at establishing dialogue
among the groups. Discussions, workshops and negotiations were planned. The
response from the government was non constructive. The last resort of
demonstrations and class boycotts by students and teachers is a legitimate
way of expressing frustration and calling for effective corrective action on
the part of the powers that be.
Dozens of university students in Zimbabwe have been arrested and a number of
them tortured, following a spate of protests on campuses across the country
over tuition increases of as much as 1,000 percent introduced earlier this
year, according to student groups and human right lawyers.
Zimbabwean police have been hunting for student leaders and keeping close
watch over universities across the nation. In May, scores of students from
the Bulawayo-based National University of Science and Technology (NUST)
staged a peaceful march through the streets calling for a reduction of their
fees. The event attracted a host of baton-wielding police who detained
several protestors and accused them of violating unspecified security laws.
The harassment of students by law enforcement terriers has continued
An On-line publication reported that about 50 students from a number of
institutions of higher education were arrested on Wednesday, October 26,
2006 simply for asking the administration to initiate improvement on
standards of education. What triggered the arrest was the group's petition
which read in part, "The students of Zimbabwe demand that the recent
introduced fees be immediately abolished and be replaced with the
traditional grants. The immediate resignation or dissolution of the whole
ZIMSEC Board since it has failed to run efficiently the Examination Board
thereby lowering the education standards."
The education sector has been so decimated that the system's experienced
personnel who have been its life-blood are disappearing into other countries
in the region and far a field in search of greener pastures.

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Govt responsible for stocktheft - Chief

The Zimbabwean

FIGTREE - A traditional leader in Matabeleland South has said people
resettled on expropriated former white-owned farms under the government's
controversial land reform programme, were the key architects of the soaring
number of stocktheft cases in Bulilimamangwe district.
During a function organised by police to launch the district anti-stocktheft
initiative at Figtree, about 30km southwest of Bulawayo, Chief Malaki
Masuku, said most of the cases of stocktheft were being committed by hungry
newly-resettled villagers who faced starvation in their homes due to very
low yields.
"I know some of the people that are behind this (stocktheft) crime because I
have tried some of them and even chased others from my area of
jurisdiction. People just came here without adequate resources to till the
virgin land, most of which  was being used for cattle grazing and now they
are finding it difficult to feed their families. That is why they have
resorted to stealing cattle for resale in Bulawayo," said the traditional
He said the government should have at least provided tractors for use by the
resettled villagers in tilling the land in their maiden season, as most of
them moved to their new homes with only a few weeks remaining before the
start of the agricultural season.
"Even now most people here are still failing to till the land because they
do not have draught power to do so. I do not condone stocktheft but I am
only exposing the main reason behind it.  We are not going anywhere if we
just talk about  police arresting the criminals without looking at the
causes of the high rate of the crime. We are just as good as wasting our
precious time because people will continue stealing the cattle or abetting
the rustlers," he added.
According to crime statistics read by police's deputy officer commanding
Matabeleland South province, Assistant Commissioner Loveness Ndanga, 326
cases of stocktheft were recorded in the district since the beginning of the
year, which marks a 12 percent increase from last year's figures for the
same period.
"In these cases, 977 herds of cattle, 242 goats, 26 sheep and 81 donkeys
were stolen among other stock. Police only managed to recover 170 cattle, 60
goats, 10 sheep and 37 donkeys from locals," he said.
Chief Masuku said the resettlement programme had brought into the district
some people with questionable backgrounds, who have taken advantage of the
chaos that followed the programme to "push their selfish agendas" and feast
on other people's stock. - Own correspondent

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International community fails Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe is not a nation at war. It used to be able to feed
itself and its neighbours. Zimbabwe used to have one of the highest life
expectancy rates in Africa, up with South Africa. And these figures cannot
just be blamed on Aids. Our neighbouring countries have the same incidence
of Aids as us but their life expectancy figures are better (some
substantially better) than ours as is demonstrated below:
Zambia:  men 40 women 40
Mozambique:  men 44 women 46
Botswana:  men 40 women 40
South Africa:  men 47 women 49
The reason Zimbabwe has the lowest life expectancy in the world is because
there is no other country in the world where there is the following unique
combination of factors:
-one of the highest HIV/Aids infection rates in the world;
-pathetic amounts spent on ARV medication by a Government that is more
concerned about importing military aircraft from China than it is in
protecting the lives of its people;
-the fastest declining economy in the world;
-the highest inflation rate in the world - over 10 times the next highest
rate - Myanmar has a rate of 70%, Iraq, a Nation at war 40%;
-the forcible displacement of some 700,000 of the urban poor last year (UN
figures) and the bulk of these people still homeless over a year on;
-several million people facing starvation;
-a Government which deliberately underplays the extent of the malnutrition
crisis for political/propaganda reasons and on occasions frustrates the
operations of the WFP and other humanitarian organisations.
In August 2002 Didymus Mutasa, presently the Minister for State Security
(and the person in charge of Zimbabwe's secret police) said "We would be
better off with only six million people, with our own people who support the
liberation struggle; we don't want all these extra people."
Since he made those remarks the Government has deliberately withheld food
aid from people in need and has made it incredibly difficult for
humanitarian NGOs to operate. Human rights organisations have documented how
food has been used as a political weapon.
With an estimated 3500 Zimbabweans now dying every week (cf. Iraq with 700
per week) it would appear that the Zanu (PF) regime now either doesn't care
about its people or is deliberately engaged in a course of conduct designed
to subjugate an entire nation. In the process hundreds of thousands arguably
are dying every year in Zimbabwe; deaths which are largely preventable.
International Law has something to say about this:
Article 7 (1) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
defines, inter alia, Crimes against Humanity as the acts of "Extermination"
(paragraph [b]) and "Other inhumane acts of a similar character
intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to
mental or physical health" (paragraph [k]) "when committed as part of a
widespread attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge
of the attack".
Article 7 (2) (a) of the Statute states that an "attack directed against any
civilian population" means "a course of conduct involving the multiple
commission of acts (including extermination and inhumane acts) against a
civilian population, pursuant to or in furtherance of a State or
organizational policy to commit such attack". In other words "attack" does
not mean necessarily a "military" attack.
Article 7 (2) (b) of the Statute states that "Extermination" includes "the
intentional infliction of conditions of life, inter alia the deprivation of
access to food and medicine, calculated to bring about the destruction of
part of the population".
In my view crimes against humanity have been committed, indeed are still
being committed, by the Zimbabwean Government against the Zimbabwean people.
But the international community is complicit because it is looking the other
Article 1 (B) of the Core Principles of the International Responsibility to
Protect Doctrine states:
"Where a population is suffering serious harm, as a result of internal war,
insurgency, repression or state failure, and the state in question is
unwilling or unable to halt or avert it, the principle of non-intervention
yields to the international responsibility to protect".
The international community is failing in its duty to protect Zimbabwean
women and men who can now only expect to live until the ages of 34 and 37
respectively. The silence and inactivity of the international community
regarding this catastrophe is profoundly shocking. - David Coltart MP is the
Shadow Justice Minister, MDC (Mutambara)

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"Go now," generals tell Mugabe as Zanu (PF) loses support

The Zimbabwean

One of us could take over
HARARE - The commanders of Zimbabwe's joint forces have confronted President
Robert Mugabe about his succession plans - but once again the wily
politician has evaded the issue.
Authoritative sources said the top generals, under the umbrella of the Joint
Operation Command (JOC), met Mugabe in one of their regular briefings ahead
of the Zanu (PF) conference scheduled for Goromonzi High School in two weeks
They told him frankly that he should act now on his promise to step down in
2008 and anoint a successor in order to "to preserve his legacy" it was
learnt this week. Sources said the commanders were particularly concerned to
find out from Mugage himself whether he intends to remain Commander-in-Chief
of the armed forces after March 2008.
"The JOC heads told the President that they wanted to preserve his legacy,
and they were amenable to the idea of any serving or retired army general
coming in as his successor.  They also emphasised that any change of
civilian government should be done constitutionally," said a source close to
the meeting.
The JOC comprises General Constantine Chiwenga, Commander of the Zimbabwe
Defence Forces, Lieutenant General Phillip Valerio Sibanda, Commander of the
Zimbabwe National Army, Air Marshall Perence Shiri of the Airforce, Police
Commissioner Augustine Chihuri and Happyton Bonyongwe, Director-General of
the spy agency, Central Intelligence Organisation.
The generals have been largely silent on their preferred alternative to
Mugabe, and did not propose any particular candidate during the meeting.
They told the president that the absence of a clear succession plan was
fuelling apprehension. This could be quelled by the appointment of a popular
candidate who could unite the warring factions within the ruling party that
have resulted in its dwindling national support base in recent months.
Other sources said the generals' feelings were shared by a number of senior
Zanu (PF) officials who had clandestinely lobbied them to confront the
82-year-old leader and challenge him on whether he would back up his
retirement words with deeds in the interest of peace.
However, top ruling party sources said the succession issue was not even on
the provisional agenda.
Although Mugabe has permitted debate on the succession, he has at the same
time moved swiftly to destroy politically anyone who has declared an
ambition to succeed him. He recently castigated his cabinet colleagues for
consulting n'angas (traditional medicine men) in an effort to gain favour.
He is also well known for saying one thing and doing another. He
characteristically ducked the issues raised by the generals saying
supporters should be urged to rally behind the ruling party.
There is a strong element with Zanu (PF) that wants him to extend his stay
until 2010, thus synchronising the general and presidential elections every
five years.
Analysts say the President no longer has the stamina nor the appeal to woo a
restless and angry electorate, reeling from record inflation and
According to the highly placed sources, it was pointed out to Mugabe in the
meeting that his support base in former Zanu (PF) strongholds such as
Masvingo, the Midlands and Manicaland had dwindled and that he could only
bank on the Mashonaland vote.
Some analysts said the cabinet had also been weakened by divisions as
powerful military and business factions tried to influence its economic
decisions and jockey for favourable positions in the post-Mugabe era.

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Zanu (PF) to consult grass roots on succession

The Zimbabwean

Makoni a hot favourite
HARARE - The ruling party will hold provincial congresses around the country
in the next 10 months to ascertain from party supporters who they want to
succeed President Robert Mugabe as Zanu (PF) president ahead of key
presidential polls due in the next 16 months.
It also emerged that ruling party members were split between vice president
Joice Mujuru, former finance minister Simba Makoni and rural housing
minister Emmerson Mnangagwa as potential successors for Mugabe. Both Makoni
and Mnangagwa have been named in the past year as the most likely candidates
to replace Mugabe. But Mugabe is said to prefer ceding power to his
handpicked successor Mujuru, although reports suggest he is becoming
skeptical about this, pointedly because she lacks the intellect and capacity
to lead the country.
Although Mnangagwa has indicated before that he has no presidential
ambitions, reports now suggest that he has been involved in massive
behind-the-scene manoeuvres, through his rural housing portfolio, to canvass
support among the party's grassroots.
Zanu (PF) secretary for information and publicity Nathan Shamuyarira told
The Zimbabwean that the debate on Mugabe's successor would start within the
provincial structures of the party and would continue at the party's
extraordinary congress in 2007.
"Debate within Zanu (PF) itself will start from the provinces and central
committee, before reaching the Politburo and the annual congress. But the
issue is not on the agenda of this year's conference," Shamuyarira said.
He would not discuss the behind-the-scenes campaign by potential candidates,
which ruling party insiders say has already begun and which Zanu (PF)
administration secretary Didymus Mutasa recently described as "hot, hot,
Zanu (PF) officials said if the choice of the provinces was used to
determine the selection of a potential successor to Mugabe, Mnangagwa would
have the upper hand.
However, the officials said the majority of Zanu (PF)'s Politburo and
central committee, key organs in the ruling party's decision making process,
were backing Makoni, who they believe has a "solid appeal to voters".
Foreign investors and multilateral agencies have suspended support for
Zimbabwe and it is believed Makoni could help to unlock the billions of
dollars worth of support that is crucial for the revival of the country's
ailing economy.
"The contest is between Mnangagwa and Makoni. Forget about Joice," said a
Zanu PF Politburo member from Mashonaland Central province, who spoke on
condition of anonymity. "If the debate comes to the central and Politburo
level, it is Makoni all the way. We have been consulting informally and
Makoni seems to be an outright choice given the way the politics is
unfolding in Zimbabwe and the influence of the international arena," the
Politburo member added.
Since leaving the Cabinet about four years ago, Makoni has staunchly refused
to comment on his political future.

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Wholesale looting by top police officers

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - Several corrupt Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Zimbabwe
National Army (ZNA) senior commanders looting their departments of state
resources and precious assets have been identified.
Investigations by CAJ News this week revealed that several top police
commanders, including the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Officer
Commanding for Harare Central, Senior Assistant Commissioner Stephen Mutamba
and his co-accused Assistant Commissioner Justice Chengeta allegedly paid
the sum of Z$2000 (about US$14) and Z$1000 (about US$7) respectively for a
406 Peugeot and an Almera luxury car.
Chengeta's Almera is red and has less than 20 000 kilometres of mileage. ZRP
spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena has reportedly paid
Z$1020 (US$7.01). In Zimbabwe today this sum buys two loaves of bread.
Besides the two top police commanders, CAJ News believes there are 124 other
assistant commissioners and 33 senior assistant commissioners throughout
Zimbabwe, who bought the force's expensive cars at a giveaway prices of less
than Z$2000 each.
One senior assistant commissioner, who is among police chief staffs
confirmed to CAJ News that the organization had adopted this dangerous
policy to please its high ranking officers.
"One day the junior officers and constables will arrest us for what is
happening in the police department. These senior guys are also stealing
pistols and ammunition from the armoury and reselling the firearms and
ammunition at exorbitant prices to private firearms dealers," said the
officer, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation.
Another Chief Superintendent based at the Police General Headquarters said
the finance section had been incapacitated by the overwhelming influence
from above.
"My friend, go to Morris Depot, Thomlison, and Chikurubi canteens and see
for yourself. These canteens now have empty shelves. The police beer outlets
have not been spared either.All the money that is generated is not ploughed
back into business but is chanelled towards the pockets of individuals,"
said the officer.
Asked to comment on the goings-on in the ZRP, the Home Affairs Minister
Kembo Mohadi, said the internal purchases of vehicles and other small items
were done above board.
Sources also allege that minister Kembo Mohadi, who is also the Beitbridge
Member of Parliament (MP), has been given a Mercedes Benz by police
commissioner Augustine Chihuri in order to buy his support.
Asked to comment, Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka just said: "Phone
Bvudzijena, I am only a runner," before switching off his cell phone. - CAJ

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MDC outlines land policy

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - Zimbabwe's main wing of the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) says should it win power, it would not revoke the 99-year
leases granted to new farmers last week by President Robert Mugabe, but
would establish an Independent Land Commission whose first task would be to
audit the situation.
Contrary to expectations that the Zimbabwe government's land resettlement
exercise would benefit landless peasants, Mugabe last week gave
99-year-leases for prime farms grabbed from whites to only 125 top army,
government and Zanu (PF) officials, as well the chief correspondent at state
monopoly radio and television, which has sycophantically driven Mugabe's
propaganda offensive, under the murky commercial settlement scheme. Among
Mugabe's cronies allocated the 99-year leases were Zimbabwe Broadcasting
Holdings chief correspondent Reuben Barwe, war veterans Joseph Chinotimba,
the leader and self-styled commander of farm invasions, Elliot Manyika,
Minister Without Portfolio, Webster Bepura, a top Mugabe loyalist, Menard
Muzariri, a senior Central Intelligence Organisation operative and Dick
Mafiosi, a Mugabe loyalist, among others.
"We cannot reverse what has been done, but we cannot endorse what has been
done," anti-senate MDC faction president Morgan Tsvangirai said.
He said the ruling party's method of grabbing the land was wrong, even
though it was backed by sound ideals.
"Zanu (PF) has embarked on this disastrous land grabbing exercise. We, as
the MDC, think the method was wrong, the objectives might be right . what we
want as MDC is a process to rationalise the reform programme so that it
becomes equitable, transparent and deals with this historical grievance,"
Tsvangirai said.
He said once his party came to power it would conduct land audits to find
out who owned which farms and how many.
This stems from allegations that many of the Zanu (PF) and government
officials are multiple farm owners.
"(The audit) is going to reveal who has got what, and clearly set up a
mechanism of a land commission to deal with redistribution, land reform
itself, assistance to farmers and the progressive support that should be
given for food service sufficiency," he said.
Responding to Tsvangirai's comments, Zanu (PF) spokesman Nathan Shamuyarira
admitted that "there might have been problems with land allocation".
"But we are dealing with it, we are investigating the problem as
government," Shamuyarira said.
He was referring to a probe into the land issue conducted by government, but
whose report has been kept under wraps.
"We cannot go back to the pre-2000 situation in which Mr Joe Bloke who has
now run away, is in Australia, we say come and get back your land. We cannot
go back to that," said Tsvangirai.
Mugabe announced that a total of 140,698 families had been resetlled on A1
plots on 2,740 grabbed farms. A further 14,856 farmers are on 2,280 farms
under A2, but out of all these, only 125 handpicked farmers were given
This has drawn accusations that Mugabe was rewarding his loyalists in a
programme which he claims is meant to benefit the poor.

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Land Bill unconstitutional - de Bourbon

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - Zimbabwean legal experts have dismissed as unconstitutional the
Gazetted Land (Consequential Provisions) Bill expected to be signed into law
by President Mugabe, giving his government the right to acquire farms
without following due legal process.
Prominent lawyers said the Bill, which has sailed through the second reading
to allow government to allocate land without giving the owners the right to
contest the seizures, violated fundamental rights in the constitution.
The outgoing Bar Association of Zimbabwe's chairman, advocate Adrian de
Bourbon, now based in South Africa, said the measure, was unlawful.
"I believe it is subject to challenge because it certainly amounts to a
breach of section 16 and section 18 of the constitution," de Bourbon said.
The controversial law empowers government to start resettlement immediately
after issuing an acquisition order. It says all those occupying state land
that came under a Section 5 Notice before September 14, 2005 are deemed to
be occupying such land illegally unless they are in possession of either an
official offer letter, a permit or lease.
It allows government the right to ownership of the land, surveying,
demarcation and allocation immediately after serving notice to the farmers.
A fine or a jail term of two years or both can be imposed on those found
guilty of interfering with land seizures. Zimbabwe's government has been
making backdated laws to cover illegal aspects of its land reform
programme. - Own correspondent

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Tsvangirai MDC wants unity

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - The MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai has set up a five-member team led
by Sam Sipepa-Nkomo tasked with negotiating the modalities of unity between
the two factions of the party.
The resolution to court the Mutambara faction followed a stormy national
executive meeting in which Tsvangirai told his lieutenants the people had
made an impassioned plea on him during nationwide rallies ahead of the rural
district council elections that all the democratic forces should reunite to
confront the common enemy: Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF).
The Tsvangirai-led MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa said it was imperative that
the factions bury the hatchet because "we are rupturing the MDC brand."
Chamisa said his faction was pursuing unity with the Mutambara-led MDC
because this was in line with a resolutions of congress and the Save
Zimbabwe convention held in Harare on July 29, which included integrating
and working with all democratic forces.
Political analysts say hope is dwindling that the factions will ever unite
given the antagonism between the factions and concerns as to who would lead
the united front. - Own correspondent

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NCA tables new constitution

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - A coalition of churches, civic groups, political parties and
students has presented a "democratic" draft constitution to government
demanding that it be adopted before the 2008 presidential elections.
The militant NCA, which has led several demonstrations against President
Robert Mugabe, spearheaded the successful campaign against a new
constitution in February 2000, which gave President Robert Mugabe his first
electoral defeat.
"We are headed for exciting times," said Lovemore Madhuku, National
Constitutional Assembly chairperson and constitutional law expert. The NCA
said it would campaign against any party that rejects the draft constitution
before the next presidential elections and could even encourage mass
"If any person believes that this current constitution will deliver change,
then that person is mad. It is not up to the government to decide but up to
the people," said Madhuku.
The key change in the NCA draft constitution is to limit the president to
two, five-year terms of office and reduce his powers. Under the current
constitution, there is no limit to the number of terms a president can
serve. The NCA document also proposes reverting to the system of a
ceremonial president, as Zimbabwe had immediately after independence. The
prime minister would have more executive powers but he would be accountable
to parliament, which would be able to pass a vote of no confidence in the
Having dismissed the NCA as a front for the opposition, the government is
unlikely to accept the constitution, especially as its own draft was
rejected in a referendum in 1999. The violent invasion of white-owned farms
began just days after the referendum result was announced.
"The draft guarantees a multi-party system based on regular, free and fair
elections. To achieve this ideal, the bill of rights provides a set of
political rights and the draft creates a truly independent electoral
commission to manage the whole electoral process," said Madhuku. - Own

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Gono to visit Malaysia

The Zimbabwean

Stories by GIFT PHIRI
HARARE - Gideon Gono, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), is
scheduled to visit Malaysia to discuss various bilateral issues, including
Zimbabwe's crippling foreign currency and fuel crises and revival of a
stalled trade and payments arrangement between the two countries.
Central bank sources this week confirmed Gono's visit to Kuala Lumpur and
said the RBZ chief would hold meetings with Bank of Malaysia governor,
Malaysian bankers and business leaders whose companies export to Zimbabwe.
Gono, who recently botched two deals with a South African fertilizer company
and another with the Russians, is expected to hold discussions with
representatives of Malaysian oil company Petronas on ways of improving fuel
supplies to Zimbabwe.
"He is going to negotiate with them on other ways they can assist Zimbabwe
in the procurement of fuel," a source said. It is believed Gono might take
the opportunity to negotiate a facility under which Zimbabwe would pay
Petronas in local currency for fuel imports.
Sources said Gono would also discuss Zimbabwe's foreign currency crisis with
his Malaysian counterpart. Economists and industry groups have warned that
the fuel and hard cash crises could decimate Zimbabwe's manufacturing
industry, which has so far lost more than 800 firms in seven years.
The Zimbabwe-Malaysia Trade and Payments facility, abruptly suspended by the
Zimbabweans, is also expected to come up for discussion. The facility, which
became operational in August 2000, was officially suspended by the RBZ,
although banking industry sources said the pact had not been in operation
for more than three years now. Under the agreement, imports and exports were
paid for in the local currencies of the countries, with imports by Zimbabwe
being offset against proceeds from exports by local firms to Malaysia and
vice versa. The difference would be settled in hard currency after three
months. The decision to suspend the facility on the Zimbabwean side was
caused by the lack of interest in the arrangement by local exporters, which
resulted in a huge trade imbalance between the two countries.

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Murerwa wins on devaluation

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - Finance Minister Herbert Murerwa is expected to devalue the
Zimbabwe dollar by at least 200 percent in the next three weeks after
finally convincing President Robert Mugabe and his Cabinet to approve the
depreciation, official sources said this week.
The move comes as Zimbabwe's October year-on-year inflation raced to 1,070.2
percent, up from 1,023.3 percent in September.
Finance Ministry sources said the exchange rate of the Zimbabwe dollar
against the US currency would be depreciated from the current fixed Z$250 to
one greenback to about $750 as part of efforts by Murerwa to smash a
thriving parallel market that has exacerbated a hard cash crisis gripping
Mugabe and his Cabinet, fearing that a devaluation will trigger price
increases across an economy in crisis, have staunchly resisted calls by
Murerwa, economists and business to devalue the local dollar in line with
its purchasing parity since mid year.
The parallel market, itself just one of the distortions arising from years
of poor fiscal management by the government, is trading one American dollar
at between Z$1,600 to 1,800.
The sources said Murerwa had finally convinced his Cabinet colleagues that a
devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar could help partly ease the pressure on
the parallel market, where rates once reached 1,800 local dollars against
the American unit before tumbling in the past week because of increased hard
currency inflows ahead of the forthcoming Christmas holiday.
The sources said Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono had
also lately joined Murerwa in calling for a devaluation of the Zimbabwe
dollar following a meeting late last month between himself and
representatives of the airline industry.
The airlines had petitioned the RBZ following a directive by the government
to ban the use of parallel market rates in companies' pricing policies.
"The Reserve Bank had recommended a devaluation to 1,000 against the US
dollar but the Cabinet has settled on 750 to the US unit," another source

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CIO increasing power and influence

The Zimbabwean

HARARE - Recent reports that the Central Intelligence Organization is
sending agents to infiltrate Botswana are not a benefit to regional
Botswana has been more directly affected by the economic collapse within
Zimbabwe than any other regional actor, with the possible exception of South
It has also been noted that this action has been taken in order to determine
how active the Botswana Security Forces are and to ascertain how many
refugees are actually criminals in flight. This is not the first time that
the CIO has taken a role in the increasing turmoil within Zimbabwe. Nor will
it probably be the last time either.
It should also be noted that the "split" that affected the Movement for
Democratic Change that occurred over a year ago was an operation by the CIO
and other Security Forces as well. We all have seen how far they will go to
silence ANY critical voices as well. All that is needed to be done is to ask
any journalist not on the state payroll or Christopher Dell, the Ambassador
to Zimbabwe from the United States.
One may ask why is this action being taken at this time? That the rest of
the countries in the region are achieving economic growth as Zimbabwe
continues to fester is one possible answer. Also it may be that the
authorities in Harare fear the rise of an army of exiles that could unleash
a popular rebellion. Those could be seen as 'legitimate reason' to undertake
such a mission.
So where will the CIO appear next to try and disrupt any attempt by the
Opposition to garner support. Will it be in South Africa or London? What
about Canada? Or will they be content to seize the computers and records of
those who seek information from sources not tied to the Ministry of
Or will they try and stir up Xenophobic acts in other countries to send the
Zimbabweans home. These actions will not restore freedom and economic
recovery to Zimbabwe. - The author can be contacted at

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Editorial 45

The Zimbabwean

Generals betray secret ambitions to usurp people's power
Very dangerous thinking
For the first time ever the top brass in the army, the police, the air force
and the CIO have given President Mugabe a gentle nudge, suggesting tactfully
that he should consider retiring gracefully - and that he should do so soon.
They say they have been forced to remind the aging dictator of his promises
to go peacefully and willingly by savage in-fighting and a nation-wide drop
in support. But of course the bottom line is that they want to save their
own skins by ensuring that Zanu (PF) remains in power in the most
post-Mugabe era.
Only if that happens will they be able to continue to enjoy the disgustingly
luxurious lifestyles to which they have become accustomed, while the
majority of Zimbabweans continue to live in appalling poverty and squalor.
It is also interesting that the generals suggested that, in view of the
internecine warfare with the party over the succession issue, one of them
could take over from Mugabe.
This is very dangerous thinking. Zimbabwe is already highly militarised,
what with colonels, generals and brigadiers running numerous parastatals and
government ministries. A military take-over of the presidency would usurp
what little power the people have left.
It is encouraging however, that the generals also told Mugabe that a
civilian succession would have to be done constitutionally. We presume they
mean that free and fair elections, conducted in accordance with
international standards, must take place. It would be extremely helpful if
the generals would come out into the open and say exactly what they mean in
this regard.
We support their endeavours to orchestrate a peaceful end to Mugabe's
over-long rule.  We ask them to grasp firmly and positively the opportunity
presented by his departure to do things right for Zimbabwe. That is, to
bring back constitutional government and the rule of law, an impartial
judiciary, international engagement, and so on.
First and foremost is the need for a new constitution, removing the
excessive presidential powers conferred upon one man by the numerous
amendments to the Lancaster House Ceasefire document. The NCA has boldly
taken the lead and it is up to the political opposition, civic society, the
churches and all other interested parties to champion this cause.

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ZEF slams SA complicity

The Zimbabwean

PRETORIA - The South African government says it is concerned about worsening
socio-economic, human rights violations and political crises in Zimbabwe.
South Africa's Director-General of Foreign Affairs, Dr A Ntsaluba, said his
government was working together with the African Union (AU) governments and
the international community towards lasting solutions in Zimbabwe
Ntsaluba was responding to a letter written to the SA foreign affairs
ministry by the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF), who called upon the SA
government to put to an end continued human rights abuses by the Zimbabwe
"I have noted your concerns and wish to inform you that the Government of
South Africa is constantly engaging the Government of Zimbabwe at the
political, economic and social levels," said  Ntsaluba.
ZEF called for South Africa to put to an end to the wider crackdown on civil
society organisations and human rights activists.
"Yet, in the face of such brutal repression, repression that forces millions
of Zimbabweans into South Africa, your good office has been deafeningly
silent on these atrocities. In fact, the perception is that the South
African government has been shielding its counterpart from censure at
international and regional platforms, thus giving the unavoidable impression
that it is complicity in the repression going on across its northern
border," read the letter. - CAJ News

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SAPS plans roadblocks to halt flood of Zims

The Zimbabwean

MUSINA - The Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), South African Police
Services (SAPS) and the Scorpions a plan to erect eight road-blocks along
the Beitbridge-Johannesburg road to reduce illegal immigrants from flooding
South African cities and towns.
It is estimated that over three and half million Zimbabweans are living in
South Africa with 90 percent of them being Zimbabwean refugees/asylum
As President Thabo Mbeki's close ally, President Mugabe continues to
terrorise his own people forcing a massive exodus. Mbeki has repeatedly
refused to condemn his northern neighbour, but effects of the massive
refugees and asylum seekers crossing the Limpopo River into South Africa has
redoubled from an average of 500 refugees per day to estimated 2 500 per
Investigations by CAJ News revealed that the road-blocks will be erected in
Musina, Louis Trichard, Thohoyandou, Tzaneen turn-off, Pietersburg,
Pretoria, Midrand and Johannesburg.
The SAPS, under the command of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO)
operatives will be heavily armed with dog section and the law and order
detectives sniffing out suspected political activists believed to be working
towards removal of the Zanu (PF) government.
"If one goes to Zimbabwe this first season, he or she must know that coming
back to South Africa will be a daunting task. Eight roadblocks will be
effected as of 30 January and it is not going to be easy for many
Zimbabweans working here in South Africa," said one SAPS officer in
Johannesburg central. - CAJ News

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Combined Harare Residents' Association

The Zimbabwean

P O Box HR7870
Room 103, Daventry House
CELL:  011 862 012, 091 924 151
011 443 578, 011 612 860
Telephone: 04-753454

CHRA will be holding public meetings to educate and inform residents on the
2007 City Budget formulation process. The City of Harare was supposed to
make submissions of the budget to the Minister of Local Government on 31
October 2006 but residents were not consulted during the formulation of the
budget. This is a requirement under the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15)
Section 219 (3) (b).
These public meetings will inform residents on the illegitimacy of the
budget formulation process and they will be urged to object to a budget that
is not people driven. CHRA's position is clear. We are not in agreement with
the budget because it does not have the input of the major stakeholders, the
The public meetings that are geared to raise awareness on the 2007 budget
have been scheduled as follows;

Kuwadzana Ext : 11/11/06 10-12pm Kuwadzana Extension Sub-Office
Kambuzuma: 12/11/06 2-4pm  Kambuzuma Community Hall
Kuwadzana: 17/11/06 2-4pm  Kuwadzana 2 Community Centre
Hatcliffe: 18/11/06 2-5pm  Hatcliffe Community Hall
Highfield: 25/11/06 2-5pm  Zororo Community Centre
Budiriro: 26/11/06 2-5pm  Budiriro Community Hall
Glen Norah:  26/11/06 1-4pm  Glen Norah A'   Community Hall
Rugare:   28/11/06 1-4pm   Rugare Hall
Residents are urged to mobilize each other and attend these meetings in
thousands. They can also visit Daventry House Room 103 for more information.
Police have been notified of these public meetings.

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City Crime Rate Rises Sharply As Suspects Skip Bail

The Herald (Harare)

November 16, 2006
Posted to the web November 16, 2006


IN a development which could be linked to the recent release of more than
100 suspected carjackers, robbers and burglars from Harare Central Remand
Prison -- many of whom have already skipped bail -- the crime rate in the
city has risen sharply.

Police have since launched a manhunt for the fugitives.

According to police sources, most of those involved in the recent spate of
car thefts and housebreakings were granted bail following lengthy periods
awaiting trial or sentence in remand prison.

Their release came after Judge President Rita Makarau's visit last month to
the prison to find ways to decongest the prison to as humanly habitable
levels as possible and also clear the backlog besetting the High Court.

After being granted bail, the majority of the suspects have vanished. They
have not been attending routine remands at the courts, resulting in warrants
of arrests being issued.

Most of the suspects were arrested for carjacking, armed robbery, car theft,
theft of motorcycles, and housebreaking and theft.

According to police sources, cases of car theft and housebreaking have been
on the rise since the release of the suspects.

It is understood that last month, a total of 41 vehicles worth over $55
million were stolen in Harare and police managed to recover 16 worth over
$25 million.

So far this month, more than 10 vehicles have been stolen in Harare alone.

The criminals have been targeting Mazda B1600 and B1800 pick-up trucks and
Mazda 323 sedans mostly.

They are believed to be stripping parts.

A senior police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity yesterday said
most of the suspects should not have been released especially as the festive
season draws near.

"They are a threat to the people since they will never reform. However, the
long arm of the law will soon catch up with them," he said.

Court officials sometimes accuse police of failing to provide enough
evidence against suspects for them to commence prosecution and secure
convictions while, on the other hand, police have complained that known
repeat offenders continue to be granted bail and go on to commit even more
serious crimes.

Anyone with information on these suspects should contact the nearest police

Since last week, several Harare residents have lost electrical appliances
and other property worth millions of dollars to housebreakers, particularly
in the northern suburbs.

On Saturday, a Bluff Hill family fell victim to intruders who gained entry
by breaking a window before cutting burglar bars.

They stole a 74-cm flat screen Panasonic television, Aiwa 3CD-changer radio,
Daewoo VCR, Canon printer and Samsung fax machine, among other valuables.

Nothing has been recovered.

Housebreaking cases increase during the rainy season and winter as thieves
take advantage to steal property at night.

Although patrols are being carried out, police have been urging people to
put in place security measures at their houses.

Last month, Justice Makarau said at least 10 inmates had stayed in remand
prison for up to nine years without being tried or sentenced, effectively
depriving them of their right to justice.

Speaking during a tour of Harare Central Prison, she said on her appointment
as Judge President recently, she noticed that 10 robbery and murder suspects
had been locked up in remand prison for up to nine years without trial,
while their efforts to assert their constitutional rights fell on deaf ears.

The gigantic prison has a carrying capacity of 1 216.

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Rains Threaten Winter Wheat Harvest

The Herald (Harare)

November 16, 2006
Posted to the web November 16, 2006


ZIMBABWE risks missing its 220 000 tonnes wheat target for the 2006 winter
wheat season following the heavy rains that fell in most parts of the
country this week.

As of last Friday, the Grain Marketing Board had taken delivery of only 60
000 tonnes of the cereal, as fuel shortages and the high cost of hiring
combine harvesters took its toll.

To compound the situation, the weather people have projected that heavy
rains would pound the country for the next seven days, threatening the
winter crop in the process.

Agriculture experts say the rains could adversely affect the quality of the
crop, making it unsuitable for baking flour. It could also suffer from what
they call "pre-emergence" in farming circles. This is a situation in which
wheat germinates before it is harvested, compromising its quality. When this
happens, it is often turned into stockfeed.

In the absence of combine harvesters, some farmers have resorted to using
sickles. Not only are they slow and cumbersome, but are impractical for
large hectarages.

GMB acting chief executive Rtd Colonel Samuel Muvuti yesterday described the
situation as "disturbing", but was optimistic it was not too late to save
the situation.

"The target may still be attainable even when the wheat is spoiled or not,"
Colonel Muvuti said.

"However, the rains are likely to negatively affect the harvest operations,
as farmers will have to wait until the rains have cleared. Obviously,
quality would be greatly affected but we still would have to make do with
what we have.

"This is one of the key reasons why we have always encouraged farmers to
strictly follow the planting timetable to avoid situations like these where
the rains set in before the harvesting is complete.

"Ideally, wheat should go into the ground right at the beginning of May and
then ensure harvesting is completed by end of October. As it is, the
situation is really critical."

Harare agriculture economist Mr Midway Bhunu was equally worried: "If the
weather people are accurate this time around, then we are likely to suffer
huge losses from the rains.

"Wheat will still come in but the quality would be greatly undesirable. What
should happen now is that stakeholders such as Government and the GMB should
put in place strategies to ensure harvest is delivered on time."

Other analysts say wheat shortages could inflict more pain on Zimbabwe's
food security situation and inflation, as bread tends to rival maize as a
staple food.

"If we cannot harvest enough wheat in this season this means the country
will have to augment supplies through expensive imports," noted another
Harare agriculture specialist who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"A significant portion of our inflation has been imported and this is what
we are likely to see happen again in the new year. In future, it would be
critical for Government to give enough assistance to farmers to ensure
productivity is improved and cut the costs of funding huge imports of things
that we can grow here."

Food inflation has been one of the biggest drivers of Zimbabwe's inflation
spiral, fuelling the overall inflation index, as basic commodities continued
to be in short supply, and when available, prices were prohibitive.

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Police to Crack Down On Stock Theft

The Herald (Harare)

November 16, 2006
Posted to the web November 16, 2006


POLICE have launched "Operation Eradicate Cattle Rustlers Market" to curb
stock theft during the festive season.

Police spokesman Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka yesterday said the
operation would target unscrupulous businesspeople providing a ready market
for stolen livestock.

"Information at hand suggests that the upsurge of stock theft cases is as a
result of licensed and unlicensed abattoirs, butcheries, food outlets,
supermarkets and meat vendors. We are going to crack down on them as they
provide a market for cattle rustlers," he said.

"As the festive season draws near, we are quite sure that stock thieves will
also be making frantic efforts to steal stock and sell the meat to
unscrupulous business operators."

"And also as a result of high prices of meat in most shops, we suspect that
stock theft cases are likely to increase," said Chief Supt Mandipaka.

The operation, launched on Monday, is expected to continue until December.

"In Harare we have identified some places where sheep and goats are sold,"
he said.

These places are the intersections of High Glen and Willowvale roads,
Masvingo and Chitungwiza roads (paMbudzi), Kirkman and Dziverasekwa roads
and along Seke Road.

"We suspect that some of the goats and sheep being sold at such places could
have been stolen," said Chief Supt Mandipaka.

He said police would carry out 24-hour roadblocks.

It is believed that most cattle rustlers transport their loot in the early
hours of the day.

People could contact the anti stock theft unit on a toll free line, 0800421
and volunteer information.

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Government, UNDP to Partner in Survey

The Herald (Harare)

November 16, 2006
Posted to the web November 16, 2006

Fortius Nhambura

THE Government, in conjunction with the United Nations Development Programme
and African Capacity Building Foundation, will soon embark on a baseline
survey on corruption in Zimbabwe.

This initiative aims to define on a national scale, categorise corruption's
facets and to inform the process of anti-corruption policymaking, legal
reform and other related reforms.

The survey would also seek to complement and reinforce the Government's
stance and political commitment to the fight against corruption and to
garner national views on service delivery and efficiency in the public,
private and civic sectors.

Speaking at a one-day workshop for senior Government officials to find ways
of combating corruption in the country, the deputy secretary to the
President and Cabinet, Dr Ray Ndhlukula, said the programme, expected to
span over eight months, would involve broad consultations.

"It is envisaged that the study will serve as a means to an end through
implementation of its findings and recommendations by the Government," he

"The survey will be mainly financed by Government with private and civic
sector support, in order to create a common social consciousness against the
evils spawned by the scourge and to implement appropriate response
mechanisms," Dr Ndhlukula said.

UNDP and ACBF were expected to contribute 40 percent of the total funding.

A stakeholder conference would be convened at the end of this month with
sponsorship from the ACBF to refine the terms of reference of the study.

The survey comes in the wake of efforts by the Government to find a lasting
solution to corruption, a vice threatening to derail the country's economic
turnaround efforts.

The survey is also expected to lift the veil on the role played by both
corporate managers and public officials in fuelling corruption.

Participants agreed on the need to define the profile of private, public
sector and civil sector perceptions of corruption as a way of arresting its

There was also need to enhance corporate governance in parastatals, which
have in the past been described as hotbeds of corruption.

Last year the Government appointed an Anti Corruption Commission to
spearhead efforts to fight against corruption in both the private and public

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JAG Classifieds dated 15 November 2006

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
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The JAG office is now an official agent for GSC Generator Service (Pvt) Ltd
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ZNSPCA is selling dog collars and leads
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1 x 18 inch Hitachi Angle Grinder with new cutting disc, short cable and 13
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"The Weavery"
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articles which are light,easy to pack and send, and fully washable.
Xmas is on the way again! Buy before the "rush".Contact Anne on 332851 or
011212424.Or email

Crocheted oven gloves--$4,500.
Cotton oven gloves--$3,000.
Small woven bags--$3,000.
Large woven bags--$4,500.
Crocheted bags--$6,000.

Queen(approx.250x240cms) size bedcover--$45,000.
Other sizes to order.
Single Duvet cushions(open into a duvet)--$36,000.
Other sizes to order.
2x1 meter Throw--14,000.
Baby Blanket(1x1meter)--$5,000.

3 piece toilet set--$7,500.
Bath mat--$4,500.

Decorated cushion covers--$4,500.

Table runner--$3,000.
Set(4)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$13,500.
Set(6)Bordered table mats + serviettes--$19,500.
Set(4) crocheted table mats only--$7,500.
Set(6)fringed table mats + serviettes--$18,000.
Lots of other combinations.

Small(approx.105x52cms) plain cotton rug--$4,500.
Medium(approx.120x65cms) plain cotton rug--$7,500
Large(approx.150x75cms) plain cotton rug--$10,500.
Ex.Large(approx.230x130cms) plain cotton rug--$33,000.
Small patterned cotton rug--$6,000.
Small rag rug--$4,500.
Medium patterned cotton rug--$9,000.
Large patterned cotton rug--$15,000
Ex.Large patterned cotton rug--$42,000.
Small patterned mohair rug--$9,000.
Medium patterned mohair rug--$13,500
Large patterned mohair rug--$18,000.
Ex. Large patterned mohair rug--$45,000.

Lots of other articles.Please be aware that prices may change without


1.29 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Toyota Prado 3L Petrol
* Automatic
* 4-wheel drive
* Cruise control
* Tow hitch
* SA assembled
* Year 1998
* Mileage 176'000km
* CD shuttle/Radio/Tape
* Grey leather upholstery

Genuine prospective buyers please contact 735007 or 011 602 277
Private sale


1.30 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Christmas Nativity Sets, 12 figures + stable.
Phone Paddy Taylor  on 0204 (Odzi)-2288, 091-650997 or


1.31 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

1 LARGE BAG OF LAVENDER FLOWERS        $ 10 000.00

CALL SHELLEY ON 091 264361


1.32 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

13ft6 Predator Boat on high speed trailer with extension bar for easy
launching. 50hp red line mercury motor. 28lb thrust Mariner foot control
bass motor. Eagle + depth finder. Bilge pump. Fire extinguisher, Paddles,
Life Jackets, Fuel tank, Spare wheel.

All in excellent condition.

Ph. 091 339022

For Sale

50hp red line Mercury Motor
Recently serviced and in excellent condition.
Ph. 091 339022


1.33 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

I am selling an original set of King George the VI coins from 1937 for $100
US or the equivalent. They come in a velvet display case, and are in mint
Please if you are interested contact Shane on 011700263 or Gary on


1.34 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Yamaha YZ125 Motor-X - VERY powerful machine (def not for the
PRICE - R9,900 or local equivalent

Quad (4-Wheeler) 200cc 2-stroke Yamaha Blaster with competition tyres and
extended back axle (yellow).
PRICE - R28,000 or local equivalent

5 x Puch 65cc motorbikes (mileage ranges from 1,7km to approx 4000 so they
are basically new).  Would make an EXCELLENT childrens'/teens'/dads'
pressie and infinitely more exciting than socks/hankies/ties....
PRICE - USD300 or local equivalent
Call me on (H) 335764 or (Cell) 011206773.


1.35 For Sale (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Toyota Corolla CE100 Diesel Automatic, needs attention, offers 011803587




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

1. King size bed in good condition. With or without headboards.
2. Glass dining and coffee table

Phone Roy 011433588


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am looking for a second hand or reasonably priced dish holder for a very
big dish I bought from a friend that left the country. I have been told it
should not be mounted on the wall.

The dish holder I need is one that is a tripod at the base (which is
concreted into the ground) and reduces to the size of the dish fitting on
the top.

It is made up of metal bars if you know what I mean.

Please reply by return mail or to
or call me on 301152, 091 324 287


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Looking for an Incubator.  Contact Graham on 075-2264 or 011406023 or e-mail


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Stove - 4 plates - electric wanted, must be neat and in good working order.
Please contact me on 091 865 666 or 882013 (evenings) or e mail on


2.5 Tractors Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06

If anyone has tractors for sale, please contact me on  or on 04-776458.


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Looking for a RAM (sheep) of good stock. If they could contact me through


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Skimmer required for use on Kariba. Please phone 091604444/091243184 or


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

WANTED urgently is a  Working / Non- Working TV , VCR ,DVD , Satellite Dish,
Decorder and/or Hifi. Please contact Joel on 091 450 928 or email


2.9  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Reliable Small Car in good condition for our daughter who is a student at
university. The vehicle will be required in January 2007. Please contact


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

6 sturdy dining room chairs only (no table) in mukwa or similar wood.
Contact: or 011 208 836


2.11 (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Does anyone have one of those cane and wooden cane ceiling fans they would
like to sell ? Please contact Penny on 776411 or 091 362333.


2.12  (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Mike Peens
Cell: + 263 91 355117
Telephone: +263 4 300071

I am looking for a Center Pevit to hire, that can irrigate 50 or 100
hectares or any form of irrigation equipment that may be available that can
cover 50 to 100 hectares.

If you are interested kindly contact

Mike Peens


2.13  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

I am looking for a good, working, heavy-duty exercise treadmill. Phone:
091-343198 or 091-262834


2.14 JUNGLE GYM  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

I am looking for a jungle gym in fairly good condition with any of the
following:- slide, ladder, swing, platform etc.  If you have anything please
let me know on 091352641 or 62328 (evenings), or email on


2.15  Wanted for Hire - for approx. 3 months (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Game viewing vehicle, 4 wheel drive, equiped for 6 - 8 passengers




2 King George Court
King George Road
Phone/Fax :     263 4 308960 / 332450
Email         :


2.16 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Desperate for a top loading washing machine in good order with large

Please phone 011803016


2.17  Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Looking for a late model (1995 onwards)B series Mazda pick-up. Condition not
important. Need not be a

Please contact Steve Durrant on 091251684 or 04335336


2.18 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

40 hp tractor for trailer work. Phone 882013 (evenings)


2.19 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Looking for  Landini DT 6860 tractors (4wd) in any condition.
e-mail Thys de Vries or or
Tel: 09 - 245109 / 011 216674 / 011 616079


2.20 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

MAZDA T 35 Must have service records and guaranteed accurate mileage.
Please phone 011 208568


2.21 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)



2.22 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)


TEL : 091 304154


2.23 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Series two or three short wheel base landrover wanted, call  on 075-2264 or
011 406023, or e-mail


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered


3.1  HOUSE WANTED OR EXCHANGE (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Private Sale

We are looking for a 2 to 3 acre property with 2 houses on the property or 1
house and a separate decent 3 bedroomed cottage. Property must be walled,
secure and have a prolific borehole.  Areas considered are Borrowdale,
Ballantyne Park, Colne Valley, Colray, Rolf Valley, Rietfontein, Highlands
and Chispite.
We would consider an Estate Agent valued exchange for our house, located in
Mount Pleasant.  Property is on 1 acre with executive house.  4 b/rooms, 2
ensuite and separate shower and guest toilet.  Also has flatlet with
downstairs shower and toilet and extra upstairs room with bath and toilet.
Large kitchen with hob and oven, 2 large lounges plus one smaller.  Lovely
bar.  Has jacuzzi and sauna.  Floodlit aw tennis court and pool.  4 lock up
garages plus pit.  Underground watering system and prolific borehole.  Very
secure and extras not mentioned.  Has been valued at US$350,000 equivalent.
Please reply to


3.2 House Wanted to Rent (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am currently looking for a reliable tenant for my house in Mandara
(Harare), available immediately and a long lease. 3 bedrooms (loads of
cupboard space), 2 bathrooms (main en suite), 2 lounges, dining room,
kitchen, study, 3 verandah areas, workshop, laundry, store room, pool,
satellite dish, 2 garages. Set in a 4 acre garden with lovely indigenous
trees. Very peaceful, quiet and a great garden for children.
There are 2 excellent domestic workers at the house and I would like them to
remain with the property.

If you are interested, please email me on or call/sms me
on +27 84 6930 912 (SA) between 9am and 6pm for more details. Only serious
enquiries please.
(NB - this house is not suitable for a single lady)


3.3 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)


Young couple looking for a 2 or 3 bedroomed House or Garden Flat in or
around town (Mutare), that allows dogs.  Looking around nothing more than
Z$50 000.00 rent
Contact Ronel on 023 284 772 or 011 609607


3.4 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Two or three roomed cottage, Belvedere,Lincoln Green or Ridgeview area.
Call Andrew on 740233 or email


3.5 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Forcibly retired farmer and wife desperately in need of cottage with
outbuildings to rent immediately - anywhere from Ruwa to Marondera.  Phone
011-221088 or contact Cherie at Jag offices.04-799410.


3.6 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Young couple with 1 young child require a 2 or 3 bedroomed house or garden
flat in a low density suburb of Gweru.  For occupation immediately or in
November or December.  It must be walled and gated.  Preferably with a
lock-up garage, staff quarters and swimming pool, although these are not
necessities.  If anything is available, please contact Dalmaine on 091 777
033, (054) 221 501 (in Gweru) OR Pam on 091 646 268, (04) 756 841/850 (in


3.7 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

ZNSPCA is looking for accommodation in Harare, preferably around Chisipite,
Newlands, or Highlands. Any cottage or room would be perfect. Needs to be a
secure surrounding. For a single female who will be only using it for 2
weeks in a month. If anything is available please contact Helen 497885 or


3.8 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

W are looking for a 3 to 4 bed-roomed house, will consider most areas. Need
from 1 Feb 2007, for a 2-year lease contact Di at,zw


3.9  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

l will be in Bulawayo for a holiday in December.l am looking for a two
bedroomed cottage to rent from 25 December 2006 to 15 January
2007.Preferably with basics like beds,stove and fridge.

Due to time difference between Bulawayo and Australia please send your
contact number to and the time when l can call you if
you have the cottage.


3.10  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Urgently looking for a small cottage / flat furnished if possible but not a
necessity in Harare for my son who is a Zimbabwe Cricketer. Please if anyone
can help please contact me on 011207583 or on


3.11  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

CONTACT US ON 011206614 OR 011216080 OR 061- 2265/2459 WORKING HOURS"

3.12 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Marsh Special Needs Class is a class for up to 10 disabled children. For the
past 3 years we have been fortunate enough to occupy a 2 bedroomed cottage
in Mandara free of charge. Unfortunately the house attached to this cottage
has now been sold and we are having to move out at the end of this term. We
really only need two rooms and a bathroom. One large room to use as a
classroom and another smaller room as a sickbay. Is there anyone out there
who would be able to help us find new premises for January 2007? We were
very lucky not to have to pay any rent and understand that we may not be so
lucky this time so if anyone has a cottage or a couple of rooms and a
bathroom they would be willing to let to us we would be very grateful.

Our children arrive at between 7:15 and 8am and leave between 12 and
12:30pm. We have two teachers who would need to be able to park their cars
for the morning. We stick to normal school terms and will not be there
during the holidays except maybe a day or two for cleaning.

Please could you forward this to everyone you know in Harare and help us to
continue this much needed class for a very special group of children.

Many Thanks
Nicky Franco
I can be contacted on 776044 or 011 402924 or


3.13 Accommodation for Sale (Ad inserted 07/11/06)


Beautiful, spacious town house for sale in secure property in an area that
is convieniently situated in Newlands.  3/4 bed with plenty of cupboard
space, 2 1/2 bathrooms/2 lounges/0ffice/sep dining room/kitchen with
scullery/ maids quarters and double lock-up garage.  Lovely entertainment
areas with splash pool.

Phone for app..... chancers please.
Jenny Riley


3.14 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Small furnished/unfurnished house to rent or house-sit for 6/7 months from
Dec or Jan.

Please contact or 490758 or 011219442.


3.15 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Looking for furnished cottage/flat to rent for man who spends majority of
time at the office but needs somewhere to "go home to".  Ideally cottage
with occupied house or flat in complex for security purposes.

Please phone or sms Donald 091258159.


3.16 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Displaced farmers need a home from 1 Dec. 3 -4 bedrooms please
Please phone 011201690


3.17 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Andrew and Beth Meikle are looking for a house to rent (long lease) in
Avondale/ Mt Pleasant / Emerald Hill / Alex Park.

3 to 4 Bedrooms, Borehole, Pool, Domestic Quarters, Good Security.

Please Contact them on : - 067 - 21485, 091 - 235570/1


3.18 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Secure Garden Flat or Cottage (ideally) for single female professional. Semi
furnished / unfurnished. Preferably in Chisipite / Alex Park / Avondale /
Borrowdale areas. Reasonable rent.
Please contact: Julie 091 968062


3.19 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Mature single lady with 2 teenagers aged 17years and 14years and jack russel
looking for accommodation. 3/ 2brmd house,/flat/ cottage. Have references.
Areas low density within 15kms from town. Rental $150.

CALL 091-359-560, 485760/61. 480807 or email


3.20 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Family home - Borrowdale - near St Johns School
Luxury Townhouse - between 8th & 9th Streets - nr Greenwood Park, Duplex - 2
bed roomed - Borrowdale - nr TM

Please email or sms to 091 201 894 should you be
interested - to arrange viewing and discuss further.




4.1 House Boat for Hire (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Southern Belle -  Luxury Cruise Ship on Lake Kariba


Christmas special 2006 - individual cabins on offer.

Deluxe Cabin -         US$  156.00 per person per day.
Executive Cabin -     US$  150.00 per person per day.
Double Cabins -       US$  144.00 per person per day.
Twin Cabins -           US$  138.00 per person per day.
Triple Cabins -          US$  136.00 per person per day.

Cruise dates - 22nd December to 26th December 2006

Departure times Marine Land Harbour - 10.30am

Cruise departure dependant on minimum of 20 passengers

 Book now to avoid disappointment - bring the whole family.

Contact Edward Vermaak on the following

Tele/Fax 061 - 3176 or Cell 011 - 208665


4.2 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges, just bring your food, drinks and
relax. Best value for money. U12 are 1/2 price

Contact John: or Phone 091 631 556


4.3 Lovely Linens Christmas Fayre
       (Ad inserted 24 October 2006)

14 Aintree Road, Highlands, Harare.

Thursday, 23 November 2006: 4pm to late.
Friday, 24 November 2006: 10 a.m. to late evening.
Saturday, 25 November 2006: 10 a.m. to mid-afternoon

Full bar and catering available.  Jazz band on
Saturday.  Secure parking.  Please bring all your friends and family for a
great opportunity to do all your Christmas shopping in one place.

4.4 Borrowdale Christmas Fayre in the Village
       (Ad inserted 24 October 2006)

Saturday 09 December 2006
9 a.m. to late afternoon
at Sam Levy's Village, Borrowdale.

For bookings contact 091 346 875 or The Tenants' Association at The Village.


4.5 (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

TANDEM SKYDIVING'- every Saturday at Charles Prince Airport.  Contact Chris




5.1 (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

PH 850480   091 702 280 or email


 ALL your problems lay in your Subconscious Mind

Whatever the problem is.. Health.. Money.. Relationships {or lack of}
Depression or Confusion.. You CAN change it!
Learn how to Re-programme your subconscious and start making those changes

Make the REST of your life the BEST of your life


Venue:    Self Empowerment Centre ...22 Ross Rd , Rolf Valley
Time:      Saturday 28th October~ 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
                  Sunday  29th October~ 8.30 am -  1.00 pm

Cost:        $ 40 000.00  [ Bring and share lunch ]

TANIA   091702 280


5.2 (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Personalised DVD's and Calendars.

For that hard to find Christmas present...
Transfer your photos onto DVD/VCD (Will add music, captions and group the
photos in to a series of your choice.)
For that special Calendar this year have a personalised calendar made with
your favourite photos added.
To view samples, phone 745512 (evenings) / 011 611 744 or e-mail


5.3 Wanted: Computer-Based Home School (Ad inserted 24/10/06

Looking to start a computer-based home school in Umwinsidale.  This will be
on the Brainline form of teaching (South African system).  Anyone interested
please phone 011 806 731 - or Hre 494925 - or email


5.4 NEW & USED SPARES (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Fiat /  Ford / MF & Deutz Tractors only.

We import quality spares, if available externally, for these tractors only,
at very competative prices accross the board.

For any further enquiries contact Doug or Tracy on - Ph/Fax: 068-22463 -
Cel: 011212454 -


5.5 (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

"First class landscaping with 25 years in the business of landscaping and
nursery production. Innovative design and attention to detail is assured.
Wide scope in styles from luxurious sub tropical to elegant oriental ensures
you take pleasure in your environment. Contact Alun Hartung on HRE 744469 or


5.6 Outside Bar Services (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

OUTSIDE BAR SERVICE for all your outside Bar & Catering requirements contact
We specialise in Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Weddings etc.
Let us take the hassle out of your function!
Contact: Glynis or Ed on: 091-343198, 0901-252703,


5.7 G-Tech Services (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

G-Tech Services, Specialist diesel truck, tractor and vehicle repair and
maintenance, fleet maintenance, staitionary engines, generators maintenance,
repair and installation. Call Graham on 011 406 023, or 741001 or E-Mail


5.8 SPECIAL EVENTS VIDEO PRODUCTION (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Focused Video Productions are located in Harare and specialize in the video
production of Weddings, Christenings, School Plays, School Sports Days,
Corporate Functions and much more.

We use digital equipment to capture your special moments in the highest
quality and you will be presented a DVD with menus and chapters.

Contact: Greer Wynn
             Tel: 744075 / 091 353 047


6.1 Puppies Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Two Jack Russell puppies - Please phone Jenny 011 409 353


6.2  Temporary / Permanent Home wanted
      (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

We have recently relocated to Europe. Due to various circumstances we are
unable to bring our two dogs (Black Retriever and German Shepherd) as yet.
Once we have settled in and have reasonable space we would like to call for
one or both of our pets if possible.

In the mean time we are looking for an elderly couple who would be willing
to baby sit/ look after, or possibly adopt our two dogs. Due to the
situation it is difficult to put an exact time period required. They are
good security dogs and extremely love. They would suit a couple as the
shepherd enjoys the company of females and the Retriever, enjoys being
around Men.

We would be prepared to supply food etc as an when required to the approved
" new home "

For any further information or enquiries, please contact by email


6.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/10/06)

Pedigree Persian kittens.  5 left.  Please contact Warwick on 091 346 875 to


6.4 WANTED URGENTLY (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Toy Pom puppy wanted as soon as possible. Please, to help our family get
over our little darling puppy who was accidently run over on the road.

Please reply to:-
Tel:- 011-611360 or 011603889
         04 -407735 or 04-481419


6.5 KITTENS FOR REHOMING (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

We have a variety of kittens (all different shades) looking for good homes.
If you are interested please contact Pam on 091352641 or email , all donations go to SPCA Mutare.  Delivery can be
organised if necessary.


6.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/11/06)

Please if anyone knows of or has Toy Pom Puppies or Jack Russells for sale
please, please can you phone or email me on 304030 or 091 27 213 or

We recently lost our Jack Russell to menegitis and would love to have a
bundle of joy back into our lives.


6.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Desperately wanted jack russell or jack russell cross puppy.  Please email or phone
011 630 803


6.8 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 15/11/06)

Lovely, pretty, very friendly spayed kitty cat called 'Specky', needs a
loving home as soon as possible.  Her owners are leaving the country and she
doesn't want to be lonely!!

Contact: Shayne on 091 239305/ 04 490677

JAG Hotlines: +263 (011) 610 073, +263 (04) 799 410.  If you are in trouble
or need advice,  please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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