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State agents to spy on internet users

Zim Online

Thursday 02 November 2006

      BULAWAYO - President Robert Mugabe has directed the spy Central
Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to infiltrate internet service providers to
monitor private communication and flush out journalists using the internet
to feed "negative information" about his government to the international
media, sources told ZimOnline.

      The sources, who are senior officers with the secret service and the
police that will also help in spying on internet users, said Mugabe gave the
order during a routine security meeting with security commanders held on
October 20 at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.

      Minister of State Security Didymus Mutasa, CIO Director-General
Happyton Bonyongwe, Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri and Zimbabwe
Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga attended the meeting.

      "The President was in a mean mood during the meeting, lambasting both
the police and the CIO for failing to apprehend even a few of the
journalists purveying negative information about the ruling ZANU PF party
and government," said a source, who spoke on condition he was not named.

      According to the source, Bonyongwe assured the President that the CIO
would begin deploying its agents at private internet shops across the
country starting this week.

      Apart from CIO agents, undercover members of the Police Internal
Security Investigations (PISI) that normally spies on pro-opposition police
officers will also be deployed at internet cafes posing as café attendants
or ordinary surfers.

      An officer with the PISI who is based at Ross Camp police depot in the
second largest city of Bulawayo said: "We were briefed at the Bulawayo
operations room in Ross Camp on Friday afternoon (October 27) by the officer
commanding operations in the province, Assistant Commissioner Crowd

      "He said we would be deployed at internet cafes but said we would have
to undergo some computer training first."

      Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba was not immediately available for
comment on the matter while Mutasa, who oversees the CIO, refused to take
questions on the matter.

      "I do not discuss such privileged information with the press," said
Mutasa before switching off his mobile phone.

      Police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena would neither confirm nor deny that
undercover officers will spy on private internet users but he insisted that
the law enforcement agency shall do all it can to prevent people from
writing "falsehoods against the government".

      Bvudzijena said: "It is our duty to protect the interests of this
country and we will do everything in our power to make sure that the
country's security is maintained. We cannot allow people to write falsehoods
against the government because that will incite people to rebel."

      ZimOnline was unable to reach Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers
Association chairperson Nicky Lear to establish whether internet firms were
aware of the latest government plans to spy on their clients. Lear was said
to be in hospital and unable to take calls from journalists.

      But our sources said those caught using the internet to send out
information considered negative or detrimental to the interests of the state
will be arrested and charged under the Criminal Codification Act.

      The Act imposes sentences of up to 20 years in jail on journalists or
other citizens convicted of publishing false information or statements that
are prejudicial to the state or are likely to cause, promote, or incite
public disorder, or adversely affect the security or economic interests of
the country.

      The government, which controls enough parliamentary seats to enact
whatever laws it may deem necessary, is in the process of enacting
legislation to allow state agents to intercept internet and cell phone
communications between private individuals and organisations in the country.

      The Interception of Communications Bill that is before Parliament
proposes to also empower state agents to open private mail sent by ordinary
post as well as through licensed courier service providers.

      Citizens and organisations will be barred from challenging
interception of their communications at the courts but could appeal to the
Minster of Transport and Communications, who in the first place grants
authority for private mail or communication to be intercepted.

      Civic and media organisations want the Bill withdrawn saying Zimbabwe
already has more than its fair share of draconian laws that hinder the free
flow of information while imposing severe restrictions on journalists and
newspapers in the country.

      Zimbabwe already has some of the worst media laws in the world with
for example, journalists being liable to imprisonment for up to two years if
caught practising without a licence from the state's Media and Information

      Newspapers are also required to register with the commission with
those failing to comply with the requirement facing closure and seizure of
their equipment by the police.

      The southern African nation, described by the World Association of
Newspapers as one of the worst places for journalists in the world, has in
the past three years shut down at least four newspapers including its
largest circulating daily paper, The Daily News, for breaching the tough
media laws.

      The deployment of CIO and police agents at private internet cafes will
place a major obstacle on independent news websites that have emerged to
cover the information gap left after Mugabe shut down newspapers. -

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Ex-soldier planned to kill white farmers, court told

Zim Online

Thursday 02 November 2006

      MUTARE - A Zimbabwe army major yesterday told the High Court that a
former white soldier accused of plotting to assassinate President Robert
Mugabe had also planned to murder some white farmers and two prominent

      Major Israel Phiri, who is chief state witness in the trial of Peter
Michael Hitschmann on charges of illegally stocking up arms and plotting to
assassinate Mugabe, told Judge Alfas Chitakunye that he spent three months
under cover, probing the Zimbabwe Freedom Movement (ZFM), a shadowy movement
that the state claims was behind the plot to murder the President.

      He said in the three months, he had been unable to uncover any
"material evidence" to prove the existence of the ZFM or where the
organisation was based.

      "I never saw any document (with information on the ZFM)," Phiri said.

      The major, who earlier in the week told the court that he was
approached by Hitschmann to join the ZFM, said he had relied on information
told to him by the accused.

      Phiri said Hitschmann told him that the ZFM had members in the cities
of Mutare, Bulawayo and Masvingo, adding that during his three months
working undercover, he had met members of the main opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) party who were working with the ZFM.

      The Major first dragged the MDC into the assassination case when he
told the court on Tuesday that Hitschmann had told him that the ZFM was
stepping in to overthrow Mugabe through military means because the MDC had
failed to win through the ballot - a claim that implies the shadowy group
was somehow working in cahoots with the opposition party.

      Phiri said the ZFM planned to also murder white farmers perceived as
co-operating with the government, controversial white businessmen Billy
Rautenbach allegedly because he supported the government.

      Another prominent businessman Delma Lupepe was also among people the
ZFM wanted to murder, according to Phiri, who added that Hitschmann showed
him stockpiles of guns and ammunition that were to be used to commit the

      Phiri is expected to be cross-examined by the defence today.

      Hitschmann was a soldier in the former white government of Rhodesia -
Zimbabwe's name before independence in 1980. He was initially arrested last
March together with several MDC officials that included Mutare North
legislator Giles Mutsekwa.

      The group was accused of conspiring to murder Mugabe, businessman and
ZANU PF activist Esau Mupfumi and ZANU PF Chipinge South legislator Enock
Porusingazi during the 21st February Movement celebrations held in Mutare to
mark Mugabe's 82nd birthday.

      The state later dropped charges against Mutsekwa, MDC Manicaland
provincial youth chairman Knowledge Nyamhoka, party treasurer Brian James,
activist Thando Sibanda and four ex-policemen Peter Nzungu, Wellington
Tsuro, Jerry Maguta and Garikai Chikutya. - ZimOnline

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Speaker urged to bar motion seeking ouster of labour leaders

Zim Online

Thursday 02 November 2006

      HARARE - The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) on Wednesday
wrote to Speaker of Parliament John Nkomo requesting that he bars the ruling
ZANU PF from moving a motion in the House demanding the sacking of the union's
top leaders.

      Ruling party legislator Leo Mugabe - a close nephew of President
Robert Mugabe - two weeks ago notified Parliament that he would be tabling a
motion in the House requesting Labour Minister Nicholas Goche to fire ZCTU
president Lovemore Matombo and his entire team and replace them with a "new
look management".

      ZANU PF insiders say the motion is part of a wider effort by the
government to gain control of the powerful but pro-opposition labour
movement. The "new look management" proposed by Mugabe will comprise
pro-government labour leaders at the moment forming a tiny minority within
the ZCTU top echelons, according to sources.

      In the letter to Nkomo, ZCTU secretary general Wellington Chibebe said
the motion by Mugabe was not only based on false and incorrect allegations
of mismanagement at ZCTU but amounted to an open invitation to the Ministry
of Labour "to interfere in the affairs of the ZCTU".

      It was also unfair because the ZCTU will not be able to defend itself
in Parliament when the House debates the motion, wrote Chibebe.

      "The Honourable Members of Parliament have taken the liberty to
gratuitously condemn the ZCTU without giving them an opportunity to respond,
this is against the rules of natural justice," the letter by the union
secretary general read in part.

      Chibebe added that some of the matters raised in the motion - such as
allegations that ZCTU leaders breached exchange laws - were being dealt with
at the courts and it would be sub judice for Parliament to debate such
issues before the courts had made their findings.

      "In the circumstances, we request that the motion be removed from the
Order paper," the union leader wrote.

      Nkomo, who is chairman of ZANU PF and has powers to block motions he
perceives as improper, was not immediately available for comment on the

      Mugabe is expected to move the motion next week.

      The legislator, who accuses present ZCTU leaders of unethical conduct,
violating foreign exchange laws and of abandoning workers to pursue
politics, says in the proposed motion that new union leaders should
"concentrate on core business of representing workers rather than (job)
stayaways that have failed to address bread and butter issues in the

      ZANU PF controls more than enough parliamentary seats to carry the
motion that could see the government effectively silence the ZCTU, which
gave birth to the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party
seven years ago.

      The ZCTU has remained a thorn on the side of the Harare administration
organising demonstrations and job stayaways by workers to protest one of the
severest ever economic crises in the world in recent times.

      Meanwhile, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has
criticised attempts by ZANU PF to use its parliamentary majority to control
the ZCTU.

      COSATU spokesman Patrick Craven told journalist in Johannesburg that
independence from government interference was one of the pillars of trade
union democracy and said the South African labour movement will back the
ZCTU in its efforts to resist interference by the Harare administration. -

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Civic groups set preconditions for backing rights body

Zim Online

Thursday 02 November 2006

      HARARE - Zimbabwe civic society groups say they want President Robert
Mugabe to first repeal harsh security laws before they could back a
government exercise to set up a statutory commission to monitor human rights
in the country.
      The civic groups, including some that had initially appeared willing
to co-operate with the government when they attended a September workshop
that discussed the creation of the proposed Zimbabwe Human Rights
Commission, said they want the government to repeal the draconian Public
Order and Security Act (POSA).

      The law, among other tough provisions, prohibits Zimbabweans from
carrying out public demonstrations or meeting in groups of more than three
to discuss politics without permission from the police.

      The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change party and civic
groups say the police have used the law to try and cripple them by
frequently banning their meetings with members and supporters.

      National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO)
spokesman Fambai Ngirandi told ZimOnline that civic groups felt they could
not be discussing creation of a rights commission with the government when
they were in the first place being denied the freedom to assemble or

      He said: "We don't have the freedom to assemble and associate so we
want them (government) to display positive goodwill by removing these
impediments such as POSA which prevents us from meeting."

      Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa was not immediately available for
comment on civic society's new pre-condition to back the proposed statutory
human rights commission.

      But Chinamasa has previously indicated the government would push ahead
with or without backing from NGOs to create the commission that he insists
shall have the necessary power and autonomy to probe human rights violations
and act on findings.

      Harare, well known for its anti-homosexual stance, ironically banned
gays and lesbians from a United Nations facilitated workshop last September
to discuss the setting up of the rights commission.

      NANGO, the largest representative body for NGOs in the country,
attended the workshop held in the resort town of Kariba but some of the
country's leading human rights and pro-democracy groups boycotted the event.

      Ngirande said the NGO movement had however met last Monday and agreed
that the government repeal POSA before they could take any further party in
the exercise to set the proposed human rights commission.

      Western governments, local and international rights groups say human
rights violations are on the rise in Zimbabwe as Mugabe's government battles
to keep public discontent in check amid a deteriorating economic meltdown,
hunger and poverty - a charge Harare strongly denies. - ZimOnline

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Further allegations of police brutality in Zim

Mail and Guardian

      Harare, Zimbabwe

      01 November 2006 06:22

            Police in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, on Wednesday used
batons to break up a demonstration by scores of pro-democracy activists,
arresting three protesters, a spokesperson for the National Constitutional
Assembly (NCA) claimed.

            At least 250 members of the NCA, including chairperson Lovemore
Madhuku, were rounded up by police in Africa Unity Square in central Harare
while demonstrating for a new Constitution, official Earnest Mudzengi told
the media in a telephone interview.

            The spokesperson said Madhuku was separated from the rest of the
crowd and bundled into a police vehicle. Then the police turned on the rest
of the demonstrators, he alleged.

            "They [the police] beat them. They beat them up and they
remained seated," Mudzengi claimed.

            He said two other NCA members, Marko Shoko and Shingirai
Nyakudya, were also arrested on allegations that they stoned a police
vehicle. Mudzengi denied the allegations.

            "We as the NCA are condemning this act of brutality by police,"
he said.

            Lawyer Alec Muchadehama confirmed the arrests. He said police
had not yet preferred charges against his three clients, who are being
detained at Harare central police station.

            The NCA has been at the forefront of pressing for a new
Constitution to replace a 26-year-old document that was last week described
by church groups in a national vision document as being in a sorry state.

            In his response to the church document, President Robert Mugabe
last week defended Zimbabwe's current Constitution, describing it as genuine
and homegrown.

            However, Mudzengi on Wednesday said the NCA's pursuit of a new
people-driven Constitution was legitimate.

            "A homegrown Constitution can be dictatorial. His [Mugabe's]
comments are meant to mislead people," Mudzengi said. "The police action
displayed today [Wednesday] is not going to deter us from staging more
demonstrations." -- Sapa-dpa

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Government Accused of Persistent Human Rights Abuses

Inter Press Service (Johannesburg)

November 1, 2006
Posted to the web November 1, 2006

Moyiga Nduru

"I was arrested a dozen times," notes Tapera Kapuya, a student leader at the
University of Zimbabwe between 2001 and 2002, who says he was the target of
both police and the Southern African country's intelligence agents.

"In November 2001 I was abducted from my room in the university by state
agents and tortured for three days," he told IPS in South Africa, where he
lives in exile.

Kapuya is now helping Zimbabwe's National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), a
pressure group based in the capital, Harare, to set up an office in the
South African commercial hub of Johannesburg.

"The situation in Zimbabwe hasn't improved. It's deteriorating," he said.
"And the NCA leadership is finding it difficult to work because of state
repression. The office in Johannesburg will highlight the abuses in Zimbabwe
and mobilise the 2.5 million Zimbabweans living in South Africa."

The difficulties faced by activists like Kapuya are highlighted in a new
Human Rights Watch (HRW) report issued Wednesday, titled '"You Will Be
Thoroughly Beaten": The Brutal Suppression of Dissent in Zimbabwe'.

Rights abuses in the country have escalated since 2000, when the ruling
Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) faced its first
real challenge at the polls, from the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC). This grouping became the country's main opposition party, but
has since splintered into two factions.

"Since 2000, the authorities in Zimbabwe have routinely resorted to violent
tactics to silence criticism of their poor human rights record and to
prevent human rights activists from exposing abuses in the country;
repression of political activity and dissent has been particularly
noticeable prior to election periods," notes HRW, in the 28-page report.

"Whereas in the beginning of Zimbabwe's political crisis it was war
veterans, youth militia, and ruling party supporters who chiefly dealt out
violence and intimidation to opposition supporters and civil society
activists, in the past three years such abuses have increasingly been
carried out by army, police and state security personnel," the New
York-based grouping adds.

"The government has turned to more violent and repressive tactics as
economic and political conditions continue to deteriorate and people
increasingly express their discontent."

The document lists alleged abuses against members of civil society groups,
trade unionists and other activists by police and intelligence officials.

These include a police assault on 15 officials from the Zimbabwe Congress of
Trade Unions (ZCTU), and some 500 activists from the NCA in Harare on Sep.
13 and Sep. 25 respectively.

The report also describes a student activist being detained for four days
and beaten by police in the north-eastern town of Bindura, in May. "During
interrogation they beat me with baton sticks, clenched fists and kept
kicking me," the student is quoted as saying. "Every night they would
threaten me and say, 'We will kill you tonight,'."

"Each night they would come and they would strip me naked and then handcuff
me with my hands between my legs so that I would not be able to move while
they beat me," the activists adds. "Sometimes they would be three people
beating me, then two, or at times four. I was being accused of trying to
facilitate regime change and working for the opposition."

Efforts by IPS to get comment on the HRW report from the Zimbabwean Embassy
in South Africa's capital, Pretoria, were fruitless.

However, Nicholas Dube, a representative of one of the MDC factions,
dismisses Harare's claim that demonstrations by the NCA and ZCTU were aimed
at toppling the government of Robert Mugabe.

"The ZCTU protest wasn't about regime change. It was about bread-and-butter
issues, and it was about access to ARVs," he said. ARVs, anti-retroviral
drugs, prolong the lives of people who have contracted HIV. According to the
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, Zimbabwe has an adult HIV
prevalence rate of 20.1 percent.

"The leadership of the ZCTU was attacked and brutally beaten up by the
police," Dube added. "To make matters worst, President Mugabe congratulated
the police for doing a good job. It clearly demonstrates that the government
of Zimbabwe is giving orders to police to crack down on perceived

Dube believes ZANU-PF -- in power since independence in 1980 -- will only
recognise the opposition if further international pressure is brought to
bear on Zimbabwean authorities.

"Internally there's nothing people can do. The opposition has been weakened
by police brutality, backed by the ruling party," he told IPS.

Dube, who is also in self-imposed exile in South Africa, says these
interventions should come from organisations such as the African Union (AU)
and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Zimbabwe is a member
of both groupings.

"It's critical that the AU Commission on Human Rights and SADC look at this
problem and come up with a solution," he noted. "Their silence is not
helping the people of Zimbabwe."

Critics say South Africa's policy of so-called "quiet diplomacy" has failed
to persuade Mugabe to resolve Zimbabwe's crisis.

Instead, the president blames former colonial power Britain for his
country's woes. He says Zimbabwe, under sanctions from the United States and
European Union, is being vilified for seizing land from several thousand
white farmers to resettle landless blacks.

For its part, HRW has made various recommendations for improving the
situation in Zimbabwe. These include having the government ensure that all
police, security and military forces adhere to the country's international
legal obligation to respect individuals' rights to freedom from arbitrary
arrest and torture.

The rights group has also called, amongst others, for all people who are
detained to be brought before a judge within 48 hours of arrest -- and for
an independent body to be established for probing complaints against the
police service.

Civil society and human rights groups believe that about five million
Zimbabweans have left their country for greener pastures since 2000.

"We have over 3,000 (Zimbabwean) South Africa. It's sad to see
a country losing its brains just like that," Selvan Chetty, deputy director
of the Solidarity Peace Trust, a church-backed human rights organisation,
said in an interview with IPS. The group, which monitors and highlights
abuses in Zimbabwe, is based in Port Shepstone: a town in South Africa's
coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Madhuku and two others arrested during NCA demo

      By Violet Gonda
      1 November 2006

      Lovemore Madhuku, the chairperson of the National Constitutional
Assembly (NCA) was arrested during a demonstration in Harare Wednesday. His
lawyer Alex Muchadehama said the civic leader is being held at Harare
Central Police Station with two other activists.

      The NCA reports that more than 300 people took part in a protest march
at Africa Unity Square calling for a people driven constitution. Riot police
came and violently broke up the march that was going to lead to parliament.
It's reported that journalists were harassed and "about 50 NCA members have
been taken to a private hospital after they sustained serious injuries from
the police assaults."

      Muchadehama said the police are also violating Madhuku's rights to his
access to a lawyer, as he has not been able to speak to his client in any
meaningful way. He added; "We haven't been advised on the charges he is
likely to face or the reason he has been detained in police custody."

      The lawyer said; "From sketchy details that I have received, the
police were alleging that some of the members who were present there stoned
a police truck or a bus."

      Meanwhile the NCA said in a statement the police broke up the
demonstration and ordered the activists to lie down. But Madhuku continued
to address the activists and the police, saying: "We are fighting for a
genuine cause which you the police might also benefit..."

      He was then bundled into a police vehicle and taken to the police
station when people started to respond.

      The Zimbabwean government is increasingly using its powerful state
machinery to suppress voices of dissent and this is the second time in less
than two months that the police have used brutal force to disperse peaceful
protesters. In September senior officials from the Zimbabwe Congress of
Trade Unions were brutalised by the police at the start of a demonstration
calling for a better standard of living.

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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15 villagers summoned to chief's court for attending MDC meeting

      By Tererai Karimakwenda
      01 November 2006

      We received a report from The Zimbabwe Peace Project alleging that
fifteen villagers from Konyesai village in Manicaland province have been
summoned to the Community Court of Chief Marange, because they attended an
MDC campaign meeting. The accused include Selina Mutambara and Lazarus
Takabika, both of whom received summons from the Chief's court dated 11th of
October, but referring to a meeting on an unspecified date. The 15 are being
charged with attending a meeting in the village without the permission of
the village head. Some of them also say that they have been denied grain
from the Grain Marketing Board because of their support for the MDC. A
hearing was originally set for the 18th of October but was postponed to a
later date.

      MDC spokesman for Manicaland Pishai Muchauraya said villagers are not
required by law to seek permission from any traditional leader before
attending a political meeting. But he added that ZANU-PF has been using
chiefs and sabhukus as political commissars. In return these village heads
are receiving maize, fuel to plough their fields, electricity at their
homesteads and other perks courtesy of ZANU-PF.

      Pishai said the chiefs were now acting as agents of ZANU-PF just like
the notorious youth militia. He said during the rural council elections last
weekend some chiefs were seen openly rallying voters to support ZANU-PF
candidates in an area called Tanganda. They were even taking notes as to who
voted for whom. Pishai said the ruling party's structures are all but dead
in rural Manicaland. And chiefs, soldiers and intelligence agents form the
basis of ZANU-PF's support.

      Regarding the incident in Marange, the Zimbabwe Peace Project released
a statement which read in part: "The village head's report to the chief and
the subsequent summoning of villagers for a hearing for attending a meeting
of their choice is an infringement to one's freedom of association and
assembly especially if consideration is taken of the fact that this was done
at a time when the nation was preparing for ward/council elections. Ideally
traditional leaders are supposed to be non partisan but some have abused the
traditional powers to use them in the political arena."

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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The perils of Beijing's Africa strategy

Elizabeth Economy and Karen Monaghan / International Herald
TribunePublished: November 1, 2006

NEW YORK: On Friday, when Beijing will host African leaders at the third
Forum on China-African Cooperation, the participants will undoubtedly hail
the dramatic expansion in trade and investment, the stream of high-level
diplomatic visits and agreements, and the newly forged strategic bonds
between their nations.

Yet beyond the celebrations there is growing unease on both sides about the
social, political and economic tensions that the integration has generated.

Outwardly, China's "Year of Africa" has been a striking success. Since
January, President Hu Jintao, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and Foreign Minister
Li Zhaoxing have all traveled to Africa, visiting a total of 15 countries.
Skyrocketing trade and foreign direct investment have made China a major
player in Africa's economic development.

African leaders now regularly cite China as the ideal development model for
their countries. Two-way trade has quadrupled in the last five years to $40
billion in 2005, making China Africa's third largest trading partner after
the European Union and the United States.

While China's voracious demand for commodities has driven investment
priorities, it is diversifying into apparel, food processing,
telecommunications and construction. At $1.2 billion, Chinese foreign direct
investment in Africa is small compared to the $29 billion total recorded
last year, but if the influx of Chinese firms is any guide - a ten-fold
increase since 2003 - future capital inflows likely will multiply.
Politically, China's "hands-off politics" approach was initially a welcome
change for many African leaders who bristled over the conditions imposed by
the United States, Europe and multilateral institutions.

Yet it has also become evident that China's approach to Africa comes at a
steep price. The situation in Sudan is the most pernicious example of the
consequences of not mixing business and politics. By refusing to press
Khartoum to accept the Security Council mandate for a UN peacekeeping force
in Darfur, Beijing has effectively condoned atrocities. In Zimbabwe,
Beijing's economic largesse is helping keep Robert Mugabe's repressive
regime in power.

On another front, Beijing's unwillingness to press its state- owned firms on
good governance and social responsibility is producing a backlash in several
African countries. Last month, Gabon ordered the Chinese energy firm,
Sinopec, to halt exploration in Loango national park after a U.S.
conservation group accused it of desecrating the forest and operating
without an environmental-impact study.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests simmering grass-roots resentment of the
growing Chinese presence. Legal and illegal Chinese immigrants are moving to
Africa by the hundreds of thousands to work in extractive industries,
construction and manufacturing, prompting charges that Chinese investors are
taking rather than creating jobs.

Ultimately, African leaders have to decide whether Beijing's "strictly
business" strategy is compatible with the principles of transparency and
good governance set out in their New Partnership for Africa's Development
(NEPAD). Every day brings new evidence that getting China to sign on to
these principles will be critical for the continent's long term development
and stability.

As a first step, China and its energy and mining firms should be encouraged
to sign on to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, which
requires companies and host governments to publicly disclose transactions.
Chinese firms can also prove their commitment to transparency, the
environment and safe and equitable working conditions by submitting open
bids for projects funded by multilateral institutions.

Finally, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has said the bank wants to work
directly with China in its development projects in Africa. The United States
and Europe should follow suit by inviting China to participate in
initiatives for sustainable development and eradicating poverty in Africa.

On his visit to Africa last summer, Wen said, "We encourage African
countries to improve democracy and the rule of law, social justice and
equality." He went on to say that China had "full confidence" that the
Africans could "properly handle their own affairs."

Yet with hundreds of thousands of Chinese living and working across Africa
and with China rapidly becoming the largest trading partner and investor on
the continent, Beijing must realize that it cannot merely voice support but
must work actively to help realize Africa's aspirations. Africa's "own
affairs" have become China's as well.

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Mugabe: Presidential aspirants wait like 'witches'

Mail and Guardian

      Harare, Zimbabwe

      01 November 2006 12:06

            The ageing president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has hit out
against fierce jockeying for his position, accusing would-be presidential
candidates of waiting impatiently "like witches" to see him go, it was
reported on Wednesday.

            In candid comments about the fighting in the corridors of power,
Mugabe (82) said there were just three or four candidates wanting to succeed
him, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported.

            In other African countries there are up to 30 presidential
candidates and "we don't want it that way", Mugabe said.

            The vexed question of who is to step into Mugabe's shoes is
believed to be giving rise to vicious behind-the-scenes battles and the
Zimbabwean leader is showing impatience with his would-be successors.

            "Even before the term of the president [has expired], they want
the seat. I haven't completed my term, but you are already waiting by the
door like a witch," he was quoted as saying during a speech made at Harare's
Catholic University last week.

            Mugabe's term of office is due to expire in 2008. There have,
however, been calls from some in the ruling Zanu-PF party to extend it until

            Local reports say presidential candidates at present appear to
be ruling party political heavyweight Emmerson Mnangagwa; vice-president and
former army commander's wife Joyce Mujuru; former finance minister and
ruling party moderate Simba Makoni; and possibly Central Bank chief Gideon
Gono, although Gono has denied any interest. -- Sapa-dpa

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Major Weapons Trial Begins In Zimbabwe


      By Peta Thornycroft
      01 November 2006

The trial of a White Zimbabwean accused of illegal possession of automatic
weapons finally began this week in Mutare after being delayed over legal
technicalities. Michael Hitschmann has been accused by the state of trying
to hire a Zimbabwe army officer to assassinate senior businessmen and white
farmers loyal to the ruling Zanu PF. The weapons charges carry a life

The trial of Michael Hitschmann continues today, a day after the state's key
witness told a packed courtroom that Hitschmann approached him and asked
that he join a organization to overthrow the government.

Army Major Israel Phiri testified that Hitschmann tried to recruit him for a
shadowy organization, the Zimbabwe Freedom Movement, which was launched in
London five years ago. He said the organization, in addition to overthrowing
the government, planned to assassinate several top businessman and white
farmers loyal to the ruling Zanu PF.

Phiri claims he immediately reported Hitschmann's plans to authorities.

The government accuses Hitschmann of possession of 11 automatic weapons,
thousands of rounds of ammunition and other military material. No one is
allowed to hold automatic weapons in Zimbabwe without special permission. He
was arrested in March and refused bail.

In defense documents submitted to the court, Hitschmann admits he was in
possession of automatic weapons but says he is a registered gun dealer, and
was going to hand them over to the police. He says the weapons were given to
him by fearful white farmers who fled their land in 2004 and 2005.

Forty-six-year-old Hitschmann used to be a member of the part-time voluntary
police reserve in his hometown Mutare. He claims he assisted the police in
suppressing trade unions in 1997.

Harare High Court Justice Alpheus Chitakunya will hear testimony from
Hitschmann who claims he was tortured after his arrest, including being
kicked twice in his groin and having his buttocks burned by lighted
cigarettes. He will challenge the legality of his confession, saying it was
extracted through torture.

This case is one of the most serious involving weapons in Zimbabwe in the
last 20 years, according to legal analysts.

Two other men, both opposition supporters who were arrested with Hitschmann,
and who allegedly have disappeared after being freed on bail, claimed in a
previous court hearing that they were also tortured in detention.

A former opposition legislator, Roy Bennett fled the country after
Hitschmann's arrest and sought asylum in South Africa.

A serving MDC legislator, Giles Mutsekwa, also arrested in connection in the
same case, was released but has not been charged and is still in Zimbabwe.

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Zim property ghost laws scare potential investors: Economists

      November 1, 2006

      By Savious Kwinika (CAJ)

      Zim property ghost laws scare potential investors: Economists

      LEGAL experts and investments analysts have vehemently scrutinised the
Zimbabwean Reconstruction of State-Indebted Insolvent Companies Act (Chapter
24:27) saying it is a ghost that is targetted to give the state control over
the companies that operate in Zimbabwe.  The Act was promulgated on 26
February 2005 and has been used by the state to take over the control of a
number companies that were operating in Zimbabwe. The most notable case is
the acquisition and the subsequent nationalization of  SMMZ Holdings by the
government of Zimbabwe, when it wrested control of the Mutumwa-Mawere led
businesses through the Act. . The  Johannesburg-based Friends of Zimbabwe
Coalition (FOZC), said the law was being to perpetrate property
confistications extra-territorially and extra-judicially. FOZC is a South
Africa based organization that advocates for human and property rights. "SMM
is a stolen company and the thief is the government of Zimbabwe," said Siros
(Sox) Chikohwero, Chairperson of FOZC. FOZC indicated that the continued use
of this law by the Zimbabwe government would only act as a dis-incentive
that would scare away investors. "No sensible person would want to invest in
Zimbabwe because of this act that allows the state to take over your company
at any time," said Chikohwero.

       Some of the contentious clauses clause in the said Act are under
section three (a)  which describes a company as 'a company registered or
incorporated in Zimbabwe, or a company wherever  registered or incorporated,
that carries, that carries on business in Zimbabwe or is liable to be wound
up under the Act'. Private partnerships , syndicates, clubs, private
business corporations are also covered by the hammer of the Act. "This means
that no investment is safe in Zimbabwe.

      Whether it is south African, Zambian or USA business, it is not safe
as long as that business is operating in Zimbabwe," explained Chikohwero.
Chikowero also castigated the Act for giving too wide powers to the
administrator. "For example 18 (b) of the Act gives the administrator the
power to operate every account with a financial institution operated by the
company immediately before the commencement of its reconstruction,"
explained Chikohwero.

      "When you lose control of your company to a state-appointed
administrator at the whim of the state, do you think running a business in
Zimbabwe is a viable or worthwhile investment ?" asked the FOZC Chairperson.
Chikohwero said that the state had manufactured a ghost persona in the mould
of the state as  a way for the state to extend its tentacles in the day to
day affairs of companies operating on Zimbabwean soil "Does the state really

      This act was just a way to make all those who owe government
departments like ZIMRA, ZESA and so on be made liable the state. Is there
really a chance that the state really exists," asked Chikohwero. Steven
Thorncroft, a renowned investment analyst indicated that what happened in
the SMMZ saga, now dubbed the SMM-GGATE, was likely to happen to any company
operating in Zimbabwe. "We must rally our efforts to force for the repeal of
such laws that give the state unwieldy powers over companies in Zimbabwe and
move to restore normalcy.

      This is a mad law that can not be allowed to operate as there is a
danger that the law can be applied selectively to settle some political
agendas, " said Thorncroft. Several companies have fallen under the hammer
in Zimbabwe under this contentious Act that has been said by business
analysts to be responsible for scaring investors fro establishing in
Zimbabwe. The Friends of zimbabwe Coalition Chairperson said that it had
become coomon practice for the government of Zimbabwe to promulgate laws to
deprive citizens of their properties. "The government of Zimbabwe came with
laws to take over land that was said to belong to whites.

       "The government of Mugabe also uses Presidential powers to rob people
of their assets," said Chikowero. The FOZc Chairperson said it was
lamentable that so many land owners lost their land to the Mugabe regime
without compensation. "The government of Zimbabwe is not respecting its own
laws," charged Chikowero. Chikohwero said that the Presidential powers
allowed the President to declare war on his own people. He added that it was
only a crime in Zimbawe where was one could be found guilty of holding cash
that the government deemed excessive.

      "It is only in Zimbabwe that one can get arrested for having too much
cash and externalisation of funds," complained FOZC Chairperson. Nowhere in
the world over is it a crime to have a lot of money in you bank accounts,
and Zimbabwe has laws that do not allow for th externalisation of funds,
asituation that has scared investors as they can not repatriate their
earnings nad profits back home. He cited many businessmen whom had fallen
prey to laws promulgated by the government of Zimbabwe and said these
included Chris Kuruneri (former Finance Minister) and the Bindura -based
Jammes Makamba. "All these laws that have been promulgated by the government
of the day are flouting the constitutional principles that should act as
guidelines to a democratic governance," wound up Sox-

      CAJ News.

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A cause worth fighting for

Calgary Herald
Published: Wednesday, November 01, 2006
The week that Parliament was abuzz over Belinda Stronach and Peter MacKay, a
Zimbabwean exile named Gabriel Shumba was on a speaking tour of Canada.

Perhaps if MPs had turned down the Belinda noise, they might have been able
to hear what he had to say.

What greater irony can there be in a democracy than the taking for granted
of rights and freedoms to the extent that melodramatic trivia can prevail in
the Commons, while a human-rights activist tries to draw attention to
life-and-death issues elsewhere.

Shumba would be elated to see the kind of democracy restored to Zimbabwe
that would allow for the luxury Canada enjoys -- that of dwelling on issues
other than starvation, torture, oppression and regime-sanctioned murder of
anyone who opposes Robert Mugabe's regime.

Shumba is under no illusions that without financial self-interest or other
such motivation for the West, Zimbabwe -- like Darfur -- holds only a
tenuous place on the radar screen. Indeed, Shumba first called on Canada to
help in 2004, only to be told that unless one of Mugabe's victims is a
Canadian or there is some other Canadian link, nothing can be done. It's a
good thing that, as Shumba says, "I am tireless." His determination has paid
off, for recently Justice Minister Vic Toews promised to review the matter.

Shumba is not asking for Canadian troops to be sent to help overthrow
Mugabe. He is only asking that Canada use its crimes-against-humanity laws
to do what it can to prosecute Mugabe and his henchmen, including seizing
assets where possible and taking whatever other measures are available to
bring them to justice.

Legal experts say such a move would be as simple as getting the attorney
general's approval to proceed.

Shumba fled to South Africa after being tortured by Mugabe's thugs in
2003 -- he was beaten, subjected to electric shocks, forced to eat excrement
and drink his own blood. Despite living under the constant threat of
death -- a recent attempt on his life forced him to move from Johannesburg
to Pretoria -- he is methodically collecting stories of abuse and torture in
Zimbabwe for use if Mugabe is ever brought to trial.

Canada may well have a legal obligation to do what it can to end the torture
and killings of Zimbabweans, but it also has a moral humanitarian one.

In her book, A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, Samantha
Power, a journalist and former director of Harvard University's Center for
Human Rights, argues that the West is morally obligated to step in when
despotic regimes are committing mass murder.

"We don't do much about crimes against humanity," Power told interviewer
Robert Birnbaum in 2002, adding "there is a moral obligation to do something
about gross human rights violations."

Certainly, it borders on the obscene for politicians to be arguing about a
petty insult that was exchanged in the Commons, while, as Shumba tells it,
"(Zimbabwean) children have (been) deliberately starved because they are in
areas that are widely known as supportive of the opposition."

He says: "There is no denying that atrocities have been committed and there
is no dispute whatsoever that Canada must do something." He's right -- there
is no dispute at all.

Toews has promised to respond by Nov. 15. It is imperative that Ottawa
proceed against Mugabe. There must be no further delays. Canada has the
opportunity to take an international leadership role in the struggle against

© The Edmonton Journal 2006

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Farmers Need Land Tenure to Feel Secure - Committee

The Herald (Harare)

November 1, 2006
Posted to the web November 1, 2006


FARMERS should be given land tenure for them to feel secure and confident to
produce enough for the country, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on
Lands, Agriculture, Resettlement, Rural Resources and Water Development said

During a meeting to discuss land use and tenure in Zimbabwe yesterday,
chairman of the committee, Masvingo South Member of House of Assembly Cde
Walter Mzembi (Zanu-PF) said currently there was no firm position with
regards to land tenure and banks were not forthcoming with loans where there
was no collateral.

"We don't have a firm position on land tenure. Land leases farmers have give
the lender only an address and not the security they require when one wants
to borrow some money," he said.

Cde Mzembi said most farmers were abandoning producing the staple maize crop
in favour of wheat that was selling at $217 000 per tonne compared to $31
000 a tonne for maize.

He said the Government should consider a bonus review of the maize price to
encourage more production.

"We have hit 480 000 tonnes for the Strategic Grain Reserve against a target
of 1,8 million tonnes and that is worrying. As a committee, we can't pretend
that all is well. The right incentives should be brought to farmers," he

Cde Mzembi said there was grave concern on the decline in production of cash
crops such as tobacco that used to bring as much as US$800 million a season.

He said the citrus, tea and coffee sectors have also declined over the years
due to neglect.

"Those were very vibrant industries but all you hear now is veld fires," he

Mangwe Member of House of Assembly Mr Edward Mkosi (MDC) said property
rights were important if agricultural production was to increase.

He said the Government should put incentives in place for farmers to get
reasonable returns.

"We should persuade the Government to put incentives. The current price of
maize is 'peanuts'. Farmers are going to move away from maize production,"
he said.

Chief Revai Chiduku of Manicaland said more farmers were moving away from
growing maize for other cash crops that had better returns.

Chiredzi North legislator Cde Margaret Pote said the harassment of capable
farmers especially at sugar plantations must be stopped considering that
some new farmers were struggling to produce.

"A lot of fields have died in the Lowveld. It seems the Ministry of
Agriculture is not getting enough information about what is happening in the
Lowveld. Things have gone down," she said.

Stakeholders have been calling upon the Government to amend the Land
Acquisition Act to ensure that apart from land, the infrastructure and
equipment on any farm acquired for resettlement is transferred to the
ownership of new farmers to ensure maximum production.

Infrastructure such as tobacco barns, water and electricity points,
horticultural utilities and irrigation equipment, among other things, had
been at the centre of many disputes in farming areas.

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Zimbabwe police question ex-test batsman over fire


Wed Nov 1, 2006 3:52 PM GMT

DURBAN, South Africa, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Former test batsman Mark Vermeulen
is being questioned by police about a fire at Zimbabwe cricket facilities in
Harare, Zimbabwe Cricket managing director Ozias Bvute said on Wednesday.

Bvute said the Zimbabwe academy premises were badly damaged in a fire on
Tuesday, a day after emergency services extinguished a blaze at the Harare
Sports Club.

Asked if Vermeulen had been arrested on suspicion of arson, Bvute told
Reuters from Harare: "Someone was seen driving away from the scene of the
fire (on Tuesday), and I understand he (Vermeulen) has been taken in for
questioning by the police in connection with the fire.

"No foul play was suspected at first but then the forensic team
investigating the fire discovered that a window had been forced open."

Vermeulen, 27, played eight tests and 32 one-day internationals for

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Soft drink shortages loom

      November 1, 2006


      COCA-COLA East & Central Africa Ltd has warned consumers of its
products that its bottling partners, Delta Beverages and Mutare Bottling
Company, are presently experiencing a shortage of carbon dioxide gas, a key
ingredient used in the production of carbonated soft drinks.

      In a press statement released yesterday, the company said this
(shortage) was because its carbon dioxide suppliers are struggling to get
sufficient stock from the primary sources in the industry.
      "This may lead to a shortage of some of our carbonated soft drinks and
other similar products in some outlets.
      "Together with our bottling partners, we regret any inconvenience
experienced by our customers and consumers. We have been assured by our
carbon dioxide suppliers that everything possible is being done to normalise
the situation as soon as possible," Coca-Cola said.
      As a beverages company, Coca-Cola also produces non-carbonated drinks
like bottled water and energy drinks, as well as juices.
      Coca-Cola East and Central Africa Limited services its bottling
partners in 23 countries in Africa which include: Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda,
Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Djibouti, Mauritius, the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Congo-Brazzaville, Seychelles,
Madagascar, Reunion, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Burundi, St Helena,
the Comoros and Mayotte.
      The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company. Along
with the Coca-Cola soft drink, recognised as the world's most valuable
brand, the company markets four of the world's top five soft drink brands.
      These include Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite, and a wide range of other
beverages, including diet and light soft drinks, waters, juices and juice
drinks, teas, coffees and sports drinks.  Through the world's largest
beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy the
company's beverages at a rate exceeding one billion servings each day.
      In Africa, The Coca-Cola Company is the continent's soft drink leader.
Its beverages are marketed and distributed by bottling partners in over 160
plants serving 850 million consumers, in all 56 countries and territories.
The Coca-Cola Company, with its 40 bottling partners, is the continent's
largest private sector employer, with nearly 55 000 African employees.
      Over the last five years alone, more than US$600 million has been
invested in Africa, much of this going into new plants, updated equipment
and advanced employee training.

      Daily Mirror

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Fuel prices, fares up

From The Daily Mirror, 1 November

Takunda Maodza

An acute shortage of fuel in Zimbabwe has caused the price of the commodity
to shoot up to $1 650 from $1 200 a litre forcing commuter omnibus operators
in Harare to unilaterally increase fares by 60 percent. On the black market,
the precious commodity now sells at $1800 a litre, up from around $1 500
only a few days ago. A survey conducted by The Daily Mirror in the capital
yesterday showed the majority of service stations were dry while the few
that had fuel were selling it at exorbitant costs. While Shell, Wedzera and
BP filling stations were dry, Mobil and Total had fuel procured using the
Direct Fuel Import (DFI) facility. "We have gone for three months without
receiving any deliveries of petrol and diesel. We do not know when it's
coming," said a fuel attendant at a Wedzera garage along Nelson Mandela
Avenue in the capital. But another attendant at a Total garage along Samora
Machel Avenue sang a slightly different tune. "We do not have diesel, but
petrol is readily available. It has been there for the past three weeks and
we are selling it using coupons at $1 650 a litre," he said. A visit to a
Mobil service station along Kwame Nkrumah Avenue revealed diesel and petrol
were readily available at $1 550 and $1 650 a litre. "We have both petrol
and fuel (diesel) at $1 550 and $1 650, but we are selling it using coupons
starting from 50 litres," the fuel attendant added.

The cost of fuel soared on the parallel market with unscrupulous traders
along Leopold Takawira Street trading five litres of petrol and diesel for
$9 000, which translates to $1 800 a litre. "We have abundant supplies of
petrol and diesel. We are only selling them five litres and more for $9
000," the fuel dealers, derogatively called "Noczim" said. The sharp
increase in fuel price has forced transport operators to pass on the costs
to commuters eroding transport allowances awarded to civil servants and
others workers recently. The government more than doubled transport and
housing allowances for all civil servants effective October 1, but those
increments now look just a mere drop in the ocean as the figures have been
swallowed by hyper-inflation. The adjustments, that were awarded across the
board on a sliding scale, ranged from $18 000 to $32 000 for transport and
$11 000 to $21 000 monthly for housing, depending on the employee's grade. A
trip from the Western suburbs like Glen View, Glen Norah, Budiriro and
Mufakose to the city center now costs between $400 and $500, up from between
$200 and $300 while commuter buses plying the Warren Park-City route have
also revised fares upwards from $200 to $300. Simple calculations show that
one now requires $1 000 for a return trip home daily which translates to
about $22 000 a month for transport alone.

The majority Zimbabweans live far below the poverty datum line (PDL)
currently pegged at $136 000, according to figures released by the Central
Statistical Office (CSO) last month. The latest increase in fuel price comes
against the background of a government directive that service stations
should sell the important commodity at $320 and $335 a litre for diesel and
petrol. A litre of petrol was selling for $800 in early September and it
shot up to $1 200 last month. Players in the fuel procurement industry have
warned price controls lead to shortages of the commodity, which runs the
country's economy. Appearing before a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on
Minerals and Energy in August this year, the procurers and distributors of
petroleum said the new prices adversely affected those importing petroleum
products through the DFI facility, adding the current volatile economic
environment militated heavily against price prescriptions. The industry
players further argued that it was impossible for them to charge uniform
prices because they obtained foreign currency from different sources,
including black marketers, and at varying rates for that matter. They also
noted that the new prices were only viable if the foreign currency was
sourced direct from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

On the other hand, the government argues that the price is viable and was
gazetted after careful and considered wide consultations with various
stakeholders in the fuel industry. The country imports its fuel via the
Mozambican port city of Beira and also buys directly from the South African
market, which has bulk reserves. Before the current crises took foothold on
the economy, fuel used to be imported from Libya under a special
government-to-government agreement with the North African nation. The deal
later lapsed and was never renewed while efforts have also been explored to
source for fuel in the Middle East, namely from friendly states like Iran
and to some extent the emirate of Kuwait. There is also a possible hope that
Venezuela, a key member of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC), may come to Zimbabwe's need considering the cordial relations
between the Central American country's leader Hugo Chavez and President
Robert Mugabe.

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Interview Part 1: Bishops on The Zimbabwe We Want

SW Radio Africa Transcript

Broadcast Wednesday 31 October  2006
Violet Gonda's guests on the programme, Hot Seat, include well known
political commentator John Makumbe (top left) Bishop Trevor Manhanga of the
Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (top right), Bishop Levee Kadenge (bottom
left) of the Christian Alliance and Catholic Archbishop for Bulawayo, Pius
Ncube (bottom right). They are talking about the new joint ecumenical
publication: "The Zimbabwe We Want: Towards a National Vision."

Violet: Last Friday in Harare Church leaders launched a discussion document
called "The Zimbabwe We Want: Towards a National Vision". The draft document
had been presented to Mugabe at State House earlier in the week. The
document has been written by the three main Christian groups in the country;
the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops'
Conference and the Zimbabwe Council of Churches.
But some Church leaders and analysts have been critical of the initiative
and described it as being State sponsored and part of Mugabe's survival
plan. To discuss this issue and the role of the Church in the struggle for a
better Zimbabwe I am joined on the programme 'Hot Seat' by the head of the
Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Bishop Trevor Manhanga, Catholic
Archbishop Bishop Pius Ncube, the head of the Christian Alliance Bishop Levy
Kadenge and political analyst Dr. John Makumbe.
Welcome on the programme.
All: Thank you Violet
Violet : I will start by asking Bishop Manhanga to give us a summary of the
document. What are you calling for exactly in this document?
Bishop Manhanga: We are calling for discussion and dialogue between all the
various stakeholders in the Zimbabwe scenario and for them to look at what
we have put down in this document, which is not a final document. It is not
cast in stone. It is merely to begin; people to look at certain issues and
then give their contributions which we hope will contribute to a final
document that can be embraced by all Zimbabweans
Violet: Right, and so who compiled this document and whose initiative was
Bishop Manhanga : It's the initiative of the Church and Church leaders. The
people who assisted the Church leaders in writing this document are all
people who go to our Churches; contrary to the mischievous things that
people are saying. They are well respected Christian people who offered
their services to their Church and Church leaders as resource people. So
there's nobody that can accuse the Church of using people who are sponsored
by the Government. That is a big lie.
Violet: So what is the vision, what is your vision?
Bishop Manhanga: We are not stating the vision. We are putting things down
that can contribute towards the vision. There is a section on 'Vision and
Values', section three in the document, which talks about our vision of the
Zimbabwe we want is a sovereign, involuable and unitary member state of the
international community. A nation that is democratic and characterized by
good governance as reflected in all its structures, institutions and
operations at all levels. A nation that is united in diversity, free,
tolerant peaceful and prosperous. A nation that respects the rights of all
its citizens regardless of creed, gender, age, race, ethnicity as defined in
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and, with a leadership that puts
the interest of the people of Zimbabwe above personal gain. A nation where
all citizens enjoy equal protection of the law and have equal opportunity to
compete and prosper. Above all, a nation that is God fearing. That is the
vision we have stated.
Violet: Now, Bishop Kadenge, as the Head of the Christian Alliance, your
thoughts on this?
Bishop Kadenge: As an individual, really I'm not talking on behalf of
Christian Alliance at the moment because we haven't met to discuss the
document, but, as an individual, for me to be very honest, the document is
so good. I have no problems with the document and what they are saying is
common knowledge to every Zimbabwean that is suffering in this country.
And, my other comment is that you don't need fifty pages or forty pages to
describe our crisis. Just a few sentences like their 'Way Forward' which is
very good you know. There are five; no sorry, six items which they are
recommending as a way forward and that summarizes all that is needed in this
country. And for me, going to the people, yes, it's to legitimize it but
what is needed and what we want to be done is already there and it's there
in black and white. And, I want to thank HOCD; the Heads of Denominations
for really looking for these people who wrote this document which is really
making a road map.
But, my problem is the way they are going about it, because, already, it has
been given to the President who has already made a judgment. And, for me,
what has been said by the President kills all the six items on their way
forward, which are: constitution, dialogue, land commission, repeal of POSA
etc and then building bridges and then the Churches offering their global
networks as a way of building the future. And, all these, when the President
said there are things which are not negotiable, all the six fall in the
category of non- negotiable. And then the question is what is the way
forward? That's how I look at this document. A good document and I'm very
honest, but, perhaps there are changes which have been done lately to the
final document. But, as I was following the document in the process of it
being written it is one of the best documents ever produced. But, the way it
is being done now there is the question of who is in control, who is in
charge, who has the final say, who make declarations and that kind of a
Violet: Now, as the Head of the Christian Alliance; the group that has been
trying to bring the pro-democracy groups together, especially the warring
MDC factions, did you have any role in this important document calling for a
national vision? Were you consulted?
Bishop Kadenge: No. Yes
Bishop Kadenge : There are two answers I am giving. No, in the sense that as
an Alliance , as an organization, we were not consulted. But, yes, as an
individual Christian who belongs to an organization, like myself, Zimbabwe
Council of Churches, those who were part of the team which was making this
document were doing it on my behalf and that is the sense which I will say
yes, because I am part of that document in terms of where I come from as
belonging to the Zimbabwe Council of Churches. But in terms of us as a
group; a 'fringe group' as you have heard us being called, no, we haven't
had any input.
Violet: Are you a fringe group?
Bishop Kadenge: Oh sister, you know what, in Christianity the scriptures say
'where two or three are gathered, I am there'. Yes, the other brothers are
playing a game of numbers, but I don't think we are a fringe group. We are
people who are called by God for a purpose at this time of our crisis.
Violet: OK, now let me move on. I will come back to you on this matter but
let me go to Archbishop Ncube. You have been an outspoken critic of the
Mugabe regime but you were one of those clergymen representing the Catholic
Bishops' Conference. What role did you play in the making of this document
and are you satisfied with the outcome?
Violet: Hello, Archbishop Ncube? I think the Archbishop's phone line dropped
out. We have been having problems reaching him on the phone. We will
continue with this discussion and we will try and get the Archbishop's
comments later on after this debate. Now, Dr. Makumbe, is the Church in a
very difficult situation here, because, as Dr. Manhanga said at the
beginning that you know the Church had received some unfair criticism, and,
many, including yourself, have criticized the Church leaders for working
with the Government on this document? But is it not possible that the three
main Church groups genuinely have good intentions and want to work with
everyone including the regime?
Dr Makumbe: No, there is no doubt in my mind that the Church leaders have
good intention. But, I still find it difficult to forget the past; we have
seen the Church being abused by the State in the past. We remember the
Muzorewa era where Ian Smith tried to use Muzorewa and the Church to put
together an internal settlement, and I see the same thing happening now with
Mugabe, and so I find strong similarities between Mugabe and Ian Smith in
the way they are handling the Church.
Bishop Manhanga says this particular exercise is the initiative of the
Church. I don't really think so, I think it's the initiative of the State,
because, as you know Violet, this is an outcome of a four hour lunch meeting
at State House that the Church leaders were given by Mr. Mugabe. And, it was
at that four hour lunch that Mr. Mugabe pleaded with the Church leaders to
put together a document about the Zimbabwe that the people of Zimbabwe may
want. He even asked them to persuade the Western democracies that have
imposed travel restrictions on Zimbabwe to lift them and so forth. And, of
course, therefore it is not the Church's initiative. It is really the
Government's initiative and that is why it goes on to exclude the Christian
Alliance which is viewed by the State as essentially supporting opposition
and Civil Society.
And so, that makes me very uncomfortable. And then, secondly Violet, I also
would like to ask Bishop Kadenge there is this document you say it is a good
document, are you going to disband as the Christian Alliance or are you
going to continue with whatever action programme you have? And, I have a
problem with exclusivity in the leader's document. They have already brought
out a document which they say people can input into but they actually have
excluded for example, the Christian Alliance. They have not really worked
together as the Church leaders. There are Church leaders who are
pro-government; there are Church leaders who are not pro-government and I
don't want to call them anti Government.
Bishop Kadenge : Can I come in?
Violet : Yes, Bishop Kadenge?
Bishop Kadenge: No, we are not going to disband. Actually, you know, some of
the things which are in their document; not some, most, all of the things,
let me say some of them, we had some of the things on our agenda, on our
programme. Perhaps we will ask each other to join hands, like prayer rallies
and all that have you. But, really the document is not going to push us
aside as it were, but we are not going to continue with this antagonism of
not wanting to work with anyone, but, as you have read, and as you have
heard, they continue to exclude us and also to call us names. Recently, the
paper was quoting one of the Bishops as saying we are a very small group of
Christians. We don't mind being called a small group. It's a small group and
it can also be a channel for people to go to heaven.
Violet: I'll go to Bishop Manhanga to tell us more about this. That if you
consulted all stakeholders, why was the Christian Alliance, which is a key
group, although small, that has been trying to bring pro-democracy groups
together, why were they isolated?
Bishop Manhanga: I think that first of all we must look at the set up here.
The Christian Alliance as Bishop Kadenge has ceded, was not excluded because
Bishop Kadenge is a Methodist, his Bishop was involved in the process. Some
of the other fellows in Christian Alliance are members of the EFZ which I
head. They were not excluded. They are represented through those
organizations, and so to say that we deliberately went and excluded people
is not correct. These brothers are included because they still hold
membership in ZCC; they still hold membership in EFZ. Some of them, they
attend our meetings where this process is being discussed. So, the Christian
Alliance was not being excluded.
Now, to come to what my dear friend Dr. John Makumbe was saying, it's not
totally true to say that this initiative came out of the meeting which was
held on the 25 th November at State House. When we went to State House what
President Mugabe said was 'I would like the Church to come up with a way
forward. You have made all these issues here, you have criticized this, you
have criticized this. As Churches, what do you say as the way forward? Give
us something as Government, it's no use just criticising and bringing up
these issues.' So, when we left State House we said 'right, let's put
together something and present it before Government'.
And, some of the people that we invited to sit with us in this process of
looking at - to help us - were people like Professor Walter Kamba; under no
stretch of the imagination can Professor Kamba be seen to be a ZANU PF
pro-Government person. Professor Marvelous Mhloyi, Dr. Kaulemu, Dr. Chikafu
from Africa University , Dr. Goodwill Shana - a vast range of different
people. As was said, Archbishop Pius Ncube was with us on the final day when
the draft document was looked at by all three bodies. Now I don't think
anyone can accuse Archbishop Pius Ncube of being a pro- Government person,
but he looked at the document and said 'this document perhaps is giving us a
way forward', and he, as part of the Catholic Bishops endorsed this process.
Then to say that the leaders of the Church who went to present this document
to the Head of State are pro government; it's not being honest, it's not
being factual, it's not really a good way of looking at things, because, in
that group of Church leaders . I'll give you another example, when Bishop
Nemapare came up for election within the ZCC and he lost the election,
people then said 'he lost because he went to State House'. However, the
Bishop who has replaced him, Bishop Wilson Chichebu of Bulawayo ; the
Anglican Dioceses of Bulawayo, he was with us on our recent visit to go and
see the President. He was with us. When are the people going to stop saying
that any person who tries to look at the way forward and engage with the
Government is pro-Government or pro-MDC. We have met with Morgan Tsvangirai,
for those people who want to know. We have met with several leaders of
opposition parties in part of this process and we will continue to do so. In
fact, even this very week we will be engaging with leaders of the
opposition, for them also to officially receive the document and make their
Violet: But Bishop Manhanga on the issue of meeting with the opposition,
what is the real situation with this because it is reported that the MDC
actually snubbed the presentation of the document last week?
Bishop Manhanga: They didn't snub the document. Unfortunately this launch
was delayed several times because the Head of State's schedule could not
accommodate him coming and so we delayed the launch, at which time, when the
letter of invitation went to Mr. Tsvangirai, he was campaigning for his
candidates in Matabeleland , We received word from his office. And, there's
no antagonism from Mr. Tsvangirai so I cannot say where people got that from
that they snubbed the process.
Violet: What about Arthur Mutambara?
Bishop Manhanga: Arthur Mutambara, my office in Harare has said he was given
an invitation but he said he wasn't coming.
Violet: So in other words, the other MDC camp snubbed the launch?
Bishop Manhanga: Well, if that's your interpretation, that's your
interpretation, that's what my office in Harare said is that he said he wasn't
coming. If that's a snub, well, that's no problem.
Violet: Now Dr. Makumbe, let me go back to this issue. Is it really possible
to have a national vision with the current regime in power?
Dr Makumbe: No Violet that is one of the things that is missing from the
document, the National Vision document, as it is called. It doesn't envisage
regime change. In fact, last week, when the document was launched, several
of the people who spoke at the launch openly stated that they do not
subscribe to illegal removal of the current regime; in other words, they don't
subscribe to an illegal regime change. Well, first of all, there is no
Zimbabwean who advocates illegal regime change but, people like myself, we
advocate regime change. Violet, the reason why I say that is that we have
seen ESAP, we have seen MERP, we have seen NERP, we have seen NEDP, and all
these are actually national visions but they have all not included anything
about regime change; about retiring the current President and replacing him
with a more progressive, younger and more dynamic leadership. And, if the
national vision that is being envisioned by the Churches does not look at
the politics of things; does not look to changing the status quo, it will
again fail, like these other programmes failed.
Violet: Due to phone problems we lost the Catholic Archbishop for Bulawayo ,
Pius Ncube at the beginning to the teleconference, but we did manage to
interview him separately to ask him what role he played in the making of
this document?
Pius Ncube: Very little. This document was sent about 24 hours before we
met, by email, on the grounds that they wanted to keep it confidential and
not let the press tear it to pieces. Then, 24 hours after that we met, the
Catholic Bishops meet on their own, the EFZ met on their own and the ZCC met
on their own. Then we met for three hours on an important document of that
nature. It was rushed through honestly. I mean if a document is to be
important then it must be brought in good time and someone must read it
perhaps two or three days and consult other people around you. It was a
rushed business I assure you. Hush hush it was. Haraka haraka!
Violet: And so are you satisfied with the outcome? Is it a sound document?
Bishop Pius Ncube: Well I just thought 'OK, half a loaf is better than
nothing'. If we could get peace initiatives going and we settle the problems
for the people of Zimbabwe and people return to normalcy and live happy
lives. Zimbabweans are desperate; we are looking for every possible way. So
we are saying if this document can be a road map towards peace then perhaps
half a loaf is better than nothing.
But, nevertheless, efforts have been made in the past. Trevor Manhanga
himself was part of the so called 'Troika' and I hear that they spoke forty
five times to ZANU and forty times to MDC from 2002 up to 2005. They hardly
made any headway. The problem is Mugabe himself, is he going to listen to
yearnings for peace? Is he going to put the people first before his power?
OK, the document has been produced, although it's a sweetishdocument,
perhaps it raises the basic issues which should be addressed. There are many
other issues which I think should have been highlighted but OK, at least
something to begin with.
Hopefully, if it is taken seriously by government, but the problem is that
government only goes for what feathers their nest, what furthers their power
and furthers their filling up their pockets with people's money. If they
could go beyond that Violet, then, indeed, we would be very happy because
the Churches are being told 'hey you Churches, you are standing around
folding your hands while people suffer, can't you do something?' Some people
even say 'well the last democratic space seems to be the Churches, so you
guys do something about it'. So, it's an effort, perhaps a small effort but
half a loaf is better than nothing. I'm not properly satisfied, as I told
you; it was rushed up, the whole thing.
Violet: So Archbishop, you have been an outspoken critic of the regime and
just when I was talking to the other panelists Dr. Makumbe was really
critical of this document in terms of working with the regime. Now, you were
part of the Catholic Bishop's Conference and you endorsed this document and
even Bishop Manhanga said you were with them on the final day, so does it
mean in this case, you don't think the Church is being manipulated and used
by the regime, Robert Mugabe in particular?
Archbishop Pius Ncube: That, Violet we have to watch critically. Those
people, we've known them for the last 26 years, particularly the last seven
years since 2000. They've shown that for them, what matters is power at all
costs even if things break up and people suffer and Murambatsvina and what
have you. So, we have to be critical, to watch critically because I think
they will try and manipulate us as they have done in the past. But I do
support the document, I do think it's a good instrument. My attitude is 'let's
try it, and see'. It might in the end achieve something good because I think
they in ZANU suffer; a lot of ZANU underdogs they suffer a lot, OK, the top
brass they are enjoying themselves, but, their followers, they suffer a lot.
They are under pressure to stick with them; often they are forced to stick
with ZANU. In view of the suffering that is there, my attitude is OK, let's
do our best and not give up and let's be optimistic etcetera.
Violet: It's said nobody knows better than the Church what is going on in
the country. If the Church has the moral authority to speak out against
injustice, why is it silent? Stay tuned for this discussion next week.
Audio interview can be heard on SW Radio Africa 's Hot Seat programme - Tues
31 October 2006. Comments can be emailed to

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A time for civil society to pull together

The Mercury

There aren't many options left for bringing down Zimbabwe's tyrannical
regime, writes Clever Chisoro

November 01, 2006 Edition 1

In the past five years, the Zimbabwean government's political and
socio-economic policies have increasingly come under heavy criticism from
civil society organisations and opposition political parties.

The authorities have responded by tightening the screws on the activities of
these groups through the passing of various laws that outlaw expression of
ideas and freedom of assembly.

For example, they have, on several occasions, invoked sections of the
notorious Public Order and Security Act and Access to Information Privacy
Act to block all avenues of opposition by closing down all independent
newspapers (such as the Daily News and Daily News on Sunday), preventing
independent players from establishing radio or television stations, and
making public meetings and protest marches almost impossible to undertake.

The government's obsession to crush any form of opposition is clearly
demonstrated by its reaction to the September 13 Zimbabwe Congress of Trade
Unions (ZCTU) protest march.

On this fateful day, ZCTU had planned a march to the Ministry of Labour to
protest against what it termed "high levels of taxation and inadequate
anti-retroviral drugs for HIV patients among the country's work force".

However, just before the march started, armed police arrested all the 15
ZCTU leaders and used rubber bullets, baton sticks and vicious dogs to
disperse the 200 or so protesters. The ZCTU leaders were taken to Matapi
Police Station, locked up and severely assaulted.

Most of them suffered multiple injuries. William Bhila, who presided over
the trial of the trade unionists, rejected the police report that "the
suspects sustained injuries after attempting to jump out of moving


He ruled that this report "held no water" because the people who had
perpetrated the tortures were investigating themselves. He directed that the
Criminal Investigations Department should take over the investigations on
the torture allegations.

To the dismay and disappointment of civil society, President Robert Mugabe
approved of the police brutality.

He was quoted as saying: "Police were right in dealing sternly with ZCTU
leaders because they want to become a law unto themselves. When the police
say move, move. If you don't move, you invite them to use force."

He turned down calls from the International Confederation of Free Trade
Unions, World Confederation of Labour and European Trade Union Confederation
to seek dialogue with the country's civil society organisations and labour
union leaders on the grounds that "the only language these organisations
understand is that of force".

In view of this heavy-handedness by the government against any slight
opposition, how can the country's civil society continue its advocacy
campaigns without risking being crushed by state agents? Some political
analysts suggest that all the country's civil society organisations and
opposition political parties must bury their differences and work together
to plan viable strategies of forcing the government to take people's
grievances seriously.

They must mobilise the people to understand the importance of taking part in
the protest marches in millions, and not to leave only a handful to risk
their lives alone.

They must be prepared to suffer for a few days at the hands of the state
security agents to improve their welfare for a long time to come.
Some human rights activists are of the view that the country's civil society
groups, non-governmental organisations and opposition political parties
should liaise with transnational networks and international non-governmental
organisations to convince international human rights organisations, regional
donor institutions and powerful countries such as South Africa to pressure
the Zimbabwean government to stop human rights abuses and promote good
governance and democratic practices.


They suggest that human rights organisations, such as Amnesty International
and International Commission of Jurists, should expose the government's
human rights violations to achieve international condemnation, funding of
domestic civil society groups and research centres and lobbying of Western
governments to take military and economic punitive actions against the

Some civil society organisations contend that one of the most effective ways
of fighting a tyrannical regime is for them to work with the opposition
political parties in organising "a stay-away" for just a few days by both
the civil service and private sector employees.

These few days will be enough to paralyse the country's economy without
risking being tortured by the police on the streets during protest marches.

Those who subscribe to this theory argue that one does not fight a
tyrannical regime with protest marches unless security forces are neutral
and professional, or on one's side.

Short of this, the regime will unleash them on the protestors and their

They cite such countries as Benin (1989), Cameroon (1991) and Ghana (1992),
where this campaign worked quite effectively.

While I do not have an ideal recipe to avert the socio-economic and
political anarchy in Zimbabwe, it is my view that the country is now at a
political cliff-edge.

There is, therefore, an urgent need for all concerned civil society
organisations, opposition political parties and individuals to come together
and use their combined national efforts to stop the country from grinding to
a halt.

a.. Clever Chisoro is affiliated to the Governance and Advocacy Capacity
Building Unit of the Centre for Public Participation, in Durban. He writes
in his personal capacity.

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SALES: We are the official suppliers, repairs and maintenance team of KIPOR
Equipment here in Zimbabwe.  We have in stock KIPOR Generators from 1 KVA to
55 KVA.  If we don't have what you want we will get it for you.  We also
sell Inverters (1500w), complete with batteries and rechargeable lamps.  Our
prices are very competitive, if not the lowest in town.

SERVICING & REPAIRS: We have a qualified team with many years of experience
in the Generator field.  We have been to Kipor, China for training.  We
carry out services and minor repairs on your premises.  We service and
repair most makes and models of Generators - both petrol and diesel.

INSTALLATIONS:  We have qualified electricians that carry out installations
in a professional way.

SPARES: As we are the official suppliers and maintainers of KIPOR Equipment,
we carry a full range of KIPOR spares.

Don't forget, advice is free, so give us a call and see us at:-

Bay 3, Borgward Road, Msasa.
Sales: 884022, 480272 or
Service: 480272, 480154 or


1.25For Sale (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

ZNSPCA is selling dog collars and leads
156 Enterprise Rd. P.O.Box CH55 Chisipite. Harare
Tel: 497885/497574

Large                           $950 00
Med.                             $900 00
Small                            $850 00

Large                           $3,000 00  each
Med                              $2,500 00
Small                            $2,000  00

$2,400    each


1.26 For Sale (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Please advertise the following furniture for sale; 4-piece 6-seater lounge
suite $250 thousand, TV cabinet solid $250 thousand, kitchen dresser $150
thousand, writing desk c/w 3drawers 150 thousand, book shelf 150 thousand,
Empisal sewing machine (slim line) 500 thousand. Contact Jo Lewis home
336680 work 755149 or 090363471.


1.27For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

General engineering factory and foundry for sale.  Norton Industrial Site.
Please contact 04 333727 or 091413613 or for details.


1.28For Sale(Ad inserted 31/10/06)

1.         ITEMS FOR SALE
            Household for sale to include:-
            Sewing machines - 1 x Elnita, 1 x Bernina, 1 x Brother, 1 x
Janome Overlocker.
            Televisions - 1 x national, 1 x telefunken.
            VCR's - 1 x sony (SP and LP), 1 x JVC (SP & LP)
            Television cabinet
            Decoder with dish
            Adam Bede 4 pce bedroom suite
            Chest drawers with mirror
            Dining room suite 8 pce
            Room divider
            Corner display cabinet
            Deep freeze 8 cu Imperial
            Kitchen table & chairs
            Tumble drier
            Lounge suites - 1 x 3 pce green cushions, 1 x 3   pce brown
            Kitchen units - 1 x 3 door c/w draws, 1 x 4 door c/w draws
            Platform scale
            Pine bookcase
            Gas freezer 6 cu ft
            Phone Natalie 862566 or cell 091 270245


1.29  For Sale ( Ad inserted 31/10/06)



CONTACT IAN 091 204 685


1.30  For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Office chairs x 6: Executive type on wheels.
Upholstery good.  $120,000-00 each Tel: Faith 250489 or 250490 or call in to
view at No 6 Baines Ave, Harare.


1.31  For Sale (Ad  inserted 31/10/06)

Bare root jatropha seedlings available for sale, 1 year old $50; 3-month old
$20. Large orders welcome. Call Ester on 023 779038 Solo on 011529291 or
mail to:


1.32  For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Komatsu D65A (D6 size) Bull-Dozer in good operating order - Z$ 50 million

Aveling Barford TO13 All Purpose Motorised Grader in good operating
condition - Z$ 45 million o.n.c.o.

Bedford AWD 5m3 Tipper - good working machine - Z$ 15 million o.n.c.o.

Benz - 10m3 Tipper with HiAP crane fitting and boom - good working machine -
Z$ 22 million o.n.c.o.

Wide Selection of other Plant & Equipment, Spares for above machines and
other, Bulk water and sewer line fittings

Contact Paul Brown at or on 754 301/2 & 755 401/2 for
further information (or Fax No. 754 300)


1.33  For Sale (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

1. Tri-Axle Trailers (x2)
2. Vintage Motor Car - Ford Model A 1930. Runner, not registered.

P.O.MARCHUSSEN - cell   011 201839 or BRIAN.

2 King George Court
King George Road
Phone/Fax :     263 4 308960 / 332450
Email         :




2.1  Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

Looking for a copy of "Golden Age of Tobacco" if anyone has a copy of this
book please contact me on


2.2   Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

Second-hand 28" old-fashioned bicycle wanted. Please phone John Robertson on
Harare 740205


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Double bed and base set in very good condition.  Please phone Jenny


2.4  Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

For loan or hire a bunk bed for November Dec and January as I have my family
coming from New Zealand.
Also Looking for 3 to 4 Leaver Locks Preferably a good make like Union.

Please contact Ann on 301860 or cell 011 404357.


2.5  Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

If any one knows of a front-loading washing machine for sale please contact
Maggie Norton on 499349 or 091255955


2.6  Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

1. King size bed in good condition. With or without headboards.
2. Glass dining and coffee table

Phone Roy 011433588


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am looking for a second hand or reasonably priced dish holder for a very
big dish I bought from a friend that left the country. I have been told it
should not be mounted on the wall.  The dish holder I need is one that is a
tripod at the base (which is concreted into the ground) and reduces to the
size of the dish fitting on the top.  It is made up of metal bars if you
know what I mean.

Please reply by return mail or to
or call me on 301152, 091 324 287


2.8  Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Looking for an Incubator.  Contact Graham on 075-2264 or 011406023 or e-mail


2.9  Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Stove - 4 plates - electric wanted, must be neat and in good working order.
Please contact me on 091 865 666 or 882013 (evenings) or e mail on


2.10  Tractors Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06

If anyone has tractors for sale, please contact me on  or on 04-776458.


2.11  Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Looking for a RAM (sheep) of good stock. If they could contact me through


2.12  Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Skimmer required for use on Kariba. Please phone 091604444/091243184 or


2.13  Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

WANTED urgently is a  Working / Non- Working TV , VCR ,DVD , Satellite Dish,
Decorder and/or Hifi. Please contact Joel on 091 450 928 or email


2.14  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Reliable Small Car in good condition for our daughter who is a student at
university. The vehicle will be required in January 2007. Please contact


2.15  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

6 sturdy dining room chairs only (no table) in mukwa or similar wood.
Contact: or 011 208 836


2.16  Wanted(Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Does anyone have one of those cane and wooden cane ceiling fans they would
like to sell ? Please contact Penny on 776411 or 091 362333.


2.17  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

I am looking for a Centre Pivot to hire, that can irrigate 50 or 100
hectares or any form of irrigation equipment that may be available that can
cover 50 to 100 hectares.

If you are interested kindly contact
Mike Peens
Cell: + 263 91 355117
Telephone: +263 4 300071


2.18  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Exercise Treadmill
I am looking for a good, working, heavy duty exercise treadmill.  Phone:
091-343198 or 091-262834


2.19  Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

JUNGLE GYM - i am looking for a jungle gym in fairly good condition with any
of the following:- slide, ladder, swing, platform etc.  If you have anything
please let me know on 091352641 or 62328 (evenings), or email on


2.20 Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

WANTED FOR HIRE. - (for approx 3 months)
Game viewing vehicle, 4 wheel drive, equiped for 6 - 8 passengers

cell   011 201839

2 King George Court
King George Road
Phone/Fax :     263 4 308960 / 332450
Email         :


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered


3.1  House Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

3/4 bed roomed house for single mother with 2 children.  Must be safe and
secure.  Areas around
Mt Pleasant, Greendale, Alexander Park, Avondale, Borrowdale, Highlands;
Newlands, Gunhill.

Please phone Debbie on 091 830 953 or 446191/2 during business hours


3.2  Cottage for Rent (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

AVAILABLE TO RENT, end of October

PLEASE CONTACT 499119. e-mail


3.3  Fish Hoek for Rent (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

To let:  In Fish Hoek;
Two bed roomed house with lock-up garage. Close to beach, shopping centre
and station in quiet street. R3000 monthly. Six-month lease. Available from
1st November.

To let: In Fish Hoek;
One bed roomed flat with own fitted kitchen, bath in secure area; Close to
beach, shopping centre and station in quiet street. R1500 monthly. Six-month
lease. Available from 1st November.

For details please contact Graeme:


3.4  Wanted House-sitter/Part time tenant (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

Garden flat in secure complex, two minutes walk from Sam Levy's village. 2
bed 2 baths, 1 en-suite. Furnished, Lock-up garage.  Minimal rent to cover
expenses required.  Available 15th October.
Please phone Nello Davies. 091-402410.


3.5  House Wanted (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

House wanted to rent as from 1st December 2006 in Avondale, Milton Park,
Emerald Hill, or Mount Pleasant.
Need at least 4 bedrooms and swimming pool and if possible a borehole.
Please contact Carol on 332798 or 011 231 541 if you have anything suitable.


3.6  House Sitter Offered (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Accommodation Wanted/House, animal sitter available end Nov

I have been house-sitting professionally for the last 2 years (I have
references).  As of 1st Dec 2006 I will be looking for anyone who needs a
house/animal sitter for 4months or longer in Harare, preferably around
Borrowdale, Chisipite, Highlands, Mount Pleasant, Newland area. I am
26/farmers daughter, very homely and have passion for the outdoors and love
of animals. Any furnished cottage or small houses would be perfect. Needs to
be a secure surroundings, as, I'm a single female.

I would love to hear from you. Contact Lisa on 091 340 373 or


3.7  HOUSE WANTED OR EXCHANGE (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Private Sale

We are looking for a 2 to 3 acre property with 2 houses on the property or 1
house and a separate decent 3 bedroomed cottage. Property must be walled,
secure and have a prolific borehole.  Areas considered are Borrowdale,
Ballantyne Park, Colne Valley, Colray, Rolf Valley, Rietfontein, Highlands
and Chispite.
we would consider an Estate Agent valued exchange for our house, located in
Mount Pleasant.  Property is on 1 acre with executive house.  4 b/rooms, 2
ensuite and separate shower and guest toilet.  Also has flatlet with
downstairs shower and toilet and extra upstairs room with bath and toilet.
Large kitchen with hob and oven, 2 large lounges plus one smaller.  Lovely
bar.  Has jacuzzi and sauna.  Floodlit aw tennis court and pool.  4 lock up
garages plus pit.  Underground watering system and prolific borehole.  Very
secure and extras not mentioned.  Has been valued at US$350,000 equivalent.
Please reply to


3.8  House Wanted to Rent (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

I am currently looking for a reliable tenant for my house in Mandara
(Harare), available immediately and a long lease. 3 bedrooms (loads of
cupboard space), 2 bathrooms (main en suite), 2 lounges, dining room,
kitchen, study, 3 verandah areas, workshop, laundry, store room, pool,
satellite dish, 2 garages. Set in a 4 acre garden with lovely indigenous
trees. Very peaceful, quiet and a great garden for children.  There are 2
excellent domestic workers at the house and I would like them to remain with
the property.

If you are interested, please email me on or call/sms me
on +27 84 6930 912 (SA) between 9am and 6pm for more details. Only serious
enquiries please.
(NB - this house is not suitable for a single lady)


3.9  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)


Young couple looking for a 2 or 3 bedroomed House or Garden Flat in or
around town (Mutare), that allows dogs.  Looking around nothing more than
Z$50 000.00 rent
Contact Ronel on 023 284 772 or 011 609607


3.10 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Two or three roomed cottage, Belvedere,Lincoln Green or Ridgeview area.
Call Andrew on 740233 or email


3.11 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Forcibly retired farmer and wife desperately in need of cottage with
outbuildings to rent immediately - anywhere from Ruwa to Marondera.  Phone
011-221088 or contact Cherie at Jag offices.04-799410.


3.12 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Young couple with 1 young child require a 2 or 3 bedroomed house or garden
flat in a low density suburb of Gweru.  For occupation immediately or in
November or December.  It must be walled and gated.  Preferably with a
lock-up garage, staff quarters and swimming pool, although these are not
necessities.  If anything is available, please contact Dalmaine on 091 777
033, (054) 221 501 (in Gweru) OR Pam on 091 646 268, (04) 756 841/850 (in


3.13 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

ZNSPCA is looking for accommodation in Harare, preferably around Chisipite,
Newlands, or Highlands. Any cottage or room would be perfect. Needs to be a
secure surrounding. For a single female who will be only using it for 2
weeks in a month. If anything is available please contact Helen 497885 or


3.14Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

W are looking for a 3 to 4 bed-roomed house, will consider most areas. Need
from 1 Feb 2007, for a 2-year lease contact Di at


3.15  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

l will be in Bulawayo for a holiday in December.l am looking for a two
bedroomed cottage to rent from 25 December 2006 to 15 January
2007.Preferably with basics like beds,stove and fridge.

Due to time difference between Bulawayo and Australia please send your
contact number to and the time when l can call you if
you have the cottage.


3.16 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Urgently looking for a small cottage / flat furnished if possible but not a
necessity in Harare for my son who is a Zimbabwe Cricketer. Please if anyone
can help please contact me on 011207583 or on


3.17 House-sitter Wanted (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

CONTACT US ON 011206614 OR 011216080 OR 061- 2265/2459 WORKING HOURS"




4.1  GACHE GACHE LODGE (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

GACHE GACHE LODGE - across Lake Kariba still have some rooms available for
the Xmas period. Full catering. Children welcome.
Contact: Andrea: 091 208 836
New Year is now full.


4.2  House Boat For Hire (Ad inserted 03/10/06)

MTEPATEPA: houseboat for hire. Sleeps 12, 3 crew, tender boat.  Reasonable
Phone Kate 067 23112 or 091 356 981.


4.3  Lift Offered (Ad inserted 10/10/06)
Lift offered to Beira, Mozambique leaving 30th October returning 3rd
November Contact 091-343198/04-851873


4.4  Houseboat for Hire (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

 Luxury Cruise Ship on Lake Kariba

                        HELLO AND WELCOME.

Christmas special 2006 - individual cabins on offer.

Deluxe Cabin -         US$  156.00 per person per day.
Executive Cabin -     US$  150.00 per person per day.
Double Cabins -       US$  144.00 per person per day.
Twin Cabins -           US$  138.00 per person per day.
Triple Cabins -          US$  136.00 per person per day.

Cruise dates - 22nd December to 26th December 2006

Departure times Marine Land Harbour - 10.30am

Cruise departure dependant on minimum of 20 passengers

 Book now to avoid disappointment - bring the whole family.

Contact Edward Vermaak on the following

Tele/Fax 061 - 3176 or Cell 011 - 208665


4.5  Self-catering chalets (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. Game
watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails and 4x4 hire. Camp
fully kitted including cook and fridges, just bring your food, drinks and
relax. Best value for money. U12 are 1/2 price

Contact John: or Phone 091 631 556


4.6  Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Accommodation wanted for 2 nights in Mongwe for 3 people - 3rd & 4th
November, 2006
Please phone 011-215 111 or 011 213 660


4.7  ART EXHIBITION (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Sunday 04 November 2006.
At 187 Carrick Creagh Road, Helensvale.
Open at 9 a.m. to late afternoon.

An exhibition of lesser known artists.  Something for all tastes.

If you are an artist and you would like to exhibit, please contact me on 091
346 785.

There will be teas and cakes available and maybe a wine bar.


 4.8  Lovely Linens Christmas Fayre
       (Ad inserted 24 October 2006)

14 Aintree Road, Highlands, Harare.

Thursday, 23 November 2006: 4pm to late.
Friday, 24 November 2006: 10 a.m. to late evening.
Saturday, 25 November 2006: 10 a.m. to mid-afternoon

Full bar and catering available.  Jazz band on
Saturday.  Secure parking.  Please bring all your friends and family for a
great opportunity to do all your Christmas shopping in one place.

4.9  Borrowdale Christmas Fayre in the Village
       (Ad inserted 24 October 2006)

Saturday 09 December 2006
9 a.m. to late afternoon
at Sam Levy's Village, Borrowdale.

For bookings contact 091 346 875 or The Tenants' Association at The Village.


4.10  Tandem Skydiving (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

TANDEM SKYDIVING' every Saturday at Charles Prince Airport.  Contact Chris




5.1 (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

PH 850480   091 702 280 or email


ALL your problems lay in your Subconscious Mind

Whatever the problem is .. Health .. Money .. Relationships { or lack of }
Depression or Confusion .. you CAN change it !
Learn how to Re-programme your subconscious and start making those changes

Make the REST of your life the BEST of your life


Venue:    Self Empowerment Centre ...22 Ross Rd , Rolf Valley
Time:      Saturday 28th October~ 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
                  Sunday  29th October~ 8.30 am -  1.00 pm

Cost:        $ 40 000.00  [ Bring and share lunch ]

TANIA   091702 280


5.2  (Ad inserted 17/10/06)

Personalised DVD's and Calendars.

For that hard to find Christmas present...
Transfer your photos onto DVD/VCD (Will add music, captions and group the
photos in to a series of your choice.)
For that special Calendar this year have a personalised calendar made with
your favourite photos added.
To view samples, phone 745512 (evenings) / 011 611 744 or e-mail


5.3  Wanted: Computer-Based Home School (Ad inserted 24/10/06)

Looking to start a computer-based home school in Umwinsidale.  This will be
on the Brainline form of teaching (South African system).  Anyone interested
please phone 011 806 731 - or Hre 494925 - or email


5.4 (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

OUTSIDE BAR SERVICE for all your outside Bar & Catering requirements contact
 We specialise in Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Weddings etc.
 Let us take the hassle out of your function!
Contact: Glynis or Ed on:


5.5  (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

NEW & USED SPARES - Fiat /  Ford / MF & Deutz Tractors only.  We import
quality spares, if available externally, for these tractors only, at very
competative prices accross the board.  For any further enquiries contact|:
Doug or Tracy on - Ph/Fax: 068-22463 - Cel: 011212454 -


5.6  (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

First class landscaping with 25 years in the business of landscaping and
nursery production.Innovative design and attention to detail is assured.
Wide scope in styles, from luxurious sub-tropical to elegant oriental
ensures you take pleasure in your environment.
Contact Alun Hartung on HRE 744469 or 011432233



6.1  PUPPIES FOR SALE (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Beautiful Red Setter Puppies for sale, available mid November.
Contact Dave, Helen or William to see them.
email 496961, 091-400-328, 091-403-526


6.2  Puppies Wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

Two Jack Russell puppies - Please phone Jenny 011 409 353


6.3  Temporary/Permanent Home wanted (Ad inserted 10/10/06)

We have recently relocated to Europe. Due to various circumstances we are
unable to bring our two dogs (Black Retriever and German Shepherd) as yet.
Once we have settled in and have reasonable space we would like to call for
one or both of our pets if possible.

In the mean time we are looking for an elderly couple who would be willing
to baby sit/ look after, or possibly adopt our two dogs. Due to the
situation it is difficult to put an exact time period required. They are
good security dogs and are extremely loving. They would suit a couple as the
shepherd enjoys the company of females and the Retriever, enjoys being
around Men.

We would be prepared to supply food etc as an when required to the approved
" new home "

For any further information or enquiries, please contact by email


6.4  For Sale

Pedigree Persian kittens.  5 left.  Please contact Warwick on 091 346 875 to


6.5  Wanted urgently (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

Toy Pom puppy wanted as soon as possible - please.  To help our family get
over our little darling puppy who was accidently run over on the road.

Please reply to:-
Tel:- 011-611360 or 011603889
       04 -407735 or 04-481419


6.6  Re-homing (Ad inserted 31/10/06)

We have a variety of kittens (all different shades) looking for good homes.
If you are interested please contact Pam on 091352641 or email , all donations go to SPCA Mutare.  Delivery can be
organised if necessary.

JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 610 073 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines

To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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Zimbabwe Raises Maize Producer Price, But Farmers Still Lag Costs


By Jonga Kandemiiri
      01 November 2006

A decision by the Zimbabwean government to raise the producer price for
maize by Z$21,000 or roughly 60% has gotten a lukewarm reception from
farmers in the country who say the measure is too little too late. Farmers
said that prices of agricultural inputs like fertilizer and fuel have gone
up much more than the price hike.

The new price is Z$52,450 per metric tonne of maize, effective retroactively
to April.

But an official of the Grain Marketing Board, a state monopoly that controls
the official market in grain, said the agency lacked details on the new
price and was awaiting an injection of funds from the government to pay
farmers for maize consignments.

The official said the GMB has collected some 500,000 tonnes of maize in the
2005-2006 harvest season, so it needs Z$10.5 billion to pay farmers. Chronic
late payment by the GMB has been a major complaint by farmers who need the
income to finance planting in the season which is currently getting under

Former GMB general manager Renson Gasela, agriculture spokesman for the
faction of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change faction led by
Arthur Mutambara, told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for
Zimbabwe that Harare should announce a pre-planting producer price to
encourage expanded maize crops.

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