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  6. ..........posted 30 November 2000
    • Mugabe, top officials named in alleged racket
    • Report that flagged up the racial tensions in Zimbabwe
    • Intimidation affects by-election
    • Who are the Joshis?
    • High Court sets dates for MDC electoral petitions
    • Councils bosses slam intrusion of politics in land redistribution
    • Moyo defends Mugabe
    • More people flee political violence
    • President linked to airport deal
    • New try to save Congo accord
    • CFU FARM INVASIONS AND SECURITY UPDATE Wednesday 29th November 2000
    • CFU FARM INVASIONS AND SECURITY UPDATE Monday 27th November 2000
  7. ..........posted 29 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe opposition by-election defeat
    • Infighting rocks pressure group
    • War veterans threaten widow
    • Zanu PF prepare for Mugabe's exit
    • World Bank suspends National Park project
    • Chinotimba violates bail conditions
    • Mugabe's party seals victory in by-election
    • Mbeki presides at Congo talks table
  8. ..........posted 28 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe this Week.
    • By-elections marred by intimidation
    • 30 People Injured as Hailstorm Wreaks Havoc in Zimbabwe
    • Rural poll seen as a test of claims about support for Mugabe
    • African leaders try again to halt DRC war
  9. ..........posted 27 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe poll marred by violence
    • Mugabe faces fierce test
    • Mugabe faces toughest challenge - from within
    • Tsvangirai and MDC Leadership stands tall putting the people first:
    • SMITH APOLOGISES—• “But Mugabe must do the same”
    • Dates for MDC challenges now set
    • Fired MDC man goes back to his former party, Zanu PF
    • Congo’s slag mountain may turn to gold
    • Zimbabwe - Plea for our country
    • War vets demand 100% bonuses
    • PRESS STATEMENT from the MDC
  10. ..........posted 26 November 2000
    • Bedlam in Zimbabwean court
    • Opposition defers call for national protest
    • New controversy over land
    • Is there such a thing called a ‘good’ budget?
    • N’anga sues Hunzvi for $300 000
    • Tobacco boom in Zimbabwe
    • Defiant war vets keen to meet Mugabe
    • UN in final effort to save land reform
    • Rautenbach’s assets seized
    • Zimbabwean President Calls for Support for African Peacekeeping Efforts
  11. ..........posted 25 November 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Fri-24-Nov-2000
    • Mugabe rallies his troops
    • Violence brings MDC campaigning to a halt
    • Strive Masiyiwa to rescue Daily News
    • UN probes DRC plunder
  12. ..........posted 24 November 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Wed-22-Nov-2000
    • Tsvangirai charges shelved
    • Zimbabwe Turns Against Its Liberator
    • Mugabe's rough ride home despite party purge
    • ZANU PF accused of vote-buying in Marondera West
    • Delegation to the United States
    • Police probe Daily News owners
    • Unofficial US$30 ‘arrival’ fee could be tourism’s undoing
  13. ..........posted 23 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe this Week.
    • Zim police told not to evict squatters
    • Denmark cuts aid to Zimbabwe again
    • Call for new government
    • Parliament begins UZ probe
    • Give me land, lots of land, or I will give you hell
    • Mutare offers guns to city councillors
    • Zanu PF unleashes terror in Mash West
    • Argentine Envoy Pledges To Boost Bilateral Relations With Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe farmers to challenge ruling
  14. ..........posted 22 November 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Mon-20-Nov-2000
    • Jetset Mugabe snubs US envoy
    • Zimbabwe farmers to challenge squatters' stay on land
    • Violence halts election campaign in Zimbabwe
  15. ..........posted 22 November 2000
    • Police make arrests after clashes
    • Mahachi promises residents severe beatings
    • West Should Give Up on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe court allows squatters to stay on farms
    • Opposition denies joining ruling party in demanding a rise
    • Army bonuses cost state $200m
    • ANZ dismisses adverse reports
    • Zimbabwean Gigolos Prey On Rich White Foreign Women
    • Zimbabwe leader Mugabe falls, cuts head at Malaysia conference
    • Addressing Impact of AIDS On the Education System
    • Zimbabwe political violence resumes in run-up to by-election
    • Police fire live bullets at Hillside students
    • Statement by the Director of the Commercial Farmers' Union
  16. ..........posted 21 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe Denies Obasanjo Pressing Mugabe To Retire
    • Zimbabwe Destroys Land Mines
    • Zimbabwe's Only Private Daily Faces Closure
    • Rice Refutes Claims of US Support for Zimbabwean Opposition Parties
    • Makoni has an unenviable task
  17. ..........posted 20 November 2000
    • University of Zimbabwe Closed Because of Lecturers' Strike
    • Strike by Workers of Air Zimbabwe Leads to Partial Flights Suspension
    • Mixed feelings from economic commentators
    • Zim FM vows spending cuts
    • SA hostages tell of their death sentence in DRC
    • Former MP predicts MDC victory in Marondera
    • Festival under threat
  18. ..........posted 19 November 2000
    • Retrenchments have cost Zimbabwe Z12bn
    • ZANU PF Hangs On To $30m State Funds
    • War Vets Step Up Farm Invasions
    • Smith Backtracks On Liberation War Killings
    • Zim Renews Fight For Increased Ivory Sales
    • Contesting nationalism: Zanu PF and the MDC
    • Moyo barges onto politburo
    • Supreme Court reserves judgment in MDC damages application case
    • War vets storm Smith’s farmhouse
    • Zim court orders return of radio equipment
    • Zim's Budget fails to inspire confidence
    • Mugabe's sister demands farmer's house
    • Mocumbi Explains Reasons for Derailed DRC Summit
    • CFU Sitrep: Fri-17-Nov-2000
    • War Veterans Attack MDC Supporters
    • MDC Land Policy Discussion
    • MDC President to address two Star Rallies in Marondera West, Sunday
  19. ..........more posted 17 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe economic crisis to worsen
    • Help Us Get Mugabe Out, Delegation Asks U.S. Officials
    • Media, Business Back Mbeki On Zimbabwe Land Issue
    • Zimbabwe's economy shrinks
    • Divorce Rates Rise As Economic Problems Mount in Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki in Zimbabwe crisis talks
    • Zim's crisis Budget paints a stark picture
    • MPs demand huge pay hike
    • $900m in soft loans to support communal, resettled farmers
    • Police fire teargas as route wars flare up
  20. ..........posted 17 November 2000
    • CFU SITREP - Wednesday 15th November 2000
    • U.S. Official in Zimbabwe for Talks With Mugabe
    • 54 000 lose jobs
    • Nyamandlovu farm now has 2 000 settlers
    • War veterans’ leader urges peers to accept land offer
    • Fear grips Marondera West as election date draws closer
    • Austere budget for Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF fails to surrender $30m to court
    • Chinese General Meets Zimbabwean Air Commander
    • DRC soldiers flee to Zambia
    • Tsvangirai meets US Assistant Secretary of State
    • MDC comments on THE 2001 BUDGET STATEMENT
  21. ..........posted 16 November 2000
    • Mugabe's sister climbs on land-grab soapbox
    • No coherent land reform plan in Zim
    • Resettled families throw 60 orphans’ future into doubt
    • Zimbabwe Budget Impact Seen Hamstrung by Politics
    • Zimbabwe's new farmers face difficulties
    • An African liability
    • Zim guerillas say judges should resign or be forced out
    • Riot police keep their distance as UZ demonstration turns violent
    • Meikles warns of Zimbabwean economic ruin
    • African Congo summit postponed
  22. ..........posted 15 November 2000
    • British Government Not to Stop Aiding Zimbabwe: British Envoy
    • Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa Set Up Transfrontier Park
    • Journalists Call for Amendment of Harare Declaration
    • Zimbabwe speeds up farm seizures
    • Kuwait's petroleum group signs oil deals with Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe this Week.
    • Kadhafi Holds Telephone Conversation With Annan
    • From a reader of ZimNews
    • CFU Sitrep: Mon-13-Nov-2000
  23. ..........posted 14 November 2000
    • Zim squatting surges
    • Mugabe steps up seizure of farms
    • Diamonds are a poor African country's best friend
    • Zimbabwe's Troubles Include Drop in Tourism
    • Land ruling 'being ignored'
    • Addressing the chaos that grips Zimbabwe
    • Commentary: Mugabe's last months?
    • Zanu PF rift set to widen
    • Another Farmer Attacked
    • Farmer, workers up for public violence
    • Angry mob attacks mayor’s home
  24. ..........posted 13 November 2000
    • Mugabe defies farm ban
    • Army on standby as State hits the ropes
    • Police killing of baby sparks Zimbabwe riots
    • Mugabe’s stupid remarks – Minister
    • New diaspora: Zimbabwe's farmhands
    • Rebel RCD Group Claims It Has Recaptured Pepa
    • Zimbabwe Official Says Government Will Ignore Supreme Court Ruling
  25. ..........posted later on 12 November 2000
    • Police, army leave cancelled
    • Mugabe defies court's land ruling
    • Drastic increase in college fees
    • CFU Sitrep -Fri-10-Nov-2000
  26. ..........posted 12 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe City Hit by Rioting After Shooting –Radio
    • Court orders Mugabe to halt farm seizures
    • Defence Ministry Buys $80m Luxury Cars for Top Officers
    • Zim's wildlife falls prey to politics
    • UN peace-keepers fear their mission to Congo is 'doomed to collapse'
  27. ..........posted later on 11 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe lectures US on democracy
    • Court rules Mugabe's land grab is illegal
    • Zimbabwe tobacco sales `a record'
    • Zimbabwe Court Bans Land Reform Act
    • Daggers out for Zvobgo
    • Chiyangwa attacks independent media
    • Zimbabwe, UK close to agreement on land issue
  28. ..........posted 11 November 2000
    • African Leaders Reach Agreement
    • Mugabe leaves as Tsvangirai arrives
    • Claims on Tsvangirai, Mbeki "distorted"
    • Bonuses to appease army
    • For Zimbabwe's sake, Mugabe must go – MDC
    • It's good to talk - but not in Zimbabwe
    • Zim press points finger at US election chaos
    • Ten (10) Fully Trained African Elephants for Sale
      • Tsvangirai returns to Zimbabwe in buoyant mood
      • MDC campaigners threatened in Marondera West
      • MDC urges freedom for Liberty
      • MDC urges government to keep its promises
      • Bikita West MP Dies
      • MDC says no dates yet for mass action
  29. ..........posted 10 November 2000
    • CFU Sitrep - Wed-8-Nov-2000
    • Zim rated 146 out of 155 on economic freedom
    • Rival says Mugabe could be on way out by Christmas
    • an Smith defies Mugabe's threats and flies home
    • White Zim judge snubs state's recusal request
    • Zim government justifies land grabs in court
    • Riot squad, army storm UZ
    • Riot police attack blind students
    • A Zimbabwean Opinion Poll? So What!
    • We’re not fleeing Zim: Mugabes
    • Zim makes first payment to settle Eskom debt
    • Why the People Say: 'Mugabe Must Go'
    • Zim state shrugs off blame for farm killings
    • Britain and Zimbabwe close to farm deal
    • Mugabe outrages in Parliament
    • Zimbabweans in South Africa echo calls for Mugabe’s resignation
    • Sweden suspends bilateral agreements with Zimbabwe
  30. ..........posted 8 November 2000
    • Farmers take Mugabe to court
    • Mass action set for December
    • DRC Envoy Wants Tanzania to Block Arms Shipment
    • ‘Anarchy promoting corruption'
  31. ..........posted 7 November 2000
    • War Vets Extend Terror
    • Zimbabwe lives in hope
    • Opposition ready to 'share power' in Zimbabwe
    • From Breakfast with Frost, BBC TV, 5 November
    • Mugabe criticises land seizure judge
    • Anxious Mugabe sends SOS to retired soldiers
    • Mugabe consulted Ian Smith, says Tekere
    • CFU Sitrep - Mon-6-Nov-2000
  32. ..........posted 6 November 2000
    • African leaders put pressure on Mugabe to quit
    • Mugabe's 'genocide' claims - a dilemma for Mbeki
    • Army failing to pay troops
    • Moyo Sheraton stay costs $2m - Spends 468 days in lavish suites
    • Media Monitoring Project
  33. ..........posted 5 November 2000
    • MDC urges Mugabe to quit in time to save Zim
    • New wave of invasions hits white farms
    • Leo Mugabe’s farm delisted
    • Prosecutor accuses Hunzvi of fabricating evidence
    • AG to decide on Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe repeats 'genocide' trial threats
    • Mugabe's Red Herring
  34. ..........posted 4 November 2000
    • Fw: CFU Sitrep - Fri-3-Oct-2000
    • Murder charge squatter allowed to seize farm
    • From MDC London
    • 'Help me kick out whites'
    • ZANU PF wants Gubbay fired
    • Mugabe scuppers Mbeki’s efforts on DRC
    • Zim parliament backs Mugabe's farm seizures
    • UN rejects land reform strategy
    • President orders payment of WB debt
  35. ..........posted 3 November 2000
    • CFU Sitrep - Wed-1-Nov-2000
    • Mugabe blames West for Africa's poverty
    • Farmers threaten to sue Governor Muchinguri
    • Rhino killed as poaching increases in conservancies
    • Zimbabwe dollar softer
    • IMPORTANT - Scam Letter (supposedly ex MDC) circulating in South Africa
    • Chaos hits land reform
    • Zim's MDC urges isolation of 'tyrant' Mugabe
    • Man in trouble for allegedly calling the President a thief
    • Zanu PF Website
  36. ..........posted 2 November 2000
    • Zimbabwe squatters beat white farmer
    • Diesel shortage deals another blow to farmers
    • Mugabe's students turn to prostitution
    • 70 000 petition Mpofu to resign
    • Moyo threatens to charge Daily News
    • Congo peace effort threatened
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Creates Website
    • Fuel Prices Up Again
  37. ..........posted 1 November 2000
    • CFU Urgent Sitrep: Tue-31-Oct-2000
    • US lawyers confirm ruling on Mugabe
    • Mugabe to sue Zim papers
    • Zanu-PF to resist MDC's anti-Mugabe plans
    • 'Mandela not in MDC plot for Mugabe's exit'
    • Zanu PF faces split as succession debate rages on
    • 97 prisoners released so far under presidential amnesty
  38. ..........posted 31 October 2000
    • Is Mugabe treading same path as Milosevic?
    • Zimbabwe denies Mugabe lost US lawsuit on rights
    • 'SA will not escape Zim fallout'
    • Zanu PF youths attack MDC supporters
    • 90 farms spared Mugabe land grab
    • S.Africa Would Feel Zimbabwe Collapse Minister
    • CFU Sitrep - Mon-30-Oct-2000
  39. ..........posted 30 October 2000
    • Mandela in secret meetings to get Mugabe out
    • Mugabe ignores his own land law
    • What do Mugabe and Clinton have in common?
    • Politics are black rhino's new predator
    • Rwanda admits loss of positions in DRC
    • From The Muckraker column, Zimbabwe Independent, 26 October
    • Zimbabwe delists 90 farms from those targeted for seizure
  40. ..........posted 29 October 2000
    • 'Zim to drop reconciliation and arrest Smith'
    • Man of flint sharpened by politics of Africa
    • Regional concern over Zimbabwe crisis
    • Hunzvi, Mhlanga named in $45m Zexcom scam
    • Mugabe Court Ruling in USA - witnesses report
    • Zimbabwe this Week.
    • Tsvangirai refutes London report
    • Mugabe impeachment on
    • Mugabe's Popularity Takes Plunge - Survey
    • Letters to the editor - Financial Gazette Zimbabwe 26 October 2000
    • NOTICE OF MOTION to remove from office the President
  41. ..........posted 28 October 2000
    • CFU Sitrep - Fri-27-Oct-2000
    • Mugabe loses $20bn civil suit
    • Victims of Political Violence Trust Fund
    • Media Update # 2000/40
  42. ..........more..posted 27 October 2000
    • Take me to court if you dare, Smith tells Mugabe
    • Mugabe threat to whites shocks ex-guerrilla chief
    • Mugabe in 'in state of panic' as his rule is challenged
    • Zimbabwe’s tighter belts, and shorter tempers
    • Amnesty stands in way of prosecution
    • Mbeki slams abuse of power in Zimbabwe
    • Lessons from Ivory Coast
    • Helen Suzman Foundation - Major Shocks in new Opinion Survey of Zimbabwe
  43. ..........posted 27 October 2000
    • Opposition acts to impeach Mugabe
    • Ian Smith must stand trial for genocide, says Mugabe
    • Whites face fury of Mugabe as impeachment motion is filed
    • Teargas kills Harare baby
    • Zimbabweans say land not urgent priority
    • Govt blocks Mat linkage plans with SA
    • Reports of 'huge' Zim gem find denied
    • MDC London events
    • Marondera West
  44. ..........further postings, 26 October 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Wed-25-Oct-2000
    • Bloc moves to oust Zimbabwe leader
    • Mugabe's party support collapses
    • Zapu echoes call for Mugabe’s resignation
    • Genocide trials for whites in Zim?
  45. ..........posted 26 October 2000
    • Mugabe's party support collapses
    • The Enemy Within
    • Zimbabwe makes moves to find Mugabe successor
    • Political victims flee pardoned assailants
    • Mbeki slams Zim land-grab
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Impeachment Bid Delayed
    • Politicians look at issues with open mouths and shut minds - reprinted from Parade, Jan 1997
  46. ..........posted 25 October 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Mon-23-Oct-2000
    • Zimbabwe squatters attack white farmer
    • Mugabe clings to his power
    • Rioting as Mugabe faces impeachment
    • Waking up hungry in Zimbabwe
    • Ex-fighters accuse government of aping Smith regime
    • Bread goes stale as boycott bites
  47. ..........posted 24 October 2000
    • Zimbabwe edges closer to the brink
    • Mugabe faces claim for £3260m damages over election killings
    • 2 000 Zimbabwean white farms scheduled for take-over by year-end
    • Food rioters turn heat on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean minister says opposition plan to impeach Mugabe doomed
    • D-Day for Simba Makoni
    • Mining Firms Find Huge Diamonds Deposits in Zimbabwe
    • 'Zanu PF And MDC Have Failed'
    • Imminent Outbreak of Foot And Mouth Disease
    • Zimbabwe this Week
    • Muzenda in Mystery Phone Deal
    • No end in sight for fuel blues
    • MDC lobbies Sadc states
    • New broadcast laws illegal
    • Ruling parties try to make themselves lovable again
    • Food Shortages Expected in Zimbabwe
  48. ..........posted 23 October 2000
    • Is this the end for 'Bobodan'?
    • Riots Won't topple Mugabe
    • First it's payday, then D-Day in Zimbabwe
    • Rioting Reveals Mugabe Can Depend On Army
    • Mugabe blasts whites
    • Chiyangwa challenged to explain his millions
  49. ..........posted 22 October 2000
    • Court freezes Zanu PF funds
    • Mugabe's land grab policy is reduced to ashes
    • Food Shortages Expected in Zimbabwe
    • MDC Manchester Branch
    • Mugabe adds 108 farms to land-grab list
    • Mbeki takes new lead in Congolese peace process
    • Mugabe grabs top game farm
  50. ..........posted 21 October 2000
    • Police Enforce Peace in Zimbabwe
    • Impeachment proceedings loom for embattled Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai Takes Anti-Mugabe Campaign to Botswana
    • MDC adopts "more militant" image in UK
    • Five directors lose positions as CIO embarks on major reshuffle
    • Mbeki to rescue Mugabe from DRC
    • Zimbabwe quiet after rioting crushed
    • CFU Sitrep: Fri-20-Oct-2000
  51. ..........posted 20 October 2000
    • Zimbabwe troops on rampage
    • Third day of food riots in Harare
    • Police, protesters clash in Zimbabwe township
    • New broadcast laws illegal
    • ZANU PF MPs vow to support impeachment
    • Zimbabwe: Economic melt-down
    • Zimbabwe riots are result of economic mismanagement: analysts
    • Teargas
  52. ..........posted 19 October 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Wed-18-Oct-2000
    • Amnesty for the "riot police"!
    • 'This will be massive... we want Mugabe gone!'
    • Army takes to streets against Zimbabwe food rioters
    • Mugabe must go, say Harare rioters
    • Zimbabwe police use tear gas on food rioters
    • From the MDC
    • Mbeki pours oil on troubled DRC waters
    • Spotting the bully
  53. ..........posted 18 October 2000
    • Riots in Zimbabwe as food prices soar
    • Arrests and tear gas quell Zim's bread riots
    • Zimbabwean opposition to call for Mugabe's impeachment
    • Leading Zimbabwe to ruin
    • MDC urge government to honour State funding
    • Urgent CFU Sitrep: Tue-17-Oct-2000
    • Zimbabwe riots intensify LATEST
    ..........posted 17 October 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Mon-16-Oct-2000
    • Mugabe's pardon condemned by rights activists, farmers, opposition
    • I protected Mugabe, says Zimbabwean ex-editor
    • Chinotimba up for attempted murder
    • Banks moot $2 billion package for land reform
    • Zimbabwe price rises spark riots
    • Zimbabwe Police Fire Teargas at Protesters
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Calls for Mass Strike as Riots Start
    • Zimbabwe Officer Fined For Contempt
    • ZDI boss complains of army rivals
    • Zimbabwe this Week.
    • Message from Eddie Cross
    • Mbeki in fresh Congo peace bid
    • Statement from the MDC
  54. ..........posted 15 October 2000
    • Tsvangirai Keen to Establish Links With the ANC
    • Southern African liberation movements brainstorm ways to beat opposition
    • Opposition victims of Zimbabwe poll violence sue Mugabe in US
    • Victims plan to tackle Mugabe in civil court
    • New globetrotting record
    • Mugabe's Foes in Zimbabwe, Stymied, Talk of Violence
    • 'Village banks' easing plight of poor in Africa
  55. ..........posted 15 October 2000
    • Zim booted out of US trade pact
    • Bureaucrats must work weekends to hand out land
    • Police chief attacks Moyo
    • Mugabe alone in Windhoek
    • Farm squatters kill rare beasts
    • DRC rebels on the march
    • Uganda raises eyebrow at threats of all-out war
  56. ..........posted 14 October 2000
    • Mbeki rules out landgrabs as rand plunges
    • Tekere joins Tsvangirai in calling for Mugabe ouster
    • White farmers fear Mugabe pardons will escalate violence in Zimbabwe
    • Fifteen killed in head-on train smash in Zim
    • No dates for Marondera West by-election
    • Statement by the AMANI Trust on the general amnesty for "politically motivated crimes".
    • CFU Sitrep: Fri-13-Oct-2000
    • Clemency Order no 1: MDC Statement
    • A fund for the victims of political violence
    • MDC Launches Trust Fund
  57. ..........posted 13 October 2000
    • World Bank 'to pay off' evicted white farmers
    • Mystery Zim train smash: 11 feared dead
    • CIO quizzes Tsvangirai’s pilot
    • Mugabe abusing law: Zvobgo
    • 'Mugabe sending out the wrong signals'
    • CIO spy flees to Zambia?
    • Zuma refutes Mugabe support claims
    • DRC war: Zim calls for meeting
    • CFU Sitrep: Wed-11-Oct-2000
    • 300 bakeries shut down operations
    • Msika’s bid to help white farmers quashed
  58. ..........posted 12 October 2000
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Questioned by Police
    • Tsvangirai: I Have No Case to Answer
    • Zimbabwean unions consider renewed strike action
    • Zimbabwe, China negotiate lucrative joint venture projects
    • Zimbabwe election thugs stay free
    • MDC Press Statement
    • Mugabe Grants Amnesty for Political Crimes
    • Text of the Clemency order:
    • Zimbabwe this week
    • Mugabe grants amnesty for poll violence
    • Mugabe to grant pardons for invaders of white-owned farms
    • Tsvangirai goes home after being read charges
    • Opposition Zim lawmakers freed without charge
    • Patrick Nabanyama - Court Hearing
    • Regional leaders shun SADC talks
    • Nujoma warns of war against Uganda in DRC
  59. ..........posted 11 October 2000
    • CFU Sitrep: Mon-09-Oct-2000
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader avoids arrest
    • Opposition leader evades police and sneaks home to Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe taunted as Tsvangirai evades arrest
    • Quit or be toppled, Mugabe is told
    • Showdown in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu-PF prepares to do battle
    • Cracks in Zanu PF as congress looms
    • Court orders Nkomo to identify raider cops
    • Shocking poaching figures on occupied farms
    • Noczim blends polluted fuel
    • “Give us money to slander opposition”
    • Micro-finance campaigners meet
    • Zimdollar likely to be further devalued
    • Mixed reactions to new broadcasting regulations
  60. ..........posted 10 October 2000
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader misses flight home - and a report from a reader
    • Opposition leader risks arrest if he returns to Harare
    • Zimbabwe Cops To Arrest Leader
    • Britain suspected of importing equipment for pirate radio
    • Mugabe to stand for President
    • Zimbabwe's first independent radio station has been shut down by armed paramilitaries on President Mugabe's orders.
    • Opposition politicians arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai evades arrest, summons media
    • Zimbabwe Police Arrest Opposition Legislators
    • S Africa Rand Drops as Zimbabwe Arrests Politicians
    • Zimbabwe democrat dodges arrest
    • Tsvangirai remains defiant
    • STOP PRESS MDC announcement...Morgan returns home:
  61. ..........posted 9 October 2000
    • War veterans press for Tsvangirai's arrest
    • Police Return Radio Equipment, Seize It Again
    • Farmer beaten by own guards
    • Mugabe could suffer same fate as Milosevic, de Klerk warns
    • A nation falls apart
    • Police to arrest Zimbabwe opposition leader for treason - Ananova alert
    • MDC Message
    • Ugandan rebels creep on Kinshasa, says Mugabe
    • Norway to cut aid
  62. ..........posted 8 October 2000
    • MDC Dismisses ZPF Threats to Arrest Tsvangirai
    • A letter from Yugoslavia
    • Africa's Milosevic - Mugabe opponent faces arrest for 'treason' - UKInd
    • 'We have given Mugabe a warning. It is clear. Listen to the people'
    • Zimbabwe radio row worsens
    • Zimbabwe to remain stuck in the DRC
    • African farmers' hopes dashed
    • The 'white tribes of Africa' feel abandoned
    • Fresh Invasions Push Zimbabwe Into Total Anarchy - CFU
  63. ..........posted 7 October 2000

      from the Govt Gazette 18th and 25th August
  64. ..........posted 7 October 2000
  65. CFU Farm Invasions Update, 6 October 000
  66. ..........posted 7 October 2000
    • Press Release from CAPITAL RADIO - Thursday, 05 October 2000
    • Zimbabwe Shuts Down Private Radio, Issues Broadcasting Rules
    • Mugabe launches fresh crackdown on free media
    • Former Wheels of Africa boss may face extradition
    • Radio shut down defended
    ..........posted 6 October 2000
    • CFU Farm Invasions Update Wednesday 4th October 2000
    • Mugabe defies court to shut radio station
    • EU States Slap Arms Embargo On Zimbabwe
    • Armed Zimbabwe police shut independent radio station
    • `UK could be linked to Zimbabwe's banned radio'
    ..........posted 5 October 2000
    • Zim police raid week-old radio station
    • Independent broadcasters go into hiding
    • Zanu PF militias threaten farmer
    • MDC fears that Tsvangirai could be charged
    • World Bank blocks loans to bad-debt Zimbabwe
    • Muzenda guns for presidency
    • We're living hand-to-mouth, says Zim minister
    • Businesses plot tax boycott
    ..........posted 5 October 2000
    • Radio raids
    • Zimbabwe pleads for financial help
    • Zimbabwe this Week - Crisis, What Crisis?
    • ZIMBABWE: FROM BAD TO WORSE - from the International Crisis Group
    ..........posted 4 October 2000
    • Mugabe agrees to discuss his political future
    • Tsvangirai faces arrest for Mugabe comment
    • Tsvangirai has no case to answer, says Coltart
    • Pessimistic Outlook By ICG
    • Moyo warns Capital Radio
    • MDC says political violence up in Gutu
    ..........posted 3 October 2000
    • Corruption in the Zimbabwe Government
    • The Consequences of buying off the War Veterans
    ..........posted 3 October 2000
    • Police might charge Zimbabwean opposition leader
    • Zimbabwe government warns opposition over protest plan
    • MDC head faces rap for threat to oust Mugabe
    • Zanu-PF threatens violence to keep Mugabe in
    • Official demands Tsvangirai's arrest
    • Tekere says ruling party heading for humiliating defeat in 2002
    • Mugabe in Congo for talks
    • Party deplores war vets reserve force
    ..........posted 3 October 2000
    • CFU Farm Invasions Update, Monday 2 October
    • Money and Politics
    • Black farmworkers are the hidden victims
    • World Bank blow to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Welcomes US Suspension of Sanctions Bill
    • Zimbabwe's debt-dodging could drag SA down
    • Glittering prizes from the war
    • Capital Radio
    ..........posted 2 October 2000
    • Tsvangirai calls for violent halt to Mugabe's rule
    • Muzenda better than Mugabe, says Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe hears that it's time to go
    • Mr Tsvangirai denied intending to threaten president
    • Mandela criticises Mugabe
    • Airforce pulls out of DRC
    • Noczim purchases contaminated fuel
    ..........posted 1 October 2000
    • Govt backer’s land also up for grab?
    • Two private radio stations brave Zim’s airwaves
    • Evidence of "dirty war" lies far below
    • MDC bomb suspect out on bail
    • War vets for reserve force
    • Fraud costs Customs $450m
    • Amid demands for bribes, kickbacks - Zim loses $30b project to Zambia
    • Zimbabwe Faces EU Ostrich Ban Over Disease
    • Fresh scam exposed at GMB
    • Dumping people is not resettlement
    • Zimbabwe govt condemns violence on white-owned farms
    • General strikes call to topple Mugabe

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