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Timothy Stamps: Zimbabwean Minister of Health

Timothy Stamps interview on BBC TV 17 April 2000.

Timothy said that the abduction, beating senseless and summary execution
of white Zimbabwean farmers was to force Britain to give ZANU PF more
British tax money. Timothy said the British have only given Pounds
Sterling 18 million so far for land acquisition. (Reliable sources say 30

History shows that this was used towards moving one lot of Zimbabweans,
both black and white off the land and into poverty and replacing them by a
lesser number with no farming background. They were however ZANU PF
supporters, who receive a state income (they couldn't survive from

Timothy condones the killing of Zimbabwean David Stevens, as a reaction to
British colonialism more than 110 years ago. In Timothy's eyes colonialism
was a bad thing.

Colonialism stopped the slave trade. Timothy is counteracting this by
bonding young doctors to work in appalling conditions (not enough gloves
with HIV at 25% +, awful salaries and living conditions) and by bringing
in slave doctors from Cuba.

Colonialism stopped tribal wars between neighbours which Timothy's
government has countered by murdering people in Matabeleland and by
intervening in Mozambique and the DRC, denying those people a chance to
sort out their own destinies.

However, even Timothy must agree, colonialism wasn't all bad. There's
whiskey, smart suits, air travel, call girls, foreign bank accounts,
overseas education and Mercedes Benzes. At least for some.

Timothy should note that the British are hardly ever blackmailed by the
killing of other nationalities, particularly white Zimbabweans.

They do however notice when their own nationals are murdered.

Timothy, who is British, owns an inefficient farm East of Harare, notable
for squalid worker conditions  (even worse then government doctors' ).
Being British if he were murdered and his land grabbed the British
Government would perhaps notice and shell out money to ZANU PF.

This Timothy should engineer, as he is not of much other use. Timothy lost
his ZANU PF primaries and cannot stand for parliament again. (Even ZANU P
are not fool enough to allow him to continue).

Timothy promised "Health for all by the Year 2000". It obviously has not
happened early this year so maybe we can expect it by December. Timothy
must advise whether this is contingent on the MDC winning the election.

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