‘China not doing enough in Zimbabwe development,’ says Zanu-PF

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | ‘China not doing enough in Zim development,’ says Zanu-PF 23 April 2014

The government says the Chinese have not been forthcoming as expected in helping Zimbabwe rebuild its economy.

Presidential Affairs Minister, Didymus Mutasa says Zimbabweans are on their own and as they seek to rebuild the economy, must realise that it is local resources that are key to take the country on a growth and development pattern.

“The Chinese have not been forthcoming. We can not look East or West. We need to look within ourselves,” Mutasa said.

Mutasa, who was giving a lecture at the National Defence College in Harare, also spoke about his involvement in the Green Fuel saga, which has hogged the media as he blasted two individuals; Themba Mliswa and Mr Basil Nyabadza for acting in their personal interests.

“They have acted not in the interest of government but their personal interest,” he said.

Indicating that he was involved from the initial start up project of Green Fuels, the ethanol producing plant in Chisumbabje, the Mutasa said government remains clear that the project must operate on the 51-49 percent shareholding structure in favour of government. – See more at: http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-national-byo-46363.html#sthash.6ZWDDivW.dpuf


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23 comments on “‘China not doing enough in Zimbabwe development,’ says Zanu-PF
  1. Mseyamwa says:

    The slow spooling ZANU PF minds are now catching up long after the Chinese have milked the country of a lot of resources. But since they have already burned the bridges to the west, the only way is to put the onus on already embattled citizens to work out their revival. You can always, also, turn on them, like you are now with the Chinese, and blame them for any failures. You will never acknowledge your own part played ka Mutasa.

    Globalozation encourages that the world concentrates production in locations that are most efficient for it and to share the produce with the rest of the world through trade. You have been reversing the efficiencies through policy after wicked policy such that we can no longer compete on the world stage. But the fact is, we need and will need a flow of money into Zim. Either as FDI, currently very necessary to ignite growth and as revenue, if we start producing and selling goods and services. But since you uprooted even the irrigation pipes on former commercial farms- all you can do now is push burden upon group sfter group and follow up with yhe blame also. Not until you acknowledge your own part and mend thy ways Mutasa.

  2. DW says:

    How on earth did Zim get such brilliance at the top…no wonder things are going so well.

  3. John Thomas says:

    Why would China have any obligation to develop Zimbabwe? Is this Mutasa a child? It is the duty of the Zimbabwe government to provide a stable and fair framework within which development can take place. This is exactly what it has not done. Mutasa is at the center of much dysfunctional government behaviour. Is there one single person who thinks he is not corrupt?

  4. Chaka says:

    Yes, brilliant, but ends there. No action.

  5. Godobori says:

    Soldiers, see the people you are propping up? It was the fault of the British, Americans and Europeans. Then came Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Libya now China! They all failed to make partnerships with us. Some put their money on us, and they lost everything. Quietly, they left. China is not so stupid.

    Why are we always right, and the rest of the world is wrong!?

  6. Itayi says:

    Weird to say the least. To hear this from people who every day run around saying Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. So now are we being told that the plan all along was to surrender Zimbabwe’s ‘sovereignty’ to the Chinese in exchange for their Yuan. So China bank rolls the country while you people in zanupf pocket the proceeds from the diamonds in Marange.

    You made your bed of thorns just lie on it, Minister Mutasa and spare us this drivel. The chinese owe us nothing. The biggest trading partner of the Chinese is the West of George Bush and Tony Blair. So have your Zimbabwe and leave the chinese to dael with their own country.

    • Mena Bona says:

      On top of all this, Africans need to urgently understand, that the Chinese think we are all monkeys. Fact. The give the monkeys a few peanuts and the monkeys give them their entire land. Just so unbelievable and stupid!

      • Will the Doctor says:

        It is true – the Chinese are outrageously racist. Sure the Europeans are racist – but they debate the issue – and work to stop racism. The Chinese have no such debate; it’s them at the top of the heap, followed by Europeans, followed by South Asians, with black Africans at the bottom.

  7. Madlanduna says:

    Well said guys, why do we need help from China while we have resources , they always say Zimbabwe is rich, he must say China is not helping him not Zimbabwe

  8. roving ambassador. says:

    Watch this , The chinese ‘s contact person now that Mugabe is dead is Mnangagwa. Mtasa is not happy with this arrangement . He has the platform to address the solders, Mnangagwa’s backyard. This is the internal wars in Zanu .If Mtasa cannot get what he wants ,just like bob ,he will destroy Zanu.
    Let the fools fight it out . Zimbabwe will benefit if they kill each other off.

  9. NBS says:

    What an odd thing to say. “We break: you fix.” I hope they are saying this in Cantonese to the Chinese so the Chinese understand. After 34 years of utter destruction, looting and pillaging of all national resources and other peoples hard earned assets and earnings they think that China should just come in and give them a multi billion dollar loan so that their wallets can bulge some more. They have already sold our nation to the Chinese anyway. China maybe hungry for other countries resources but they aren’t stupid. It appears ZPF are.

  10. scar face says:

    We told you so!But then,this great revelation now coming to Mutasa and his ilk may be a bit too late;what with the diamonds already looted,elephants and rhinos long poached, rivers dredged and our dogs braaied.

  11. Isu Zvedu says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk tonogarokutaurirai isu zvdu vanasorojena kuti mukadzi wokutanga haarambwi nekuti paita vanyachide. Now where to, maybe Mr Mutasa you can try the North or South.

  12. Petal says:

    Double standards from the spoofs after the chinese build Bob a house??!!

  13. Petal says:

    one lie after another!!

  14. Zingizi says:

    Admitted the Look East Policy is not working now trying the Look Within Policy. Tongai tione.

  15. Saddened says:

    China is under no obligation to develop Zimbabwe except to exploit it’s resources for their own benefit. You cannot invite a thief to enter your home & help himself and then have the stupidity to complain thereafter.

  16. jobolinko says:

    Did zanu think they will get favours from the chinese ,i am afraid they think like children in china the leadership has changed ,zanu has to move with the times this is 21st century

  17. obert nhoko says:

    good guy Mutasa. this guy is a guinous, wonders why he settles for the vice presidency not presidency.

    yes, quite intelligent, to realize that they have been short changed after so many years by the Chinese. I know such intelligence will resurface after another 10 years that Chinese are getting free labor in Zim and that Zimbos are ill treated at work.

    oh Mutasa, great Mutasa, go to sleep and come back to life after another 5 yrs and realize your kith and kin have been suffering. or some have been killed, maimed or illtreated.

    sleep sleep sleep Mutasa. A good 5 yrs slumber will get you more such revelations.

  18. Petal says:

    These are the very people who allowed the CHINESE to come – “WE SHALL LOOK EAST ICHO!! if anyone had access to their personal accounts they are lined big time!!

  19. Smart Talk says:

    Is it not because baba Chatunga never got any assistance from the Chinese government on the Mansion that he has lost to the conman from China. Havana matyiraka tumaface utwu. They started naGire vakamurova mushagi ndokubva vadzokorora futi this time grabbing the bull by its horns and they proved that ichokwadi kuti zizi harina nyanga. This is just maybe one of the few reported scandals, of which there might be a lot behind the scenes. He is now using Chipopi chake Mr Diesel to drop the bombshell. Zvidembo zvasurirana. These ZhingZhongs have overstayed their invitations in this country and they have more harm than good to us. Better vaende!!!!!!!!!!

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