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ZimbabweSituation.com (ZimSit or #ZimSitRep) is a daily archive from Zimbabwe covering every important and relevant media article, every day since March 2000.

Zimbabwe Situation – daily since 2000

Early in 2000 Zimbabwe’s political leadership demonstrated once again how it’d turned on the people. Land invasions heralded the start of a new era for the country, its people, their children, the environment, agriculture, commerce and industry. That was just part of a bigger picture and concealed some simpler truths that the political elite live by and still prefer to keep shrouded.

In March 2000, a handful of dedicated people chose to turn the other cheek by gathering and posting press clips that the rest of the world seemed to ignore. Most of which the politicians would still prefer that we all forgot about. They’re archived here and someday we hope that this history will be correctly re-written, be understood and properly acted upon.

In 2013, after nearly 13 years of singled-handed daily postings as an unpaid volunteer, Barbara Goss took retirement.  We haven’t yet registered full appreciation for this mammoth effort.  Please send your compliments by commenting, dropping a note via Facebook or sending an email to zimsitmoderator@gmail.com.

August 2013 saw an update on the face of the site and a growing community of Zimbabwe’s friends.  On 7 June 2014 a new curator and admin team took the baton with a firm hand!

After a long period of being targeted by cyber-attacks in 2014, which crippled the website’s performance and made it increasingly hard to access, we migrated it to secure hosting on 18 October 2014. This hosting brings us greater stability and much faster page loads, delivering on our core objective of bringing important viewpoints closer to people in Zimbabwe – even on slower internet connections. We still run on a strictly not for profit basis, but have needed to introduce some forms of advertising to the website in order to contribute to the costs of hosting and defending it for us all.

The day after moving to new hosting we recorded our busiest day of the year, delivering pages to 21% more visitors from Zimbabwe than the next busiest day recorded in 2014, which was 29 May.

Leave your mark by engaging influencers wherever you can,

Interested in helping us?

What started as an Internet archive, has become an amplifications of many independent voices over the last decade.  Technology is rapidly empowering early adopters but State media laggards will catch up.

So why not join the few hundred media professionals, commentators, bloggers, journalists, activists and private people who make a daily contribution on this, a few dozen other online publications and ever-growing social media platforms?

We’re looking for volunteers.  Research, editorial, collating news snippets, moderation and daily publication via web and social media.  Drop a note to zimsitmoderator@gmail.com and let us know why and how you might be able to contribute.  Full credentials please – CV, references and reasons why.

Moderation Guidelines

This non-commercial site is run by volunteers with limited time for moderation.  We respect and support free speech and actively encourage independent voices on Zimbabwe’s varied concerns and agendas.  All sides and all-comers.  All of us appreciate clarity, simplicity and honesty.

  • Commercial comments and adverts are for the most automatically sent to “trash”.  Any comment in trash is deleted.
  • We maintain a short-list of “stop words” which fall into a moderation queue.  Mostly expletives and other unacceptable terms.  Comments that fall into this category are held – approved or trashed at our discretion.
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So please keep your comments clean and sensible.  English is the preferred medium but in the interests of fair expression feel free to make your point.

If you break sensible boundaries or regular norms of public converse then expect to be added to the blacklist in which case nobody will see your contributions – not even the moderators.

If you believe that any comment might have inadvertently fallen foul of our automated tools then drop a note via zimsitmoderator@gmail.com – we’ll play fair.


  • comment-avatar

    Love the new website – was a very cool surprise this morning when I logged on. Well done. 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Niall 11 years ago

    Excellent update to this great Zimbabwean news resource. Many thanks to all who have persevered with it up to this point and to those who are taking on the baton. Your next challenge is an android app so we can take this mobile.

    • comment-avatar
      ZimSitRep_T 9 years ago

      hi – just to tell you we have followed up on your idea of the android app and it should launch next week! thanks for the input and pse watch the site for further details and spread and word!

  • comment-avatar
    Alison Young 11 years ago

    Tahnks you to Barbara for keeping ex-Zimbabweans like me informed over the years with little recognition. South African poet Arthur Nortje says “Some of us must storm the castles, some define the happening”. Thanks for helping “define the happening” over so many years.

  • comment-avatar
    V. Makande 11 years ago

    How refreshing , love the make up

  • comment-avatar

    Excellent new look! Please keep up the fantastic work that Barbara has done over the past thirteen years. Zimsit is a vital and central resource, and you have made a huge contribution to opening democratic space in our poor beleaguered country over the past decade and a half. Thanks again.

  • comment-avatar

    loving the new format guys, a lot more interactive than your previous site.

  • comment-avatar

    Great new format guys. Keeping up and continuing with the the great service provided by Barbara all these years. Any plans to introduce a blogging facility to individual news articles? I think it would be a real hit.

  • comment-avatar
    Ian Love 11 years ago

    Barbara has done incredible work for so many years to give us an easily accessible compilation of news on zim – thanks so much! Your work has been invaluable.

  • comment-avatar

    Okay just went to the news and see that indeed the blog facility is available! Excellent!

  • comment-avatar
    Dennis Rawson 11 years ago

    Hi Barbara, You are a hero! Thanks so much for all the effort keeping us posted over the years. May your health improve, and may your retirement become better and better.

  • comment-avatar
    Tommy Hemmingsson 11 years ago

    Dear Barbara ( and Karen )
    Thank you for all these years.
    Every morning since your start of ZimbabweSituation.com, I began the day by reading your news articles. I am living in Sweden now, but I like Zimbabwe and her people a lot.From the beginning when I started to read your news I decided this was an exercise, which was about living in the creation of the history. The imaginable happenens over and over again.I knew that the Zim Dollar was going to break down, as the confidence of your country’s economy was diminishing. I must say I have learnt more about Africa and leadership from your web site, than I ever did when I was living in Tanzania and Zambia. You have done a great job, ” THANK YOU “. For future generations I believe that you have such a data base and knowledge that could be enormsly valuable for young students.A book about the border between politics and crime. When is politic allowed to cross into the crime area and still accepted as a legitimate feature of your society. I must say I admire the people of Zimbabwe for their patiency and for their loyalty to their mother land. I believ that the last chapter of this catastrophy still remains to be written.
    You really deserve to relax now.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards

  • comment-avatar
    John Steele 11 years ago

    I love the new website! 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Tokkoie 11 years ago

    Very well done, Barbara, and many thanks for the detailed information you collated and published. We all hope that your successors carry on with your great work.

  • comment-avatar
    Dale Dore 11 years ago

    It is a great relief that you have taken up the fanastic work done by Barbara. Your new layout is excellent. But there are things that I do miss. Barbara laid out the full text. Is it possible to revert to this? I know that you have a heading called ‘full text’, but it is only the first few lines of text. This means we keep having to go backwards and forwards – which is time-consuming – to read the news. When we want to go back to ‘full text’, it takes us back to the top of the page again, meaning we have to scroll down to find out where we were. By making ZimSit easier and quicker to read, also makes it more enjoyable.

    One other thing. Is it possible to sometimes include key articles that your readership may not like, but which are key to understanding issues. Here I am thinking of sometimes including articles that appear in the Herald and other pro-ZANU(PF) publications.

  • comment-avatar
    Craig Maclean 11 years ago

    Many thanks Barbara for such a stirling effort. The website has been very important to me in keeping a concerned eye on what is happening in Zim. You deserve a medal. I hope you can enjoy your retirement from Zimbabwe Situation and that your efforts will bear fuit in due course. Thank you.

  • comment-avatar
    Debbie 11 years ago

    Love the makeover. Well done!

  • comment-avatar
    Debbie 11 years ago

    Thank you Barbara for a job well done. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve the rest!

  • comment-avatar
    Chenjerai Hove 11 years ago

    Thanks a lot Barbara for this highly innovative way of affording us to read Zim news from all kinds of sources on one site. Enjoy your retirement, but know that we will always appreciate your dedication to your country via this tremendous work.

  • comment-avatar
    Nadia 11 years ago

    well done for taking over the site from the hardworking lady who used to run it. it looks great and really is a very useful source of info. THANK YOU!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Peter 11 years ago

    Nice new website thank you. And a massive thank you to Barbara for all her hard work over the years. A mammoth job, and it must have often been a difficult one too.

  • comment-avatar
    BRUCE CROFTS 11 years ago

    I have never met Barbara Goss, but I want to place my thoughts on record.
    What a mammoth task, so painstakingly undertaken, day after day after day.
    These records will be priceless in years to come. They rank, history wise,
    with the accounts of the Johnson lead ” Great Trek” of 1888. Maximum
    Commemoration of this Lady’s work is paramount. bc.

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 11 years ago

    Love the new look.Call me old school but i’d have preferred u guys kept the old way of accessing stories, i.e on the home page you click the headline news and the subsequent page that opens shows the entire news for the day without having to click again through a sub heading before making your way to the main story. I know you are probably following the trend of other online publications, but that’s what was unique about the previous homepage. Preserving a little bit of that wouldn’t have done any harm. That said do keep up the excellent work you are doing. I also love the fact that people can now post comments.

  • comment-avatar
    Richard 11 years ago

    Thanks Barbara for all your hard work. Reading your news has been the first activity of each day, and with printing out some items I have been able to share news with a wider community without computers. I am so glad this service is continuing.

  • comment-avatar
    Gerd Eggert 11 years ago

    Dear Barbara, thanks for your effort, your time spent on keeping this website going over so many years. It has been a daily source of information for almost everyone in our organization directly and indirectly involved with Zimbabwean politics. We wish the new person(s) all the best to keep up the spirit and soldier on. The country deserves better than is currently visible.

  • comment-avatar
    Charles 11 years ago

    What a job well done Barbra! Though I have never met you you did a sterling job. Zimsituation has become my daily early dose of news about my country. All sorts of styles and news coverage about Zim in one place! I wish the new team all the best because the standard was high. Happy retirement Barbra.

  • comment-avatar
    Peter 11 years ago

    I am astonished to learn that ZimSituation has been the volunteered work of one individual since inception.
    Barbara, may I offer my (and family and friends) deepest gratitude for this selfless task. It has truly been very much appreciated.
    Peter (London)

  • comment-avatar
    Olly French 11 years ago

    You have done a champion job over many many years. You are own an extreme debt of gratitude by all of us. Most of the time you gave us bad news, sometimes it was good news – but your effort and dedication has been immense.
    Thank you for an incredible sacrifice. Have a happy retirement thinking of things other than Zim. God bless you

  • comment-avatar
    Glyn Hunter 11 years ago

    Zim Sitution was invaluable when we began collating information for our book, “Voices of Zimbabwe’, which was published in 2001. Since then it has been a critical tool for remaining up to date, for research, for opinion pieces and for keeping people in Zimbabwe and across the world informed about the ever deepening crisis. The selfless commitment of Barbara and Karen, and subsequently Barbara on her own, is truly remarkable. It will inspire Zimbabweans to keep going, despite the latest devastating setback, and will demonstrate to people worldwide what the work of just one or two committed individuals can achieve. We will miss you! May you be truly blessed in all ways.

  • comment-avatar
    Martin Hack 11 years ago

    Barbara’s legacy is in equal measure the daily news resevoirs which she made available to thousands of Zimbabweans and others throughout the world and also crucially in the invaluable archives which are now in place. Thankfully this service is to continue. Hopefully somehow, sometime Zim. will find its way back to sanity and peace. Thank you Barbara.

  • comment-avatar
    Munya 11 years ago

    Love the sleek new design! Keep up the good work! Change is good but hard to accept.

  • comment-avatar
    dennis 11 years ago

    please bring back the old version it was more user friendly and i could print the whole batch but with this new thing you must print item by item

    • comment-avatar
      ZimSitRep 11 years ago

      Hi Dennis – we’re 100% on sides and working at making sure you get a single place to print your daily batch.

      On the right hand side try the Browse byjust the “headlines” by day or the latest articles.

      An alternative is the homepage which lists the headlines by day as we gather them. If you click a headline it takes you to the actual post. Just click back in you browser and you have the headlines again.

      Does that help?

  • comment-avatar
    Kanjanfoxy 11 years ago

    Barbara, what you have done is nothing short of amazing – I didn’t realise or appreciate your selflessness, in collating and editing all of these news items (waking up in the cold, dark, early hours of the morning) until recently when you made public the fact that you would be retiring from the job (well into your 70’s) – I trawled the website daily when I was living in London and came to rely heavily upon it for much needed news particularly during hyper-inflation and elections. What an incredible resource is was, either to read deeply into specific issues or scan recent events to get the gist of what was happening in a few minutes. I must also compliment the new team on the professional makeover of the website and commend you all, for the decision to keep archived material available, in the hope that people will be able to mine the information constructively – As sure as the sun goes down in the evening and comes up in the morning… my hope is that one day those ‘chickens’ will come home to roost!

    • comment-avatar
      ZimSitRep 11 years ago

      Kanjan! This is actually one big archive and we’re protecting it. One day some bright young people will recognise that we intended a different legacy for them – it might help them re-write some history that went wrong!

  • comment-avatar
    Jimmy 11 years ago

    Barbara, cannot believe how you managed to do all this alone. You have managed to keep the world informed on all events taking place in Zimbabwe almost on daily basis. If it was not of the bravery you showed all these years, l don’t believe MDC could have managed to be where there are now. You deserve a place in the new zimbabwe!!! Long live Barbara.

  • comment-avatar
    Maggie Magadza 11 years ago

    Dear Barbara

    Thank you so, so much for all your time, work and stamina all these years putting the web page together every day. it cannot have been an easy task by any means. Please know that both you and your work is truly appreciated. Reading Zim situation is the first thing i have done every day since the start and in the early years it was very often the only place to find comprehensive articles and mixed views about Zim and what was going on.

    And bravo to the new web masters! love the new look but do think that being able to download everything in one go was a better format and especially for people in Zim where internet access is relatively expensive and patchy for most…

  • comment-avatar
    Geoff Laver 11 years ago

    I was wondering if we might thank Barbara for her work in a more positive way by subscribing to a retirement gift.

    I am not quite sure how to set this up. Barbara is in Australia, I believe. If someone could advise how this might be done, I would be happy to chip in the first 50 pound for someone whom I never saw but felt that I met every single day during the past few years.

    Geoff Laver, Juliasdale, Zimbabwe

  • comment-avatar
    Servious Dzvimbo 11 years ago

    Thanks Barbra. You always made it easy find news on the political situation in Zimbabwe with this one stop website. We will forever cherish your work and contribution to telling the story of our country. Enjoy your retirement.

  • comment-avatar
    Martin 11 years ago

    I have enjoyed the news summaries in the last few years. Thank you so much for all the hard work Barbara!

  • comment-avatar
    Sheri Breytenbach 11 years ago

    Dear Barbara,

    You have no idea how much your dedication and faithfulness has meant to me over the years. It lightened my research load significantly. May you be Blessed and Rewarded abundantly. Appreciatively, SB

  • comment-avatar
    Knowledge 11 years ago

    Thanks very much Barbara Goss for your hard work.

    You deserve an award for your innovative idea that has helped to keep us informed for all these years through the ‘Zimbabwe Situation’.

    Thank You.

    Knowledge (London)

  • comment-avatar
    Penny 11 years ago

    Thankyou Barbara for you dedicated and sterling work of keeping us up to date with (mostly depressing) news from our beloved homeland. I have checked this website virtually everyday since 2004. Enjoy your rest and we pray that good will soon triumph over evil.

  • comment-avatar
    Wellington (Bouremouth) 11 years ago


    You have been a shining beacon in our darkest hour. Long live your sterling work and best regards to those carrying it forward. Truth borne out of a good heart and cause will in the greater sphere of things always triumph over evil.

    Enjoy your rest and will the rest of your days be filled with peace.

    Cry the beloved country


  • comment-avatar

    Thank you so much. We have depended on this for a long time! However as Zimbabweans we have come to be suspicious of any website that requires us to log in our emails before reading news.

  • comment-avatar
    Ngorima 11 years ago

    You kept me and my family including friends alive here in Brazil. You gave us hope. Thank you so much!

  • comment-avatar
    Ngorima 11 years ago

    Thank so much Barbara for you taking the initiative to volunteer on Zimbabwe Situation publication.It was a bold move.We are scattered here in Brazil and we were depending on reading the Zimbabwe Situation for news. You gave us hope. Thank you so much. Ngorima and family

  • comment-avatar
    Tinks Bezuidenhout Thanks Barbara ! I will miss my daily dose of Zimbabwe! 11 years ago

    Thanks Barbara , I will miss my daily dose of Zimbabwe! You have done a great job and deserve a break. Mokorokoto!

  • comment-avatar
    David Power 11 years ago

    Thanks very much for all your work compiling all the news — my sister in Mutare is blind from Macular Degeneration ( no drugs available ) & I ring her every Friday morning with the news

  • comment-avatar
    Jane Macintyre 11 years ago

    I agree with Dale Dore re your new format – while it is undoubtedly novel it is unfortunately rather cumbersome and occasionally confusing. The previous format was much quicker and more accessible. Any chance that we could now have something similar?
    Thank you Barbara for the excellent work you have done so selflessly over these (unanticipatedly) long years. And thanks also to the current people keeping on with Zimsituation.

  • comment-avatar
    Wiz Bishop 11 years ago

    Thank you Barbara, through your hard work and dedication, you developed Zim Situation into a crucial first port of call for information on Zimbabwe. Many thanks for all the effort and what I triumph you achieved. Great to hear the new team at the helm as we were beginning to worry about what we would do without you. Warm thanks to you all.

  • comment-avatar
    Mandla Akhe 11 years ago

    A million thanks Barbara. You have dedicated over a decade in providing a one stop shop for news on Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Situation has become a daily dosage in my quest to keep up to date regards the home land.

    Please take a well deserved rest and know you will forever be appreciated.

  • comment-avatar
    wensil 11 years ago

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks Barbara a million times for the amount of effort you put in bringing us up to date news on Zimbabwe. The site was simple but very easy to read both on the phone and using a normal browser.

    What made ZimSituation great was the fact that you could ready all the day’s news from just one click. It would be good if this format can have the feature whereby one can open all the day’s news once.

    Once again thanks.

  • comment-avatar
    edward 11 years ago

    Barbara , you been so amazing . 13 years of dedication to unpaid work is amazing. Thanks a milion times

  • comment-avatar
    Johan 11 years ago

    Barbara your hard work and initiative is worth a trillion real dollars. Thanks to your daily news we realised that leaving was the only choice for us. May your retirement be everything you wish for. Ex-farmer downunder
    Thank you

  • comment-avatar

    Thank you so much Barbara I have enjoy the updates (Based in JHB, SA)

  • comment-avatar
    Sheri 11 years ago

    Thank you SO much for taking on the mammoth and voluntary task of continuing this site. Barbara did a fantastic job. The site has been key in helping many an organization gather, sort and validate data, and a one stop information point for all. Thankyou Barbara and thankyou new management. 🙂 Much appreciated.

  • comment-avatar
    Miss Gee 11 years ago

    A hearty thanks to Barbra for the great work. I bumped into this site by accident close to 7years ago and have remained loyal to reading it every day. Some things we take fore granted without realizing the sacrifice some onemakes to make it a reality. Barbra helped us stay in touch with what was happening at home and getthe other side of the story in the years there was no alternative. Thank you. I hope this initiative will remain for years on end. God bless!

  • comment-avatar
    brixen 11 years ago

    well done.I have been reading your site daily for 12 years.You did a lot of good for anyone who has an interest on what happens in Zimbabwe.Once again i am extremely grateful.

  • comment-avatar
    Barbara Goss 11 years ago

    I am absolutely overcome by the warmth of your comments. Thank you to all who emailed me or left a message here. It was for you that I did it! I continue to take a close interest in what is happening in our beloved country, but oh, what bliss to lie in bed till after the sun is up!!

    • comment-avatar
      Tim Henwood 3 years ago

      Hi Barbara
      I was very sad to hear if Jim’s untimely death. I have just seen your name here and wanted to send very belated condolences.
      I hope this finds you in good health wherever you are.kind regards Tim Henwood

  • comment-avatar
    Shirley werner 11 years ago

    Barbara, I cannot say how much your daily dose of “Zimsit”, has helped me, infuriated me, saddened me and sometimes delighted me. I am only sorry that your last broadcast was not a happier one. None-the-less you have kept a comprehensive diary that is incredibly precious to all of us who love Zimbabwe and her people. Thanks so very much.

  • comment-avatar
    Andrew Manyevere 11 years ago

    Barbara while this battle appears never ending, you may not know the strength of your foresight and vision. The conclusion to is simply this, that you have been a tower of strength, a pillar of inspiration and a pivot to our struggle. I know you shall be taking it easy with your eye on our motherland. We share same sentiments and passion. It shall not be long. We shall finish the battle. Thank you Barbara and many more happy days in good health.

  • comment-avatar
    Sandi Spence 11 years ago

    I have been visiting ZimSit for years, as a great source of information about my beloved homeland. I always knew it was a labour of love, but am stunned to realise that it’s been the work of ONE PERSON! It’s a shame you had to report so much bad news and so little good news, but it’s a wonder that you have done it so faithfully and for so long. So Thank You Barbara, from the bottom of our hearts, I don’t think you can fully understand what you have meant to so many thousands of us.
    To the rest of the ZimSit Team, thank you for picking up the baton, and all the best..

  • comment-avatar
    frank 11 years ago

    Thank you so much for the sacrifice and commitment to keep alive the website. Your innovative efforts are greatly appreciated.

  • comment-avatar
    Ronald 11 years ago

    Thank you so much Barbara, Zimbabwesituation.com has been favorite page ever sisnce I came Australia 12 years ago. You guys have done a sterling job, and God bless you in all you do.

  • comment-avatar
    joost fontein 11 years ago

    I like the new website, but please collate articles from across the spectrum of Zimbabwean and other newspapers, including Herald, sunday mail, newsday ,etc etc.

    If this is a resource for posterity, then future generations will want to read across today’s polarisations to assess the situation for themselves. Furthermore, please recognise how this valuable resource is for scholars now, and the wider its coverage, the more valuable it is.

  • comment-avatar

    Dear Barbara

    Forever gratefull for your unbelievable efforts. Your website always took pride of place as a homepage on my computer for the last 6 years. Enjoy your well earned rest.

  • comment-avatar
    Craig 11 years ago

    I’ve read The Zimbabwe Situation every day, several times a day for many years now. I always thought it was run by a large organization of sympathetic journalists! Wow, well done and thank you so much. I believe this to be the best, most objective and informative source of news on my former country. I am so thankful for your efforts! Grateful beyond words. You represent the spirit of hope and tenacity, which once made Zim great but is now being ruthlessly extinguished by the angels of hate. I hope one day, the can do spirit you represent will reign again in ZImbabwe. Thank you for all your efforts.

  • comment-avatar
    Tawanda 11 years ago

    Great website. Have been visiting here for a very long time. Thank you so much. Enjoying the ability to comment and argue with CIO operatives haha.

  • comment-avatar
    Mike Davies 11 years ago

    ZimSit has been an essential part of life for 13 years. Thank you, Barbara, for such an amazing effort and I hope you will enjoy your “retirement”.

    To the new managers, good luck – you have a hard act to follow. I echo Dale Dore’s appeal for a simple and inclusive layout – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    • comment-avatar

      Heartfelt thanks to Barbara for her selfless contribution towards getting the story of our erstwhile homeland out. Best wishes and God Bless as you take a well earned and greatly deserved retirement. You have left big shows to fill, and I’m sure that the new editor will be up to the job.

  • comment-avatar
    mutakura 11 years ago

    You are right geoff

  • comment-avatar
    SarahJoy 11 years ago

    Thank you, Barbara, for this site. I have read it avidly for the last couple of years to keep up with what is going on with my family in Zim and to complete my masters. It has been totally invaluable. Thank you to the new editors too – my PhD would be more difficult without it.

  • comment-avatar

    Many thanks to Barbara Goss for her outstanding contribution to promoting the understanding of a very messy,appalling and complex situation in our beloved country.I wish her a peaceful retirement and hope her health improves.

  • comment-avatar
    Simba 11 years ago

    I have been so hooked to Zimbabwesituation for the last 10 years so much that I am even still struggling to come to terms with the new look site. Its so amazing how an individual could so selflessly dedicate so much time and effort to a shared cause for so many years all for free. I know Barbra, like many of us only wishes well for our beloved Zimbabwe, regardless of the name at the top, and I have a wish for Barbra that the day of reckoning will come in her lifetime. Zimbabwe will return to glory again if we all can play our part in whatever small way like Barbra did.

  • comment-avatar
    Chiza 11 years ago


    Thankyou for all your hard work,you have made it possible for my family and i to follow events back almost evereyday.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

  • comment-avatar
    Heather Gulliver 11 years ago

    Very many thanks and congratulations to Barbara and Karen for their very real contribution for this invaluable history. I hope this archive can be stored in many university libraries; it is an invaluable source for generations to come to see the real story.

  • comment-avatar

    Thank you Barbara for collating together articles on Zimbabwe from various sources and presenting them on one platform. A platform easy to navigate and archive. You have made life so easy for some of us in various capacities of information sharing, learning and following developments in Zimbabwe in the last ten years.

    Thank you as you take a rest know you have changed lives!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Kathi 11 years ago

    Thank you so much for making adjustments to accommodate the ‘concerns’ re the new format which was a bit disconcerting especially at first. We really appreciate all you are doing both new and keeping the original somewhat intact. It seems the number of articles has diminished a bit, perhaps Barbara and team (Karen?) didn’t get to sleep for years, but otherwise, still a great service. Thanks.

  • comment-avatar


    Thank you so much for all your hard work, committment and personal sacrifice to maintain the website over the past 13 years. You have helped me and so many other people in the diaspora to remain connected to our beloved Zim. Your efforts and the efforts of all of the others striving for a free and democratic Zim will be rewarded, one day, of that I am confident. Enjoy your retirement – you deserve to.

  • comment-avatar
    Levison Mapfumo 11 years ago

    Barbara – may the Lord God give you strength and good health in your daily endeavours. Your commitment to the Land of your birth does not go unnoticed. Your Zimbabwesituation is a well of Zim news that kept many people going. Thanks again. The situation in the Land of our birth is far from being rosy still. Nevertheless your contribution is acknowledged.

  • comment-avatar
    pauline 11 years ago

    Thanks Barbara, I will definitely miss all the updates of Zimbabwe. You deserve the break. Good luck for the future.

  • comment-avatar
    Zimguard80 11 years ago

    I beg to differ with you in the most amicable way my fellow Zimbabwean, I presume, do we cease to be who we’re? No, no, no!!! Aiwa kuti tifadze aniko? Most of those people you mentioned, Whites and Asians hardly make an effort just to learn the basic greetings of our languages Shona, SiNdebele, Tonga, Nambiya, Shangaan etc. This English language you want to impose on every Tom, Dick, Sarah, Thandiwe & Chivaraidze will not work, and above all is totally unacceptable. We ought to be very proud of who we are as Zimbabweans.

  • comment-avatar

    Much respect to Barbara for all of her years of hard work. It’s a definite uphill battle when you decide to begin exposing government corruption. Many thanks.

  • comment-avatar
    Jeremy 11 years ago

    Many, many thanks, Barbara, and all the journalists who’ve written over the years. Through your tireless efforts many of us who didn’t know Zim well have come to love it, grieve for it, and hope for it. May the weeds who plague your Parliament wither away and let some new green growth spring up. It’s so overdue.

  • comment-avatar
    Mark Ritchie 11 years ago

    Love this site, THANK YOU TO ALL you for your dedication and sharing of your love to your country. The news you give us lets all of us feel closer to the country we love so much. Thank you for your love of Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Bob stepdown 11 years ago

    Thanks a million times Barbara,may God bless you.I just hope that those that will take over from you will continue to do the good and pray that they ‘ll not feed us poison.. … … ,news from The Herald is poison and that’s fact !! Their reporting is biased,they preach hatret and they lie too so please spare us.

  • comment-avatar

    To be honest l always thought this was a big organisation, the sacrifice you put to keep us informed is amazing for one person. Barbara thank you very much, from the time l came to England this website for the past 12 years has been home from home, keeping us abreast of all what was happening in my BELOVED country.

    Thank you, you deserve a medal you are a hero

  • comment-avatar

    Hooray to Barbara

  • comment-avatar
    Zimdragon 11 years ago

    Well done and thank you Barbara. Always refer to this website when needing an update on things in zim. All the best 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Mr Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Whilst I send my appreciation on what has been achieved so for,I want to register my complaints about -The moderation team or system which limits our access to the network.Something has to be done to allow free access because it just limits us without any bad language used.Why?

    • comment-avatar
      ZimSitRep_J 10 years ago

      Thanks for your solid contributions via many comments. You’ve added value.

      We on this end have limited time for moderation so have automated much of the task which lets some nonsense slip through and on the other hand blocks legitimate content which should be part of the debate.

      If you find that one of your contributions hasn’t appeared or is clearly blocked then drop a note. Moderation guidelines are on this page.

      If you’d like to give assistance on moderation then drop an email. Here it is: zimbabwesituation@gmail.com

  • comment-avatar
    Joyce Banes 10 years ago

    I have already been in touch with Barbara with my appreciation of all her hard work she put into zimbabwe situation. I have followed it since 2000, got all the pictures, some of them, to put it mildly, not very nice, and have been reduced to tears many times. Especially farmer Stevens death and how his dog stayed with him until the very end….

  • comment-avatar
    PAPSON 10 years ago

    Well done Barbara. You have left a mark that other Zimbabweans need to follow. You have made a huge contribution to the fight against anarchy and dictatorship in our country. If every Zimbabwean can take a small effort to fight this monster Zanu pf and save our country from utter decay and destruction caused by an old and frail man who calls himself Mugabe but is actually Matibili from a foreign land then Zimbabwe will be a better place to live. This man has no future. He is a spent force thats why he can do nothing about the situation in our Country. He was hired to join ZANU in the first place. He did not joined Zanu voluntarily. He was invited to join Zanu. You know what a hired servant does. He does things for his own benefit. Thats exactly what this monster did. He made Zimbabwe his own property. Ruled for 34 YEARS by a Malawian, not British, American, or Chinese but a Malawian. He claims to be used by the Spirit of Nehanda and to be the son of the soil. How can a foreign man be used by a Zimbabwean spirit medium. I dont believe in masvikiro but i have heard that these masvikiro can only use people of their own origin. This man use the name Nehanda for his own benefit to rally all the Zimbabweans behind him. What a people, ruled by a foreigner for so many years and nobody raised a finger against him.

    But now Zimbabweans be happy because the real son of the soil is coming to take the pains of the nation away. He is coming to give rest to the people of Zimbabwe. Not only rest but prosperity and dominion. This nation is coming back to its right place, its gonna be the bread basket of Africa again.

    The British colonised us, yes, but they also brought development to our land, think of the mission schools they build, the hospitals and all the infrastructure. But what did this Malawian do for us. He destroyed what the British have done for us. But this time is the time for the Zimbabweans to do things for themselves.

  • comment-avatar

    I have read this site for many years. And enjoy it hugely. I am just wondering why when I now submit comments they are not coming up. Are they too Christian?

  • comment-avatar
    Doctor do little 10 years ago

    Barbara during the dark times you showed us a glow of light. Thank you for what has become a place of comfort and a place where we enjoy freedom of speech. Thanks also to those that have taken up the mantle.

  • comment-avatar
    Stephen Clarke 10 years ago

    Thank you Barbara Goss for your labour of love. From the dark days in 2000 when my small world changed forever, until now, your website remains my “go to” for fresh news from our beloved homeland. Though scattered we still burn for justice in Zimbabwe. Let the Truth be known.

  • comment-avatar
    Isu-zvedu 10 years ago

    Thank you madam. Words alone are not enough. God will reward you for your efforts to mankind Zimbabwean.

  • comment-avatar
    Mandy 10 years ago

    This is alot of work with very little recongition, I sign on everyday. Thank you so much for everything you do to keep this going! Amen.

  • comment-avatar
    ryan roach 10 years ago

    Tshelanyemba Hospital is without power becasue of stolen power lines. The hospital provides an important service to the region but cannot take admissions or deal with the day to day illnesses. The situation is desperate. It has been a month and there are no repairs underway. Someone needs to bring attention to it, please.

  • comment-avatar
    gerald n 10 years ago

    Thanks Barbra
    I’m concerned with the situation in Mberengwa for 34yrs there is nothing new but rotational leadership are
    looting all the wealth to develop the sunshine city[H].We have no standard roads;no functional clinics they are all a death trap[CHANGE IS COMPULSORY]

  • comment-avatar

    I am looking for friends and hospitable Zimbabwe locals who can assist me in establishing a domicile and friendly rapport. You can email me at “boye@usa.com” A good friendship and relations establish in
    common respect for every persons.

  • comment-avatar
    matilda 8 years ago

    Brilliant platform for all Zim News.Keep it up.

  • comment-avatar
    richard oaten 8 years ago

    No Zim Sit since Saturday? Problem?

  • comment-avatar
    Christopher Mapfumo 8 years ago

    Wow, what positive comments and motivation for the job well done.

    Chris Mapfumo.

  • comment-avatar
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  • comment-avatar
    Charles Frizell 7 years ago

    Please, I beg of you GO BACK.

    I am sure the decision to go to this phone friendly version was well meant, but the old layout was far, far better and much easier to use.

    I cannot use your site anymore which is a pity as I have followed it daily from the start, and someone from your office was kind enough to make a small donation after the stress of fighting the 2000 election with Trudy Stevenson.

    Please go back – it was far better
    Charles Frizell

    • comment-avatar
      M. Adamson 5 years ago

      At present whenever I try to access your site to read the news the site seems to break down on a regular basis. Is this a problem with your website as it does not appear to be a problem with my computer?

  • comment-avatar
    Harold Simmons 1 year ago

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