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  • comment-avatar
    Trevor Royston 11 years ago

    Many thanks keping us well informed over the years.

  • comment-avatar
    Ann Fairs 11 years ago

    Thank you both , so much, for bringing us the news for all those years

  • comment-avatar
    Zvikaramba 11 years ago

    Thanx for updating us for so long. I am comfortable with the new format since I can now choose my main story first rather than scrolling, though I am being kept online as alluded by one writter

  • comment-avatar
    Bongani 11 years ago

    Thank you Barbara for keeping us updated with news for so long.your sterling job will be appreciated for ever

  • comment-avatar

    job weldone keep on

  • comment-avatar
    Yvon Dube 11 years ago

    This is a wonderful website. Keep up the excellent work. Your services are highly appreciated.

  • comment-avatar
    Tom Topping 11 years ago

    Thankyou Barbara and Karen for all your hard work over the many years

  • comment-avatar

    From me as well – have enjoyed your excellent work and sterling coverage for many years. After my daily Google News, I would immediately look forward to my ration of Zimbabwe Situation. Thank you very much!

  • comment-avatar
    Zimbali 11 years ago

    I have been an avid reader of your website for many years. Thank you Barbara and Karen and may you both enjoy your well deserved retirement. To the new editors, the best of luck and keep up the good work.

    • comment-avatar
      kingston dutiro 11 years ago

      Its been a long drawn battle and you lost. I am astounded by your spiritted racist endeavours to derail our efforts at asserting our sovereignty. Retire in misery just as your successors too will follow suit.

      • comment-avatar
        Rhodey 11 years ago

        – the ladies did not lose a battle, they retired. Your being astounded is because you are unable to grasp the fact that the articles were factual, gathered from around the world.Being unable to grasp the truth or make an enlightened
        conclusion points to your short comings.The stupidity of your comment is easily discerned by all except you, who wrote the drivel. Do try and engage your brain prior to letting your finger hit the keyboard

        • comment-avatar
          kingston dutiro 11 years ago

          There wasnt much factual matter at all but collation of expectations with colonial bias

  • comment-avatar
    maidmarion 11 years ago

    Thank you so much for your faithfulness and diligence to keep us informed

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 11 years ago

    What could we do without you! Invaluable service to Zimbabwe!

  • comment-avatar
    Dorothy Vahey 11 years ago

    Thank you for bringing back muckraker. My favourite!

  • comment-avatar
    Victor Mukandatsama 11 years ago

    i appreciate you continuing with the site but two things

    1.please bring back the text version on website.
    2. secondly please send the email edition before 7am.


  • comment-avatar
    washie 11 years ago

    How much there were going to have if the job was done

  • comment-avatar
    Trustee 10 years ago

    I do not think this is the original Zimbabwe Situation. I have a tgheory – after shutting down after the July elections, Zimpapers continued. Can’t help to speculate as all headlines are from the Herald.

    • comment-avatar

      With respect, untrue.

      Barbara Goss did a monumental task on ZimSit and the good lady has passed on a hefty baton.

      Three quick points:
      1) Barbara hasn’t yet been fully recognised for her effort. So thank you for taking the time to drop a fair criticism on the recent effort.
      2) State media has a place – especially when we’re able to amplify positive moves (on which our children might benefit) or really bad moves (on which current custodians can offer either countervailing argument or real action). On both accounts we try for balance with a deep distrust for the current political leadership of Zimbabwe and a genuine hope that this history is rewritten in time.
      3) The new editorial “team” has been very much involved with this effort since early 2000 – the task isn’t finished.

      It might pay to skim the full set of headlines and comments each day.

      Many thanks again for your note.

  • comment-avatar

    This is a test to see if my comment shows up.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 10 years ago

    I liked the way the headlines were shown last year NOT the new system since you went to your new premises.I find it hard to trace issues and previous comments.

  • comment-avatar
    Ghostwriter SRJ 10 years ago

    Hi guys thank you for keeping us updated on the Zim situation lets not loose hope

    • comment-avatar
      Thabani Tigere 2 years ago

      This time no comment but may you assist with email to sent my stories

  • comment-avatar
    Ghostwriter SRJ 10 years ago

    Enough is enough
    Im a 29yr old woman who has finally managed to break free from the political bondage that Zimbabwe is facing. I hope to be a voice for my voiceless people because we have suffered for long and in silence and I believe we deserve to be freed.
    Zimbabweans are a very docile nation, very obedient and non violent and in as much as this is a good characteristic its working to our disadvantage in that the government has corrupted our economy they do what they want and they know we will not raise our heads or question we just want peace and to be alive that’s what drives us. We are dead inside lost all hope and we feel neglected.
    I believe this docile behavior was brought upon the fear they instilled in us if you raise your head to question you disappear. They did it publicly to the whole world when they took the MDC opposition leader and only because of the international intervention they later released him tortured and wounded That was the breaking point for us we saw how hopeless and weak we were. What more of a mere civilian who tries to raise their head they just disappear and we know but we move on with our lives and ignore because we fear.
    The old man’s policies to some extent had democratic intentions but were abused and left us exposed to the world eg the famous land reform which put Zimbabwe in the spotlight. We thought it was a reform where we were saying let’s share the land in a win-win situation that would benefit both the white farmers who were good at what they do and trained and also benefit the Zimbabwean nation. Greed took over and this reform was used as a political incentive, all what happened in the end was the political leaders who did not know a thing about farming, replaced the whites and we as the nation stood to gain nothing if anything we were left worse off. Government officials took over 90% of the good farms some having more than five each and a small portion was redistributed to the people. To the world we appeared as ruthless greedy people who reaped were we did not saw, the land takeover was done in a violent manner with some white farmers being killed and those who were lucky fleeing off. They did it and we did not and if anything we are now suffering the consequences of that operation. Our agriculture sector is dead thousands of people were left jobless i.e. the farm workers and those who worked in the agriculture and manufacturing industry , a lot of resources are idle most farms aren’t being used to full capacity.
    The indigenization policy another greed policy that they also used as a political incentive yes let’s get 51% stake holding in all foreign owned companies do we have the money to buy into the shareholding and who is buying the stake Zimbabwe or them for their personal investment. This policy just poisoned our foreign policy relations more as foreign investors find no incentive to invest if anything they do not trust us what if tomorrow we change and want more shareholding. We are shunned investors avoid us at all costs because of our greedy policies. How many people get employed when these companies operate the development they bring infrastructure attention they attract from other investors who will also want to invest. Are we better off without them or worse off?
    Of late they adopted the foreign policy relations by going East to the Chinese for help. This was a desperate measure to partner with a foreign ally and indirectly sell us off in the hope of finding solace since they are under sanctions with the Western powers. This policy is killing our already dead economy the Chinese are taking over be it in manufacturing, construction and mining they are being contracted to do shoddy jobs e.g. in construction poor quality roads and buildings and then in mining they are given first preference to contracts and they are benefiting. There is no future in this relationship once they have exploited our resources they will dump us. They do not have our development at heart they are just exploiting us.
    Tsvangirai seemed to be our only hope backed by the international power that’s how he managed to oppose and last for a while but you gave up on us elections were rigged through and through for the two running’s we had and no one came to our rescue. On the outside to a third party looking on just because we don’t demonstrate against the results it didn’t mean we were happy but to us it was just more proof to us on how powerful the regime was. They were powerful enough to manipulate the elections and convince the international society that the elections were free and fair.
    Now where is Tsvangirai, was he the best solution, we applaud him for trying, he went through a lot especially on the first running death was supposed to be his penalty for standing up against them but they finished him and reduced him to nothing and now we are back to square one hopeless again. We have just given up and we wait on fate maybe when the old man dies but who knows it might be worse whoever is going to replace him will be from his corrupted pool. They have made sure there is no other party in opposition waiting in line.
    Where has our spirit gone?
    We are a dead hopeless and now a self centered nation just as long as I have food on my table and a roof over my head I’m content. To those who want more join the Zanu Pf and get riches ie indigenization loans, farms, jobs at the expense of the entire nation. No cares anymore the gap between the rich and the poor widens by the day as corruption and greed continue to kill our economy. If you want to survive join the Zanu pf party or else mind your own business and suffer in silence. To those of us who manage to escape and go to greener pastures we turn our backs and ignore.

    Time for a change
    I was born raised and now surviving under this leadership of one man who can’t be challenged and who has made us suffer with no remorse we pick ourselves up we compromise and find alternatives to survive and we don’t fight back what do we get in return our perseverance and tolerance is slapped back on our faces.
    Is this what we were born to be is that what we went to school for all that money we spent our hard earned little funds that we invested in education and if you are lucky enough to get a job you get paid eg as a teacher $350 and you are content. I am working as part time, general dinning services assistant, at my college 20/hrs a week but earning more than I ever earned in my 6yrs as a degreed accountant, is that life.
    Enough is enough we need help we need intervention someone needs to stand up against Zanu PF they have had their run benefited and they need to let go. We are a peaceful, educated nation and we deserve to be respected please do not mistake our silence for contentment or happiness we are just tolerating and we are in fear. We are suffering from emotional political abuse we are survivors we have been through the worst and we endured that’s what drives us.
    I am advocating for redemption from humanitarian overseers do not overlook us just because we do not demonstrate and be violent. We have been stripped off all power to do that they instilled fear in us I would have not been able to write this article in Zimbabwe their intelligence are everywhere there is no right to speak if you raise your head you disappear. I am trying to be the voice for my people it’s been 33yrs and we deserve to be free from this bondage it’s not a crime to be obedient.
    Zimbabwe is a little piece of haven I believe most that have fled miss home but we did what we did to survive to be free and most just look on from afar for they have lost hope. The country is gifted from our weather to the peaceful people to our resources. The small country is loaded with resources ie rich farming land, minerals (of late diamonds have been discovered and are being mined) and tourist attractions. The potential is next to non with the right leadership the economy can be resuscitated. There are a lot of untapped markets with the few operational markets being monopolized by the government officials who own the companies.
    The whole government system, with foreign intervention needs to be replaced and a new one put in place and we amend our foreign relations. Yes it’s our land, yes they are our resources but let’s admit we do not know it all, where are we now, still developing in 33yrs! We need help and we need advice lets work with and learn from those who did it. Coming to America has been an eye opener for me I chose not to be selfish and rather inspire my people in giving them hope in what we could be. There is more to that life of misery that we have adopted and accepted. They are blinding us from reality and in the process abusing us they are the enemy and not the West.
    Look at South Africa we gained independence way before them but look at the mileage they gained on us .We might despise them and say the whites are manipulating them but how many Zimbabweans are seeking refuge from them, how many Zimbabweans are working there and how many of us are applying for jobs at this moment in South Africa. Are the South Africans suffering? Pride with an empty stomach will not take us anywhere surely we can’t have our grand children be ruled by the same man who ruled us from when we were born and suffer the same pain we went through.
    We might have lost hope but for our generations to come there is still hope and it’s not too late.

  • comment-avatar
    siyabonga 10 years ago

    Everything has its time truest me the time for the old man to go will come .lets not loss hope keep on praying am not saying praying for the old man to die no but for the grace of almighty to rest upon us and for the peace of the Lord that passes all understanding through Jesus Christ be with us please have time and read these verses Philippians 4v7 and Luke 18v1to 8 our hope is in the name of the Lord don’t forget all shall pass but his word will remain and that tells us that the time we have we must spend wisely doing what benefits our spirit please beloved spend your time in the word of our Lord Jesus Christ not in the words of human for what benefit will it bring to spirit and in the Kingdom of God please take you time and think about it Zimbabwe For Jesus Gloryyyy

  • comment-avatar
    titus 9 years ago

    am worried about the bribery that takes place at vehicle inspection department (vid).everybody knows that for you to get a licence you have to pay $150. is that lawful.it seems it has been going on for years without anyone raising an alarm.i believe even the higher authorities have a hand in this perpetual corruption.

  • comment-avatar

    Where is the current news updates? You guys last updated this website on the 26th of September 2015 today is the 28th.We are now living in a world of news updates 24/7 due to technology and you guys do not seem to be embracing that which is rather unfortunate for us your loyal readers as we are overtaken by events. I want to believe you have foot soldiers who are researching on stories in ZIM apart from the 99% of stories you extract from the local papers here. Please do something.

  • comment-avatar


  • comment-avatar
    tonyme 8 years ago

    Since independence, Zimbabwe has become a very hard place to survive. There is one group with a lot of money and another with nothing and they are in the majority. At idependence, houses in Mt. Pleasant cost $20,000.00 and now the same houses cost about $300,000.00. In 30+ years the same houses have gone about 300%an unemployment has gone to 90%. I fail to get the idea how and why an economy can get this out of hand unless the system is being designed to enrich a few. what should Zimbabweans do to turn this around where an equal playing field can be created where young boys and girls can have their dreams met. Why did the Animal Farm in George Orwell fall apart. It was due to selfishness and disregard for the general welfare of the rest of animals on the far. The same goes for Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar

    Previously visited on many many occasions and purchased sculptures from local artist. Now able to return: Had cancer and because unfit to travel. Many friends asked me to see if getting more was possible. Sometimes I did encounter problems with the freight /packing companies. The stole my art work. HOWEVER the artist were wonderful .I know that there are problems, but the artist could use some well earned money. The banks, hospitals churches, business men and furniture stores purchased their art from me. If I give you a name could and would you search this out and get back to me?
    I am an American, who, changed my name. Thanks you for reading this message

  • comment-avatar
    Stephen Garvey 6 years ago

    Zimbabweans listen! Mr Mugabe fought with the West all these years not for Himself but for you and Africa as a whole.
    Take Libya for example, Mr Ghadafi gave them everything they can think of.
    Yet, they gave Him up to the West to be killed for a reason; i don’t know.
    Today, take a look at what they are going through. And is too late for them to rewrite the wrong they did.
    Mr Mugabe must have done some wrongs. But remember that not a single human being is right before God so you and i are wrong to.
    He is over 90 years old and could passe on anytime.
    Ask yourselves this, what Zimbabwe do we want?
    Zimbabwe don’t listen to IMF and depart from the west and begin to believe in YES WE CAN. Be industrialized
    To the new President, i say ayikoooo.
    Now the focus and attention of Zimbabwe and the world is on you and not Mr Mugabe.
    I wish you luck……..

  • comment-avatar

    We need a Government for the people, elected by the people where we move freely everywhere in our country Zimbabwe. The leadership or the Constitution should be amended in a way that the President saves one term and if he or she is ruling well be given a second term. After the expiry of a second term he/she should vacate office for the next President not like Mugabe to die on the throne as a Dictator. Zanu PF should not be the party in power for ever other parties should also take the reins and rule the country we all liberated the country from imperialists. Aluta Continua. “The Struggle Continues.”

  • comment-avatar

    “Chisingapere chinoshura saga reshuga rakapedzwa netiisipunu”
    Jesus in Matthew 24 verse 2 “That there shall not be any stone left sitting on another that shall not be cast down.” and others say “What goes around comes around” so there is time for everything and everyone depending on how you do it and treat others.
    Zimbabwe yauya!! It is here!!!

  • comment-avatar

    I wish this message could reach My President Morgan Tsvangirayi (MDCT) that for his ailing condition approach Christ Embassy Ministries in Belvedere and see Pastor Ruth Musarurwa and this sickness will go away and he will be completely healed in order to run the country a complete man.
    If not, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the President and Pastor of the Believers love world incorporated will be in South Africa beginning of 2018 and I would like My President Tsvangirayi to visit South Africa at that time and receive his healing completely healed. 2 Kings 5: 1 “The Healing of Naaman the Army General of the Syria”

  • comment-avatar

    My heart of hearts bleed because of the mentality of Zimbabweans.Mugabe ruled with an iron-fist for a long time because Zimbabweans are not united mentally,politically,and spiritually.Those who go to church go there largely for miraculous healing they hope to have rather than salvation of their souls hence the mushrooming of the so called prophets.Zimbabweans cry with the rest but will do the opposite when alone.We are so concerned about our individual well-being than our collective well-being.I wonder how many of us are sad that Zanu won again seeing quite a number of people making money,whichever way they make money.In a country with a very high rate of employment and all companies closed,how then are all these young people able to buy all the cars littering the streets of Harare and elsewhere?You hardly find parking in Harare.I think a lot of people wont be happy if business is formalised in Zimbabwe because a lot will lose hold of their questionable ways of making money.Munhu wese ari kungo kiya kiya and this has become the norm.To think that peole who have been living like this will line up in the industries looking for work is difficult.It is time we be sincere to ourselves and stop being two-faced.Only sincere and hard working people want real change in Zimbabwe.Let us not fool ourselves.Look at how the buses from south Africa are charging luggage.It is appauling.A small bag will be charged a lot of money.During Chrismas time the fares almost tripple.This is absurd.People dont care as long as they fill their pockets,thats all.Having a mentality like that will never bring any meaningful change in our country.If things really do change for the better we are going to see people who were sincerely waiting for that change.It will be a different story for those vaiita zvekukiya kiya.This comment came from the president of the Zimbabwe National Party.

  • comment-avatar

    I feel we have a lot of Public Servants with businesses that affect the general populace hence regulation has a bias obviously to the business owner. Government needs to re-introduce public transport operators and commuter trains to save the people. How can we have a transport system where Government is almost doing nothing about the price increases. I stay in Chitungwiza and now its $3.00 and this means I have to part with $6 per day translating to $30 per week and $120 per month. My salary is $200 and how can one survive? Somebody is not doing his job somewhere. A country’s economy being determined by touts (mahwindi) eish!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Bernt and Marian Lampe 11 months ago

    We are interested, if Zimbabwesituation is continued. our context is the twinning of Munich and Harare.