Prophet Uebert Angel kneels before Grace

via Prophet Uebert Angel kneels before Grace | SW Radio Africa by Nomalanga Moyo on Monday, February 24, 2014

Flamboyant preacher Uebert Angel used President Robert Mugabe’s birthday bash Sunday to endorse the land grab scheme and to reveal his longstanding ZANU PF links.

Prophet Angel, as he is known to his followers, was seated with Mugabe on the front row, among the Who’s Who in ZANU PF, a NewsDay report said Monday.

“This country has land and there is no more land to be created. There is an opportunity the President has created for us and as youths, let’s take advantage and let’s be vigilant in getting what belong to us,” Angel said.

“Critics will be there and stories will be written (that) Angel has been swallowed by ZANU PF as if they know where I was before.

I was born to a ZANU PF father and we had a sister who campaigned for MDC, but we never fired her from home,” Angel is said to have told delegates at the party held in Marondera on Sunday.

After his presentation, Angel knelt before Grace Mugabe before he whispered an inaudible message to her and left the podium, the NewsDay reported.

Other ‘spiritual leaders’ who have openly sung Mugabe’s praises include the late ex-convict Madzibaba Godfrey Nzira and excommunicated Anglican Bishop Nobert Kunonga.

Angel’s fellow ‘prophet and founder of the United Family International Church, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has donated $10,000 towards the wedding of Mugabe’s daughter Bona, scheduled for March 1st. A few years ago, Makandiwa stirred controversy when he signed ZANU PF’s anti-sanctions petition.

Harare-based journalist Itai Dzamara said it was wrong for any religious leader to openly declare his political affiliation.

“A church leader has under his spiritual headship, people of different political persuasions and for that reason he/she shouldn’t openly declare nor actively support one particular political party,” Dzamara wrote on his Facebook page.

“Not to suggest a Christian can’t be a politician, but that a religious leader can’t actively participate in politics. The church must keep its distance from the political power, or government of the day to be able to play its role of oversight and ‘salt of the earth,’” Dzamara said.

Trevor Ndlovu, a Zimbabwean pastor based in Swaziland, told SW Radio Africa that in the Bible the role of prophets is to minister to people’s spiritual needs, while politics and leadership is the domain for kings and politicans.

“It is improper for a spiritual leader to publicly declare his political alignment because this can alienate congregants who hold a different political view,” Ndlovu said.

“The Bible says Christians must submit themselves to their rulers, but this does not mean aligning ourselves to those rulers and their political parties,” he added.

The mega-rich Angel dropped his family name Mudzanire after he founded Spirit Embassy church, whose doctrine centre on prosperity.

Both Angel and his contemporary Makandiwa command a huge following as desperate Zimbabweans flock for ‘economic and health blessings’ which are not free, but hinge on ‘seed-sowing’.

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45 comments on “Prophet Uebert Angel kneels before Grace
  1. nyati says:

    May the Lord help us….

    • Tawanda says:

      Commercial religions ie the the ones that rely on tithes to elevate amoral pastors like Gumbura, ‘Angel’ and Makandiwa should be outlawed. The tithe system is a form of blackmail –’Unless you give 10% of your monthly income to the church (read ‘Pastor’) you will forfeit your place in heaven.’ Come on people, don’t fall for it. Blackmail is against common decency.

  2. soko says:

    Karl Marx was right, that religion is the opium of the press. The likes of such false claimed prophets have benefitted from an oppresive and stressing environment like zim.Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah and many other prophets were champions of the oppressed and that is why it was their duty to condemn politicians who looted the country and trempled upon the poor.ln zim, chriastianity has become a businness venture, its not all about worshipping.

  3. Lindy Lou says:

    He is more to be pitied than scorned.Poor man,he is either a total moron or a part of the “Diamond Rush”.
    Disgrace looked too terrible at the birthday bash,was her outfit “fitting” for such a prestigious occasion? Dowdy,ugly and fat First Hmmmm.

  4. soko says:

    Hope of the hopeless and opium of the oppressed,makes people blind to reality, promotes docility, militates against the spirit of revolution…this is why some of these xtians do not advocate any form of change.let these self proclaimed over night prophets condemn this regime which has turned the bread basket of southern africa into a land of misery and distress.

  5. Roving Ambassador says:

    The circus carries on.

  6. Stay Well says:

    The bible never mentioned how à spiritual leader must be towards politics, is cd most prophets advising kings and leaders who ruled nations. People who rush to criticise are also revilling the political party they endose . MY advice to all u who post comments is write what the reader can benefit from. Wisdom is the principle thing therefore get wisdom.

  7. Insider says:

    He was probably arranging to meet the delicious Grace later where he could “bless” her, with the laying on of hands. We will not ask where he lays his hands!

  8. chessplayer says:

    Prophets taking advantage of the people just like the President. God help us.

  9. Africanson says:

    Uebert is a human being who has a right to support any political party or football team of his choice. We can not judge him for that because we all have our own choices. This has nothing to do with his prophesies. We must seperate issues. Besides we are not supposed to modelled by his choices but guided by his sermons. even if his sermons and may seem failing to live to our expectations its not our right to judge him. His reports to the God father who watches all over us and HIM alone can judge all of us. Lets continue working on faith and beliefs and leave the work of judgement to GOD heaven and earth’s rightful ruller.


      Then he must not pretend to be a prophet! He must just remain a major, chikopokopo, whatever that means. And he should remember to kneel only to God, not to rich people of this world.

  10. LUCY says:

    He is appying for a soon to be vacant space in Dis-Graceland!!! The man is hedging his bets and he has the money to woe her into his honey trap.Dis-Grace love money.

    Hanzi zvikomba ndozvinotanga kusvika… na Steve Makoni!!!!
    gedegede muroora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Uncle says:

    There is nothing wrong with the prophet showing his suport to a political party he feels is right infect that is hw it should be prophets must suport God’s choice

    • LUCY says:

      You are speaking thru another part of your anatomy which should only be exposed when one shytes!!! Bob imposed himself on the people. God was not there. Bob DID IT!!!!

  12. Mixed Race says:

    @Stay Well-you comment like you know the Holy Bible but at the same time you miss its deep meaning.The problem with the rest of us is that we claim to know the bible when we really do not fully understand this complex book.These fake prophets usually pickup one or two verses in the Old Testament to back up their misguided beliefs without reading the New Testament, whereby our Christ came on earth to correct certain issues which were not properly explained in The Old Testament.You have to read both the Old and the New Testaments to be well informed.
    Does it not surprise you that these prophetic gospels originated in the West Africa by very young people?The answer is very is.These young people know the black peoples attitudes towards ancestral beliefs and poverty,so their religions combine these two beliefs to capture these unsuspecting masses through simple mass psychology and brainwashing.
    God allows these things to happen to see who really follows his ways but he states somewhere in the bible that those who mislead his people will pay a heavy prize at the end.These so-called prophets are already beginning to act stupidly and aimlessly.This is a sign towards their down fall.They have lived to their highest means of fake life ,its time for God to put this to an end.Watch and see what will happen to them in the coming years.Their mass psychology is now beginning to fail because their congregations are now falling in numbers as people realise their wicked ways.This leads to their declining incomes and lowered lifestyle.
    The above mentioned so-called prophet is a sycophant who wants to use the party to hide his criminal activities.Has he paid all his taxes to ZIMRA?I guess not.He lives a borrowed lifestyle with aimless purpose.I feel sorry for him,because such people end up in jail.

  13. Zvakwana says:

    Jumping on board the empty gravy train.

  14. Why a person who claims to be a Prophet would allow his church to donate $10000 to an already rich person for a wedding that does not need any financial support when there is so much suffering and street kids roaming the street is mind boggling. These cults are Satanic and @Africanson is incorrect when he says we must be guided by the sermons of this cult leader who has sold he soul to the devil.He is just human and sets a poor example to Christianity which preaches helping the poor and suffering. I totally agree with mixed race that he wants to use the party to hide his criminal activities.

  15. Thomas Kent says:

    The Bible clearly warned of false teachers and false prophets. Jesus said:
    “By their works you will know them”.
    This prophet supports a very brutal repressive regime with no respect for people and hoad wealth at whatever expense, it’s a public secret.
    It shows the true colours of the modern prophets- love for money and status.
    Question; will MT go to prophet angel for prayers if need arises?
    But with MT you never know, anything is possible?

  16. Pastor Gavin says:

    Prophets Angel and Makandiwa never make people pay for the healing. It is Jesus who heals and they are vessels of God. Writer, you shall one day stand before this nation and give your testimony, telling the whole world the truth about these prophets.

  17. Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

    There are NO genuine prophets in Zimbabwe! They are ALL fake without exception.

    • John Thomas says:

      There are no prophets in the entire world. Anybody who says they can predict the future is a liar. There are no exceptions to this

  18. Patriotic says:

    Lord help Zimbabwe! Please forgive them. Zimbabwe now a land of prophets, what a lost nation

  19. Rocks tone says:

    Eh it’s God’s case no appeal


    @ Stay well – Of course we all have our choice of parties that we support, but for a man who claims to be a prophet to KNEEL BEFORE MAN! This clearly denotes worship,or submission. So who is chikopokopo worshiping, or what is he submitting to?

    And please do not confuse supporting a party and worshiping leaders of those parties.
    “He who kneels before God can stand strong before any man” not he who kneels before Grace!!!!!!!

  21. mascara says:

    These bible thumping thieves are also sex perverts and down right hypocrites…kneeling and fawning…AGHH

  22. Godonga says:

    Christianity is a crazy faith and has nothing to do with the story of self determination in Zimbabwe. It buffles me how a history of a small ethnic group of Jews should be used as a point of reference for us. No one prayed to Jesus of Nazareth in both Zanla and Zipra camps.

    It is the spirit of Mzilikazi, Lobengula, Kaguvi, Nehanda that liberated us. These church tricksters are in it for money yet religion must be about faith and not materialism.

    Christianity fueled slavery, colonialism and racism: it is the religion of the Oppressor that is inexplicably attended by the Oppressed!

    Black people just follow things they half understand! Is it not ironic that there is no Jesus in Jewish religion-Judaism? Nor that they dont celebrate Christmas (Jesus s presumed birthday) in Israel? To believe that someone was born not of sperm and that they were born to sav al humanity ( including us who did not exist then) is the biggest scandalous myth ever!

    Not a single AK47 was fired in the name of Jesus! Church is indeed the opium of the poor; you can get drunk on it and forget u r oppressed! Politicians always use religion to consolidate power.

    Christianity is a capitalist faith that
    believes in tithing (read taxing) the
    poor 10% of their earnings per month for the pastor, that is how they get rich…looting from the desperate and the needy.

    These church capitalists are worse than any con man imaginable. They are worse than vultures and hynas!

    They deserve my spit!

    Bayete Mzilikazi.

    • Ruramai says:

      Godonga I agree with u 100%.

      For starters, it is common knowledge that in this country if u a criminal and wish to never aet your foot inside a jail you join Zanu P.F and aing Mugabe praises. These “prophets” are worried about the prospect of their ill gotten wealth being taxed. Kneeling before Grace will bring enormous benefits.

      It is quite revealing that Makandiwa chooses to gove Bona, a rich man’s daughter money she doesn’t need yet he isn’t concerned about the Tokwe-Mukorsi destitutes.

    • John Thomas says:

      Save some for yourself

  23. Africanson says:

    Its amazing how much we claim to be hollier than the next person, this is evidently shown by how far we go in being the first to throw the first stone. There is nothing unbiblical by being submissive to the authorities. To be obedient and humble is the best example that we are made of the materials that qualifies us to enter the heavens. Even slaves are encouraged to be submissive to their master. This can only be different if we reading from differnt bibles. Its God who can read the position of our hearts and hence qualified to judge us. The things of God are the things of faith and spirit. If indeed Eubert is cheating God why not wait for God to complain. Are we faster and smarter than God?

    • Ruramai says:

      So, Africanson, why did we rebel against Rhodesian white rulers if it is a virtue to be humble before our rulers and rulers are chosen by God? Are you also saying slavery is okay?

  24. @ Godonga you can choose to believe what you want to but the subject was not the authinticity of christianity. The subject was of a so called prophet who has perverted his faith. The majority of Zimbabweans are Christian so they might not agree with you. I certainly don’t.

  25. ike says:

    Brother Godonga the bible says, a fool has said in his heart, “There is no God” Prov 14:1

    • Ruramai says:

      Ike, I think it’s rather foolish for a people to discard their on religion and be adherents of their oppressors’ religion. Chritianity condones colonialism and slavery

  26. Brian says:

    Mugabe couldn’t care a fig for the welfare of the Zim people. All he wants is $$$ to fund an obscenely lavish dictatorial lifestyle even if he is incontinent, impotent and asleep most of the time. Mugabe has written the handbook on how to destroy a country. In a bookstore soon near you “How I Mugabwed Zim!” by RGM. (RRP 200 trillion.)

  27. @ Ruramai I don’t know which bible you have read that condones slavery and colonilism. What Id do know is that the Bible has two parts. Theold testament is recorded scolls of the going ons during the period prior to Christ. The new testement is the teachings of Jesus Christ. There is nowhere in the new testament that condones that.

  28. NBS says:

    True prophets such as Isaiah, Elija, Jeremiah and others never behaved like this. There was no such thing as the ‘prosperity’ message, being political or feting leaders. There role was purely spiritual and they all carried warning against sin to nations, the people and their leaders.

  29. Mixed Race says:

    The idea of prophets ended with the coming of The Great One Jesus Christ because in the Old Testament God used to communicate through the prophets but he realised that they had limitations so he sent his Only Son to rectify all the misunderstandings.Why need prophets now when you can communicate with God through his Son.The New Testament highlights that, only Jesus Christ is the way to God not this outdated system of prophets.OUR PEOPLE MUST READ THEIR BIBLES CAREFULLY TO AVOID BEING EASILY MISLED AND CHEATED.

  30. NBS says:

    Godinga, you obviously do not know the God of the bible or His Son, Jesus Christ. It is we who mess up and also us the church: not God. The bible tells us that all nations come from one blood. We are a messed up people who need to saved and salvation only comes from Christ and His cross. Zimbabwe needs him more than words can tell.

  31. NBS says:

    It disgusts me that a church would take poor peoples hard earned money that they tit to the church and then give it towards a multi million dollar wedding. Eissssh! What a mess. No wonder I don’t tithe to an organisation anymore. Try widows and orphans and poor people. There are many in Zimbabwe.

  32. Africanson says:

    My point is Eubert have every right go submit to the current authodity and we can not judge his faith because its his and the God that he serves. We are equaly entitled to our faith and beliefs. The long and short of it is that God is the who has the right to test our works because he is entitled to do that. So Eubert has the right to submit to the first family and its biblical. Well if any of us dont accept that the first family is the Mugabes then thats something else because Eubert receives that fact. He has that right.

  33. As Zimbabwe nears its final curtain i thought the following summed it all up if we talking religion ;-
    Bob Hope

  34. martinnn says:

    Religion is man made ,there is no God

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