10-year jail term for electricity thieves 

Source: 10-year jail term for electricity thieves – DailyNews Live

STAFF WRITER     5 July 2018

HARARE – A subsidiary of Zesa Holdings, the Zimbabwe Electricity
Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), has warned against
by-passing and tempering of prepaid meters, giving offenders a two-month
ultimatum to come forward and regularise their connections or face 10
years’ imprisonment.

This comes on the back of a rise in the number of offenders who have been
apprehended by police.

“ZETDC is offering a grace period of two months until August 31, 2018 for
such offenders to voluntarily come forward, regularise their electricity
connections and by-passed meters without questions being asked, as we are
aware that some customers may not have appreciated the full impact of
attempting to by-pass meters,” the utility said.

“After August 31, 2018, customers that are found to have by-passed or
tampered with their meters will be liable to prosecution and risk having a
mandatory 10-year jail sentence passed on them,” it warned. – Staff


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    While the ZANUPF Ministers steal electricity by simply not paying their accounts – comrades – please wake up to whats going on in ZW.

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    Ndonga 4 years ago

    Threats, threats and more threats while those with connections…political ones I mean…don’t pay a penny.

    And still we are like silent sheep to the slaughter.

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    Put those who fail to pay in jail before the elections and we may approach a free and fail poll.