50 more buses to ease transport woes

Source: 50 more buses to ease transport woes | The Herald

50 more buses to ease transport woes
Dr Sam Nanhanga

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent

Private bus operators imported yet another 50 buses this month, just in time to augment their services this festive season.

The buses have been distributed across the country’s 10 provinces and 50 more buses are expected in the middle of next month.

In October this year, bus operators under the Zimbabwe Passenger Transporters Organisation (ZPTO) imported 150 buses to complement efforts in improving the public transport system.

THE Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation (ZPTO) has applauded President Mnangagwa for liberalising the public transport sector and allowing the importation of buses duty-free, saying the move is set to ease transport challenges in the country.

ZPTO assured the nation more buses for long distances are coming until July next year. But the 200 already in said ZPTO chairman Dr Sam Nanhanga meant the companies were fully prepared for this festive season.

“The biggest challenge which was in this country was we had a shortage of buses but the buses are coming,” he said. “This month alone we have received more than 50 buses and some of the buses are still on the way and we are expecting them by mid-January next year another 50 buses. We think with these buses we have managed to reduce transport challenges for travellers’’

“We do not have that kind of pressure which we used to have in previous years. As for accidents, we have had a number of meetings with arms of the Government trying to curb road carnage”

Dr Nanhanga was happy that no bus accidents this holiday showed that their bus drivers were cautious on the road and were observing road regulations.

“As of now we have not had any disasters and we are expecting that we will not have any bus accidents during this festive season. The buses which came are also going to remote areas and the transport challenges are being looked into in the urban, intercity and rural areas,” he said.

Under the special duty concession, the Government suspended customs duty on the import of up to 20 public service buses by a single authorised dealer, essentially a single company.