7m register for food aid

Source: 7m register for food aid | The Herald 08 NOV, 2019

7m register for food aidLovemore Matuke

From George Maponga in Masvingo
Seven million Zimbabweans in both urban and rural areas have been registered for food aid. In 23 districts, vulnerable households are already getting a 50kg bag of maize a month plus a grant of $100 to $250 depending on the size of the family.

The number of Zimbabweans registered as vulnerable and food insecure represents almost half of the country’s population with the crippling drought last year devastating crops in marginal areas, reducing yields in the rest of the country and limiting the scope for urban subsistence agriculture.

About a third of the vulnerable or 2,2 million live in urban areas resulting in Government and development partners piloting a food aid project targeting Epworth, which was considered vulnerable.

Public Labour and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Lovemore Matuke on Wednesday said Government and its partners were working to make sure the vulnerable receive assistance.

“We have started extending food aid and cash assistance to some of them, but we are yet to cover all the affected people,’’ he said.
Deputy Minister Matuke said only vulnerable people in 23 districts were receiving cash transfers and maize.


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    So much for the successful land reform.

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    Hell what have you come to?. Once a prosperous country now a Begging bowl 7 million deep. I feel sorry for you all, a failure of your government totally – there can be no other reason, do not sit and procrastinate, it’s the truth, it’s plain to see!!! open your eyes. Unfortunately the mess does not end with this 7 million, because the same have told the USA to get lost (and with TRUMP driving that country! a man who told the Chinese where to stick their chop sticks)and to leave you alone. The Uk / EUu could be next. You are grousing about sanctions and these POLAD dilutionaires (whoever they Are)when it’s yourselves you should be looking at in the mirror. Just add up the facts:- Little electricity from knackered infrastructure. Rampant thieving of money, bad drought and no reserve food, Lavish spending by government on silly things, Ministers that should keep their gobs shut!, Tax system that stop investment, No loan collateral, defunct railways, Air line, roads, water in short supply, hospitals not functioning, fuel (petrol etc) difficulties, raging inflation and silly Mickey
    Mouse money introduced, strikes, mining in sad state – need I go on further?