A 14-year-old boy breaks into the police armoury 

MIDLANDS – A 14-year-old boy detained at Gweru Rural police station for unlawful entry left the cops gobsmacked when he broke into the police armoury and walked out of the camp with two pistols, reports Masvingo Mirror.

Source: A 14-year-old boy breaks into the police armoury – The Zimbabwean

The stolen pistols were a BSAP C2 pistol serial number 61 and a BSAP P1 serial number 1628.

The boy also stole a Samsung phone, Itel phone, handbag, Police ID and bank cards from the Police station.

He had been detained at Gweru Rural on a case of unlawful entry that occurred in Mhondoro-Ngezi when he stole the pistols.

After sneaking out of the station, the juvenile who cannot be named because of his age went into the nearby Kopje Suburb and pointed a pistol at Gugulethu Mpofu who had retired to bed in an attempted robbery.

Police also realised that the boy had successfully lied that his name was Tanaka Mugauri. His true name was only established by a Probation officer.

The suspect appeared at Gweru Magistrates Court last week facing theft and armed robbery charges.

It is the State case that on 28 March 2021, the minor was detained at Gweru Rural on unlawful entry charges.

At 6 am, while in the operations office at the Police Station the juvenile who was not handcuffed, sneaked into the records office.

From the records office, he climbed up the wall into the ceiling and crawled into the armoury department. He took a 2-meter long wire and fished out one rifle and two pistols.

He also fished out one riot overall suit, one plastic bag containing 26 live rounds, one empty 303 cartridges. He took one 303 rifles green pouch, Remington 2.2 rifle.

The minor loaded two pistols into a satchel and left the rest in the ceiling to collect later. He jumped from the ceiling unnoticed and left the Police Station.

He also took a Samsung phone, Itel phone, handbag, Police ID and bank cards before he left.

The same day at around 7 pm he went to number 1 Schools Avenue Kopje and broke into Mpofu’s bedroom. He pointed a pistol into the face of the complaint who was sleeping on his bed.

The complaint dispossessed the suspect and made a Police report.

The juvenile came to Gweru after he left his employer, one Mhlanga of Lower Gweru whom he claimed was not paying him.

He stole a bicycle from Mhlanga, rode it to the bus stop and dumped it there. He claimed he was stealing to raise money for the bus fare to go back home.