AFZ committed to improving member skills 

Source: AFZ committed to improving member skills | The Herald January 25, 2020

AFZ committed to improving member skills
Air Force of Zimbabwe instructional technique course graduates celebrate after their pass out parade at Manyame Airbase in Harare yesterday. – Picture: Justin Mutenda

Yeukai Tazira Herald Reporter

The Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) will continue training its officers in a bid to improve on efficiency in the discharge of their duties, a senior AFZ officer has said.

Group Captain Michael Mushita made the remarks at the graduation ceremony of instructional technique course in Harare yesterday.

“The acquisition of knowledge and skills required to realise stated organisational goals is a process which the organisation such as the AFZ will continue to be engaged in.

“Little if any, can be achieved without training, hence the Air Force will continue to work towards improving the knowledge and skills of its officers as well as members,” he said.

Speaking on the side-lines of gender equality in the organisation, Captain Mushita said the AFZ will continue to make sure that there is gender equality in all its courses.

“The organisation is very cautious of the need to attend to gender equity. It is guided by its policy as well as the national gender equity policies. It is striving to recruit equal numbers of female and male cadres into the Air Force of Zimbabwe and in this sense the number of females in its courses has been improving over the years and we expect that in a few years to come there will be equal numbers of male and female candidates recruited by the Air Force.

“In the beginning, the Air Force of Zimbabwe was entirely a male organisation, so over the years the ratio has been improving. Out of the 28 candidates who graduated today, about a third of the students today were females,” he said.

He said high school females should apply and join the AFZ.

“We highly encourage all female high school candidates to apply to join the organisation in serving their nation so that we are able to attain gender equality in all its structure and directorates,” he said.

The course commenced during the first week of January this year and was designed to familiarise students with basic principles and practice of institutional roles and of the 28 students who graduated, 4 were officers and 9 were females.