Ambulances to boost health service delivery

Source: Ambulances to boost health service delivery | The Herald

Fungai Lupande Mash Central Bureau
One hundred fully-equipped ambulances are set to be distributed countrywide to improve health service delivery, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Clemence Chiduwa, has said.

He was speaking during a recent visit to Bindura to update the province on progress made on economic reforms.

Cde Chiduwa said the Ministry of Health and Child Care was undergoing transformation as it was now regarded as a special ministry.

“Vice President Chiwenga, who is the Minister of Health has instituted a reform programme. We are at a phase where the health ministry is being reformed and rationalised to streamline its operations,” he said.

“The reforms are aimed at fully equipping hospitals but unfortunately it cannot be done in a short space of time. Some of the requirements have already been submitted to Treasury. The relevant ministry and its minister is working hard to ensure that these issues are addressed.”

Deputy Minister Chiduwa was responding to remarks by provincial health service administrator Mr Pazwell Mazungunya, who said key enablers that drive the health service delivery namely the mortuaries, incinerators, laundry and kitchen equipment are in dilapidated state across the country.

Mr Mazungunya applauded Government’s efforts and intervention during this Covid-19 pandemic but said other areas like the mortuary, kitchen, laundry equipment and incinerators are not given enough attention.

“In the province hospitals are operating using old laundry machinery, which are ruining new linen. Family health projects phase one and two were launched in 1999 and facilitated the purchase of laundry machines, which are now in a bad state and need repair,” he said.

“Public works has no capacity to repair the old oil jacketed pots in kitchen as well as incinerators.

Mt Darwin, Guruve and Bindura hospital are operating without incinerators. We were moving waste to Concession incurring fuel costs. Unfortunately the incinerator in Concession is no longer working.

“We need between $33 000 and $50 000 to repair one incinerator and it is beyond our tender threshold. These are critical areas.”