AMHVoices: Zanu PF’s behaviour invites sanctions 

Source: AMHVoices: Zanu PF’s behaviour invites sanctions – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 11, 2019

WITH respect to the elections of 2018, it is obvious to all, except those in Zanu PF, that there were multiple breaches of the Electoral Act and our new Constitution.

By Corruptionforce

That Zanu PF cannot see this is part of the problem. How can you reform if you don’t see yourself as part of the problem.

Zanu PF, through its spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, is failing to self-introspect and reflect on its many failings such as corruption, lies, abuse of office, intimidation, harassment, looting and murder.

Yes, murder! Why has no one been prosecuted for the August 1, 2018 post-election killings. This is a major issue for the Commonwealth.
Zanu PF continues to behave like a mafia through assault on the opposition, its disregard for human rights, its persecution of all things not Zanu PF. In short, Zanu PF is incapable of policing itself.

Now, with respect to blaming the state of the economy on sanctions by the United States, this is a lie. Sanctions, as the US has pointed out, are specific to certain individuals and not the whole country.

Zimbabwe is in the mess it finds herself in now because of greed and corruption, which has resulted in looting of State funds, prioritising Zanu PF and its supporters over all other Zimbabweans, misuse of scarce foreign currency in the interest of Zanu PF.

Just look at the number of new cars bought for Zanu PF chefs. That foreign currency could have been used to improve hospitals, clinics and the overall health system.
Zimbabwe has been run to the ground by Zanu PF. It’s the home of the chosen few at the expense of the many.

Corruptionforce is very pleased with the stance the US and Britain have taken against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime. The US has clearly highlighted the roadmap to redemption.

It has said the path to acceptance by the US is the rule of law and following the Zimbabwe Constitution in its entirety.

Britain has clearly stated that Zanu PF’s behaviour through military killings, assault of opposition parties, intimidation and brutality, is not how the Commonwealth operates.

Zanu PF must clearly understand that it has to change its ways, otherwise sanctions will continue on individuals, the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act will continue to be implemented and the Commonwealth will reject Zimbabwe’s application to rejoin the club.