Another civil servants’ salary increment on the cards 

Source: Another civil servants’ salary increment on the cards | The Sunday News

Another civil servants’ salary increment on the cards

Harare Bureau
THE Government will effect a 45 percent salary increment for all public sector workers next month, raising this year’s cumulative pay adjustments to 70 percent.

In April, civil servants’ salaries were raised by 25 percent, with authorities undertaking to effect another salary bump by midyear. The last adjustment witnessed the lowest paid Government worker earning a monthly salary equivalent to US$205 using the official exchange rate. The adjustments are part of Government’s roadmap to restore its workers’ salaries to multi-currency era levels of at least US$540 per month for the lowest paid worker.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima told our Harare Bureau that the increment will be effected while negotiations with workers’ representatives continue.

“Negotiations are going on but there are still differences with the representatives of civil servants. We are still committed to effecting the 45 percent adjustment that we promised next month as we had planned earlier. We are also discussing within the Government. Permanent secretaries from the Ministries of Education and Finance and my Ministry are in discussions to come up with a common position that we will present to the unions soon.”


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    Mapingu 1 year ago

    I really feel for our ever hardworking civil servants & whenever the uncaring & unlistening gvt succumbs to pressure & do something for these good pple i really fell relived. However, is the dumb gvt realizing that it must address fundamental political-economic matters that bedevil the country? All these cushioning efforts, which they seem to enjoy announcing each time they do the obvious, which would have been long overdue, are just painkillers being administered to long suffering citizens (and the citiens deserve them, yes becoz they are in seroius pain). But they are nothing for a gvt to be proud of as this clownish gvt seems to exhibit. Just solve the prbms that are well-known so that Zim civil servants will consistently get their deserved salaries; and get normal salary adjustments like what other normal economies in SADC & globally do (eg just across the Limpopo they talk of 5% adjustment not something as wild as 70%).