Army graduates warned against corruption, drugs

Source: The Chronicle – Breaking news

Army graduates warned against corruption, drugs 
Zimbabwe National Army Chief of Staff Administration, Major General Emmanuel Matatu, hands over a certificate to Lieutenant Wendy Jacobs of the Namibia Defence Forces for being the best student in the management instructor’s course. — Picture by Corporal Walter Makangaire, ZNA Public Relations

Sikhumbuzo Moyo,

A SENIOR army commander has stressed that security organisations require loyalty, discipline, comprehensive training and a profound dedication to succeeding in their missions.

Speaking at the graduation parade of 388 soldiers at the Zimbabwe School of Infantry in Mbalabala on Friday, Major-General Emmanuel Matatu, underlined the army’s stringent disciplinary code.

He urged the graduates to serve the nation with unwavering diligence and devotion, while warning against any form of indiscipline, corruption or drug abuse.

Maj-Gen Matatu challenged the graduates to use their knowledge and skills to benefit their colleagues and subordinates.

“Let me warn you to desist from any form of indiscipline that tarnishes the image of your organisation. You are also to desist from illicit deals, corruption, especially at our borders, drugs and substance abuse. Such activities will not be tolerated and will always be dealt with severely,” said Maj-Gen Matatu.

Maj-Gen Matatu challenged the graduates to return to their units with pride and a commitment to fulfill their duties with honour.

The graduates, he said, should use their newly acquired skills to benefit their colleagues, especially their subordinates, who they will train, lead and administer.

The ceremony marked the 88th graduation parade held by the Zimbabwe School of Infantry since independence.

Among the diverse range of affiliations represented were the Air Force of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services and the Namibian Defence Forces.

Outstanding students were recognised with awards, and the event featured a captivating display of military skills.

The graduating class went through a demanding 18-week training programme, divided into various specialised courses. The programme commenced in late January for some groups and in late February for others, with a total of 388 instructors providing expertise in diverse fields.

The Air Force of Zimbabwe had one student, while the ZRP had eight, and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services had 11. Lieutenant Wendy Jacobs, a trailblazer from the Namibian Defence Forces, also joined the programme.

“I am pleased to note that the graduands have been sufficiently drilled mentally and physically to endure both peace and wartime challenges. In compliance with the school’s mandate, the course syllabi focused on producing highly competent, proficient and hard-working battalion support weapons commanders and instructors as well as military administrators within the non-commissioned officers,” said Maj-Gen Matatu.