Army Spends 22 Days Arresting Chombo & Chipanga, Where Are The Rest Of the Thieves? 

Source: Army Spends 22 Days Arresting Chombo & Chipanga, Where Are The Rest Of the Thieves? | ZimEye

Dear Editor.

Biggest Question For Zimbabweans

The Zimbabwe Defence Force said they wanted to remove criminals around President Robert Mugabe

★ Chombo and Chipanga ndivo criminals vega here vataitira zvose?
★ Can you move hundreds of army tankers,thousands of heavily armed soldiers to arrest only Chombo and Chipanga?
★ Can the army give us the list of all criminals who were surrounding Robert Mugabe because if they remain only these two we will be shocked and surprised how two people can surround Mugabe?
★ Zimbabweans would be happy to assist the army in their search for the criminals if they are hiding inside the country for them to be arrested?
★ If our army is taking so long to arrest only two criminals, how long will it take to arrest all of the criminals who surrounded Mugabe?


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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    Well, does this news surprise anyone?

    Just, perhaps just, that the people trying to catch these thieves were a short time ago thieves themselves…

    and as a result they are not chasing thieves as determined and diligent as they should have been…

    and they know, as we all know, that caught thieves can sing like song birds when caught…

    And the words in a caught thief’s song can most times hurt other thieves…

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      Kutama 5 years ago

      There is no thief so liberal that he or she does not want Law and Order to protect that which they have stolen!!!
      The answer to the question is simple – the rest of the thieves can be found in Parliament and indeed the Cabinet!! Imagine appointing Obert Mpofu to investigate corruption!! The next thing Minister Perence Shiri will be sent to Matabeleland to have Truth and Reconciliation for the Gukuruhundi?? Watch for Perence Shiri claiming that he was told to do the Gukuruhundi thing under orders of course. Shiri might need to seek compensation from the Army for all the trauma he experienced in the genocide? One really good thing about the coup that was not a real coup – just an internal Zanu leadership coup – is that nothing has changed. The crocodile is still doing what he always did while the 93 year old World Hero takes a nap.