BCC launches new water supply strategy

Source: BCC launches new water supply strategy – NewsDay Zimbabwe


BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) yesterday began implementing a new water supply strategy aimed at easing water shortages.

In a notice to residents yesterday, town clerk Christopher Dube said the city was currently experiencing a high demand for water, hence the need for BCC to implement the new water supply stabilisation programme.

“We are implementing a new water supply restoration programme with effect from Monday September 27 (yesterday). This has been necessitated by the unprecedented sharp increase in demand witnessed over the past week,” he

“The city consumption has generally been around 150ml/day to 160ml/day. In light of the recent high temperatures, residents are being encouraged to conserve water within the 650 litres per house allocation in the eastern areas.”

Dube said high-density suburbs would be the most affected by the new programme.

“The areas that are fed from Tuli, Rifle Range, 6J and Hillside reservoirs are still being engaged on the ongoing efforts that seek to stabilise supplies,” he said.

“The programme will be reviewed on a weekly basis and its suspension will depend on the water demand patterns.”

For years, Bulawayo has been experiencing serious water problems due to a raft of factors that include low water levels at supply dams, and breakdown of infrastructure, population growth versus few dams and recurring droughts.

The situation has seen residents and industries going for months without water and the need for council to look for a more feasible and sustainable solution to end the crisis.