Be loyal to this administration — President 

Source: Be loyal to this administration — President | The Herald 22 AUG, 2019

Be loyal to this administration — PresidentPresident Mnangagwa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter

President  Mnangagwa  yesterday implored civil servants to be loyal to Government and fulfil its policies that are derived from the ruling party, Zanu PF’s manifesto following its victory in last year’s harmonised elections.

The President said this at the launch of the Public Service Strategic Plan at the Harare Institute of Technology.

The Public Service Strategic Plan will run up to 2020.

“As the civil service you are expected to stringently comply with the spirit and letter of the principles of good public administration as outlined in Chapter 9 of our Constitution,” he said.

“Equally, loyalty to this administration must be unequivocal and unflinching. We are a Government born out of an election process and the resultant victory of a particular party, which is Zanu-PF. It is, thus, integral that we are alive to the political manifesto of the ruling party and seek to facilitate the achievements of the programmes articulated therein.

“Residual resistance that deters public service delivery and unduly delays the turnaround of our economic plight will not be tolerated.”

He said the days of coming up with rosy policy documents that are not implemented was over.

“All personnel and ministries, departments and agencies at various levels, must individually unpack the contributions they must make and evident milestones which must be achieved towards the attainment of the Vision 2030.

“The era of producing glossy strategic plan documents which achieve very little at implementation is now behind us. We shall know and judge you by your works,” President Mnangagwa said.

The President also called on the whole civil service to promote a culture of dialogue which is the hallmark of Government and embrace the principle of devolution.

“The new devolution thrust will require a new calibre of civil servants who understand and service the needs of provinces, districts and wards, assisting the delivery of quality services at those levels.

“To further accelerate broad based and sustainable development, I challenge the PSC to develop robust mechanisms to improve the coordination of developmental programmes implemented by Government departments and development partners,” President Mnangagwa said.

He urged the various Government departments to be inspired by the thrust of the Strategic Plan and work ethos of the Second Republic.

“Foundations are key to organisational strategic positioning. I am therefore pleased that the Commission’s Strategic Plan is anchored on foundational values without which any organisation would be shaky.

“The emphasis on an all-encompassing culture change that spans the full range from ethics to efficiency, is commendable, for we cannot have one without the other.

“The twin evils of corruption and inefficiency must be eradicated and it is encouraging to see agencies like the PSC making that fight a key component of their strategic plans,” he said.

He added that the PSC and the whole civil service were vital cogs in national development adding the Strategic Plan articulated a new vision, mission, core values, strategic objectives and outcomes.

“Under the Second Republic we must encourage and expect greater participation of citizens in our national development agenda.

“My administration is not amenable to a public service that is predicated on a top-down and elitist approach, where public officials are instilled with values of hierarchy, whilst insulated from the needs of citizens,” President Mnangagwa said.

He also urged the civil service to embrace global best practices and adopt relevant skills and knowledge.

The President also called on the PSC to ensure that meritocracy and competence were at the centre of employment, remuneration and promotions systems.

“On its part, my Government will continue to facilitate civil service reforms to guarantee effective and highly efficient robust civil service.

“I challenge the PSC not to relegate its function to being that of a mere regulatory factory. You must faithfully follow the reform course you have chosen, so that you are fit for the task of reforming others.

“In that regard, rationalisation of agencies of the Commission’s secretariat through a thorough job evaluation must be speeded up, so that you speedily move to implement the same, throughout the civil service,” President Mnangagwa.

The launch was attended by several Cabinet ministers and senior Government officials.