Belvedere West residents raise alarm on illegal settlers

Source: Belvedere West residents raise alarm on illegal settlers | The Herald

Belvedere West residents raise alarm on illegal settlers

Some of the illegal settlers that have invaded the Belvedere West suburb.

Herald Reporter

BELVEDERE West Residents Association (BWRA) has raised concern over sprouting illegal settlers who have invaded the suburb and accused some of them of constructing their houses on wetlands and spaces reserved for roads.

BWRA chairman Charles Garande said the illegal settlers were there as a result of some bogus land developers who are illegally selling stands on undeveloped pieces of land.

Mr Garande said stands were initially being sold by the City of Harare before it withdrew the project from the developer.

“Belvedere West is a medium-density project with a finite number of stands.

“Residents bought stands directly from the council and after the council withdrew the project from a developer residents were asked to lead their own initiatives in compliance with the land acquisition procedure.

“Serious initiatives were made towards land development in the area with sewer and water reticulation having been put in place.

“That progress has since attracted various bogus developers who are pegging and selling stands to unsuspecting home seekers.

“They are pegging on servitudes and hampering future roadworks.

“Sadly amongst them are officials from council and individuals who claim to be politically connected,” he said.

Mr Garande said they have since engaged relevant authorities and called them to take action against the illegal settlers.

“We call upon authorities to bring these to book and account for their actions that are not supported by council plans or anything from authorities.

“Their actions are retrogressive and intend to steal from potential customers,” he said.

Harare Provincial Affairs secretary Mr Tafadzwa Muguti recently said there is a committee that was set up to deal with the mischief by land barons who have been invading land reserved for other developments.

“The office of the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution has, therefore, established a provincial taskforce comprising the Environmental Management Agency the Zimbabwe Republic Police, City of Harare, Chitungwiza Municipality, Ruwa Local Board and Epworth Local Board to address the menace of land barons,” he was recently quoted saying.