Binga fishermen bemoan govt tax 

Source: Binga fishermen bemoan govt tax – The Southern Eye

BINGA South Member of Parliament, Fanuel Cumanzala, has said fishermen in his areas have seen a drop in the kapenta business following the introduction of taxes by the government.

Cumanzala said the sector was reeling amid fears that most of the fishermen will be out of business if the challenge is not addressed.

 “A meeting was held with a group of kapenta fishermen on Wednesday who said the market is dwindling due to price hikes triggered by the introduced taxes,” said Cumanzala.

 “Most of the kapenta fishermen are not able to sell their produce because of the government’s 15% Vat [value added tax]. This means the kapenta has gone up and as a result the buyers are not coming. Binga fishermen depend on fishing and if the prices of fish have gone up to the extent of discouraging the buyers to purchase, then this creates a very big problem.”

Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion minister Mthuli Ncube introduced additional taxes, including an upward review of levies on fuel, further condemning citizens to abject poverty.

Zimbabweans are subjected to various tax heads such as pay as you earn, the 2% intermediated money transfer tax (IMTT) and the 15% value-added tax, among others.

In his 2024 National Budget Statement, Ncube also stayed the IMMT, against industry’s request for it to be removed.